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Daisy Mason

SoHo Doula

New York, NY Serves families in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island In Person + Virtual Services



Birth Fee

$3000 to $4000

Postpartum Rate

$50 to $75

Availability Remarks: Certified Lactation Support Counselor

Birth Fee

$3000 to $4000

Postpartum Rate

$50 to $75

Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 155 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

4 years and 36 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Carriage House Birth Foundation - Certified Birth Doula
  • HypnoBirthing (Mongan Method) - Professional Doula Training Certification

Doula Training

  • Carriage House Birth, April 2017

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Births attended at Metropolitan Hospital, Mount Sinai West, Mount Sinai East, Maimonides, NYU, NY Pres/Weill Cornell, LoMa, and Brooklyn Methodist.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
As a doula and as a birth assistant.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I am currently a midwife's assistant. I have also assisted as a doula at home births, and had one myself in 2012.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Childbirth education services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Volunteer work during the 2nd Annual Decolonize Birth Conference.

Languages Spoken

  • French

Fee Details

Overnights are 10 hours at $50hr. Daytime work is a minimum package of 16 hours in 3 to 4 hour chunks at $55hr. Lactation visits are a minimum of 2 hours at $75hr. Any daytime package of 16 hours or more includes lactation support.

Service Area

New York, NY Serves families in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island In Person + Virtual Services

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Client Testimonials for Daisy Mason

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Daisy is a warm, calming and thoughtful presence throughout the birthing experience. She is incredibly  attentive throughout the pre birth process. She shared lots of valuable information that made us feel informed and prepared. I ended up needing to be induced and Daisy and I discussed the protocol for her joining us at the hospital several days in advance. She kept in touch throughout the early phase, joining us at the hospital when things had begun to progress. I can't say enough good things about how reassuring her presence is. She has a gentle and kind manner, but she advocated strongly for us in the hospital setting. Always checking in to make sure we knew what our options were and encouraging us to ask additional questions to clarify our choices if needed. Most importantly, I trust her 100%. In her postnatal visits she offered me reassurance and unconditional support - from breastfeeding to practical baby stuff like the first bath and how to wash baby hair to ongoing things like night feeding, finding a family rhythm etc. She has a really special and gentle approach that I think newborns all connect to. She could get our baby to fall asleep for a nap in a few minutes after we'd tried for hours. I wholeheartedly recommend Daisy across her whole suite of services. 



I had a long labor (over three days) and Daisy was present the entire time. When I though about transferring to the hospital (for pain meds) Daisy reminded me that was not what I wanted. Daisy’s words, comfort techniques, and calming presence allowed me to have the home-birth I wanted. Her continued support through these postpartum weeks set my family up for success. I will always be grateful for her support and encouragement. I can’t imagine having gone through this wild experience without her.

Paige McKinney


Daisy was such a fantastic resource for us - as first time parents we really relied on her knowledge and wisdom to help us make informed decisions and prepare for our baby's arrival. She gave me such confidence and invaluable help with feeding and those early days. Having her at the hospital for our golden hour set us up for a lot of success in breast feeding. We couldn't have done it all without her and are so grateful we found her to work with! 

Mollie Miller


As first time parents we were intimidated and nervous especially for the first few weeks with our baby! So we reached out to Daisy when I was about 7 months pregnant and luckily were able to book a postpartum support package. Without realizing what I would need the most help with beforehand, Daisy was a lifesaver when it came to lactation; She introduced me to different positioning than the lactation specialists at the hospital and suggested certain accessories that made nursing imeasurably more pleasant and productive for me and my baby.  Lastly, Daisy provided much needed inspiration for how my husband could be supportive on my nursing journey. It was great to have a non-family member giving us advice, and Daisy's personality is naturally calming - a welcome addition to any household with a newborn. We wholeheartedly suggest you book Daisy to help improve your postpartum experience. Her pointers will help you find what works faster, allowing you to find more joy along the way! 

Daniel and Karen B


Daisy was, in short, extraordinary. She made our family feel confident and ready for whatever type of birth came our way. Her professionalism as well as her gentle attentiveness was assuring and left us feeling like we were in the right hands. Daisy was generous with her time and knowledge, and gave the entire pre-delivery and delivery process the ease which it often comes without. We cannot recommend her enough!

Ella Crivello


We had a wonderful experience with Daisy and are absolutely positive it was the best choice we made throughout the pregnancy. In the midst of a pandemic, her smile and calm demeanor was greatly appreciated. She helped us (as first time parents) feel confident in what was to come at each stage, eased our worries about the entire birth process and remained flexible as our breech baby required scheduling a C section with inflexible visitor policies in the hospital. Daisy was there for all the uncomfortable questions post birth with foot massages and breastfeeding support to boot. We highly recommend working with Daisy!

Susan Galvani


Daisy has been wonderful! My newborn son and I have benefited so much from her care. Daisy managed to care for and soothe my son with ease while thoughtfully tending to my postpartum recovery. Her calm demeanor and wealth of knowledge about newborns have been invaluable to me and her breastfeeding tips were also super helpful. She even demonstrated how to trim my son's fingernails. Daisy has also been acommodating of last-minute requests for help and consistently reliable. Any new mother would be lucky to have Daisy in her home!



Daisy has a special energy, she's so calm and even keeled. I knew when she came over to meet us that she was the one given our dog melted in her lap while she calmed her down. Daisy was so informative throughout the experience. My birth didn't go exactly as I had hoped and went over 7 days and my midwives suggested I induce. Daisy was there throughout my 33 hours and then for me in the hardest parts. When we look back at those 33 hours in the hospital, my husband and I, and my mother are so thankful Daisy was there to help comfort me whether it was a foot massage, back rub, changing the bed to get you in a different position...she was great! 

Someone else mentioned she is like the Mary Poppins of Doulas and she really is...I have a hot water bottle heater to prove it!

Lauren Hilgers


Daisy was so wonderful to work with. She brings a feeling of calm with her when she walks into a room and kept me relaxed through the worst of my contractions. She was supportive without being intrusive, helped inform my decisions, and prepared me well for what to expect during the birth and postpartum. She was amazing and we will always be grateful!

Aurélia B


Daisy is the best! I m so thankfully she is wonderful. My delivery was amazing thanks to her. There are no words! Thanks to her we arrived at the perfect time at the hospital. Thanks to her I did not do an epidural: she reassured me and explained where I was in the process and that it was nearly finish and that I had done the hardest which was true (if I had listened to the doctor I would have done it they were explaining nothing). Also, she is discreet and perfect she finds the right solution at the right moment. She has the right gestures. Thanks to these manipulations she removed the pain from my surges by half. She is a magician, a real angel. Forever thank you. 



We had a fantastic experience with Daisy as our doula. It was the birth of our second child, but the first time birthing in an NYC hospital. I initially wasn't sure if we needed a doula this time around, but am so glad we decided to have the extra support. Daisy was always available and checked in often leading up to my due date (plus provided lots of emotional support when I went several days past). I had a longer and more complicated labor this time around, and was so grateful for Daisy's support in hospital, from her suggestions for positions to try during contractions, to ensuring I was drinking enough liquids to keep my energy up over the hours. She was great energy right through the end, and made sure we were all comfortable and settled into recovery before saying goodbye. I would highly recommend her to any future parents. 



My husband and I could not be more grateful that Daisy was part of our prenatal and birth team. As first time parents navigating labor and a hospital delivery, Daisy was a grounding and reassuring presence through my 23 hours of labor. Daisy helped me labor in the comfort of my home and also helped us gauge when to leave for the hospital. This was so important because we certainly would have headed there too early without her guidance. At the hospital, Daisy helped me cope with an unmedicated labor for many hours and then supported me when I finally decided to get a epidural after 20 hours of labor. Daisy provided reassurance throughout the hard parts of labor, reminding me what was "normal" when I became overhwlemed. This reassurance was invaluable to both me and my husband. Not to mention, she kept me hydrated and also kept me snacking to keep my energy up. After our son was born, Daisy gave my husband and I the space we needed to bond. In the days after our son came home with us, I was battling anxiety and Daisy quickly responded to my many, many questions and provided much needed support during this transition. Daisy is a kind, nurturing presence and we are so grateful that she came alongside us for our son's birth.        

Liz R


Daisy is a very chill, reliable person and was very in tune with my and my husband's needs throughout our 30-hour unmedicated labor and delivery. She has an uncanny ability to efficiently operate in the background and quietly made sure our birth plan was executed in our home and the hospital seamlessly. I have already recommended Daisy to a few friends who are expecting and will continue to do so. She was a crucial ingredient in making my birth the incredible and positive experience it was.



Daisy was absolutely incredible and everything I could have ever hoped for in a Doula. I had initially debated whether I really wanted / needed to hire a Doula as part of my birthing experience, but after initially meeting Daisy I knew that having a Doula and specifically working with Daisy was the best path for me.

During our initial pre-birth meetings my husband and I got to know Daisy and were encouraged by how open and supportive she was to helping guide us through our birth choices. Also, while she was extremely knowledgeable about a variety of birthing options, she never pushed us down any particular path, but instead identified pros and cons based on her experience.

While our initial time with Daisy was very helpful, it was during the actual birthing process that she really came through and was indispensable. This was my first child so everything was new to me and her birth was not particularly easy, over 24 hours in labor. Daisy was with my husband and I during this whole time and I swear I think she may have been some sort of Doula Mary Poppins. She had absolutely everything I needed to help calm me and support me through the birth. This ranged from something as simple as a straw to help me drink water (I was so thirsty) to essential oils ready to go for a foot massage.

When it came time to push and actually deliver my daughter the primary doctor on hand was one that I did not agree with or feel comfortable around based on my interactions with him from the previous night. Daisy knew this and made sure another doctor was the one in the room to deliver my baby to help ensure the best possible environment. Plus, during the delivery Daisy was right by my side assisting both me and the doctors helping guarantee the best possible delivery experience.

Daisy was fantastic and I cannot imagine having delivered my baby without her support and am truly grateful that she was with me for this experience.     



At first I was very skeptical about how a doula would benefit us as a couple but as soon as we met Daisy that changed completely. She has such a warm and kind demeanor. Very open, non judgemental and approachable. I felt a sense of comfort with her when I needed advise on decisions I was not expecting to make. While laboring at the hospital I felt like she was more in tuned with what was going on with my body than the nurses who were checking in on me. She read my cues and knew exactly what to do and how to support me. I really felt much more at ease having her in the room and would not have had it any other way. I am so grateful for her being there and am so happy to have the memories of that day to cherish forever! Thank you so much Daisy! You will always have a place in our hearts!


Megan, Julien & baby Cassien 

Courtney S


Daisy was an incredible partner and advocate during labor. I'm not sure what we would have done without her! She did an amazing job helping us come up with our birth plan in advance of the birth, and during labor, she was excellent communicating our desires to the hospital staff. She was a calming presence throughout the entire experience, and motivated me when I was exhausted and wanted to give up. Because of Daisy, I was able to have a vaginal birth as I had always wanted. It was a long labor, but she hung in there with me and my husband, helping ease my discomfort while staying positive the entire time. Seeing the doctor hold up my baby after he was born was one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen. The next day, the doctor told me she was convinced I would need to have a c-section -- having Daisy there advocating for me, providing ideas and recommendations was cruicial. She has such a wonderful presence and made me feel comfortable from the moment we met. Daisy was worth every penny. For anyone looking for a doula, reach out to Daisy ASAP, she is truly the best!

Mike & Roma


As a first-time dad and the initially-skeptical husband, I can't say enough wonderful things about our experience with Daisy Mason as our doula. I didn't really even know what a doula did or why we would willingly incur another expense (the baby's coming regardless of who's there, right?) but looking back, it's one of the best decisions we made during the pregnancy and in retrospect a complete no-brainer. From the first meeting, Daisy put us at ease with her calm demeanor, complete openness, and informed & non-judgemental responses to our MANY questions. She was in regular contact with my wife and with both of us whenever necessary. When the time came, she was at our home quickly and helped my wife through her contractions while I ran around getting ready to get to the hospital. Arriving at the hospital, Daisy was a huge help, from carrying stuff to helping us get checked in while I parked. She made sure that we were both eating and/or drinking water, both easily-overlooked but important tasks. During the delivery, Daisy kept us calm and informed when the L&D staff were focusing on other things. She knew when there was a break and told us to rest up and pushed for more information on our behalf when the recommended course of action was a departure from the birth plan. She sensed our nerves when they were speaking in terms & tones that we couldn't identify as grave or simply focused, and assured us that everything was OK. Daisy was incredibly positive and encouraging during active labor and was genuinely happy for us once the baby had finally arrived.

Simply put, Daisy enriched the entire birth experience and we could not more strongly recommend her as a doula!

Ismael Zakou


J'avais eu le plasir de rencontrer Daisy. Elle est une personne exceptionelle qui nous as aider guider et conseiler durant l'accouchement de ma femme. Elle etais tres patiente et elle s'es comporter comme si elle etais de la famille, elle as supporter ma femme jusqu'a la fin de l' accouchement. Je la recommends a tout le monde. Elle est tres bien et fait tres bien son travail. Elle vraiment qualifier pour le boulot.

Ismael Zakou

Chanie Brach


I'm not sure where to start. My birth was not easy at all, I had a scheduled induction that lead to a c-section after 24 hour of labor. So basically it was no party. Why should you choose Daisy? She is what made me pull through this birth experience with no trauma leading to PPD. Daisy was there from the moment we entered the hospital until my princess was born, she tended to my needs, calmed me down, eased pain, dealt with a emotional/cranky soul  ;) and guided/educated us new parent to be. We could have never done it without her. We will forever be greatful.

Jessica W


We absolutely loved our experience working with Daisy for the birth of our daughter in December 2018. We had an opportunity to meet with Daisy twice before the due date and it was a great way to share expectations, questions, concerns and also get tips for preparing myself for the birth. Our daughter was due November 29th but ended up 11 days late. During that time Daisy was regularly available to me for phone calls and texted to check in on how I was feeling and how midwife visits were going. 

Ultimately I had to be induced and Daisy was there from the very beginning. She talked me through things the weekend before and arrived at the hospital for triage before the induction. Throughout the day Daisy continued to offer support and even gave me a foot massage as I was waiting for stronger contractions to begin! 

After several hours of pitocin the midwife suggested breaking my water, a decision I was not comfortable with at the time. Daisy was able to help me talk through my options and delay the decision. Throughout the rest of my labor and pushing Daisy was such a calming presence to help me through and consistently reminded me of breathing techniques. Her support was able to really help keep me focused and my husband really appreciated having another knowledgable person providing support in the room and advocating for what we needed. 

Once our daughter arrived Daisy helped with breastfeeding and continued to stay with us through our transition into the mother-baby unit at the hospital. She continued to text and check in on us and visited us about a week after we left the hospital to see how we were doing. The postpartum visit was an excellent addition to the birth support. I was really struggling with breastfeeding at the time and Daisy provided help with positioning and latching and was able to be an emotional support during some difficult times. I couldn't imagine doing this without her support. 

Sarah Silver


My husband and I welcomed our first child in August with the help and support of Daisy as our Doula.  Daisy has a calming presence that was reassuring to us before, during, and after our baby’s birth.  She is prompt and reliable, caring and well-informed.  She is also flexible:  she helped us make a birth plan that we felt good about, and, when most of those plans went out the window because it became clear that a scheduled C section was the safest thing for me and baby, Daisy researched and reassured. On baby’s birth day, Daisy came with us to the hospital and made her way to triage, though initially told she wasn’t allowed.  She relieved my husband so he could go eat something during our long wait for the scheduled c section (emergency c sections kept taking precedence, delaying my surgery by almost 5 hours).  She was with us after the surgery, advocating for my comfort and making sure I got my skin to skin contact and opportunity to breastfeed the babe.  She is also incredibly helpful with breastfeeding issues. All the while, Daisy captured priceless photos and video that we were too busy to capture at that time.

After the birth, Daisy visited to help me with breastfeeding and also kindly made me some meals when I was so busy adjusting to the hectic new mom lifestyle.

Throughout this entire process, Daisy was always immediately responsive to texts, emails, and calls.  She was truly a key part of our process and we recommend her enthusiastically and without hesitation.

megan lewis


I was connected with Daisy via Carriage House. She was the first doula we met of many. I immediately felt as ease with her. She encouraged me in every way from the very beginning. My birth journey was like most in that we planned and then our journey changed. I had a short labor that resulted in my giving birth in the floorboard of an Uber. Daisy  was there to guide us literally and figuratively through the ordeal. Once we arrived at the hospital she took charge and made sure that our concerns were focused solely on our sweet little Bean. She took charge of paperwork, advocated for our wishes and made sure breastfeeding began immensely. I truly don’t know what we would’ve done without her.

Daisy is comforting, encouraging, efficient, intuitive, knowledgeable, Unwavering and most important of all strengthening.

Skylar Failla


Daisy stepped in during the last few weeks of my pregnancy when our hired doula was out of town for a family emergency. From the moment we spoke with Daisy after being connected, we knew we were in good hands if our doula had not returned in time for our birth. After our initial phone call with Daisy she provided my husband and I helpful information and was always there to answer our questions. As it turned out, I was set to deliver a week before my due date via cesarean when our hired doula was still out of town. Although our birth was not what we had hoped, we felt so fortunate that Daisy was our doula on delivery day. She met us early in the morning the day of delivery and stayed with us during the prep for surgery through the time we were settled in our hospital room with our baby. Daisy is incredibly warm and was extremely supportive, attentive, and helpful. She always took it upon herself to give my husband and I moments alone. Following the delivery, in the recovery room, Daisy helped to initiate breastfeeding and lend a helpful hand in any way she could to me and my husband. Words can express our gratitude for Daisy. We are so thrilled that she was part of our birth team. If you have the opportunity to hire Daisy as your doula, I highly recommend it.

Janet Vidal


I met Daisy 3 weeks before my first baby was due. Upon meeting her, I felt like she would be the support I needed during labor. She was sweet, attentive, and asked me about my expectations and concerns. As a single mom, I needed support and comfort during such an important event in my life. The doula I picked would be my main source of that. Daisy was my number one choice and thankfully she was available!

The days leading up to my delivery, Daisy made sure she checked in. She asked me how I was doing, if there were any updates and kept reminding me to let her know as soon as it was time for my baby's birth . Finally, when the moment came, I let her know and she arrived to the hospital immediately.

At the hospital, she kept track of my contractions and made sure I was comfortable. She would ask me if I needed water, if I needed a snack, or if I needed some chapstick. Simple things that I am very thankful for because they provided me so much comfort. As the contractions got closer together and stronger, Daisy started to apply pressure in my lower back, she provided me with breathing techniques and reminders of how strong I was. That was exactly what I needed! She helped me so much  and I will forever be thankful for having Daisy with me when welcoming the most amazing gift in my life.

Daisy came to visit my baby and I about a week after he was born. Since I was breastfeeding she was so sweet and brought me some nipple cream. She also asked me if I needed anything and spent some time helping with the baby so that I could get some much needed rest. A few days later she also emailed me some pictures that she took when my baby was born. I was so into the moment of birthing that I totally forgot about capturing it so this was an amazing gesture!

Daisy was an amazing doula and if I were to have another child, I would choose her again!

Katryn Evinson


Daisy was an amazing doula. Her presence and support brought me a lot of confidence and she made me feel very safe. I know my birth experience went so well because of her. Daisy was super resourceful, respectful and knew exactly how to deal with the entire situation. It felt like having a family member that you can fully trust and that you know will advocate for you if the need arises. She was great teaming with my partner and she knew exactly how to maintain the atmosphere that we had created for ourselves. Once at the hospital, Daisy made sure I got the right care and was attentive to any changes to my birth plan that nurses/midwives wanted to make during the birth (the baby's heart rate dropped while they were monitoring me at triage and she did everything that was in her hand to get me as comfortable as the limitations allowed for and to maintain everything possible I had imagined for my birth within the constraints I had). Finally, I was able to be transferred to the Birthing Center towards the end of my labor which was a short but a great experience. I would strongly recommend Daisy to any friend or acquaintance who asked me for info on a doula; and if I had a second baby, I would definitely want Daisy to be my doula for a second time around :).

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