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Phone: 612-234-2208

Birth Fee: $1400 to $2200

Postpartum Rate: $40

Fee Details: Three prenatal visits, which give us the opportunity to discuss your birth vision and assist in creating your birth plan, establish your wishes, build our team, practice comfort techniques for labor, and provide an introduction to the first days of breastfeeding. ? 24/7 phone and email support beginning from contract signing through the time you give birth Access to our ever-growing lending library Pictures of your birth/first moments after baby’s arrival ? 100% labor and birth support. We will stay with you from the moment you ask us to join you through two hours after baby’s first feeding. One in-home postpartum visit. We will visit you at your home 3-10 days after your baby’s birth to recap your experience and provide any resources you may need. ?? Digital birth announcement to share with your friend and family or to print and send.

Years in Operation: 4

Type of Practice: Agency

Clients per Month: 4 to 6 births and 2 to 4 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
We support any births and are non-judgmental of interventions.
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
We are familiar with all TC area birth centers as well as south of the river!
Attends home births? Any Home Birth
We have had fantastic Homebirth experiences with some of the most amazing midwives!

Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Aromatherapy
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Breastfeeding Consultant Services
  • Childbirth Education Services
  • Miscarriage Support (Before, During or After)
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage

There are 6 agency doulas.

Client Testimonials for Midwest Doulas- Doulas, Placenta Encapsulation

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Working with Justine and Midwest Doulas was the most important decision we made in our birth plan. Prior to the birth of our son, their insight and education decoded the birthing experience and helped my parnter explore every option to prep for the big day. She was able to plan all of her preferences for our son's birth with valuable feedback from Justine and her crew. On the actual day of his birth, however, Justine's support was immeasurable. As a partner, I stood in awe of the power of my son's mother as she and Justine worked together to bring him into the world. When we faced the next new choice, Justine stepped up and helped us navigate the hecticness so that we maintained control over our preferences. She was our best advocate, and she made our birthing experience unforgettable. Not only do I recommend the services of Midwest Doulas, I don't think your birthing experience would be complete without them!

Posted 11/15/2019

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Natalie Walters

Justine and her team provided reassurance, knowledge, wisdom and care throughout our pregnancy and birth. There was always a wonderful balance between professionalism and nurturing support. My birth took a surprise turn and Justine kept me feeling safe and aware of what was happening. I don't know how I could've handled it without her support. I highly recommend Midwest Doulas.

Posted 11/14/2019

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Stephanie Foxen

I would recommend Midwest Doulas to absolutely anyone who is expecting. For my husband and me, working with Justine and her team was particularly significant as we'd been through a very difficult time with fertility treatments before experiencing a complicated pregnancy. I was battling a lot of anxiety and just wanted our son here safely. A friend recommended Midwest Doulas to help us feel supported through the process.

We felt an instant connection with Justine the day we met her. She, Ale and Alicia did so much to help us feel informed and empowered leading up to our son's birth. They were always available to talk whenever we had questions or concerns, which was immensely helpful on those days I was tempted to do some ill-advised Googling. And our questions were always met with evidence-based information and a great deal of compassion. 

Justine was an amazing presence at our son's birth. Like the rest of my pregnancy, my labor and delivery were a little complicated, but Justine did so much to help ease our anxieties, understand what was going on, and keep us grounded. What might have been a scary experience was truly beautiful. We are forever grateful to Justine and her whole team for helping us navigate this journey. 

Posted 11/14/2019

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Katie D.

I highly recommend Justine and her team with Midwest Doulas. Upon meeting Justine, it's immediately apparent that she's an assertive and clear communicator and is passionate about being a strong advocate for her families. All turned out to be true! Justine was with me every step of the way from week 8 of my pregnancy through the fourth trimester postpartum. When surprises popped up in my third trimester, she ensured that a.) I had an A+ care team to support my goals of an unassisted birth; b.) she ensured I was fully educated and prepared for birth. It was so great to have a trusted advocate available by phone/text and her/her team's sessions in our home made us feel comfortable and confident in our choices. For this first time mama with no family in MN, Justine's support meant the world to me and my husband. We consistently felt cared for, heard, and supported. Her care was invaluable to us.

I will absolutely work with Midwest Doulas in the future!

Posted 11/11/2019

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Ashley Tungland

My husband and I worked with Justine and Ale throughout my pregnancy and at the end we had Justine Temke on the day of my birth. I cried at the sight of Justine and can’t thank her enough for what she did for us. We had a pretty scary birth and we don’t even want to think about what would have happened if we didn’t have her and her knowledge that day. She made sure we were heard and kept me as calm as I could be. She also kept in contact with us after to make sure we were okay. We are incredibly thank for her and if you need a doula we HIGHLY recommend and would never do a birth/pregnancy without her!!

Posted 11/11/2019

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Kathryn Frank

Could not imagine a more supportive, knowledgeable Doula. She completely transformed our experience—positively—for the first trimester to a postum visit and everything in between. I can’t recommend her highly enough. 

Posted 11/11/2019

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Jane Dunlap

I received my encapsulated placenta a couple days after birth at the visit of our doula Ale. I started taking one a day starting at about two weeks post partum and am currently 7 weeks. So far I haven’t experienced any symptoms of postpartum mood disorders and have a stellar milk supply! This is my first baby/birth experience so I don’t have a comparison to make, but given how smooth my postpartum time had been, I would encapsulate again!

Posted 10/14/2019

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Ellen Rivard

Having Justine as my doula during what ended up being a very strange, lengthy, and trying labor was worth every penny and more. I ended up laboring for 60 hours and Justine was either talking me through the changes, or right by my side the entire time. She helped my husband feel helpful in how he could apply pressure to ease some of my pain, she helped me feel confident and educated in the decisions I made, and most of all I felt completely supported in whatever I wanted or felt the need to do. She constantly reminded me how strong I was, not to underestimate myself, and to believe in myself which as a first-time mom is so important. She also captured the first photos of my husband and me with our daughter as she arrived in what ended up being a c-section. I was terrified of surgery but she sat right at my head the entire time and distracted me so I wouldn’t panic. She was amazing. She worked so smoothly with both my midwives and my OB who performed the surgery. Even they were raving about her!!  She advocated for me strongly but without stepping on any toes and I could see that my medical team really respected what she was doing for me, and I felt that they all worked together to get the best outcome possible. I am forever grateful for the encouragement and support Justine provided and will never not have a doula!

Posted 10/9/2019

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Shana Y

My husband’s coworker referred us to Midwest Doulas.  I was impressed from the start.  There was a prompt return email from Justine and phone call to set up a meeting to see if we were a good fit and we were.  Then I had meetings which each of the doulas who may attend my birth (I think it was 3 separate meetings). Each doula was fabulous and each had her own slightly different viewpoint and skillset.  I got everything from evidence based science about making labor easier as well as some positions and exercises to do in the meantime. Everyone we met with was great and respectful.  I felt 100% supported.

The sibling doula is a perfect option.  If you have a little at home I would strongly consider this option. I felt no guilt calling at 1am.  We’re going in! My toddler was cared for as he slept. No being transported in a semi sleepy state to Grandmas.  

Once at the hospital Justine was with us every step of the way.  She suggested different labor positions.  She knew just when to comfort me and how to gently rub my back and when to run and get vomit bags.  She also walked in the halls with me many times. We tried some positions that were great and some that were not.  Additionally Justine was able to give my partner a break.  She reminded him to rest and directed him to the best and closest coffee shops in the area.  As my daughter was born she adjusted my hair when my husband couldn’t figure out what I wanted and was one of my biggest cheerleader/coaches.  

I would use Midwest Doulas again in a heartbeat.  They are worth every penny.  

I also used the encapsulation service. I have been taking the capsules regularly and feel much better than I did after my previous birth.  

Posted 9/20/2019

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Elizabeth R.

The Midwest Doulas team is the steady rock that we needed to journey through our first pregnancy and birth. I really think the prenatal visits to meet the team coupled with a birth class we took helped make the entire experience smooth and positive. Justine was available throughout our pregnancy for phone calls about health concerns that came up towards the end, and Ale was our amazingly calm and lovely doula for the birth itself. They made us feel supported, confident and loved throughout the process and we'd highly recommend them in a heartbeat. 

Posted 9/13/2019

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Justine and her team were my doulas for my first pregnancy and delivery. They were very informative and supportive from the beginning, always available via text or phone, even in the middle of the night. This really helped put me at ease throughout my pregnancy as I dealt with anxiety and doubt. The three prenatal visits at my home were also very warm and welcoming. They treated my husband and I like family, while also answering our questions and providing the information and guidance we needed, but still respecting and supporting our own decisions.

With my induced labor, Justine provided emotional support before, during, and after. She brought breakfast to the hospital for my husband and I, checked in during labor and was by my side coaching me through delivery with my nurse. She stayed at the hospital an hour after the birth, offering me food and taking pictures for us. Her support during delivery made a world of a difference for me. I can’t imagine it without her. I highly recommend Midwest Doulas!

Posted 7/29/2019

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Cait Barrett

My labor was much more rough than I anticipated. I went into it physically exhausted and mentally unprepared for the 28 hours I was in labor.

From the time I labored at home and at the birth center , Ale ensured I was made comfortable, had fluids/food in me, and that I was rested and doing the physical work to move baby into place.

I had 5 family members there with me from start to finish and she delegated tasks to them without barely speaking to keep my labor peaceful and not overwhelming. They all agreed that without her, they would not have known the techniques to use or how to care for me and themselves over the course of that day without her guidance.

Even now, 6 weeks later, she is still reaching out to see how things are going and is always available for support and questions.

If you want someone who will go above and beyond to make your entire birth experience exceptional, Ale is your lady.

Posted 7/15/2019

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Luke Johnson

Where to begin.  We were absolutely happy, glad, relieved to have worked with Midwest Doulas. One thing I can take away from this experience is that every pregnancy is different.  It’s not just labor, it’s the whole life changing event from the day you find out you’re going to have a child to the day you see that child in your arms.  For my wife and I we were not planning on children so when we found out we were pregnant joy and fear were at times undistinguishable emotions.  But we stuck together and created a plan.  We both knew we were great with child care but soon realized we knew nothing of child birth.  We were lucky enough to have a good healthcare provider.  Yet one thing I noticed, and joked about often is when we would go to the doctor's appointment they would ask, "so do you have any questions?".  Our only response was, "what questions should I be asking?" because honestly, we just had no clue. My wife and I do also have good family support, but at the same time it was just hard asking them questions, especially about anxiety.  That is where Midwest Doulas really stepped in for us.  This was the first time someone asked us how do you feel.  Not only where they addressing our fears and concerns, they prepared us for the birth process.  Midwest doulas shared wisdom as well as knowledge that guided us through this pivotal moment of our lives.  With constant contact and support by the Doulas my wife was able to ask questions and relieve anxiety and doubt in the weeks and days leading up to delivery.  We will be forever grateful for Ale who attended our birth. Not enough words are left here to describe all that she had done during delivery for us but simply put she had our backs. She helped my wife relax, helped reassure, and empower her. She also helped me regain my strength so that I could be there for my wife.  We will forever remember her kindness. 

Posted 7/12/2019

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Jessica Fechner

Where to begin? Having not used a doula for my first surgical birth, and using one for my second, the experience was NIGHT and DAY.  The support myself, my husband and my family received before, during and after the birth of our baby girl, was worth its weight in not just gold but DIAMONDS.  This is by far the best money I have ever spent on anything, from preparing the other children for the sibling transition, to writing a surgical birth plan (and ensuring it was followed), to postpartum and breastfeeding support the list is endless.  Having an advocate that is caring but not clouded with the emotion behind giving birth was priceless.  Thank you, a thousand times, over.  If you are on the fence about using this service, DO IT.  I would provide a personal reference for anyone considering!

Posted 7/10/2019

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Working with Justine and her team at Midwest Doulas was a wonderful experience.  As first time parents, we appreciated Justine's calm, confident energy and her depth of knowledge.  She had honest answers for any question we had, often backed up with research or additional resources, which helped us be even more confident in our choices and decisions.  She is also extremely well connected and had a referral from within her professional network ready for any service we were looking for or that she recommended.

At the end of my pregnancy, we learned that the natural childbirth I had planned was not an option and I needed to have a c-section.  I was very disappointed when I first received this news and anxious about the surgery, but Justine was there to support me emotionally and made sure I knew all of my options going into the birth to make it as empowering and comfortable as possible.

Despite not being able to participate in our birth the way I had envisioned, having Justine there during the procedure was invaluable.  She was a calming presence, explaining what was happening, providing comfort measures for me and my husband, and ensuring our new birth plan was honored as much as possible.  She also played photographer and captured amazing photos of my daughter's birth. After the birth, Justine checked-in frequently and was again ready to support and assist when we encountered breastfeeding challenges. 

I'm grateful we chose Midwest Doulas to be part of our birth experience, and I would highy recommend them to anyone!

Posted 6/30/2019

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Kari Newman

Working with the Midwest Doulas, and specifically Justine, was a fantastic experience. They gave me confidence as well as useful suggestions leading up to the birth of my son, our second child. I was having a lot of anxiety about labor and they knew just what to say to help me calm down and feel more relaxed about the big day. When I was in labor, Justine was incredible. She took the lead when needed and let my partner and I have space when that was what we wanted. I had asked for lots of suggestions about different laboring positions and movement and Justine more than came through for me. Labor lasted only about 4 hours this time but there were complications after birth. This is where Justine really became my rock. My partner and our new baby had to go to the NICU and Justine stayed with me the whole time, seeing me all the way through to our son’s room in the hospital (as his birth was at a birthing center and happened in the middle of the night). She was by my side during a very scary time, and I’m forever grateful for her support. She was super supportive after his birth too, which is very valuable when you are in such a vulnerable place. You can’t go wrong in choosing these ladies. They are the best!

Posted 6/24/2019

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Such an awesome experience working with Justine and team! As a single mom with her first baby, they gave me such confidence throughout the process and going into delivery. They were a wealth of knowledge and an invaluable resource. When natural childbirth was not possible and I ended up having a cesarean, having Justine in the room calmed me and helped me understand exactly what was going on and what was going to happen. Then after delivery, she was my voice so I could focus on baby. I would highly recommend the doula experience and using the ladies at Midwest to do it. Thanks ladies!! 

Posted 6/21/2019

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Casey Borree

We were referred to Midwest Doula’s from a close friend. They said nothing but great things about the company and having a doula during labor. After meeting with the Midwest Doula team we were impressed! We loved how they spent time with us before the birth to help coach not just myself but my husband for the last few months of pregnancy but birth too! Ale, the doula with us during delivery, was amazing. With her support I was able to remain calm and comfortable during delivery. Without her I don’t think I would of made it to 8 cm before getting an epidural or screaming at my hubby. Additionally, after birth I heard from them multiple times to check in with me and see how the family was doing. Great, great service. I would highly recommend Midwest to anyone!! They are amazing! 

Posted 6/19/2019

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Tracy Caruso

Working with Midwest doulas was the best decision we made! Being first time parents, they were able to answer all the questions we had with thorough and candid answers.  They complimented the other medical support we had very well, and we never felt alone or clueless.  

Meeting three different times in our pregnancy proved very helpful and gave us information without being overwhelming.  It was also very comforting to meet the different doulas, as they all brought something different to the table. If we had questions, we appreciated having all their perspectives and felt covered if one of them was sick or unavailable during our labor.

They helped us create a thorough and personalized birth plan.  Our daughter was frank breech and they showed us techniques to help turn her naturally. When the natural techniques and external version were unsuccessful they helped support us emotionally and logistically as we prepared for a c-section.  While the c-section was planned, the timing of it was not and they were there as soon as we needed. Again they helped quell our anxieties and were great to have in the surgery room to help us stay calm, not to mention take pictures and videos that we now really enjoy having. 

Perhaps the support I appreciated the most was the post partum, as this was the time I felt the least confident and most unsure. Immediately after birth, Justine took care of the placenta encapsulation which was ready for me within a few days.  In the hours and first week after her birth, they checked in often and answered all the many questions I had about breastfeeding. The home visit was really nice and gave me a chance to reflect on the whole journey. 

A huge thank you to Justine, Ale and Jo for the great support to my husband, daughter and me.  We would highly recommend Midwest Doulas to other expectant parents, and plan to utilize them again if we have future pregnancies!

Posted 6/18/2019

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Cortney L

 Midwest Doulas was amazing! From the minute we met Justine my husband and I knew she was going to be there to support us on this journey. She’s the perfect blend of knowledgeable, confident, kind, and authentic.

Justine was with us every step of the way and her team was great as well. Ale, her team member, was amazing too. 

My husband was very nervous and having the support of the Doulas really gave him the peace of mind he needed to be there for me! 

I decided to have my placenta encapsulated because my mother and sister had terrible postpartum depression. I was on the fence about it but figured why not?! And I have to say it was the best decision I made besides getting the Doula’s in the first place. From the minute I started taking it I noticed an absolute change in my mood and energy level. 

If you’re on the fence about getting a doula at all I would tell you to go for it! You won’t regret it and it’ll be the best money that you’ve ever spent. Justine and her team will take great care of you!







Posted 6/6/2019

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Emily Hagen

Justine and her team at Midwest Doulas were so amazing to work with all throughout our pregnancy, birth and postpartum time. Everything was done with us in mind. We loved having the appointments with Justine, Kelly and Ale in our home. It was so convenient and made us feel most comfortable. We felt very prepared going into our birth and journey as new parents. Along with the prenatal visits we took the breastfeeding course as well. Justine helped us create a plan and a back-up plan just in case it was needed. Our birth ended up taking a different route and instead of the natural water birth at the birth center we were hoping for, we ended up with an emergency cesarean section at the hospital. If it weren’t for Justine preparing us the way she did and reminding us that things often don’t go as planned, but that she would be there advocating for our wants/needs regardless of what happened, I don’t think we would have been able to cope with things as well as we did. Even though there wasn’t much she was able to do during the actual birth of our daughter she was there immediately after salvaging what was left of our “wants” from our birth plan. She was constantly checking in with us, helping us with breastfeeding issues during our hospital stay and scheduling lactation appointments and craniosacral therapy appointments when we got home from the hospital. She was doing it all, always reassuring us that she was only a text or phone call away! All while tending to the many other families that had welcomed little ones in the days surrounding our birth. The women of Midwest Doulas are truly amazing! The world is a better place because of the wonderful work they are doing.

Posted 5/15/2019

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Justine and Midwest Doulas helped make the birth of my dreams come true. They provided critical support throughout my pregnancy, labor, and after our baby girl was born. Justine was instrumental in helping me to assemble a care team that made all the difference in our birth experience—she helped me secure care from a wonderful doctor and referred me to a great chiropractor and hypnobirth instructor. Our prenatal doula meetings with Justine, Alicia, and Ale were a wonderful way to connect and prepare for birth. We kept in touch throughout and they were always just a phone call or text away when I had questions. We called Justine in the early morning when I was in labor and she came to our house right away. I didn’t know how important it would be to have a doula until she arrived—she immediately put me and my husband at ease. She sat with me through contractions, reassured me that I could do this, and worked with my family to prepare for the big day ahead. When it was time to go to the hospital, Alicia joined and was with us through the rest of our labor and birth. Alicia was a calm and steady guide through each step of the way. She had loads of tricks, tools, and ideas for how to manage when the intensity was at its peak. I am certain the day went so smooth because of her. Altogether, Midwest Doulas provided remarkable support to me and my family through the entire process and I am so grateful.

Posted 5/15/2019

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Rachel Skaaland

If you’re on the fence for whether or not a doula is worth it, it is. If you’re wondering if the cost is worth it, it is. If you’re worried you won’t be comfortable with someone else in the room, you’ll wonder how you could have done it without them. I got to have Justine and Ale with me before, during, and after my 36 hour labor and I don’t think I would have felt as powerful and positive about my birth as I do now after such a long haul. There isn’t a dollar amount for how much they’ve given me. The support given to me, my husband, and my baby is beyond value. Midwest doulas are about so much more than the birth. They are there for you. They’re about building a village for the intense mental and physical changes having a child entails. They are wonderful and you won’t regret choosing them to be a part of your village.

Posted 5/12/2019

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Sara Morales

I found my Doula Justine while at a childbirth collective class. My boyfriend and I instantly knew she was the one we wanted to be there with us when our baby was born. She answered all of my questions prior to labor and sat by my side helping me through one of the scariest moments of my life. I couldn’t imagine what my labor would’ve been like without her guidance and compassion. Her presence at the birth of my baby boy has forever changed my life and my time with her will always be in my heart. 

Posted 5/3/2019

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Brittany Jones

I had my first baby and knew I wanted to work with a doula. I was overwhelmed looking online for someone, and Midwest Doula just made things so easy! Their reviews were amazing and the “sign up” process was smooth as can be! The owner Justine came to our house and picked Ale as our doula for us based on our meeting and our needs. Ale was AMAZING and a perfect match for us! She was super professional and always had answers to our many questions! When I finally went into labor to have our little one, Ale was right there [at 3:30am lol]! She was attentive to what I needed, but also to what my husband needed. She was there through my 50 hour labor and talked me through the most difficult 2 days. I honestly don’t know how we would have made it through it without her! I am eternally grateful to Ale. Not only that, but Ale and Justine have both checked up on us and have gone above and beyond to make sure we are doing well after baby! I could not be happier with Midwest Doulas and would highly recommend working with them! Ale was amazing and I recommend her highly! 

Posted 4/18/2019

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Kelsey Suddard

I would recommend Justine and her team at Midwest Doulas to anyone! Justine was responsive, supportive, and knowledgeable on so many topics pre and post partum. She was a great resource for referrals too because of her extensive network of birth professionals. She arranged for in home chiropractic during labor at a moment's notice. But more than anything, she provided incredible support to my husband and I during labor. With her support we were able to better navigate labor and delivery and she helped me trust myself and my body to achieve the best birth experience we could imagine.

Posted 3/25/2019

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Sara L

In trying to figure out the perfect verbage for this review, I am hesitant, as there are not words to describe how valuable Justine from Midwest Doulas was during my pregnancy and birth. This was my second delivery, but first time using Midwest Doulas and I can confidently say that they were an integral part of my successful VBAC. During the prenatal period, they were able to connect me with a certified Webster trained chiropractor and resources for a successful VBAC.  She put my mind at ease that this delivery was going to be completely different than my last and instilled confidence that the birth I wanted was possible. My delivery was long, with some curveballs thrown in, and Justine was there with unwavering support for both myself and my husband. With her help, I was able to have the birth experience I missed with my first. I know some things don’t always go as planned, but if you want the best chance of the birth “you want,” please hire Midwest Doulas, they will not disappoint. 

Posted 3/14/2019

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Grace Lanz

These women are amazing!! They were so supportive, informative, and prompt in responding to any questions or concerns I had. With this being my first child, I was pretty restless about the whole process. After my first meeting with them a lot of my anxiety went away and I slept really well at night knowing I had such experts by my side! I really could not have asked for a better birth experience. 

Posted 3/14/2019

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Ale Falco

I don’t know where to begin I received everything from the positive support, rapid knowledgeable responses, to the unbelievable fallow up. I need to add that I am not a person that asks for help easily or knows where to ask for it. Without question I not only received the support and guidance that I didn’t know I could receive but gained so much confidence in doing so. I was able to have a home-birth. I never once questioned my decision or choice, and neither did my doula. I was backed on all of my decisions without judgement. I’m endlessly grateful for having such a positive experience throughout my birth, and postpartum time. Thank you.

Posted 12/14/2018

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Jennifer Beasley

My first birth was very traumatic and resulted in an unplanned c-section. Many of my friends went on to have doulas during their births, so I was determined to have one help me with a vaginal birth after cesarean for my second child. Although I was late in my pregnancy for hiring Midwest Doulas, they were a life saver. I loved that there was a team of doulas that got to know me so that whichever one ended up at the birth, she would be sure to know me. Plus, they were very knowledgeable and able to inform and reassure me during my pregnancy and labor. Staci Baker, the one who helped during the actual labor, kept me moving and worked hard to help me accomplish my goals. Although I ended up with an emergency c-section, I know I only got as far as I did with her help. In addition, she was the most amazing advocate for me during the surgery when my husband needed to be with our newborn daughter.


I highly recommend Midwest Doulas for their vast knowledge in pregnancy comforts, labor prep, labor, baby positioning, and cesareans and VBACs; their drive to continually educate themselves and other women; their extremely personable team; and their professionalism and work ethic. 

Posted 9/20/2018

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Danielle Drabeck

Midwest Doulas are EXCELLENT. I don’t even know where to start in emphasizing what an amazing group this is. These women are excellent at what they do, and they take the time to listen to, help advise on, and support your birth preferences. They provided support also to my partner, and made sure he knew how to best support me. Staci was our birth doula and she was somehow subtle in her presence, but also incredibly supportive and comforting. Though we had done a fair amount of birthing courses (Bradley classes), we were surprised by how much we were unable to apply on our own. Staci jumped right in with a plan, exercises, an early labor regime etc… 25.5 hours in total and she was there to the end, and even helped me figure out latch etc after the birth. I refer to these doulas and our midwives as the magic birth unicorns, because they really are.

Posted 3/20/2018

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Gina Fabiano

I'm an acupuncturist specializing in fertility and pregnancy. I've worked with Staci and Justine for over 4 years. I always recommend doulas, and I know my patients are receiving the absolute best care available with Midwest Doulas. They are knowledgeable, kind, generous and non-judgemental. I've been deeply impressed watching them work with my patients. They always go above and beyond. I trust them completely! I love working with Midwest Doulas and give them my strongest recommendation.

Posted 3/19/2018

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Barbara Adelman

Words cannot express how integral working with Midwest Doulas was to my birth experience. From their prenatal visits to Justine's attentiveness throughout the entire process, we would have had a very different experience without them. Justine was our heart and head during the entire 48 hour labor, and allowed me to have a fully informed birth experience I can be proud of. She advocated for my needs with compassion and I felt truly heard in the labor and delivery because of her. I cannot say enough about Midwest Doulas, I am emotional while writing this and gazing at my gorgeous perfect baby.

Posted 3/15/2018

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Danielle Cincoski

Justine, Staci and Amber were such amazing support for my difficult pregnancy. I am lucky to call them friends, but it was such a different experience with my 3rd pregnancy. I really looked to them for advice on a totally different level. Even though I am a doula too, this was my first birth utilizing one. I am so happy to finally experience a full supported labor, doulas, birth team, care providers, and family. My husband was able to enjoy the labor and focus on me for once instead of having to "do it all" like my 2 previous labors. I will certainly be using them whenever #4 decides to come about.

Posted 3/14/2018

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Ellie Kaufman Wannemacher

Choosing Staci to be my doula was one of the best decisions I've ever made. My first birth went as planned, my second not quite, but through both she was patient, calm, completely present and helped me and my husband in countless ways. I really can't imagine going through labor and delivery without her, and I would recommend her without hesitation.

Posted 3/13/2018

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Katie Gearns

Staci encapsulated my placenta for me - was so so professional and great. I've loved having these pills during postpartum time! She also provided some much needed lactation support during an incredibly difficult time our family was having just a couple weeks after our baby was born. She was so responsive, kind, understanding, and HELPFUL! I've recommended her to friends who have also used her and LOVED her!

Posted 3/13/2018

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Kelly Ritter

I highly recommend Midwest Doulas! They made me feel very comfortable and supported throughout my pregnancy. I had a few complications and my doulas provided me with evidenced based research that helped put my mind at ease. They were very responsive and supportive, and helped make my childbirth experience a very positive one.

Posted 3/12/2018

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Nina Graham

Staci and Justine attended both of my children’s births. They were by my side through my son’s multi-day labor ordeal, talking me through every twist and turn of the induction I desperately had not wanted (but that was necessary due to PROM), and I credit their support with helping me change a birth that could have so easily gone off the rails into an experience I was really proud of. After his birth, I had a lot of problems with breastfeeding, and they helped me diagnose the issues to blame (poor latch and pump flanges that were too small).

I had some scary early test results when I was pregnant with my daughter. Staci came with us to the doctor appointment where we had to decide whether to go ahead with an invasive procedure. Both women provided the nonjudgmental support and counsel I so desperately needed at a time when I was imagining every worst case scenario. Everything turned out ok, and they were both there to witness the birth of my dreams... after two hours of labor and just seven minutes of pushing at the Minnesota Birth Center, my daughter was born bia waterbirth. Having them there made the experience so much richer, because they were a part of my journey to get to that point.

They are so much more than doulas—they’re family. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Posted 3/12/2018

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Caitlin Bielefeldt

If I could give Midwest Doulas 10 stars I would! words truly can't express how much they did for me...but I felt listened to, understood, empowered, encouraged, and confident throughout my pregnancy and labor - all because of them. Will definitely hire them again when the next baby decides to come along!

Posted 3/12/2018

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tara englund

I cannot put into words how much I truly enjoyed working with Midwest Doulas and having Justine at my birth. My birth experience would have went an entirely different way if it wasn't for Justine being there to support me. From the moment I met Justine I felt more confident in every decision I was making and she was there to answer every question I had with this being my first baby. Truly thankful for everything and the friendship gained.

Posted 3/1/2018

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