Patrycja (Patty) Drozd CD(DONA) Photo

Patrycja (Patty) Drozd CD(DONA)

PDdoula & Birth Photographer

Lisle, IL Service range 25 miles


Birth Fee

$1800 to $2100

Birth Fee

$1800 to $2100

Birth Doula Experience

7 years and 127 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, February 2017

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
No longer traveling to downtown Chicago

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Elimination communication education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Photography - Birth
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

CPR Certified 2021 NPR Certified 2021 Spinning Babies Training 2021 Bronze Award Birth Photographer of the Year 2022 Commended Birth Photographer of the Year 2023

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Polish

Fee Details

- $1800 for Suburbs (see website for details) - $2100 for Downtown/City/LakeShore (see website for details, some restrictions apply) - Additional services to above packages: Birth Photography +$500 (see website for details)

Service Area

Lisle, IL Service range 25 miles

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Client Testimonials for Patrycja (Patty) Drozd CD(DONA)

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Sarah Steeve


Patty was our doula for our second baby. Before working with Patty I knew doulas were necessary and valuable, but after the birth, I am now even more confident that everyone needs a doula, and that doula needs to be Patty! She was so incredibly helpful throughout the entire process. She knew the exact movement needed to speed up my labor. She was a comforting presence and also helped guide my husband so he could help me in the right way. When I was in transition and felt like I couldn't do it anymore, Patty knew exactly what to do and say to bring back my focus. She also stayed with us after the birth to do any little thing we needed like grabbing drinks, blankets, etc. Anyone who is lucky enough to work with Patty will not regret it! If we decide to have a 3rd baby, I will absolutely be calling Patty.

Dominika Sledz


Choosing Patty as our doula for our second child was a no-brainer for my husband and I. Patty is extremely knowledgeable and all things regarding pregnancy and labor, and even helped me with some tips regarding early postpartum and newborn stages. During the days leading up to my labor, Patty and I kept in touch and she was extremely quick to respond to all my messages as well as my husbands messages. On the evening of my labor, Patty helped me with some movement tips as well as activities I should be doing in order to get baby in the correct position for labor to proceed well. Throughout my entire pregnancy, and specifically during my labor, Patty was extremely calm, and very positive. She was always giving me positive affirmations, and continuing to remind me that I was built for labor, and I was built to bring this baby into the world. I am so grateful for Patty's knowledge on labor and how things can progress. Her recommendations helped our baby boy get into the right position and be born safely and peacefully at home. Patty's photography skill is truly unmatched as well. I'm so grateful that she was able to take photos during her birth, because these are memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Not only is Patty, extremely passionate and professional but for us, she's truly become a close friend and a part of our family, as she's been a part of the birth of both of our sons. 



We went with Patty for our second baby after an amazing experience with her with our first. She's very knowledgeable and you can tell she loves what she does. Her calling was to be a doula and she answered it! 10/10 would recommend. We will definitely have her with our third when that time comes!



I was fearful of my upcoming birth and decided to work with Patty. Patty's assistance during my birth was invaluable in making sure I had the best birthing I could have. When I was pregnant again, I couldn't imagine doing it again without her. She helped me have beautiful memorable birthings and I can't thank her enough for that beautiful gift.

She made recommendations during pregnancy that added to my comfort while pregnant. When I started labor she guided me on how to help me progress. At the hospital she helped my husband connect with me during labor and she was always by my side making sure I was comfortable and moving through birthing as best as I could.

Patty is incredible. She will make a perfect addition to your birthing team. Her presence is calming and her pictures are a piece of art. Because of Patty, my births are beautiful memories that are part of my journey into motherhood.

Kathy Oldis (Pyrzynski)


I am beyond grateful to have had Patty as my doula throughout my pregnancy and childbirth journey. Her unwavering support, expertise, and caring nature truly made all the difference for me as a first time mom.

From our very first meeting, Patty's warm and friendly demeanor put me at ease. She listened to my hopes for birth and concerns. It was evident that she geninely cared about me, and provided invaluable information by answering my questions and sending me helpful links to prepare for my labor.

When the big day arrived, Patty was a calming presence. Her soothing and encouraging words, in addition to her comfort techniques helped me manage the intensity of labor. Without her, I would not have been able to last as long as I did through my labor, and it was long! Her positive affirmations gave me the strength to keep going and accept things I could not control, even during challanging moments when we needed to change my birth plan.

Patty's support extended beyond the birth itself. In the postpartum period, she followed up and provided guidance and reassurance as I navigated my early days of motherhood. We discussed breast feeding and newborn care which helped calm some of my nerves. I am also thankful for Patty on taking wonderful photos during the labor, something that I will be able to look back on and cherish forever.

I can wholeheartedly say that Patty's dedication and passion for her work shine through in everything she does. She goes above and beyond to ensure her clients have the best possible experience. If you're looking for a doula who will be your advocate, educator, and source of unwavering support, Patty is the one to choose. I never thought I would need a doula during childbirth, but 110%, I would need her again for any future deliveries. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking a truly exceptional doula.

Thank you, Patty, for being an incredible part of my journey into motherhood!

Danielle Kowalski


Hiring Patty was the best decision we made for our first birth! My husband and I had interviewed 5 other doulas, Patty being the last and as soon as we met her we knew she was the one! She spent so much time upfront getting to know us and what our wishes were for our birth and that really stood out.  Plus we could tell she has a lot of knowledge and experience and really knows how to navigate birth.  

Prior to labor she sent us a ton of research on topics to explore and ways to prepare for labor.  At 37 weeks she came to our house to meet us in person, discuss our birth plan and to practice different pain management techniques before the big day. 

Once things started happening at home she was completely available and communicated with us the entire time on how to progress my labor and reassure me that I was strong! From the point when my labor started to when I was pushing she was physically, mentally and emotionally there to support us the whole way! She pulled all the tricks out of her bag from essential oils, mood lighting, rebozo, different positions during labor to manage pain etc which is exactly what we were looking for. I could not have gotten through labor without her constant hip squeezes late into the night. My husband and I felt really close with her by the end of it all, she is such an awesome human and we can't have another baby without her! 

We love you Patty, thank you so much!!



Words can't express how absolutely wonderful Patty was before during and after my birth! She made made me feel like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders when I had an initial call with her because I was just so scared of a doing home birth and she assured me so much and her presence was truly angelic as well as like a best friend & mother at the same time!!! She is so knowledgeable and positive and all around the most crucial support person you can have at your birth. I literally held on to her for my life more than my own husband haha

She is someone I want to keep in my life forever not just one time for that birth.

Love you Patty!



I'm so glad that my husband and I made the decision to hire Patty as my birth doula. This is my third baby and the first time I had ever hired a doula before. It wasn't until my third trimester that I decided to begin searching for a doula and Patty seemed like the perfect match from the start of my search, having come highly recommended by a friend of mine who is a homebirth midwife. Over the course of the few weeks since I signed the contract with Patty, my birth plan took some major changes in course. Inititially, I had planned on a hospital birth with epidural; later, I decided I would do an unmedicated birth in hospital and, finally, two hours before my baby ended up being born, I decided to do a home birth (my midwife friend and her team of nurses attended). Patty was completely supportive of my ever-evolving birth plan(s) at each step of the way. When my labor began quickly and suddenly, Patty came over immediately and was the first one on the scene even before the midwife team arrived. She has a wonderfully calming vibe and brings peace to any situation she enters. I had an unspeakably beautiful birth and felt so empowered by the entire experience. Patty was, undoubtedly, a significant part of that. 

Patrick F


Patty was so amazing and essential for the birth of our little gal. She was instrumental in getting active labor started, comforting my partner with the pressure and pain, and delivery too! Also amazing photos. I can't recommend her enough. We will definitely have her again if/when we have a second.

Meagan Havlik


Patty was my doula for the birth of my first child, which was a home birth in April of 2023. From our first meeting, I knew that she was going to be the perfect support person for myself and my partner. Not only is she knowledgable and kind, she is laid back and fun! I would highly recomend Patty to anyone looking for a doula, especially for a home birth. She made me feel not only comfortable during my labor, but also was strong and positive (something I needed as a nervous first time mom). In addition to her support during my labor and delivery, Patty came for a follow up visit to check on us and the new baby. She took the time to answer all of my questions as a first time mom, many of which were related to breastfeeding, getting our little one to sleep in the bassinet, and adjusting to our new life as parents. I can tell that Patty truly cares about her work and the families that she serves. Patrycja- thank you for everything <3 

Samantha M


This was my first pregnancy so I decided to take a Bradley Birthing Class. It was recommended we get a doula and the instructor shared some contact information of Doulas she recommended. After having a virtual meeting with Patty, we knew she was going to be a great fit for us. My labor didn't go as planned as I had to be induced and had some other hiccups along the way. My water had to be broken and then we called for Patty to come because of how much pain I was in. Patty advocated for me and watched over me along with my husband. I didn't have to stress about anything and could just focus on giving birth to my baby. She made the environment relaxing and calm despite the troubles I had. Patty was very well versed in all methods to help me have a successful vaginal birth. I would recommend anyone have a doula and choose Patty. She turned what could have been a super stressful labor and delivery to one that although it was tough, there was peace knowing she was watching over us and we were in good hands! 



Patty was my doula for the births of both my children and she was invaluable both times. My first was a hospital birth (April 2021) and Patty was huge source of information, support, and comfort during my labor and birth in the hospital. She helped me advocate for myself and helped me acheive a positive birth experience despite some deviations from my birth plan and some complications that came up before and during my labor. My second birth I decided to do things differently and I had an incredibly empowering birth in a birth center (March 2023). Patty was my confidant in preparing for birth and she gave me the additional confidence in myself that I needed to acheive the physiologic birth that I dreamed I could have. She believed in me and held space for me throughout the process. Patty took beautiful photos that I will cherish forever. She helped me and my husband during the very intimate and special hours immediately following my daughter's birth. She also helped my recovery begin in the best way possible. I will look back so fondly on my memories of that birth and the peaceful hours after my daughter came into the world. Patty helped make that possible. I'm thankful to have her as my doula and my friend.



     This being my 4th child to be delivered it was hard to justify to myself if I needed anyone to “help” me along the journey of delivering.  I finally made my decision to call up Patrycja very last minute I was 38 weeks pregnant, we set up a conference call over the phone to initially have her explain the ins and outs of what to be expected.  This is something I wish I really understood early on throughout my pregnancy.  As much as I felt I missed out as she could have guided me along throughout the whole pregnancy I felt like she made up within the next few days.  Both fortunate and unfortunate my water broke ahead of schedule which meant we didn’t get to meet in person before the delivery.  The entire 23 hours I was guided through text message and later in person with any and all questions.  Since I was worried about the length of the water being broke I wanted to speed up the process and she had more avenues than I even thought was available.  As my doula, she not only became a person that would help me along the way to delivering a healthy baby, she put my mind at ease.  When she came in person I was enriched with comfort and security.  She gave the confidence that I needed, the resources that would make a difference and best of all we have beautiful pictures of the amazing experience that comes with having a new addition to the family.  Words cannot truly express the amount of gratitude that I have for this woman.  Through one of my last contractions I told her I wouldn’t  know what I would have done without her.  These words, the friendship we made and the memories created cannot be replaced.  She is a gem of a person, and she pours her heart and soul into what she does. 

Wendy Williams


I can't believe that it has taken me so long to write a review for Patty because I truly believe that having her at my birth was one of the best decisions I have made. 

I immediately felt comfortable with Patty. She is friendly, knowledgeable and took the time to understand what we wanted. She shared helpful information on ways to prepare mentally and physically for birth and was wonderful with my husband who was much more anxious about the birthing process.

Prior to my birth, she helped us with our birth plan. Letting us know topics to think about and providing evidence on each. I loved that she was nonjudgmental and never pushed anything on us. 

When I went into labor, Patty came to my house and was an amazing support for me and my husband. She gave suggestions to help me feel more comfortable and subtully helped my husband know how to best support me while being there by our side every step of the way. 

I felt so much more confident knowing that I had someone with me who was knowledgeable about birth. I knew that Patty wouldn't let me wait too long to go to the hosiptal and that I was safe. She coached me on the changes to expect as my labor progressed and this information made me feel so in control and confident. 

Once we got to the hospital, Patty helped to make the room feel more like home. She worked with the nurses to make sure that I had everything I needed and most importantly took turns with my husband to use counter pressure to help me through my contractions.

I honestly could not have wished for a better birth experience and Patty was such a huge part of it!

On top of all of this, Patty took the most amazing photos of my labor and my son's first few hours. These photos make us cry every time we look at them and we are so greatful that she captured these memories.

I could not recommend Patty more!



I can't say enough good things about Patty and what a blessing she was for my husband, my mother and myself. My water broke at 36 weeks and a few days, which meant I couldn't give birth at the birthing center I had done all of my prenatal appointments at given that I hadn't reached 37 weeks. This also meant that being at a hospital would mean added pressure for intervention which I was vehemently opposed to. While I waited for contractions to start kicking in, Patty was not only offering suggestions to me and my husband on how we could naturally start the contractions, she was also giving us a ton of articles and resources regarding the different interventions that the hospital was trying to push on me. Not only was Patty a wealth of knowledge on all of these things that I had never heard of, she also was able to spring into action when she came on the scene while I was in active labor. Whether it was instructing me on horse blowing, doing the double hip squeeze with my mom on either side of me, or waving clarysage essential oils, she was always giving me words of encouragement and affirming that I was strong enough and that I could deliver my baby without the epidural. And sure enough, I did. But truthfully, I couldn't have done it without her. She was the exact doula I needed and I will absolutely be retaining her services with all of my future pregnancies. I would 100% recommend her to anyone who is in search of a doula or who has never even thought of using a doula but wants to adequately prepare themselves for labor. I wasn't even planning on having a doula until I read the testimonials on Patty's website, and that's what had me sold. She is a woman who inspires confidence and makes you feel like you're in safe hands, which is something every future mother needs. Having her as my doula truly was the best decision my husband and I ever made for my labor experience. 

Hannah Hutson


Patty was an amazing comfort and support throughout the whole birthing process. She gave me a wealth of useful information while I was pregnant and then when labor started, she was there to help me stay calm and work through the contractions. I intended on having a home birth but when things took a different turn while laboring at home, I needed to transfer to a hospital. Patty did not hesitate to join me. I was disappointed and a bit scared about transferring to a hospital but Patty was extremely comforting and did a great job keeping my hospital room a peaceful atmospher. She was also fantastic in helping me convey to the hospital my wants for the birth. I am so glad I chose Patty to be my doula and will definitely be using her in the future for my next baby. 

Helen Gitlevich


Patty is amazing. She was present when my daughter delivered my grandson at Lutheran General Hospital 3 weeks ago. Even before delivery, Patty was in contact with my daughter, came to our house at 36 weeks and spent 3 or 4 hours educating us on what to expect with natural birth. At the time of delivery, my daughter was in constant contact with Patty and when we came to the hospital she met us there. It was such an ease to have her there, coaching and supporting us. And the care did not stop at the delivery, she came to the house after and continued educating us about newborn care and breastfeeding. So grateful that we hired Patty and would highly recommend her to anyone, natural birth or not . 

Rachel Gitlevich


Working with Patty exceeded any expectations that I had. She is beyond amazing! When I first was looking at hiring a doula, I wasn't even completely sure exactly what it would all entail. I just knew I wanted to work with one. From the moment Patty and I first connected, I could feel her care and I knew that I'd be supported for my birth. When I went into labor Patty was there for me exactly when I needed her, from tracking my contractions to the moment I was checked in to the hospital, she held my vision for having an unmedicated, natural birth and helped me have the birth of my dreams, from creating an ambient vibe in a hospital setting, to all the different moves and positions and the constant hip squeezes (life saver). I am forever grateful for everything that Patty has been for me. I couldn't imagine having done it without her. Thank you Patty, my baby boy and I will forever hold you with such love and gratitude in our hearts. 

Lauren G


Patty was absolutely amazing!  This is to say even without a full experience, due to my baby making an early appearance. So I cannot imagine if we had gotten the time to fully discuss my wishes/wants/birth plan if we had the time!  Patty was wonderful and did everything she possibly could, given the one phone discussion we had prior to me giving birth to my preemie baby.  Without hesitation, Patty came to the hospital for my unplanned hospital birth, without a second thought to help me and my husband with a very scary situation. The doctors and nurses were overwhelming and not listening to me or my husband.  The moment Patty showed up she sprung into action and made for a calm and relaxing environment.  She turned off the lights, put on calming music, helped my husband with positive affirmations, helped me get into different birthing positions, asked for different birthing position tools, and advocated for me. She saw it all the way through until my c-section.  But it didn't stop there, she called/texted after the birth and even came to our home to see our beautiful baby once we were released from the NICU.  I would recommend Patty to anyone and everyone! Her heart is in it and it shows with every ounce she put into the assistance for my baby's birth.

Kim Zaruba


This was out first baby and we really had no idea what to expect. We decided to hire Patty as recommended by a friend, that way we would have someone guiding us during labor. I’m so glad that we did because she did so much more than just guide us. During labor Patty was there working with both of us trying every position possible to get our baby to move since she was stuck in a posterior position. Throughout all of this she was there doing hip squeezes, talking me through the contractions and my breathing, offering encouragement, and literally letting me lean on her.
There were several times during labor that the doctor tried to persuade us that a c-section was necessary but Patty was there to prepare us for that conversation. She helped to remind us of our wishes and how to navigate around the doctor trying to pressure us into it. It was only because of her help and guidance that I was still able to deliver our baby vaginally. Had she not been there it would’ve no doubt been a totally different outcome. There was so much more that she helped us with both during labor and long before that both my husband and I are so grateful that we had her there along our journey. Even the nurses in labor & delivery commented on how wonderful and helpful she had been. If we end up having anymore kids I would be more than happy to have Patty there with us again


Emily Schlosser


We hired Patty as our doula for our first baby. We had a water birth at home. Being first time parents we had no idea what to expect. Patty was the best decision we made for our journey through pregnancy and labor. She was able to not only tell us tips for easier labor but also show us. She was the first one to my house when my labor started and stayed until the very end. I am confident in saying my labor would've been much harder without her knowledge and guidance. Even a week after our baby was born, Patty came back to my house to check in on me and my baby and even brought us homemade soup! I will definitely be hiring her again for any future pregnancies. I also give her information to anyone I know who is pregnant or trying to conceive. 

Patrick Zaruba


My wife Kim and I were recommended Patty by a friend of a friend. She is fantastic, and was a great help to us throughout the pregnancy. I was skeptical of the need for a doula at the start, but could not be happier to be proven wrong. Patty is a wealth of knowledge, and provided evidence based articles to all our questions. Her goal was to make us informed participants of the process. This paid off massively during our 25 hour stay in labor and delivery. I cannot thank Patty enough for her support! 

Evelyn Nelson


I came to Patty as someone very nervous about childbirth.  I was looking for someone who could support me with knowledge and independence from any medical or personal concerns during the birthing process.  Patty had a long list of skills that interested me, and came to our first meeting with plenty of suggestions.  

I am so grateful I had her with me during my delivery.  She was calm and supportive, and willing to duck a few of the usual rules to make sure I was hydrated and as relaxed as I could be.  

I am also incredibly pleased with the birth photography she provided.  I didn't expect to really want photos of what I was going to go through, but found afterward that I wanted to remember it, and to see more of it - I'd had my eyes closed so much that I missed a lot.  Patty's photography is beautiful and skilled, and I will treasure them for all my days.  

I have already recommended Patty to friends.  I recommend her to anyone else who's looking for a knowledgable, skilled doula who can help guide you through birth.

Peter P


First, I trust my wife's instincts so soon after I learned all about home birth and meet with Patty, our doula and midwives , I became very open to it  and even very comfortable about decision we made .Patty shared her knowladge and passion and I felt comfortable right there.I received coaching priror to and lots of guidence during our  home-birth of our baby .She was wonderful support to my wife , myself and our older son and she went above and beyond any expectation.Patty literally helped us create this magical moment for our baby and our family. If you are a father and hesitant and skeptical about this home birth plan, you should consider Patty as your doula, who could support you and your partner in many ways right there at this very special time.

Angelika P


There is so many wonderful opinions  about Patty, the doulda  . Never enough so I would like pinch mine,because I feel it is necessary to leave my few words mark about this wonderful person who Patty is.

Patty represents both personal and professional integrity She is for the most very genuine ,most compassionate very caring and devoted to her duty person. Patty shared many helpful informations and was always open to my questions. Patty brought alone to our home birth touching spirit , great sense of humor,along with positive energy, which we greatly appreciate and sincerely admire.This was what we really needed and wanted for this special time.

She shared with us great value of knowlege and expreience .

There is no words to express my sincire grattitude for her support to my true labor.I feel like my entire body,spirit and soul wanted it needed it and did it , however  with great touch  of my husband and Patty by my side.

She was reliable and responsive to my needs . During labor,helped create beautiful home atmosphere.Patty arranged for my accupuncture session to help labor progression,manually helped turn our baby to the best optimal position, while making sure I was relaxed and constantly reminding how breathing can help with my comfort .

And ...need to mention she is talented birth / newborn photographer .Photos are amazing, many of them captured "the moments and emotions" I am very Grateful that Patty was there to support us there, with her True Heart filled with Love for New Life and new beginnings.


Angie P

Mariola T


Patty was an amazing doula and vital in my 49 hour unmedicated labor. I was severely exhausted from missing 3 nights of sleep which slowed things down. Around the halfway mark as baby descended I started to get excruciating pain. I could barely endure and needed Patty to help me cope. In the middle of the night she coached me through 3 series of exercises to help me rotate the baby from a posterior position to anterior. It worked and the pressure alleviated so that I could manage. She then helped me catch up on sleep in between contractions. Without her help I likely would have transferred to a hospital for epidural and more likely a C-section. I ended labor with a beautiful water birth at home and am grateful she was by my side!! ??



I was FTM, but didn't think about hiring doula until my 3rd trimester. My midwifes strongly recommended to hire one as I wanted unmedicated birth, and my husband who was pretty skeptical at the begging also gave me green light for that type of service. Patty was recommended to me by our common friend, and having her was the best what I could do to have the birth experience that I wanted. My husband would have been miserable without her in our delivery room. He says now that every guy should hire doula for his expecting wife. She gave us tons of information and recommendations. She guided us on what to do, when and showed us how. She gave me personally huge emotional support as I was refusing all medical interventions, and she was very supportive of my decisions. I'm not sure if things would go as great and smooth if she wouldn't be with us. My baby was born on 42+4 which is very rare in hospital environment. She respected my choice and was very happy to help me along the way. I feel blessed that I had her with us, and I wish all first time mothers to be able to hire doula as this is a game changer. 



My husband and I are thankful to have had Patty by our side for the birth of our first child. Her presence in the labor and delivery room set the tone for an amazing birth! We interviewed a few Doulas but knew right away that Patty was the perfect fit for us. Early on Patty shared several resources to support and educate us on our pregnancy journey. Patty was quick to respond to all of our questions with detailed answers based on her vast experience and knowledge. Going into my pregnancy I wanted a natural water birth. Patty shared valuable information on natural labor and delivery. However, at 38 weeks, I discovered I had hypertension which caused me to need an induction. Patty coached us through the induction process and gave us an abundance of support every step of the way. With Patty’s extensive background as a birth Doula, she made my labor and delivery outcome better than I could have imagined, despite my altered birth plan. Thanks to my husband and Patty, I was still able to labor in the shower and have as close to a natural birth as possible. Once active labor began, Patty supplied essential oils to help ease nausea and provide relaxation. Patty placed a comb in my hand during the pushing phase to help activate pressure points. She gave me words of encouragement during active labor and coached my husband in ways to best support my delivery. Patty stayed with us for two hours following the birth of our baby to mentor me on the best practices in order to successfully nurse my newborn. Thanks to Patty I was able to find the inner strength to have a positive labor and delivery and feel incredibly happy with the outcome of my baby’s birth!

Rebecca Gorguis


First time mom and was in search for a Doula! When I came across her IG page I liked her picture and narrative. My husband and I had interviewed Patty and decided she was perfect for us! We wanted someone that respected our birth plan and was going to support us all the way. She was for us! The time and energy Patty had put in for us was so effortlessly during pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum. During my labor and delivery there were times I felt like I needed to resort to pain medication and she reminded me that I could do it. That I didn't need it and that I was strong! I'm so happy to have listened to her because I had my perfect boy the way I wanted. At home and no drugs! My husband and I are so in love and couldn't wait to enjoy every minute with our son. Unfortunately I had suffered postpartum hives 7 days after delivery and was in extreme pain. Patty never turned us away when we asked for help! She provided great feedback. Highly recommend Patty to be by your side as your Doula. She's amazing and so sweet we're blessed to have her help delivery our son! 

Colleen Olson


It was a pleasure working with Patty as our birth doula. At 36 weeks, we found out our baby was breech and Patty helped support our goals to attempt to turn the baby head-down for a natural birth. She was supportive, knowledgeable, resourceful and kind. She was also very quick to respond whenever we had questions or needed her advice. We ended up needing a c section due to the baby position not changing. Patty was with us at the hospital before and after the procedure to help calm us down, diffuse oils, read bible verses, encourage us, take beautiful photos, and more. She helped tremendously with helping the baby latch and just being there a few hours post delivery. Even though our birth story turned out differently than we had hoped, we had a fantastic experience with Patty and would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is pregnant and looking for a doula! 

Karolina Rog


Patty helped us catch our baby boy!

Patty assisted us with the birth of our daughter in 2019, so when I found out I was expecting a second child I reached out to her immediately. This time around we planned for a home birth. Due to irregular contractions and me going into active labor instantly baby ended up coming super-fast without the midwife being present. Patty helped me catch our baby boy as I was delivering standing in our bathroom. Our son was born with the cord tied around his neck very tight, she was actually the one who unwrapped the cord. Because of Patty's experience with so many births I was calm and I knew we were in good hands until the midwife and nurse arrived. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate. It's so great to have an experienced and supportive doula, because you never know what might happen during the birthing process. Patty will take a great care of you as she has done for us twice now!



I highly recommend Patrycja as a birth doula to anyone ! Everything she taught me and my husband before delivery was very important and helpful. Please don’t skip this part!  I am very thankful for her assistance and everything she has done during my childbirth. She was working hard along with my husband to give me some relief ??‍?? She was guiding my husband and giving him clear instructions to help me go thru the hardest hours of delivery. Her calming voice and techniques that she uses made a huge difference. I felt safe to have Patrycja and my husband near. I am happy mama and if I will get pregnant again I want Patrycja to be by my side ! ??????

Meghan Grzesiak


I tell my friends “I couldn’t have delivered naturally without Patty.” I almost caved to an epidural 3 times, but thanks to Patty I was able to follow my birth plan and deliver my son naturally. My husband was hesitant to hire a doula and worried about the cost. He now tells family and friends that he is so thankful for having a doula in the room. The nurses aren’t there for most of the laboring and he said he wouldn’t have known what to do. It was so wonderful having an extra support person, especially since COVID won’t allow additional family or friends in the room. Patty and my husband took turns doing double hip squeezes for 8hrs! (which requires a lot of physical effort on their part but totally took away my pain every time.) Our friends who used other doulas didn’t get double hip squeezes for every contraction like I did. I feel so blessed to have had Patty. She went above and beyond the call of duty by cleaning me up during labor and post delivery. She helped me latch my son for his first breastfeeding session and also took beautiful photos of our son; including our first family photo as a family of three. We even give her the credit for helping me go into labor with her maneuvers she performed at our home the day prior to me going into labor. Patty came to visit about a week post-delivery and brought over homemade chicken soup. She is a treasure to the doula community and a rare find. She is “The Polish Doula of Chicagoland”.



Patty was sent as our backup doula when our doula couldn’t attend. This was my first pregnancy, and I didn’t really know what to expect out of a doula. I was assured that Patty would be wonderful, but I don’t know if that is even a grand enough word for what Patty did for me the day my son was born. She truly came in and saved the day! She arrived at the hospital within a half hour after my husband texted her that he believed I needed her after my water broke. She immediately went to work helping me with my breathing, coaching my husband along, and getting me into a more comfortable position. I went on to push for 3 hours in which Patty didn’t leave my side. Her knowledge is incredible and yet she never over stepped her boundaries and replaced my husband, but instead equipped us which allowed us to share the moment together. I can go on and on about how much she helped me achieve my plan for a natural birth in the hospital. I can honestly say we couldn’t have done it without her. It’s absolutely amazing to me how I went from never meeting her to having a close bond, knowing that she helped me in one of my greatest times of need. I’ll forever be grateful for her help.



Words can not truly express how grateful I am for Patty! I am a frugal person and I kept going back and forth about getting a doula but it ended up being one of the best decisions I've ever made! I instantly felt connected and at ease when I first talked with Patty and I knew I needed to have her calming presence during my labor. She was thoughtful and responsive throughout my pregnancy and labor for any questions or concerns. My labor did not necessarily go as planned but Patty was there to advocate for me and what I wanted when I couldn't really speak for myself. She also supported me with whatever decision I made throughout the entire process. I had intense back labor pains and she was there to help soothe the pain and I can honestly say she made all the difference and made the contractions way more bearable. Even throughout my labor, she suggested various movements that helped progress my labor. As I hold my baby girl today, I can not begin to thank Patty enough for helping me bring this baby girl into the world! 

And if anyone reading this is on the fence about Patty/getting a doula, all I can say is DO IT because you will not regret it!!

Thank you so so much Patty! :)

Dominika Sledz


I found Patty later on in my third trimester after I switched my birth plan to a home birth. Patty initially scheduled a zoom call to go over her services with my husband and me, and answer any questions we may have. We both immediately saw how passionate she was about giving women the birth experience they want, and because of that we immediately hired her. From then on, Patty was the best resource for me for any questions I had leading up to birth. She responded to each question I had in record time, always empowered me, and kept a positive mindset leading up to the beginning of my labor. Around 36 weeks Patty came to my home and showed my husband and me different techniques and positions we could use in the last few weeks of pregnancy and during the early stages of labor. When my water broke, and labor began, Patty kept in close contact with me and monitored my contractions over an app she shared prior to labor. When she arrived at my house, she immediately started helping me and my husband. She started offering different positions for me to try, offering me peppermint to smell for nausea, putting a washcloth on my forehead and chest, setting up lights around our apartment for a calm atmosphere, and most importantly constantly affirming me and encouraging me. She was truly there for me, my baby, and my husband throughout the entire process up until our son's birth. Following my delivery, I had to receive a few stitches, during that time I was not able to be with my newborn and she generously offered to stay at our apartment and look after him and our home while we couldn’t. Truly we felt he was so safe in her hands, and couldn’t imagine it any other way. Patty was without a doubt the most important part of our birth team, and we look forward to working with her for our future children. :) 



My wife and I had a successful homebirth about 2 weeks ago with our first baby. We came across Patty online. We scheduled a zoom call with her and she was so sweet! She walked us through everything, gave us some tips, and answered all of our questions. After the zoom call, my wife and I immediately decided we wanted to go with her. A few weeks later Patty came to our apartment to walk us through a few more things and instructed us on different positions to do for when my wife was laboring (ie. Mile's circuit). She really emphasized instructing me on my role during labor, which was VERY helpful since I did not want to be useless! When the day came for us to have our baby, Patty was keeping in communication with me and also connected to my wife's contractions app to keep track of how things were progressing. Patty came at 4am (baby came at 10am). She came and immediately went to work. She was suggesting different positions for my wife, keeping a fresh cool washcloth on her at all times, assisting the midwife to keep my wife clean and modest throughout the labor, continuously offering her water (she pushed for 3.5 hours!), helping keep pressure on her hips during contractions, and MUCH MORE. What helped a lot was when the pushing started, Patty took over the hands-on portion to allow me to be more present with my wife. An hour or so after our baby came, we unfortunately had to quickly run over to a local hospital to get my wife's tearing looked at. As you can imagine, it was TOUGH leaving our newborn soon after delivering him. After 2 hours in the ER, we came home to a CLEAN apartment and Patty rocking our newborn son to sleep. We felt he was safe in her hands. To conclude, I would say Patty was an extension of me throughout the labor. Like if I had 2 extra, more capable hands. She supported my wife as I would have, but added in the knowledge and experience that I did not have. Being a doula is truly her calling!



When my doula was unable to attend my birth, her backup, Patty, showed up just a few hours before my daughter was born. Having never met Patty before, I was a little anxious about this last minute arrangement. Patty exceeded all of our expectations. She was gentle, kind, patient, prepared, experienced, and knowledgeable. She made my home birthing experience a dream come true and somehow managed to take beautiful pictures in the midst of it all. We will forever be grateful for Patty's tenderness and showing up for us that day.

Emily D


Patty was actually our doulas' backup but she was absolutely perfect! We couldn't have asked for better support during my labor. Patty was so comforting and made sure both my husband and I were well hydrated and nourished. She made the room cozy with music and essential oils. I had no idea she is also a photographer and would have a camera with her. I'm so grateful to be able to look back at the precious moments that Patty captured when we met our daughter for the first time. 



We are so greatful we had our second baby at home with Patty and midwifes. A few people recommended me Patty. When we talked for the first time I had a doctor but told her that my dream is too give birth at home but my husband didn't agree with me at this point. Patty helped me find a midwife so I switched from doctor to midwife appointments and that was a big, good change for me. A few weeks before my due date my husband said OK on a homebirth. Soon after that Patty came to our home. We were talking a lot, she stayed for a few hours to answer all our questions that we had. Patty showed us positions for before and during labor as well as tons of other helpful tips. We were both amazed!!! I received a lot of avidence based informations about how to prepare to homebirth from Patty. She always responded very quickly to my emails, texts and calls. Patty was always very supportive and had time for me. She is very knowledgeable, caring and kind. My second birth was super fast and Patty came to us very quickly when I needed her. I loved hip squeezes that she was doing for me during labor that was a big relief for me. She also took a beautiful pictures that we love. We can recommend Patty to every pregnant woman and if we would have another baby only with her. My husband said that was our best choice for the baby and us. Thank you so much for everything!!!



My husband and I loved our experience working with Patty. From the moment we met her, we were drawn to her warm, welcoming nature. I was so nervous about the entire birth experience, and she helped to ease my fears and ground me. She provided us with a wide variety of resources to learn what to expect about pregnancy and birth, and to research and prepare us for the birth experience. She answered any questions we had, helped us create a birth plan, and walked us through ways to make preparing for and experiencing labor feel less scary. She eased my fears, and gave my husband ways to support me through the process. 

I went into labor earlier than expected, and Patty was unable to be at our son's birth because she was with another client. However, she was in contact with me throughout my labor, encouraging me, checking in with how things were going, providing advice, and even sending a backup doula our way for my actual delivery. She visited us in the hospital before we were released, and was a huge support as we adjusted to our son being earth-side, breastfeeding, and preparing to go home. 

I was so nervous about giving birth, but working with Patty helped give both myself and my husband tools and resources to ease our anxiety, stay grounded through the process, and be ready for whatever came our way. We couldn't have asked for a better doula to guide and support us through the birth of our first child.



This is my second time having Patty as my doula, and she is hands-down the best. She was such a great support for me and truly was there walking me through the process alongside my husband. She has such a full knowledge of different exercises, positions, natural medicines, and techniques that proved every penny worth it to have her as part of my birthing team. 

Lauretta Madrid


Patty was everything we needed in a doula. My husband and I had planned for a homebirth, but I was diagnosed with Preeclampsia at 38 weeks and had to be induced at a hospital. As the laboring mother, she anticipated all of my needs and helped to create a peaceful environment for me to labor in. She also helped to guide my husband in ways to comfort me and tend to my needs. I continued forward with our plan for an unmedicated birth and Patty helped to keep me on track with my breathing and mindset. Without her, there is no way my husband and I would've had the beautiful and empowering birth that we experienced. I would definitely recommend Patty as a doula 100 times over and hope to hire her again should we decide to have more children in the future. 

Julio Madrid


I highly recommend Patty to anyone looking for a doula! She helped so much throughout our entire birthing experience. As a first time dad, I was not sure what to expect when the time came, but Patty made the entire experience much easier and helped coach me on the best ways I could help my wife throughout our birthing experience. Patty is awesome!

Mike & Iza


We initially met Patty over Zoom — her demeanor immediately felt warm and welcoming. Our call lasted much longer than was initially intended, but that's because we had a lot of questions, and Patty provided enthusiastic, detailed answers. Shortly after that first meeting, Patty came to our home, answered even more of our dizzying array of questions, and coached us on the various physical techniques to help with different stages of active labor.  

When Isabel first went into active labor, Patty was not present. Although we had been communicating with her over text, we were a little disappointed and concerned that she wasn't, then, at the hospital with us. Later, we discovered that she was actually coming to meet us — straight from another birth or two nights of births in a row! Our original perception of Patty's reliability and relentless work ethic was again confirmed.

Patty arrived at the hospital sometime mid-morning, and stayed late into the evening, after the baby was born. She was consistently able to change the game-plan to keep Isabel comfortable and progressing, all the while, she integrated seamlessly with the rest of the hospital staff — offering truly warm and personalized care, among a bunch of necessary, but otherwise cold medical interventions. 

Soon after the birth, Patty came to our home for a postpartum visit with a warm jar of delicious, home-made chicken soup in hand. We really appreciated that. She also answered all of our questions we had as new parents and provided Isabel with some highly effective tips on breastfeeding, which weren't shown to us in the hospital. 

Patty's knowledge, compassion, and constant encouragement throughout all stages of pregnancy, labor, and delivery, make her an amazing doula. We truly couldn't have asked for better.   

Judy Bosek


Patty was the best support I could’ve asked for. From our first meeting I could tell she was a one of a kind person I wanted to have at our home birth. She provided us with so much useful information in the months before that would help me. When I thought my water broke in the middle of the night I texted her and she replied within minutes if not within seconds!! She called me and talked me thru what I should do. Just having someone that responsive and available to answer any questions or offer input helped put me at ease immensely. Patty also communicated with my midwife so I could focus on breathing. My husband loved that we had her and it was a great help to him as well. She arrived just at the right time when my contractions were intensifying and she was there for me physically mentally and emotionally with strong arms to support me and encouraging words I really don’t think I could have done it without her!! Patty stayed with us a while after the birth as well and even came by for a home visit a few days later where we just talked about the experience and baby related things in general. I wish I had known her for when I had my first baby as well I believe I could’ve have an entirely better experience at the hospital. And she took amazing photos of our birth that I will cherish forever!!!

Clair Belmonte


Patty was an exceptional addition to my birth team. She was so supportive before and after my homebirth, and she had a ton of valuable experience to share on everything from breastfeeding to potty training. She put me, my partner, and my family at ease throughout the entire birthing experience. Plus, the photos that she took right after my child was born were truly gorgeous. I'm so grateful for her and can't wait to work with her again when I have my next child. 



Patty was an upbeat and motivational doula from the first time we met with her months before delivery.  She reassured us that my wife's birth experience was going to be a wonderful moment that we would remember forever.

During the early stages of labor, Patty was a source of useful information to help us stay calm and focused.  Once we were all in the delivery room, Patty got to work setting the room up for a calm delivery.  She was efficient and helpful.  She kept working with my wife, helping her breathe, move to new positions, and focus on the new baby.  She never stopped helping -- she was also very good at pointing out ways I could assist my wife as labor progressed.  

Thank you for helping us bring new life into this world!

Jen W.


I can’t express enough how helpful Patty was with the birth of our first child.  From the beginning we got helpful advice and information to read.  As delivery got closer, we learned techniques for helping labor progress smoothly and calmly.  I am most grateful for the help and support we received in the hospital from Patty.  She was consistently by my side helping me through the various stages of labor.  Whether it was the massage, applying comforting pressure, using essential oils or a whole host of other wonderful strategies she used, she worked for hours to help both my husband and me have the best birth experience possible.  She is also talented at documenting the experience through photos, and we have several to help us remember the special day where we welcomed our son.   Thank you, Patty! 

Maria Salgado


I couldn't recommend Patty enough. I will be always grateful for all her support during my pregnancy and labor. My husband and I have all family in Europe and with COVID we could not have them around and having Patty as doula helped us a lot.During pregnancy, she is always available to solve any concerns you may have during pregnancy, she will share with you all the resources she has to make sure you are well informed and make you feel calmed and empowered. She helped me prepare my birth plan, which was great too!
During the days prior to labor, she helped me a lot. My baby was borned at 41weeks 5 days, which made the wait pretty long and tense. She helped me to relax and do everything possible to induce labor naturally.
During labor, I can't explain how great Patty was. She partnered perfectly with my husband. They were an awesome team. They were able to help me cope every single contraction, she was always there to encourage me to make sure I was breathing and I was embracing the contractions. In the moments were I was losing my confidence, she was always there to remember I could do it. And on top of that, she managed to take wonderful pictures from the process. We did not choose her because of that, but when we saw the pictures we were really happy to have these wonderful black and white photos to remember such an special moment. I still do not know how she was able to do all at once!
Patty, you are a wonderful doula, thank you!

Mary Blatz


I honestly can't say enough great things about Patty.  Patty is an incredible doula and exactly the support person that I wanted and needed for the birth of my son.  I was a first time mom and although I researched, took courses, and read books I still did not know what to expect for active labor and giving birth.  My husband is a great partner, but he was totally unsure of how help me in labor.  Patty gave me confidence and information every step of the way.  She helped my husband prepare for how to support me and guided us throughout my pregancy.  She was responsive in giving advice when my baby was breech at 34 weeks; meeting with us at 36 weeks after the baby turned and teaching us positions for labor; and giving me peaceful reassurance at 41 weeks when my due date had passed and I was experiencing prodromal labor.  At 41+2 I had an unexpected risk develop in my pregancy and my OB/midwife recommended inducing labor.  This was a deviation from my natural birth plan and my emotions were all over the place.  Patty spent hours on the phone with me giving support and encouragement.  This allowed me to have a truly peaceful and positive mindset going into labor the next day.  During labor, Patty created a calming environmnt in the hospital room.  She made great suggestions for positions, helped me labor in the shower, and supported me every step of the way.  She was there from 5pm until a couple hours after my son was born at 4:35am.  She also took birth photos, which I didn't realize I would want until I saw them.  Patty also helped with breastfeeding and came to our home a week after I gave birth, which was such a comfort.  My husband was on the fence about if hiring a doula would be worth it and afterwards he said she way more than just worth it.  I will hire Patty as our doula for any future pregnancies also. 



My wife and I had a great birth experience with Patty while we prepared and attempted to have unmedicated Labor. I feel she brought a ton of experience and confidence in through the processes and helped communicate with the Hosptial team.

It was great because despite covid we managed to have her by our side during labor. She brought a lot of warmth as our family could not be with us during or after labor as they live overseas.

As a Husband I wanted to be there and help out all the time and at times I had to take breaks, I felt she helped fill my absence caring for my wife in Labor. She brought in music, candles, scents and other tools that helped us stay focused. She took great pictures of the process with discretion and following the Hospital´s rules.

We are very grateful of her help and recommend Patty´s Doula services!!

Katarzyna Szymanska


Absolutely wonderful! I could not have done the long hours of labor without Patrycja. She definitely is very knowledgeable, was calming and collected during my intense contractions. Loved the massage, truly helped. Also,the pictures that she took during and after are a great memory to cherish. I don't know how she does it... the long hours of it all. Thank God for people like her. Thank you Patrycja ??.

Katherine Gal


I became pregnant in February 2020 with no real idea how I wanted to give birth or where. Then the pandemic hit and I started to look at my options because I started hearing babies being separated from their mamas in hospitals if mama or dad tested positive for COVID. That's when I decided on a homebirth and then I met Patty. Sometimes in life you meet someone and you just "click," I instantly knew Patty would be such a huge part of my life the day I met her. She made me feel so at ease at our initial meeting. She was so knowledgeable, helpful, and understanding. She really made me feel more confident to deliver my first born at home. When my water broke on Halloween and when I couldn't handle the pain, Patty came right over and she started guiding my husband and me through breathing techniques and counter pressure. In between contractions we would laugh, but during the waves it was all hands on deck. She was so peaceful, she really made my husband and me feel like we were prepared for this unknown journey and long night ahead. When things started to really get intense she was there to tell me I could do it, she repeated it to me as many times as I needed to hear it. Most of my labor and pain is a blur, which is a good thing. I don't remember it being painful or intense and that's all thanks to Patty's directions. Finally our little guy arrived. Throughout the course of my labor, Patty was taking pictures and these pictures are the most beautiful photos of the most amazing experience of our lives. I am forever grateful for her guidance, positivity, and love. 

As a first time mom, I really didn't know much about anything. Patty gave me so many pointers before labor and after.  She showed me how to massage my baby when he showed signs of colic,many nursing pointers, and even offered to wash my dishes while I showered. She is the friend every woman needs in this world. 



We couldn't be happier with our experience working with Patty. We had decided to hire a doula after learning more about them in our Evidence Based Birth class. After reading reviews about Patty, we decided to meet with her. Right from the start, she was very kind, compassionate and caring. She helped us to better understand her role and also helped us to realize that perhaps we were not receiving the best care possible from our obstetrician. She introduced us to a midwifery group in the area, and that really worked out so well for us. In the months leading up to my delivery, Patty was regularly in contact with us, sending along various resources to consider to help with baby position and to make for a more comfortable birthing experience. She also helped with the birth plan, which was quite an endeavor in and of itself. For my delivery, I wound up needing an induction. My induction lasted about 30 hours in total, and I was in constant contact with Patty during this time to have her help me through it and decide what to do next. Once it was getting closer, she came to the hospital. Once there, she helped me to relax after the epidural was placed. It was just so nice to have her there! She was so encouraging, and really made me feel at ease throughout the entire process. She also took several pictures of the entire birthing process as an added bonus. These are amazing to look back on, and bring me to tears all over again as I look through them. All in all, I could not have asked for a more pleasant birthing experience, and it all started with Patty. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

David Varney


Perhaps like most fathers (or soon to be), I had no idea what a doula was or what they did.  My wife and I met with Patty about 4-5 months before the due date and she discussed with us her services and answered our questions.  I had a pretty good idea at that point of what she does but still not entirely sure of her worth.  We met a few more times before my wife's day of labor and went over more detailed things like exercises during early labor.  Now lets fast forward the day of our son's birth.  Patty had met us at the hospital at a time where my wife's constractions were eractic and almost stopped (we had been in early labor now for over 30 hours).  Patty then began her magic.  She got my wife relaxed, set candles, music and lighting for a more comfortable setting.  Within about 2.5 hours my wife was having regular strong contactions 2 minutes apart and we were finally in active labor.  For the next 3-4 hours she and I helped my wife through active labor.  She was so caring and hands on with my wife and also allowed me to be as useful as possible, helping me ease my wife's labor through massage, hip squeezing and positive words of support.  In the end we had our beautiful boy through our original birth plan: 100% natural and as a water birth.  Patty stayed with us for a while longer and took the most beautiful pictures of our birthing experience.  I now know after having experienced my wife's labor how helpful Patty was to both of us and we are not quite sure how we could have done it without her.  Patty is so professional and compassionate and we highly recommend her for your child's birth.



Patrycja was amazing during my delivery time. She was very helpful and I felt very comfortable having her as my dula. She is wonderful person. My husband was very skeptical at first but after he saw how helpful Patrycja was and how much support she gave me he changed his mind and now is telling to everyone about her. I truly recommend Patti and her service. 



As a father who was admittedly not entirely convinced that a doula was going to be something we needed during this whole process, let me say that I am truly thankful we hired Patty. Even after reading all the books and trying to prepare the best you can, when the time came, having Patty's can-do attitude and plethora of experience in the room proved to be indispensable. 



Patty is an amazing doula and I highly recommend her! She was a great resource throughout my pregnancy and quickly answered any questions I had and sent additional resources. She was our rock and support during labor and after when our daughter went into NICU. I honestly couldn't have done it without her, we are so lucky to have had her and feel like we made a lifelong friend. If you're looking for a doula that will be with you the entire journey, that has a fun personality but also keeps it real and pushes you when you need it, then you need Patty. 




Patty was such a big support for our birthing experience. She provided encouragement and support throughout the entire process and kept in touch throughout my pregnancy. We were able to have the birth we imagined and Patty was a huge part of that. She is knowledgeable about many different topics related to birthing including rebozo techniques, breathing excercises and what to expect once we got to the hospital. I would highly recommend her as a doula! 



Patty was a great part of our birth team! She was incredibly helpful from the first meeting all the way through post partum checkup. Patty asked guiding questions and provided supporting resources. I appreciate that she sought my input in the process - my perceived strengths and concerns. Lastly, she was a huge help during labor - providing guidance, resources and an extra set of helping hands. I would definitely recommend Patty as a part of your birth team.




Lemesha Brown


Patty is my hero! This is my first pregnancy and I decided to have a home birth. Glad I did because my baby was born during the Covid-19 Pandemic. My midwife said I needed a Doula since I was a first time mom. So I searched for a Doula and the reviews on Patty caught my eye. Everyone was saying how great she was with pain management. And I new that's what I needed if I was ever going to have a baby with no meds! My husband and I met with Patty and we knew we didn't need to look any further. She had a very warm approach and we could tell she  was passionate about what she does. Skip forward to the the delivery day. Patty was available when I needed her most. I went from early labor to active labor really fast and Patty arrived just in time. If I didn't have her I probably would have wanted to go to the hospital to get drugs. I was supposed to have a water birth but I got out the pool because I was uncomfortable. Patty put me in a great position in the bed and helped me breath through the contractions. She had a nice calm voice reminding me to breathe the baby down and this helped keep me calm. About an hour later I gave birth to our son Jeremias. Unfortunately my husband and I called the midwife a little late and she was an hour away. So the baby came before she arrived, which was 5 minutes later. However we did not worry, Patty was very calm and helpful, we had the midwife on the phone, and my husband caught the baby! Wow what an amazing experience and I couldn't have got through this without my awesome Doula. If I have a second child I will definitely hire her again. 

Paul Gray


I don't use the word "perfect" lightly. Our experience with Patty was perfect. Kind, friendly, intelligent, hard working, completely professional without being even at all stuffy or inaccessible. She meshed so well with our midwife during our home birth. Even as the new father, I felt just as supported as I know my partner felt. Thanks Patty. So good. So so good.



From the moment that my husband I met with Patty we knew that she would be the perfect match to help us through our labor. She was very energetic, knowledgable and compassionate and exactly what we were looking for in a Doula. We clicked with her right away and knew she would be the perfect addition to our birth plan. After our first meeting she made us feel comfortable and told us to connect with her with any follow up questions that we had. She wanted to make sure that that we were sure about our decision before moving forward. This attitude just confirmed for us that she would be the right choice. From the moment we told her we wanted her as our Doula she stayed in contact with us to make sure we had all the resources that we needed to prepare for our birth. She was always super responsive with any questions that we had which helped ease any anxiety that we had about our upcoming labor.

Once my labor started Patty was on call waiting for us to give her the signal to join us. Having Patty join us at the hospital was a godsend. She immediatley came in and started setting up a relaxing ambience to help my husband and I get into the right mindset. She stayed by my side for the next 12 hours or so making sure that I was comfortable and reminding me to stay calm and focused. Having her by my side while I labored kept me in a positive and calm mindset. She helped coach my husband as well so that they could tag team together to help me labor. I could not have imagined being able to labor without her by my side. I am a firm believer that people come into your life for a reason, Patty came into our lives to help bring the most precious gift that we will ever have into this world. I will always highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Doula. 

Rebecca Ambrosini


In October 2019 I had my beautiful baby girl in the comfort of our home,with an amazing group of women. One of which being Patrycja and I couldn't tell you enough how wonderful she really was during that special time in our lives. Upon first meeting Patty my husband and I new from that very moment that she was the doula we wanted. She was warm, welcoming, understanding, animal lover and being first time parents she made us feel comfortable. When the day finally came she was a life savor in helping me breath and relax my body during contractions and in guiding my husband in helping put pressure on my back/hips. Another thing that really made everything special was the photos she was able to capture during the birth of my little girl. All my animals loved her and she was able to capture photos of my animals with me as labor progressed as well as my baby being born. My husband and I truly appreciate Patty and everything she did for our family.




If you are reading this you are probably deciding whether or not to hire a Doula. I understand, I was that person too. I work in healthcare and was told it's unnecessary to have a Doula because the Nurses are there. Well, let me tell you, NOT TRUE. The Nurses were not attentive and the moment Patty came into the birthing room I was instantly calm. I also thought, how can you pick a stranger to be in the room at such an intimate time? The second I met Patty I understood. She has an incredible energy and calming presence. She loves what she does and it shows. She even helped coach me through the birthing process without an epidural! Her knowledge and preparation is impeccable. She gave us laboring positions and techniques that we would've never known through our own research. You might think why Patty? Not only is her energy incredible but she was SO responsive. No matter what time of the day I e-mailed, texted, or called she responded immediately. That in itself speaks volumes! Patty was AMAZING and I can't thank her enough for the wonderful experience I had, well as wonderful as giving birth can be. ;) Good Luck my pregnant friends and may the odds be forever in your favor. 

Voytek Reczek


My girlfriend and I hired Patrycja on the day of labor that started 2 weeks early. We could not make up our minds before as Patrycja was going to be unavailable on the due date, and other doulas charged twice as much in some cases. In retrospect, I have no clue how we would survive without Patrycja. My girlfriend decided to have natural labor that was exhausting for both of us. Patrycja was with her every minute providing guidance, support, and numerous techniques that were very helpful to manage pain while long hours were passing by.

I would recommend hiring Patrycja to every couple, especially to every hesitant man who will be present during birth of their children. She really knows what she’s doing, has a very friendly personality, and takes amazing pictures. Even our midwife admitted during a follow-up visit that she comes across several doulas and that ours was amazing.

Jennifer Banowski


     This was our second time with Patty as my doula. I wouldn't have anyone else! She's so supportive and helpful! She helped me keep to my birth plan and make it through the contractions without an epidural. She works so well with my midwife and the RNs at the hospital were amazed with how awesome Patty was as well! (They all commented separately about how supportive Patty was, and how well she knew how to help my husband and me work through the contractions.) Patty spent a lot of time supporting me with initial breastfeeding/ skin to skin just after birth, with birthing the placenta, and handling the postpartum contractions. Patty was there to help me with just enjoying the first couple hours after the birth of our son. I recommend Patty to all my pregnant friends! She's a phenomenal doula! I'll continue to send people to Patty anytime so others can experience the support she provides! 

Karolina Rog


If you’re searching for a doula, Patty is the person you need. I was hesitant to hire her due to the amount of births she has attended and boy was I wrong! It felt as she has been doing this her whole life! Patty is personable, knowledgeable and has great communication skills. 

My natural water birth was a great experience and I owe a lot of it to Patty. She was a great leader and had me going when I was on the verge of giving up. She was a great communicator via text, she responded quickly to my messages and followed up when I didn’t send her anything for a while. She offered to come to our home, but we decided it might be better to meet at the hospital. From the moment she walked into our room I knew I was in good hands. She might be a person in a tiny body, but she has a huge heart and passion for what she does. She’s very knowledgeable and personable. She had me doing poses and walking the entire time until it was time to push. Not sure what my experience would have looked like if we didn’t have Patty with us! She even brought me chicken noodle soup when she visited me at home and it was the best chicken noodle I ever had! If we ever have another child I will for sure use Patty again! 

Rebecca Taylor


Where to even begin! I am a first-time mama, and I felt completely overwhelmed whenever I thought about labor and the entire birthing time. I would think about all of the movies and stories I heard, and I did not want to have those traumatic stories become my story.

Being able to meet with Patty was incredibly helpful for my husband and me. She provided a perfect starting point to begin our research about natural birthing and creating a birth plan. She gave support and emailed us resources and links during those next few months- answering all of my questions and concerns with graciousness and patience. Just by giving us that little nudge to learn more for ourselves, we were given the tools to feel more confident in our decisions and not completely "out of our element" when we enter the hospital. 

Patty was incredibly encouraging and wonderful the day-of our baby's birth. Just being able to talk with her eased both my husband and my concerns knowing that she's been through this and could guide us through this new experience as we enter the hospital. During the labor time, Patty was wonderful as she supported me and Ryan. She created a peaceful and calm atmosphere in the room (some nurses would even come in just because this was the "chill" room!). The nurses all loved her, and she was wonderful for the 8 hours of labor in that room as she reminded me to breathe and relax when I would forget. Lots of patience, words of encouraement, and exactly what I needed. 

We are so thankful for Patty's support, and I couldn't imagine going through this without her help and support! She is a dear friend, and I would recommend her to anyone interested in having a doula who 1) knows her stuff, 2) cares deeply about her clients, 3) intuitive of when to speak up in the hospital room and gaining the respect of OB and nurses alike, and 4) tremendously supports both momma and daddy throughout the entire pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Miguel Rojas


Heres the scoop, my wife is a high anxiety creature and we found out we were expecting around August of last year. This was after trying once already with a miscarriage, but she has this anthropology degree and mentioned hey we should hire a doula! I had no idea what that was, she explained throughout history women giving birth had other women help them through the miracle of birth, I said sure but I still didnt understand what this entailed. Then came November when we met up with Patty. I knew from the interview she not only cared about what she does but she cared about my wife and her needs and I understood this was a business transaction - I'm not easily sold but I was totally onboard but still skeptical because the title Doula still sounded funny in my head. We agreed to bring her onboard the Rojas family train and the destination was the birth of my son. Patty also recommended my wife and I attend something called Hypnobirthing classes with Robin to be ahead of the anxiety game, and Patty checked up on us until the big day came. I was getting concerned on timing since I'm ignorant to how long the birthing process takes but as we kept in contact she knew when to come which was the right time and she came into the room and I felt relief and when my wife wimpered in pain she turned into Patty the mighty doula and started from that point until the end helping my wife be more comfortable I would absolutely recommend hiring Patty to any other new moms and dads 10/10 would recommend Patty as your Doula.

In short I do want to let Dads know her services are for both of you when you need a break and when your lady needs 2 cheerleaders sometimes its okay to have the extra help because I can tell you now the nurses and doctors have lots on their plate already.

Sana Mithaiwala


Patty was awesome! I cannot say enough wonderful things about her. My birth experience was so different because of her. She was supportive, kind and caring. She was there for me in every way that I needed and made my birth experience remarkable.  She took plenty of time to talk to me before hand she answered all my questions with lots of patience and compassion and for that I am so thankful.

George Avet


We had a baby boy on the way and learned about Patty and her services offered. We contacted her for more information. She personally met with us to discuss our plan, give tips and was a great communicator in the weeks prior to my sons birth. Patty is “ one in a million“ she went over and beyond the call of duty. My wife attempted to try a natural birth with a structured birth plan. That plan failed and we called Patty to the hospital at 3am, Patty immediately responded and was at our bedside with in a hour. She has a awesome set up and a great personality that is so helpful to the Fathers. This was our first child and Patty gave me the support I needed and reassurance all would be okay.  Patty coached with a handful of techniques and is very educated and on point with her techniques which helped my wife stay calm and collected!

After 18 hours of a induced labor the decision was made for a C-Section which led to the birth of a handsome and healthy baby boy. Patty stayed bedside after birth for several hours to make sure all was okay and took beautiful photos that are a true treasure of that special moment.

Patty followed up with us regularly and offers any assistance. She treats you like family and is a dedicated and honest person. I give her the highest recommendation and know that she is a sincere, honest and compassionate woman that offers a service that no one can match.

If your having a baby I would’nt go in alone! Please call Patty as you will glad you did! She’s Awesome!!

Kristyn Lynn


When anyone asks me how I liked my experience delivering my 3rd baby with the help of a doula I always tell them that Patty was amazing!

I've always wanted to deliver my babies without medication or medical intervention but was unable to with my first two children. I decided to seek the support of a doula for my 3rd baby. My midwife recommended I use Patty as my doula and I am so glad that she did.

Patty was absolutely essential in being able to achieve my goal of having an unmedicated labor and delivery. She was there for every contraction and each technique she used, whether big or small, provided me with the help and encouragement I really needed.

Patty is passionate about her work as a doula and it really shows in her dedication to providing the support that you need during labor and delivery.

In short, Patty was a huge blessing to me and my family!

Emily Elskafoss


Patty was worth her weight in gold! My husband and I would both highly recommend her. She met with us twice before the birth of our son and once afterwards to check in on us. She even stayed when I had to have an emergency csection and helped out once I had returned from the pacu.  Patty really enjoys what she does, and it really shows.

Monika Weglarz


My sister-in-law Patty is a wonderful doula. She added such a warm and peaceful atmosphere to my birth.
Before I went into labor, we were talking about my vision for my birth and she wanted to make sure that those plans happened. When I felt tired and worn out she was quick to come to my rescue. She suggested massage to release some of the pain I was experiencing. To have someone who is knowledgeable in the subject when your mind cannot focus is priceless. She was always by my side bringing me things I needed even before I asked. She even made some valuable suggestions and was a great support in some of my post-partum struggles.
Patty is truly passionate about being a doula and has incredible dedication to her clients. We had a wonderful experience and her niece had the best possible person by her mommy's side.

Paulina Krasniewska-Worwa


When I called Patrycja to ask for her support during a birth of my daughter I knew right away that I contacted the right person. As a nurse I asked her many questions and Patrycja's answers made me feel very comfortable with her knowledge, experience,  and passion  for her profession. I also had a chance to get to know her a little bit closer as she agreed to join me in hypnobaby classes for 6 weeks. When the right time came, she was there for me with all her soul and all her heart. I can not imagine giving a birth to my daughter without her! She did not only implemented all the posdible comforting measures during my labor but she also helped me to stay focused and relaxed. Patrycja also took many amazing pictures of those few most important hours of my life for which I am very greatfull. I am recommending her services to every women caring a baby under the heart! Patrycja is an amazing person who will make your birth experience very  unique and the most wonderful one.

Monique Howard


Patty was amazing before, during and after my birth. She was very patient and calm and provided me with almost a safe haven. She talked me through my contractions and kept me calm and focused. I would definitely recommend her to family and friends and if I were to have another child, she would be the first person I contact for doula services. If you want someone who is passionate and has you and your baby’s best interest at heart, she is the one to call. I also absolutely loved the pictures that were taken during my labor and after my son’s birth.

Jennifer Banowski


Patty (Patrycja) is amazing! As soon as my husband and I met with Patty when we were searching for doulas, we knew she was a perfect match. When I went into labor my husband reached out to Patty, she knew exactly what to do to keep he and I calm. That was just the beginning. While at the hospital Patty brought aromatherapy to keep me calm And set the tone in the room. She kept me on track with my plan, helped guide me, my husband, and even my mom throughout the entire labor. I wouldn't have been able to do it without Patty. At one point I began to question myself. Patty reassured me and reminded me of my strength. Because of Patty's constant reassurance and amazing support, I had a successful, intervention free birth. My husband and I are so grateful for Patty's support! We will definitely be calling Patty for our next baby, when that time comes! I highly recommend Patty!!!

Basia Jagoda


I've known Patrycja for over a decade now. During this time I watched her become a wonderful mom of two boys. I also witnessed how passionate she is about everything that involves children starting from pregnancy, delivery, nursing, and kids' development . At that moment I knew she is going to make a great dula. Patrycja is a very warm, knowledgeable and compassionate person and she is the best support system a mom-to-be can ask for. I personally experienced it when she was with me during my both pregnancies and I can't thank her enough for that. She always made me feel like I was doing the best job as a new mom, especially during the first months when I was trying to establish the breastfeeding. Patrycja is not only a wonderful dula but a truly wonderful person, who I can gladly call my friend.

Magda Ludwicka


Patrycja is amazing! I would recommend her to every woman considering a doula!

Being a first time mama, I was nervous and had lots of self doubt over pregrancy, birth and breastfeeding.
Patty was there to listen, support and help me with any questions and doubts I had. She is very passionate about empowering women in the childbirth process and beyond - she made me feel more confident and helped me trust my instincts & do what I thought was best.

She was very positive, optimistic and there for me through the emotional roller coaster, especially during my postpartum experience. She was also wonderful breastfeeding support, thanks to the enouragement and support I got from Patrycja, I was able to breastfeed for much longer than I originally anticipated.

Patty is an amazing source of support and inspiration. She is reliable, trustworthy, knowledgeable and makes you feel so comfortable and confident! She encouraged me to be confident with my decisions and I will always be thankful to her for that.

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