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Marcy Grantor Postpartum Doula Care

Seattle, WA Service range 15 miles Seattle area but will do Bellevue, Kirkland, parts of Redmond and tukwila.

Postpartum Rate

$55 to $65

Postpartum Rate

$55 to $65

Postpartum Doula Experience

7 years and 25 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, March 2017
  • Northwest Association for Postpartum Support, October 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Postpartum limits/restrictions: Allergic to CATS and cigarette smoke.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Babywearing education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Miscarriage support
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Daytime M-F 9-3 (4 hour minimum) Overnights 10pm-6am (8-10 hours)

Service Area

Seattle, WA Service range 15 miles Seattle area but will do Bellevue, Kirkland, parts of Redmond and tukwila.

Client Testimonials for Marcy Grantor

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Danielle Mata


Where do I even begin! Words won't be able to express how amazing this woman is. The most joyful human I have ever met. I was lucky enough to have Marcy support me throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She was with me every single step of the way. She is incredibly caring, and will respect/listen to all your personal needs. Each pregnancy (and baby) seem to be completely unique, and she'll be there with you through the ebbs and flows of it all. She is also quite literally the baby whisperer. Marcy was always able to help soothe our baby when we were having a difficult time doing so ourselves. Her energy is magnetic, and still to this day the #1 person I would trust to care for my baby. During my birth she held my hand the entire time. I still can't imagine my birth without her. She gave me so much strength and confidence to get through it! We love Marcy! She has become family, and we're so grateful she was brought into our lives! 

Alicia Vermaele


We had the pleasure of working with Marcy when our son was born in April 2022. While we were second time parents, we wanted to have some support with overnights during the first few weeks. We absolutely loved working with Marcy. Not only did she take excellent care of our son, but she was a great listener and brought wonderful suggestions to us (without pushing them on us.) When we needed a lactation consultant and other care, Marcy had great suggestions of local practitioners who could help us. She also engaged our daughter during those early mornings, who is 8, and was able to connect with her and give her some extra attention as well. On the days where Marcy wasn’t with us, she always checked in to see how we were doing, was tracking things like weight checks and doctors’ appointments, and to cheer us on. I can’t imagine the first 3 months of her son’s life without Marcy. She really helped in getting us in good routines and gave us some extra rest and TLC to make sure that we could hit the ground running after three months.

Jen & Chris


Marcy is a blessing. We were referred to her by our birth doula when we were having a hard time adjusting to life as parents. Marcy came in and not only took excellent care of our son, but exceptional care of us. She helped us navigate merging our old lives with our new life and made up feel confident as parents. She would leave us encouraging notes on our whiteboard and make note of our son’s milestones too. I still haven’t erased one of the last notes she left for us. She also helped me as a first time mom as I dealt with postpartum anxiety and depression, and difficulties with breastfeeding. She was a constant cheerleader and just an amazing human. She even introduced us to her excellent realtor! You would be extremely lucky to have Marcy as part of your postpartum support system.

Wendy and Chris


Marcy is incredible PPD and you will not regret hiring her :). She is a baby whisperer, but above all she is a human whisperer. I’m so glad we found her, she was a warm and constant presence when we had no family or friends visiting for months due to social distancing.

She is very proactive with infant care, she held and cherished our twin boys as much as possible. When they were sleeping she was constantly working to help our house run smoothly. She developed a strong bond with our twins, who she handled sola with grace. She is organized and communicated well about our preferences for household ops. When she was here we got sleep, personal time, and laughs. 

Marcy would always sing songs to our boys, wear them around, and taught us how to navigate baby wraps when they were small. She was always happy to provide helpful infant and child rearing tips, and more than willing to facilitate the search for a specialist (e.g. lactation consultant) when needed. She has deep experience as a doula and a mother - this comes through in her soothing touch. 

We were anxious about the pandemic and becoming first time parents, and she really settled the waters. She was patient, respectful, Covid-cautious, and protective of the twins’ health. 

One element we really appreciated was her genuine desire to connect with each partner individually to understand how to best support us as parents. Marcy could as naturally be a therapist as a doula. 

Having her daytime post partum help was essential for us during the maternal recovery time. We benefited from her help longer than anticipated and are so glad we had that time to adjust to breastfeeding and parental routines. 

Please feel free to ask Marcy to connect with us if you’d like to talk to a couple who really enjoyed her presence, work ethic, and sunny disposition. 

Leila, Dennis and Helen


I am not entirely sure how to start this testimonial/letter of recommendation, but I will start from the end and work my way backwards.

On Marcy's last day with us for the unforeseen future (as she is a hot commodity!) as she exited our garden gate and took off her mask as the sun was shining and smiled back at my daughter and I- I teared up!

As you've read Marcy's time with our family was cherished. She is caring, calming and a grounding source of wisdom- with invaluable insights for those of us struggling first time mums. 'In the time of COVID' she was a stand in for my mother, mother in law and other women in our family far away who could not be there, carefully washing her hands and wearing a mask the entire time she was with us. We by chance connected unrelated to NAPs and I am so so thankful.

Marcy played with our daughter Helen, provided updates on naps and how things went on her days with us. It was wonderful to come back from errands and have a lot of the little baby things all neatly folded. I have no hesitation recommending Marcy to future families, her communication and advice was and still is always impeccable.



Christie Rupp


Hiring Marcy as my postpartum doula was one of the best decisions, I made surrounding the birth of my son.  She came by for daytime shifts, and one overnight, in the first few weeks after having my son.  Oh how I looked forward to the days she was coming by!  The caring support that she provided helped me to nap, run an errand, and most of all feel comfortable as a new mom.  When I left the house, she provided me with regular updates and photos to let me know everything was going great at home.

Most of all on the days that Marcy came by she arrived with a huge smile, and brought with her a calmness and happiness to our household.  She was great with my son and provided me with the support that I needed breastfeeding/ bottle feeding and helped me to build my confidence as a new mother. 

khynna ausink


Marcy was so wonderful to help care for Wryder when she was just a few weeks old.  I was a sleep deprived and totally anxious first time mom and Marcy came into our world and saved the day (or night I should say)!! From the moment I met her with her bright smile and positive persona I knew I could relax and pass our baby to her for the best care.

She is responsible, friendly, timely, and very trustworthy.  I will 100% be using her for any future children we might have.  The support during those first couple months is so important and having someone like Marcy by my side made it feel like we would not only survive but THRIVE. 

Bonnie Fluckinger


I couldn’t have asked for a better postpartum doula than Marcy Grantor! Marcy was above and beyond helpful in her support for me at this time of huge change and transition with my new baby and recovering from an unexpected c-section. I am a first time mom and doing this on my own without a partner so the extra support Marcy provided - by not just being punctual, having suggestions for local lactation support groups, help around the house, and very wonderful with my little baby - but also the emotional support of asking how I was feeling and checking in when she wasn’t working with me at the moment to see how we were doing and letting me know I’m doing a good job - was really more than I expected. She really helped build my confidence as a first time parent.

I hired Marcy for some overnight support and day support, both types of support were really helpful because I was able to get more rest than I had been getting during the nights she was here and during the days she was here I could get things done and take a shower and stuff while knowing my little girl was being well cared for - Marcy even helped me give my baby her first bath, which I was very nervous about doing. I also had to go to a medical appt where I couldn’t bring my new baby and Marcy stayed with her and reassured me that she would be fine and even sent me photos of her while I was at my appt because it was really hard for me to leave my little girl for the first time.  I can tell that Marcy knows intuitively what kinds of support her client needs, she is great at communicating, and she really loves the baby she is caring for as if it were her own. I would hire Marcy again for sure.

Courtney & Brian Huck


Marcy was a wonderful post pardum doula. She has an amazing energy that was so nice to have in our home. She was incredibly helpful with everything from breastfeeding support, baby soothing and many more tips and supports for us as first time parents. Most importantly she was wonderful with our son Miles and he loved being with her. 

Ieva Ansaberga


Having Marcy as post-partum doula for our baby girl Maya was one of the best decisions we made as new parents. Marcy is reliable, compassionate, knowledgeable, warm, fun and enthusiastic person. She cared for our daughter with love and patience. Having Marcy in our house was always calming and enjoyable. In addition to being a great caregiver to our baby girl, Marcy also helped me - a brand new mom - to transition into the new role with providing gentle advice, encouraging me to take care of my own needs and helping with light household chores. We can highly recommend Marcy!

Zara Asch


Marcy brought a such a caring, compassionate, and positive presence into our home every night she arrived. She cared for our twins two nights a week for the first month of their lives; she was the only person besides my husband and I to feed them, change them, and care for them overnight. She also helped out with small household tasks (sweeping, folding laundry, cleaning bottles and breast pump parts) that made life a little easier during our waking hours. We were able to retreat to our bedroom, take a break and get some rest when Marcy came over, knowing that our boys were in capable hands. Marcy handled the challenges of caring for twins with grace and ease; she never seemed flustered or overwhelmed and had so much love to share with our newborn babies. She also went out of her way to connect us with resources (a back-up doula for nights she wasn't scheduled to come over, information on local parenting groups) to help ease our transition into parenthood. It was truly a gift to have her in our home and part of our family for the first several weeks of our son's lives. We wholeheartedly recommend her to any family looking for postpartum doula to care for their twins or singleton newborn.

Liz Hoyer


My post partum doula experience with Marcy Grantor was excellent! She is a kind, loving, friendly and compassionate person who instinctively knows both how to care for little people and adults. She offered resources, verbal support and a listening ear to a new first time mom that really needed a little sleep! By providing excellent and professional care I was able to sleep and be my best self for my child and I. Can’t rave enough about how excellent Marcy is, as a person and an exceptional post partum doula!

Dana Robinson


Marcy came to help us out after our second child was born - we also have a four-year-old.  Working with her was easy, fun, and relaxing: she instantly connected with our four-year-old and had him playing games and laughing while I rested with the baby.  She asked thoughtful questions and checked in with me about what I wanted and needed.  She also intuited this - for example, after she and my son played for a while, I went into his room and it was all picked up - lovely!  She then held and soothed the baby while I focused on our son.  It was great to have time to focus on each child and know the other was in wonderful, knowledgable, loving hands.  On a different visit, March stayed with the baby while the four-year-old and I had a brief outing.  I was nervous about leaving before she came over, but once I saw my baby so happy and snuggly in her arms, it was easy to have some time away with my eldest.  Marcy is a great listener too: she asked thoughtful questions about our birth and how I was doing and provided positive feedback and encouragement.  She had keen insights into feelings and sibling relationships that  were very helpful.  I highly recommend her - she will give you and your family support, kindness, and understanding!

Postpartum Availability for Marcy Grantor

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