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Scarlett Lynsky

Hatchlings Doula Svc & Portland Doula Collective

Portland, OR Service range 20 miles

(503) 234-6685

Birth Fee

$1800 to $2400

Birth Fee

$1800 to $2400

Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

14 years and 235 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, March 2009

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Childbirth education services
  • Reiki
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I spent many years on the board of the Portland Doula Association, before passing the torch at the end of 2020.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

My flat fee encompasses 2-3 prenatal visits, continuous presence during labor, birth and recovery and 2 postpartum visits. With 12 years of experience I charge $2400 but I'm happy to accept anything in the range of $1800-$2400 and clients can choose the total payment based what feels right. I also have some scholarships for those with need for a steeper discount. These are given on a case-by-case basis.

Service Area

Portland, OR Service range 20 miles

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Ildiko Toth


We had a 43 hour labor - Scarlett was a fantastic doula - always calm, smiling, and there no matter how long it took. My husband and I were expecting our first baby on august 22nd but I started getting contractions on the 15th. We contacted her that night and she came to meet us in the morning, helping me relax and work through my contractions as they slowly ramped up through the next day. Once they started coming every 10 minutes or so that evening, she came back and stayed with us through to the end. She took us through many positions to help labor, suggesting them based on my state of dilation and guiding me through breathing. Her and my midwife made really smart decisions that helped get us through the whole process. I ended up giving birth with no tearing. In the beginning we weren’t sure we needed a doula but having gone through the experience, I honestly don’t know what the outcome would have been without Scarlett. I’m glad we chose her as I think it led to an unmedicated home birth that although was super long (no fault of the anyone of course), but absolutely successful. I would no doubt call her again if I had another labor ahead of me. My husband was also very grateful to have an experienced birth partner to guide him through how to help me in each moment.

Rachel Ishofsky


Scarlett is INCREDIBLE. First, we loved and learned a ton in her Evidence Based Birth class. Then, we knew she would be an amazing doula, but with plans to give birth in a well-staffed birthing center with a great team of midwives, we thought bringing her on might be more than needed. We decided to go for it anyway and I'm so beyond glad we did!!! Scarlett helped us navigate some intense curve balls in late pregnancy, and the work we did with her in preparation for an unmedicated birth made all the difference in helping us achieve that goal. She was there for every step of a long and at times complicated birthing journey, and she was also integral in processing my birth and navigating postpartum life. I can't imagine having birthed my baby without the perspective, skills, energy, and humor she brought to the whole experience, and couldn't recommend her more highly! 



Scarlett supported us during and after the births of both our children. The two births were so different: one was induced and with pain medication and the other, labor progressed naturally and I delivered with no pain medication. My experience with Scarlett both times really highlights the breadth of her knowledge of labor and interventions and her skills in aiding and comforting during labor. Scarlett is a source of moral and physical support and calming voice of reason and reassurance. She took the time to understand our personal philosophies and comfort levels and guided us accordingly. One moment in my recent birth experience really stands out to me: I was so exhausted that I had stopped asking questions and Scarlett jumped right in, advocating for me, without my needing to ask. She truly understood what I needed. We highly recommend Scarlett!

Tegan Molloy


We couldn’t feel more fortunate to have had Scarlett on our team for our first baby. While Scarlett is a deeply experienced and knowledgeable birth doula (not to mention a veteran of four births herself!) who presents informed, evidence-based approaches, tools, and insights, she always humbly followed our lead and tailored her presentation of resources with our specific priorities in mind. Her guidance never came from a place where she “knew best." Scarlett excels at reading the room to create a calm, joyful space for the intimate journey through your particular pregnancy and birth.

While I’d planned for an unmedicated hospital birth, I ended up with the full sampler platter of experiences after I hit 42 weeks of gestation (induction, long labor, epidural, then c-section). With every pregnancy plot twist, I felt totally informed and at peace with each decision thanks to Scarlett helping me mentally prepare for the unexpected months in advance. She eased the transitions as my complicated induction unfolded and helped us and our medical team consider compromises that empowered me to maintain ownership of my birth experience.

After our son was born, Scarlett went above and beyond with her postpartum follow-up, writing an in-depth birth story full of rich details to accompany the beautiful pictures that she took during my labor. It’s also worth noting that Scarlett is magic with her hands!!

Bottom line: if you are wondering whether to use a birth doula, do it, and if you are wondering which birth doula to use, hire Scarlett Lynsky! We can't imagine what our birth experience would have been like without her.

Sandra Casti


We are so thankful for Scarlett. She guided me and my partner through pregnancy and birth with a calming and understanding presence that kept us grounded, even when making time-sensitive, difficult decisions. Her experience as a doula and birthing person shines through her approach to care and our time together always felt genuine, kind and non-judgemental. We also looked to Scarlett more formally as a teacher and took an Evidence-Based Childbirth class with her what I highly recommend, especially if birthing in a hospital setting. Scarlett was there with us every step of the way, including postpartum - she continues to be helpful resource and I am very grateful to know her!



We loved having Scarlett as our doula! We took the evidence based birth class with her virtually during Covid times and her immense knowledge about pregnancy, birth and babies really put us at ease. We knew she would be so helpful and calming during birth! As first time parents, we didn’t initially know what a doula does or why we would need one but once we realized how much support the birthing person needs, it became very clear that a doula would be well worth it - and not just for me but for my husband as well, Scarlett really helped him feel empowered and prepared! Our daughter was breech, we found out at 34 weeks. Scarlett helped us with resources for exercises to try to flip her and we already knew how to do them because we had practiced them with her during our prenatal visit with her, which was super helpful. Baby didn’t flip unfortunately, and we ended up having a cesarean. We were still so thankful to have Scarlett there to keep us both calm prior to the surgery, help us understand what to expect both emotionally and physically, and she was there helping me start breastfeeding right after birth :) She took amazing photos of us all before and after birth which are SO special and she even recorded a very detailed birth story that we are so incredibly thankful for! Scarlett will make you feel prepared and supported during your birth and we can’t recommend her enough!

Nicole Morales


Scarlett goes above and beyond in providing a comprehensive doula experience, which is not easy during a pandemic. We hired Scarlett at the beginning of March 2020 when in-person services for pregnant people stopped being offered. Not only was Scarlett quick to offer an alternative format of regular virtual meetups, they also went out of their way to drive across town for a few porch drop-offs during our doula-time (e.g., rebozo, pressure point tools, and our Evidence Based Birth workbook - Scarlett was also our EBB childbirth educator). During our labor and delivery, Scarlett was just a text and phone video away. Best yet, Scarlett, at 10:30pm, drove to the hospital to pick up and safeguard my placenta when the placenta-encapsulation specialist wasn't available that night. Scarlett was just the right amount of nuturing and just the right amount of informative, exactly what we were looking for in a doula. Scarlett worked within our comfort zone and understood, from the start, our past experiences and traumas that influenced our pregnancy and birth path (i.e., Scarlett does an extenstive intake to learn about clients). We never felt pressured to do birthing techniques that didn't complment our needs. Lastly, I'm writing this review 15-weeks postpartum; I can still rely on Scarlett when needed, including reaching out for podcast recommendations and a virtual postpartum meetup twice a month to check in and sustain community during this uncertain times.

Alissa Dayton


Scarlett is an amazing doula. She was so helpful and supportive, answering the weirdest questions, helping me with my birth plan and sharing information every step of the way. She is trauma informed and was able to help me navigate aspects of birth that I was afraid would be triggering. I had a wonderful, affirming birth experience and I give her much of the credit for that. She also teaches Evidence Based Birth, which is a birth class that is definitely worth taking. 

Meredith Long


I'm so glad I hired Scarlett (Hatchlings Doula Service) as a doula to help with the birth of my first child in 2020. She is just a wealth of information about mothers and babies (not just about birth) and she helped my husband and I feel well prepared to welcome our little one. I had to make some big decisions in the days and hours leading up to my son's birth and Scarlett was there every step of the way, making sure I understood my options and helping me feel at peace with my decisions. Our family will be forever grateful to her!

Rachael HM


Scarlett made all the difference in me having a secure, empowered birth. From our first prenatal session she made me feel understood and at ease, and I was able to bring that confidence into my birth. She's the person you'll want to be laughing with when things are ridiculous and leaning on when things are hard. I remember her being right by my side the whole labor and delivery but somehow she also took meticulous notes that she used to write up my birth story later as well as took some beautiful photos I will forever cherish. I don't understand how she did it all! I'm so grateful to have found Scarlett and I will forever appreciate what she did for me and my family! If you want someone by your side who is extremely knowledgeable, incredibly kind, and just radiates peace and strength, Scarlett is the person for you.



Hiring Scarlett was one of the best decisions I made in the birth process. Why I hired Scarlett and what I ended up getting were very different things.  I originally wanted a doula because hearing about the birth culture over the last few years was scary.  The threat of a non-medically necessary cesarean was high for me.  I wanted someone there who could protect me and my baby.  This ended up not really being an issue in Portland and because I chose a midwife for our care.  What I did get from Scarlett and did not expect was so much emotional support.  I didn't have any friends or family that had recently been through pregnancy.  Being able to talk to someone about the very detailed things that were going on with my body was very helpful.  Every week of pregnancy is different and it all blurs together for people a few years later.  I had a very tough week of early labor contractions and Scarlett was right there for me talking on the phone, texting and coming over to our house.  Scarlett has seen so many women through pregnancy, she has a wealth of knowledge or knows a resource of find it for all the challenges.  Thank you Scarlett.  We would love your support again someday.



From our first meeting with Scarlett, my wife and I knew she was the doula we wanted to work with. Now, after the birth of our son, we can't imagine having done it without her. 

Throughout the pregnancy, Scarlett always had great resources to share, was such a wonderful wealth of knowledge, and encouraged us to ask questions of both her and providers we were working with - it really helped us to feel empowered throughout the entire experience. 

It was so helpful to have Scarlett supporting us - she never tried to nudge us toward a particular decision or outcome, but always had plenty of information and experience to share as we tried to figure out what was best for us. I really can't overemphasize how knowledgeable she is! When things seemed like they might be going a little pear-shaped towards the end of the pregnancy, talking through the options with Scarlett was really clarifying and helped us feel confident about how things were progressing. 

It always felt like her only goal was to make sure my wife felt supported, heard, and empowered to advocate for herself. The birth ultimately looked pretty different to what was on my wife's birth plan, but she said she felt so good about everything that she actually didn't realize this until weeks later! I think Scarlett had a huge amount to do with that. Without her, I think we would've seen labor and birth as just something to endure, rather than something that could be a positive, powerful experience. 

I would happily and unreservedly recommend Scarlett to anybody! 

Justin Fahey


Scarlett was an integral part of our birth. As first-time parents and having a pregnancy and delivery complicated by several factors, we wanted a doula who would both teach/coach us as well as provide another point of view from what we were hearing from the doctors and specialists. Scarlett took the time to explore with us what we really wanted and were feeling, and always supported our decisions, giving us the confidence to move through the process with peace of mind.

During our labor (and ultimately a C-Section) Scarlett provided emotional and physical support without us feeling like there were "too many people in the room." She is very easy and natural to be around and fit in to every situation we encountered in the hospital. Simply put, we don't know what we would have done without Scarlett!

Kathryn Francis


When I met Scarlett I was instantly struck by her easy-going nature and how it made me feel calm just to be around her. What more would you want during childbirth? Additionally, upon our first meeting Scarlett demonstrated her depth of knowledge and her ability to communicate with different personalities. My husband and I have very different approaches to stressful situations, and Scarlett was able to relate to and help us both process and prepare for the events ahead. My labor was fast and furious. Scarlett had prepared my husbandnand he was able to help me get through the initial stages. When she arrived, scarlett took action immediately. Alongside my husband, she coached me through one of the most difficult processes I'd ever been through. After my little girl came into the world, Scarlett stood by us and helped us with our very first feeding. Later, her postpartum visits were always positive, reassuring and supportive times. I would recommend Scarlett to any future mom planning any type of birth experience.  I'm so grateful I had her there during mine.

Kat Miller


Scarlett was a guiding light for us during our pregnancy, birth and directly afterwards. Before our birth, Scarlett met with us a few times discussing our feelings on what we wanted, the process of birth, positions and coping techniques and working within the hospital system. We were extraordinarily grateful to have her support and guidance when I had to be induced for a health concern 3 weeks before our due date. For every intervention, Scarlett was there to talk us through what was happening and gave us comfort when things didn't go as expected. She was a wonderful support for my husband who found that Scarlett was there for him just as much as she was there for me. We couldn't imagine our birth without her and highly recommend Scarlett as a doula, confidant and teacher.

Sarah Wilkinson (Sarah Konkolewski)


Scarlett was great from start to finish! We first met with Scarlett when I was almost 4 months pregnant. I am a "super planner" so hiring the perfect doula for our pregnancy and birth early was very important to me. Scarlett was amazing and met with us a couple times at our home while I was pregant, this gave us an opportunity to really get to know each other and she had us think about things that we as first time parents would not of thought about on our own. Scarlett was great about being in contact with me throughout my pregnancy via phone, email and text. 

When my due date came and went Scarlett checked in fequently asking how things were going and how I was feeling. The night I went in thinking I was in labor Scarlett met us at the hospital when we were in triage, it was so nice to have her around to remind me of our birth plan and to ask questions. That night it was decided that I would be induced. I ended up being induced for 3 nights, on the 4th day we decided it was best to hav a c-section. Scarlett knew I was nervous and having a c-section was the furthest thing from my original birth plan (an unmedicated hospital water birth). Scarlett helped ease my nerves and helped my husband and I prep for the OR. Scarlett was able to be in the OR with us and took beautiful pictures of my husband and I seeing our little girl for the first time. Everytime I see these pictures I think to myself how lucky we were to have Scarlett as our support through this crazy journey of parenthood. 

Having a doula like Scarlett really allowed my husband to be present for the birth of our daughter. She kept us positive througout all the complications so we could focus on each other and our baby girl! 

I highly highly recommend Scarlett to anyone who is looking to have an amazing birth doula during their birth. I am so thankful for Scarlett, her energy and support through this life changing journey. 

Jamie Michaud


When my husband and I decided to get a doula for birth support of our daughter, we really didn't know what to look for nor what to expect. I lean towards crunchy but am married to a scientist, so we needed someone who we both felt we could relate to. I asked for recommendations from several forums and connections and her name came up more than once. But it was when we had our first meeting that we knew she was the right fit. Our first meetings, we didnt quite know how to direct our attention toward the birth. Scarlett was a gentle guide during these meetings. After 2 weeks past my due date I finally went into labor, coincidentally it was at the same time as another of Scarlett's clients. Scarlett knew she would be able to attend both, which she did like a rock star. My favorite part of my birth story was in the 12 hours I did at home before going to the hospital, laughing and singing along to Joni in between contractions. She was able to help my labor along her knowledge of positioning. She was an amazing support to my husband as well making sure everyone stay fed and sane during the whole process. We could not have done it without her. <3

Huglyn Balase


About halfway through my pregnancy, my husband was diagnosed wiht a medical condition which had a possibility of rendering him unable to care for my needs during birth.  We decided it would be prudent of us to have a doula present during the birth process.  Early on our doula search, we started attending Head Over Heel's birthing classes of which Scarlett is one of the instructors.  Based on her personality and knowledge set during class,  I knew that Scarlett would be a great addition to my birthing team.  

Scarlett was a joy to work with and was able to adapt to my quirkly personality- trust me, this is very important for someone who will be with you during birth.  Our baby decided she wanted out of my belly a little early and despite not being on call yet, Scarlett was able to rush to the hospital to assist in my care.  Scarlett and my husband complemented each other in the midst my labor and she was a true advocate for my care when my husband and I were not in the position to make decisions.  

Scarlett- thank you so much for helping us prepare for and follow through with our birth process.  

Miranda Lloyd


Embarking on one of the most intimidating and transformative moments of our lives and picking someone unknown to be on your team is a pretty big stuff! I knew the moment I met Scarlett she was the lady for us. Her calm poise, wisdom and directness eased our anxious minds.

Scarlett sees the whole picture, addresses intensity with humor, intimacy and grace and made us feel our power. Her attentions were not only for me but also for my husband Jack. There are so many ways a birth can go and ours was was complicated and lasted for days. Scarlett's presence was empowering and soothing amongst the hospital setting. She was with with us every step of the way around the clock for days guiding and advocating for us throughout the entire process. Both Jack and can not begin to imagine this experience without her by our side.

Scarlett goes above and beyond with before and after visits and she is a well information and resources. Being well tapped into to community she connected us to a great lactation consultant and had wonderful suggestions for moms groups which was so helpful.

Our family will always be full of gratitude having had Scarlett be apart of our daughters arrival.

Stephanie Doan


I would recommend Scarlett in a heartbeat! She is an amazing person to have st your birth. She is both super knowledgable and super peronable.

Knowledgable: We hired Scarlett in hopes of successfully having a  medication and intervention free birth of our first child. It was an excellent choice. When labor was not going according to the "birth curve" the doctors started pushing meds and interventions. Scarlett was able to take me through positions and used accupressure to get everything back on track. It may have taken a while but our son arrived intervention free and perfect.

Personable: Scarlett is the type of person I would choose to be friends with. She knew what to say to keep me going when I thought about giving up. Her sense of humor meshed well with mine. She and my husband got along great and she helped him help me in a way I don't think he could have if it had just been the two of us.

Scarlett is amazing, you'd be lucky to have her help with your birth. If/when we have a second I hope to have her help again.

Chelsea Leto


Scarlett is phenominal. I met her on a recommendation from a friend who had a great experience with her, and since my husband and I were expecting our first child we thought a doula would be a great help in getting us prepared. Scarlett did so much for us both pre and postpartum, not to mentioned the extraordinary help during labor. She was a gentle, solid, reassuring presence the whole time and I am so grateful we had her there. She put all of our pre labor jitters at ease and was so diligent throughout labor, even when my plans changed halfway through, the amount of support I felt having her there was overwhelming. I loved how she seemed to know what I needed before I even did, whether it was a kind word or a suggestion on how my husband could lend some support, it was always just what I needed at the time. I would highly recommend Scarlett to anyone looking for a kind, knowledgable and supportive presence during their pregnancy and birth.

Sarah Mills (Stayer)


Scarlett is amazing. Seriously. She is a super awesome doula, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in hiring a doula. She is wonderfully flexible and practical. She is nonjudgemental. She is supportive. And she is experienced in all kinds of births. If you are choosing anything from home birth and unmedicated to hospital birth with epidural, high risk, multiples, etc, Scarlett can support you and help you feel informed, empowered, and as ready as you can be for this wonderfully intense and amazing experience of giving birth.

To start with, I met Scarlett at a time of turmoil. She was flexible, and practical, and willing to meet me at times that worked best for my schedule. She was also incredibly kind and supportive, and I knew upon meeting her that I could trust her, and that I wanted her to help support and guide me through my birth experience.

Then, I had a truly terrific birth, and I think it is because of Scarlett, and some good luck. She really helped me to prepare for labor and get into the right mindset. There was one prenatal visit where she left and afterwards I felt not only prepared for labor, but actually excited to get to go through it. The actual experience was everything that I expected. And it was amazing. Scarlett showed us some comfort measures beforehand that, during labor, made a huge difference in my contractions. It was the difference of "omg I might explode this is so crazy" to "ok, I can do this." She was a great guide, and helped both my partner and I feel ready for our journey. She was able to offer some guidance to him, help support him during the experience as well. 

Finally, the few weeks after the birth are very intense and confusing. It was really, incredibly comforting to have someone to call and check in with. She knew community resources in case I needed help, but mostly offered patience and empathy and support. I cannot recommend Scarlett enough. 

Esther Westbrook


We had a wonderful experience with Scarlett as our doula.  She is warm, caring and matter-of-fact at the same time.  Prior to our due date, she made several visits to our home to help us prepare for the birth, including positions, massage techniques, visualizations, using a rebozo, and emotional support.  I went into labor a few weeks early, and Scarlett made herself available immediately by phone and arrived at the hospital soon after we did.  Scarlett provided invaluable help with positions, breathing, and emotional support during labor.  We wanted a natural birth and one of our main concerns was minimizing interventions and ensuring that we made informed decisions about all medical issues.  Throughout my labor, Scarlett made sure that we understood the options being presented to us by the doctors and nurses, that we had enough time to discuss and consider our options, and that we felt empowered to make decisions.  My labor did not go as planned, and I ended up having a C-section.  Scarlett was extremely helpful in helping us process everything, both at the time it was happening and afterward during her postpartum visits.  She came to visit us and our new baby at home twice in those first few weeks, and provided emotional support, tips on breastfeeding and newborn care, and even marriage counseling!  Scarlett is a knowledgeable and caring doula and a lovely person, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to any expecting mama.

Sarah Miller


During my pregnancy my husband and I went back and forth on whether or not we would want/need doula support.  After taking birth classes, I wanted to attempt a birth without the use of pain medicine.  Knowing that neither I, nor my husband knew much about navigating labor and birth, we decided in my last month of pregnancy that hiring someone to support both of us would be a good idea.  Turns out, it was the best thing we could have done.  Scarlett came to our home and met with both me and my husband, covering medical history, concerns, strategies and possible scenarios in the event that things didn't go with the labor as we had intended or anticipated.  She even shared books and other resources related to my wishes and challenges to help me prepare for the event.  

Fortunately, my labor and birth were uncomplicated and as close to my wishes as I could have hoped.  However, I am absolutely certain that I would not have been able to have an unmedicated labor and birth without the help of Scarlett.  She was with me and my husband from the moment we entered the hospital providing massage, advising positions, emotional support and expertise to help me feel more comfortable.  She was calm and steadfast in my most painful times during labor helping me to focus and get past the discomfort.  Having Scarlett also relieved some of the pressure from my husband and allowed him to enjoy the process of labor with greater ease.  

Scarlett's help and support during my labor would have been more than enough to meet my expectations.  However, in addition to this, Scarlett also came to our home to check on me, texted or called daily for the first week postpartum, she wrote out a detailed birth story and also took some amazing pictures of the labor and birth.  In addition to having the birth I hoped for, my family will have pictures and documentation to remember the amazing event. 

Beth Cohen


We worked with Scarlett as we planned for the birth of our daughter this fall. From our meeting, she put us at ease about the big changes we were facing with her warmth, humor and senstivitly. Prior to the birth, Scarlett provided resources and information and helped us to really think about our plan for the big day. As we got closer to our due date and were dealing with some pregnancy complications, Scarlett provided advice and most importantly a non-judgemental ear that helped us decide a path of action. Knowing we had Scarlett in our corner made us feel confirdent that we could handle the birth, no matter what came up. 

Having Scarlett at our birth was invaluable. She provided emotional and physical support to both of us and we feel we could not have done it without her. in the first few weeks after we brought our daughter home, it was great to have Scarlett as a resource and to answer questions that came up. We would recommend Scarlett to any of our friends and family.


Emma Thornton


My husband and I decided to hire a doula for the birth of our first child. We are not from the USA so don't have family here and the birth process is pretty different to the UK so we felt we would benefit from a doula.

Scarlett was the first and only doula we met. We liked her straight away. She has a great warmth to her and also has a good sense of humor. Something important to both of us (she even got my husbands sense if humor which was a bonus!)

We also chose to attend Scarlett's childbirth education classes which were a great help and also enabled us to get to know her even more. She was always open minded and encouraged us to be the same. We were hoping for a natural water birth but she always made sure we understood fully other options. This ended up being very helpful as after the natural water birth (and pushing for 2 hours) we ended up having to have an emergency c section. Scarlett's wonderful education before the birth meant I wasn't terrified when it had to happen.

we loved our time with Scarlett, before, during and after the birth of our wonderful daughter Lily. During labor Scarlett was a huge support to both me and my husband. I naturally leant on both of them a lot during a very painful labor, whether it was massage, water or words of encouragement. Scarlett even stayed in hospital until we came back from the recovery room, just to quickly check how I was and meet Lily.

I would not hesitate tor recommend Scarlett. She is wonderful!

Julie Bergenser


Scarlett was amazing.

We had a little different scenario wih an amazing surrogate carying our baby boy. We wanted to make sure Alicia, our surro, was well taken care of during and right after birth so that we could focus on baby (but also knowing Alicia would need someone there during that time)...Scarlett was amazing- she came over to our house and met us all, she showed us some techniques to help Alicia with labor, she answered any questions, she made sure we had plans B,C, D and went over our birth plan. Her presence was perfect- she was there but did not interfere with the flow of what was happening (since that was what we wanted). She could magically change the direction of labor and helped Alicia as well throughout and after labor. She was a great support system and our biggest advocate. She was amazing and our birth story was smooth and wonderful because of our great team!

She visited, texted and called Alicia afterwards and came over to our house. She was a great tool in the postpartum perdiod as well, helping all of us navigate hormones and feelings and new life with baby :) We can't thank her enough!! She was everything and then more!

Brian Spear


Theresa and I recently brought our little girl, Penelope into the world with great support from our Doula...  Scarlett was professional, funny and very knowledgeable about all aspects of birth and possible interventions.  Our birth story did not go as planned due to a breach baby - but Scarlett guided us to several resources to help turn the baby.  Scarlett has been so supportive and we really appreciated having her with us throughout pregnancy and at birth.  She even captured some amazing photos of our fresh little girl!

I highly recommend Scarlett and her team of resources - she is extremely positive, non-judgemental, supportive and knows her field very well.

Brian Spear

Alyssa and Matt


My husband and I hired Scarlett for the birth of our daughter this summer. We were aiming to have a natural hospital birth but also understood that things often don't go as planned.  We wanted a doula who would be able to calmly and non-judgementally support us if we ended up needing interventions.  Scarlett was everything we thought we wanted and more.  I was able to have an intervention-free delivery, and while much of that was due simply to the stars aligning, I also believe that the prenatal conversations we had with Scarlett enabled both of us to face the challenges of delivery and have the birth we wanted.  During Scarlett's prenatal visits, she encouraged us to think through different scenarios, talk through our anticipated emotions, and devise coping strategies.  We did also enroll in childbirth classes and found our conversations with Scarlett to be significantly more valuable.  I believe that one of the key reasons we achieved the birth we desired was that we were intellectually and emotionally prepared.  Scarlett helped us get there.  Her support during and after the delivery was also tremendously valuable, but for our particular birth, I believe the prenatal visits made the biggest difference.  We whole-heartedly recommend Scarlett as a doula!

Haley Hadduck


 We began working with Scarlett later in the birth process due to an availability conflict with our first doula. I was very nervous about making the switch but she came very highly recommended. Right away, my husband and I connected with her on a deeper level than expected, which made it easier to make the transition. When meeting with Scarlett, we explained to her that we had experienced previous child loss—our first beautiful daughter was stillborn at full term. Scarlett embraced our situation and approached it with great sensitivity and compassion. Her peaceful and confident personality made us feel at ease with her. Scarlett, among many other things, presented herself as a well-educated doula. My husband and I put our complete trust in her abilities and are so glad we did! Scarlett was there for us in every step of the process and truly listened to our desires for a completely natural birth. During the birth, my husband and I felt very united and enjoyed working as a team. Scarlett only complimented us in this way.She knew how to encourage me to go with the flow of contractions and welcome them as they intensified. Scarlett was a pillar of strength and calm. Because of her unique sensitivity, she also had a great deal to offer to the emotional aspect our birth. Scarlett helped us prepare to bring our “Rainbow” baby from the womb into our arms but, more importantly, into our hearts as well. Having Scarlett with us during our birth was a joyous and blessed experience. We walked away from this feeling like we have gained a new friend and absolutely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a doula with the whole “package!” In addition to the qualities we’ve mentioned, Scarlett also has a great sense of humor and a bright, reassuring smile that will make your experience with her one to always remember. Thank you, Scarlett! We can’t say it enough!
Spencer, Haley, and Vivienne Hadduck (June 2012)

Caroline and Caleb


For the birth of our second child, my husband and I knew we wanted doulas to help us get through the physical and emotional effort of labor and delivery. We hired Scarlett Lynsky for her calm, practical, flexible, and humorous attitude, and her clear ability to both listen and understand what we wanted. She soon introduced us to Lena Wood, her backup doula for our due date, and we were relieved to have a second person on hand with a similarly calm and understanding attitude towards childbirth. My midwives had told me that my baby's position often correlated with a fast, intense delivery. In my case, however, labor was both long and hard. Scarlett had another client in labor at the same time, so she and Lena traded off shifts at our house and, later, at the hospital. I still can't believe how hard our doulas worked; over the course of nearly two days, they were tireless in their massaging, comforting, and creativity in coming up with techniques to help me adjust to labor and, eventually, to get my baby to come out. In my memory, they were both there all the time, although I know that wasn't the case. They were a warm security blanket, and I couldn't have done it without them. We also really appreciated their two postpartum house calls, to check and see how we were adjusting to life with our new baby. Having them get to know us before the baby was born was essential, because they understood what we wanted and needed better than the hospital staff did. But having them wrap things up afterwards really made it feel like a complete experience.

Christina Fisher


Scarlett was great from start to finish!  She was very responsive to questions leading up to the birth and great when the time came.  She was excellent and providing us the support we needed during labor and reminding us of things we had learned but couldn't conjure up in the drama of the moment!  Scarlett knew I very much wanted an unmedicated birth, but I never felt she judged us for any choices we made.  Thankfully I was able to go completely unmedicated, but I don't know if we could have done it without her.  Having a doula like Scarlett really allowed my husband to be present and focused on the birth process rather than trying to remember all the pain coping methods we learned.  She could coax us along and we could focus on each other and our baby girl!

Karen R.


Scarlett provided a huge amount of comfort to me and my husband as we awaited the birth of our second child. I really enjoyed our prenatal visits, where she took the time to answer all my questions, talk with me about my birth choices, and even cuddle my three-year-old son. My first birth ended in a C-section, and so I felt strongly about having a natural, vaginal birth this time around, especially since i knew this would be my last child. My labor progressed very quickly, and when she showed up at my house, I was doubled over and could barely stand through contractions. Scarlett grabbed my hands, hugged me, and reassured me that everything would be OK. I felt such a huge sense of relief the moment I saw her. She drove behind us to the hospital and stayed with us the entire time I labored, radiating calmness and strength. She talked me through contractions, helped me breathe through them, applied counter pressure, applied cold compresses, and had me pull her hands to get through the tougher contractions. Even when I was in transition and felt like my pelvis was going to split in half, she reassured me that everything I was feeling was normal and that I was doing great. Her confidence in me gave me the strength I needed to to go on. After 45 minutes of pushing, our little boy was born, and I've never felt as proud and relieved as I did at that moment. She helped make my dream of a VBAC a reality. We couldn't have asked for a better doula than Scarlett.

Angie DiSalvo


Scarlett was a great help to us in the birth of our first child. During my pregnancy, she met with my husband and I and guided us through many discussions about expectations, hopes, and fears. Her questions to us were very thought provoking and her presence calmed our concerns.

We had planned for as natural of a hospital birth as possible, but ended up with a completely different result. Two and half weeks past my due date, we went in for an induction. During labor, Scarlett helped ease my fears and helped my husband to relax; she taught us how to work together through contractions. Unfortunately, I ended up being Scarlett’s first cesarean section. During surgery, I felt so disconnected from the birth, and have a somewhat fuzzy memory of the whole event. Scarlett took photos of the birth, and those photos have meant so much to me, as they allowed me to tell the story of my daughter’s birth in a much more positive light than my memory alone served. Afterwards, I had a very difficult time dealing with the c-section, and Scarlett was very comforting, mostly because in our post partum meetings she didn’t give me the standard line of telling me everything would be ok because of my “positive outcome.” I appreciated her candor, ability to withhold judgment, and empathy.

Leslie Bachman


Scarlett is amazing!  She was present at the birth of my son-my first pregnancy-and for much of the time before the birth.  She talked to me a lot before the birth about what to be prepared for and really helped support my decision to have a drug/intervention free birth and reminded me of that when things started getting difficult.

I labored most of the day at home and when I was sure it was time to go to the hospital, she helped my husband and I stay calm through the moments leaving the house and arriving at the hospital.  When in transition, I started begging for drugs.  I wasn't sure I was really going to be able to give birth without some pain relief.  Scarlett talked me through the benefits and risks, what would be good and bad and let me make the decision based on information, not fear.  By the time the nurse had returned with the drugs, and told her I wasn't sure, she agreed with the information Scarlett had given and I decided I could do it on my own.  I had heard stories of hospital staff having "friction" with doulas and I did not experience that at all with my staff and Scarlett.  She was very respectful of the work they do.

When my son was born, Scarlett was right there to help me get him latched on as soon as possible, which was another important aspect of my birth I had let her know ahead of time.  I had a drug free birth and got to spend the first moments of my son's life with him on my chest, and nursing.  It was one of the best days of my life and my husband and I are so thankful to have had Scarlett by our sides.

Kim Elaine Lucey


Scarlett was the first and only person we interviewed when looking for doulas.  Her warm, straight forward and extremely flexible style was exactly what we were looking for and what fit best for both of our personalities.  During her pre-birth visits, Scarlett was such a comfort and wonderful resource for us both.  She was extremely easy to talk to and while offering advice, she really honored our choices for our birth. 

Scarlett worked equally with both of us, again honoring our beliefs and desires for birthing.  She brought us information/dvds and researched questions we had when there wasn't a clear answer.  She checked in all along the way after prenatal checks when concerns arose. She provided ongoign support in what was a very difficult journey with breast feeding after the birth. 

My birth experience was phenomenal.  We had a written plan with Scarlett's feedback  and while things did not completely as I had hoped, having Scarlett in the room wevery step of the way made the experience that much more amazing.  She beloeved in my ability which allowed me to.  She helped navigate family, knew when to step in and when to allow us to do our work.  I highly recommend Scarlett.  She is professional, compassionate, real, witty, and nurturing, which are all wonderful traits to have in someone supporting the most important journey in your life.  I have already recommended her to several of my friends. 

Kate Summers


My husband and I met with more than one Doula, but I knew quickly that Scarlett was the one for me. Scarlett presented good credentials, but more importantly I felt very comfortable and trusting of her as a Doula. As a first time Mom I had many concerns, and the only way I felt that I could face the daunting birth process was by preparation. Scarlett was the best. She presented many of my options, and helped us work out a birth plan that made sense. Most importantly, words cannot express the way Scarlett was by my side with comfort, reassurance, and encouragement during the 27 hours of labor. Thanks to her I had an overwhelmingly positive experience despite some challenges.

Erica Scarica


Scarlett was an excellent birth attendant, staying by my side and staying encouraging even with an unhappy change in plans, and a very fast and intense labor. She was calm and strong and cheerful, was always prompt and responsive when meeting before the birth, and fostered confidence from the very beginning. I look forward to having her at my next birth in January!

Christina Hersey


 Summing up my experience working with Scarlett Lynsky is hard, because she did so much for us. Long before I ever got pregnant, Scarlett was a fountain of knowledge. She knew we were planning to start a family, so she counseled us and loaned me book after book to begin educating myself about childbirth and what to expect. Once I got pregnant, our doula relationship began with numerous pre-labor conferences to make sure she really understood what we wanted out of her services. We then took her childbirth education class. I know this is about doula services, but for us, attending the class was a huge part of the process. There was so much to learn from classes, even after all the reading I did, that I really recommend taking them.

During labor, Scarlett was a rock and a calming presence. She was there for us the whole time, of course, coaching, reassuring, and supporting both of us in general. There was nothing I lacked during the labor process because of her involvement. I honestly don’t know how I would have done it without her. My labor was long, and poor Scarlett, I don’t think she got a wink of sleep the whole time, but she was indefatigable and strong throughout the whole process. Scarlett was a fantastic coach from start to finish and I’d recommend her to anyone.

Wendie Siverts


I was anxious about natural childbirth because I had heard lots of negative stories.  My experience, though, was very positive, very much because of Scarlett's help and support.

My husband and I are private people who don't like to ask for help, so we were reluctant about hiring a doula.  Scarlett was a perfect fit for us:  Professional but low-key, with no agenda except to listen, support us and help us make informed decisions.  She met us at our home twice before the birth, and twice after.

My water broke about 1am or so, and the hospital instructed me to come in.  Scarlett was at my house within 40 minutes, providing immediate support.  My labor really started to intensify before we had left for the hospital, and Scarlett was indispensible helping us get on our way, remembering everything.

Once at the hospital, Scarlett was amazing at being there whenever we needed her, and in the background when we didn't - she has a sixth sense for this.  My labor was intense from when we arrived right up to transition about 10am.  I had no idea I was in transition, and didn't want an exam because I was afraid they were going to tell me I was only at 4cm or something.  Scarlett could tell I was in transition, though, and in her signature low-key way indicated this to the hospital nurses.  Sure enough, I was fully dialated at 10cm. Scarlett was there through out the birth, and provided help with my first try at nursing.

I can't say enough good things about her.  We would definitely use her services again, and recommend her highly.


Kari Ferguson


I couldn't have asked for a better doula.  Scarlett was so sensitive to all my needs, both before, during, and after labor.  She was a constant quiet presence... I knew she was there for me, but she was never overbearing.  She worked great with the hospital staff, was flexible about how my birth plan had to change from home to hospital, and was so incredibly thoughtful.  Scarlett made my husband feel comfortable being at the birth, which was a huge feat, and he also cannot say enough good things about her! 

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