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Cindi Schweitzer

Cindi Lowcountry Doula

Summerville, SC Service range 45 miles

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$20 to $30

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$20 to $30

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Madriella Doula Network - Certified Labor Doula
  • Stillbirthday - Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Madriella Doula Network - Certified Postpartum Doula

Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 25 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

0 years and 1 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, August 2017
  • Madriella, June 2019
  • Stillbirthday, March 2020

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 1 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
only with a care provider present

Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Cloth diapering education

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Secretary for the Professional Doula of Charleston organization

Summerville, SC Service range 45 miles

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Client Testimonials for Cindi Schweitzer

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Everyone should hire a doula!  Especially someone like Cindi. I experienced 4-days of prodromal labor that would have been much more difficult if my husband and I didnt have Cindi for emotional and physical support.  She always brings an upbeat and optimistic attitude and was never short on ideas/methods to help manage the stages of labor, even one that lasts 4 days!  It was late at night when the prodromal stage of labor progressed to the point where we needed to to to the hospital and Cindi had no issues coming over.  It was amazing to have Cindi around who knew where everything in the rooms should be found and what other resources were available to us.  I know my husband and I greatly appreciated Cindi's "take charge" attittude when we first got into the delivery room.  It meant that my husband and I could focus on each other and I could focus on birthing my baby.

I didn't hire a doula for my first pregnancy and I must say that having a doula help make my husband and I far more empowered and confident about the labor process.  I recommend for anyone in need of an extra boost of confidence and optimism to reach out to Cindi to be their doula.  You will NOT be disappointed. 



Cindi was a joy to work with.  My husband and I were nervous because we did not know anything about childbirth.  Cindi calmed our nerves and helped us with questions to consider, our birth plan, as well as mentally and physically preparing for delivery.  It made our first childbirth much less daunting.  Additionally, having Cindi with us at the birth was invaluable as she continued to give great tips and her presence was very calming.  I highly recommend Cindi!! 



Cindi was absolutely fantastic during both the prenatal period and labor and delivery.  I knew early on that I would be induced, and really appreciated how Cindi was positive about medical interventions from the get-go.  While she was great during labor and delivery (and took wonderful pictures for us as a bonus), I think where we appreciated her the most was in all the preparation.  We were novices, and Cindi talked us through the whole birth plan and different ways we could manage pain (including the wonderful epidural that I had that let me take a nap until I woke up ready to push!).  We actually felt like we made decisions pretty quickly during labor because we’d already talked everything through so much beforehand.  While I have no doubt that Cindi would be great if you wanted to go the no intervention route as well, I can highly recommend her if you’re in the scheduled induction camp.



When I got pregnant this time, I realized that I wanted my birth story to be different than the one I had with my twin birth three years ago.  I knew immediately I wanted to hire a doula and that Cindi was the right person.  Cindi listened to all of my concerns and my wishes for this birth and was available as a sounding board for anything I needed to talk through.  

At 10 days past my due date, based on the data we had about myself and the baby, we made a decision to start an induction.  From the moment the first pitocin drip was started, Cindi was right there with us.  She helped me find positions that were comfortable and productive for my labor, talked me through my breathing techniques, and helped make sure we understood and had time to process all of the information the doctors and nurses were sharing throughout the labor.  

Almost exactly 36 hours after my labor began, Cindi was right there when it was time for me to push.  She helped coach me through appropriate pushing techniques and helped advocate for our birth plan, especially that my husband would be as involved as possible and would announce the gender of our baby to the room (we didn't know).  

However, this does not even begin to explain the most important part of Cindi's role with us.  After our baby was born, she needed additional examination and was taken from the room.  My husband went with her, and Cindi stayed with me.  It was during this time after the birth that I ended up needing her support the most.  I hemorrhaged after the birth, and Cindi was there, by my side, ensuring that I was calm and informed about both myself and my baby as much as possible.  It was in that hour that I knew we couldn't have done this without her there with us.  

Hire a doula.  Hire Cindi.  You will never ever regret it.  I'm so grateful we did and owe her so very much!

Holly Taylor


I can't say enough about how amazing Cindi is and how grateful I am to have had her as my doula! I described her as a mom except better! She was there for my husband and I throughout my entire 60 hour labor! She is worth every penny and more. I am a first time mama and was on the fence about getting a doula, but I am so happy I did. I would not have been able to get through my labor without Cindi's guidance, comfort, and encouragement. She came to our house and helped me labor all night and then met us at the hospital later the next day and stayed with us the entire time. She included my husband and empowered him to be an amazing support person for me. She educated us before-hand and helped us plan out what we wanted for our birth. She helped me to make difficult but informed decisions during my labor while I was exhausted and in pain. For example I was not progressing towards the end of my labor and was stuck at 8cm for several hours. The doctor suggested Pitocin. Cindi, my husband, and our nurse talked through my options and the risks/ benefits. I ended up choosing to get Pitocin and no pain medication. An hour later I was ready to push. Something I really liked about Cindi was when discussing medical interventions before hand she said "there is a time and place for everything." Being a nurse myself I really respected that she was open to medical interventions and wouldn't make me feel guilty no matter what I chose to do in the moment. Cindi held my legs with the nurse while my husband was by my head encouraging me. She helped coach me through the pushing stage along with the doctors and nurses. She even took pictures with my phone during my labor and of our beautiful baby girl once she was finally born! I can't thank her enough for everything she did for us! You can tell she really loves what she does. She will go above and beyond for you! 

Thank you Cindi! 


Holly, Nick, and Mila 



Cindi was a great support before, during, and after labor. I was unsure if I wanted to have a natural birth but wanted to at least give it a try. However, because of circumstances and not progressing along during labor, I did end up opting for intervention. I was a little hard on myself for not following my intended plan, but Cindi was supportive of my decision and assured me I made the right decision at the time. She was able to provide insight to myself and my partner during labor when we were unsure of certain monitor readings, etc. I was so thankful to have her there to chat during the easy moments, and to be by my side during the hard ones. Cindi has a very calming presence and made me feel extremely comfortable during labor, especially since I did not want family members in the delivery room. We were thankful to have her there with us and as a continued resource! 



Cindi was very helpful and reliable leading up to the birth – she answered all my questions and guided me through what my options would be at the hospital. This gave me the confidence to request certain things on the day of the birth and advocate for myself a little better. I'm so happy with the way everything turned out and thankful that Cindi was a calm, confident presence throughout the experience. 



She had great suggestions both before and during active labor to help me relax as well as achieve a modified version of our birth plan due to sudden circumstances that affected how it all began but didn't snowball out of control. Just knowing Cindi was on the way gave me strength when I needed it most to hold out on the epidural and gave me more confidence having her as part of my birth support team once she arrived. It was such a relief to my husband and I knowing the right questions were being asked plus she was more concerned about me than the monitors. Cindi telling my spouse that I was handling labor well made him feel less guilty as he was about to convince me to get the epidural. She even helped me get some answers and cope during the not fun post partum whirlwind!

Jacqueline kalnbach


Cindi was an invaluable member of my support team for my birth!!! Her calming and gentle spirit is a gift. I feel she went above and beyond, meeting with me outside of planned meetings prior to labor as she noticed some anxiety in me and asked if I wanted to meet up for coffee to talk. God used her to give me courage and strength to face whatever my birthing experience would turn out to be and it turned out BEAUTIFUL. Thank you, Cindi. Keep doing what you’re doing. Much gratitude to you from our family and little Loraina. 

Abby Ile


From the moment my husband and I met Cindi we knew she was the perfect fit for us. I was very anxious about my upcoming birth and she brought such a sense of calm and peace to the situation that it helped me feel more comfortable and prepared. She was always there to answer questions prior to my birth and helped us feel excited for the journey ahead. During my 21 hours of labor she stayed by my side and supported me and kept me comfortable. Her reassuring   And comforting presence allowed my husband and I to remain calm through labor and enjoy the process. I had such a wonderful experience and I truly believe I owe so much of that to Cindi! Thank you for making the most special day of my life that much better! 

Gayle Holyfield


Cindi made my birth experience so much better. I was a high risk mother, and was quite worried regarding my birth. Cindi met with me and my husband a few times and was so helpful with tools to help manage anxiety. She gave me cards that we used on my birth day, that were mantras to keep strong and focused. On the day of the induction, Cindi went above and beyond. My labor was quite long, almost a total of 3 days...once Cindi arrived when I called her, she stayed throughout the night, and into the next afternoon to ensure she was there for the birth. I know she must’ve been tired, but she powered through, and was there for me wheh I needed her most. Cindi is extremely calm and focused during times of pressure, and did an amazing job keeping me focused and able to cope with the pain and process of labor. I would highly recommend Cindi, and if I were having another child, I would want her there as an integral part. 



Tatiana Carvajal


Cindi is the most personal and compassionate doula I have met. Since doula supports such a personal and private event in life, I believe it is important to “click” and connect with your doula. Ever since my husband and I met her, we realized she was just the right person to assist us during labor.

Cindi not only assisted us during labor, she also visited our house for prenatal and postpartum visits. During her prenatal visit she worked with me on pain management options she offers during the labor. I was induced. It is only with Cindi’s help I was able to go 6 hours without any pain management as she worked with me through every very intense contraction!

Cindi was so supportive and stayed with us through the whole time during the labor. I felt like her and I were one team. I could not do it without her! There is something about female support and connection and she definitely owns that!

I am already planning to have her assist me during my next pregnancy. I highly recommend Cindi as a doula.

Wrenn Tiernan


Cindi was amazing!! As first time parents, my husband and I were very anxious as we approached the end of my pregnancy. I had always dreamed of having a natural birth at the birth center but as we got closer, I began to fear the unknowns of labor. Cindi worked with us the weeks leading up to my labor and always willing to answer my silly first time mom questions. My labor actually went very quickly and although my original plan was just to labor at home with my husband for a while I quickly found myself needing Cindi and her support and knowledge. Although she did not tell us what to do she did advice us to go into the birth center earlier than we thought and we are thankful she did that, otherwise we might have had our son at home. While at the birth center her and my husband worked as a team and I was never left alone without a support person which was super comforting. With her help, my natural birth dream became a reality. Cindi is compassionate, knowledgeable, and has a passion for birth. I recommend her 100% to anyone considering a doula. 



Cindi is a true gem! I am so glad I found her for our second birth. She was a pleasure to work with, very professional, knowledgable, and, above all, caring and supportive! Because of her passion for doula work, combined with knowledge and experience, we were able to have a natural birth with no medical interventions or epidural, the one I could only dream of! I highly recommned her services to anyone looking for doula. 



Jessica Emma Foust


Hiring Cindi as my doula was one of the greatest decisions I could have ever made. When I got pregnant with my 3rd child I knew I would have to hire a doula to help me during labor in going the natural route. My first 2 births were not the best experiences with epidurals. With Cindi by my side she helped me enjoy my labor. She reminded me that my body was made for this and that I am strong enough. Along with her encouragement she was able to read my body language and make me as comfortable as possible With all her laboring techniques. Cindi is knowledgeable and compassionate and you can tell she really has a passion for what she does. Cindi truly is a doula ROCKSTAR!

Irina Zakharova


Cindi was my doula with my first baby. She supported me over 30 hours and I don't think I can say enough good things about her. She was absolutely amazing, patient and supportive. She provided pain relief support such as massage,exercises and emotional support which was absolutely necessary during labor. I definitely recommend her as very professional doula who knows your needs in such a difficult moment, and she is very supportive and kind person.

Jennifer Marie


I don't think I can say enough good things about Cindi! This pregnancy and bringing our little rainbow baby into the world was a special and emotional time for us after the loss of our 18 month old. I couldn't imagine not having Cindi here with us through out the process. Cindi listened to our concerns and helped give us options and educate us. She was just as important (if not more) in the birth process as my husband was. She was SO attentive and really helped us to advocate for how we wanted our birth to go when staff were trying to push us in a direction we didn't want to go. I could not have done this without her, she got me through every contraction and was so positive and encouraging that I could do this naturally and made a difficult experience so much better for us! Her follow up after was great, It's amazing knowing that she cares about you and your family so much. This is more than just a job for you Cindi and is definitely what you were born to do! You will always be a special part of our family and an important start to Jay Jay's life. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts Cindi.

Kate Hochhausler


It was such a pleasure getting the opportunity to work with a Cindi after the birth of our second child. I was needing a repeat cecearian which was going to be a challenge with a 14 month old and no family in the area. Having Cindi this time around made the transition to our new home life with two little ones so much easier and less stressful. It really allowed me to take in and enjoy the blessings of a new baby instead of worrying about all the things that needed to get done. She was a great support system and always willing to lend a helping hand! She even shared some tips and tricks to managing a toddler while I am nursing my newborn ( being able to nurse is very important to me). Hiring Cindi for my postpartum support was one of the best decisions I’ve made! 



Marina Sandoval


I had thee best experience with Cindi. If I were to have another child I would hire her again and again. She was always there for me, commited and caring. i Always felt like her #1 priority. We initially hired a doula because I was nervous about a medication free birth. She coached my husband through what I wanted and needed. Put my mind at ease. I literally feel like I couldn’t have done it without her. She was my rock. Caring but firm. She kept me focused on my goals and comfortable. She found what I needed in the moment without me having to explain anything. I highly recommend! 

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