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Edmonton, AB Service range 45 miles



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Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

13 years

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Hypnobabies - Certified Hypno-Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, April 2012

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

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Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Service Area

Edmonton, AB Service range 45 miles

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Client Testimonials for Dawn McCorry

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Celyna Harter


Dawn was meant to be a doula, she is wonderful at what she does! She brought a calm, reassuring, and strong presence to the birth of my son. She was supportive and encouraging from the minute we connected all the way through my ‘fourth trimester’, not only with me but also my partner. The birth of my son was complicated and traumatic but I have learned that it wasn’t ‘what’ exactly happened but my feelings surrounding it. I reflect on my birth with feelings of joy and pride (amidst several complications) LARGELY in part of Dawns dedication to create a safe and supportive environment. She is a beautiful person with a passion so bright it shifts the energy in the room. She is experienced, knowledgeable and everything and more you could ever want in a birth doula- she goes above and beyond. Thank you Dawn for being an outstanding birth doula and wonderful friend.

Lisa Baroldi


It is difficult to put into words how much we appreciate Dawn and her expertise. Without her, I truly don't know how we would have managed as first time, older parents. We knew nothing about babies and what to expect. Dawn was a godsend. I said to her a thousand times to Dawn that we would hire her to be our general contractor! She is professional and organized and extremely knowledgeable. She would always put forward three referrals and put no pressure. There was zero judgement, incredible warmth, advocacy know-how. Dawn brings her full self and her beautiful energy to the pregnancy, birthing, and even post-partem experience. I think our baby is as awesome as she is because Dawn helped to bring her into this world. Thanks, coach, Aunty DiDi. You prepared us and fully supported us in ways I didn't think were possible. We love you and thank you! 

Danielle Hickle


I have had a hard time writing this because I can not begin to articulate what Dawn meant to my husband and I during my pregnancy, labour and during my postpartum recovery. I’ll start by saying that from the moment you meet her, it is very clear that Dawn is MEANT to be a doula.
It feels like we received the ‘deluxe package’ but after reading other testimonials here it’s brought tears to my eyes – Dawn provides the most exceptional level of love, care, friendship and knowledge to every single one of her clients and makes it look so easy and natural.
I don’t think I would describe myself as a ‘calm’ person but with Dawn’s guidance and care I truly went into labour calm, happy and feeling empowered. At some point in my 30 some hours of labour I told Dawn that it should be ILLEGAL for women to give birth without a doula and I stand by that! I will not hesitate to have Dawn with me for all of my future pregnancies, labour and deliveries. She is ‘my people’.

Monique Campsall


Dawn has been our doula for all three of my births. When I write a testimonial for her doula services, it really feels more like I’m writing about family because she has become such a huge part our lives since then. Hiring a doula for our first pregnancy and birth was the best thing my husband and I could have done. The wealth of knowledge Dawn provided us with, educating us in such a loving and supportive way and never with any judgement, gave us so much awareness about our options when it came to deciding the type of birth experience we wanted. She helped me feel empowered. She helped my husband feel like a confident birth partner and that he had an important role in the process just as much as herself and our birth team.  He learned so many ways to support me both physically and emotionally during pregnancy and postpartum because of Dawn. My first was a long hospital birth with a doctor and team of nurses. My second was a home water birth with a team of midwives and my third was a hospital birth with a team of midwives. I’ve had three very different birth experiences but every single one was amazing. I know things can go differently and what we plan doesn’t always happen for various reasons. I know that my own personal experiences were beautiful and empowering in their own unique way because I always felt heard and supported and that my body was 100% capable of doing what it needed to do. I was privileged with the education and tools I needed to make the best decisions possible for myself and my babies. Dawn gave that to me. She has been by our sides to help welcome all three of our beautiful boys earth side. I don’t think I will ever fully be able to put into words what she means to our family. She is an amazing human being. An incredible doula and friend. So much knowledge and so much passion for supporting women and the birth process. We are eternally grateful for her.

We love you so much Dawn.



We feel incredibly grateful that our paths crossed with Dawn. She was the second Doula we interviewied and we knew right away that she was the right fit for our family. 

Dawn is incredily passionate about her work as a Doula and has a very large and open heart. She was there for us every single step of the way (even when we sent her 100 text messages or phone calls in an hour) and she answered us promptly and always with an abundance of support. When it was baby time, she arrived cool and collected and immediately got to work. After baby came, she continued to check in on us and helped ease our transition.

Dawn doesn't waiver. She is committed and loving. She was a shoulder to lean on, a weath of information, a friend to hug and a protector of Mother and Child. She was also a huge support to the partner, offering knowledge and affirmations continually through the entire proces.

If we have a second child, there is no question that she will be there with us again. We will love her forever and the bond we share with her.

If you're on the fence about hiring a Doula, please just do so. It is an investment in your family and provides a security that cannot be matched.

Sarah Schiele


I found out that Dawn is a doula while taking her prenatal yoga class. I knew by the way she instructed the class and her personity that she was the right type of person to guide me through my prenancy and birth. Dawn took the time to get to know me and my preferences and she helped me see my birth plan through. She has a wealth of knowledge and a very obvious passion for prenancy, birth, children, personal wellness and self care. Leading up to, during and after my labor Dawn was available to chat and answer questions and very attentive. Having Dawn guide me during my labor helped me feel safe and cared for in a way that my spouse wouldnt have the experience or insight to provide. It also gave my spouse and I an oppurtunity to relax (as much as possible) and just be in the moment. Dawn also took pictures and wrote down notes all throughout labor and delivery to create a birth story for us to read later which was great because I wouldnt have remembered all of those little details. I am so grateful to Dawn for guiding me through and making my experience the best possible. I recommend Dawn to any expectant mother who is looking for a Doula that is open and supportive of all types of birth plans and will offer resources, knowledge, support and care to see it through.

Caitlin Bergeron


We were so grateful to have Dawn as our doula for the birth of both our sons. During each pregnancy she checked in with us many times to see how we were doing and to offer whatever support we needed. She always checked that we were informed, but always ensured that she understood and respected the decisions we made. During each birth Dawn was an incredible support. She seemed to know just what was needed and when, and always offered a suggestion in a compassionate and caring manner. Her calming and grounding presence kept us focused and working as a team. My husband greatly appreciated her ability to guide him to better support me throughout the birth. Dawn stayed with us after each birth to make sure everyone was doing well and had what they needed. Once we were home, she visited to answer any questions and offer whatever support we needed. Even as our boys are getting older, Dawn continues to check in and celebrate milestones with us. She cares deeply for her clients, and we feel very fortunate that she was with us as we welcomed both of our sons into our family.

Miranda Laing


Dawn was an imperative addition to my birthing team. She relentlessly provides love support and frienship throughout my pregnancy, during birth and labour and continues to support my post partum journey. There are only very few souls that can give so effortlessly without expectation of the same greatness in return, she is truley a very special person. Her knowledge and education on various scenerios of pregnancy, labour & birth are endless. As a mother of three boys herself, she can provide personal experiences along with a well rounded intuition of advice to support mothers and their partners. We would not have felt the same without having Dawn by our side and look forward knowing we will have Dawn along for the journey with our next baby. Thank you Dawn for all that you do, you are more than anyone could have asked for and we are so blessed to have connected with you. We love you my dear friend. xo

Melanie Lodenquai


Where do I even begin? I was blessed to meet Dawn when I enrolled for her prenatal yoga class, and when she told us she was also a birth doula, I knew immediately she was the one for me. I went into labour on a Friday evening, she joined us sometime before midnight, and was our absolute pillar of strength and support through what ended up being an extremely long and arduous labour, that finally resulted in a cesarean at 3am on Sunday morning. She was with us for nearly 30 hours, with relentless love, energy, and compassion throughout. My husband had initially questioned the necessity of a doula, and after it was all over he announced that he wasn't sure he would have made it through the process without her.

There are no words powerful enough to describe Dawn, and her ability to radiate calm and love in the toughest moments. Her consistent support before, during, and long after labour and delivery have been one of the greatest gifts in my life. She is truly an earth angel, and some form of superhero all rolled into one beautiful package ??

Jaimie Baron


Besides our baby, Dawn McCorry was the best thing about our birth experience! She was there with us for the birth of our first child when we had little idea what was happening or supposed to happen. She helped us stay calm and make difficult decisions. She was there for us the entire time and even waited for us after I was rushed to the OR - until she could make sure I and the baby were both okay. She wrote up a beautiful birth narrative for us, and she never forgets to write on our son's birthday. She is a wonderful person and I would recommend her to anyone who wants any kind of help or support during their birth. I have told many friends that she was (and is) worth her weight in gold. I could not recommend her more highly.

Susan Tucker


We hired Dawn as she was a great fit for us- personable, good sense of humor, similar values.

I am so happy with the decision to hire Dawn. The education she provided beforehand made me way more confident in my knowledge and abilities. She did not press her beliefs onto us, but let us explore how we felt about different aspects of pregnancy and labor. Her presence at the birth of our baby meant we had an advocate, a cheerleader, someone to bounce things off and a support for my partner. She knew to request things like portable monitoring which we never would have known was an option otherwise. Dawn provided continuous encouragement during labor, which was so necessary.

After our baby was born, I was so happy that Dawn kept checking in on us, was super supportive and answered all the questions we had about having a new baby.

if you have the means, and Dawn is a good personality fit, hire her!

Nicolette Leonardis


Dawn is the most amazing person and I cannot recommend her enough. I actually feel bad for people who give birth without her. She is so knowledgeable and comforting. She truly goes above and beyond throughout all stages of pregnancy. Even after birth when you have questions and concerns about breastfeeding and the new challenges of parenting. Without her my labour would have certainly been a few extra days. I'm so greatful I had her. She will forever be a part of our family. She even writes up a birth story and takes detailed notes so you can lookback after the chaos. WE LOVE YOU DAWN XXX

Brandy Roy


Choosing Dawn as our doula for our third child was the best decision. She was there for me throughout my entire pregnancy and during early labor. She has excellent communication skills and was always available for any questions and continuely checked in throughout the milestones of pregannacy and parenting. On our special day, as I went into the OR Dawn supported my husband and waited patiently for the arrival of our daughter. Dawn’s presence provided us with not only an extra set of hands and a personal photographer, she was a huge source of calm and comfort the whole day and night. After our daughter was born Dawn continued to care for me and baby like we were her family. She helped us tremendously and guided our entire family when we were just gaining our footing as a family of five. Dawn continues to share a special connection and bond with us. She has the warmest heart and we feel blessed to have had her as our doula.

Chauntelle Blackburn


I met Dawn while attending a prenatal yoga class that she was teaching during my first pregnancy. She had mentioned that she was also a Doula, but at the time I did not know much about Doulas, so I regretfully didn't give it much thought. The birth experience that I ended up having with my first daughter was a nightmare that I never wished to experience again. When I found out I was pregnant with my second daughter, I immediately thought of Dawn. She seemed so knowledgeable when it came to pregnancy and birth and I felt that she could help empower me to have a better experience my second time around. Hiring Dawn was the best decision I could have ever made. She far exceeded any expectations that I had for her. From the moment I asked her to be my Doula she was there for me. Whenever I had any questions or even if I just needed an ear she was a text or a phone call away. She provided me with so many helpful tips and took the time to send useful articles and information relating to any concern I had. She never judged any of my somewhat unconventional requests for my birth plan. She made sure I was as informed as possible before making any decisions and then encouraged me to do what resonated most with my spouse and I. She made me feel comfortable with the fact that ultimately I knew what was best for my baby and my body. Even though there was pressure to go against our better judgement, with Dawn’s encouragement, the birth of our daughter ended up going exactly as I had dreamed it would. Dawn helped me achieve the all natural birth that I knew my body was capable of. She made me less afraid of the birthing process, helped comfort me during labour and helped my spouse be the best he could be when things got intense as well. I can honestly say that we had an amazing birth experience with my second and I owe a huge part of that to Dawn. She will always be my friend and have a special place in our hearts for helping to make that happen.

Jessica Zacharki


I met Dawn through pre-natal yoga and instantly fell in love with her.  From her endless knowledge and infectious smile to her genuine love and passion for all things mama and baby it was impossible not to instantly form a connection with her.  When my husband and I decided to to have Dawn as our Doula we had no idea how valuable it would actually be for us both.  We loved all the meetings, the fact that I could text her anytime I had questions or just needed to chat, and the friendship we developed with her along the way.  The day I went into labour everything I learned left my brain but Dawn was there to calmly walk us through every single step of the way.  She was by my side encouraging me in my decisions, supporting me physically and mentally and also helping my husband stay calm and figure out the best things he could do to support me (she probably saves a lot of marriages haha).  And the love and the support didn't end there, she helped with breastfeeding and all the challenges that came to follow.  Any question or concerns I had (or still have and my oldest is 4) she was there to help.

When I became pregnant with my second I asked Dawn to be my doula even before I told my husband the good news!  I couldn't imagine going through that expereince without her by my side.  My second pregnancy and delivery was completely different than my first and yet she still had all the answers, all the love and all the support.  And for the last month of my pregnancy when I messaged her everyday telling her I might be in labour, not once did her gentle and kind support waver.  My second was born days before Christmas, and no matter what I needed at such a busy time of year she was there.

To this day, I don't know what I would do without Dawn in my life.  She is truly one of those people who enrich your life in ways you didn't know was possible.

Kassandra Nichol


Our experience with Dawn was amazing!  She was super supportive throughout my pregnancy, during labor, and even during the postpartum period.  She had tons of knowledge to share and was able to ease my mind and answer any questions I had.  My husband was skeptical about having a Doula and didn't think it was necessary, though after a very long labor he was thankful to have had her with us as he was able to rest and step out when he needed to.  Our prenatal visits were always a very positive experience and she made us feel very comfortable and made my pregnancy journey and birthing experience all the more special and memorable.  She even typed up our "Birth Story", which was very detailed, and was such a nice keepsake to have and look back on.  I would highly recommend Dawn to anyone.  I still message her here and then if I have any questions and she still checks in once in awhile to see how we're doing.

Lesley Gruhn


We hired Dawn for both of our 2 deliveries. She was a complete life saver during my first labour while I struggled at home for 13 horus before going to the hospital. She was calm and encouraging. She put my husband at ease as he was very scared while I went through some very tough points. Dawn stayed with us the entire time at the hospital through the c-section and after to make sure we were ok. She was incredible! I was so out of it for most of it and she sent me a birth story afterwards with all of the details written out that I wouldn't have remembered! What a fantastic keepsake!

On to baby #2. We were struggling financially and I suggested perhaps we skip the cost of the doula this time, my husband put his foot down and insisted we will not have this baby without Dawn. She was such a huge support to both of us obviously.  We home birthed this one and again Dawn stayed by our side the entire time. She provided us with so much love and strength. At my weakest moments she reminded me that I am so capable of doing this! She helped push me through and validated my fears and pain. Her joy when our daughter was born was so beautiful to see! Someone who I invited to be part of one of my most vulnerable moments had infact given us everything we hoped for.

Dawn is incredibly professional, reliable, loving and supportive. She is so genuine and caring. Everything she provides is well worth the cost. We could have done it without her, but why?! My own mother would be too concerned for my safety to provide me with a calm strength that I needed, Dawn was that and so much more.

Donna Rommel


Dawn was my doula for my two births. Even before the labour and delivery, she provided me with so much emotional support and she was such a wealth of knowledge. She helped create a very peaceful environment during labour and we even shared a few laughs along the way. Dawn truly loves being a doula and it shows by her passion, support and care. From the never-ending questions I had before labour and delivery all the way through to establishing breast feeding after the baby was born, she was a blessing to have by my side.

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