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Priscilla Brickey & Jennifer Anderson LM, CPM, LMT, CBS, CD(DONA)

Motherly Transitions, LLC

Nacogdoches, TX Service range 100 miles

Birth Fee

$1600 to $1800

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $50

Birth Fee

$1600 to $1800

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $50

Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

21 years and 2000 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

22 years and 650 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, July 2017

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 1 to 4 births and 1 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: Short term and Long term pricing up to 12 months postpartum.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Houston, Cypress, Woodlands, Conroe, Kingwood, Willis, Huntsville, College Station and more!

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Houston, Cypress, Woodlands, Conroe, Kingwood, Willis, Huntsville, College Station and more!

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Must have a Midwife for delivery. Houston, Cypress, Woodlands, Kingwood, Conroe, Willis, College Station, Huntsville and more!

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Belly binding
  • Belly casting
  • Birth pool rental
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Infant massage education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Monitrice services
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Photography - Birth
  • Photography - Maternity
  • Photography - Newborn
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Reflexology
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Therapeutic bodywork
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Volunteered at The Womens Hospital of Texas. The Ronald McDonald House. Meals on Wheels. The Rose. Contribute to the Boys and Girls Harbor. Collected donations for Toys for Tots and Operation Toy Drive. ICAN North Houston Leader. Junior League

Fee Details

Birth Doula: Packages available to include massages Lactation support, Placenta Encapsulation and Childbirth Education. Postpartum Doula: Going week to week is $45 an hour daytime 7am-7pm. $65 an hour nighttime 7pm-7am. Day time help is a 4 hour minimum and nighttime help is a 6 hour minimum. Monday-Friday. Cash or Credit Placenta Encapsulation: $350 for capsules includes pick up and delivery $50Tincture $10 keepsakes We travel all over! Nacagodoches, lufkin, Huntsville, Longview, Henderson, Tyler and more! Childbirth Education class once every other month. Breastfeeding Support In-home by the hour.

Service Area

Nacogdoches, TX Service range 100 miles

Client Testimonials for Priscilla Brickey & Jennifer Anderson LM, CPM, LMT, CBS, CD(DONA)

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Caroline Shook


My husband and I hired Jennifer and Priscilla to be our birth doulas for my first pregnancy. Absolutely best decision we made! Both ladies were available for any questions or concerns we had during pregnancy and provided ample resources for us to make well-educated decisions. They taught an INCREDIBLE birthing class that really prepared us for labor and delivery. We had our baby at a birthing center and Jennifer was the doula available during delivery. She was calm, confident, and engaged while still allowing my husband to be the main support person. She stayed after for several hours to assist with breastfeeding and both her and Priscilla were available once we got home to help answer any newborn questions -- which there are a lot of! They both helped us so much and really gave me the confidence to have a natural delivery and I'm forever grateful for them! 



We hired Priscilla around 28 weeks, and I wish I'd had her the whole pregnancy! We gained so much knowledge from her and Kristina prior to delivery via zoom calls, an in person class, and 24/7 text support. As my due date approached, Priscilla  gave tons of advice on how to prepare and get baby to come naturally. When I got to 40 weeks I felt discouraged I would have to be induced, but I followed Priscilla's suggestions and sure enough, I went into labor the next day. When I wasn't sure whether I was having real contractions or not, Priscilla and Kristina were texting with my husband nonstop until we knew. Once at the hospital, I was having a difficult time coping with the pain until Priscilla arrived and I felt so much relief to have her by my side. She calmed my nerves by helping me breathe, massaging me, and making sure I pushed correctly when it was time. I could not imagine doing it without her! Our postpartum visit was also extremely helpful and put our minds at ease about newborn life. I would absolutely hire Priscilla for a second pregnancy, and would feel comfortable doing it at home next time. 

Leslee McFee


When my husband and I met Priscilla and Kristina, their warm, professional, and passionate personalities made us want to hire them right away. We are so happy to have been referred to them as our birth doulas. Our labor ended with a healthy baby boy and a healthy mom, both for which we are so grateful. Priscilla conducted a birthing class a few weeks before I was due, and it opened our eyes to so much we didn’t know and reassured us that we made the right decision to have Priscilla and Kristina as our advocates. After 41 weeks of pregnancy, we checked into the hospital to be induced, but after 20 hours of contractions and not dilating past five centimeters, I was given the option to keep laboring or to have a c-section. My husband and I weren’t sure what to do, but the doctor and Kristina were patient, explained our options, and gave us their honest opinions. Everything went so smoothly, and despite having the c-section, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience. While laboring before the c-section, Kristina gave the best massages and was able to put me in the most beneficial positions to get the baby’s heart rate down and to make me comfortable. With Priscilla and Kristina available via phone or text to answer all of my questions throughout the pregnancy, we were amply prepared to be flexible in labor, and while in the hospital, Kristina always made sure that our priority was to be comfortable with the decisions we made. During and after the labor itself, Kristina and Priscilla were a source of endless comfort and steadiness for both my husband and me. Kristina visited our home and checked my incision and answered any questions I had about parenting and my healing. Motherly Transitions was a key part of our birth team, and my husband and I will be forever grateful that both ladies were there for us. We highly, highly recommend them!

Rachel S


I hired this incredible midwife and doula team for the end of my pregnancy, and it was the best decision I made for my childbirth and postpartum experience. Kristina, my doula, was a true gem. Her support during my C-section recovery was invaluable, providing reassurance, encouragement, and expert knowledge. With her guidance, I was able to navigate the first day of recovery with relative ease. Kristina also played a crucial role in my successful breastfeeding journey, teaching me essential techniques and creating a nurturing environment for bonding with my baby. Although I didn't meet Priscilla in person, her contributions through our text message group were remarkable—providing invaluable information and guidance. Highly recommend this amazing team!

Autumn Stelter


Along side our OB, we hired Kristina and Priscilla for added support during our first pregnancy.  They are both knowledgeable, friendly and supportive for all of the things we wished to follow. We learned a lot at our birthing class they hosted which helped guide us along the way of any traditional medical interventions that we wanted to avoid.

Kristina attended our birth and made sure I was comfortable with decisions that had to be made during labor. Even the L&D nurses had positive things to say about their experience with her!

I had my placenta encapsulated and Kristinas home visit after delivery gave me the confidence boost I needed moving forward being a new mom. We would highly recommend them to anyone who needs that added support and will definitely be in contact if we need them again in the future!




Priscilla and Kristina played a huge part in me achieving a vbac at home with my second child! Priscilla was my midwife and Kristina was my doula (although she was at another birth when I went into labor :(). Priscilla is very knowledgeable about all things pregnancy and baby. I asked her a million questions about what if scenarios and she was able to answer my questions and alleviate my fears at the same time. I felt completely supported in all my decisions throughout pregnancy and birth (testing, ultrasounds, etc.). It definitely helped calm anxieties knowing my team was aligned with your research and beliefs, including my tolac attempt being completely safe even at home. My husband and I took their birth class which was helpful, especially for my husband! After a few episodes of prodromal labor, my active labor went fairly quick. Priscilla was there to help and assist and explained what she was doing each step of the way (a lot of my fears stemmed from unnecessary intervention). Even when I was in pain or upset with my progress, she was always so calm and informed me of my choices. Every time I said no or I can't, I heard her say yes you can! It helped my mental state during labor to be re-affirmed. Priscilla arrived at 10pm and my daughter was born at 1am and I think she left close to 4am. Since Kristina was at another birth that evening, they sent their backup Doula. She was so great as well! She was a total stranger at first, but I trusted Priscilla and Kristina to only send someone who would be great and like-minded. Kristina was very helpful when we discussed my birth plan. I greatly appreciated her transparency about my birth wishes in the event I needed to be in a hospital. If you want providers who are both very knowledgeable, calm and re-assuring during your pregnancy and birth - Priscilla and Kristina are the best! We hope to have a couple more kids and they will definitely be our birth team again! 

Rachael J.


Priscilla and Kristina are a dynamic duo! A powerful, supportive, intuitive, nurturing and informative team. Priscilla encouraged me to take the time before birth for meditation, going inward and relaxing whether just before bed or a bath to practice the headspace that I need to be in for birth. It was the best thing for me because when labor started I had no fear, I was excited to welcome contractions instead of fear them. Priscilla listened to all of questions and sharing feelings from my previous birth experience with empathy and support. I was able to let go of the negative and talk through what I needed to. Kristina's hip squeezes are just the most amazing experience in the midst of strong contractions, her pleasant and uplifting demeanor was so good for my headspace too. She was so encouraging telling me that I was doing amazing and that I was in control. It was incredibly reassuring and exactly what I needed. I highly recommend both of these amazing women!

Brooke Jackson


We really enjoyed our experience with Kristina and Priscilla! As a first time mom there was a lot I didn't know and a lot I was unsure of throughout my pregnancy and they were always able to answer all of my questions and concerns. I really enjoyed how they helped walk me through setting up my birth plan since I was giving birth in a hospital. Having them come over to my house once labor started gave me such peace of mind and kept me really confident and comfortable so I could labor at home for as long as I could. Definitely felt advocated for in the hospital as well having Kristina there and she was so helpful with positioning me and gave me so much guidance throughout the whole experience. 

Alexandria Salinas


Kristina was amazing! After having two previous traumatic births, I knew that my third I wanted someone to advocate for me and help me through my labor. I wish I would've got a Doula for my other two previous births! From the moment Kristina came into my labor, delivery room, my anxiety and fears decreased. I wanted to have a natural birth. Unfortunately I had to be induced so my birth plan changed. So then I wanted to try and have my breath with no epidural and thanks to Kristina I was able to do this. She knew pressure points and massages to help with my pain. It was such a pleasant birth experience! My husband even told me he is going to get a doula for our daughters in the future!

Lydia Flores


Priscilla and Kristina are absolutely wonderful. They provided so much education to my husband and I pre- and postnatally, setting us up for success when it came to labor, delivery, breastfeeding, and recovery. I had an amazing birth, and I know it would not have gone as smoothly had Kristina not been with me to help me make informed decisions, advocate on my behalf, help me labor and help my husband help me labor. My husband was reluctant to hire doulas at first (as I know many husbands are). Soon after the birth, he said that he was so glad that we had them, and that the investment was totally worth it. We are incredibly thankful for Motherly Transitions and would recommend them to anyone!



I had a wonderful experience with Kristina and Pricilla! I had a really, REALLY, long labor (30 hours with about 9 hours of pushing) and Kristina stayed with me and my midwives through the night and into the next morning, when my perfect baby boy finally entered the world. Kristina's positive energy really carried me through during times when I didn't think I could keep going and I'm not sure I could have done it without her. We just finished our postpartum visit durinf which she educated me om everything I need to know to be the best mother I can be during this time. She also brought my placenta capsules that she encapsulated for me. I am extremely satisfied with the service I received and it goes without saying that I highly recommend Motherly Transitions to anyone and everyone seeking a doula or midwife, whether you are planning for a home birth as I had or a hospital birth.

Teneil Dollarhide


My family celebrated the birth of our second child this past month…and for this pregnancy, the first people that I wanted to tell I was pregnant were Kristina and Priscilla. I am absolutely grateful to the support they provided for both of my children’s births. Each birth was uniquely different, but the guidance and preparation from these ladies made both births memorable and rewarding!! Our first son was delivered in the hospital, and I was blessed to have Kristina labor with me at home for a few hours before going to the hospital. Kristina coached me on what to expect each stage and she advocated for things that I didn’t know I had options on in the hospital. Labor with my first child was fast, but recovery was slow for me. The second time around, I knew that I wanted doula support…but not anyone…I was thankful to be able to return to Priscilla and Kristina. The second time around, we opted to work with Priscilla as our midwife, and it was the best decision! I’m less than two weeks postpartum and already feel leaps and bounds from where I was on the first. Thank you Kristina and Priscilla for advocating for natural birth and listening to my body. The experience would not have been the same without you!

Claudia Van Houten


Priscilla and Kristina are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I am a first time mom with lots of questions that they were able to help with in preparation to our birth. They are quick to respond and both of them know how to make momma feel supported when I needed the most. I will ask say they were respectful by honoring my decisions and supporting me with information and coaching when needed. They were able to coach my husband as well because he wanted to help but did not quite know how. Priscilla's massages pre and post partum were some of the best massages I have ever gotten and much needed to be the best mom I can be. 
My birth was in the hospital and I am really thankful they were there since my nurse did not have lots of knowledge and they helped more than I can even begging to describe. 100% recomend the service and support this ladies provide!



I have worked with Motherly Transitions for both of my pregnancies, and each experience has been exactly what I envisioned! During pregnancy, I felt so supported. They are so quick to respond to any questions I had and regularly checked in. I also did a labor prep massage with Priscilla that was amazing! I wish every woman could experience one before giving birth.

During my labor, Kristina arrived at my house and jumped right in. She has such a calming presence and gave me such peace!! Her guidance and assurance allowed me to labor at home for the majority of the time. It was such a blessing to labor in the peace and comfort of my own home! We were on the stairs, outside, on the bed, on the floor, in the bath, on the ball. She was so tuned into me the whole time! We left for the hospital at the perfect time, allowing me to minimize the time at the hospital and have my baby in my arms within one hour of arriving.

Postpartum support was no exception. They checked in on me, offered advice when needed, and made a house call go personally ensure we were all doing well.

Their skillsets are so well matched, too. To have a team of doulas that included a nurse, massage therapist, AND midwife is truly amazing. I feel like they work together VERY well! I am so grateful for Motherly Transitions and their contributions to my motherhood experience!

Kayla Frenchak


Priscilla and Kristina are in a league of their own. My husband started skeptical of hiring doulas as he didn't want the doulas to replace his role in supporting me, and they did quite the opposite. Motherly Transitions sold him with their qualifications, being far more than what he considered most doulas to be- "expensive hand-holders." While they made me as comfortable as possible with guiding me through positions and giving me massages, they really let my husband shine, guiding him on how to be my #1 support during birth. They educated us along the way and no questions were off bounds or too controversial for these ladies. I delivered our son unmedicated after a 24- hour labor and I truly don't think I could have done it without them.  My husband will now be the first to tell you we won't have another baby without these ladies. We trust them so much we already plan on using them for a home birth next time around- something I would have never considered before meeting this dynamic duo.

When you hire a pair of doulas, naturally your thought is "which one do I hope to have at my birth?" I quickly learned I was truly in good hands either way. Both ladies have their strengths and I'm so glad I had the pleasure of laboring with both of them in shifts. They complement each other well. I cannot sing their praises loud enough.

Grecia S


First pregnancy for me! I decided to get the  help of Kristina and Priscilla, best decision I made for my baby and I. They both are extremely knowledgeable and kind, always just one text away. Kristina was the one on call at the time of my baby's birth, she made it so relaxing by providing comfort with massage and aromatherapy, after that she came to my home and gave me more information for postpartum which I found super helpful. Priscilla was always there throughout my pregnancy to answer any questions I had has a first time mom also she came home to give me an awesome super relaxing postpartum massage.
Thank you both for helping me and my family along the this beautiful experience... 

Ashley Powell


Priscilla and Kristina made all the difference in my birth experience. I was a first time mom who wanted an unmedicated hospital birth. Priscilla and Kristina were nothing but 100% supportive of my wishes/desires. Not a single text/call went unanswered – from first contact to today. They helped educate me about pregnancy, labor and delivery, natural remedies for pregnancy aliments, pros/cons to different preferences for my birth plan, standard hospital practices/procedures, and how best to prepare my body and mind for labor. My husband was originally skeptical but after our one-on-one childbirth class he was convinced it was a good investment (post-delivery we both feel they were worth every penny). Several times they gave me the education and the EXACT words to be an advocate for myself with my doctor and hospital. Kristina was the one to arrive for my birth and she brought into the room a wave of positivity and assurance (which helped both me and my husband relax). Priscilla’s knowledge is endless, and her postpartum visit helped me recover both physically and mentally. I wish every woman had the foresight and financial means to hire such a great doula team. My trust in Priscilla and Kristina is close to endless and I plan to use them for all my future pregnancies.

*My labor was precipitous, and we accidently delivered our baby girl at home. Kristina’s arrival and her nursing background helped navigate an unexpected situation. She checked my daughter and assured us she was healthy and well, she delivered my placenta, clamped the umbilical cord for my husband to cut and helped my daughter latch before we choose to go to the hospital. I am beyond grateful for her, she made a stressful situation a positive experience.

Vrushali Yewle


Kristina & Priscilla are amazing! Throughout my pregnancy, they were quick to answer any questions. Kristina was the one present during my birth and the moment she walked in to the hospital room, my anxiety flew out the window. She is very knowledgeable and was very supportive and attentive throughout the process . My husband and I are so happy with our birth experience. We couldn't have asked for a better advocate. We highly recommend this duo.



My husband and I are so thankful we found Pricilla and Kristina. They were both such a great support system from the start. Being able to text them at any time to ask questions before and after our baby came was so comforting knowing we had professionals to talk with at any time.   The day of my birth, things didn't go to plan, and having them there to walk me through my options and fully support my husband and I was truly a saving grace. I couldnt imagine going through this crazy, beautiful, stressful experience without them! I am so thankful for both of these ladies and highly recommend them! 

Amanda Ohnstad


I hired Motherly Transitions for the birth of my first child at a friend's recommendation.  I was new to pregnancy, childbirth and newborn care.  Kristina & Priscilla were invaluable to us.  They provided calls, emails and texts while I was pregnant for any questions I had, including nutrition support, body changes, birth plans, and anything in between.  We attended their 4 hour in-person birth class in Conroe which was very informative & interactive.  They really shined once I went into labor - I had prodromal labor which was exhausting over the week leading up to labor.  They coached and supported me through that.  Kristina attended my actual birth & was amazing - I can't say enough good things.  She immediately put my husband and I at ease when she walked in the room, as well as the nurse attending us.  Kristina knows her stuff - professional, empathetic, and qualified.  She was a great motivator as well when pushing got really tough & I wanted to give up.   Priscilla does wonderful prenatal, labor induction, and postpartum massages & also has a wealth of knowledge that she shares willingly.    They also encapsulated my placenta for me & helped greatly with breastfeeding.  We definitely will sign up for future children for their services!  I'd highly recommend these two.  I don't know how I could've gone through this experience the first time without their support!! 

Lauren Kasdano


Ihad a phenomenal experience with Priscilla and Kristina. Two of my good friends used them to assist them with unmedicated births at hospitals and had outstanding feedback. I was looking for a new doula for my second baby and did a zoom call with them and immediately loved them! They really supported me through my entire pregnancy - weekly check ins, advice for various ailments, homeopathic knowledge and lots of advice and check ins at the tail end of my pregnancy. I was dilating early and having on and off contractions early as well and they gave me great advice to make sure we kept the baby baking long enough! Priscilla came to do my prenatal massages at my house and I loved that we were able to bond during them given the Covid situation at the time. When I went into labor, I worked with both of them via text message to provide updates and for us to come up with a game plan. Priscilla met me at the hospital and stayed with me the entire time! She was incredibly supportive of me and my husband during labor and delivery and was tough in just the right ways. I had a relatively short, but intense labor and she talked me through it and gave me the confidence to push through until the end - and deliver my second baby unmedicated! She captured beautiful photos during the process as well that I will cherish forever. Priscilla and Kristina are an amazing team and any person who works with them is lucky to have their support through pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum!

Emily Sandhu


I used motherly transitions to give birth to my baby in August and cannot say enough good things about my experience. Though I knew from the start that I would want to get an epidural, Kristina and Priscilla still provided invaluable support and knowledge to me to ease my anxiety of giving birth for the first time. As a previous labor and delivery nurse, Kristina was present at the birth and was very helpful in explaining to my husband and I what the nurses and doctor were doing. After the epidural, she helped me change positions with the peanut ball to help get the baby in the most favorable position. I initially thought that I only cared about having support during the delivery process, but I realized that having their 24/7 support and access to them for questions and advice was also great to have! They offered a childbirth class that was very beneficial since I did not pay to have one through the hospital. They helped me to create a birth plan and shared some things to add based on what they knew about me and the kind of birth that I wanted. One of the best parts about hiring them is that someone was there in the hospital to take pictures during the entire birth of my daughter that will have to always look back on and remember that day. Kristina and Priscilla were so encouraging and kind and helped me to have the positive birth experience that I wanted. I would DEFINITELY use them again for any future births!!

Nikki Wooley


It’s been a little over a month since my delivery and I am still so grateful for Kristina’s support and guidance. I hired a doula in hopes to have a VBAC. I knew I wanted another person to help my husband and I navigate the entire birth process. In the end, my body had other plan and I delivered a beautiful baby boy via c section but prior to that I labored for 20 hours, medication free and pushed for 30 minutes. Without Kristina’s encouragement, advice, support and helping hands I never would have made it that far! She is a calming voice and the guiding light every mama needs! Then she came to visit me at home after my delivery and gave me so many tips, tricks, and ideas for healing, breastfeeding, becoming a mom of two and everything else you run into postpartum. I will be forever grateful for everything she’s done for me and my family.

Emily Sandhu


I used motherly transitions to give birth to my baby in August and cannot say enough good things about my experience. Though I knew from the start that I would want to get an epidural, Kristina and Priscilla still provided invaluable support and knowledge to me to ease my anxiety of giving birth for the first time. As a previous labor and delivery nurse, Kristina was present at the birth and was very helpful in explaining to my husband and I what the nurses and doctor were doing. After the epidural, she helped me change positions with the peanut ball to help get the baby in the most favorable position. I initially thought that I only cared about having support during the delivery process, but I realized that having their 24/7 support and access to them for questions and advice was also great to have! They offered a childbirth class that was very beneficial since I did not pay to have one through the hospital. They helped me to create a birth plan and shared some things to add based on what they knew about me and the kind of birth that I wanted. One of the best parts about hiring them is that someone was there in the hospital to take pictures during the entire birth of my daughter that will have to always look back on and remember that day. Kristina and Priscilla were so encouraging and kind and helped me to have the positive birth experience that I wanted. I would DEFINITELY use them again for any future births!!

Elissa Bourne


We are so thankful for Kristina and Priscilla. They made the birth of our first child a wonderful experience. I went back and forth on whether to have a doula or not, and I can't imagine not having Kristina by my side. The emotional and medical support through the whole process was invaluable. 10/10 would recommend! 

Landee Harris


Kristina & Priscilla joined my birthing team early in my pregnancy. Being pregnant with our first baby & no family living close by, my husband & I knew we would need help. They were both excellent in answering my questions quickly at all hours of the day. I loved having reliable experts so readily available! Kristina was on call for my birth & helped SO much from the time she got to the birth center until the time she left. Her calming presence helped me, but really helped my husband & mother as she assisted them in helping me, as well. I'm not sure we would have been able to do it without them!! Xo ?

SEC & Family


Having Kristina's help during our family's recent VBAC was absolutely invaluable. She supported my wife through the entire process, both emotionally and physically. Her recommendations were always objective and based on statistical data. She was very curteous and respectful at the hospital with oher healthcare professionals, even when opinions differed.  The hospital staff mentioned Kristina was one of the best they'd worked with. 

Ashley Westervelt


Kristina & Priscilla were so kind & helpful! They were always there to answer any questions & offer advice. I had a bad experience during my first delivery & knew we wanted help this time. The labor & delivery went so smoothly this time around & we so appreciate Kristina being there for us! I contacted them pretty far into my pregnancy & luckily they had space for me. I would def recommend them, no matter where you are in your pregnancy. It's worth it. 



No regrets about hiring this doula team. I only considered looking for a doula after a friend recommended it based on her experience. I wasn't sure if it would be worth the expense but as delivery day drew closer, my husband and I got more anxious about whether we were equipped to handle me going into labor. Deciding to hire Kristina and Priscilla put our minds at ease knowing there would be someone in the room who had been through it many times and was trained to guide us. On the day I went into labor I was in contact with Kristina by text starting in the morning. By mid afternoon we talked on the phone and agreed she should head to our house. A few minutes later I decided I couldn't last and longer and texted her to meet us at the hospital. She arrived there just before we did and stayed until our daughter was born to help with her first feeding. Having her there was worth every penny. She helped me cope with contractions and explained everything that was going on with the doctors and nurses.  I would definitely recommend her!

Michelle Brainard


Priscilla and Kristina are an amazing team and we are so lucky to have found them. They coached us through the pregnancy and were able to provide us with the confidence and knowledge we needed for each doctor's appointment. Because of them, we learned what to ask the doctor and how to navigate possible setbacks. I personally had a very easy pregnancy with near perfect test results the whole time, but towards the end, due to baby measuring big and turning sideways out of the birth canal last minute, I decided a c section was the way to go. Although it wasn't the ideal birth situation, our doulas coached us through scenarios and supported our decision. Their class was very informative and they were available by cell for any questions that popped up during our journey. We also received postpartum care which made the biggest difference to me in the world. Recovering from a c section with your first child is hard. I highly recommend this team for your journey whether you're a first time mom like me or a veteran. Their years of experience make the biggest difference and I would definitely use them again! 

Alyssa M Pyle


I wanted a natural birth and to labor at home but kiddo had other plans. Even though I wound up being induced and having an epidural at the last minute, having the team of Kristina and Priscilla was absolutely worth it. They got me through and even my husband said it was well worth it to have them. They definitely helped me through pregnancy, birth and early stages of postpartum.

Samantha Villarreal


Kristina and Priscilla were my doulas for my birth that I committed to having without any pain medications at a birthing center. I was very adamant about the way I wanted to birth and they were both fully supportive and encouraging of what I was capable of. It was a long 32 hour labor but I couldn’t have done it without either of them. Priscilla’s massages and Kristina’s empowerment got me through the toughest days of my life. They’re both very different but incredibly knowledgeable in all things childbirth. If you are in need of support or want to feel more confident and prepared for childbirth - these ladies need to be a part of your team.

Nicole Trejo


With hopes of a natural birth, I found the perfect pair of doulas in Priscilla and Kristina. From the initial interview, I had confidence that I chose a team of women with great attitudes, limitless knowledge and huge hearts.They love what they do and they are good at it! 

From the beginning we started a text group to make it easy to stay in touch; responses were always prompt and they checked in with me often. When the real contractions started, Kristina came in the middle of the night armed with tons of helpful tricks up her sleeve. At the hospital, she guided my husband in ways to help and was my advocate with the staff.  Priscilla even helped out in a pinch via text! Essentially, they armed us with the tools to prepare me for the most important day of our life.

With unwavering encouragement after almost 4 hours of pushing, I blissfully delivered a healthy baby without the use of pain medications. I absolutely love the birth story I am able to tell because of their guidance and support!!! ?

Brittany McDowell


I am so grateful that I was referred to Motherly Transitions. They were the perfect team and provided me with exactly what I was looking for. I learned so much from them and felt prepared and empowered when it was time to have my baby.  I especially loved the video they created for moms to prepare for child birth. I think I watched it more than 20 times before going into labor. The day before going into labor I had a massage from Priscilla and It helped prepare my body for sure! They were also extremely responsive and kind when I had questions or needed their help.  I went into labor around midnight and they both immediately responded. Kristina came in the middle of the night with a smile on her face and ready to go! This was my 4th baby and first time working with a doula with the hopes of being able to have a natural birth. Because of these 2 ladies and the support they gave me, I was able to achieve that. I will be forever grateful for Priscilla and Kristina. I wish I would have found them during my first pregnancy instead of my last!



This is very delayed! But both Kristina and Pricilla were very helpful and informative during my last trimester and the birth of my child. Having moved from out of state and not knowing very many people here, it was necessary for my family to hire a doula. The massage was fantastic and the in home care while i labored at home was so incredibly helpful. Both of them are incredibly knowledgeable and resourceful! I wish I would have had them for my other two births. Such a great team these two are and I highly recommend them. 

Denise A N Soares


I'm so thankful I found Priscilla and Kristina to guide me on my second baby journey. I got my Vbac and without their help I wouldn't have switched to an obgyn that would accept to Vbac me and that had a very reassuring and respectful attitude towards my decision. They kept checking on me every step of the way in a timely and heartily manner, calming me down and orienting me when doubt and anxiety took over. It was a joyful moment having Kristina home for a prenatal visit when I had the opportunity to figure out how I wanted this second birth to be different from my first (which ended up in a c-section after 12 hours of active labor and two days of prodromal labor, in real pain). She also encouraged me to believe I would be able to breastfeed after having a traumatic experience with my first child. She also suggested some pediatricians that could better fit our family demands. When I was about to give birth I felt Kristina presence filling the room, supporting and encouraging me. All I heard were her reassuring and calming words (and the essential oils smell, so good) leading me towards that precious moment I had been wanting for so long. That has really made all the difference! ?? I finally gave birth, had my magical moment! They continued to check on me and guide me with breastfeeding while I was with my son at NICU. I had the pleasure to have Kristina at home again to give me breastfeeding support and to sort whatever thousand questions I still had in mind. Thank you soooo much! ???? ??

Tricia Williams


Both Priscilla and Kristina were wonderful support via text message throughout pregnancy. Kristina was a life saver when it came to labor & delivery as well as coming to the house and taking care of me and my family postpartum. I learned so much from her such as coping skills during labor and breastfeeding my baby. Because of their extensive knowledge, I did not tear during delivery and I have not suffered clogged ducts or mastitis on my breastfeeding journey. 


Kristina was kind, patient and supportive especially with the variety of emotions I had throughout our time together. She validated my feelings and helped me come up with solutions to anything that was causing me anxiety.  She did a phenomenal job of taking care of my baby so I could get some rest. It was easy to fall asleep knowing that she was here taking care of my baby and household tasks. 

I would highly recommend using their services whether you're giving birth for the 1st time or the 5th time. 




Carrie Dumit


I'm so grateful for having found these two wonderful ladies just in time! I didn't know anything about doulas before I was pregnant with my first child and wasn't completely sure I would need one but now I'm completely convinced that they are a must and so worth it! They were super helpful and informative since day one and always super responsive. I had a super long delivery, starting at 6 am on a Friday with my water braking a little bit soon and no contractions after several hours so the probability of me having a c section was a little bit high. They both helped me a lot over the phone when I first checked in at the hospital around 9 am and guided me for those first hours of early labor then at the hospital after some hours  first Priscilla and then Kristina who stayed until I delivered my baby the next day in the afternoon at 2:43 pm ! I was really exhausted at the end but also really happy I ended up having a vaginal delivery and not a c section since I was shooting for an all natural birth. I did have some necessary interventions like pitocin and epidural and that was okay given the situation. I'm very happy I hired them to help me and would recommend to anyone especially those trying to have a natural birth. 

Coral Betancourt


I can’t recommend these ladies enough! This was my third pregnancy and I was not planning on getting a doula but as I got closer to my due date, anxiety started setting in. My husband was not able to do any of the prep work with me this time around due to his work situation, so I felt like I needed support. I am so glad Priscilla and Kristina were able to take me with such short notice. Priscilla taught the birth class. She is so knowledgeable and definitely made me feel much more prepared. I experienced false labor the week before my baby was due and these ladies were very responsive and patient with me. Kristina met us at the hospital when I went into real labor. She was amazing! She helped me work through contractions and gave me the confidence that I needed to have the unmedicated birth I had planned for. We had our successful VBAC! Best birthing experience we’ve had so far.



I'm so glad we went with Motherly Transitions as our birth doulas. The birth class was very thorough and it helped me to not be anxious when I did go into labor. The day I went into labor my husband was out of town for work and using the tools I learned in the childbirth class and with my communication with the doulas in my early labor, I was able to labor peacefully at home and not panic while my husband was on his way home. Kristina then came to help me once my contractions progressed and her support was so helpful and comforting. I believe that through the work we did during my labor, my baby was born without surgical intervention and in the optimal position. I also opted to have a labor prep massage with Priscilla a couple weeks before I went into labor. I believe that helped me so much, especially prepping my hips area. I also did a postpartum massage with Priscilla, and it is literally a piece of heaven to have that time for yourself after having your baby. The postpartum support was invaluable as well and they make sure mom is doing good. I highly recommend Motherly transitions as your birth doula choice, especially for first time moms like me! 

Jayde Martin


I am so grateful to have found Kristina and Priscilla when I did. Kristina labored with me and was so calming and encouraging throughout the whole process. I also received a post partum massage from Priscilla which was so relaxing and is something I feel all moms should do if they are able! This was my first time having a doula and I wish I had them for all my pregnancies. It was so nice to know they were there to reach out to at any time for anything.   They are both so sweet and kind and truly make you feel taken care of. 

Angie Burns


I am not sure where to even start for this review. This team is a wealth of knowledge. Priscilla and Kristina both know their stuff and share their knowledge to help their mommas. This is my second time hiring Motherly Transitions. When I found out I was pregnant with my second child I knew I didn't want to do it without them. My desire was a vbac and they were able to help me achieve my goal. Kristina was at my birth and from the moment she arrived she came in calm and didn't skip a beat. She massaged me to help with pain and moved me around in the room and hospital bed to ensure dilation continued. She taught me how to breath through the contractions and helped me learn to move my body with contractions. When I felt like I couldn't do it without the epidural she didn't shame me but encouraged me and said I had done an amazing job. After the epidural she continued to move me around with the ball and she was a valuable asset to my birth team. My midwives are all still raving at how wonderful she was to work with. She stayed the entire time and got the most amazing photos of our sons birth. She made sure I was comfortable with breastfeeding before leaving. I can't say more amazing things about these two ladies! Priscilla was always a call or text message away and gave the most amazing prenatal and postnatal massages.....she has a heavenly gift when it comes to massages! She also helped me with my diet throughout my entire pregnancy.  You can't go wrong hiring these ladies, and I already plan to hire them again for a third baby. It is so amazing having people by your side who advocate for you throughout your birth. Thank you for all that you ladies did for me and my family! We are forever grateful! 



I just had my successful VBAC with Priscilla and Kristina and it went so smoothly and I am so happy I had them to support me throughout my pregnancy and labor. This was my second time working with them. My first was a planned cesarean for breech presentation and their support during that that pregnancy and birth was so special as well! For my cesarean (pre-pandemic) Kristina was with me before and after and helped me establish nursing with my new baby. During my second, natural labor, they knew exactly how to work with me to keep me comfortable and bring baby down into the right position. Their encouragment was everything and kept me going! It was so beautiful and I am so thankful I decided to have them be a part of my birth team!



Can't recommend this team enough! They were so beneficial to my pregnancy and vbac experience. I decided about half way into the pregnancy that I wanted to attempt a vbac and saw them recommended on a local groups page. I knew immediately that I wanted to hire them. The work experience between the two of them all the knowledge they share with you is such a blessing to have! The birth class they offer was so helpful, anytime I had any questions or concerns they answered and always checked up on me. When the big time came I was able to labor at home as long as I could and got to the hospital in time to push, I was able to have my unmedicated vbac successfully with kristina's help! She flew into the delivery room and offered so much encouragement and support and reminded me of the importance of each push and the work my body was doing! She also had a fan to cool me off, I was burning up and she had essential oils which really helped to calm me and motivate me! She was a huge help! She stayed after and explained things to me, and helped with breastfeeding and she also took some great pictures during the delivery process that I look back at still! I'm so thankful for her and this team they are great!!! If I have another baby I'll definitely use them again!! 



There was an immediate connection I felt with both of these amazing women on our initial Zoom call. They answered my questions all during my pregnancy, and were just a phone call away when my water broke at midnight! When I was admitted to labor and delivery, Kristina arrived with all the goodies. First she massaged me... which felt amazing, then she supplied my essential oils to relax my body. She had me in different laboring positions every 30 minutes. I honestly could not believe my body was laboring so beautifully... all thanks to Kristina who would supply hip squeezes/pressure/massage during my contractions and I couldn't feel them! It was truly amazing. She also made sure I felt heard, discussed my fears and made me feel comfortable with several decisions I had to make during labor. Honestly, I don't know how women and partners do not hire a doula.. best money we've spent!



A clotting disorder and cholestasis got in the way of the natural drug free labor I wanted. But with Kristina's help I was still able to have an epidural free birth, something I am sure would not have happened without her.

Words cannot even express how much Priscilla and Kristina helped me. I was in the hospital for 7 days for my induction, the whole time I was in contact with these wonderful women. Kristina even visited me after helping another mother while we were still inducing but hadn't started labor yet.  When we finally broke my water,  I texted "this feels real this time" and  Kristina was there before I knew it. I didn't want a lot of cervix checks and she helped me judge when I should ask for one, and because we did one we realized my baby was sunny side up, I was then helped into positions that helped me flip my baby so that he finally engaged and I started dilating naturally, which days of cervidil  and pitocin had not been able to make happen (though I was still on pitocin while this was happening) I fully believe without Kristina helping me my baby never would have engaged and I would have been stuck with an "emergency  (after 24 hours) c-section"

On another note the amount they empowered my husband to help me was staggering. Neither one of us was prepared for what labor would be going into this process, but Kristina enabled him to help me the way I needed it and was very beneficial during birth and helped the two of us bond during the process.

Finally the postpartum massage was so amazing it relaxed muscles I didn't realize were still tight, and being able to text and ask them if it was safe to take a postpartum bath which was the only thing I wanted without having to call my doctor as well as my other random questions was just such a blessing.

I tell everyone I know they need to book a doula (specifically these two) if they want a natural birth. I could not have done it without them.

Alexandra Davis


Kristina at Motherly Transitions exceeded my expectations as to what a post partum doula is. I wanted a doula due to being high risk for PPD and my desire to not allow family to come into our home to "help" until my baby was 2 weeks old. During that time I wanted actual help. Kristina was able to start coming when my son was 4 days old and had him latching perfectly within 30 mins of arrival, a feat 5 lactation specialist failed to do at the hospital. She was constantly reassuring when I had any medical concerns about myself or my son and definitely saved us a couple of nervous parent dr visits. Both her lactation consulting and her ability to answer all our questions definitely saved us a ton of money. she also was not shy about helping me with farm chores like feeding livestock and making sure I kept my lifting to a minimum to prevent any healing complications. Her help over the 2 week span was priceless and I looked forward to 4pm when i knew she would arrive and give me a chance to shower or eat an entire meal. Everyday she strove to make sure me and my baby were healthy in both body and mind. Highly recommend and I hope to use their services in the future with any other children I might have



Priscilla and Kristina were absolutely amazing during my pregnancy and delivery! I always knew that I wanted to try a natural unmedicated birth but didn't know exactly what it would entail since it was my first pregnancy. Priscilla and Kristina helped guide me in the right direction to reach my goal. I relied heavily on them ESPECIALLY because my friends and family thought I was crazy for not wanting an epidural.

At first, the biggest thing for me was making sure they would 1000% be available when I was in labor.  Since not many women actually give birth on their due date, it was important for me to know that they always had a back up plan. If Priscilla couldn’t make it then Kristina would be there (and vice versa). They helped me personalize a package to my liking. I added multiple prenatal and postpartum massages and it was so so worth it!!! I always looked forward to the days that Priscilla would come over and give me an amazing massage!

I went into labor on Christmas Eve! I labored at home with Kristina and it was such a calm and relaxing experience. She always made sure to tell me that I was doing an amazing job. Once it was time to go to the hospital they switched off and Priscilla met me there. She stuck with me until I had the baby and even afterwards to help with all my postpartum needs including breastfeeding. I felt super confident making medical decisions at the hospital with her by my side.

These women were incredible and I would HIGHLY recommend using their services!!



Being pregnant and having a baby during a pandemic wasn't on my bucket list, to be sure, but Kristina and Priscilla helped me through it in a huge way! Whether it was concerns over gestational diabetes or rising blood pressure, they answered my questions via text throughout my pregnancy. And when I went into labor, Kristina labored at home with us, helping us know when to go to the hospital. I could only hold so much information in my brain, and Kristina explained what would happen next right before it happened. I felt prepared for every stage of labor. She helped me make the right choices for me and even got me upside down in the delivery room to turn the baby (not as scary as it sounds). Our baby was on the big side and probably wouldn't have been delivered vaginally if she hadn't helped to turn him. She was with us for 16 hours. The hospital nurses were great, yet I could not imagine doing it without Kristina. And after coming home, the massage from Priscilla was just the right self care moment for me. It is clear that helping to bring babies into the world is a calling for both of them. ?

Laura Hopps


My husband and I have been so grateful for the support of Priscilla and Kristina throughout the pregnancy, during the delivery and in the days after our first baby was born. They were both always available for questions (we had so many!) and support, and always responded very quickly with great advice. Both Priscilla and Kristina have extensive experience. We appreciate that Kristina was a Labor & Delivery nurse, and that Priscilla is in training to be a midwife and massage therapist in addition to their extensive experience as doulas. 

Prisicilla's massages were an important part of the support both before the birth, and after. I can't recommend postpartum massage highly enough--that really helped my body to recover from the birth!

The childbirth class was wonderful, and we felt very prepared. They gave so much great information and resources which helped us develop our birth plan, and they supported our choices.

During the delivery, Kristina was present, and her help was so essential!! Her help coaching during pushing resulted in 20 min of pushing for a first time mom. I know that's not always the case, however I feel like her support helped the delivery to be much smoother and briefer than it might have been had she not been there. She also helped coach my husband, who really appreciated her presence. She also took photos of the delivery, and WOW I cry every time I see them. I am so glad we have those photos!! My OB also commented on how great it was to have her at the birth.

Having a baby during a pandemic has been overwhelming at times, especially since we haven't been able to have the physical presence of any of our family members the whole time. In this context, having the support of Priscilla and Kristina as doulas has been even more essential. They are both awesome and a fantastic team. I highly recommend them! We are immensely grateful. 

Jaycie Knott


We are incredible happy that we had hired Kristina and Priscilla to be our doulas. From the start it really took a lot of pressure off of my husband- who was being deployed. It help ease both of us to know that I would have support.  

This was our first pregnancy and it progressed faster than I thought. I called Kristina when the contractions started around 10pm. She came to my house around 5:30am and was able to check my cervix (7cm dilated). She was able to help me with contractions in the backseat of the car during the 45min drive to the hospital. (It was the longest car ride of my life! Without her it would have been unbearable!! I was 9cm dilated when we arrived to the hospital). We  finally went to labor and delivery our nurse was a little on the negative side, but Kristina really helped keep the energy positive and supportive!! With her help I was able to give birth naturally with no epidural (which before I didn't know if I would have the pain tolerance to do). But where I would say Kristina was absolutely brilliant on was the pushing! We were almost 2 hours in of pushing and had tried so many different positions my doctor had suggested that I was exhausted.. When Kristina suggested a tug-a-war technique! This is what really helped me get my little guy out!! Hands down this is what I feel like really got me through! Afterwards Kristina helped with breastfeeding and had far more tips and techniques then the lactation consultant that came by later that day! (So much so that the lactation consultant thought this was my 2nd or 3rd child!). I am extremely happy that we had Kristina and Priscilla on our team. They both were so supportive during and after the birth! Priscilla was very sweet and her massages were fantastic pre and postpartum! 



Katie Farnham


This was my second pregnancy and I was determined this birth would be a VBAC and I wanted to do everything I could to make sure that happened and that included having the right people on my birth team.

I am beyond grateful for Priscilla and Kristina to share their knowledge, ease my fears, boost my confidence, and provide physical support that made my VBAC possible. I strongly recommend them for your birth team!

Priscilla and Kristina were phenomenal! They are extremely knowledgeable and confident. They checked in regularly throughout the pregnancy and were available anytime for questions and to meet in person when they had exercises to share. For the birth Kristina came to my house once labor was underway and helped with psoition suggestions and counter pressure massage and essential oil therapy.

Then she was with me every step of the way at the birth center supporting my every move and anticipating when I needed a drink or more chapstick... she was so in tuned with my every need. Priscilla was checking in throughout labor with kristina and supporting us via text too. Kristina stayed after the birth to make sure everything was well and baby latched for breastfeeding.

Then Kristina came to my house a week after birth to check in on how I was doing, healing, and how breastfeeding was going to provide any support and encouragement that I needed. And even shared ideas with how to use a sling for baby so I can have hands free to tend to my toddler.

Drew Galindo


My wife and I can't thank Priscilla & Kristina enough for their incredible service that made a world of difference as we welcomed our beautiful baby girl into our lives! I was skeptical when my wife told me she wanted to enlist the help of doulas in her birth plan. Of course I would go along with whatever she felt was best for our baby but I had always put so much trust in hospitals and "traditional" medicine that I was wary to stray from what I perceived as normal. Then I met them and I was immediately sold. Not only were they impressively well-educated in their field of expertise, they also cared as if this were their own birth plan. From the prenatal massages, live information session, to being an advocate for mom and baby in the delivery room they were amazing every step of the way! The day my wife went into labor, they were on it. Kristina arrived at our apartment early in the morning and got right down to making my wife feel as comfortable as possible. She was an incredible coach who created a warm and nurturing environment for my wife to manage the pain. She overflowed with positive energy that really made a difference. In the delivery room, she was an unwavering advocate for my wife and baby! Kristina was able to ensure the birth plan was followed and even showed the nurses (and dare I say the Dr.) a thing or two. The nurses were a little wary, at first, of the presence of a doula but I watched as Kristina quickly gained their trust and confidence. By the time it came for mom to push, the nurses, Dr. and Kristina were as one all helping to bring our daughter into the world. Priscilla and Kristina were on top of it all and were especially good at ensuring that I knew what role to play and when! To all the Dads out there, no need to be nervous - They got you too! I can't imagine a better team helping to bring our little Mia into our lives. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank you Priscilla and Kristina for everything!



Working with Kristina and Priscilla was an amazing experience for us. They're such an awesome team! From all of their expertise during my pregnancy, to the massages pre and post baby, and of course throughout labor & delivery, I felt 100% supported by them every step of the way. Kristina attended our baby's birth and was a huge part of helping me to achieve my goal of not getting an epidural. She coached me through each hour and also was so encouraging to my husband and helped him to be more involved - she even convinced him to cut our baby's umbilical cord! :) This was our second (and likely final) baby so that was really special to us both that he felt comfortable enough to be more hands on in the delivery room, and I fully credit Kristina for encouraging him. 

We have also used Motherly Transitions a few times for postpartum doula services at night, and it has been an absolute dream for this sleep deprived mama. I would highly recommend Priscilla & Kristina to any expecting mom!! 

Teneil Dollarhide


Priscilla and Kristina were phenomenal advocates for any new mom and dad who may just need moral support or someone who is trying to make decisions about what style of birth is right for them. They provided us with the tools and resources to discuss decisions with the doctors and make our experience memorable, special, and a whole lot less scary. We would not want to navigate another birth experience without them!



This doula duo is AMAZING and I highly recommend them! From the personal meeting/interview to the postpartum follow up, and all the birthing questions and emotions in between, Priscilla and Kristina are caring, genuine, personable, friendly, knowledgable, encouraging, calming, and supportive thru the birthing process and lactation support. I'm also very grateful and impressed by their continued follow up with me after delivery. I wasn't really sure what to expect with a doula or birthing as I'm a new mom. Priscilla was always responsive with questions, provides great prenatal, labor prep, and postpartum massages, and helped keep me calmer during our car ride to the hospital. Kristina met us at the hosptial and helped guide my husband on ways to help me labor, anticipated my needs during labor/delivery, worked fantastically with my nurse/dr team, and help me understand exactly what was going on through the whole process. I am so thankful my husband agreed for us to have these ladies part of our baby's birth story! Makes me almost ready for baby #2. :) 

Vesna M.


Priscilla and Kristina are a great team. From the first moment we contacted them, they have been very responsive and supportive. They have answered quickly to all of my messages and questions, checked in on us along the way and followed up after the delivery. This has been very important to us since we didn’t have any other help and this was our first baby. Priscilla gave me phenomenal postpartum massage which I would highly recommend. Kristina was there for us through the process of labor. She provided guidance in pushing and the initial breastfeeding, and helped me change positions and feel more comfortable. She also helped us capture those precious moments by taking many great photos. We had a great experience and would highly recommend them!

Cristian Ramirez


Priscilla and Kristina made my wife's delivery a breeze. For me, at least!! Doula's are the best creation for the manliest of men. I'll try to explain the best way I can. A doula is the instructions for that grill you bought from Lowe's that you thought you can put together by your manly self! You end up a little angry and bag full of extra bolts. Not with a Doula. It's in your better interest as a man to have these two on your side! If not, you're about as useful as a steering wheel on a mule if you catch my drift. 

In all seriousness, they were beyond helpful. Answered all my questions and just told me to sit tight and everything is under control. Pregnant woman are scary, your wife delivering your child is another level of fear placed on you. So be smart, be safe, just get Priscilla and Kristina on your side! 


Kimberly Ramirez


Take my advice and don't think twice about hiring Priscilla and Kristina! They are seriously a dream team that you WANT by your side during labor! I always knew that I wanted to have a natural unmedicated delivery but neither of us had family nearby so I knew this goal would be difficult on our own. After extensive research I narrowed my doula search to two different businesses and couldn’t have made a better decision by going with Motherly Transitions! During our initial meeting we immediately knew that they were the perfect choice for us! Having an RN, Massage Therapist and soon to be Mid Wife on our team was amazing, what more could you ask for? I met with Priscilla several times for pain from prior injuries which had worsened during my pregnancy. She can seriously work some massage magic! Once my contractions started I labored at home for most of the day where Kristina later joined us for additional support. She had so many tricks up her sleeve! Labor is painful, there's no way of avoiding it but she made me as comfortable as possible through it! Once we decided to head to the hospital Kristina stayed by our side and aided with everything from showering to paperwork. Trust me, you'll want this! It's hard to think straight when a nearly 10lb baby is trying to force his way out of you! When her and Priscilla eventually swapped out it was as if Priscilla hadn’t missed a beat! She knew exactly what was going on! We ran into a few unexpected complications along the way and even though my labor story didn’t go exactly as planned, with the help of Motherly Transitions we explored every option including some unconventional methods that my medical staff wasn’t familiar with and I couldn’t be happier! We now have a beautiful one month old baby boy! I couldn’t be more grateful for these two ladies! They saw me at my absolute worst and were so genuinely loving as if I was family. They are seriously angels!

Stephani Flores


I met Priscilla and Kristina through another doula when she became unavailable month before my due date. I really think it was fate because I had such a fantastic experience with both Priscilla and Kristina.

They both immediately became available to me in person and via text. As a first time mom this was the biggest perk. I felt supported every time I had a question especially the day leading up to the birth. I appreciated the way they continued to check in on me and baby. 

Priscilla has the magic touch when it came to my massages and provided such great advice before and after the birth. She's been the most reliable resource for all things baby related. 

Kristina was an incredible person to have in my delivery room. I could not have done it without her. her quick thinking of various positions to try combined with the support she gave my husband to support me was priceless.

Jaimie Kokrak


Had a wonderful experience with Kristina and Priscilla. Priscilla was a huge help during pregnancy and answered any questions I had via text almost immediately. Kristina attended our birth and was a huge reason we were able to deliver our son drug free. I would highly recommend them both! 



When the Doula I selected backed out when I was 36 weeks as a result of an injury, I was devastated.  I was also panicked about who/how anyone could replace her so close to my due date.  I was nervous that I would not feel comfortable with whoever replaced her.  Turns out all of my fears/worries were misplaced because she left me in the most capable hands, Priscilla and Kristina. From the moment I met Kristina and Priscilla, I felt instantly comforted.  At our initial meeting they assured me I was in good hands and then they proved it. Ultimately, I ended up believing that the reason I met my original Doula was so that I wound up with Kristina and Priscilla. I loved that Priscilla was so experienced and had just about every certification under the sun, while Kristina, equally well qualified, was also a former labor and delivery nurse. I was also comforted by the fact that their main focus was making sure I had ample support during labor and delivery, as a result it was their practice to work in 12 hour shifts so that I always had a fresh coach there to help me (though, thankfully I did not end up with a 12 hour labor). Because I was over 40 weeks, my doctor scheduled me for inducement, I was terrified as I planned to have a natural childbirth and the interventions my doctor suggested sounded terrifying.  When I called Priscilla anxious and panicked, she spent a half hour on the phone with me talking me through options I could try to jump start labor naturally and avoid inducement.  I was skeptical, but followed her advice to a the letter and low and behold it worked! The Same was true of the labor process, I stayed connected with them via text and phone until everyone made their way to the hospital. Throughout the month I knew Kristina and Priscilla, I felt more supported By them than I did with my original Doula. Meeting them was truly a blessing in disguise and next time I will call Motherly Transitions from the start. 



I had a wonderful experience with Priscilla and Kristina.  Priscilla performed my labor prep massage.  The massage felt great and during that time, she also answered any questions I had and provided information to calm my nerves.  I left the massage feeling prepared and excited for labor and fully confident in Priscilla and Kristina's abilities and knowledge.  As I neared my due date, I would text Priscilla and Kristina with updates from my doctor as well as any changes I was noticing.  I cannot believe how quickly they would respond! I texted them at 2:00AM when I felt like I was in true labor and Kristina responded immediately, advised me to go to the hospital, and met me there in record time.  She provided a comforting and knowledgeable presence throughout my labor and delivery.  She gave me massages, kept me updated on what was going on, suggested alternate positions, took photos that we would otherwise not have, ensured my wishes were followed as much as possible by the doctors and nurses, among many other things.  I would highly recommend the doula experience in general, and I especially recommend Priscilla and Kristina to anyone in the area.

Melissa Elder


I loved my birth experience and these two ladies are a huge reason for that! Leading up to my labor, I did a consult with both doulas and a labor prep massage with Priscilla, both of which were helpful and gave me lots of peace going into the birth. In the days and weeks leading up to my due date, they regularly checked in and answered my many questions. When I suspected I was in labor, they were extremely responsive in guiding me through the process of laboring at home before I arrived at the hospital. Once we got to the hospital and were assessed, their helpful advice and guidance continued. Once I was admitted, Kristina arrived and immediately got to work! She had her essential oils and lotion ready, helped with pressure relief during contractions, gave so many tips and reminders through the contractions, advised us on the various things that were happening, and provided so much peace. I think the most helpful part was having someone to remind me to change positions regularly and relax. I honestly believe this helped my contractions be even more effective! I couldn't believe how quickly I was progressing as a first time mom. When it came time to push, her guidance and expertise were even more noticeable! I tried several different pushing positions and she was so encouraging along the way, knowing exactly what I needed to hear. I pushed for about an hour and after his glorious arrival, she was back at it again to help me through breastfeeding in the golden hour. She also did a great job of helping us document the experience by taking photos & videos of me and my husband! We are so grateful for the amazing experience and strongly believe the involvement of Priscilla and Kristina helped me accomplish my goal and vision for a natural delivery. Thank you for all you guys do!! 



This is now my second pregnancy with Priscilla. She was with me all of 2018 & 2019 for both my births. That is how much I loved her. She is amazing at what she does & I knew I couldn’t have done it without her. I love the fact she is there for the entire birth & does not charge you for births lasting longer than X amount of time. She is committed to all her clients no matter what. Thank you for everything you do Priscilla! Love you!

Paul & Heather


Kristina was a godsend.  She visited our home, on short notice (within an hour of calling) - and provided lactation support.  She was knowledgeable, empowering, empathetic, and practical.  She offered simple, straightforward advice and coached us through multiple techniques.  Her time with us was extremely transformative.  The difference in our ability to feed our baby properly, and in our daily life in general - is night and day.  After her visit we had the grace to stop ruminating on self criticism and the knowledge and confidence to breastfeed effectively.  Highly recommended for anyone planning to breastfeed.

Kelcie Anton


My husband and I had our first baby Jan 27 2020, within the first trimester I knew I wanted to hire a doula to try to have a natural birth. My husband and I are not super “granola” so we wanted someone who was level headed and open minded to both natural methods and modern medicine. We met with Pricilla one time and hired her on the spot. Her laid back vibes were exactly what we were looking for and her plethora of knowledge was impressive. Through the months she communicated with me at the drop of a hat. Then the week of my birth came and we were in constant contact through my 4 days of contractions. My doctor wanted to induce on day 4 and Pricilla kept me calm and gave me several methods to try to induce naturally which worked because I went into labor just an hour before my induction. She then patiently waited for me to progress from an 8cm to 10 cm which took 6 hours. The entire time she was putting counter pressure and massaging my back to get me through the pain. This was after she had a 12 hour birth before me! This woman is incredible and even my husband, who is hard to impress, kept saying “we couldn’t have done it without her” and it’s so true! She is incredible and I couldn’t recommend her more.

Sheria Washington-Pero


Working with both Priscilla and Kristina was a great experience. Both are very knowledgeable and provided support throughout my pregnancy and postpartum. I really enjoyed the massage techniques used before, during and after delivery. I had a unique situation with my blood pressure and both Kristina and Priscilla helped me with asking questions of my doctors and making sure that I had all of the information needed to make a decision. Thank you so much for helping me bring my princess into this world. I highly recommend Priscilla and Kristina. 

Brooke Scofield


I found Priscilla really late in my pregnancy and am so grateful that I did. From the very moment I first spoke with her I found myself wishing I had found her in the beginning of my pregnancy! She is an absolute wealth of knowledge and such an incredible support system to have in place for your pregnancy. She and Kristina make an amazing team and my husband and I do not know what we would have done without them! Their services are not only invaluable throughout the duration of your pregnancy and postpartum, but also without a question invaluable during delivery. In my husbands words, “the best money I ever spent!”... and that coming from a guy who initially was not bought in on the whole doula thing! We will absolutely use Priscilla and Kristina for our next pregnancy and this time from day 1!

Kate Cammarata


My husband and I can’t say enough wonderful things about the doula care I received from Priscilla and Kristina at Motherly Transitions!

Priscilla was able to work with me on successfully turning my breech baby to a head down position in week 37 of my pregnancy with both massage therapy and techniques/exercises to do at home. Kristina had the first shift with me at the hospital when I went into labor: I was stuck in a tiny triage room for a few hours waiting on a room to open up, and she swiftly adjusted the negative impact this was having on me by changing the dynamic of the room with her positive energy, support with laboring positions in a small space, and utilization of essential oils. Her assistance with communication with our nurses was also invaluable.

Priscilla showed up in the very early morning to relieve Kristina and carried me through to delivery.  Even with the epidural in those final hours, my upper body was still very sore from the earlier intense contractions that lasted for almost an entire 24 hour period - Priscilla was able to soothe me again with massage therapy so I could be as comfortable as possible. Although I didn’t end up with the natural birth I was planning for (delivered by c section after 36 hours), Priscilla was instrumental with ensuring that I was both fully informed on the options the doctor was giving me and emotionally at peace with all decisions that needed to be made during this process. She even helped in getting the doctor’s approval for some last “let’s give it everything we got” position changes and techniques for getting baby to come down into the proper station and for me to dilate fully. For this and everything that Kristina and Priscilla did for myself, my husband, and my baby, I am eternally grateful.  I would recommend them to anyone and everyone in their birth journeys. Thank you!

Eric Zhang


Hiring Priscilla and Kristina was one of the best decision we have made for my wife’s pregnancy! Praise the Lord we have them as our doulas! They were very tentative from the start, we weren’t just a number or just a client, which we were very touch by that. Even though we live in the Houston area, Priscilla and Kristina had no problem driving 1 hour each way to meet with us every time! We even made a video document our birth story in YouTube, under New Parents in Training. Great service highly recommended! I know who to call with our next baby!



Priscilla and Kristina at Motherly Transitions are amazing!  They are very knowledgeable and very likeable! It was very important to me and my husband to find a doula with clinical experience! There are many doulas in the greater Houston area, but you’re not going to find many that actually worked in L&D professionally.  Kristina is a former L&D nurse and Priscilla is a student-midwife. Most people assume that you need a doula only if you want a natural childbirth. I was always planning to get an epidural and I knew I needed a doula because nothing is guaranteed when it comes to labor and delivery. Priscilla and Kristina will support your birth plan, whatever it is.  Both Priscilla and Kristina were always available by phone/texts to answer questions and alleviate my concerns.  Also, I had to go to the hospital unexpectedly at 29 weeks and did not have a babysitter for my 4-year old son. One of their backup doulas came to the hospital to watch my son, so Motherly transitions is a one-stop shop! Kristina was there at my delivery and it was nice and reassuring to have her there to discuss my options because when you go to the hospital, you have one intervention after another, and you have to make decisions pretty quickly. Also, as a former L&D nurse, Kristina communicates so well with L&D nurses. She has a great personality. It may sound crazy but we had a good time talking about all kinds of things while waiting on the baby. My delivery went well and Kristina’s presence has definitely contributed to making it such a positive experience.

Jennifer Merritt


At the last minute I found myself looking for a postpartum doula, thinking I would be completely out of luck! I was shocked at how Priscilla and Kristina went out of their way to arrange a meeting right away - just in case. I literally met with Kristina while I was in labor, and hired them the next day when I had my baby, for the following week! They were so flexible to accommodate a change in schedule and everyone was amazing working with us. My older kids loved them and it was so nice for me to have the down time with my newborn, knowing everything else was handled! We will definitely be repeat clients in the future! 

Tabitha Lashley


For those looking for an astounding doula and/or massage therapist: Priscilla was my doula during the birth of our first baby girl 6/13/2019. Her service and expertise went beyond anything I could have imagined or hoped in every single way. She is a true blessing and I will be using her services again and highly recommend her to anyone that is expecting. Not only did Priscilla help me create a delivery plan, teach me about what to expect through her birthing class, coach me through any questions I had day or night (both pre-delivery and post-delivery), and equip me with a lot of knowledge to carry into being a first time mom, but she went far above and beyond with every single interaction I had with her. Her integrity and passion for what she does truly show by her attentive work, kindness, patience, personable, and character. During delivery, Priscilla provided me with techniques and encouragement I needed to have a pain med free birth that no one else could have and was very engaged throughout the entire process. Not only was she helping me get through labor and delivery, but she also knew how to instruct my husband to feel engaged in the process. She is extremely experienced in what she does, never ceases to continue furthering her knowledge, and does not push her own beliefs or opinions on you but remains diligent in being your #1 advocate and offers guidance when requested. Priscilla is very resourceful, and I really appreciated her availability to answer questions, both during pregnancy and after. It is my hope that through just some of these key highlights about Priscilla that you choose her to be at your side as well. You will not regret it. Priscilla was such a wonderful help and encouragement. It was a privilege to have her at my birth. Every woman should have a doula, but it is an extremely lucky woman who is able to have a doula as skilled, experienced, and passionate as Priscilla.



Jamie Martin


The Motherly Transitions team was such a great support throughout my pregnancy, labor/birth, and postpartum. Looking back on our experience in bringing our first child into the world, we really needed the expertise of Priscilla, Kristina, and Mikaela all along the way. They each bring amazing qualities to the table, from rejuvanating massages, excellent education and childbirth prep, coaching throughout the labor process, and lactation advice. While at the hospital, the doula team assisted my husband as much as they helped me. We honestly feel we would not have had such a positive birth experience without them. Thank you Motherly Transitions!

Lindsay H Cameron


I am a physician who quickly learned that, in my experience, the patient/OB relationship quickly became transactional. I felt like just another patient with a baby who needed to grow and then be delivered. Compassion was lacking as was a drive to naturally allow my baby girl to be introduced into the world. On meeting Kristina and Pricilla, I learned their desire to embrace the beauty of pregnancy in its natural form. Based on my package, I interacted with both of them. They provided exactly what they said they would - support (emotional and in person) up until the delivery, during and afterwards. I had 24-7 access to them for inquires. Then, on delivery day, I was supported in every way needed. I was guided through the extreme pain of contractions, and supported inbetween. The support I received was exactly what I needed to make it through a vaginal delivery. I am at a loss for words of how grateful I am for the support (from a woman trained & dedicated to provide support). The post natal massage was transformative to help me relax & focus on restoration of my mind and body. I highly recommend this doula service & if I am blessed with an opportunity to be pregnant again, I will not hesitate in contacting them again. 



Priscilla was my doula for the birth of my daughter in June. She checked in with me regularly and answered my random questions that came up. Her prenatal massages are amazing and eased so much of my discomfort!

When my water broke, she came to the hospital - while coming back from another birth! When I asked her for information, she advised me on what my options were when the doctor on call mentioned pitocin (which I didn’t want) and I felt more comfortable with my options at that point. Her massages made me feel much more comfortable while I progressed. She helped me through pushing properly and after delivery, she helped me get my daughter latched on for the first time. And her postpartum massage was amazing! It made me feel like a new woman.

I had a million questions that came up after delivery about breastfeeding for the next 2+ weeks. She quickly responded each time with help and encouragement. Breastfeeding  has been so much easier and less confusing with her guidance.

I would highly recommend Priscilla to any expecting woman. She’s amazing!



I cannot recommend Priscilla and Kristina highly enough! I planned to have a natural vaginal birth and hired them as my doulas. As I got further along in my pregnancy I found out that my baby was breech and I needed to have a scheduled cesarean. Kristina came the day of my cesarean and was a great support before and after the procedure. I delivered on a Saturday and the hospital lactation consultant does not work weekends so I was very thankful to have Kristina there immediately after delivery to help with lactation support; I have been successfully breastfeeding since then! She also took my placenta and delivered my placenta encapsulation pills a few days later which has helped my mood and milk supply. I also highly recommend Priscilla for prenatal and postnatal massages! She's excellent and is highly qualified. I think one of the things I value the most has been the advice Priscilla gave me during our postpartum visit about breastfeeding and also my recovery including recovering from diastasis recti. Both Priscilla and Kristina are a wealth of information!



I cannot say enough good things about Priscilla and Kristina! From the moment we hired them, they made me feel assured that they were there to support my wishes and goals for labor and birth. We decided early on we didn't want my husband in the room when I labored and gave birth, and they not only supported this decision, but supported me so well my husband felt confident I was in good hands as he waited outside. He raves to everyone that this is the best money he's ever spent! Both Priscilla and Kristina have a wealth of knowledge about all things pregnancy and labor/delivery and I felt confident I would have a positive birthing experience with them on my side. I could not have had a better labor and birth, and I attribute much of that to my doulas!

Linda Babcock


Priscilla & Kristina are an awesome team. It's really nice that they work so closely together and with you so that on birth day you get one or both ladies and you already know them. This was very important to me as I did not want to run the risk of having a backup doula that I did not already know. Priscilla & Kristina both provided a wealth of informaiton and perspectives that helped me design my birth plan. I knew that on birth day I would be supported and equally comfortable with either of them. I also know that my descisions and birth plan would be supported.

Priscilla attended my birth and it did go as my birth plan due to the encouragement and support she provided. I greatly trusted Priscilla as she is in the process of becoming a midwife and has the knowledge base. She was also able to aid my care provider in massages to help position the baby during labor. Her skills as a massage therapist greatly helped my birth and I had a short labour. She followed up with me weekly prior to the birth and post birth and answered any questions that I had. I would definately recommend Priscilla and Kristina; you won't be dissapointed and your goals will be supported.

Rachael Willis


After a rough labor/delivery and very long recovery with my first daughter, I was looking for some extra support and guidance going into the birth of my second daughter. Priscella and Kristina were very knowledgeable and supportive during my pregnancy, giving me lots of tips to flip my breech baby, answering all my questions, and helped me feel more confident headed up to the big day. Kristina was my doula for my birth and I am so thankful she was there. She was supportive and encouraging throughout the whole labor and delivery. She got me through even when I was starting to doubt myself! I was able to have a unmedicated birth and an amazing recovery and Kristina played a huge role in that. Im so grateful for her! My husband and I are so glad we made the decision to have a doula this time around and would highly recommend this team of lovely ladies!

Angie Burns


Where to begin! Priscilla is amazing...hands down. She has a wealth of knowledge and is always ready to help her mommas. From the moment my husband and I met her we felt comfortable. She answered all our new parent questions. We decided to book her and it was one of our best decisions. She was always a phone call away, and don’t let me forget her GLORIOUS massages!!! She helped me feel comfortable throughout my pregnancy! When time was getting closer to time for our baby girl to be born I was hospitalized. We hadn’t had our birth class yet, but it was an issue because Priscilla came to the hospital and did our class with us. When induction happened she explained it all to me and spent countless hours by my side. She kept me calm with her massages and helped me move on birthing balls. If you are looking for a doula she is your person! I wouldn’t have wanted any other with us. Thank you for you guidance and friendship! We love you! 

Ana & Alejandro


Our baby Natalie was born in 2/25 this year. My wife was determined to breast feed our baby but we didn't have enough resources that could guide us on how to succeed. Even when we read all the literature and the few words that you get in the hospital from nurses and lactation consultant, nothing was helping, milk was not coming out.

Our baby came out with high bilirubin count and she had to eat somehow to get rid of it. Sadly for us, we had to use formula so that she could get hydrated and improve the bilirubin issue. That thing was fixed but now we had to get rid of the formula and feed her naturally. We needed help urgently. Searching in google, we found Motherly Transitions. I called and three hours later, Kristina came to our house. She listened carefully to all our concerns, gave us the perfect words. Thirty minutes later, my wife was feeding the baby with lots of confidence that Kristina gave her, amazing. 

We had Kristina three nights the same week and since then, everything is moving in the right direction. We love Kristina and are very grateful for all what she did to us. Too bad we didn't know her before the birth, we could have avoided so many tears. We highly recommend contacting Kristina and making your new life an easier transition. 

Madalyn Estrada


As soon as my husband and I found out we were expecting our first baby we knew that we wanted to hire a doula. Priscilla was the first (and last!) doula that we interviewed. As early as my ninth week of pregnancy, Priscilla proved to be a valuable resource and a trusted friend. She was always available to answer all of my questions, offer reassurance that I was doing all the right things for my baby, and even visited us in our home to help us get better aquatinted. When time came to deliver, Priscilla helped us know which questions to ask regarding our induction and she helped get us mentally prepared. We were extremely blessed to have Priscilla AND Kristina present for the birth of our son. They were like having best friends with you the entire time. They kept me company, helped me with my breathing, provided soothing massages, and knew exactly when to whip out their essential oils. Oh how I appreciated them! Priscilla and Kristina coached me through my contractions in a loving way that gave me confidence and strength. They helped guide my husband so he was always informed, involved, and by my side. Priscilla and Kristina helped make the birth of our son memorable and smooth and for that we are eternally grateful. I would recommend their services without a doubt! Love these talented ladies! 

Mickaela Webber


Deciding to hire Priscilla was hands down the best decision my husband and I made for my baby and me. This was my second pregnancy and, my husband and I have both said, if we could go back in time we’d hire her for my first.

While pregnant she was always available if I had any questions or concerns. Her knowledge helped me to be informed about everything leading up to my delivery. She was available to me all through Christmas, as that’s when I was due and when my minor contractions started, until I actually needed to get to the hospital days later. 

My delivery ended up being harder on me than I expected. The cord was around his neck and my contractions were more intense than they were for my first child. The moment we got to the hospital we were flooded with doctors and nurses- apparently each contraction was causing the cord to get tight around his neck and it would slow his heart rate a bit and they were doing all they could to ease it on him. It felt like a crazed blur and my husband, who doesn’t like hospitals, was having a hard time right alongside me. However, the minute Priscilla got there we both felt this calming presence that was definitely needed amid all the hubbub. I ended up getting an epidural which made me shake like crazy but she lowered the lights, put on some calm music, and massaged my back, arms, and legs which would lower my shakes a great deal. It was comforting having her and Kristina there to encourage me, reassure me, and help me understand all that was happening. 

Even now Priscilla has been available to answer any questions I have. I would recommend her and Kristina to anyone. Their knowledge and nurturing demeanors are exactly what a pregnant mother needs before, during, and after delivery.   



I met with Priscilla pretty early on in my pregnancy. I met with several different doulas and knew right away that she would be the right person to guide us through this first childbirth experience. From day 1 she was available for any questions that I had. She frequently checked in to see how I was doing. She also met with me and my husband several times and showed him different techniques for labor support. Priscilla is also a licensed massage therapist and that was a huge bonus for me both during pregnancy and during labor. We had a great birth experience and a big part of that was due to Priscilla being there with us. We would hire Priscilla again in a heartbeat for baby #2. 

Chelsea Ellis


Priscilla was exactly what I needed during my natural birth. She was there from the beginning of the journey helping me make decisions regarding my delivery. She toured the birth center with me and answered questions I had based on her years of experience with birthing moms and personal experience giving birth. She came to the birth center when I was far enough dilated, and kept me calm and comfortable with massage and helped put me in positions that helped speed up labor and get me ready! I felt like I was in great hands and felt confident that I was going to be able to have the natural birth I wanted because I had the right support team surrounding me, and I did! Having a doula who is also a massage therapist and lactation consultant was awesome and so helpful postpartum as well!

Amy Mensah


Priscilla was awesome. She makes you feel comfortable from the start and gets straight to the point which I like. Unfortunately I didn’t get to use her much because my labor progressed unexpectedly fast and by the time she got there I was just within a couple hours of pushing, which only lasted a few minutes. During that time she massaged my feet and legs and my shoulders which felt amazing. She also made it a point to include my husband and showed him what he can do to help me, which was important to him. I highly recommend Priscilla. 

Ruchita Pardiwala


I was in labor for a really long time and as the contractions were getting intense she helped me with different techniques to cope with the pain. She certainly gave me the support and the courage to get thru this long labor. Without her i would have may be resorted to a C-section which I may have regretted for the rest of my life as I was determined to have a natural birth.  Priscilla is a real star and I would highly recommend her as she has all the knowledge and experience. Prisciilla thankyou for being a wonderful Doula!

Jennie Spray


For starters,I literally could not have done this pregnancy/birth without Priscilla. I called several doulas trying to find someone to talk to about what exactly a doula does. Priscilla got in touch with me very quickly. From the first conversation we clicked & hit it off so well. We still had to meet to make sure the connection was there in person. It was & I hired her. My entire pregnancy was a true tella novella with lots of freak outs, meltdowns & scares. Priscilla was ALWAYS just a text away, day or night, to ease my mind, she still is. She drove to Beaumont to do massages & our Lamaze class! At the birth she came immediately when I told her I was being admitted. I didn’t expect her to come right away because I was only 1CM dilated. But, that’s the kind of service you get when you choose Priscilla! She is prepared to be by your side until the very end. She stayed with me the entire 15ish hours I was in labor, massaging, soothing, talking & explaining things to me, attending to my every need & tracking my contractions for me. She helped me have a successful VBAC! Which, without her support & encouragement I’m afraid I wouldn’t & couldn’t have done! She still checks in on me & replies to all my text messages. She isn’t just my “doula” nor is she just a friend, she has truly become family to me. I could not recommend a better (extra)partner for your birth than her. Thank you so much for everything, Priscilla! You made my VBAC experience amazing. I can’t wait to do this with you all over again in 2020!

Nhu Pham


This is my first birth and I wanted to go natural so we decided to hire a doula. We interviewed 3 candidates and we chose Priscilla. My husband also liked her. She was so great, very responsive with questions. She is very knowledgable and enjoyable to talk to. Her massage is divine. I am so addicted to her massage. Having a doula who is also a massage therapist is a huge plus as massage really helped me get through the painful contraction. She has a lot of techniques. Kristina also came to my birth as a practice. We loved her too. She is super sweet and her voice is very soothing. Priscilla and Kristina were a great team. Without them, I would never have gotten to 7 cm dillated with pitocin without any pain med. Although I ended up with a C-section because of baby's position but I was very thankful to have Priscilla and Kristina at my birth. After birth, Priscilla came over to my house, gave me a postpartum massage and helped me with milk pumping. She is still available for questions after birth. She is all in one package. I'm so thankful and I highly recommend them!!!

Priscilla Arthus


Priscilla was great during pregnancy, labor and post partum. I hired her late in my pregnancy because my husband and I didn’t come to a decision about a doula until about 2 months left in my pregnancy. During my pregnancy, she constantly checked in and answered any question I had about symptoms or other concerns.

I ended up being induced for labor, which progressed quickly overnight. Priscilla was responsive via text when my contractions started picking up at 3am. My husband was asleep through much of this phase so it was great to have someone to check in with. She arrived in the morning and stayed pretty late through what was a long pushing session until it was clear I was going to end up with a C-section. I had to be kept for observation due to complications, so Priscilla made a stop by my house once I was discharged for a much needed post natal massage and lactation consultation.

She continues to check in to see how my little one and I are progressing as breastfeeding was challenging. I would definitely hire her again (if I ever decide to go through this again lol) as she provided a lot of helpful insights (which also helped me ask my OB questions I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise) and general support, which all resulted in peace of mind.

Nikki Boyd


Priscilla Brickey provided me with the perfect birthing experience and aftercare. I contacted Priscilla after being told I could not have a VBAC and the medical provider I was seeing would not be delivering my baby unless they were on call. I was devastated over the uncertainty of who would be providing care for me but Priscilla quickly fixed this. She provided me with multiple options of providers that would not only care for me be actually deliver my baby. She even listened to what I was looking for in a hospital and helped me narrow down to my final selection. She supported my birthing plan and stayed in touch with me throughout my pregnancy. When I had questions she had answers. She made suggestions but always left the decision in my hands. I appreciated her compassion for my situation, and the enormous amount of knowlegde she possesses. She provided me with the piece of mind and confidence I desperately needed.

I delivered my third baby the way I planned, (VBAC) with no complications. Priscilla stayed with me from the moment I was admitted until I delivered. I also decided to go with the placenta encapsulation and can say that was the best decision I made. i was grateful for all Priscilla did for me and my newborn. My only regret was not finding her sooner!

Lauren Loria


Being a first time Mom I was nervous about labor and giving birth. I wanted to have a natural, vaginal birth for my daughter. It was recommended to me by my midwife to hire a Doula. I did my research and found Motherly Transitions, LLC online. I met with Priscilla at her lovely and professional suite in the Woodlands. We hit it off right away. I loved how knowledgeable and personable she was. She really put my mind at ease about the issues and fears I had about my pregnancy and upcoming birthing experience. I was able to text her or call her to ask questions or get advice. I'm so glad I retained her during my pregnancy. I ended up having a long and difficult natural labor, but Priscilla was by my side the whole time (mostly massaging my lower back because of the horrible back labor I was having due to my baby being posterior the whole time). It was not a typical birthing experience, but she helped me stick to my birth plan and encouraged me to press on with my original wishes. I can tell you she was vital in the success and little glimpses of comfort I felt during the labor and birthing process. Worth every penny! My husband and I will use her again for our next child too. Not only was she there for me during my pregnancy and birth, she has continued to be a support for me as I navigate breastfeeding and being a new mom. It has made a huge difference in these first few weeks and leaves me feeling happy. I highly recommend any expecting mother use Priscilla as your Doula.


Diana McCown


I highly recommend Priscilla Brickey for her doula services! As soon as I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I knew I wanted to use a doula. After countless hours researching my options and speaking with various doulas, my husband and I were excited to choose Priscilla as our doula. Priscilla‘s credentials were phenomenal, and her calm, confident, and supportive demeanor was exactly what we were looking for.

Priscilla was in contact with me throughout my pregnancy. She would frequently check-in and offer wisdom and advice anytime I had a question or concern. As my due date got closer, I saw Priscilla for some prenatal and induction massages. They were some of the best massages I have ever recieved. She has hands of gold!

The day I went into labor, Priscilla met me at the hospital. My labor went extremely fast and I decided not to get an epidural. I had been on the fence about getting an epidural, but at the speed the labor was progressing and knowing I had Priscilla to coach me, I was confident having an all natural birth. Priscilla was able to provide the support I needed during my labor without me having to say a word. I could have never gotten through the delivery without her help. She was able to provide me with everything I needed, and she made my husband, and I feel incredible about our birth experience.

If you are considering using a doula or looking for the right fit, look no further. Priscilla Brickey is my top choice.

Morgan Milton


All I can say is we are lucky to have found Priscilla. She is like superwomen! I don’t know how she does it all! Being a birth doula is hard enough but she also does prenatal and postpartum massages, placenta encapsulation, lactation consulting, childbirth education classes and she is going to school to be a Midwife. Not to mention she has 5 children and one on the way. Plus she was a surrogate last year!!! She is definitely an angel....

Priscilla attended our birth when she was 9 months pregnant herself and amazed me with her energy and stamina. I could not have asked for a better experience. I was in labor for about 8 hours. She kept me moving and progressing so my labor would not stall helping our daughter stay in the best position for birth. I was able to have a natural vaginal birth thanks to Priscilla. She was able to capture some amazing pictures after delivery for us so my husband could focus on me and our daughter. After she stayed and helped me with nursing and postpartum 3 days later she came to my house for postpartum massage, infant massage and delivered my placenta capsules.

I am over the moon happy with our experience and we can‘t recommend Priscilla enough! She will definitely be at our second birth!

Sarah YW Kim


Priscilla is an amazing doula! Her presence during the birth of our son was a tremendous help. This was our first pregnancy and with no family in town, we wanted to have an experienced and encouraging coach to help us along the way. Priscilla was that and more. In the last few weeks prior to d-day, Priscilla gave the best in-home prenatal massages that helped ease the aches and strains, and prepared my body for labor and delivery.

The day my water broke, she did a great job of calming me down and helping us figure out the best time to head to the hospital. At the hospital, Priscilla got me comfortable and helped me through my contractions with aromatherapy, music and massage. I really appreciated her calm, supportive presence. Labor and delivery went smoothly, better than we expected in our birth plan. It certainly helps to have someone you know and trust in the delivery room especially when your OB might not be the doctor delivering your baby.

She was also so supportive postpartum. Being first time parents can be hard in the beginning. She gave great advice about dealing with the emotional swings and physical recovery related to postpartum and life with a new baby. I believe the placenta pills (placenta encapsulation is a service Priscilla provides) and the postpartum massages she did for me also helped in my recovery. She even taught us infant massage that has helped our son get through gassy episodes. We cannot say thank you enough to Priscilla for being such a great support through our pregnancy.

Sandy Hail


We found Priscilla through one of our friends that used her. It was not a difficult decisions to make because our friends loved Priscilla so much. We hired Priscilla on the spot. Her knowledge and experience was exactly what we were looking for. We hired Priscilla when I was about 10 weeks pregnant so she was extremely helpful from the very beginning. I was able to reach out to her for any situation or questions that came up at anytime. At about 28 weeks I developed gestational diabetes. She was very helpful in knowing what I could eat and not eat. I had no clue what I was doing. We were able to keep my sugar levels down and I continued to have a healthy pregnancy. When it can time for the birth of our son Priscilla was ready for us! She dropped all her scheduled apts and was there for us when we needed her. She told us when to go to the hospital and she arrived when I was about 5cm. This was perfect timing as I was starting to get uncomfortable with contractions about 4-5 minutes apart. Priscilla got me out of the bed and we walked for awhile then when my legs got tired she put me on the birthing ball and started to massage my back and hips using essential oils to help with labor. It was fabulous and such a relief! 6 hours later our son was born! Priscilla was there the whole time and coached me through contractions and pushing. She also used warm towels on my pelvic floor so I would not tear. She captured some beautiful photos of my labor and birth. Thank you Priscilla for your compassion and help! I hope to have you for our future births.

Julie Bowen


Priscilla was a God send for my birth! I could not have done 48 hours of labor without her. She is compassionate and loves what she does. Being a Doula comes natural to her. I highly recommend her for massages, Childbirth education classes, labor support and placenta Encapsulation. Her prenatal and postpartum massages are amazing! In her childbirth class she taught my husband some comfort measures to help me cope at home before it was time to go to the hospital. Plus we learned infant CPR. She was so helpful in labor and kept me as comfortable as possible. My labor was long so when she needed a break she showed my husband exactly what to do which was nice to have my husband involved. Priscilla was able to capture these intense moments for us. After the delivery she stayed with us and helped with nursing and made sure I was comfortable. When she left she took my placenta and had it processed in three days. I can’t tell you how much the placenta capsules helped my energy, mood and breast milk supply. I know becuse I hired Priscilla I had the birth I wanted! Thank You Priscilla, we are forever grateful!

Shelly Wright


My second birth was better than I could have ever imagined. Completely different from my first hospital, induced medicated birth. My husband and I decided to hire a midwife and have our baby at a birthing center. She recommended us hiring a doula because a doula is more involved with labor support where the Midwife is more involved with the delivery and postpartum care. So we started looking for a doula and found Priscilla on Her profile was extremely credible and to our liking so we contacted her along with two other doulas. We fell in love with Priscilla, her experience and personality was a perfect match. She was a great source of knowledge and we could ask her questions when anything would arise. She was always available to help! When I went into labor she met us at the birthing center and was so sweet and helpful. She knew exactly what to do to keep me comfortable and made my husband comfortable as well. Her hands on approach was extremely beneficial. Her massages were so helpful and there is no way I could have done this without her. I was able to have our baby in a birthing center and non-medicated. I am so proud of myself and so happy we hired Priscilla. She stayed with us and helped me with breastfeeding and made sure I was comfortable. Three days later while at home she came to see me and give me a postpartum massage, help with breastfeeding and taught my husband and I how to do infant massage to sooth our sweet baby Johanna. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Priscilla and how she made our birth as perfect as it could be! Thank you Priscilla! We will definitely use you for the rest of our births.

Salvadora Rivera


My husband and I hired Priscilla for our third birth. We have a lot of experience with doula's as she was our third. Hands down the BEST! Night and day difference between Priscilla and the other Doula's we worked with. My husband really wanted to be involved this time because he was never given the opportunity before. Priscilla was great giving my husband "jobs" to do and we loved it! Her massage techniques were key in my labor. She stayed two hours after the birth and helped with breastfeeding and made sure I was comfortable. When it was time for her to leave she took my placenta for processing. It was the first time for me to try Placenta Encapsulation. I have to say it made a huge difference with my energy, milk supply and mood! If you are looking fro the ultimate Doula you need to call Priscilla. You will be happy you did!

Jasma Layne


I hired Priscilla for the birth of my second daughter Diana. My first birth did not go as planned which is why I hired Priscilla. I really wanted a VBAC for this birth because we want to have more children. All I can say is thank god I picked Priscilla as my doula because she knew exactly what to do and say. I only labored for 5 hours because Priscilla had me up and moving and dancing to get my baby to come. I even had a natural med free birth thanks to Priscilla! I had no idea I could do this natural but with Priscilla's help and knowledge it was possible. I will be forever be thankful to Priscilla and will definetly have her as my doula for future births! Her massages are exceptional!!

Ashley Young


I hired Priscilla as a sibling doula to help with my kids during my homebirth. I live in the south College Station area and was having trouble finding someone who would step into a sibling doula role. She was very responsive to my needs and willing to tailor her services to fit what we were looking for. She ended up being so much more help than I could have anticipated and I would say she was the MVP of my birth team! She kept close contact with me during the last few weeks of my pregnancy and was willing to come whenever I asked. We do not have family in the area so it put our minds at ease to have responsive help only a text away. The morning of my birth she arrived before my kids were awake and took care of them while my husband and I prepared for labor. She even cleaned my home, took care of meals and cleaned my kitchen while I labored!  When my labor stalled out she gave me a massage which helped jumpstart my labor.  My husband and I were so thankful we found her and she made it so we could relax and enjoy our homebirth experience.  I highly recommend Priscilla!

Crystal Dupuis


If you’re looking for someone to care for you when you need it the most, Pricilla is the doula you want. From prenatal massages that are AMAZING to helping with pain during labor for a drug free birth, which was very important to me, and after care like lactation support, she does it all and is so full of information to help you along the way. I’m so blessed to have her. She’s super knowledgeable and super easy to work with in all aspects.  I know you will love her just as much as we do.

Megan Lichtenwalter


After the birth of my first child, I decided I wanted to use a doula for my second. The experiences were night and day different! Priscilla did an awesome job. With my first, I thought I'd try to go epidural-free; and trying to do that by yourself is HARD. With Priscilla's help I was able to not have the epidural with the birth of my son. During labor, she helped get me into positions to help keep my hips open and helped massage my back to ease the pain. She was also excellent moral support. She really helped give me the confidence that I could do it!

During pregnancy, I went to Priscilla for prenatal massage. I highly recommend her for that as well, she helped ease some of my aches and pains. After labor, Priscilla kept up with me to see how I was doing. She was a great source of knowledge for breastfeeding and baby questions. I'd highly recommend Priscilla as a doula. When my water broke, she was my first call! She got to the hospital not long after us and helped me thru the entire labor process. Thanks Priscilla!!!


Stacy Jacks


My husband and I are so glad we decided to hire Priscilla. The expense was worth every penny! She was always available to answer our questions and supportive of our decisions. Priscilla educated us from the very begining and thought of things we would have never thought of when it came to the birth of our daughter. The night I went into labor my water broke at 1:30am. I called her first not sure if I should call my OB and Priscilla answered on  the first ring. Since I was 40 plus and 2 weeks she told me to call my OB since my contractions were picking up. I headed to the hospital and Priscilla was there waiting for me. I felt so relieved she was there! It was not long and I was already 6cm. I really wanted to have a natural birth so Priscilla was so helpful keeping me calm and using her massage techniques to help with pain. We walked, sat on the birthing ball and it all helped my labor progress. I went from 6cm to pushing in 2 hrs. When it was time to start pushing I wanted the epidural becuse I was scared of the pain but Priscilla reassured me I was at the end and the contractions would be over soon. I am so glad I listed to her becuse she was right! The pain was over just Like that!  I am so proud of myself for trying and having my baby without meds! Priscilla is amazing and you can tell she loves her job! She stayed with me after the birth and helped me with nursing till I was confident. She continued to keep in touch daily if I had any questions she was there for me! A week later she came to my house and gave me a postpartum massage, taught my husband and I infant massage and made sure I was nursing correctly. Because of Priscilla I had the birth I dreamed of!

Paulina Giacoman


Hiring Priscilla was the best decision I could have ever made. I was planning on having a non medicated birth, but as things don’t often happen as planned, I was scheduled to have an induction and decided to get the epirural. I thought it was going to be an easy and painless labor, but happened exactly the opposit: the epidural didn’t work.

EI truly wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t for Priscilla’s support. She helped me both mentally and physically. She has truly blessed hands, her massages made a big difference.

I will definitely call her for baby number 2!

Chrissy Heller


If you're looking for a doula look no further!  Priscilla was great to work with and I couldn't have had a natural birth without her help. I have an incompetent cervix and was put on bed rest at 22 weeks.  Once I got to 34 weeks I decided to search for a doula and my doctor recommended the practice Priscilla was at.  Priscilla is a great communicator and answered all of my questions about bed rest and what to expect with a short cervix.  She was extremely positive.  I received a bed rest massage, induction massage, post partum massage, lactation consultation, and infant massage class.  All great experiences!

I received the induction massage at 40 weeks and had an induction scheduled by my doctor for four days later on a Thursday.  Thankfully,3 days after Priscilla's massage I went into labor naturally.  Priscilla called to check up on me and texted me as my contractions got closer. When I got to the Memorial Herman- Memorial City hospital, Priscilla arrived at the same time as my husband and me.  I showed up around midnight and delivered at 4AM.  Initially, I did agree to the epidural, however the anesthesiologist was not able to show up until I was close to 8cm dilated.  At that time, I had been going through every contraction on the birthing ball with Priscilla and she said I was just a few contractions away.  With her support and coaching I decided to forego the epidural. It ended up being a great decision, in my opinion, because after a few contractions like she said the doctor had me start pushing.

Having Priscilla made my birth experience extremely positive and calm. I ended up having the on call doctor since  I delivered at 4AM, and it was such a relief to have her there when I did not know the doctors or nurses. The nurses I had were great, but even they told me that Priscilla was amazing and made their job so much easier.

I definitely recommend Priscilla!

Ashley Wagner


I feel so fortunate that I found Priscilla.  She was recommended to me by a friend and I contacted her at the very last minute for my delivery.  She was so kind and was willing to be available to me at such short notice.  This was my 5th delivery but by far the most difficult.  Priscilla was absolutely the 2nd best thing about my birth (of course my sweet baby was #1).  She stayed by my side ALL night long.  I was very anxious and her calm demeanor, kind words, and most of all soothing touch was exactly what i needed to make it through.  Her massage helped to calm me and helped to relieve the pain.  She talked to me when I needed an ear, and helped relax me when it was tough.  I seriously couldn't have done it without her.  She was definitely a God send and I recommend her to anyone looking for doula support!

Stephanie Dowden


Priscilla was such an amazing doula to have by my side during the birth of my son. I was hoping for a VBAC for the birth of my second child and had done a lot of research. However, I had been a bit hesitant of hiring a doula. I thought I would be able to make it through on my own. I didn't have the easiest pregnancy although I did my best to  make sure I was giving myself every chance I could at having a VBAC. I was put on bed rest at 28 weeks until 37 weeks. I had begun dilating around 31 weeks and was told I would go early. At 38 weeks I decided I needed a doula if I was going to do this unmedicated which I knew was my best chance at a VBAC.

She was so informative and helfpul through the next two weeks even though we had yet to meet. I had some healthy issues with my son come up and was told it would be in my child's best interest to induce. I talked it over with Priscilla and decided to go ahead and do it. She was always great in being able to help me logically talk through my concerns and provide useful information. I felt ready to go.

The doctor broke my water and Priscilla arrived and really changed the mood in the room. She gave me a great foot massage, suggested we put on some music and dim the lights and gave me more tips to help labor get started. Sure enough within an hour my contractions picked up and we started walking the halls. It wasn't long before they got pretty intense. She helped get through each one and her counterpressure was CRUCIAL in me making it through. Soon it was time to push and she was there coaching me through each one.

I can't say enough how much I appreciate her helping me achieve the birth I had imagined. I had my successful VBAC and feel so empowered knowing what my body can do and that is very much thanks to her.

Christy Song


I wanted to share my delivery experience with my amazing doula Priscilla Brickey.

I had my first baby at the Memorial Herman hospital at Memorial City, it was a convenient location, but my whole birthing experience was not great. I didn't feel that the doctors and nurses really listened to me, no one really explained the full effect of the drugs given to me, and at one point I was told to either push the baby out in an hour or I was getting a Csection.

After I got pregnant with my second baby, I saw a reference for doula - Priscilla on this facebook group. To be honest, I was a little skeptical, after all it was going to be my second baby, and people always told me how much easier the second baby is. But after reaching out to Priscilla, i was very impressed by her experience and character, and decide to use her douala service for my delivery.

Long story short, she was extremely supportive prior to my delivery. On the day of my delivery, she got to the hospital very quickly (around midnight), I progressed quickly and I ended delivering my baby without epidural due to hospital's poor management. When the nurses were not being helpful and the doctors were absent, Priscilla was the one who helped me stayed calm, she gave me back massages, talked me through the processes, and advocate for me to the nurses. I didn't have a single doctor checking on me until after the baby came out and the anesthesiologist showed up too late. I would go as far as to say that my experience would have been pretty traumatic if it wasn't for her. She made my birthing experience a empowering and positive one.

After the delivery, Pricilla stayed in touch with me, gave me helpful tips on postpartum care and breastfeeding. She also provided pre and post delivery massages, which were all excellent.

I can't say enough good things about her. If you are looking for a doula, she's the one~!!!!

Elizabeth LeBorgne


Priscilla provided a wonderful doula/massage service for us during the birth of our child. My husband and I were extremely pleased with her professional demeanor and helpful advice. The most beneficial part of her service for me was the massage therapy I received during the labor process. It was amazing how the massage counterpressure relieved the pains I was feeling. My labor was quite intense after pitocin was started and I believe the massage relief and breathing control is what got me through the labor process quickly and unmedicated without further interventions. I am thankful and feel blessed that we were able to have Priscilla there. She is one of those angels that walk amongst us sharing their God given skills. Thank you!

Jen Marine Moreno


Priscilla was such an incredible doula to have during the birth of my son just last week. First of all, she has the most therapeutic hands when it comes to her massage capabilities.  She definitely knows what she is doing and is truly very talented in the art of massage. The Labor Prep massage was amazing! What I also really appreciated was her massaging of my feet and back while I was in labor. It was truly so helpful. Priscilla definitely was a champion doula while we were in the labor and delivery room. She took charge counting down out loud while I was pushing, and knew just what to do to as a liason between the nurses and myself. I would say she is definitely very educated and well-informed regarding the birthing process, as well as with breastfeeding, and she also brought a great energy to the room. I would totally work with Priscilla again, (although I have vowed that that was my last pregnancy)! But I would most certainly recommend her for anyone searching for a really great, experienced doula! You will be in fantastic hands!

Katie Malfer


Priscilla was everything I wanted in a Doula. She was punctual, prepared, managed my expectations before the big day. During Labor, she was incredibly supportive and gave a heck of a massage to help ease the Pain of the contractions. She has a humble and real personality with a calming demeanor. She was by my side from 4pm until 7am the next morning. Having her there helped lift some stress off of my husband. Her post pardum massage was phenomenal! I highly recommend Priscilla for your birthing needs!

Kelly Miller Anderson


The night my water broke, I woke my husband up and told him it was time to gather our things, call family to watch our 3 year old son, and start making our way to the hospital. I texted my doula and told her that it was go time. I got a text back that said that she had had a root canal and was on heavy pain medication, and that a back up doula would assist me with the birth of our second son. I was honestly so blindsided and disappointed. I had never met this “backup doula” before and did not have a relationship established with her. But God had a better plan for me. I met Priscilla as she came into our room.  It immediately felt as if I knew her my whole life, and she made me feel very at ease with her energy. She helped me tremendously with massage therapy especially since I was attempting an unmedicated, natural hypnobabies birth. Her massage therapy is seriously the best care I had ever received and certainly relaxed and eased my pain through my contractions. Her encouraging words definitely guided me, and I quickly turned to her for her birth coaching expertise. She recommended different techniques to help progress labor and different positions to help with labor. When I had to be placed on Pitocin, she coached me through that as well keeping my spirits uplifted. I was successful in delivering a 9 lb precious baby boy into this world without an epidural or other pain medications, and I have no doubt that Priscilla was a contributing factor in that equation. After our son was born, my husband even mentioned to me that he really liked her and I completely agreed.  She continually checked up on me after birth and when I was having trouble breastfeeding, she coached me through that as well. I am so thankful for her expertise, and I cannot speak enough accolades about the care I received from Priscilla.

Claudia Holt


I've known Priscilla for over 12 years. I met her while she worked at The Women's Hospital as a massage therapist. To this day I still see her for massages. She has helped me through my 3 pregnancies. I've gotten to know her well over this time and can say she is honest, caring, smart and hardworking. If I needed her as my doula I would have complete confidence and trust in her.

Carolyn Alessi


I have known Priscilla for 7 years, since 2011.  I was pregnant through IVF, and had a rocky pregnancy.  She was highly recommended by my fertility doctor for pre-natal massage.  Priscilla starting coming to my house to give me prenatal massage, and helped me through my complicated pregnancy (including the last 4 months on bed rest!).  I continue to use Priscilla for massage today.

Priscilla is extremely knowledgable, kind, and patient.  She is committed to her patients/clients, is reliable, punctual, and caring.  Unfortunately , I am unable to have any more children... but, if I did I would not use anyone else but her! I have recommended her doula services to friends, and they have raved about her.   I highly recommend Priscilla.

Audrey Okwuonu


Priscilla and I met only weeks before I delivered. She was highly recommended by a Mom-Friend and we immediately bonded. She offered her expertise and advice even as she was carrying her surrogate child (I know amazing, right?) Even being advanced in her pregnancy, she was always accessible by phone, willing to travel and her enthusiasm was so encouraging. She did not waver in her commitment to see me to term, she was constantly in communication, without being intrusive. She even gave me the words to communicate with my doctors and caretakers, so that I could experience my birth plan as I envisioned it.  I am so glad to be connected to her. She reminds me of the strength women naturally possess and also the importance of relationships with one another. Priscilla is definitely of  Superhero caliber!

Joanie Aron


I have been using Priscilla for more than 11 years and she helped me so much through both of my pregnancies! I had a lot of back pain in my first pregnancy and could not have made it without her. She was wonderful post pregnancy and beyond. She is amazing at knowing how to find the areas to target when in pain. There is nobody else that compares to her and her level of expertise. She is truly the best!

Carli Hopf


Priscilla ended up being my back up doula and I was so lucky to find her. Even though there was a very slim chance I was going to need her she still showed up to my house to meet me, learn about my needs, and stayed in contact with regards to my doctor appointments and information on baby's size, measurements, etc. In the end, I needed an induction and Priscilla had to fill in for my doula. She was extremely reliable and showed up at the very beginning of my induction and was there every step of the process. She kept me distracted and relaxed the entire time. Her demeaor was calm, yet encouraging. She massaged me the entire time and met my specific needs. She took pictures during the birth so my husband could focus on me and baby. Afterwards, she continued to check in with me and baby. I highly recommend Priscilla. She is knowledge, supportive, and easy to talk to. So happy she was a part of our birth experience!

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