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Leslie Cuffee

Leslie C. Cuffee, Doula

Chesapeake, VA Service range 30 miles Travel fees may apply


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

17 years and 526 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Hypnobabies - Certified Hypno-Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, March 2006
  • Hypnobabies, January 2008

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Must have a licensed professional midwife attending. In NC, must have a nurse midwife in attendance.

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Birth pool rental
  • Childbirth education services
  • Hypnosis for birth
  • Military families support
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reiki
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Therapist or counselor
  • Vaginal steam/peristeam services
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Leslie has served or participated with many birth organisations such as Partners In Birth (PIB), Doula Talk, ICAN (former secretary) & Birth Matters Virginia to name a few. Leslie has held certifications with well known organisations such as CAPPA, DONA and Hypnobabies. She has partnered with other area doulas servingas a childbirth educator also offering classes privately in the comfort of her clients homes as well as teaching at Mary View Hospital in Portsmouth VA. Leslie has been affiliated with Hypnobabies and The National Yoga Academy (Amanda Hamp CEO) And has volunteered her time to offering doula services to wives of deployed husbands and at war spouses during times of crisis with Operation Special Delivery (OSD) when it was a volunteer based service. If you would like to have her speak at a collage, yoga class or workshop message to make arrangements. Always happy to speak about birth!

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

*If you would like a Hypnobabies or Hypnobirth, you will need to take a local class or order a self study guide. https://www.hypnobabies-store.com/content.cgi Also providing Placenta Encapsulation. Fees based on location and if you are a paying doula client you qualify for a discount. ** Discounted rates for in home comfort measures class for doula clients. ***Placenta encapsulation discounts for doula clients. ****Add $50 travel fee for Peninsula and Williamsburg clients or clients living in areas exceeding 30 miles from my address.

Service Area

Chesapeake, VA Service range 30 miles Travel fees may apply

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Client Testimonials for Leslie Cuffee

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Felicia Fletcher


Leslie was absolutely fantastic. I hired her at 30 weeks pregnant when I made the switch from an OB to a Midwives office. She was able to take me in and I truly felt how much she loved what she did. Even though my birth ended up in the hospital, she was still very caring and helped me through the process. She came in, helped me feel safe, and made my experience even better. We are so thankful for her! 



I did not know what a doula was until I was about mid-way through my pregnancy. I started a google search for doulas in my area (since I am relatively new to the area) and Leslie was highly recommended by a few people I talked to in the area. Our first meeting together, I was comforted becuase she spoke so kindly, gently, and understood where I was in my pregnancy and background. Since then, we would exchange texts almost every other day. She was so supportive and responsive. She encouraged all updates from doctors visits to what I was studying with childbirth classses so that she can know me better. She always knew how to be a positive light in all situations. On the day I went into labor, she was supporitve, attentive and responsive every hour with texting or calls. I was supposed to have a midwife at the day of my delivery, but they sprung on me that a doctor will be delivering my baby that day, which imposed fear on me, especially with what the doctor told me over the phone when I was in early labor. She immediately knew what to tell me to calm me, so that my contractions can resume and take the normal pace. She made my hospital birth experience extra special, with essential oils, amazing home baked goodies during labor and after delivery, and comfort measures. She was there to give me positive words of affirmation, which I needed to make sure I was doing a good job. She advocated for me all the time, and she worked together really well with my husband during labor. During pregnancy and even postpartum, she has been an EXCELLENT resource for referrals, especially if one is new to the area (such as chiro, Acupuncture, in home massage, craniosacral therapy, nanny, etc).  I highly recommend her doula services! You will be so impressed! Thank you Leslie from the bottom of my heart!

Tina Riddick


At our first meeting  before we even exchanged words I felt Ms. Leslie's energy and I knew she was the perfect fit. Even though Nirvana decided to come earth side on the day of our scheduled final meeting before the birth , Ms. Leslie came in and helped create this calm environment. She was instrumental in helping me with my breathing when the surges were intense and helping me switch positions and swaying my hips from side to side. She helped me when I got a foot cramp and gave these amazing back massages. She was my hands after the birth helping me get my fluids and food in while I held Nirvana for the first time. Ms. Leslie played a key role in helping me  achieve the birth that I wanted. Leslie is the best hands down.

Amber Robinson


Leslie was referred to me by several moms in my homeschool community. When we initially met I knew without a doubt that I wanted her as my doula. She was very supportive and attentive from start to finish and was always a positive light in every situation. Although I did not get the homebirth I dreamed of due to unfortunate circumstances and had nothing to do with her, she made my hospital experience amazing and was an advocate for me. I highly recommend her doula services as well as her encapsulation and umbilical cord preservation services. Thank God for Leslie Cuffee!



We relocated between pregnancies and were in desperate need of a new doula.  We had such a great experience our first time around that we had high expectations for our new doula.  Instantly my husband and I felt at ease with Leslie and knew we had found the perfect doula to help us deliver our second child.  My eighth month of pregnancy was full of hospital visits and treatments to stop preterm labor.  Leslie was always there helping with advice and support.  Once my water broke she accomplished the perfect balance of stepping in and letting my husband step in.  During my last hour of labor, Leslie was a godsend.  She helped me stay positive and welcome my daughter in the most celebrated way possible.  If you are looking for a doula that makes you feel capable and your experience feel like the miracle it is, Leslie is the perfect doula. 



My husband and I loved Leslie and knew she was the right doula for us the first time we met her. Throughout the prenatal period she was supportive, was responsive and helpful through text, and always made us feel comfortable and loved. 

I ended up having an induction a week after my due date. As soon as labor started getting difficult for me, I texted Leslie saying that I might want her to come to the hospital soon. Leslie said that meant it was time for her to come in, and I’m so glad she did!

I wanted to have a natural birth, and I made it WAY further with Leslie than I could have otherwise. She was extremely helpful, and I was so impressed with the effectiveness of her techniques. She helped my husband help me, which was a great experience for him. I wound up asking for an epidural close to the end because I had been laboring for around 15 hours and my labor stalled when I was at 7cm, but I know I would have needed the epidural way sooner if it had not been for Leslie. Leslie encouraged me to do what felt right for me, and I felt like the epidural was the right thing to do. Sure enough, my body just needed the rest, and my baby was born a few hours later.

I’m disappointed that I will likely no longer be living in the area when I have my next child...Leslie’s love and support was such a wonderful and vital part of my labor and delivery!





Nelly Boring


I was reffered to Leslie by a friend who hired her for the birth of her baby. From the moment we met, I knew this woman would be my doula. She was so calm, so peaceful and very knowlegable. It was my third pregnancy. The first two of my babies were vaginal delivery with epidural. Since then I taught myself a lot about holistic medicine and all things natural. So I wanted my third and last birth to be natural. My husband was NOT on board with me hiring a doula and I informed Leslie about it. She explained that she had experience from partners/mothers who were not in favor of the idea of hiring a doula, but once birth took place, everything would fall together perfectly. Little did we know then that my husband would get deployed and I would be going through this pregnancy alone with two small children and a full-time job. I ended up being high risk with a IUGR baby and pre-eclampsia. Needless to say that I was a hot mess. My husband was worried sick and felt helpless as he was on the other side of the world. But I had Leslie, who was there - checking up on me, sending me little reminders to be calm, spending hours in the phone letting me talk and get it all out. I cannot express, how much I appreciated her during those months. She was always a text/phone call away ready to reassure me and give me tips. At 37 weeks I was induced as the baby stopped growing. I called Leslie immediately and she was right there. She spent the night with me as the labor progressed, we talked, did some hypnosis, drank herbal teas and rested before birth. My husband made it back right in time for the labor. When the active labor started, and things got intense, Leslie was there, holding my hand and her calming presence was absolutely amazing. I ended up having a healthy baby boy and I feel so empowered from giving birth naturally, just like I wanted. She also helped me with a few issues post partum. If you are still shopping for doula - shop no more cause you just found her!

Candice M. Crow


This was my first time having a Doula, this was my 4th and final birth.
We had a great connection from the start, she gives off that loving momma vibe, with her soothing voice, and comforting presence.
This was my 2nd high risk pregnancy, I knew what to expect, and she asked questions along the way to make sure she was not only in the loop but also understanding my rare and unique complications.
 I was having my 2nd induced VBAC, however I went into labor on my own the day before I was to be induced, however I was almost 36wks.
She showed up, ready to go at 11:45pm, bright eyed, bushy tailed, and exactly what I needed. In early labor I sent her home, a few hours later I was calling her back, well texting rather, she responded immediately and came right over, very reassuring.
I had a scary moment during my labor, and there she was with a warm embrace to comfort and calm me.
When it came time to push things moved quickly, but it felt like slow motion, while I was obviously preoccupied, she was by my side, she was also reminding the birth team of my wishes, something I totally forgot and wasn't even thinking about. She reminded them we wanted my husband to assist in the deliver, which they did, she reminded them to delay cord clamping as long as everyone was okay, which they also did. She reminded them we wanted my husband to cut the cord when the time came, and they did, they may not have had she not been there.
We had a photographer there as well, and they seemed to work in sync with each other, it was fantastic, and took away so much stress.

She did prints of my placenta at my specific requests, a rainbow for my rainbow baby, and even threw in some extra goodies when she delivered my capsules and prints to me.

One of a kind experience, each birth only happens once, each birth is unique, I strongly encourage everyone to hire a doula, you will not regret it!

Brianna Gonzales


I could write a book about Leslie! She was invaluable to myself & my family during pregnancy & delivery. She was always a text away & was a constant encourager... towards the end of labor (before pushing) she was the only person in the room who could keep me focused that moment I'll never forget! Leslie is that voice of reasoning but never judges how you want YOUR birth. I never intend to have a baby without Leslie in the room. My husband was skeptical of paying for a Doula at first but after the delivery he can't brag on her enough & he recommends her to every pregnant friend I have. She became a part of the family the day I delivered!

Agastina Ricks


Leslie was nothing less than amazing in the time that we had with her. We met Leslie in our first trimester and there was an instant connection! When meeting with her, there was no doubt that this was her passion. Being a doula isn't just a job for Leslie, it is her life and she is incredible at what she does. Leslie has such a servants heart. She was always available to give advice and resources throughout my pregnancy. When my delivery day finally came, Leslie was right by my side with such a sweet and calm presence. I felt confident knowing she was there to assist me through the hardest journey of my life. Not only did Leslie help me through the labor pains but she helped my husband to coach me through as well. The two of them made a pretty great team! Although my labor and delivery went completely opposite from planned, I had peace knowing Leslie was there. My natural birth plan ended in an emergency c-section but I never once felt bad or upset with where things went. Leslie assured me that everything would be okay and was by my side holding my hand through my first major surgery. My husband and I are so happy we decided to hire Leslie as our doula. I really don't know how we would have done it without her! Her services are invaluable and her spirit is like none other! We absolutely love her and would recommend her to anyone!

Lauren E. King


Leslie is an angel. We were both blessed and graced that she exists and that we found her.

I found Leslie in 2014 during my first pregnancy. She was so responsive and overly accomidating from our first phone call. I felt  immiedately that I had a discovered more than a doula, I had made a life-long friend. Leslie is someone I have been able to rely on for emotional, mental and physical support, from conception to postpartum and beyond. Leslie is respectful, responsible, trustworthy, kind, generous, loving and not to mention a skilled artist and healer. She has been a rock for me through my journey from pregancy to motherhood.She is worth more than her weight in gold. There are not word to discrible what she means to me, my hope and prayer for Leslie is that all those whom she serves value her to the highest worth! Love and Light

Autumn Lotz


When I found out I was having a second child I knew I wanted to have an intervention free birth. My husband and I had the intentions of interviewing several doulas but we knew when we met Leslie that she was the doula we wanted to join us on this journey. I staid in contact with Leslie my whole pregnancy. She was even there for me at 12 am to calm my worried mind over whatever was bothering me at the time.....to say I'm a worry wart is an understatement. She is a fountain of knowledge and comfort. By the off chance she didn't have an answer to my question she quickly found me an answer. When I arrived at the birth center she was at my side in no time. She knew all the right things to do to help my labor progress. She even power walked and lunged down the hall with me. Once my labor progressed to a stage where I needed relief and encouragement she was spot on with everything she did to make me feel better. She captured beautiful pictures of my daughter being born. If I had to do it over again I would chose her every time!

Ashley Frye


I cannot say enough good things about Leslie! In fact, I feel awful that its taken me nearly 4 months to get my head on straight enough to sit down and write a thank you! The meetings before my delivery were informative and helpful. Leslie immediately made my husband and I feel at ease about the pregnancy and delivery and even gave us some fantastic documentaries to watch that helped with our decisions during labor and delivery. Then on Thanksgiving morning, at 0130, I woke up to extremely hard and close together contractions, so much that I could barely make it to the hospital. Leslie met us there in the triage section of the maternity ward where they refused to actually admit me until I was 5 centimeters. Leslie came in and sat with me and helped me through my contractions. I know now that my birth was unusual due to her being sunny side up, but the pain was unreal and Leslie helped me with massage, breathing, lavender oil, and focusing on happy things. Although I ended up with an epidural and it was a 22 hour long process with 3 1/2 hours of pushing, Leslie was there to support all of us! I mean myself, my mother, my mother-in-law and my husband! She was informative, respectful, and an advocate for me! I couldn't have asked for a more calm and collected person in the labor room!!! She took the best pictures for us as well. Leslie, I'm so sorry I haven't been in touch since we moved so soon after the delivery but I want you to know that I'm so glad God put you in my life to help me give birth to my beautiful girl! Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for all your support, encouragement, and comfort! You truly are a blessing as a person and a doula!!!!

shweta gupta


I had a beautiful experience with Leslie. I was so scared for this VBAC but Leslie was very encouraging even before my labor started and she would share motivating stuff with me over email and text. We both connected very well. She always served as a beautiful reminder that my body has all the wisdom and I just need to listen to my body.

I called her as soon as my labor started and she got to the hospital as soon as we got there. Initilaly when doctor informed us that it might be false labor, I got very discouraged but Leslie tried her best to keep me positive and motivated. Baby was sunny side up which was causing lot of back pain. Leslie tried couple of things to change the position of the baby which was very helpful. Soon my labor started progressing. The whole time,Leslie kept on doing different things to keep labor going and help me cope with the pain. She was constantly pressing the points and rubbing my back which was so relaxing.

Finally after a night long labor, we had our baby girl at 7:45 AM with vaginal delivery. I can say with certainity that this normal delivery wouldnt have been possible without her love and support. I am sooo thankful to Leslie to help me through this delivery which was so beautiful and spiritual. She made my heart smile. I am grateful to God who connected me with Leslie. I hope she continues to help many more mothers like me help me with this beautful process of delivering their babies naturally.

Thank you Leslie from the bottom oof my heart!

Roslyn Hern


First, I am very late writing this testimonial, I remembered I needed to write it while sharing my birth story with a friend. I first met Leslie in 2012. I remember seeing her at the orientaion at Depaul's midwifery center. She walked into the room I imediately noticed her and to be honest I couldn't stop staring at her. I didn't speak to her that night and didn't know she was a doula. I'd say about a month later I saw her again at a birth expo. She was working her booth and was talking with a client. The conversation went long so I decided to just take a card. A few months later I decided to call her becuse my birth was nearing and I still hadn't found a doula I felt comfortable with. From our first phone conversation I instantly felt comfortable with Leslie. She has such a sweet spirit and calming energy. We scheduled a date for her to do a home visit and meet my husband. My husband hit it off with Leslie as well. We discussed my natural birth plan. She was very knowledgeable on natural birth and encouraged me I could do it. My husband and I decided we had to have Leslie as our doula. On October 29th I went into labor at about 4 a. My contractions were sporadic until about 2 p. I called Leslie but she couldn't come to my house because it was the day Hurricane Sandy hit and many streets were flooded. However, she stayed on the phone with me told me to sit on the birthing ball and helped me breath through contractions. At about 5p Leslie met us at Depaul. She encouraged me to walk the halls and hug my husband during contractions. She massaged my low back and appleid heat. I really felt supported during my entire labor. As I stated earlier, she made me feel so calm even though I was in a lot of pain. The simple things like holding my hand made all the difference. I gave birth October 30th at 1a. Her positive vibe and energy made my birth experience awesome. She knows when to support and when to give space. I would definitely hire her again. Roslyn

Alex Davis


At 7 months into my pregnancy & moving 16 hours away from everything I knew, I reached out to Leslie. What a blessing she has been. She recommended OBGYN's, hospitals and even gave me information on different areas in the city we were looking at moving to. After meeting with her in person, I knew she was the doula for me. Leslie is so nurturing, peaceful & loving. She is also very knowledgeable, and was able to answer all of my many questions as a first time mom. She has been available to me as often as needed to give me support with breastfeeding, choosing a pediatrician, a photographer, and even still available to offer me recommendations while looking for child care. I opted to acquire Leslie's services for encapsulating my placenta. That has been one of the best choices made. They have really helped balance my post-partum moods, and have worked miracles with my milk supply. Even now 4 months after giving birth when my milk dwindles I can start the capsules again and get the boost in my milk production I need. Leslie is just the doula I needed on my birth team!!

Meagan Flaherty


I had a very traumatic labor and delivery with my first child.  As a result,  I suffered from flash backs and severe panic attacks.  Leslie helped me every step of the way to let go of my fears from my first delivery and to embrace my body's ability to handle the birth of my second child.  She was a constant and invaluable source of support for me throughout my pregnancy - any time I started to get anxious or my anxiety would get to great to deal with, she found the right words to give me the strength to continue listening to my heart and my body and gave me the emotional support to heal from my past experiences.  

Her strong, calming presence in the delivery room helped me stay quiet and focused and allowed me not only to handle my labor ten thousand times better than with my first child (we chatted and laughed through the first two thirds of my abor) but also allowed me to listen to my body which in turn allowed *me* to tell the hospital staff what I needed to do to successfully deliver my child (instead of the other way around!).  I never felt like she was in the way or intruding - she was right there rubbing my back lightly or giving my forehead a gentle touch when I needed the physical support and when I started to flounder her words of encouragement and soft voice brought me back to where I needed to be mentally to have a successful birth.

Since my second child's birth, I have had no anxiety attacks or flash backs (something I lived with every day for two years). I attribute that to the amazing job that Leslie did in helping me heal from the trauma of my first birth and for making my second birth such an incredible, wonderful and joyous event.  I wish I had known her when I was pregnant with my first child and I will for sure be using her again for any future births!

Christina Brown


Working with Leslie has been absolutely wonderful. I don’t know how somebody gives birth without someone as great as Leslie. I did not get anxious about birth while pregnant partly because I knew we would have her at our side. For me and my husband childbirth was unchartered territory, but we could rest easy knowing that we would have Leslie to guide us through the whole process. When my husband and I arrived at the birthing center, seeing Leslie waiting there for us immediately put me at ease. As soon as she put her hands on my shoulders I could feel my tension melt away. She was there for me and my husband through it all. She offered encouragement, support, and was a gentle presence the whole time. Knowing Leslie was just a phone call away during pregnancy and postpartum was also comforting as well.

Thank you for being part of our birth story!

Lara Parker


Leslie was recommended to me through several friends and I cannot say enough how valuable the laughter during our visits, the advice given when I asked for it  at any given time is. As a first time expectant Mama I had so many worries, questions and exciting times so she was there every step of the way.

Our Son was born a week late so when I was in labor there was also another lady in labor at the SAME hospital..we had good luck there! Leslie was able to be in our room with us for a nice amount of time and she witnessed our most precious gift come into the big wide world..she held my hand and it was so comforting. Leslie, we will always be grateful for you!  I don't know if we will have a doula again for our future births but you will be a forever friend in my life.

Friends, whether you have her as your doula once or time and time again..you will always find a true lifelong friend in Leslie, one who listens and laughs and is open minded.

Love always,

The Parker family

Sindy Lorraine Strosahl


I hired a doula for my last 2 births and would tell anyone who is having a baby to do the same. Ours was a planned homebirth with a midwife. Leslie Cuffee's calming presence and emotional/physically support were well worth the money. I loved the joyful energy she always brings. Her smile and her utter respect for me and my needs/my space were perfect. Leslie respected my husband's role in the birth and helped him be strong for me. She read my cues with no direction from me. When she was touching me with light massage and was doing hip compressions the pain almost went away completely. I had 3 hours of active labor and only about 3 minutes of pushing before our 10 pound son was born. It is clear that Leslie loves being around birthing families and considers it a high privilege to share in such a precious, beautiful experience. If there is anything you would like to ask me about my birth with Leslie please e-mail me at castawayscc@gmail.com or call txt (757) 620-2340

Autumn Lotz


I am so glad we decided to hire Leslie as a doula! She was so helpful during my entire pregnancy. She answered all my questions quickly and with great knowledge. She made me feel more like a friend than a client. Her positive energy helped me maintain my sanity when my daughter decided she wanted to be a week late. When the big day finally got here Leslie knew exactly how to get my labor rolling. She power walked the halls with me and helped my family by letting them know what they could do to comfort me. After a quick transition and birth Leslie showered me with love and positive energy. I couldn't  imagine a better birth experience and Leslie played a huge roll in making it the wonderful experience it was.

Lexie Cupp


There are no words that I can use to fully describe the love I have for Leslie as she helped us tremendously through the birth of our son.  From the beginning, Leslie was there to answer so many questions I sent her way.  Throughout my 43 hour labor, Leslie was by my side offering abundant support to my husband and me.  Her support throughout the entire process was incredible.  Having had a previous c-section, Leslie was always encouraging me, as I birthed my baby vaginally.  She was positive throughout the entire process, even when I was discouraged that things were not progressing quickly.  If I could redo my birth, there is no way that Leslie would not be a part of it.

Rachele A. Jones


At our initial meeting with Leslie, we weren't sure what to look for in a doula or what questions to ask. There were a few things I felt strongly about in relation to giving birth but I was mostly open minded, not knowing what it would be like, what I would be like, or what sort of coping techniques might be helpful to me. Basically, I had NO plan. Consequently, I had no idea what I was looking for in a doula but I feel like I hit the jackpot in hiring Leslie!

Leslie immediately made me feel comfortable and explained her services and different ways that different couples utilize a doula. We got to know her a bit more when she came to our home for our 36 week visit and I started to feel grateful that Leslie would be with me since we live far from any family.

During my labor she was absolutely wonderful. As I said, I had no plan, but Leslie had a gift for reading me throughout labor and seemless adjusted herself to be exactly the support and help I needed when I needed it. She has a wonderful protective-maternal air about her. She made sure the door to my room was closed when others were leaving it open, she helped me through a number of difficult contractions while I was having to be monitored, she was an endless supply of the best ice chips in town, and let me be alone when I needed that too. She responded immediately whenever I felt that the contractions were overwhelming me and had a fantastic way of keeping me calm. She was both a wonderful cheerleader when I needed encouragement while pushing and compassionate as I complained about it! The best part of having her with me through that night was that when the baby was born she stayed with me through the less- than exciting and pleasant parts of childbirth, namely delivering the placenta and the repair. I was very scared of getting stitches and she held me just like a mom might while my husband was attending to the baby. I hope she is available when our next baby comes along!

Matt Markoya


Some people choose a professions because of something they enjoy, and they do well. However it is very rare to find someone who not only enjoys their work, but also seems called to do their work. Those rare individuals who have a natural gift for what they do far exceed the level of skill and ability of peers in their field. And that is Leslie when it comes to being a Doula. Leslie is compassionate, kind, caring, and sincere. Her natural skill surpasses that of any mere book learning, or knowledge gained from a classroom experience, Leslie lives her job.

During our pregnancy, Leslie was always either a phone call or message away. Willing to answer even some of the oddest of questions, offer encouragement and guidance throughout every turn, twist and bump in the road of our pregnancy. And when the day finally came and the labor began, Leslie was there when we needed her. She gave to the hectic hospital atmosphere a sense of serenity and a calmness we both thought relieved the stress.

Even though the baby ended up needing to be born via caesarean, Leslie never faltered. She joined us in the O.R. and in there helped to bring a sense of calm to the atmosphere. Helping keep us focused and aiding us in understanding and coming to terms with what was going on. I don't see how we could have done it without her. Her help was immense. Her gentleness and compassion and genuine caring is something I don't think any parents to be should be without.

There are many Doulas out there, and many are friendly and nice, but there is only one Leslie, and I can't do enough recommending of what a great Doula she is! Thank you Leslie!

Cassie Evanczik


Words really can't express what a calming and supportive presence Leslie has been throughout my pregnancy, delivery, and after. My initial reason for wanting to hire a doula was that my husband is in the Navy, and there was a possibility that he wouldn't be present for the birth. After meeting her, I knew that I would want her there, whether my husband could be there or not. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I didn't even realize how nervous I had been, until I wasn't anymore. I knew that I'd be okay, even if my husband couldn't be with me. The best way I can describe being around Leslie is that it feels easy, like we were already friends.

In the last few weeks of my pregnancy, Leslie became a resource for all of those questions that I felt stupid asking my doctor, or I didn't feel like my doctor would have time to answer. She reassured me, encouraged me, and never once made me feel silly.

On the big day, Leslie came right away, and spent a VERY long day with us. To be honest, a lot of that day is a blur to me, but I do know that she was a huge support to my husband, who was very hands on throughout my labor and delivery.  Leslie was able to give him support, instruction, and rest breaks. The techniques she used and taught were extremely helpful in achieving the natural birth that I wanted. The two of them had to remind me several times that I DID want a natural birth, and I'm so thankful for her support of my goals, and her ability to interact with staff and my husband on my behalf.

I'm so glad that Leslie was a part of our birth story and has become part of our lives. I was able to approach the end of my pregnancy and my son's birth much calmer and informed, and although my husband (thankfully) was able to be present, I am so glad that we weren't alone in this experience. If we were to have another child, without a doubt, I would want her to be there again.

Shay Bocks


Leslie's calm and comforting spirit greeted me immediately when she reached for a hug the very first time we met.  Throughout my pregnancy, she was always very thorough about helping me to find information and explore the options available to me.

Leslie was perfectly comfortable with the fact that I didn't have my husband to help support me during labor this time around because we were recently separated. She was willing to take on the lead in helping me through my labor and never made me feel awkward about not having a spouse there.

When it came time to go to the Midwifery Center, Leslie was my rock in the room. At first, things were going slow and, even though I had already dilated to 6cm, I wasn't progressing as I should. Leslie helped to walk me through different techniques to get things going again and eventually the midwife made everyone in the room leave except us. She sat with me for hours while I labored in the shower, helping me to remember how to breathe, calming and comforting me, and even anticipating my needs before I did. During the most taxing part of my labor, Leslie was in the bed with me holding my hand, and helping me to adjust as I needed to. I was not a pleasant laboring mother. But she stayed calm and constantly assured me that everything was okay and that I had the strength the deliver my son when I seriously doubted it.

Eventually, I did deliver my son and while the midwife was focused on things downstairs, Leslie was still right there in the bed, helping me to bond with and nurse my son for the very first time.

For me, having a successful biological birth took an entire team of women and that team wouldn't have been complete without Leslie. I will forever be indebted to her for the beautiful gift she gave me of her love and support during one of the most difficult yet magical nights of my life.

Laura Jeanne Richardson


When I was pregnant with my first child I knew I needed help in order to get the birthing experience I was dreaming of. I wanted an all natural, calm, and healthy delivery. Finding Leslie helped make that dream delivery come true. She gave me advice, information, and answered every question I had during my pregnancy. She was there for me around the clock. When it came time to birth my son I was induced and concerned about the pain making a natural delivery unlikely. Leslie pulled every trick out of her sleeve and eased every worry and discomfort I had. My husband could not have been more happy to have her also. She helped him be involved in every aspect of the process. She eased and comforted him as well! I would reccomend a Doula for every woman, every birth, and I would especially reccomend Leslie. How blessed my family is to have had her be a part of our experience.

Vanessa Kingery


I had a good feeling about Leslie from the first time we met. She is very knowledgable and gentle, and positive energy just radiates from her. Of course, she was very helpful during labor, and always had good suggestions when I wanted to try new positions. She even helped me naturally turn my posterior baby! My husband and I were both impressed with how she was able to involve him and teach him how to support me through labor. Leslie's calming presence was beneficial for both of us, and made my husband so much more comfortable with and confident about the birthing process. Leslie respects and has faith in the power of the female body and it's ability to bring new, beautiful life into the world. Her encouragement gave me confidence and hope about the birth of my baby. If the time comes for us to have another child, I would want Leslie right there with us. She is everything a doula should be.

Autumn Winter


My husband and I are advocates for a natural birth experience and when faced with the birth of our first daughter together we were met with constant resistance from our OB- we even changed practices -but found the same closed minded practitioners. Someone mentioned using a doula, which neither of us were familiar with, and as soon as we met Leslie it seemed that the clouds lifted!! We went on to have the most amazing, beautiful, and even peaceful all natural birth experience due to Leslie's help and expert advice!! We hired her again for our second child and she was a pillar of strength for me during a tumultuous pregnancy and an unplanned and undesired cesarean birth. Leslie is caring and warm and worth every penny we spent for her services!! She will remain forever an important part of our family's story!

Jasmine Maierhoffer


Leslie was amazing. Period. If it hadn't been for Leslie, I never would have been able to follow through with my drug-free birth. From the moment I met Leslie, I felt completely at ease and safe. I knew from our first meeting the universe had meant for me to find her. She provided a calm, peaceful, reassuring atmosphere for me and my husband as we prepared for, and during, our daughter's arrival. In the weeks before my labor and delivery, Leslie was always available for questions and concerns and never left me feeling lost or silly for whatever was bothering me. During my labor and delivery, she was my focus point and her over-all energy was just what I needed to get me through those contractions. I already knew my body was perfect and ready to birth my baby, but Leslie just drove this point home for me by continuously reassuring me that I could do it and that I was built for giving birth. She was 100% committed and accepting of my choices regarding how I wanted my labor and delivery to go and helped keep me on my desired path. Even today, I know I can still get a hold of Leslie if I ever need advice. She not only provided doula services for me, but became a trusted friend. I would recommend Leslie to anyone, no questions asked. XO

Mary Bloom


I would like state my highest recommendation for Leslie Cuffee as a doula. Leslie is not only the beaming light of perfection in reference to the definition of doula; she far exceeds it with her loving kindness and warm spirit. I loved being aided by Leslie because she made me feel empowered as a woman, an individual, a laborer, and a mother. As the anxious person I am, she helped me find peace when I needed it the most, by encouraging me and reaffirming my abilities. She helped me find the confidence I had lost and rebuild it stronger than it had ever been before. I felt very alone during my pregnancy, but Leslie’s calm and nurturing nature made me feel like I was on an unique individual journey and I would come out the other side as a stronger newer person as I certainly have. During the pregnancy Leslie would stay up late with me, until 2am sometimes, working through my fears so I could sleep at night. In labor, she provided my husband with a sense of confidence that made him the most amazing source of support a man could ever be in labor which helped our family to connect deeper than we ever had before. One of my biggest fears of laboring was that I would look back and it would be a bad experience, however, with Leslie’s support, the labor turned out to be peaceful and amazing and I cry tears of joy thinking about how fantastic it was. In postnatal period, Leslie taught us (my son and I) how to breastfeed. She provided me with confidence and strength in a time when most new moms are still scared and figuring things out. Her down to earth approach to pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postnatal period balanced out my anxiety and helped me to find peace and learn new things about myself. As a result of Leslie’s help, my husband and I really feel like we know what we’re doing and I feel strong and resilient. I have recommended Leslie to my friends, and will continue to, as well as I hope to use her services again in the future.

Amanda and Derek Causin


Everything we read as we prepared screamed 'GET A DOULA' to Amanda, who was determined to try natural birth. Within a few days of discussing the topic, we visited the Baby Expo in Greenbrier and met Leslie. Derek says Amanda's face lit up more and more as Leslie discussed the basics and answered ALL of our questions - many before we even asked them! Making the decision to have Leslie be a part of our team was easy: her smiles are like hugs, and her hugs are like hot cocoa on a cold day. Her presence alone is THAT comforting. Having her 'on call' for us the last few weeks of the pregnancy proved invaluable as Amanda was diagnosed with Pregnancy Induced Hypertension.  Not knowing whether Derek  would be on land for the actual birth was always a concern, but having the added stress of impending induction and numerous 'false labor' accounts proved our decision more than wise. Leslie was not only  just a text or call away, but also did not hesitate to come to our home during what proved to be the most stressing of  'false labors' for us: When it became apparent that the contractions had simply disappeared, she left us with advice and warm words - a major factor in Amanda's spirit not completely breaking, as she was set on going into labor naturally. Once induction-day arrived, Leslie remained in contact with us via text, and arrived early the next morning to offer emotional support as the Pitocin was begun. Again, her presence alone was calming, be it the added distraction of having someone to talk to, or the insight she gave us both. With Leslie's guidance, Amanda was able to make it nearly through transition without any pain medication. *Admittedly, I gave in to the fear of the pain of the Pitocin-contractions at 8cm, despite Leslie and Derek following my wishes to be redirected and repositioned - Amanda* Without Leslie, we surely would not have had nearly as pleasant and memorable a birthing experience! 

Kelly Suddeth


My child's father and I are un explainabley grateful and so pleased we had Leslie Cuffee to help us throughout my pregnancy, labor and delievery. Having Leslie's suggestions and long standing motivation  and commitment really helped to aid the ideal labor and delievery of a natural childbirth I desired. I was laboring in a hospital room for approximately 9 hours and Leslie stood by my side the entire time I needed her; she was someone that encouraged and inspired me through tough times.  I was required by my physician to stay strapped to external monitors and limit my movement not beyond that radius, for me this was discouraging. Leslie was so strong with her optimism and  different ideas she offered that eventually  when I needed to be in bed ,she was an extremely ideal doula to have supporting me through this experience. With her perserverance to stand by me I was reminded of my own strength. I would like to thank her for her polite ,gentle yet inspiring personality which led her to be respected and respectful with all hospital staff and personnel. My experience was awesome and I would love for her greatness to be shared with other women, truely a blessing. Sincerely, Kelly Suddeth

Meg McCarthy


She repeated some hypnobabies scripts to me, which reminded me to keep my body loose and limp. This contributed to a more comfortable labor. Leslie reminded the nurses and doctors of our wishes when I was too tired to do so myself (she reminded the doctor that I wanted the cord to finish pulsing before being cut, this was very important to me and I am not sure I would have remembered in the first moment of seeing my baby girl). After Avery was born, my husband left my side to be with the baby during her newborn procedures. Leslie stayed by my side and held my hand during one of the most uncomfortable parts of the birth, the stitches. Thinking back on my birth, I am very nostalgic. I never could have imagined that natural labor could be such a wonderful experience. I never thought I would "miss" my birth experience, but I do. I would do it again and again.
One thing many people say after giving birth is, "I couldn't have done it without my husband/doula/mother, etc." Leslie empowered me throughout my pregnancy and birthing time. She told me, YOU can do this. While I believe some care providers would like to be the hero of the birth, Leslie made me feel like I was the hero. I can't imagine a more perfect doula for my husband and me, and our sweet baby Avery. When we first met Leslie she was nothing more than a stranger to us, but she has become a part of our "family" forever. After all, she was present at the most sacred and important event in our lives.

Meg McCarthy


Throughout my pregnancy Leslie made me feel calm and in control. She constantly emailed me articles about pregnancy and birth. She listened to my concerns, validated them, and reminded me to think positively. She told me that if I imagined my perfect birth, it would be mine (and she was right, I did get my perfect birth). When my baby was breech, she gave me pointers on how to turn her. Throughout several weeks of early labor (contractions that stopped and started repeatedly) Leslie stayed in constant contact with me. When I was almost two weeks over due, Leslie reminded me that this was normal and my baby would come when she was ready. She even stopped by my house for a few minutes, to help me relax (massage, pressure points, etc.)
Leslie was with me throughout my entire labor, incorporating my husband fully into the process by supporting him and giving him the confidence he needed to support me. She also stayed with me to give my husband short breaks. Leslie used several techniques to make me more comfortable during my labor. This included squeezing my hips, using different pressure points, massage, and also preserving my dignity (keeping me covered when possible, closing the door, asking for privacy, etc.)


Meg McCarthy


 After becoming very interested in a more natural and holistic approach to my pregnancy and labor, I learned about doulas. It was important to me to find a doula because I knew I would be giving birth in a hospital setting where many of my wishes would not be the norm. I felt that a doula would help me to achieve my perfect birth in a hospital setting, and Leslie did just that! After contacting another doula who was busy during the month our baby was due, she recommended Leslie to me. We had been practicing hypnobabies and because Leslie is certified in hypnobabies, we thought she might be a good fit.
From the first time we met Leslie, we knew she would be our doula. My husband and I both immediately felt a sense of calm in Leslie's presence. Her knowledge and interest in all things pregnancy and birth related was obvious and this made us feel very comfortable as first time parents. I remember Leslie telling us that she would be like water during our labor, going with the flow and filling in any gaps. This was important to me because I did not want my very involved husband to feel that he was not part of the process. At our first meeting, Leslie also connected me to several groups in the community that have become invaluable to me.

Lauren Adams


I didn't even know what a Doula was until I became pregnant with my second son, Gabriel. I didn't have a good birth experience with my first son, Ethan, so I was determined to have a better one the second time. I started my research on natural childbirth. I knew that this was something I could do and I became very passionate about it. I would reach out to other woman who have experienced childbirth the way nature intended, and the vast majority of them had a doula with them throughout their entire experience. I was talking to a friend about my birth plan and that I was in search of a doula, and she suggested me to a girl who was still in training. I met with her but unfortunately she wasn't a good fit for us. I heard of Leslie at Birth Matters Peninsula and decided to contact her. 2 minutes into our conversation I knew she was going to be our beloved Doula! Her demenor was so calm and relaxed, which I loved. I could tell how passionate she was about childbirth just from talking about my experience with my first birth and some of her experiences. I felt confident that Leslie would be capable of keeping me relaxed and confident throughout my labor and birth. When we met for the first time we went over my birth plan and she was very supportive of what my husband and I wanted. Any time I had a question about pregnancy, labor, birth, even breastfeeding, I would ask Leslie first, because I trusted her experience and opinions. On March. 3, 2012 at 5am, I woke up feeling some intense contractions. They were about 5 minutes apart while I was laying down. As soon as I stood up out of bed, the contractions became more powerful and closer together. Gabriel was ready to come meet us!!! I called Leslie and explained to her what was going on. She advised me to call my midwife and to call her back after that. I called my midwife and sure enough they wanted me to come in.

Lauren Adams


(continued from above)I let Leslie know it was time and she told me she would meet me at the hospital. My husband had worked night shift that night, so he got home at 6am, just in time to get me to the hospital. By the time we got into the car I was in transistion. It was pouring rain and of course being in the car during transistion isn't fun for anyone!!! We got to the hospital safely and after we checked in, we went up to the room where Leslie was ready for us! During every contraction, she was behind me squeezing my hips...which was the BEST feeling ever!!! She kept my husband calm and even helped him help me! We weren't at the hospital long before it was time to start pushing. This is where I had some difficulty, but also where Leslie came in and helped me the most. It was difficult, because as I was being told that my son was struggling by the nurse, I would start to panic. And as I was being told to "use the pain" and "ignore the ring of fire" (by the RN) I wasn't feeling those things, though antisipating it, which was throwing me off. Leslie had calmly said, use the word pressure, not pain. She was there helping to hold my leg and even asked if I wanted her to count for me, which I did (even though in my original birth plan I didn't want, but things change)! She remained calm, positive and was on top of things the entire time! I was so impressed! Gabriel Aiden was born at 9:12am (my entire labor and birth was 4 hours, 12 minues long). He was very healthy and very alert. He latched onto my breast within the first few minutes of being born. Leslie sat by my side during these precious moments and went over everything that had transpired that morning. We gave our hugs and thank yous and she left to give us time as a family. She was the perfect Doula in my eyes! She stayed by my side, she helped me and motivated me.

Gloria C


Leslie Cuffee a stranger in Virginia that became part of our lives by
being our Doula. Leslie radiates a sense of calmness and assurance
that is needed when a mother goes into labor. Her knowledge eases the
pain of labor but at the same time gives you the strength to bring a
tiny bundle of joy into this world.

I will always be grateful for her assistance in my labor. My husband
was away and I was home alone when our son decided to explore this
world three weeks earlier. I didn’t know who else to call but Leslie
who like a God sent Angel came to my rescue. We had to call an
ambulance as my contractions were too close to drive ourselves to the
hospital.  Her nurturing spirit and kind words made the contractions
more bearable. She followed the ambulance and met me in the hospital.

While in the hospital and in the second phase of labor her assistance
and presence was instrumental in me having a natural drug free
birth.  She was my voice to the nurses and doctors while I was
concentrating on the birth of my son. I can assure you a familiar face
that you can trust is a must have in a delivery of your bundle of joy.
Memories are precious moments kept forever in the pages of the heart.
And Leslie forever will have a page in the most wonderful adventure of
our lives; the birth of our son.



Everyone should have Leslie there for thier birth, no matter what kind of birth you are planning.

Not only did she ease my fears, but my husbands as well.  Thinking about it later, I realized she was very smart in getting to know me and asking me about things that made me happy when things got intense during my labor. 

It was as if when she touched me and squeezed my hips during contractions, the pain just disappeared.  It was also so comforting to have her there to tell me things like "All that blood is normal."  so I didn't freak out.

Also, when it came time to push, I had a few complications, and her straight face and peaceful demeaner really helped me feel in control and I was able to push my baby out in enough time that we were both healthy and happy.

I came away with a feeling of gratitude that I could never quite put into words.   She was born to do this and I couldn't thank her enough.

Hire Leslie! I promise you wont regret it.

Jessica English


Our experience with Leslie was wonderful! We decided on hiring a doula sorta last minute (I was already 30 weeks along by the time I started looking into having one). We are able to meet Leslie fairly quickly and we hit it off immediately. She was available when I needed her and always sent me information on anything I was even slightly concerned about. She was very supportive of all our decisions. During our birth she was the calming knowledgable prescence we needed. I don't believe that our birth experience would have been as wonderful without her. One of my fond memories of our birth is where we were all in the room trying to rest up and ended up chatting like old friends as we waited for me to progress further. I love all the information that she provides through various avenues.

Maura Eaton


I was impressed by the testimonials I read about Leslie when I was early on in my pregnancy. We spoke on the phone and I intuitively felt her calm, wise energy would be essential in the birth of my child. We met and I was pleased with her professionalism and knowledge. When I informed  one of my midwives that my husband and I had chosen her as our doula I was told we "would not be disappointed. She is wonderful". She was amazing during the journey of pregnancy; she was happy to hear from me and was readily available to answer questions or hear about our progress.

Leslie is very active and connected in the birth community as well. She happily recommended articles and groups for education and support. Again, her excellent reputation was reinforced as I met people who knew her.

My labor did not happen as I had expected (very common) but Leslie seamlessly supported me. Her experience, positivity, and patience were unrelenting. She remembered my wishes and never waivered with solutions as the situation changed. She guided my husband as he supported me and advocated for me when I had trouble asking for things. My husband still tells everyone, "I am so glad Leslie was there. I don't know what we would have done without her". She took pictures and even helped me attempt to breastfeed soon after the birth of my son.

There were times in pregnancy, labor and the post partum period that I felt not quite myself and it was so reassuring that Leslie never judged. She was steadfast in her peaceful energy and support.

In sum, the testimonials I read were spot-on. Leslie was an integral part of the journey to motherhood. My husband and I are so happy she was a part of the entire experience, particularly the birth of my son. Leslie is the epitome of a doula. She is truly following a calling. The midwives were also right; she is wonderful.

Savannah Rogers


 My experience with Leslie was GREAT! She was friendly, calming, soothing she was everything I needed her to be. I only meet Leslie a handful of times because I didn’t think of having a doula till last minute and I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t alone and have someone help keep me calm since my husband was deployed and I was having a c-section. Leslie was okay with whatever choice I made and never pushed anything on me. Choose Leslie as your doula and you won’t regret! I cannot put Leslie into words on how awesome she was. 

Chelisa Millner


 was a wonderful blessing!!  She made the birth of my daughter enjoyable and less stressful. I went into labor with high expectations, and after the delivery I was very happy.  I wanted to have a natural birth with little medical intervention.  Leslie used many techniques to help me cope with the pain.  It was amazing!  The techniques she used were very effective and not difficult.  Whenever I had a contraction, I needed Leslie or my fiance by my side.  Their patience and love made the contractions easier to tell with.  They were not as bad as many of us women have been taught to believe, but that is because my doula knew what to do to help me cope.  When my other family members came to support my labor, Leslie was very welcoming towards them.  My labor lasted at least 16 hours, and Leslie was there for all of it.  She came when I wasnt even sure if I was in labor.  She was also available to anwser questions when I thought I was going into labor. This is significant because I had only met Leslie a few days before I went into labor.  Yet she made me feel very comfortable and safe during a life changing event.  I am so thankful she was there, as I know I would have been very stressed without her.  Stress is bad for mom and baby, especially during delivery.  Having Leslie as a doula allowed me to have a safe and happy birth, and I recommend her to all pregnant women.   Leslie is very patient, very kind. very smart women. She is dedicated to helping families and a worthwhile element of any pregnancy. 

Mark Strutton


Well, I, like many others, don't know exactly where to start, but I will say that Leslie was just tremendous.  As a first time dad, I went to the classes and such and thought I would have a pretty good handle on things, but WOW was Leslie GREAT.  She initially met us in our home and we knew it would be a good fit, from her personality to her philosophy.  Also from a logistics stand point it really couldn't have worked out better.  If dads are on the fence about having a Doula at all, let me just say that Leslie helped make the entire experience so special by taking some of the stress off of both of us and reminding both of us about different techniques to help things along.  In the "heat of battle" it is so great to have a calming and confident influence there to focus everything.  If anyone is on the fence about sharing the event with someone outside of the family, let me just say that Leslie reads everyone so well that she can feel when to be involved for Mom or for Dad, she really has a talent for the whole thing, I NEVER felt like anyone else was there, even when she was coaching and activly involved, she was just so much part of the team that it couldn't have felt more natural.  From a dads stand point I couldn't say more about how much she really did to make our birth the most special moment of my life, at the same time never imposing and really feeling the entire event right along with us.  Leslie is truely a very special person, and I feel so fortunate that she was there for both of us. 

Kristin Rho


I don't know where to begin. Having a doula present at my daughter's birth was the best pregnancy/childbirth decision I made, though it took me a while to realize it was essential. Leslie was at a Baby Fair with three other doulas that I had previously contacted for information, but who could not take on my birth due to scheduling conflicts. To my blessing, Leslie was there and available! Her peaceful spirit immediately put me at ease and I knew she would be a huge help to me when I really needed it. Through my last months of pregnancy she was a great source of information and support, and even attended an OB appointment with me. A nearly 20-hour labor for this first-time mom could be considered as long and arduous, but with Leslie there every minute helping me physically through each contraction and spiritually through thoughts and energy, I was at peace and wasn't anxious at all. Once the contractions got so painful that I was suffering, she supported my decision for an epidural and cheered me on through the subsequent pushing process. My husband is deployed and she also played a critical role in making sure he was part of the birthing experience. As active labor took place, she was on the phone with him describing everything that was going on until our baby girl arrived. Leslie's kind, peaceful, and loving soul truly helped me through labor and delivery and I can't imagine having gone through it without her.

Kathryn Williams


Leslie is an AMAZING woman! She will definitely be at the birth of my next child. It was by accident, or God's intervention, that I met Leslie. We became friends through Facebook by mistaken identity and I am so glad we did. After emailing a bit I decided to meet her to discuss what I wanted for the birth of my third child and to see how our "chemistry" together would be. I knew right away that I wanted her to be by my side to help me achieve the most natural birth possible for me and my daughter. Throughout the last months of my pregnancy she was never more than a phone call away, whether night or day. After having gone 1 week over my due date I found myself at the zoo with my two boys and my water broke. I of course immediately contacted Leslie and she remained calm and told me that once my contractions were 3-4 minutes apart to head to the hospital. Without realizing it they were already that close. As soon as I got in the car Leslie was phoned and she said that she would meet us at the hospital. She actually beat me there. My labor lasted only a few hours but if it weren't for her I know that I would have given in and taken the epidural. She talked me through every contraction and did everything within her power to keep me calm and relaxed. She is a GODSEND. I could not have asked for a better woman to be by my side through the birth of my child. I count her among my friends.

brandy griffin


My family and I absolutely LOVE Leslie!

I connected with Leslie online and we met a few weeks later at a group baby shower. I kept her in mind throughout my pregnancy. She helped me with questions/concerns I had, even before we hired her as our doula. We arranged for her to meet my husband and the rest of my family. They all loved her immediately as well! Leslie has such an amazing energy. Something about her just makes you feel at ease and like you've known her forever.

My due date came and went. With our induction deadline quickly approaching, I contacted Leslie quite a few times when I had doubts about my son coming before then. Even though I knew exactly what was right for us and our baby, the few times I was worried, she knew exactly what to say to reinforce what we knew/believed. She supported everything my husband and I wanted. I think he just wanted to make us sweat a bit. Leslie had a training program she had to leave for Monday morning, so she arranged a backup doula just in case. Oscar was born at 11:30pm Sunday night, in the middle of a thunderstorm. I think he wanted to meet Leslie before she left! :) Even though she had to be up early the next morning for her training, she stayed with us for a few hours after his birth. Before she left, she made sure we were nursing, everyone was doing well and even took some pics for us! 

I wish we had Leslie there for my oldest son's birth! I am so happy we hired her as our doula and she is now a family friend.  My little guy will by one tomorrow - wow! We can't wait to see Leslie at his party next week! :) 


Kim Halbrook


When both my doula and backup doula were out of town, Leslie was available as I was nearing closer and closer to my due date. Her knowledge and care put this first-time mother's fears at ease, especially as my contractions were well on their way. Through her phone support, she answered my questions and equipped me to understand the various symptoms I was experiencing. Though one of my doulas came back in time for the birth, I was very thankful for Leslie's support and encouragement. Her level of knowledge, caring, and service make her a doula to definitely consider!

Stephanie C.


Ok so the vaginal birth was amazing. I had the most wonderful husband to support me. I was blessed to have the best doula in the world. Leslie Cuffee was there until the very end. She captured the amazing moment my baby came out. The moments that I could not have seen cause, it went by so fast. She helped my husband to keep a clear mind and helped me to stand for what my heart really wanted for my birth. She educated me about all my options before hand. I felt so comfortable with her being in the room and I even felt supported after my little angel was born.
Now do not get me wrong the contractions were hard, my husband and Leslie got my through every one of the right to the birth. I did not have to have an epidural. I was having contractions for 15 hours. I did not have to push or anything. Leslie thought us pressure points to calm me down and music to relax me. By time I begged them to give me the epidural, her head was right there. I could not even sit on the edge of the bed to get that needle in my back. When they laid me back down she slide out. I was one of the lucky ones to have an orgasmic birth. I went from 4 cm to 8cm in like 5 seconds. Crazy right, I know I feel blessed I did not have to push for hours. I just had to go through the contractions. She weighted 4.3lb and 18 ¼ in. She had to stay in nicu for like 10 days, but I was so happy to bring her home. I feel that Leslie helped me to make this a successful vaginal birth.


Thank you Leslie....all love!

Nicole Welch


I didnt get ahold of Leslie until i was maybe three weeks or four from my due date but even at the first meeting I felt like i had known her for months. She is very personable and friendly, she came to the house and met my husband and i and was even friendly to our dogs. I didnt know anything about what a doula was and what she did, all i knew was that my sister had one and thought she would be very helpful as i was and am 12 hours away from my family so i would be going through my birth by myself aside from my husband. There was even a time that we thought that my husband may have been out to sea for my daughters birth and i actually felt some what ok with that because of Leslie. . I went into labor at about 4am so my husband called and even though she had been asleep she asked if she could take a shower, My husband being a first time dad didnt really know what to say, i guess he sound a little panicked because i was in a bit of pain so she came right back.. I had expressed my want to have no pain medication so as i progressed in my labor she helped me with my breathing and rubbing my feet (this was very relaxing to me)I made it to 9cm with out needing the epidural. I ended up needing to have a c section, and Leslie helped me not to panic. Leslie stayed and waited until i came out of the c section and even a while after before leaving. She then came back the next day and then 2 days after to see how i was doing. Leslie helped me a lot and still does, when i have a question about the baby all i have to do is email her or call if i so chose and she is always right there ready and willing to help me.I would and do recomend having a doula to any one and I recomend Leslie as well. Leslie is a great person and an amazing doula!

Leigh-Ann McBurney


From our first introduction to Leslie, she surrounded us with amazing energy, optimism and complete encouragement in all areas of our lives. She was an instant forever-friend!  She puts you at ease from them moment she walks through your door.

Our birth experience with Leslie was incredible. I honestly could never have done it without her! She was always available, always encouraging, always made me feel like I was the entire focus of her life.  At the hospital, Leslie was an amazing support, and my family and friends fell in love with her immediately! She was extremely knowledgeable, and was always making recommendations that would make things easier. She knew our birth plan backwards and forwards, always making sure that anyone who entered the room respected us and our choices. When it was time to push, Leslie made sure that I was in the position of my choice, that I was as comfortable as possible, and that I felt respected by the medical team. Because my wishes were honored, and I had someone there advocating for me, I had the best birth experience - I've given birth four times, and this was by far the most amazing!

The love and peace that emanates from Leslie is amazing. She engages everyone with calm respect and such positive energy. She was always willing to step in and do anything for anyone; she has such a genuine servant's heart! We had never used a doula before, but I wish that we had Leslie there for all of our kids! Leslie was a tremendous asset, and should we have another baby, she will be on speed dial from the moment I find out we're expecting! I truly believe that a good doula, like Leslie, should be a part of every woman's birth experience, especially for those women who want a natural, hands-off labor and delivery. It was truly an honor and blessing to have had this amazing woman present for the birth of our child! We adore her and are so thankful to have her in our lives!



On August 31, 2009 at 3:38am, i delivered my baby girl. Leslie was there to comfort and support me in every way possible. From rubbing my feet to playing with my hair, she made sure my needs were met. Nine months prior, when i found out i was pregnant, she informed me of her practice and from then on i spoke with her almost every day. If i needed someone just to talk to she was the one or if i had a question and she didnt exactly know the answer, she waould stay on ythe phone while finding other references to answer my questions. im the baby of the family and i knew i would need this type of attention during my pregnancy and labor and she was definatley the one for the job. she also worked with the babys father and the rest of the family in amazing ways i never thought possible. once llabor really kicked in though i wanted to be left alone and as i wished she stayed by my side giving me my space helping me when being asked to do so and making suggestions. my birthing exp[erience was the most amazing experience of my life. i couldnt have done it with out her knowledge, carefullness, and determination.

Jamie Deibler


Leslie was such a blessing to me and my Husband. She knew just what to do when we felt like all of our options had been exhausted. The birth of our daughter was a long one and without the help of Leslie, I am sure I would have given up much sooner. I spent 4 days in early labor and Leslie was such an inspiration. I was in and out of the hospital thinking each time that I would be leaving with my baby.  When I was finally admitted for delivery, Leslie came to the hospital at 3:00 a.m. to be with us. She rubbed my back and feet to help ease the pain of Pitocin induced contractions. She reminded me of simple ways to keep my mind occupied and didnt get discouraged when I kept saying "I can't do this anymore". She didnt leave my side for well over 24 hours and when Zoey was born at 3:00 a.m the next day, she still wanted to be there to help me get started with breastfeeding. My baby was born via C section...the hospital where I delivered only allows one person to be in the room with the mother, so I chose my Husband. Leslie waited out in the waiting room with our families, giving them encouraging words. My mother even told me after everything was said and done how wonderful Leslie was. I have reccomended Leslie to several of my friends who also wish to have a positive birth experience with a Doula. I am so thankful to have met Leslie while I was pregnant. She is an amazing spirit and wonderful person. 

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