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Allison Morgan, CLD, CPD, CLE, CBE

Holistic Birth & Beyond

Manchester, NH Service range 90 miles This travel radius is relevant to the radius of our wonderful agency team!

Birth Fee

$700 to $1900

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $50

Birth Fee

$700 to $1900

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $50

Birth Doula Experience

7 years

Postpartum Doula Experience

7 years

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA) - Certified Labor Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA) - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • Self-trained, August 2017
  • CAPPA - Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association, October 2018

Type of practice: Doula agency owner

Clients per month: 3 to 18 births and 3 to 18 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Photography - Birth
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Reiki
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Allison is a member of the NH Breastfeeding Taskforce, CAPPA and Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath & Death. She is also a volunteer Baby Cuddler in a local NICU. In August 2016, Allison spent a few weeks in India as a volunteer at a maternity clinic. She observed prenatal appointments, helped the staff and witnessed birth for the first time. This was truly one of her favorite experiences as it has added to her passion for maternity.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

The rate for birth doula and postpartum doula services vary depending on the package you would like. We are flexible with time depending on availability and what you are looking for. Payment plans are available and HSA/FSA cards are accepted.

Service Area

Manchester, NH Service range 90 miles This travel radius is relevant to the radius of our wonderful agency team!

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Client Testimonials for Allison Morgan, CLD, CPD, CLE, CBE

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Kim Popovitch


I met Allison,owner of Holistic Birth & Beyond, as someone who was going to be our doula, and from that I’ve found a wonderful friend, family, and village through her and all her wonderful connections through Holistic Birth & Beyond.

Words can’t fully describe how amazing the services at HBB truly are. I found Allison at a doula meet and greet when I was expecting my first. My husband and I didn’t fully understand how important it was for us to have a doula until we were in that space. Allison not only supported me, but was a huge support to my husband during the birth of our first child. I attended postpartum group at six weeks which truly made me feel OK to be in that new mom space. Any challenges that I had come up were made to feel validated and I felt the continuous love and support. I made some wonderful connections and friends from postpartum group that I still have 2.5 years later.

When we found out we were expecting a second child there was not a doubt in my mind if Allison would be our doula. The second time around a pregnancy support group had been added, and it was truly a wonderful space to go to weekly just to sit with other women and talk about anything that was coming up for me and them. During group there were also several guest speakers which helped expand my knowledge and resources.

During the last few stages of my pregnancy with my second child, Allison was again there always checking up on me making sure I felt loved and seen. This love and support continued through labor, birth, and the postpartum period.

One really special thing that Allison does apart of her doula services is make a BEAUTIFUL timeline of labor, birth, and early postpartum. I now have one for each of my daughters and look forward to gifting the timelines to both of girls one day.

Allison truly is amazing and will help to connect you to the resources and support you need on your journey!! 

Kristen Mihaly


Allison, the owner and founder of Holistic Birth & Beyond, was my doula for the birth of my two children. Her presence, knowledge, skill set and support completely set my husband and I up for a beautiful birthing experience with each of our two children. Allison and her team are brilliant. I tell everyone I know who is expecting, that they need to contact HBB! Having a doula present during those times in my life was the best thing we did to not only support my body during pregnancy but through postpartum health as well. I consider Allison a part of our family and I'm honored to have experienced her magic with the births of my children!



Allison did GORGEOUS placenta prints for us after the birth of our twins. She came to the hospital (about an hour away!), checked in on us as a family, picked up our placenta, and within 3 days of picking it up, she sent us a video of a tour of our placenta and prints to choose from. We had originally planned on viewing our placentas at the hospital after delivery, but we were distracted with the twins, and so being able to see it, and to have her tell us that the placentas had fused, was pretty special. She had so many options for colors, and was receptive of what we wanted, and did a beautiful job - truly artisanal. We incorporated the print in our newborn photos, and we keep one of the prints in my office, for my doula clients to see!

Danielle English


Allison was my doula for my planned home birth. It was my first pregnancy and during our prenatal appointments, she was so knowledgeable and made me feel so prepared. Everything I would ask her, she had resources for me. One of our best appointments was when she came over my house and did a full childbirth lesson with my husband and I. After she left, my husband said, “I’m really glad we have her for the birth.” We both just felt so supported.

After two days in labor I finally transferred to the hospital which was a really emotional experience. Not only was Allison there to help pack my belongings, but she was there to talk out my fears with me and offer support. I ended up having some bleeding complications. It was a whole whirlwind, and I really wanted to debrief and talk about the experience. Allison was perfect and always checking in with me. Even though she couldn’t be at the hospital because of Covid, the virtual support (including breastfeeding questions) was huge! She also took beautiful photos while I was at home, so I feel like I got some of the home birth experience to remember!

I highly recommend Allison. I thought maybe I would only hire a doula for my first birth, but I plan on hiring her again in the future!

Valerie Burkett


Allison was so kind, attentive, helpful, and knowledgeable. I was so thankful to have her as my doula for my vbac. Not only was she so helpful during the birth of my daughter, but she began helping me the moment I hired her. She sent me such great information and tools to help with the end of my pregnancy and to prepare me for birth. If you are considering hiring a doula, look no further.



Although it was my fourth child, Allison was my first doula and the best decision I made through the whole pregnancy! She was with me every step of the way to deliver our baby boy. She was available and immediately responded to every message I sent her - even in the final weeks (which proved the most eventful of all my pregnancies) with lots of false labor alarms. When it came time, I was induced and Allison joined my husband and I early on to be present when they broke my water. She knew exactly how to help me position and was even more invaluable through the final stages of labor. It was by far and away my best birth experience. She intuitively knew exactly what I needed taking the pressure off of my husband, who agreed that hiring Allison as our doula was "a really, really good idea!"

Bruna Gomes


Allison is so so kind, gentle, calming, friendly, warm and welcoming. We had all of our prenatal and postpartum visits via zoom due to covid. We met for the first time when I was giving birth to my baby (my labor happened so fast that unfortunately we didn’t labor together).
There was not one moment that I felt awkward or that conversation felt forced. It felt like we had known each other for years. Allison was great the whole time. She was there for me emotionally and helped physically get comfortable in bed, change into my clothes etc, and always made sure to check in with my fiance to make sure he had eaten something/drank water, gone to the bathroom.
Allison took AMAZING photos of my birth that I will cherish forever and made a personalized timeline of our birth. Everything she did was with so much love.
Allison provided great support for me and my fiance while I was pregnant. She was always available and responded to all of my questions with great information - from stretches/exercises to do on the birth ball, to acupressure, natural induction foods and the list is endless.
Our postpartum visit was so helpful to me. She made me realize that some of the things that I am experiencing in my postpartum journey are normal and reminded me that every journey is individualized.
I’m so glad I found her and was lucky enough to have her by my side during this amazing time!
Allison was highly recommended to me and now I see why. I highly recommend Allison as a doula!! She is absolutely amazing! Working together has been such a blessing!



I can't recommend Allison enough. We met only through zoom throughout my pregnancy due COVID, but she was always a text or an email away for any questions I had or support I needed, even texting me to check up on me at different points during my pregnancy. She was right by my side with her calming and reassuring presence within an hour of me contacting her for support.
During my labor, she helped me make informed decisions when I was struggling to think clearly and I never once felt her trying to sway my decision making in any direction. I was offered information and complete non-judgemental support. She jumped in to help with things that I didn't even think to ask for during my labor and knew when to provide space and privacy to me. Her ability to balance hands-on help and creating space is amazing. She helped my partner throughout as well, answering his questions, asking him how he was doing, and being there for him as well. She really helped him help me and that meant so much to us.
In addition to all my pre- and during labor support, she checked up on me afterwards and offered encouragement. She provided me with some beautiful candid photos from my labor that I didn't even realize she was taking in the moment. (I had consented to photos beforehand.)
I felt so supported throughout my pregnancy and during childbirth thanks to Allison.



I am so glad that I hired Allison as my doula! Allison is such a kind, supportive, and compassionate person. She manages her business with such professionalism and I am thankful for how much knowledgeable, evidence-based information she provided throughout my pregnancy.

She was incredible to have by our side on the day I birthed our twins but went above and beyond my expectations throughout the pregnancy itself. My high-risk pregnancy meant that I had a lot of doctor appointments and ultrasounds which usually resulted in me feeling stressed or overwhelmed as different concerns were brought to our attention. After nearly every appointment, Allison was there for me via text, phone call, or in-person meeting. She always had an incredible ability to reassure me with such calmness and wisdom. She checked in on me to see how I was feeling and validated my emotions. Allison encouraged me and cheered me on like nobody else could. She kept me feeling positive and confident.

When the decision needed to be made to have a planned cesarean for my twins, Allison was there for me as I worked through my emotions and grieved the natural birth I had hoped for. On the day of the birth, her presence made all the difference for both my husband and I as we were both feeling nervous. She was able to take so many beautiful pictures and video of the births for us. We never would have had such a well-documented birth story if it weren't for her!

Allison brought so much peace to my pregnancy and I am confident she will do the same for any other expectant mother. I can look back on my pregnancy and birth and know without a doubt that hiring her was one of the best decisions I made!



We had an amazing experience with Allison! She helped us through the good and the bad times and never let us down. She was there for my husband when he had no idea what to do. She was there for me to help in every minor detail that I didn't even remember to do. I would recommd her to everyone! 

Erica Ondre


Allison and I met at our doula training and I instantly felt such a positive warm energy from her. As soon as I became pregnant with my second I knew I wanted HER to be my doula. Having a home birth I was going to need the extra support and thought my fiancé might need some support too. Allison has such a gentle caring touch and was there fulfilling both our needs throughout the night with such desire. She walked with me in the middle of the night, helped perform spinning babies movements to get my son in the most optimal position and she was physically comforting me during transition while reading me my affirmations. This helped me so much to get over that hurdle unmedicated  and into the pushing phase.
Allison is professional, knowledgeable and just so sweet. She has a beautiful heart and I believe that me having a wonderful experience has a lot to do with Allison’s presence. 


Juliette Andoh


Allison is awesome! She helped me with my twins giving me ideas to calm fussy babies. She encouraged me when things got overwhelming and even found ways for me to save money on food and clothes for my babies. I had a c section so carrying my babies all the time was a challenge but Allison always had creative and unique ideas that made me and the babies comfortable. Thank you Allison for what you do and who you are xoxoxo

Katelin Greeson


I adored working with Allison, she was knowledgeable and I loved having her there for the delivery of my fourth child. With my first three I had never even considered having a doula. Allison has such incredible energy and is soothing to be around, she was supportive leading up to and during my delivery. She took pictures for us which I value so much! I definitely recommend Allison if you are looking for an extra support and comfort before, during and after birth.

Amy McAlexander Knag


I don't think I really understood how much I really needed Allison's presence at my birth until I was well into the birthing process.  She was calm and steady and really kept pulling me back to my center.  I elected to have a birth without medication, and underestimated the amount of strength and courage this would require.  Having Allison there really bolstered me up and made this possible.  While my husband was there, ready to help, and a loving presence, I felt like Allison's female energy and skill at knowing/guessing what I needed was crucial to our success.  If you are looking for a doula that eminates a gentle and steady energy, Allison is the doula for you.  If we ever have another child, I would not hesitate to ask Allison to be our doula again.

Jessica Trinh


Allison Doherty was our doula for our second child. Allison was simply amazing! She has great confidence in what she is doing and yet has a calm and peaceful manner about her both of which made me feel instantly comfortable with her and like her. My husband also felt the same way right away which is a feat as he often doesn’t care about such things. My husband is very quiet so I wasn’t wanting anyone to run him over with taking charge and making him the third wheel but yet I wanted and needed the doula support. Allison was the perfect fit! She met with us and me separately ahead of the birth on a number of occasions. We would go over my fears and concerns about the upcoming birth allng with ideas she had to help me prepare and know to maybe use in labor. I never felt pressured or rushed or like I was inconveniencing her. I felt confident and ready for my birth. Allison was always there for me in person, by phone, text or email. On the big day she walked me through calling my provider and getting to the hospital where she greeted us and never left my side unless checking in with the hospital staff for me. She helped me with positions and positive thinking. She kept in touch with the staff as to my needs and helped me get answers I needed to make decisions. The hospital was very busy so Alison was my life line! She stayed with me getting me settled in our room, supporting through the first breastfeeding and even setting up my fragrance defuser all before she went home. I wanted pictures and Allison got many awesome photos throughout the birth and the special first time we spent with our baby. She emailed me the photo link along with a birth timeline I love! She also followed up by text and email many times following the birth and came for a postpartum visit to see how we were doing. We got to discuss the birth and events of that special day. All in all Allison was amazing and such a wonderful doula I was so glad to have! Thank you so much Allison!

Trisha Juliano


Another recommendation for Allison Doherty! She was our postpartum doula and took truly outstanding care of me and my twins. She primarily worked overnights, doing all baby care. She woke me to pump or nurse as requested. She kept me hydrated and I always felt much better after she was with us for a night. I trusted her 100% to care for my babies right away. She is warm, caring, conscientious, and an all around pleasure to welcome into our home during a stressful time.

Heather Clark


Allison was such a blessing! She came into our lives at the exact time we needed her! She is very warm and compassionate, and my baby took to her right away. Allison was very conscientious of my needs as well as my baby’s needs. She went above and beyond- even doing things without having to be asked- she would just look around and KNOW what needed to be done and then start doing it- sometimes even before I knew what she was doing! I felt very comfortable with Allison and I was able to nap to catch up on some much needed sleep while she watched my baby- a task that is not always easy for a new mother as it is hard to trust others with our precious little ones! But I trusted her that much! I knew my daughter was in good hands. I was so impressed by how she made it a point to understand what I needed, and how I ran my house, as well as my routines that I used with my daughter- then she seamlessly integrated this into her role when she came. Allison is so open and very easy to talk to. She really helped me start to navigate the postpartum world, making me feel like I was not going crazy! I highly recommend Allison as a doula!

Rachel Ford


During my son's hospital stay, Allison was wonderful. She always knew how to bring a smile to my face and alleviate my fears. She answered my questions or connected me with   nurses and doctors who could help me. She was very loving with my son and showed genuine, heartfelt love for him and me. I am blessed to have had Allison's support during my son's time in the NICU.

Renee Casey


My husband and I were attending a birthing class at a local maternal wellness business, and that is where we met Allison. From the beginning, it was clear to both of us that she was a kind, and authentic person. One of the most important qualities to me in any relationship, but particularly when pregnant, is feeling both safe and comfortable. Allison immediately established this with our family. She was always fully engaged and completely present in any situation. She helped me acknowledge my feelings after the births of my twins, and validated them. When one of our twins was transferred to the Special Care Nursery, Allison stayed with him, while we were transported as a family. No one wants to leave the hospital without his or her child, but we needed to take our other twin to an appointment. Allison held him close when we couldn’t, so he didn’t have to stay in his isolette the whole time. When breastfeeding didn’t go how I expected or wanted it to, she was my shoulder to cry on. When I had anxiety about my husband leaving us in the hospital, in order to go back to work, she helped me focus my energies on our babes. She reminded me that the amazing miracles in my arms were mine. And she helped me concentrate on taking care of myself, so that I could take care of them. She created a beautiful photo collage of my babies to hang in their room at the hospital. Allison was so in tuned with our family and our specific needs. She listened, and was an amazing part of our team. She helped guide me. She helped me feel valued not only as a Mother, but as a woman. And I can’t thank her enough for being such an integral part of our journey.

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