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Phone: 770-846-4978

Birth Fee: $600 to $1000

Postpartum Rate: $25 to $35

Fee Details: We are a collection of 4 doulas from Birth Doula, Placenta Encapsulation, and Postpartum Doulas.

Years in Operation: 1

Type of Practice: Collective

Clients per Month: 2 to 4 births and 2 to 4 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Baby sign language education
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth Pool rental
  • Breastfeeding Consultant Services
  • Childbirth Education Services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Military families
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sleep Educator
  • Stillbirthday Bereavement Doula
  • Surrogates and intended parents

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Dawsonville, GA
Travel Range: 50 Miles

There are 2 group doulas.

Client Testimonials for Bliss Birth Services

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Tiffany Lynn

I am SO thankful to have had Ashely as a part of my home birth plan for my VBAC baby, Theodore. My husband was extremely apprehensive about the idea of another support person at our birth, but when he found that Ashley shared our Catholic faith he was excited to have her present to support us BOTH on this redemptive VBAC journey. One of the most powerful memories I have is when I was in transition and my husband and I were saying Hail Marys, Ashley joined right in and there was an overwhelming sense of peace during transition I cannot explain. Ashley is a VBAC Mom as well, so knowing that she had been through this experience once before was SO comforting as I experienced new things along this journey. This pregnancy was not the easiest, but Ashley was so supportive and caring through all of my struggles and I cannot thank her enough for all of her time and effort to get Baby Theo here safely!  

Followong delivery in Snellville, Ga she took my Placenta for encapsulating and returned back a few days later with a beautiful placenta print and over 200 capsules! 

Ashley is great, you need Ashley.

Posted 5/19/2019

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Karel H

Ashley is amazing, the is so kind and professional, getiing my placenta pills was easy and efortless, she explained everything to me very thoroughly. My baby came five days earlier and I send her a couple of texts in the middle of the night (1:30 AM) to be precise, and there she was the next moring at 6;00 AM picking up my placenta, fight after my delivery. Few days later I had my pills back and i could start using them right away. 

By the way I didnt have placenta pills with my first baby and I can tell you that with the placenta pills I felt very happy and comfortable, everything seemed easier to deal with.

Thank you Ashley I will recommend you everytime!

Posted 3/17/2019

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maxine piccinich

Ashley Loggins is a WONDERFUL doula. She was prompt on answering all questions when it came to our birthing wants and needs. When I went into labor she checked in on me every couple hours to see how I was progressing and when we called with the "go" she was at the birthing center within an hour. I was so glad to have her by my side and I know my husband was as well. She kept a calm vibe in our room and talked us through every step of the way. I was very thankful that she suggested different positions and kept me hydrated throughout my son's birth. Ashley is a wonderful and strong woman you would be lucky to have by your side during birth. 

Posted 1/2/2019

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Adam Lavinsky

Ashley was wonderful to myself and my wife and was the single greatest decision we made regarding the birth of our son Ray. I highly recommend Ashley and the services she provides. 

Posted 11/29/2018

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Alex Sullivan

My wife and I had a fantastic experience with Ashley! She had all the qualities we were looking for in a doula. She was easy to work with. She was there not to replace me, but to help me help my wife better. Her training was fun and informative. When the day finally came, she was available, extremely helpful on the phone, at the hospital before we were, and incredibly supportive during the actual delivery. Highly recommend!

Posted 11/6/2018

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Riley Alcock

BEST DECISION IVE EVER MADE!!! Seriously, if you’re like me and think that all doulas want you to have your birth in the bathtub at your house, do your research! I was so happy I stubbled across Ashley’s encapsulation post on fb. I NEVER would’ve thought to hire a doula but I’m SO happy I did! She made sure I was comfortable and got everything I wanted and when I was unsure, she explained things to me! Plus, I’m convinced having my placenta encapsulated is the reason I didn’t get PPD. 20/10 would recommend. If I ever have another baby, I will 100% be rehiring her and having my placenta done again. :) 

Posted 11/5/2018

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Taylor Purvis

I used Bliss Birth Services for my first pregnancy and will definitely be using Ashley again for my second pregnancy. She encapsulated my placenta for me and I cannot describe how much it helped. Not only that, but she was there to help me with all my other questions and always made me feel so comfortable. Definitely a great experience!

Posted 10/20/2018

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victoria betolatti

Come 40 weeks and baby still not anywhere close to coming and a cervix that wouldn’t budge, I went to be induced the night of 40 weeks and 5 days. Something I didn’t want but also didn’t want a 10 lb baby. Ashley came and met me that night to get me situated - and then came out the following day when labor really kicked in. I labored naturally from 8pm - 4pm that following day but because I was still 4cm by 4pm and I was losing energy, I opted for an epidural. Throughout the natural labor process, Ashley was so hands on, never leaving my side with each contraction and keeping me as calm as possible. If she hadnt been there, I probably would’ve needed the epidural sooner. When I did get the epidural, she was there to keep people out so I could rest before it was time to push, and was there to explain what to do when it became time to do so. She also assisted with holding my legs so that my boyfriend could be up by my face, holding my hand and helping me breathe. It was such a good team between the both of them. If it werent for Ashleys support, I probably would’ve also lost my cool on some family members and my boyfriend wouldve probably not been so hands on either out of not knowing what to do for my pain or emotional well-being. She was such a great coach through the whole process and even though my birth plan didn’t go exactly the way I wanted it to, my main goal was to have a vaginal birth and I got exactly that, even with all the interventions! so I call that a win in my book! I also did get my placenta encapsulated and I’m so glad I did. Postpartum has been nothing but absolute bliss for me and my son and even with the sleepless nights and breastfeeding learning curves, I have tons of energy to tend to his every need as well as household needs.  

Thank you you so so so much Ashley! 

Posted 6/21/2018

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Casey Sullivan

Ashley Loggins is absolutely amazing! She is so passionate about bringing babies into this world. She has such a wide range of knowledge and is so helpful for all new baby questions. She is so positive, confident, and compassionate that labor is a positive experience. She is well-versed in different pain management techniques and homeopathic pain relief options. I picked Ashley as my doula initially because I saw that she was Catholic and I loved being able to share faith and prayers and spiritually journey through childbirth as well. Ashley is so focused on the WHOLE family as well. She took care of all the tiny details, helped my husband to be included throughout the whole process (and be even more helpful than if she wasn’t there), and even took photos during the birth so that we didn’t have to hire a birth photographer. I loved the fact that she would help me birth my baby girl, but also that she would then take my placenta and encapsulate it for me. Taking the pills made recovery so easy! I stopped bleeding within a week and had no major mood swings. You will NOT be disappointed with your birth experience with Ashley at your side!

Posted 6/20/2018

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Nicole Moore-Joseph

Ashley is one of the kindest woman I’ve met along my journey in becoming a new mother. She has a lovely presence that is warm, caring, and approachabl. I didn’t have the pleasure of working with Ashley as doula, however I did obtain her placenta encapsulation services and her professional (and knowledg) is top notch. If Hubby and I decide to have another child, I will certainly obtain her services again.

Posted 5/8/2018

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Allyson Hancock

Ashley is the best of the best! Without a doubt, I would recommend her to anyone looking for services she provides. I had a birth plan, with very specific details. I interviewed a handful of doulas, most of which had several negative remarks when it came to my wishes. Ashley was there for me, from the first email, through the birth of my child. I called her with concerns many times, and she was always able to provide me reassurance. Never once did she make me feel stupid, uncomfortable, or anything related. She was extremely attentive to my needs during labor and delivery, and with her support, I was able to avoid an epidural, and all pain relief, which is a miracle in itself, as I have ZERO tolerance for pain. To this day, I still keep in touch with her, and will most definitely use her for all future births.

Posted 5/1/2018

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Valerie Cochran

Ashley came in late (my fault) and was called to duty three weeks early at 2 in the morning. She was ready and professional throughout. She met me at the hospital and was my support sy for the next 36 hours. I couldn’t have done it without her, even with family support. 

Posted 4/29/2018

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Dione Hanron

My experience with Ashley has been truly awesome. She is a fabulous communicator & very relatable, and knowledgable as well. Although, I wasn't in need of a doula this time around, I was looking for a local service to have my placenta encapsulated. Upon calling her up, I knew that Ashley was fully invested on her path and I felt inspired by her passion. She handled & processed my placenta reverently & provided all the information I needed to feel confident in the decision. I have finished taking my capsules and I highly reccommend it to other mommas out there. My hormones were significantly more balanced post-partum than they were after the birth of my first child, with whom I did not consume the placenta. This was a HUGE relief, as we all know our spirits can take a dip, even though we are experiencing some of the happiest moments of our lives. I am excited to have the tincture on hand for years to come in moments of need, to connect back to the source. This vital force of connectivity that we spend 9 whole months growing in the womb, is such a treasure. I feel so happy with my choice to feed that nourishment back into my body, and therefore to my child, through the breastmilk! It felt very instinctual & right! Oh, & speaking of breastmilk, I do believe the placenta pills contributed to my full supply that I have consistently maintained since the birth for my baby. We are at 3 -1/2 months and growing strong! Thank you Ashley for your heart-filled service and for offering your strength & wisdom to families in the process of childbirth! It's invaluable.

Posted 4/16/2018

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Eli Flynn

Ashley offered to be at my birth in my last few weeks of pregnancy & I felt extremely relieved to have someone there for me & my husband. She was amazing!! She’s so kind & made me feel comfortable & supported & she’s so easy to get along with that it almost felt like I had a good friend with me (We have mutual friends but this was actually our first time meeting—at the birth of my 2nd baby!!) ?? my husband & I are grateful for her & had such a beautiful birth experience.

Posted 3/15/2018

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Stephanie Bramblett

At 36 weeks it was suggested I hire a doula to attend my delivery. I knew very little about what role they play or if it was something I would even want but figured I’d go ahead and hire one as an extra person to attend. Ashley turned out to be priceless! I had hired her over the phone and without any references which is completely out of character for me and she went over and beyond offering support. My labor and delivery was a bit challenging but Ashley was there through every bit of it. Very professional, knowledgeable, reliable and caring. I don’t know how I would have made it through a natural birth without her support. HIGHLY recommend Bliss Birth Service!

Posted 1/10/2018

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Stacy G.

Ashley was my Doula for my induction at Emory Johns Creek. I had planned on an epidural so i was not quite sure what all she could really do for me or what a Doula could offer. She answered many questions I had and provided documentation up until delivery day. Let me tell you how happy I am she was there. She was a trooper. From 12pm to 6:30a.m. she was by my side supporting me and my husband the entire time. My epidural left me with a hotspot across my lower abdomen that was not reached by the epidural. The pain for me was intense. She stayed by me offering breathing guidance,rubbing my back and offered peppermint oil as I kept becoming very nauseas from the pain. I had a very hard time and could not have done it without her. Eventually a c section had to be done as I stalled in dialating enough and could no longer take the pain. Ashley was there again after the c section checking up on me and baby. I appreciate her so much and will be forever grateful to her. 

Posted 1/7/2018

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Alyssa Caputo

I just have to share how incredible my birth experience with our amazing doula Ashley Loggins! I could not recommend her more highly! I had a very fast and intense labor ending in a much hoped for VBAC!! No interventions, no drugs and a beautiful healthy boy. Ashley was so attentive, so professional and gave me exactly the coaching and support I needed to get through it. I do NOT have a high pain tolerance, and could not have done it without her! She even managed to capture all the special moments right after birth that we certainly would have missed had she not been there! And I could not have been more supported in my choice for a natural VBAC! Thank you so much again Ashley, you definitely have a repeat customer in us!! ??

Posted 10/30/2017

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Carmen McCarty

Ashley was my doula and she was absolutely wonderful...still is. She provided so much support before our birth. At 38 weeks, we found out we had to have a c-section due to breech baby and she provided amazing support the morning and afternoon of my surgery as well as postpartum support. As a new mom, having a doula has been so much more beneficial than I ever thought. It's not just about having someone there for your birth...It's all the support and wealth of information a doula provides through your entire birthing process from birth....and so so so important.....the postpartum support that you don't even know you'll need yet :) I recommend Ashley 100 times over.

Posted 10/6/2017

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Stephanie MacDonald

Ashley was the perfect Doula for us because she listened and respected what we wanted, asked questions that I didn't think of and supported both my husband and I during our delivery. We were able to have a successful VBAC which was amazing!

Posted 8/17/2017

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Madlyn Eaton

Working with Ashley during my hospital birth experience was amazing! Her bubbly and relaxing presence helped me stay grounded, focused and most importantly relaxed through every stage. Having her emotional support along with my husband was a truly wonderful experience!

Posted 3/27/2017

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