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Rachel and Lisa were everything I could have asked for in a doula. 

I decided I wanted a doula only about a month before my due date. I contacted Rachel hoping she would be available and that she'd be a good match for me. In a week, her and Lisa (another doula she works with) arrived at my house and went over anything and everything. I felt SO comfortable chatting with both of them. They themselves are mothers and even grandmothers and have been a part of something like 400+ births for their clients. I was comforted in the fact that they were so experienced. 

When I finally went into labor, I contacted Lisa (Rachel was with another client). She helped coach me through a few contractions all while trying to gauge how far along my labor was. Pretty soon after, I decided it was time to go to the hospital where Lisa was going to meet me. If I didn't feel like my labor was progessing that fast, Lisa would have come to my house to labor with me. 

Once we were both at the hosptial, Lisa was the star of my show. She was there to serve me and boy did she! She offered suggestions on what positions I could take, she rubbed my back for the entirely of the 4 hours I pushed, she coached my husband on ways to help and brought me water. She offered so much encouragement and brought a sense of comfort to me in such a hectic time. 

After the delivery she stayed with us for a couple hours as we got settled. She also helped with my first nursing experience. 

I 1000% recommend Rachel and her team (esp. Lisa!) to assist you during your pregnancy and birth. I know I'll be in touch with them when we're ready for our 2nd child! 

Sarah C


There are not enough kind words to describe Rachel and the wonderful prenatal care and birth experience that we had with her. Rachel so knowledgable about everything birth related which always put my husband and I at ease -- knowing that her expertise was there to help guide us in all of the decisions parents have to make in regards to their birth and their baby. I had prepared for and hoped for an unmedicated delivery and can honestly say that because of Rachel, I was able to do so successfully. My labor was quick and intense, but Rachel was excellent in anticipating my needs, helping me breathe through the contractions, and was such a source of strength, confidence and courage when it came time to deliver. I would recommend her 100 times over.

Gabrielle Lorenzo


As a first time mom, working with N.E.A.R. to You Midwifery and Doula Services throughout my pregnancy, delivery, and recovery gave me invaluable peace of mind.  Rachel and her team listened to my concerns, helped me develop birth preferences that worked for me and my partner, and taught a wide variety of techniques to keep me comfortable.  With Rachel's support I was able to labor at home for quite awhile (as I had hoped to do) and she helped me avoid unnecessary intervention while later delivering at the hospital.  When my labor didn't exactly go as planned, having her there in my corner made me feel able to accept the changes and enjoy my daughter's birth. No matter your birth plan, I highly recommend making Rachel and the team at N.E.A.R to You a part of that plan.



We loved Rachel's team! Super responsive to all texts before, during, and after birth. Tons of great advice and support, especially with lactation the hour after birth, pain management and coaching, and postpartum questions and concerns. Very encouraging and caring!!



For our third child, I really wanted a natural delivery without induction or pain medication. We hired Rachel to do in-home birth preparation classes with us and she was wonderful! She gave us multiple tips, handouts, and things to practice. She really helped us prepare for natural labor/delivery and gave me confidence that my body was created to do this ?? I was more than pleased that we chose to work with Rachel!

Jessie Rivera


Rachel, her partner Jessica and the doula in training were so warm and supportive at all times.  They explained every aspect of care as we were going along and were always eager to answer any questions my husband or I may have had.  The doulas never left my side and were available at all times.  I ended up having to have a c-section and while they couldn't be in the operating room with my husband and I they stayed the whole time and were waiting for me in recovery.  It meant so much to have them there.  Very professional, educated team of ladies and I always felt well cared for and taken care of. Would defintiely recommend their services to others.

Stephanie M


Rachel is absolutely wonderful! She was with us for two births, my now 5 year old son and 8 month old daughter. Having her there provided me and my husband with a sense of calm, reassurance, and confidence that I know we would not have had otherwise. Rachel was and continues to be a wealth of knowledge and a wonderful resource. While pregnant with my first I took her child birth education class and learned so much about pregnancy and birth. This helped me feel more prepared for my birth experience and confident that Rachel would give me good advice and support along the way. I was lucky enough to have 2 wonderful births and Rachel played a big part in that! Because she was with us we were able to labor at home as long as possible under her careful care. And while at the hospital I was able to stay present moving through labor while my husband could focus on supporting me, knowing that Rachel was keeping a watchful eye on all the other things happening around us. Birth is such a vulnerable time and the value of having an advocate for me and my husband, our baby, and our birth plan can not be underestimated. I'm so grateful for the service Rachel and her team provides. 



I had a wonderful experience with Rachel and her team as they helped me through my two pregnancies and two natural labors and deliveries.  Rachel and her team helped me navigate through some tough situations with my second pregnancy and they were there to help me advocate for myself as well as helped me process best practices and decisions.  Just to give you a bigger picture as to how much I value Rachel I want to share that when I was 30 weeks pregnancy we made the decision to move out of state but I was unwilling to leave Ohio until my daughter was born because I wanted my doula team with me.  I can’t say enough good things about Rachel, Leah and Jessica! 

Leah DiPietro


I would do child birth all over again with Rachel and her staff! They are wonderful to work with. Very informative before, during, and after labor! I don’t think my baby boy would have made it into this world without me having a C-section if it weren’t for Rachel and Jessica!! They played an important role the day we welcomed our baby into this world.  My husband and I can’t thank them enough as first time mom and dad for all of their help and support! 

Eric Lloyd


I don’t know what else to say except that Rachel is absolutely amazing. I am a birth worker myself and know many doulas in our area I chose to have Rachel attend my birth. Her love, care and expertise are unmatched! I habe high risk pregnancirs and she supported me through the entire journey, through the birth and even after. I was able to have a wonderful birth experience- after three previous pregnancies and births that were scary, filled with unnecessary intervention and not the picturesque type of birth that most moms are hoping for. this was my last labor and delivery and I wish I had known about Rachel for the other three- my birthing experiences would look a lot different and all in a great way. As a birth worker I know what to expect in a pregnancy, labor, delivery and post part from a doula- however- she exceeded even my expectations and I will model my future in birth work after how amazingly Rachel takes care of moms and families. It is also a great perk that she has experience in many area hospitals, spanning several counties and even homebirths too. She always answered my calls and texts and had information ready at hand  for all of questions that I asked her about. She has a ton of birth work tricks to use for moms in labor too- which is a relief to know! Thank you so very much, Rachel. I finally got a non-induced, intervention free labor with your help and guidance.

I only wish now that I was going to have more babies! :)

Maria Papadelis Williams


I can’t say enough about Rachel Mueller and Near to you Doula services!!  Lia also assisted in my labor and delivery and was amazing!! I also had Jessica come to home visits and she was awesome as well!! All 3 Doula’s were extremely Kind, informative, and treated me like family!! I couldn’t have felt more comfortable with them by my side!! I’m so glad I chose to work with them!! They were always a phone call or text away!! As my due date grew nearer, I was able to remain calm and not get nervous knowing they would be right there helping me.  They showed me techniques and gave me resources to help prepare me for labor. I also loved the fact that they use Doterra oils!! I ended up having back labor and our  baby girl was posterior which made labor and delivery more difficult for me.  Rachel and Lia took turns rubbing my back and assisting me in anything I needed!! Rachel had calming music playing, and her diffuser running, this also helped me and was so comforting.  When I checked into hospital I was already 9 cm and in so much pain.  They showed up shortly after and stayed several hours after Baby was born to make sure I was recovering and coping well.  I NEVER thought I would be able to have a natural delivery, but with Rachel and Lia, my goal became a reality!!  I was still calling and texting Rachel once we returned home with questions and concerns!! She was great!! Always there for me!!

samantha mueller


Rachel, Jessica and Lia were fantastic. They knew the right thing to do each and every time I needed it. Lia rubbed my legs after the baby was born. Jessica held my hand and encouraged me to keep going. When I asked her to knock me out she said, A bok or a brick!" It lightened the mood and made me laugh. When contractions became intense, and the pool was not helpong I really needed Rachel's tough words of encouragement. I wanted to throw int he towel on my homebirth but these ladies got me through. I am so grateful. Rachel was right there to help with breastfeeding. My first home birth was not ideal. I'm so glad I had this team by my side. The whole experience was possitive and wonderful.

Joanna Chacko


I had a medically nesessary scheduled cesarean.  I had originally desired a natural birth and hoped to have as much support prior and post delivery in hopes I might feel more connected to my body, the process of giving birth and breast feeding.  I wanted to create an environment that reminded me of the miracle that had just taken place and not feel quite as sterile in a hospital environment.  We asked Rachel to be part of that support system for us.  She arrived post birth as we had planned and walked me through advise on breast feeding and encouraged me as a new Mama.  It was very helpful and reassuring.  We planned on having her come to the house as support post my husband returning to work but I recovered so quickly we did not end up requiring further assistance.  She did make herself available via phone and text for questions and checked in with me a number of times.  I am very thankful for her services!

Lisa Menning


From the minute I met Rachel, the peace that she brought to a new anxious mother was priceless. We had a follow up appointment in the comfort of our own home in which she extended the option for 1:1 childbirth classes. We covered everything from labor & delivery, cervical changes, interventions, monitoring, patient options, newborn care and breastfeeding. These classes were so helpful as we prepared for our new child. The last week of pregnancy got a little crazy with some complications which lead to interventions and an emergency c section. Thankfully, my husband and I had constant communication with Rachel every step of the way. If we were to have another child, I would hire her in a heartbeat. Rachel is outstanding & she is surely a professional at what she does. We can’t thank her enough.

Brandi Brayer


I wanted a complete natural birth, so hiring a Doula was top on my list. Rachel was a perfect match for us, I do not regret hiring her 1 bit! I belive she was the reason I got through my birth with NO meds and relaxed as can be. She was very helpful and and comforting.

In the end I had an emergency c-section and Rachel was there and waited until everything was over before she left. She followed up many times and came over to help with breastfeeding.

Definetly worth the investment if having a calming, natural and relaxed birth experience is what you are looking for.

Hannah Picariello


Bottom line: You will not regret hiring Rachel.

Our hesitations before working with Rachel:

• Worth the money? – YES! The care she provides in a stressful deeply emotional time is beyond value. My husband who was very skeptical agrees whole heartily.

• Will I be comfortable with a stranger? – I connected with her from our first meeting, but I know I am not unique because Rachel has an amazing gift and a warm spirit.

• What if I decide against a natural birth, will she be supportive? – YES! When my goal for an unmedicated birth became no longer feasible she walked us though the process and explained the details better than our midwife. She was non-judgmental and made the whole process less scary.

Thank you Rachel. We cannot express our gratitude for your support.

Mai Al Owayesh


I worked with Rachel as my postpartum doula after I had a rough pregnancy that I couldnt walk easy or do much starting my ninth month and after delivery.  Rachel's experience and knowledge were A M A Z I N G! Her help, presence and energy was the best thing and all I needed during the tough time I had during my postpartum recovery. Her knowledge about breastfeeding was invaluable, she helped me troubleshoot all my issues with latch, gas, pumping and she was the one who saw that my son had a lip tie! She made sure me and my baby are relaxed, well fed, and happy. It's like having your mom trained by DONA and LLL.. doesn't get any better than that! I highly recommend her and I wish I had her as my birth doula too.

Annie Stimson


Our experience with Rachel was wonderful. She is a very caring person and I felt a good connection with her from the very beginning. Her home visits and childbirth classes helped us prepare for the birth the best we could. Our labor however did not go as planned and 40+ hours into it I had a c section. The whole experience was overwhelming and at times scary. Rachel was there every step of the way helping guide us through the process. We tried as best we could to have an unmedicated vaginal birth and Rachel did everything she could to help that process along. When it became clear that that wasn't in the cards for us, she helped ease the disapointment and helped me come to terms with the birth, something I very much needed postpartum. Her continued support is reassuring in the confusing times post-birth and she has been an invaluable resource to me. I truly feel like I would not have been able to get through all this without her. I feel lucky and very grateful that she was there to experience this with us. I would recommended her to everyone!

Jenny H


Rachel was a great support during my pregnancy.  This was my fourth pregnancy.  My third pregnancy ended with an emergency c-section at 33 weeks after I developed severe preeclampsia.  For my fourth pregnancy I was planning (hoping!) for a full term, healthy vbac delivery.  She helped me develop habits to control my anxiety that helped me manage my stress during my pregnancy.  Rachel is connected to other professionals that care for pregnant women.  She recommended a great chiropractor that managed to turn my transverse baby.  At 37 weeks I started showing signs of preeclampsia so I elected to have a c-section before an emergency developed.  While this was not the vbac I had been planning, I was able to carry my baby full term, and stay sane,  with Rachel's help and support.

Daphne Firos


We chose Rachel to be our doula for the birth of our first child. It was comforting to know that there was going to be someone with us for the entire birth and Rachel was available throughout the last couple of months of my pregnancy to answer any questions and give her advice.

I ended up being induced at 41 weeks so we didn't get to use all of Rachel's tricks for helping with a natural labor, but she was a great help and advocate as I had to adapt to a new birth plan. Rachel also helped my husband be an active part of the labor, so we both had a positive birth experience.

I recommend Rachel for anyone looking for a doula.

Daphne, proud mama of a 5 month old

Molly Wobbecke Shaw


Rachel is a GREAT doula!  She was very accomodating and came to my house several times throughout my pregnancy to give my husband and I birth classes.  We really enjoyed the one-on-one instruction, especially since it was geared towards our birth plan.  When I went into labor she was very responsive and came right away.  She was with me through the whole experience and did a great job keeping me as comfortable as possible.  She was essential in my ability to stay calm and focused.  My husband and I can't thank her enough for her role in our son's birth.  I will absolutely be using Rachel for my future births and would highly recommend her to any expecting mom who is looking for a doula.

Jacob Oetama-Paul


We are so thankful that we had Rachel's help with our firstborn. She was our postpartum doula, coming about twice a week for the first 6 weeks after delivery. She truly epitomizes what a postpartum doula should be. She was knowledgeable, reassuring, nonjudgmental, efficient, reliable, and responsible. We never had to worry about whether she was doing what she was supposed to do. She took initiative and proactively tried to figure out how to help. She adjusted to our parenting philosophy. She had such a warm and caring demeanor that really helped us. Last but not least, she is an excellent and creative cook: we handed our weekly farm share to her and asked her to make something vegetarian without further direction, and she came up with great stuff! Thank you for everything, Rachel. You are the best!

Anna Brown


Rachel has been absolutely amazing before and during the birth of our daughter. She was always very responsive, professional and knowledgeable and we felt completely at ease with her by our side. She came to our house in the middle of the night and stayed with me at the hospital for a marathon like VBAC birth (47 hours). She helped me through really bad back labor and I always felt like I could trust her judgment and recommendations regarding interventions. I’m very grateful that she was able to attend my birth and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a calm and experienced doula.

Amanda Schmidt


We had Rachel assist us with both of our children's births - our son in 2012 and daughter in 2014. I was in labor for 36 hours with my son following more than a week of false labor. Rachel was amazing at our house for an entire day of what turned out to be false labor then via text and phone for the 10 days before I actually went in to labor. She was at the hospital for us the entire 18 hours. Towards the end when it was clear that I was really exhausted and stuck, she was going to suggest that I ask the midwife about interventions, but the midwife did anyway. She coached me through pushing with an epidural then stayed until our son latched and started nursing. She kept up with me by text afterwards and came to visit once. We couldn't imagine not having her for the birth of our daughter, so as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I emailed her to reserve our priority for my due date. Our daughter came 9 days early (compared to my son's 11 days late), also after a drawn out pre-labor, which Rachel supported by phone and text. I was traveling just before I went in to labor and Rachel was looking up places with free-standing birth centers in case I needed to have the baby while I was away. Fortunately I made it home. We ended up getting to the hospital when I was already 7 cm and I was in so much discomfort that I thought I couldn't do it without an epidural (which was the intervention I had the first time). Because of the early arrival of the baby, our 2 year old son was with us, so my husband had to pay attention to him. Rachel took charge immediately and made sure that I was always comfortable (as much as possible), even if it was less convenient for the hospital staff. She advocated for me (like "don't break her water. It will break") and two hours later I gave birth to my daughter in the tub, exactly as I had wanted. Even though another mother was in labor and she had come from a birth, she stayed until nursing was established. We can't recommend her enough!

Kolee kellogg


Not only is Rachel is incredibly informed, but she is very kind and approachable. I always felt at ease with her. She comforted me during my delivery and was a wealth of information before and after my birth. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

miahawki .


Rachel is a pleasure to work with. She makes you feel at ease. As new parents without any family in the area, Rachel was almost like a stand-in family member. Very warm and friendly. But she is also incredibly professional and knows her stuff! She regularly attends new trainings so she can be up-to-date and informed. And she has all of the professional affiliations you should expect. She makes you feel that she is readily available for all your questions and concerns, and I never felt rushed anytime I met with her. My husband really appreciated her patience as well. She is not trying to "sell" you a service or force her ideology on you. She truly wants to help you bring your baby into the world in the way that is best for you and your family. She helped me avoid getting induced early and her techniques probably helped me avoid a C-section as well. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Doula in the NE Ohio region.

Melissa Nolan-Slatzer


My husband & I were thrilled to be expecting. We had dreamed of having a child for a long time. I knew that I wanted to have the most natural childbirth possible, and felt that a doula would help us with achieving that goal. I had no friends or family who used a doula, so I started my search online. Rachel got back to me very quickly & we met for a consultation. It was clear immediately that Rachel is very knowledgeable. However, what really stood out was how comfortable my husband & I both felt with Rachel upon meeting. We got in the car & said "it's crazy how we genuinely connected with her." Giving birth has by far been the most wonderful, intimate experience of my life; and you definitely want to have a connection with the doula who gets to share in such a amazing experience. At 37 weeks along, I found out that I had developed a kidney stone the size of a dime! I had to have surgery to have a kidney stent put in. I was terrified! Rachel showed up at the hospital at 6:00 AM to help with providing valuable information & comfort for my husband & I. She brought essential oils which helped relax me a great deal.

I would also like to note that Rachel provides intensive & thorough child birth classes. They are wonderful! I don't know how women are successful with natural childbirth without these classes! My husband & I felt so much more knowledgeable & prepared because of Rachel's classes. I truly feel that, without Rachel, I don't know that I would have achieved an all natural childbirth, especially considering my complications  & significant pain prior to labor due to my kidney stent. I labored for 22 hours, with labor progressing throughout the night.  Rachel gave me strength & support in a nonjudgemental way. I can't say enough about the importance of having a doula & truly feel blessed that we had such a caring & knowledgeable advocate to help every step of the way.



We would like to express our deepest gratitude for the awesome experience Rachel helped us with during the birth of our first child. From the moment we met Rachel we recognized her positive energy, knowledge, passion, attentiveness, patience, and love she had in providing her doula services. With those traits we knew there was no need to look any further.

Rachel came to our house around 11:00pm after I was in the beginning stages of labor. After my contractions intensified we decided to go to the hospital around 2:00am that morning. Rachel was very organized and well prepared with all her birthing equipment. She was very supportive and hands-on throughout my natural birth experience, and catering to our wishes and needs.

The decision to go natural was an unknown journey to my Husband and I, never having children before. Rachel was dedicated and helped us throughout and was there every step of the way. We couldn't ask for a better person to be there with us. I highly recommend anyone to use Rachel's doula service to help you with an amazing birth experience whether going natural, or using any other birthing method.

Thanks so much Rachel!!

Much love and Respect,

Jazmone, Kareem, and Baby Bryce

Christine Cassella


After meeting with several doulas, we chose Rachel because of her impressive organizational skills and obvious passion to support us in birthing naturally.  I remember her writing after we met that we were "well on our way to a natural birth experience".  It was little things like that that made me know that Rachel would provide me with confidence during my birthing time.  Additionally, Rachel seemed really excited about our desire to birth at home and helped me to feel even more comfortable that we had made the right choice in that decision.

During the birthing time, Rachel was always helpful with suggestions for different positions and techniques to help manage my pressure waves.  She provided many reminders that I was doing well and she helped me to stay in a positive mental space, even when I would occasionally feel insecure.

In the end, we ended up having a beautiful, all-natural home birth and welcomed our baby into the world in exactly the way we had hoped.

If interested, it might also help to read my birth story and learn more of Rachel's role in my birth:   http://theselightfootsteps.com/2013/11/16/the-birth-of-baby-light-footsteps/

Thank you Rachel!

Ashlee Duma


Rachel was fantastic! She was so much help during my labor. Rachel helped me to relax and manage pain during a difficult labor. She helped us understand the options when we ended up having an emergency situation. Both my husband and I were so thankful for her presence during the birth of our son. The peace of mind she brought us was priceless.If we hadn't hired her, the birth would have been a lot more painful and scary. We were so glad to have her help. Also, Rachel has continued to check on us and offer help a month after the birth of our son. You won't regret hiring Rachel.

Renee Cooper


Having Rachel as our doula was a wonderful experience.  After finding out that our baby was breech, she kept us positive that there was the possibility of her turning.  She also provided information on things that I could do to potentially facilitate the baby turning.  She was always available for questions either via e-mail, phone call, or even text.  She was my go-to person for a lot of my questions because I felt she was a key support person in helping me to reach my goal of delivering this baby as naturally as possible.  Unfortunately, the baby never turned and we had to go with Plan B and plan a C-section.  Rachel continued to have a positive outlook and keep me focused on the ultimate outcome--a healthy baby.  She made the day of our C-section relaxing and just as intimate and memorable as if this had been our plan all along.  I especially enjoyed our post-partum visit when I know I had the most questions.  She helped me to feel much more comfortable caring for our newborn during this visit.  After sharing this experience with Rachel in helping us to bring our first child into the world, I hope she can be with us for the next.

polycrafty .


Rachel was an amazing doula for us.  From our very first meeting, she was so professional and  knowledgeable.  Every time we asked for advice before and after the birth, she gave us tremendously useful research and information covering both sides of every issue.  She is warm, supportive,  and non-judgemental.

She was also terrific with my husband.  Before we met Rachel, he wasn't even sure he liked the idea of having a doula.  She really impressed him and convinced him that we needed a doula, not by any hard sell, but just by presenting her skills and experience, and her down to earth demeanor.  She was also able to give him guidance on how to help throughout labor.

In the delivery room, Rachel had countless tools and techniques to help me through a very long and challenging labor.  She had creative ideas even when our mobility was hampered by IV and monitors that ended up being needed.  Even the midwives were impressed by her kit.  She was exactly what I needed on my team: she was a patient advocate, always looking out for my  needs and wishes, yet she worked well with the hospital staff.

I didn't know at the time, but my husband told me later that even the midwives seemed skeptical that I would be able to deliver vaginally.  Having Rachel there to help advocate for my wishes gave me that opportunity.  She also gave good, non-judgemental counsel when hospital staff recommended various interventions.

In the end, after almost 24 hours of laboring at Hillcrest, I was able to deliver vaginally a 10 lb 3 oz beautiful baby.  I felt like a hero, but I know I couldn't have managed without the teamwork of Rachel, my husband, and the hospital staff.  Rachel helped us get a great birth experience, despite a lot of challenging circumstances.

Ellie Love


I had contacted Rachel late in my pregnancy when I read that hiring a doula greatly reduces your chances of having a c section. This was a major concern of mine since I wanted a vaginal delivery for the birth of my daughter (first baby). I met with Rachel several times where we discussed my ideal birth plan, her role, and different techniques I would like her to us while I was in labor. From the start I felt extremely comfortable with Rachel (and the back up doula) and my anxiety for labor went away. I should also note that I wanted to hire a doula since my husband is currently deployed in Afghanistan and would not be there for the birth of our daughter. My mom was the only other person with me and her role was to hold my iPad so we could video chat with my husband the whole time. Therefore Rachel would be there as my labor coach. The night before I went into labor Rachel let me know that she was at the hospital with another mother who went into labor. Unfortunately when I went into labor early the next morning Rachel was still with the other mother. No worries, we had the back up doula :) Well my labor came on so fast that the back up doula didnt make it to the hospital in time. All my birth plans went right out the window! Haha. I progressed so quickly that I was not able to even receive an epidural, which was definitely in my birth plan! By the time I made it to the hospital I was holding my baby 3 hours later! While I did not receive doula services during my labor, Rachel was a great help throughout my pregnancy and postpartum. I was having severe engorgment after delivery which was interfering with breast feeding. Rachel came over to my house to give lactation help and lots of reassurance. I am 4 weeks post partum and still text Rachel quite often with lots of questions, everything from building a milk supply to baby acne. She really is great! Ideally I would have followed my birth plan with Rachel there but I still had a great experience with her!

Sarah Lintern


Rachel was so wonderful during the whole process- she helped me give birth without fear! I never felt like I was being judged for anything I wanted in the birth process. She kept me calm when I wasn't progressing fast enough, and was an amazing coach during pushing! She was so great that we signed on for postpartum services as well- and we are so glad. She helped with breastfeeding, helped clean the house, and even watched the baby while I took a nap. She was a godsend during a really tough time and I can't wait to use her again when we have another baby!

Shayne Krichevsky


Rachel assisted me in the VBAC birth of my second child. We had two meetings prior to my going into labor.  The first just to get aquuanted, and the second to go through a medical history and to try out  positions, as well as the differnt items she wopuld use to asisst me in labor.

I was in early labor for a few days and she was in contact with me and checking in through it, she offered to come whenever we felt we needed her. Rachel met us at the hospital at 1pm Friday and supported me until after the birth of our daughter at 530am Saturday. Throughout the labor and delivery Rachel listened to me when I asked for assistance, offered when she thought it was needed and knew just what to do when I could no longer ask or knew myself. She assisted me in the decision to use pain medication and was very knowledgeable about the risks vs. benefits. She encouraged me to listen to my own body. I don’t think I would have been able to have a successful VBAC without her!

A few weeks after my duaghter was born, Rachel did a final home visit with us.  She brought notes that she took during the birth, offered assitance with breatfeeding, and opened the door to create a friendship beyond the brithing expriance.

Rachel comes with my highest of recommendations, she is kind, compassionate, culturally aware and respectful, supportive, and in tune with my needs every step of the way.

Carmela Guerrero


I gave birth to my first born on September 2013 and having Rachel with me as a source of support leading up to the  birth was truly amazing.  Rachel is very comforting and accessible. I called her at 2AM when my water broke and sure enough, she answered the phone.  She met me at the hospital and she stayed with me until after Marco was born and even stayed to help with breastfeeding.

I used Rachel not only for doula services but for post doula services as well. I highly recommend Rachel and would use her if we ever have another!!!

kelly minihan


Rachel was one of two doulas we interviewed and we left the interview knowing that she was the person we wanted at the birth of our child.  Rachel was very energetic, positive, calm and most importantly knowledgable and confident in her skills.  I had a very long labor in which Rachel assisted not only me, but my partner as well to encourage me through the process.  Rachel was a great advocate for us within the hospital system and helped us to make objective decisions.  She provided unlimited access throughout my pregnancy, and after, for any and all questions, and was very prompt to provide research backed evidence/articles/links to all information she recommended.  I would strongly recommend her as a doula and will definately request her services again if I have another child.

Cala Seifer


Rachel was very informativAmanda respected my wishes. I felt empowered by having her by my side. She changed my whole pregnancy experience tbt first, helping me find a care provider that was more accommodating; and switching was the best choice I made for my pregnancy. Rachel was is great source of support during my pregnancy, and major during my long labor. She helped me not give up, provided a more comfortable environment for me. I highly recommend Rachel as a Doula for any mom.  She has so much knowledge, patience, compassion, and kindness that was perfect for a supportive doula, and also a friend. She's also open-minded and doesn't make you feel silly, or weird- but I felt empowered, strong, and capable of doing my birth the way I wanted. And even though in the end, my birth didn't go as planned, I enjoyed my labor and having Rachel by my side. And hearing her cheer me on. I trust Rachel and am so glad she was in my corner.

Lisa Cottle


Rachel Mueller was my postpartum doula during the Fall of 2012. She was knowledgeable, caring and responsive. I strongly endorse her postpartum doula services to anyone who is considering hiring a postpartum doula.

Shannon Corum


Rachel was excellent. I was able to make a connection with her early in my pregnancy, and I was grateful I did so. She provided support to me throughout the pregnancy. She was always quick to respond, which was fantastic. Even though this was my 3rd pregnancy, it was the first time I attempted (and succeeded!) in a medication free birth.  

Monica Callahan


Rachel was wonderful! I don't know where to begin. She took me on as a client because my husband was currently overseas and I was looking for more support. I also knew my mother would need support. Rachel met with us twice before the due date and we instantly clicked. She has a great sense of humor and a lot of knowledge about birth and what is 'normal'. She instantly made us feel very comfortable around her, like we've known her for quite some time. The second time we met, she went through everything she can bring to your labor and together we decided what would help me relax during my labor. She packs you your own personal bag with whatever you would want. When I started going in to labor, she kept in contact with me from the moment I called her and met me at the hospital. Not only did she keep me level headed during my birth, but she kept my mother level headed also. She spoke up to the nurses when it came to what I wanted for my birth experience. They worried about the water slowing down my contractions but Rachel insisted I was doing just fine so I got to stay in longer. And it turns out I was progressing wonderfully. She is outspoken when she needs to be, including sticking up for what you want your birth plan to be. Rachel made my birth amazing and I would highly recommend her to anyone who asks me about doula services, and to those who don't! :)

Jennifer Luca


I had a wonderful experience with Rachel Mueller as my post partum doula. As a first time mom, I was very happy to have the advice, support, and care that Rachel provided to me and my new baby. I would highly recommend her as a postpartum doula, especially for first time moms who have many questions about newborn care.

Stacey Kimber


After researching my various options regarding birth, my husband and I decided to hire a doula to support myself during labor as well as my husband.  Rachel was very organized and very well prepared and this was obvious from our first interview where we were given a folder of literature regarding birth and doula services.  We met twice before the labor and had to opportunity to try out various things that could help ease labor pain and anxiety, including massage implements, aromatherapy oils, and various labor balls.  Rachel then took note of what I liked the best and brought these to the hospital.  I was 9 days late and my midwife decided I should be induced a day earlier than scheduled.  Rachel was at a birth when we called to say we were headed to the hospital, but luckily it was a quick birth and she headed to meet us as soon as she could.  Rachel provided good support during labor, suggesting different posititions and techniques to help with pain and help my labor progress.  When the decision was made that I needed to have a C section due to my baby's low heart rate during contractions, she was very supportive and was able to explain what was happening to my parents as they arrived in the midst of my epidural placement.  We had a great experience with Rachel and are very appreciative of all her help and expertise!

Melanie Lloyd


 Rachel was a huge help to both me and my husband in enabling us to prepare for a calm and natural homebirth for our second child.  She was very supportive and paid great attention to detail when it came to both me and my husbands wishes and desires during the labor and delivery of our baby.  Her presence alone helped to give me the confidence to birth my baby naturally at home without fear.  Rachel was a brilliant source of suppport for both me and my husband before, during, and after the birth of our baby, and I believe every woman should have access to a doula that can guide them through a birth process that is as natural as possible. My homebirth was truly an empowering and amazing experience that I am happy to remember.  

Amanda Schmidt


Rachel was fantastic! My husband was a bit hesistant about getting a doula but I wanted to have a vaginal birth and not end up with a cesaerian (which happened to my mom and several of my friends). From the beginning we were impressed with how professional Rachel is. She always had on her name tag from DONA and had a fantastic packet of material for us the first time we met.

I had a long pre-labor and Rachel was supportive through the entire thing. She spent a day here when I thought I was in labor and ended up at the hospital to have me sent home because I was not in labor. 11 days later, when I was in labor, Rachel met us at the hospital at 6 am; she would have come to our house, but we didn’t think we needed her. She absolutely did not get in the way of my husband and instead really helped to support him as well. When I got stuck at 7 cm and the midwife recommended an epidural to relax me, Rachel talked me through what that would mean and never was judgmental about getting intervention (in fact, she told me later that she would have suggested it if the midwife hadn't). She helped me to understand how to push a baby out while having an epidural and was really encouraging through the entire process. I was a total wreck by then (extremely dehydrated, tired, and hellish back labor) and Rachel was never anything but upbeat and positive.

After our baby was born at midnight, Rachel stuck around until breastfeeding was established even though she had been with us at the hospital for 18 hrs. At our follow up visit she made sure breastfeeding was still going well. We plan to have another and as soon as I know I'm pregnant and the expected due date, I'll be emailing Rachel to book the date. I also recommend her to all my friends planning to have babies.




Kelli Wright


As soon as my husband and I met Rachel Mueller we knew that she was the doula for us! Her approach to doula care involves providing organized and detailed information in a very nonjudgmental and friendly way. She made us feel empowered (yet was not pushy) to make educated decisions regarding our pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period.

Rachel contacted us regularly during the pregnancy to ensure all of our questions and concerns were addressed. We met several times to practice different labor techniques and determine what would work best for our unique personalities and situation (aromatherapy, massage, visualization, etc). I really appreciated her ability to fine-tune her techniques to our needs and desires.

During the birth, Rachel was simply fantastic! She was able to suggest many good positions, massage, visualizations, and breathing techniques to keep me calm and focused during birth. She also was wonderful at giving my husband gentle suggestions to stay active and helpful the entire time. Together, they were an excellent support team.

Lastly, Rachel really shines during the postpartum period. It was obvious that she truly cared about how we were adjusting to the new baby at both the hospital and once we were home. She was always available via email or telephone to answer questions regarding breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and general infant care.

In summary, hiring Rachel Mueller was one of the best decisions we have ever made. We would definitely hire her again for any subsequent children.



I am very pleased I had Rachel as my postpartum doula, and in retrospect, wish I had her as my birth doula as well.  Rachel has been a wealth of information and help as a postpartum doula.  As a second time mommy, I didn't think I'd learn as much from a doula this time around!  Her information is well researched, not folk advice, and she gives you the space to use or leave what you will of what she offers.   Breastfeeding got off to a much better start this time influenced by Rachel's observations.  She's genuinely interested in helping your family off with the best start.  She was helpful with my older child, too, in helping me get more rest and helping my three year old adjust to her new sister.  She still mentions Rachel now two months later.  I have already sent someone I know Rachel's way and highly recommend you speak with Rachel to see if she is as wonderful a match for you as she was for me.

Kim C.


Rachel began with us in April of 2011 and it was a true blessing. She was our postpartum doula for the birth of our daughter (already a mom to twin 2 year olds) and I can't say enough about her. We had recently moved to the Cleveland area and not having family local or knowing a lot of people, she was a reference to us through a doula website and, quite frankly, was the best reference we could have ever gotten. Rachel helped us out significantly the first few weeks overnights for us after our daughter's birth and then after for our family. Trustworthy, reliable, knowledgeable, dependable and understanding are the words I would use to describe her, and highly recommend her.

Lori Neiswander


Rachel helped me tremendously during the birth of our 8th child in 2010. I had never heard of doulas before, and was curious. Although she was busy with another patient throughout a long night, she never-the-less stood by me when it was my turn! All those comfort measures that are soooo needed during birth, Rachel anticipated my needs and simply did them without me asking. I especially appreciated her even helping me in the shower toward the end of an unmedicated labor. She remained calm and encouraging the entire time even though she had to be exhausted from already being up the entire night before with a prior patient. She took some fabulous pictures during and after birth that I treasure since I never had any with my other kids. It was so helpful to have her near to talk over my birth experience afterwards and affirm/confirm that this or that did occur as I relived it all in my mind. I would absolutely recommend Rachel to any mother....but, especially first-time moms. Her experience and information she has to share with you are invaluable in starting your motherhood off on the right foot!

Sarah Genet


Rachel was my postpardum Doula and was absolutely fantastic! I looked forward to the days that she was scheduled to come over. Rachel helped with the initial adjustment of the new baby, and our very active 3 year old. Rachel helped me maintain the 3 year olds sleep, lunch, and play schedule, as well as establishing one for the baby's. She even helped me organize the play room one day, when I was feeling overwhelmed! She brought me videos and books to read before the baby arrived, which taught me a lot! She reviewed birth day and things I should be aware of to make the experience more relaxing. When it came to breastfeeding, her initial guidance helped me build a strong foundation for nursing over 14 months! I was extremely thankful for her, so much so that we even recommended her to be my sister in law's doula!

Amy Hissa


 We hired Rachel toward the end of our pregnacy to assist us with the birth process of our first baby. I went into labor at 3 am and called Rachel at 6 am, she met us at the hospital tools in hand and thus began a 12 hour process. She was so helpful to both me and my husband, always calm and reassuring, willing to do whatever I needed from getting me toast and popsicles to wiping down my face with a wash cloth. Our daughter was born into a calm and welcoming environment. My husband was able to relax and care for me, the process was wonderful!

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