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Katie Baxter

Washington, DC Service range 15 miles


Birth Fee

$2200 to $2500

Postpartum Rate

$65 to $75

Birth Fee

$2200 to $2500

Postpartum Rate

$65 to $75

Birth Doula Experience

7 years and 100 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

7 years and 75 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, October 2017
  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, January 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Babywearing education
  • Childbirth education services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Pelvic floor health education & support
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Service Area

Washington, DC Service range 15 miles

Client Testimonials for Katie Baxter

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I used Katie for both my children's births. My son was born in 2019; however, he came early while we were out of town. Katie was able to provide exceptional guidance and care from afar, but I knew with the birth of my second child I wanted to have Katie with me in-person to get the full range of her expertise. 

From the beginning of our contract, Katie was fantastic to work with. She's a wealth of information and knowledge, and I was able to start texting her questions and get advice and recommendations immediately. She also goes above and beyond for her clients: My daughter came unexpectedly quickly a full month ahead of schedule, and we called Katie while we were on our way to the hospital. She made it over to GW in record time, even though she had *just* finished with another client at another hospital. Once my daughter had arrived and we were settled, she immediately went to another client who was laboring at yet another hospital. 

During my labor Katie's guidance and comfort helped me to stay calm and understand everything that was going on, even through unmedicated contractions. She was able to help my husband find the best way to support me and navigate the curveballs that came our way. She is a calming presence in the delivery room and knows how to work seamlessly with the medical staff to get you across the finish line. 

Once we were home, Katie again provided a wealth of support and information. She made sure that we had a system in place for our bottles and laundry, helped my husband get organized, and provided guidance and advice as I navigated the early days of postpartum.  

You can't go wrong with Katie as your doula!



Katie was our postpartum doula with our first daughter and was tremendously helpful in those early, tender days. She helped us navigate a tongue tie, which would have been so much more overwhelming without her experience and many, many referrals. Katie is a wealth of knowledge and clearly loves educating new parents about infant care and helping you build confidence in your skills, your intuition, and connection with your baby. Once we were past treatment for the tongue tie and things settled, it was also so nice to know Katie was there, or coming in just a few days, so that we could get some much needed rest while knowing our daughter or the chores were in her capable hands. Some of my best showers, naps and cups of tea postpartum happened while Katie was with us (no rushing, no anxiety haha). She even tenderly helped me pack up my Christmas decorations in late January when I couldn’t bear to look at them anymore but had no energy to do it myself. I highly recommend Katie to any new or repeat parents who want a highly skilled, extra set of hands.

Erin Dobozy


We hired Katie for postpartum doula help after having our son in late December 2022. Our first was born in late 2020 - and both labor (failed induction turned unplanned c-section) and postpartum experiences (breastfeeding difficulties, postpartum anxiety, Covid isolation) were pretty traumatic. With our second, we wanted what we couldn't have with the first - all the help!

In particular, I wanted to work with Katie because of her knowledge and interest in breastfeeding. My first experience was not successful - for many reasons, including: lack of preparation on my part, likely an undiagnosed tongue tie, low supply, and pretty severe anxiety about how much food my kid was (or wasn't) getting. The second time around, Katie helped us to establish a feeding set up that worked for us - we worked on nursing and pumping at appropriate intervals to increase supply, getting a good latch, and various nursing positions that would help us to be successful. Katie's help allowed me to actually enjoy the feeding journey (there was nothing enjoyable about the first time), control what I could - and then let the rest go. It was a huge improvement!

As time went on and we needed less breastfeeding help, it was just such a huge relief to have Katie around to take our son for a few hours and give us a break. We knew he'd eat and sleep well in her care, and we could take a nap! We also often took our older daughter out for some special outings with mom and dad - this helped with the transition from one kid to two tremendously.

I can't recommend Katie enough. We trust her completely. She's a calming, knowledgeable, and delightful person to have around in those postpartum days. I recommend her with absolutely no reservations - she made having a newborn So. Much. Easier. 

Rachel Fitzgerald


As a type-A first-time mom who wanted to feel as prepared for birth as possible, I knew I wanted to hire a birth doula. My husband was initially skeptical, as he has 2 children from a previous relationship so felt like he had been through it all before. But now we both agree that hiring Katie was the best decision! She provided thorough education at multiple points during my pregnancy (which even my husband appreciated as things have changed in the birth world since his last experience with it) and got to know my preferences so she could best support me and my husband. During labor, we texted and spoke on the phone so Katie could advise us on comfort measures while I was laboring at home and kept in close contact when it was time to go to the hospital in the middle of the night. Katie was incredibly helpful at the hospital and kept me moving once I got the epidural, using the peanut ball and different positions to make sure labor kept progressing. She was also just a welcome presence in the room and chatted with me to keep my spirits high. She even educated the nurses and advocated for me on different pushing positions I could do with an epidural. Pushing took a lot longer than I expected but Katie kept encouraging me and reassuring me that I was doing exactly what was needed to meet my son. Once he was born, she helped us initiate breastfeeding, which I definitely feel helped set us up for success in the long run. The check-in we had with her 2 weeks after birth was so helpful to debrief the birth experience and make sure we could mentally process everything that happened and to get hands-on support with breastfeeding. My husband and I both are so grateful for the expertise, education, and support Katie provided throughout our whole experience and would highly recommend her as a birth doula.

Mary Hyde


 It is hard to put into words how amazing Katie was as both a birth and post partum doula. She was everything I could have wanted and more. As a birth doula she was very keen on ensuring I was completely educated and understood the birthing process and how to advocate for myself. She was always right there to answer any questions and support me along the way both before and during delivery. As a postpartum doula she was again, everything I could have wanted and more. She went above and beyond to meet my needs, which were admittedly a lot due to PPD and PPA. Many times she would see what I needed before I did and was there to help me. She made me feel heard, seen and validated all of the feelings and fears i was experiencing. Logistically, she was super flexible and always jumped in where she could whether it was to take the baby so I could sleep, wash bottles, etc. I would HIGHLY recommend Katie as a birth and postpartum doula. I cried when it was her last day because she meant so much to me. If you are able to book her, you are going to be in good, caring hands.



Now at 4.5 months postpartum, as I reflect on the first few months of motherhood, working with Katie as our postpartum doula was incredibly lucky and special. 

Katie is a baby whisperer. There is just no other way to say it! Our baby would fall asleep in the nook of Katie's arm, and she would explain to us how she soothed him so quickly. We were able to replicate Katie's amazing techniques, and our household was a more peaceful, calm, and loving place for it. Katie helped during the challenges of breast and bottle feeding without judgment and was always there for me when I was having a tough day. Even on the days when Katie wasn't visiting, she would gladly text me when I had questions. 

Katie helped dispel common myths of motherhood, and helped me trust my instincts about what my baby needed and what I needed as well. She always gave my husband and I a chance to rest, and we knew we could trust her 100% with the baby.

I enjoyed Katie's philosophy so much that I joined her postpartum support group, which was the best decision I could have made! Katie brought together a group of diverse, first time mothers, and we were there for each other through it all. Katie is an excellent facilitator and made the group a safe, comfortable, and loving space for all of us.

We could not recommend Katie any more highly, and we are so grateful for the role she has played in our lives & our baby's.



Katie was our birth doula for the birth of our second child.  We had hoped to have an unmedicated birth with our first, had considered a doula, and ultimately decided to do a Bradley course and forgo a doula.  Our first delivery was fine, but I ended up with an epidural.  For the birth of our second child, I was recommitted to an unmedicated birth and decided to try using a doula.  Katie came highly recommended, and after speaking with one of her prior clients, I was sold.  And she totally lived up to the hype.  She is a perfect mix of supportive by not judgmental.  I never felt pressured to do anything.  Towards the end of my pregnancy, I was reaching out to her every day for support as I struggled with whether to be induced or not.  She shared her thoughts, but was understanding and supportive of whatever I wanted to do.  She was always available and encouraging.  During the delivery, it was her voice in my ear keeping me calm and guiding me through it all, making suggestions and supporting my decisions, but never disagreeing with my doctor or causing any confusion or tension.  One hiccup is that our labor and delivery nurse was new to the hopsital and had never seen an unmedicated delivery before - I don't know what we would have done without Katie informing her of techniques that just weren't going to work with an unmedicated delivery that would typically be done with epidurals and telling her (very politely) that she needed to ask another nurse for an alternative.  Overall, Katie is such a warm, caring person, but also a force to be reckoned with.  She was a great comfort to me throughout my pregnancy and delivery, and I know she is a significant reason why I was able to deliver our second child without any interventions - it was an absolutely amazing experience, and I feel so much gratitude towards Katie. 

Lindsay Brannan


Katie has been has been my birth doula for both my children and my postpartum doula following my second birth, and I am so very grateful for her wisdom, support, and knowledge. Even in May 2020, when she could not be in the hospital with me and my husband, she stayed on FaceTime. As soon as I found out I was pregnant with my second, I knew we had to have Katie there! And in-person this time!


With her birth prep sessions, I felt really knowledgeable going into each of my births. When questions arose during each of my pregnancies, I knew I could count on her for information and a supportive space to think about my options. In the vulnerable early days of the pandemic, Katie helped me find ways to ground myself and stay calm for my baby.


As a birth doula, Katie comes in with depth of knowledge, but also a willingness to advocate and a support for my partner as well. With my second birth, she helped me make decisions during critical moments and advocated for decisions my partner and I had made beforehand.


In my postpartum period with my second, Katie was able to give names of excellent newborn care providers, help establish a positive breastfeeding relationship, and provide someone to just talk with in those early days.


Katie believes in my intuition as a mother and research-backed methods. She cares deeply about community and ensured I had other birthing folks to connect with following each of my births. She understands the myriad of feelings that can come during pregnancy and postpartum and creates space for those feelings. She cares about her families and stays in touch and cares about their welfare. I am so grateful to have her on my motherhood journey!



After talking to several doulas, I knew when I talked to Katie that she was “the one” for me and my family. Katie was a direct contributing factor into my ability to have an unmedicated VBAC. From helping to identify a supportive OB/midwife team to helping my partner and I with breathing techniques for early labor (and SO much more in between), Katie was an integral part of my birth team, and remains a strong support system in the 4th trimester/early postpartum. Highly recommend her services!

Leigh C


My husband and I are incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Katie as our doula throughout my pregnancy and the birth of our daughter. She is truly an expert in her industry, and we felt empowered and more at ease in our journey after just our first session with her.
Katie equipped us with the information we needed (and wouldn’t have known) to not only make us feel prepared, but able to advocate for ourselves throughout delivery and ask the appropriate questions when needed. She was sure to equip us and support us without interfering with our experience/roles. As first time parents, we felt a lot calmer and more comfortable about labor, and knew we could rely on her for specifics that we were otherwise unsure about, like when to go to the hospital and what signs to look for to know if I was actually in active labor. She also provided tools to help cope with contractions and other aspects of the labor process. Katie also has an amazing network of care providers that have been beyond valuable in both pregnancy and postpartum - everything from lactation consultant
to physical therapist to pedi dentists. Having a good care team as I have journeyed into motherhood has been crucial to feeling like I’m providing a safe and healthy world for my baby (and myself!).
Not only was Katie very responsive, she is also extremely professional while still creating a personal connection that made me feel safe throughout the entire experience. I am 100% certain that the positive experience we had was largely due to our work with her and having her present at our birth. Me and my husband highly recommend Katie to everyone going through this experience for prenatal, birth and/or postpartum.

Lauren DeAnna


I worked with Katie during both of my pregnancies and births. With my second, she also supported my family postpartum through what was an unexpectedly scary and challenging period. My needs and my families needs were different with my first and second pregnancies/births, and Katie supported us exactly how we needed each time. With my first, she really guided us and helped empower my husband to support me through the birth, reminding him of the comfort measures we'd practiced and teaming with him and with my medical team. With my second, Katie connected us to all of the resources we needed pre and postpartum and helped me problem solve and plan in advance so we could try and avoid some of the challenges I experienced with my first birth. During both births, she was a calming presence who helped me to trust my instincts and provided support and ideas when we needed them. With my second postpartum, she was an incredible source of practical support (postpartum doula services) as well as emotional support as I navigated some very scary postpartum complications that landed me in the ER multiple times. When DC area friends tell me they're pregnant, my #1 piece of advice is to hire Katie.

Diana Barrios


My husband and I were very fortunate to have Katie as a doula during my pregnancy and postpartum journey.
She’s AMAZING and 1000% essential if you are planning to have kids. I cannot emphasize how much she helped me through unknown and challenging times during my pregnancy and postpartum more than the Obgyn. She was always very responsive and so educational every single time I needed her. There is no way I would have done it without Katie.

Postpartum Katie was incredibly knowledgeable and supportive with every aspect. I had a tough time with ppd/ppa and Katie was extremely informed on how to support me in the most vulnerable time of my life.

As far as breastfeeding goes it is so hard! I wouldn’t have been able to nurse at all without the support of Katie and the network of referrals that she works with.

My baby had a tongue tie and she showed us exercises, latching techniques, and helped us with the recovery too, not to mention my emotions through the trying process!

Do yourself a favor and book her as soon as you know you’re pregnant. It is the best money ever spent!

Sarah Slavin


Katie supported my husband and I extensively for the birth of our first child in September 2022. I cannot say enough about how much she helped our family - both with labor and during the postpartum period.

Katie helped us fully prepare for labor - she demystified so much about the experience and armed us with the knowledge to think about our approach. She was incredibly helpful in providing resources and recommendations - from the type of pacifier we might want on hand, to finding an infant CPR class. She was always responsive to my (many many) questions, especially in the weeks leading up to our daughter's birth.

Katie has a unique brand of brilliance in which she is able to share her enormous depth of knowledge while empowering you to make the decisions that are right for you and your family. She fully honored my desires for labor and helped me prepare so that they could be a reality. Katie was an incredibly important part of my labor experience and was with us every step of the way. Her presence was a huge comfort to my partner as well - and because of her support, he could truly show up as my partner without fear or anxiety - Katie's presence was calm, comforting, and was a pivotal part in enabling us to have the labor experience we desired.

I had no idea the postpartum period, and the adjustment to life as parents, would be so difficult (for me especially). I needed significantly more support than anticipated and Katie wholeheartedly showed up for our family. She helped us navigate feeding challenges, sleep deprivation, and more in the month's following our daughter's birth. I honestly can't imagine going through this process without Katie in our corner and cannot recommend Katie enough for labor and postpartum support.



We worked with Katie both for birth and postpartum. I cannot overstate how much she helped us. I had to be induced unexpectedly and her calm guidance and input helped us navigate a challenging and uncertain situation the best we could. Having her there for labor was amazing and helped make the experience so positive. Postpartum - she was literally a lifesaver. I wanted the option of a doula with postpartum services but had no idea how much we'd need it. She helped show us how to swaddle, feed and soothe the baby and gave us peace of mind to go take time for ourselves while the baby was taken care of. She also helped "train" my MIL in newborn soothing and all her handy tricks (highly recommend this!). Katie was an integral part of our daighter's first few months and we are forever grateful! 

Tatia Lemondzhava


I can honestly say that my labor and postpartum experience would have been profoundly different without Katie. She became our doula when I was 16 weeks along, and from that point (and to this day) she has been an invaluable source of education, support, and encouragement. My way of coping with pre-labor anxiety was to obtain as much information as I possibly could, and Katie is an absolute treasure trove of evidence-based knowledge and experience about pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. She shares her knowledge in a way that is easy to absorb, honest and unbiased, always making it very clear that her first priority is ensuring that her clients feel supported and empowered in whatever options they may choose. My labor went in a completely different direction from our plan, and I ended up needing an epidural quite soon after getting to the hospital (not my initial desire, but a genuinely life-saving procedure for me in hindsight), and we were faced with a number of other stressful decisions. Without Katie in our corner, I truly believe my husband and I would have been completely overwhelmed and paralyzed. Instead, with all of the prep we had done with Katie anticipating various scenarios, and with Katie’s expert and warm support in the moment, we were able to navigate the whole insane 48 hour experience as well as I could have possibly hoped. My baby ended up in the NICU for several days, and Katie was a huge source of reassurance and encouragement during that scary time. Once we were home, we also asked Katie to come out a few times as a postpartum doula, and it was such a brilliant decision. She helped us navigate those first few days, taught us an absolute TON of useful things (swaddling, burping, breastfeeding, etc.), helped make sure we both got some rest, and provided us with a lot of encouragement.

Overall, I am so thankful to Katie for being so freaking amazing at what she does!



We worked with Katie as both a birth and postpartum doula and I cannot imagine going through the birth of my first child without her support. 

As a birth doula I found the level of preparation that Katie provided exceeded what I was expecting. She took the time to not only explain the "process" of birth but also helped us visualize what the experience would be like. It was powerful, slightly overwhelming, but the best preparation I can imagine. We had taken another birth class which left us confused and stressed. Working with Katie allowed me to get into the right headspace so that when my contractions started, I felt confident in my ability to get through labor. An additional benefit to all the prep with Katie was that when we showed up to the hospital, in a bit of a rush, and forgot our printed birth plan I was able to tell the hospital staff all the important elements off the top of my head. Katie literally supported me (all my body weight) while I was having contractions and I was so grateful to have her with us. 

When we left the hospital I felt, as most new parents do, so panicked by the prospect of caring for our baby on our own. But I quickly remembered that Katie was coming the next day and was going to help us! She taught us how to bathe, feed, swaddle, hold, and soothe the baby. All things that felt like mysteries when we were left to our own devices. Having Katie allowed me to rest and not worry about what was happening with the baby. These breaks were necessary for both my physical and mental recovery. 

Throughout preparation for birth, labor, and postpartum I felt that Katie provided me with tons of information and supported choices that I made.



Katie did several overnights with our baby boy. We felt so comfortable with Katie taking care of him. She allowed us to get the rest we needed and gave us lots of advice and furthered our confindence that we were doing things correctly with our first child. Katie also checked in with me to see how I was doing postpartum which gave me an outlet I really needed. Highly reccomend Katie!

Nicole Weir


I had my son in October 2021 and I worked with Katie prior to the birth and postpartum. I'd heard about doulas from friends but never really thought I would need one. I was SO wrong. Working with Katie was one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy, and I can safely say that my birth experience would have been much harder without her support. She walked me through the labor and birth process in the months leading up to my due date so I felt informed and confident, but not overwhelmed. It still wasn't easy, of course, and I ended up having to have a c-section after a failed induction, but having Katie there to help me consider the medical options at each stage and help keep me focused despite the exhaustion was invaluable. She stayed with me until the end, and knowing I could turn to her for advice, physical support, breathing, coaching, and, at times, laughter, helped get me through. Highly recommend!!

Claudia Kabir


My first birth was very traumatic and resulted in an unplanned c-section. I was determined to have a natural birth for my second child. I was very late in hiring Katie but I am glad I did. She spent time explaining the many ways labor could go, exercises I could do to help with the delivery, and other tricks to help me achieve my goal. Once I went into labor, Katie was there for me. She coached me and helped me get through the pain (my epidural wasn't working) and I achieved my goal. I had my VBAC! I recommend Katie to anyone having a baby. She knows so much even if she doesn't know something(very rare) she will find an answer for you. 



Katie single handedly saved my postpartum experience. Right after my c-section with my second child, my husband was hospitalized across town at a different hospital. I ended up spending several days alone with my baby while trying to coordinate care for my husband. I realized I was going to go home and my partner wouldn't be able to help me. In comes Katie. A neighbor recommended her and I reached out in a dire state looking for any kind of help. Katie went out of her way to organize a team of four? Five? Doulas (Including her) who came to help us in the first two weeks after my second was born. I absolutely would not have made it without her help. During Katie's shifts with us, she cooked dinner, helped around the house with anything that needed to be done, and most importantly listened to me complain at 3AM (and of course helped me take care of our newborn). Truly, I was in a very tough spot and in under 24 hours Katie responded to my frantic text message and got me a whole support system. I cannot recommend her enough. 



Katie was a wonderful doula and support for me and my family during pregnancy and postpartum. She educated my husband and I about the birthing process which made us feel more comfortable and as prepared as we could be. She joined us for the birth and was a calming, reassuring presence at one of the most vulnerable times of my life. Katie also came over for infant support after the birth to help us figure out nursing. I joined one of her postpartum support groups for new moms, and it's been an inspiring, safe place to discuss the successes and challenges of new motherhood. It's been tremendously helpful to have her as part of our journey to parenthood!



This was my first pregnancy and I decided to hire a doula because I was nervous about the labor and delivery process. I interviewed several doulas in the area, and felt Katie was the best fit for my family because she was extremely knoweldgable and passionate abour her work. Her calm, caring, and friendly personality immediately put me at ease. I also appreciated that she was sensitive to covid precautions since I had anxiety about my newborn baby being exposed to covid at the hospital. We had three virtual sessions during which Katie thoroughly explained various hospital procedures, labor positions, postpartum care, and answered all of our questions in great detail. She also reviewed my birth preferences and guided me with some medical decisions leading up to my son’s birth. Ultimately I ended up needing to be induced and labor progressed rather quickly, so due to timing Katie joined us right after my epidural was administered. I felt comforted by her presence and she was a supportive and encouraging member of the delivery team during the pushing phase. Katie continued to offer her support in the postpartum period when I reached out to her with random questions. I would highly recommend Katie as a valuable member to one’s birth team!

Emily Rose and Steve


Katie's support and care in the run up to the birth, during the birth, and during the newborn days was essential to our success as new parents, and worth every penny. I am so glad we found her, and that she had room in her schedule for us. We originally contracted with Katie for postpartum support, and then added birth support on the recommendation of my care team. Her thoughtful childbirth education accommodated the nuances of my tokophobia, and the comfort measures practice helped us feel empowered going into labor. Katie's support and guidance as I went into labor is the only reason we made it to the hospital in time! Her presence the night we brought our child home was deeply calming. There's nothing like going to sleep knowing your newborn is safe and cared for, and waking up in the morning to warm breakfast on your nightstand and your baby peacefully sleeping in the bassinet next to you. During day visits, Katie helped answer our myriad questions about newborn care, and taught us great strategies for everything from bottle washing to baby wearing, and of course baby soothing. During nights Katie ensured we both were able to rest, kept me company during feedings, and helped me learn to breastfeed. I really appreciated her emphasis on us making time for ourselves as individuals, as a couple, and as a new family. Later on, Katie helped us come up with a routine that allowed both of us to get a decent night's sleep while caring for our newborn. My husband and I both found Katie's support incredibly helpful. I cannot imagine gig through labor or the newborn days without her! I credit Katie's support for my mental health during the newborn days.  

Teresa and Andrew


Katie is AMAZING!!!  We had complications with the birth of our daughter where she was rushed to the NICU at a different hospital and I developed postpartum preclampsia so was unable to see her for the first week.  We got in contact with Katie from the hosipital through a recommedation and we are so happy we did.  She was a life savior.  Katie was able to provide me, my husband, and my daughter support since we were all together for the first time at home.  She is extremely knowledgeable about development, care, and recovery.  I am not sure how we would have gotten through those first two months without her.  We tried other doulas after Katie, but could not get comfortable with anyone else.  She is a true gem and I could not recommend her enough.



Katie was a lifesaver.  She cared for our baby, me, and our family during a very vulnerable and challenging time.  She is thoughful, knowledgeable, and completely adapted to the needs of our situation.  She never had a 'right' way, rather she aimed to help us find the best approach for our family.   Our dog also loved her too! 

Jenna M


Katie was the missing piece along our pregnancy journey. We're first-time-parents who were expecting in the thick of the pandemic so help was limited. We decided to hire a doula and interviewed quite a few but once we talked to Katie, it quickly became clear she was our person. Katie's gentle and soft approach to supporting us was one I wanted as I was anxious about being pregnant and, ultimately, having a baby during the pandemic. I also enjoyed how thorough she was during every phase of my pregnancy, carefully explaining the key details we'll need to know before, during and after our hospital stay. Her communication was also on point no matter what silly question I had--I'm Type A so I know my planning and attention to detail can be a lot but Katie quelled all of my concerns. We were bummed when we couldn't have her in the delivery room with us thanks to COVID but she was supportive via FaceTime the entire day. She even advocated for my ability to have jello and Gatorade when I was starving waiting for my baby to show up. If you're searching for a doula who's well-informed, committed to her craft and has a soothing bedside manner, Katie is for you. My baby isn't even 6 months old yet and I've already informed Katie that we'll be hiring her again for baby number two whenever that happens. Thank you for everything, Katie!



Working with Katie was great. We knew that it was going to be a stressful pregnancy and with a pandemic on top of that, my wife and I figured it couldn't hurt to have some extra support. From our first virtual session, Katie listened to what we wanted and made sure to provide with exactly what we wanted. We had a number of virtual sessions as well as one scheduled in-person session prior to baby's arrival. Katie gave us a bunch of great exercises and techniques to help my wife with physical discomfort and contractions. She also helped us develop a birthing plan and a general plan for preparing for baby's arrival. Katie has a wealth of experience, and she gave us great guidance based on what she's seen in the past. 

We were always able to reach Katie when needed, either by text or email. My wife asked for a number of recommendations for things like baby carriers or wraps and Katie had some great info. She also checked in with me a number of times to make sure I was doing okay too! 

Originally we had planned to have Katie be present at the birth, but we found out about 2 weeks prior that our hospital was only allowing one support person. We adjusted and planned to have Katie have a video call with us for the birth. 

For me, it was very comforting knowing that I could reach Katie whenever I needed to stay calm or had a question. Katie always had something reassuring to say and kept me steered in the right direction. Our birth went really well and when it got stressful, I just had to look over at the table to get a thumbs up from Katie! 

After the baby was born, Katie continued to (and still does) check in on a regular basis. Her strengths are certainly her compassion, experience, and ability to listen! I felt amazingly at ease with Katie as our doula and I would recommend that anyone considering a doula should reach out to her. 

Alisha T.


Katie was a fantastic doula and a calming presence during the chaos of giving birth during a pandemic. After going through a traumatic birth experience and infant loss I knew I wanted the additional support of a doula at my next birth. Katie listened to my and my partner's questions and concerns without judgment and provided education, reassurance and support. Our hospital stopped allowing doulas shortly before I gave birth, and Katie was ready to roll with punches and support us in our home before we went to the hospital and virtually once we were at the hospital. When we received confusing advice from various medical professionals, Katie was there to help us decipher what was being said, always without judgment or bias. She was available after our birth to text or call with questions. She also provided us space afterwards to talk through our son's birth story, which was a really lovely way to process our first few weeks with our son. I highly recommend Katie as a birth doula.

Lindsay Brannan


I am so deeply grateful to have had Katie as our birth doula. We hired Katie in February, 2020 and by March we were in full lockdown due to COVID. During that stressful and uncertain time, Katie acted as a support, guide, and confidant. Her education sessions helped my husband feel more comfortable as my birth partner, especially as it became clear Katie would not be able to support us in-person. 

Although Katie was not allowed to be in the hospital with us during labor and delivery, she supported virtually, staying in FaceTime throughout my birth. She helped us understand doctor recommendations and supported my husband as he helped me with pain management. I am so glad Katie was there, and I knew how to advocate for myself and my baby because of her support. In the postpartum period, she has been a resource when I've had questions and is someone whose advice I trust deeply.

I also want to mention the incredible community that Katie has built in her prenatal and postpartum groups. When DC went into lockdown, it upended the community I was building through my prenatal yoga courses in a studio. Katie quickly saw this need across her client space and established a virtual prenatal yoga circle, with movement as well as discussion to help us prepare for birth. I looked forward to those sessions each week and benefitted greatly from the exercises. In postpartum, the circles of new parents she built have truly been a lifeline for me. The postpartum period can be isolating in the best of times and COVID has exacerbated that. Our weekly virtual postpartum circles have helped me process my feelings around new motherhood, find community, and feel less lonely. I talk with these brave and wonderful new parents every day and it has come to mean so much to me. Katie has prioritized community because she so deeply understands how new parents feel and what they need. 

Nate W.


Katie was our doula for the birth of our first child in August 2020. We honestly can't say enough nice things about her! From our first Zoom call, we knew we were in good hands. She listens without judgment, but is always ready with a good question or a pertinent comment to help move decision-making along. Having to do our childbirth education, the birth itself, and postpartum support remotely can't have been easy, but Katie always made us feel supported. We especially appreciated how she involved us both equally in all aspects. We are so grateful that we worked with her.

Emily Goodstein


Working with Katie Baxter was by far the best part of my postpartum experience. She is calm, dependable, skilled, competend, authentic, professional, wise, and inspiring.


I had no idea -- NO IDEA -- how hard it would be to recover from labor and delivery while adjusting to my new life as a parent. Katie inspired confidence in me and helped me transition to my new role. She brought me a freshly changed baby in the middle of the night and helped set us up for breastfeeding success. She prepared delicious meals and kept our baby happy and safe. She involved my partner in the postpartum journey and carved out a unique role for him, empowering him to support me. But most of all, Katie normalied the postpartum experience, helped me feel like I wasn't alone, and simply helped me survive.


If you're reading this, you too may not know what to expect from the weeks and months following the arrival of your new little person. Although everyone's experiences are different, I can personally attest to the fact that the time following the birth of my daughter was the #1 most difficult two month period I have experienced. Without Katie, I would not have made it through. I know this may sound dramatic, but it is true.


My best piece of advice for new parents: remove everything from your baby registry and ask friends and family for the resources needed to hire Katie. 



Every time I think about my postpartum experience with my last baby, I think about Katie. She came over about a week postpartum, bringing warm and easily digestible vegan foods that nourished me for days. What I remember most vividly is the postpartum Thai belly massage she gave me. It was more than a massage, I felt truly cared for.  As Katie practices this postpartum ritual, she warmed up my belly warmed in a place my sweet baby used to be. It made me feel whole again in a way. I am so grateful for Katie, for her wisdom and care. She is a true healer!



I can't say enough good things about Katie!  She was our postpartum doula when my son was born and it's hard to imagine what that time would have been like without her help, support and guidance.  Months later, I was so excited to see that Katie was offering a virtual Postpartum Collective.  This group has been so supportive during this challenging time of being a new parent during COVID.  It's been wonderful to feel truly heard and supported, as well as share ideas and do yoga.  My husband and I have both really appreciated having Katie in our lives this past year!


JP Coakley


This woman is a legend. I recommend her wholeheartedly. Thank you for everything!



It was a pleasure prepping for our birth with Katie. Although we really were hoping to have a doula in the room with us for delivery, talking through the birth and going over laboring positions and strategies really helped me feel prepared to deliver without a doula in person. 

Katie was a great listener, and helped my husband and I talk through what strategies would work best for us. 

I highly recommend working with Katie to help you and your partner prepare for labor and delivery.



Beth S


Katie is an incredible doula and a great post-partum resource. 

My husband and I initially hired Katie as our birth doula; however, my son was born six weeks early while we were out of town. This was a tremendously scary and stressful time, but Katie jumped into action and immediately provided support from afar while we were in the hospital hundreds of miles away. She texted us every day for updates, asked knowledgeable questions about the medical situation, and gave us expert advice on breastfeeding, c-section experience and recovery, bonding in the NICU, and more. 

Once we returned home, Katie provided us with several days of post-partum help, giving us first-timers some much-needed tips on feedling, swaddling, sleeping, burping, and everything in-between. Having her there to watch the baby gave me precious time to shower, pump, or catch up on sleep, and it was a lifesaver in those early days just to have somebody else there to support me. You can't go wrong with choosing Katie as your doula. 

Cynthia Querio


Katie came into my life when my twin boys were a few weeks old. My husband and I anticipated that we would need help in the first months while we adjusted to new parenthood. Our boys turned out to be more challenging than we ever anticipated. Sent home with 4lb and 5lb newborn who could Houdini out of the most expert nurse's swaddle, my husband and I were ill-equipped for our screaming bundles of joy. Katie was a breath of fresh air amongst the chaos. We looked forward to the nights when she would come, knowing that the boys would be in good hands and that their screaming fits and demands would not upset her usual cool and that she would be able to identify and ameliorate the cause of their discomfort. At 9 months old, our boys are now (knock on all the wood) consistent sleepers - which I believe was in part due to her hard work and consistency in their first months. Katie was such a joy that when my parents went home, and before we hired a nanny, she would come a few days a week to help while I slept or did laundry. She always was unphased by the boys fits and rages and would often get them to take good naps - I'm not sure whether it was her expert swaddling or her calm demeanor, but they always seemed better when she was around. Katie has a keen intellect and curiosity. She brings an analytical mind and passion to her work - as a new mother, it was comforting and helpful to have Katie share her observations and thoughts without judgment. I felt she was a teammate, who was working with me to puzzle out the mysteries that were my two newborns. I am a better mother because of Katie and I would recommend her to anyone.



Working with Katie was like having your best friend and advocate who is rather knowledgeable about birth and maternity wards all at once. She always presented things in impartial ways while supporting my decisions and providing validation. She knew to ask for things in the hospital that I had no clue about. She had such stamina and positive attitude through a longer than expected labor and having her there was a true blessing!

Beth R


It was a pleasure to work with Katie! She came to help us at a time when we were really stressed about our daughter not taking a bottle. Over several sessions, Katie worked through it with us with patience and a problem-solving attitude. She provided a solid plan to help us and our daughter get used to the bottle and gain confidence. Katie also helped out a bit around the house which was an added bonus! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a helping hand through the challenging postpartum months.



Katie helped me with my newborn son regularly for the first month of his life and I don’t know how I could have survived without her. She is kind, trustworthy, reliable, knowledgeable, and wonderful with babies. She helped me enter motherhood with confidence and gave me the rest I so desperately needed to recover from my c-section.

Bryanne B


When looking for a Doula you never know if you are going to click right away but with Katie we did.  Katie was an amazing support system for us since we had just moved to the area. She gave us great information on the practices in the area and how to look for a practice who meshed with our ideals.  Katie was able to work with us on providing a comfort measures class in our home since we were unable to attend the one she held in D.C. She kept in touch with us throughout the pre birthing time and was a huge support for us during and after the birth of our little one.  Katie has a soft and soothing demeanour but is still a strong and kind person to have on your birthing team.  Katie not only became a favored doula to us but also a friend.  We look forward to working with her again in the future. 

Kate Glenn


Some of the best money we ever spent on a birth related cost was in hiring Katie as our doula. Katie worked with us as a sibling doula while I was in labor with baby 4 and as our post partum doula for about 5-6 weeks afterward.  She was so friendly, professional, and just overall great to work with! We all still talk about how special and skilled she was in helping our family in that time. I can’t recommend her services highly enough!  



Katie attended our birth and we were really happy with everything. My birth goal was to have a positive birth experience, whatever that ended up looking and we definitely met that goal. My husband and I loved having someone we could call when I was in early labor to talk to and figure out what the next steps were. During the labor at the hospital Katie was great, she stepped in and just started offering support without being asked. She adapted to what I liked and didn't like during contractions and helped my husband provide support. It was also great having her in the room all the time because the nurses and doctors are in and out and busy. I ended up progressing really fast and almost didn't have time for my epidural. Having Katie there helped me a lot with pain management during contractions. I know my husband also really liked having a doula there, and when I asked if he thought we'd work with her again for an (eventual) second baby he said 100%! Every birth is so different and almost impossible to plan for so for me was amazing having an experienced doula to help us through the process. Thank you for everything!!

Lee Ann


We really loved working with Katie. I remember hearing her talk about comfort measures and yoga as part of her support for birthing moms when we first met Katie and I immediately knew that I would love working with her! We attended her Comfort Measures class as well, which was super helpful and fun. From the moment Katie joined us at the hospital, she brought with her a sense of calm and confidence—it was just what we needed. She and my husband made for excellent support partners and Katie was great at giving my husband and I space to work together, which was very special. She was an incredible resource and sounding board when our birth plan hit some bumps and she helped guide us so that we could still achieve our goals. I’m so grateful to Katie for all her support and for helping us have a positive birth experience. 



During the time Katie was working with a group practice, she was assigned to be my doula based on her availability and my due date, but I truly believe we were meant to be together. She was kind and patient from our very first meeting and never, ever judgmental about any of my decisions. She was very knowledgeable and if she did not know the answer to one of my questions, she researched it and got back to me. At 39 weeks my doctor advised an induction, so I thought I would have a bit more control over how my labor and delivery unfolded. Fate had other plans and after 36 hours of contractions, my son was born via cesarean section. Katie was with me during most of this time and even stayed later than she was obligated to in order to make sure that we were both doing well. She was an amazing emotional support and helped to get the medical staff to follow through on my requests when they were inclined to ignore the ramblings of crazy pregnant lady. I consider myself lucky to have found Katie and highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking about hiring a doula for their pre- or postnatal journey.

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