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Loving Hands Doulas

Huntingdon Valley, PA Service range 60 miles


Postpartum Rate

$35 to $50

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $50

Years in Operation: 9

Type of practice: Group practice

Clients per month: 3 to 6

Service Area

Huntingdon Valley, PA Service range 60 miles

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Ankur Dadhania


We cannot express how much we fell in love with Beth and her staff, especially Tyesha. The level of professionalism is unmatched, but more importantly the level of care, love and support they provide 24/7 (even outside the traditional night nurse hours) made bringing a baby home so easy. Tyesha was so caring and thoughtful. She treated our baby like she was her own. How gently she held her, the care that she came her, and the love that she showed her was unbelievable. She even went so far as to make no noise during the other tasks, as not to wake up the baby or us.  Beth is beyond amazing.  She always made herself available to us about any and all questions. Especially as new parents, the open lines of communication 24/7 was instrumental in how we got through the first few weeks.  All in all, I could not recommend this team enough. Just amazing amazing women that we are priveledged to have gotten to know



I could not have more positive things to say about Jen and her team at Loving Hands. They helped us adjust with all 3 of our children and I feel like we owe them so much of our sanity and ability to find a routine. They are warm and kind and always made me feel like my babies were safe and well cared for. They always amazed me at how well they were able to put my house back in order overnight as well! They were excellent at learning my baby's needs and helping all of us get some much needed rest. I truly recommend them to anyone welcoming a new baby home, you deserve it! 

Caitlin Fox


Coming home as new parents was exciting but also extremely overwhelming. Having Jen there in some of our first nights home made it all feel much easier. She was calm, cool and collected when we were just trying to figure it all out, and she helped teach us things or advise on my breastfeeding journey. Most importantly, she treated our daughter and our dog both so well, which was so important to us. We felt really comfortable with her in our home and appreciated all that she did for us. Having a doula was one of the best things we did post-baby and we were so glad to have found Jen! I highly recommend loving hands doulas! 

Diana L


As a first time mom, I was completely overwhelmed by the wealth of information out there on parenting and taking care of a newborn. I read several books during my pregnancy that left me feeling overwhelmed. Luckily I found Jen and Beth through a referral. I truly don't know what we would have done without them! They are incredibly thoughtful, kind and loving. They are so knowledgeable and they were both so wonderful with our baby, they are like baby whisperers! They also helped us focus on what was most important for us and our baby and thanks to them our journey as first time parents has been such a beautiful and joyful experience. I can't recommend them enough!



Jen and Carol from Loving Hands Doulas helped our family over the course of almost 6 weeks after we welcomed our second child. They took care of everything and were incredibly kind and warm while doing it. From the second they walked in the door we felt a load being taken off our shoulders. They would immediately get the baby to sleep if she wasn't already, and dive into the tasks of the house. We would wake up rested (after nursing ended) to a clean kitchen with a basket full of folded laundry. They answered our questions and concerns about the baby each night, and reasured us that we were on the right track each morning as they left. We are incredibly grateful to both of them for helping us adjust to having another child in the house. 



Giving birth to my son during the global health crisis has been a challenge, needless to say. Beth and her team not only provided the love and care all parents want for their newborns, but offered me and my husband unparalleled support and guidance. They made it possible for me to be a good mother, as I was learning how to mother, during a very challenging time. At first, we decided to work with the team for 2 weeks following my son's birth in June 2020. Beth and her team's generosity with their time prior to working together was incredible. For months Beth spent countless hours on the phone and texting with me, and even reviewed my registry. They do not accept deposits, so when I cancelled at the onset of the pandemic in March, I tried to pay them for the time spent communicating with me. Beth would not accept a dime.  What's more, she continued to offer guidance and advice, even after I cancelled, and kept encouraging me to reach out! Again, we had not paid a cent. Beth and her team love what they do, and genuinely just want to help. I cannot stress this enough. Once our son arrived, the baby blues and eventually PPD set in, so we ended up asking Beth and her team for help again, despite the continuing pandemic. We worked with Beth and her team for a few nights a week for 3 1/2 months. Beth's support was as crucial to my mental and emotional well-being as therapy was, and my son thrived. The team's help also provided the chance for my husband and I to reconnect. Beth taught me how to gain confidence as a new mom, recommended parenting resources for my reference, and baby products for my consideration. Our son is now almost 4 months old and is happy, healthy and sleeps through the night for 10-12 hours most nights. I am going back to work as a confident new mother. Beth, thank you for making this possible for our family. I don't know how I (we) would have gotten to where we are without you.



I feel so lucky that I found loving hands Doulas. From the moment I spoke to Jen on the phone, I knew my baby was going to be in great hands. She went over everything with me on the phone, and did an extensive walk through on her first night with us. As a first time parent, the lack of sleep really caught up to us in a short period of time. Jen made the transition so much easier, and we went to bed knowing Jen was taking care of our baby and her needs. It wasn't easy not having our family around through the pandemic,  but Jen and her team took such amazing precauations and we trusted them through it all. I couldn't be more thankful to Jen and her team. I would recommend them a million times over! Thanks again loving hands!

Chrissy S.


We had Carol,  Beth and Jen help with our newborn daughter/ They were all amazing! They would come each night and were so helpful getting our daughter on a great schedule and helping her learn to put herself to sleep. We have other children, so to have them help with laundry and emptying the dishwasher was an added bonus. They were always so warm, calm and friendly. I appreciated how they listened to what worked for our famiy, but also made suggestions. so we were able to create the best approach for our daughter. i definitely recommend them.

Emily F


Beth was truly the greatest gift to me and my family when our third child arrived.  My other two children were up every hour for months when they were first born and I knew I couldn’t do it again with our third, especially during the pandemic when both kids were home 24/7. I was initially nervous about having someone else in our home during Covid but from the moment Beth walked in, I felt completely comfortable. She has a calming presence and knew exactly what to do to put me at ease. My husband and I and even our 6 year old would alway look forward to “Beth nights”.  It was such a great feeling to hand my newborn off to Beth and know that I was going to get a good night of sleep and that my baby was in the best hands. To wake up to folded laundry, dishes put away and a tidy house was just the icing on the cake. My baby is 7 weeks now and only getting up once a night, allowing me to be well-rested and sane for the rest of my family.  Even though we “graduated” from needing Beth at night, it’s comforting knowing she’s still available to answer questions and give advice at any time. Having Beth was definitely one of the best decisions we ever made! 

Jane Levy


We had the most amazing experience with Beth. She went above and beyond to accommodate us. I’m not sure we would have survived the first few months without her help. She not only is a baby whisperer and took incredible care of our babe but was and is still a huge source of support to us. She truly cares about the families and babies she works with.  My husband and I were hesitant about hiring a doula before having a baby because it seemed like an unnecessary luxury- and boy were we wrong. Now we both honestly say it was the best money we ever spent! We joke we will not think about having another baby without Beth lined up before we conceive.  Cannot recommend Beth and Loving Hands enough.

Lauren Fine


I can't adequately describe how incredible it was to have the support of Beth and Carol after the birth of our first child. From before she was even born, Beth was so caring and attentive, checking in and offering encouragement. From the very first interaction with our daughter, it was clear that they cared for and treated her as if she were their own. They made us feel at ease, and enabled us to get much needed sleep. Both of them were incredibly knowledgable and helped us feel more confident in dealing with the challenges that arise with a baby, particularly for those of us who are inexperienced. Both Beth and Carol were also very available throughout the day and night by phone to answer questions and share insight and advice. We extended our time with them because their support was invaluable. I could not recommend them more highly. 

Keren T.


Beth was a life safer during our early newborn days. We were able to keep our sanity because of her help with folding, dishes, feeding, and breastmilk best practices. She helped our family to feel at ease, and helped our baby to establish good sleep habits - lowered lights, on their back and flat, soothing techniques, swaddling, etc. I never felt nervous leaving my daughter in Loving Hands Doula's care. In the few months we spent together, Beth made a lasting imact on our life! She is incredibly positive, warm, and nurtuting. I highly recommend this company! They are communicative and puncutal. They will help you during those important postpartum, "fourth trimester" days! When it was time to say goodbye, we parted feeling more confident in our parenting! 

Samantha Sheetz & Greg Bogart


Jen, Beth, and Carol are absolutely phenomenal doulas. Not only would I recommend them, but I would say it’s a big mistake not to hire them. They are so caring, knowledgeable, organized, punctual, responsive, reliable, helpful, clean, and easy to get along with. They were there the day I brought my baby home from the hospital and I felt absolutely at ease as soon as they came. I had zero experience with babies, and they taught me everything I needed to know about caring for my baby as well as his development. They worked for us for 4 months until my baby was sleeping through the night. Not only will you be able to get much needed sleep, but you can rest easy knowing that your child is in their loving hands. They also imparted the knowledge, skills, and confidence I needed to now do it on my own. I’ve also had experience with 2 other doulas who paled in comparison. They went above and beyond in every aspect for our family.You and your family will be so lucky to have them. 

Naomi Coll


Beth and her partner Carol helped us with our second child during her first month. My husband and I looked forward to their visits each night, knowing we would get some much needed sleep, assurance, and advice. Beth has a very calming presence and immediately put us, and our baby, at ease. Right away on her first night with us, Beth was able to calm our baby and she could stay asleep until it was time to eat. Beth would bring her to me to nurse, then whisk her away when I was done so I could go back to sleep and she would magically put the baby back to sleep with ease. Beth would help with lots of other tasks around the house, and it was a great feeling to wake up to a clean kitchen, laundry folded, and dishes done. Beth always arrived early and gave us invaluable advice and help with our daughter’s fussiness and tummy troubles. She and Carol were both flexible with scheduling in order to best meet our family’s needs. Beth left me detailed notes on her nights with the baby and always checks back in on her off days to see how we all are doing. She has sent me lots of tips, articles, and advice that given her knowledge, experience, and personality – I know I can trust. I wish I could keep using Beth and Carol forever, but when our time with them ended, I knew that thanks to their help, our baby was off to a great start. I am happy to provide any additional information to families considering using Beth and Carol – nstarkey@gmail.com.

Erika F


We used Loving Hands Doulas for 2.5 weeks for our first newborn. From the first time I contacted them to their last day with us they were incredibly helpful, patient, knowledgeable, and pleasant in their interactions. They helped me set up my baby registry and were always on hand for questions before, during and after we worked with them. We worked with Carol and Beth who were both genuinely love what they do and have a wealth of experience working with newborns! They helped me navigate breastfeeding challenges and showed me how to bathe our baby. The hands on support and interaction that I got from them was just what I needed as a new Mom to get my confidence back post c-section. It was also a huge help in the early weeks home to have the extra sleep as I had more time to recover and it left me with more energy to take care of our baby during the day. I would highly recommend them to other parents! 

Nancy Nguyen


I highly recommend Loving Hands Doulas . I interviewed with Carol and knew right away she is the one for my children . She contiued to update with me all the way up to my delivery date . I had my twins and Carol was already available the first night we got home . That was life saving grace . I had excellent experience with everyone in the group and I wish I have them all the time day and night for our twins. Everyone is very caring and knowlegeable especially Carol . She is like my mom who I always turn to when I had question and now I still do . The minute Carol walked in the house and took my son , he stopped crying . It is just amazing like that . Carol also helped us transition the twins from rock and play to basinet then to crib . It was so reassuring to leave my babies at night with them to have a good rest , because there was no issue they hadn't seen or did not know how to handle . Me and my husband are in medical field and I know that we are very picky of who is taking care of our babies . However Carol is very knowdgeable and she follows American Pediatrics association guidelines very well .

Loving hands Doula also helps with nursery , laundry , makes bottles, organizes nursery and also helps to pick up some medications when I can't leave the house at all with my twins .

They were always available any time to answer my question .

Major bonus point is that Carol help my babies to slep through the night , for twins . It was not easy for sure .

Again i would recommend the group without any hesitation, anyone in the group but Carol is my mom for sure :) .


Jill Kernan


We first hired Carol and Beth in 2016 after our twins were born. We were first time parents, our twins were born prematurely, and we felt totally overwhelmed. We started with Beth and then Carol took over about a month later. They were both amazing. Within a minute of walking in the door they would have both our boys settled and calm. They helped with household tasks like doing dishes, laundry, set up the nursery, and made bottles. They trimmed the boys’ fingernails. One night, Carol even made us plaster handprints of the boys, a wonderful keepsake. Not only was their help amazing because it allowed my husband and I to get some sleep, but they also provided such great advice. They have read all the baby books and know all the tips and tricks. They helped us transition the boys from sleeping in rock and plays to cribs and helped us finally get the boys doing one long stretch of sleep in the night. We were so sad to finally say goodbye to them. 

We recently worked with Beth and Carol again after the birth of our third baby. With the help of Beth and Carol my husband and I were able to get full nights of sleep a few nights a week, which was critical with a newborn and three year old twins to care for during the day. Again, their insight and advice was invaluable and helped us get our little one sleeping through the night at just 2 months old. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Beth and Carol without reservation. 

Samantha Kagan


I cannot say enough wondeful things about Beth and Jen who first came to our family in 2015 when we welcomed our daughter. They are both incredibly kind and wam and I immediatley trusted them to care for her. Each night that I left her with them I knew that she would be loved and well taken care of. Throrugh daily check ins by text message and over the phone Beth and Jen helped me navigate breast feeding, pumping, and getting my daughter on a sleep schedule, all while constnatly reminding me that I was doing a great job. Their concern for not only my daughter's well being, but also mine, allowed me to stay positive despite the sleep deprivation that accompanies the arrival of a newborn. When I learned I was pregant with our son (2018), Loving Hands Doulas was my first call and I could not be happier with the care Jen and Beth have given to my son and our family as we transitioned from three to four.

Amanda Noble


My husband and I could not be more confident that we chose the perfect doulas for our family. Carol and Jen were always sweet, incredibly helpful, wonderful with our dogs, and flexible. We wanted a doula to get a little more sleep in the early stages of parenthood obviousl, but we also really wanted to learn from them; Carol and Jen taught us how to bathe our daughter, how to pump, tricks to burping our “delayed burper“, how to bottle feed, how to handle all of the visitors, and advice going forward- sleep training, traveling with our daughter, and creating a schedule based on her cues. We are so thankful that they were able to come into our home and help us to truly enjoy our first two months of being parents to our sweet Eloise. We could not recommend Loving Hands Doulas enough! Thank you ladies... we will miss you!

Namita Powers


I can't say enough good things about the team at Loving Hands Doulas.  I immediately clicked with Beth, when I spoke with her over the phone, and met her in person.  All the referrals told me to grab them, so of course I did!  I had a premature baby boy, born 3 months early, and he had just come home when we engaged Loving Hands Doulas.  He is our first child, so you can imagine we were very nervous, having spent 70 days in the hospital over the summer.  Beth and Jen put us completely at ease - they were SO loving and good with Jack, and really cared about us as a family.  They were always on time (early, in fact), were amazingly nurturing and competent with Jack, and became advisors to me about baby issues and milestones as he hit them.  They also were very attentive and did so much around the house for me overnight - it was like magic, waking up to a clean home, emptied dishwasher, all the laundry done, and a happy baby!  And great night sleep for me!  I can't recommend them highly enough!

Kathryn Schumacher


I call Beth, Carol and Jen our angels! They are all absolutely fabulous and can't recommend them enough. It was the best decision we ever made. They cared for our son (and us!) when he was 3 days old-4 months. They made transitioning from 1 child to 2 children so much easier and gave us the best gift of all, sleep. I always had complete trust in them that our son would be well cared for. Their help with light houskeeping and anything baby related allowed us to spend time together as a family.

Jen, Carol and Beth, always left great notes about our son and how he did that evening.  Anytime I had any questions, I'd receive a text back or phone call. They weren't pushy with advice but if you needed or wanted it, it was always extremely valuable.

I feel so lucky we found Loving Hands Doulas and wouldn't hesitate to hire them again!

Nicki Katz


There are not enough characters in any text box for me to say enough wonderful things about all three ladies at Loving Hands Doulas. Beth, Carol, and Jen came to my family at a time when my 3.5 month-old was struggling to eat and sleep, and my husband's health did not allow for him to get up in the night. Needless to say we were desparate, sleep-deprived, and feeling discouraged. From the moment Beth first stepped into my son's room, he looked right at her and immediately relaxed, and within two weeks he was down to 1 wakeup per night (normal for a breastfed 4-month old). Each of these ladies would come early and chat with us about how the day had gone, and were always eager to help in any way they could throughout the night with baby laundry, bottle-cleaning, and retreiving milk after I had pumped. What we needed in our house so desperately was sleep, and that was the first gift they gave us. From there, their constant support in person, via text and phonecalls also gave us the gift of confidence so that we could feel ready to go it alone again. Loving Hands is the perfect name for these three, although Loving Hearts would be approrpiate as well. In the short time they were with us, it felt like they all becamse part of our family. They are one of my first calls should I get pregnant again, and I feel so blessed that they were recommended to us. Our family is on such a better track because of their guidance and support, and I could never thank them enough. I would be happy at any time to provide more of a reference to anyone considering doula support. Hiring them was easily the best decision we coild have ever made.

Jen and Steve Wittenberg


We had the wonderful opportunity to work with all 3 Doulas of Loving Hands for our newborn from 3 days old to 12 weeks old.  Beth, Carol and Jen were all amazing, caring, patient, instructional and flexible with their time and scheduling.  All 3 truly love babies and care about their wellbeing and the wellbeing of the parents.

They were a much needed break a few times a week, overnight, to allow us to get some rest in the early days of this transtion.  We were first time parents and were nervous but they eased all of our concerns.  They were available, seemingly, 24-7 for emails and text questions.  They guided us with all aspects of childcare from sleeping, diapering, feeding, playing, soothing, etc...

We could not imagine doing this without them and if we could do it again, we would.  They came highly recommended from other new moms and we have since recommended them to close friends and family (who also are using them).

A bonus perk was they not only are willing but push to do laundry and dishes (especially the babies).  They will prep all bottles in morning before leaving. Our house was always organized when they left.

If not available, they are well connected to other doulas/nannies who can assist as well.  We never heard them say "no."

Their cost is not unreasonable compared to the Philadelphia market and especially for night work.  You will not be disappointed with their service.

Jamie Merves


I have had an extremely positive experience with The Loving Hands doulas team with post partum care for the births of both of my children (2014 and 2017). I have worked directly with Beth and Carol and they both have gone above and beyond to support me and our family through the post partum period and beyond - initially as new parents and the second time around with a toddler. They are extremely knowledgeable and wise and I have learned so much from them about nursing, newborn care, sleep, etc. They offered helpful information and ideas to try during the day as well (for example with feeding, naps) and always followed up to see how everything went. They took excellent care of our babies and also made sure I was hydrated, fed and cared for in the post partum recovery period. They  helped around the house as well (ie to set up babies room/items initially, laundry, dishes, etc) to help support our family and optimize our rest as much as possible. Their team is hardworking, compassionate, warm and professional. They are always punctual and often early - and stay in communication to check in to see how we were/are doing both in between days of their services and following completion - further demonstrating their genuine interest in and care for the babies and families they work with. The group structure has worked well for us and allows for flexibility to ensure their families have care if a baby is born early, etc. I feel so lucky and thankful that we found Loving Hands doulas and know that our children were in the best of hands. We will certainly work with them again should we have any more children and I will continue to recommend them to our friends and families.

Jennifer Kelly Fisher


I don’t know if I can begin to put into words how amazing Beth and Jen are. They came into my home and made me feel like I could actually be a mother when I felt completely overwhelmed. Jen helped organize my nursery and get the house more baby ready. Beth sent me articles, gave recommendations on things I should get for the baby and even brought me a dvd from the library on a day she wasn’t working with us. They did dishes and laundry and made the house look slightly less like it hadnt been taken care of since a baby was born. They both texted me on off days to check on me and my son. Their advice and support was invaluable to my mental heath, as well as my physical heath. They are a well of baby knowledge and were patient with me, my husband and even my crazy dog. Most important, they were wonderful with my son. I looked forward to the nights one of them would be here because he always seemed like he had such a good night when he woke up. I knew he was safe and taken care of, and I was able to finally sleep myself. I know that if I have any questions even now, I can text one of them. I also know that if I have a second baby, they will be one of my first calls.

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