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Veronica Ndegwa


Palo Alto, CA Service range 20 miles Bridge toll applies


Birth Fee

Not specified

Postpartum Rate

$50 to $60

Birth Fee

Not specified

Postpartum Rate

$50 to $60

Birth Doula Experience

1 years

Postpartum Doula Experience

8 years and 25 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, November 2013

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services

Palo Alto, CA Service range 20 miles Bridge toll applies

Client Testimonials for Veronica Ndegwa

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Let me just say right off the bat that hiring Veronica was the best decision my wife and I have made since we got pregnant. 

She is an invaluable resource that helped us in so many ways, so many of which we never would have even thought about. Her level of expertise and professionalism are remarkable.   With 100% certainty, we have been able to parent our daughter with confidence thanks to her guidance.


This was the best investment we have ever made.

Do what she says, it works, your child will be better for it and you will become better parents. 



I'll first start out by saying that Veronica has become not just a dear friend, but the closest to what I can call "family" in the Bay Area. She joined us in late July for my son's birth, and although we had originally only signed up for two months, we ended up extending by several because she became such a trusted, invaluable "co-parent" and support to not just me, but to my husband and of course to our young son, as well. 

I can't say enough good things about Veronica -- on the key items that matter for those considering a night doula, I would say this: Veronica was never late, and in fact was almost always a few minutes early. She is extremely experienced and knowedgeable, not just about the obvious (and broad!) topic of infant care, but also on lactation, which was valuable to me as a first-time mother who wanted to give breastfeeding a whirl but had absolutely no idea what to do, not do, or expect. She is incredibly smart, kind, caring, and funny. Veronica always walked in with a smile on her face, and is such a warm presence that even our family dog looked forward to her weeknight entrance and would eagerly await her arrival by the front door.

If you are considering a night doula, I can't recommend Veronica highly enough. Although I of course don't have any points of comparison, I don't think I need one (or want one). The best endorsement I can probably offer is this -- if and when we are fortunate enough to get pregnant with another child, I will be immediately reaching out to Veronica (now my friend) to book her professional services. 



Veronica worked with us for 2 months, 3 days per week when our baby was ~3 weeks old. She was very helpful with all things baby and mom care, from teaching us about more nuanced baby cues, to strategies for increasing milk supply and milk nutrients. She also helped me manage a painful bout of mastitis, and was a great breastfeeding coach. We are grateful for everything she taught us

Veronica is loving, very professional, always punctual, and a wealth of knowledge! She took great, tender care of our daughter - we felt she was very trustworthy and in tune with our baby. We enjoyed working with her and would recommend her to anyone looking for a night doula.

Anne & John


We are so lucky to have worked with Veronica! We had her 3 nights a week for the first few weeks after our son was born (including our first night home from the hospital), and two nights a week after that. We looked forward to the nights she was coming so much! Helping us get more sleep was amazing, and critical for post delivery recovery and our general sanity. But her help went far beyond that -- we are still benefiting from everything she taught us. The expertise she offered on breastfeeding, baby care, and mom/dad care got us off on the right foot, and helped everything go as smoothly as possible from the beginning. We appreciated her direct communication and her suggestions as well as encouragement. Perhaps most importantly, she was absolutely wonderful with our baby. She was as attentive, gentle, and loving with him as we were, and actually probably moreso, because she was better rested! Our little family was so lucky to have her, and we would absolutely recommend her to new parents. 



Veronica is nothing short of amazing! She’s an experienced professional who went above and beyond the doula role to understand our family’s needs and especially that of our baby. Originally I thought we’d have a hard time letting a stranger take care of us, but Veronica was a saint and immediately earned our trust. She helped us understand our baby’s cues and even get her sleeping through the night by 3 months. If you’re considering a doula, I couldn’t recommend Veronica more highly. And more importantly, I’m proud to say she’s now part of our family. 



This was our 3rd child and we had never hired a doula before. Due to the crazy amount of activity in our house, we decided it was best to get more sleep versus less! Once we talked to Veronica on the phone and then met her in person - we knew we had found a gem. Once our baby was born, Veronica was there for us - always on time, willing to take on extra nights when possible, and gave us peace of mind so that we could get some sleep. She was extremely professional, capable, confident and very loving with our son - a true baby whisperer. She was such a welcome presence in our house - even giving me a hand when my other two kids would wake up in the middle of the night with a fever or simply because they couldn't sleep. I would absolutely recommend Veronica to anyone looking for a postpartum doula / night nurse. 

Adam Inglis


As first time parents, Veronica was an invaluable resource to our family.  Not only did she give us peace of mind and allow us to get some sleep during those first few weeks after birth, she also coached us and explained many of the behaviours our baby was displaying.  She was always on-time and provided us with a lot of amazing of advice!  I highly recommend Veronica, it will be one of the best investment you ever make!

Michael Ramm


Veronica was exceedingly supportive: immediately helping us get organized for daytime and nighttime care, establishing a clear nighttime routine and vigilantly taking care and observing our son at nighttime. We immediately felt our son was in safe hands with Veronica. Her care helped us get through the hardest time immediately after our son was born. Of course, the nighttime rest was invaluable, but Veronica also took the time to learn our preferences and aid mom’s postpartum recovery. Veronica has our highest recommendation for postpartum care.

Mira Browne


While we were hesitant at first about bringing aboard a postpartum doula, we decided to move forward as soon as we met Veronica. She was incredibly caring and loving to our son, and supportive to me as I worked through breastfeeding challenges. She not only took good care of our son at night, but also checked in each day as to how our son was doing and helped us through any questions or concerns we had. Her knowledge of babies was invaluable, and often saved me from my daily google explorations. While we were only able to have Veronica with our family for a short time, I highly recommend her to any family who is looking for support in the early days and peace of mind. 

Sukanya Chakrabarti


Veronica has been taking care of my daughter since she was a newborn. I can see that she genuinely cares about my baby and I especially appreciate that she treats her like an individual. She is completely trustworthy and very observant. In fact, Veronica was the person who discovered a lump that turned out to be a congenital hernia that my baby was born with. By learning about this sooner rather than later, we were able to monitor it and be very vigilant and my baby so far (she's now six months) has not needed surgery for which I am very grateful.

She is also extremely organized and that helped me a great deal as I was learning to be a new mom.  Veronica has my highest recommendation.

Hilary Eden


Veronica was a wonderful night doula for our son Elliot. She was with us from the first night we brought him home until 10 weeks of age. She was great with all aspects of caring for him- feeding, swaddling, dressing, etc. She helped us get him used to feeding with bottles and getting his sleep schedule on track. She kept meticulous notes of all Elliot's activites durring the night and was very helpful in guiding us through newborn care and helping us get more sleep. She also cared for him while he had a cold and gave advice and guidance on how to make him more comfortable. I would highly reccommend her as she was loving, experienced and extremely reliable. 

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