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Ashley Spellman

The Life Spark Project | by Delivered Doula

Alexandria, VA Service range 40 miles


Birth Fee

$1500 to $2000

Birth Fee

$1500 to $2000

Birth Doula Experience

7 years and 200 births attended

Doula Training

  • ProDoula, June 2014

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 3

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
Home and Birth Center Doula

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly binding
  • Childbirth education services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • Spanish

Fee Details

Childbirth Education Lactation Trained (CLC) Full Service Home and Birth Center Birth Doula On-Line Education Preconception to Postpartum Coaching Membership

Alexandria, VA Service range 40 miles

Client Testimonials for Ashley Spellman

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I can't begin to explain how amazing Ashley is! I met her randomly at a Weston A Price event and we connected by talking about the C-section I had with my twins. I told her I wasn't fully satisfied with the doula I had and she listened with such interest and care. We exchanged contact information and I didn't hesitate to hire her for support during my second pregnancy. From start to finish, Ashley was there for my family and I. She dedicated so much time to making sure all of my questions and concerns were addressed and that I felt confident going into the birth. She provided a wealth of resources about the birthing process and all things in between. She is extremely knowledgeable on pregnancy, labor, birth, babies and beyond. There is nothing she doesn't know on the topic! I appreciated that she respected and supported my holistic approach to health and giving birth, and catered to that throughout my entire pregnancy. Once my baby was born, she helped me through the early days and even came out for a lactation consult when I was struggling. I highly recommend Ashley for doula services and support after giving birth. She was made to do this and makes you feel like a good friend rather than a client. It was a great experience working with her!



If you're looking for a sign whether to pick Ashley as your doula...HERE IT IS! Ashley is amazing! I had an awesome experience with her during my first birth, so of course I'd choose her to support and "stand" by me during my second birth. She is very knowledgeable and she truly cares about her clients and looks out for their best interest. Even though I was giving birth during a pandemic Ashley and the team made me feel so at ease during the entire process. 

Julie Oxner


We just had our second child and utilized the expert guidance and care of Ashley with Delivered Birth Support. Ashley was amazing before, during, and after birth proving quick answers to issues and support when needed. We also utilized the webinars and birthing information available through the general website and were always impressed with the information!

If we were to get pregnant again, we wouldn't hesitate to utilize Delivered Birth Support. We have also and will continue to recommended Delivered Birth Support to friends who are expecting.



We could not be more thankful that we went with the ladies of Delivered Birth Support. My husband and I just had our first child in August, and this group just went above and beyond to make us feel prepared, comfortable, and supported going into labor. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I was super excited but also extremely nervous about the whole delivery process. One might even say I had a legit phobia of delivering, and it’s because of them that by the time the 9th month rolled around, I felt confident going into labor. With that said, I ended up having a verrry long (80 hr) natural birth, and without Ashley’s support, I would have never been able to manage. There were even moments I felt a little dismissed by my birthing practice, and it wouldn’t take more than a quick text message to Ashley before she was either on the phone with me or swinging by the house to cheer me on, get the baby into a new position or simply keep my spirits up. She also brought the absolutely best out of my husband, who ended up being such an incredible support partner thanks to her guidance and coaching. We will never forget Ashley and these ladies for everything they did for us <3. If you considering their services, think no more - it’s a no brainer. They will be the best investment you make your entire pregnancy.



I am SO glad I took Ashley's breastfeeding course. I was hesitant to sign up because I had done some research on my own but there were several things shared that I recalled each time I nursed. I'm only 4 weeks in but I believe these little tips have helped me reach a place where I feel successful! One particular tip is to remember these steps when latching, "Tummy to mummy, nose to nipple, wait for the gape, etc.." I would literally say them out loud as I was starting out and even still do when I'm stressed or tired. Ashley is genuine, passionate about what she does, and is a great teacher. Sign up for her class!



As a third time mom, you might think I've been through this process enough times to not need a doula. In fact, having Ashley present at this birth (virtually, due to COVID) made this birth the first one where I felt calm, in control, and in a good mental space for giving birth. Ashley helped me to have the birth I wanted, without any judgment. I was induced and had an epidural, but I did it on my schedule, even with a bit of a pushy doctor. Ashley's first question (including when giving advice about breastfeeding) was about MY goal, without any indication of what SHE though was better. Ashley helped to give me a voice when I couldn't speak for myself and talked me through some of the harder moments so I could stay present. Having her at this birth was a game changer and if I have any more children, I will absolutely hire Delivered Doulas again!



I don't know where to start in recommending Ashley as a doula. She was absolutely incredible during the entire birth process and continues to be a wealth of information 2 weeks postpartum with my breastfeeding struggles. Initially I was skeptical of our need for a doula, and I am so so glad my husband pushed me on the issue. During the interview, I loved how all three of the doulas (Ashley, Michele, and Jackie) were on the Zoom call which felt more intimate and personal. While interviewing, I knew we would not be able to have the doula in-person with us due to covid visitor restrictions, but Ashley worked to ensure that we were well informed and thoroughly prepared for the labor and delivery.

From the time we signed our contract with Ashley, we were included in weekly 60-90 minute group Zoom sessions covering various birthing topics and monthly virtual 3.5 hour informational sessions. The Delivered doulas were also on-call day and night for questions or concerns via phone, text, or email. As a first time mom, I felt so prepared for the delivery and was confident that we were in good hands despite the fact that Ashley would not be able to attend the birth itself.

For the labor and delivery itself, Ashley dropped off a tablet, TENS unit and Rebozo before I was induced for IUGR. The process could not have gone more smoothly. Ashley was available every time we called/videochatted her with updates or to help us make a decision. She prepared us for each step of the induction process so that nothing was a surprise or concern when the physicians suggested the next course of action. She also directed my husband in comfort measures that significantly improved my labor pains. Overall we had an amazing birth experience which is largely attributed to Ashley. Do yourself a favor and have Ashley at your next birth. She is absolutely incredible!! My only regret is that we did not book her earlier in my pregnancy.

Christine Reklaitis


I am grateful for my decision to have Ashley as my doula and would recommend her to anyone.  She will listen to you and your wishes without imposing any bias. If you have questions, she will provide you with factual based information, but also be there to chat like a friend. Based on my personal experience, I would particularly recommend her to anyone having a hospital birth or high-risk birth. I moved half-way through my (second) pregnancy and decided to get a doula because I very much wanted as natural as possible of a VBAC. It felt like Ashley knew me better than my practitioners. Based on my early labor, I’m sure she would have been great to get me through an epidural-free birth. However, Ashely also knew when it was time to get to the hospital and helped me understand the medical necessity of a (second) emergency c-section. One of her greatest strengths is in her ability to talk professionally to the doctors. Another huge plus is that she got me set up right away with expressing milk. My husband was also grateful to have her because he could go with our baby to the NICU and know that she was with me, still making sure I was getting all the answers and attention I needed from the doctors. The birth did not go as planned, but I’m grateful that Ashley was there.  

Glenda Fu Smith


Ashley was incredible! We were referred to her by our friends and didn't regret having her for one moment. She was friendly, knowledeablge, and answered all of our questions. We are so grateful to having her as part of our birthing and highly recommend both her and Michele for every birth!



Ashley is amazing!  We were so lucky to get to know both Ashley and Michele during this process of our first child being born.  Ashley ended up being our doula, and I honestly could not have gotten through it without her.  It took away a lot of the stress of the unknown, and allowed my husband to enjoy the experience too rather than having to shoulder the responsibility of birth coach.  Ashley and Michele were always available for questions before I went into labor, and I texted them throughout early labor (I labored at home from about 11 PM - 7 AM) and then headed to the hospital.  We arrived at the hospital at 8 AM, and our baby was born at 2 PM.  Ashley helped me through all of my questions that cropped up during labor, explained what was happening the whole time, and most importantly, coached me through my worse contractions. I got an epidural towards the end (though may not have needed one) and had an easy vaginal delivery.  I always felt supported by Ashley in each decision I made. Her coaching was so calming, almost like a yoga teacher or therapist, and as soon as a contraction came I was glued to her words.  Her presence took the fear and stress out of the birthing process for me, and I was able to experience its magic.  Highly recommend! 



I am so glad we worked with Ashley and would recommend her to everyone. She really listened to what I wanted, helped me understand the birthing process from the doctor's standpoint and how it aligned (or sometimes didn't) with what I wanted. This really made me feel empowered to make better decisions and figure out what was truly important to me in my birth. Her calm and friendly personality were a nice balance to my delivery room. Having her there throughout the birth made me feel much more informed and I can't imagine having done it without her. The doctors and nurses were nice, but nothing beats having someone knowledgeable there all the time just for you. Plus she was able to pay attention to all the little details that escape you when you're delivering and, even though the whole process is overwhelming, I was so glad she'd been there for me to ask follow-up questions, to get her impressions, etc. because 6 weeks really is a long time until you see your doctor again! If you're unsure if a doula is right for you, I urge you to work with Ashley. You'll be so glad you did!a



I cannot recommend Ashley enough.

She helped us deliver our second baby, and she made a huge difference in our birthing experience. She walked us through anxieties we had about birth after complications with our first; gave us advice on exercises and positions we could use to help our little guy move down when he seemed to be clinging to my ribs; patiently guided us through false labor; and then kept us calm and focused when he finally came.

Both times I've given birth I've done so without medication, and having Ashley there the second time to coach me through my breath and help keep me comfortable made an immense difference in my pain management and zen during birth. We are so glad we hired her, and would do so again in a heartbeat.



I recommend Ashley 1000%. She was our doula for our birth on 1/20/19. From the moment we met, I felt comfortable with her, and we geeked out over birth stories and birth facts. I was able to text her every time I had a false labor alarm, and it was so easy to keep her updated as I got closer to my due date. It felt just like texting a friend.

We weren’t going to have a doula this time around, but when I found out at 34 weeks that I couldn’t have my midwife deliver me, I knew I wanted a familiar face at my birth. When my water broke 5 days before my due date, and things intensified quickly, Ashley talked me through everything and met us at the hospital right when we arrived. She brought twinkle lights and essential oils to make me feel more at home, and was a ROCK STAR at helping me with my back labor. When I arrived at the hospital I was 4cm dilated, but quickly went to a 7 within 30 minutes. Ashley was there for every contraction, pressing on my back and helping me breathe. When I asked for the epidural, even though I had an unmedicated birth plan, Ashley started to encourage me further, but quickly realized I was dead serious about those meds!!!

Overall, Ashley was present but didn’t overshadow my husband. She made it easy for him to support me. During our postpartum visit we talked about nursing (she’s a lactation consultant too!!) and talked through what happened during my birth. She really helped me think about and feel good about the decisions I had made.

Hands down, hire Ashley to be your doula!

Anna Altman


Ashley was amazing. I am SO GLAD I had her by my side. She was a priceless resource during my (first) pregnancy this year. We met early on and I would text/call her with questions when I was uncertain what I was feeling or uncomfortable at home and she would talk me through with insightful suggestions and solutions.

She was by our side throughout my lengthy labor, at home and at the hospital. She was magnificent - comforting, supportive and encouraging all at once. Never felt any pressure from her to have any specific kind of birth, she is there to do whatever you're interested in and to help you have that experience.

It was wonderful to have her postpartum support as well. To know that she would be meeting us a few days later as we were leaving the hospital as terrified first time parents was extremely comforting! And I absolutely needed the assistance of a lactation consultant so to have her already lined up with that appointment was fantastic.

I wouldn't do this again without her! Only thing I would do differently in the future is to hire her for overnight support as well (at least once a week, for the first 4 - 6 weeks!)

Sandrine Avner


We decided to hire a doula since we were first time parents, from Europe, so far from our family and friends and a bit lost regarding the medical system in the US.
We met Ashley and immediately knew that it was going to be reassuring to have her by our side. During the first meeting, she really listened and respected our "birth plan", understood our concerns and choices and already suggested solutions and tips.

We met with her at 36 weeks to plan for the D-Day. She was really reassuring and gave us a lot of advice regarding positions in order to cope with the pain, and we went through the whole process of birth. We chatted a lot that evening and I felt super confident when she left.

We had a super long labor (26 hours at home and 26 hours at the hospital) and as soon as she arrived home we worked on positions and breathing technics to ease my pain and also to "speed up the dilatation" - it worked super well and went to the hospital.
Deciding to hire her was our best decision regarding the birth, she never left our side, it allowed my husband to "take a break" and take a shower or grab a coffee. She made sure I was super comfortable, explained and made sure that we understood the different medical procedures, and we even laughed (a lot actually). I was hesitant at the beginning because I wanted the birth to be 100% with my husband and was afraid to have an invasive doula - Ashley was the complete opposite, she has sensors and understand when we need to be "just the two of us". I called her "Mary Poppins" because she has a bag full of surprise to make you feel better, safe and make this experience even more incredible. I would recommend her 1.000%, she is wonderful

Sherman Patriquin


We selected Ashley to be our doula because I immediately connected with her and she had the experience we were seeking. Ashley provided information when my OB pressured me about inducing labor that gave me confidence in my choices as well as suggestions for trying to induce labor at home.

My labor was faster than anticipated, but Ashley was still able to guide my husband so he knew how to keep me calm and comfortable before we went to the hospital. At the hospital Ashley worked with the nurses to get me what I needed and worked with my husband to help me through contractions. I could not tell you the names of the nurses who attended my birth, but I heard Ashley in my ear counting out how long I should try to push. Having that calm encouragement helped me through the worst of the pain.

Ashley helped my baby with breastfeeding and we were able to get a latch within an hour of birth. At our follow up visit, Ashley reassured me that my baby was gaining weight and latching correctly. She also provided helpful tips on how to manage my over supply of milk.

I would highly recommend Ashley to anyone considering a doula.

Jeremy Watford


We had an absolutely great experience with Ashley serving as the doula for the birth of our second child.

We went without a doula for the birth of our first child, in part because I was a bit resistant to the idea, not having a clear idea of what role a doula served. And while that first labor was successful and gave us a healthy little girl, having now experienced being at my wife's side through two labors - both with and without a doula - I would wholeheartedly recommend to other dad's that (1) you want a doula, and (2) you want Ashley.

From the moment we met her, the things that really stood out about Ashley were her calming presence and the depth of her knowledge and expertise.  Calling a nurse hotline with questions sometimes feels like a dice roll depending on who answers the phone, but with Ashley we always had someone we trusted who was just a text away with answers, suggestions, and encouragement.

When my wife went in false labor a few weeks early, Ashley came over to our house at a moment's notice, sat with us for hours until it was clear we wouldn't be heading to that hospital that day, and most importantly never once made us feel like the false alarm was an imposition on her time. And during labor, Ashley struck the perfect balance - I always felt like I had plenty space to be there as my wife's partner and primary support, but Ashley was always present, anticipating needs before I saw them, communicating with the nurses in the background, helping guide me in how to best give comfort measures to my wife, and even taking pictures for us after the delivery. With our first child, I often felt like I wasn't sure how to make myself most useful during labor - this time, I felt like I had the perfect role model to emulate.

Hilary Perkins


After having Ashley as my doula 8 weeks ago, I can say with confidence that she is absolutely amazing. She was such a calming presence throughout my labor, and that is exactly what I needed. She listened to my wishes for an unmedicated birth and helped me accomplish that goal. She helped me labor at home for hours before going to the hospital, providing tips for relaxation and movement to help me cope with the contractions and applying constant counter pressure on my back. She knew exactly when to go to the hospital, and once we were there, she gave me the confidence and strength I needed to deliver my baby. I could not have done it without her and if I have more children, I will definitely be calling Ashley!

Daniel Macias


For all you dad’s out there I highly recommend you have Ashley in your corner for the birth of your children. She was so great to educate and encourage both my wife and I throughout the whole pregnancy. The day my wife went into labor we felt armed with enough information to know what to expect during labor and how I best can support my wife. She ensured that we had the best birthing experience possible. We didn’t feel judged or pressure to follow any specific path she gave us the facts, options, best practices and she supported whatever decision we went with. With her support, guidance, and calming presence my wife and I had an amazing birthing experience with our twins.

Moira McCauley


We had a great experience with Ashley as our doula. During three whole days of labor, she offered us advice and support, guided us through physical exercises to get the baby moving, and eventually gave me massages and other relaxation techniques to get through the contractions and get some rest. At the hospital, she was amazing, staying up all night providing pressure to my hips, helping us process some of the midwives' suggestions and running interference with hospital staff when we might have felt rushed.

Ashley brings incredible knowledge of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period, and provides it in an open-minded, non-judgmental and gentle way. She was a great partner to my husband in supporting me through the delivery process. I also loved her communication style, checking in with us regularly as the due date approached and making us feel like we could reach out to her at any time with questions or updates. I can't recommend Ashley highly enough!

Elissa Odegaard Macias


Simply stated, Ashley is incredible!

Selecting Ashely as our Doula was the best decision we made regarding our birth experience. She guided us on resources from birthing classes, yoga stretches, natural remedies and tips uniquely tailored for our twin delivery. She is the utmost professional as she works along the medical teams and has high emotional intelligence to respect each persons roles while serving as an advocate for us. She helped created a peaceful environment and supported our family in the most intimate and detailed of ways. What will she do? Bring essential oils to diffuse making all the staff love your room, support you in birthing positions, provide cold compresses on the head and neck, whisper encouragement in your ear to keep you focused and breathing, take pictures if requested, assist in latching baby to breast and hold you up when your body is too weak to stand - the list goes on!

When I look back on our birth experience my heart is full of gratitude to have such an amazing woman by my side, I can't imagine birthing again without her.

Colleen Oakes


I knew I wanted a doula but picking who to work with is difficult. Ashley was recommended to me by a co-worker. Although we interviewed several other doulas, ultimately, Ashley's calm yet knowledgeable presence was the best fit for us. She checked in with me throughout my pregnancy and made sure we had the information we needed. Although I did lots to prepare for our birth, having her to help me was a invaluable. She knows what she's doing and having that knowledge in the room not only made me feel better, but also ensured I had the right support in the room when I needed it. She is such a caring and friendly person and working with her was wonderful. She supported me to have the birth experience I wanted, yet had suggestions when I needed them. Thanks Ashley!

E Rigamonti


My husband and I could not be more thankful that we chose to work with Ashley during our child's birth. Ashley was a source of strength, tranquility, and positivity. At the very beginning of our birthing process, we had a somewhat tense encounter with a physician and Ashley helped us to advocate for ourselves effectively so that things were able to get on track and progress smoothly. She provided wonderful direction to my spouse about how to assist with comfort measures during the birth and was a source of calm and cheerfulness during the entire delivery and labor process. She also established and maintained a great rapport with the nurses who were assigned to us during our delivery. Our child's birth would have been a totally different process without her support.

amanda jacobsen


I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Ashley. Throughout the birth preparations she was extremely knowledgeable and professional with advice on how to prepare for natural childbirth. She was knowledgeable, professional, caring and compassionate: exactly the qualities I was looking for in a doula. During our birth she was proactive and liaised with the doctors and nurses so I knew my options and felt comfortable and empowered throughout. I am especially grateful for her top-notch advice with breastfeeding, a huge priority for me. I can't recommend Ashley's expertise and professionalism any higher. She is an amazing doula! 

Alyssa Pskowski


Our experience with Ashley was fantastic! She's the kind of person you immediately feel at ease with and she has a very calming presence, which is exactly what you want when you're in labor. She is very responsive to text and email communications and was happy to answer any questions I had as well as provide links to helpful resources. Ashley will be an advocate for you, no matter what you envision for your birth experience. She's completely non-judgmental and great at communicating your wishes to the doctors. My labor progressed very quickly and Ashley came to my apartment as soon as she heard how close together my contractions were and advised us to head to the hospital. I had very painful back labor and her coaching and use of pressure on my lower back was invaluable. Post-birth she also provided me with helpful lactation advice. I highly recommend Ashley as a doula for your birth experience!

Angelica Crawford


I made the decision to search for a doula because I’ve heard so many positive things about their role during labor and delivery. I am a first time mom and I wanted to have someone beside me who would encourage me, inform me, and coach me in the delivery room.

When Ashley arrived at the hospital, she walked me through the correct breathing techniques which made my contractions more bearable. She gave me massages and made me as comfortable as possible during the contractions. She even fanned me when I was complaining about being too hot.
I loved her and her bag of goodies & tricks!lol. She wiped my face down with some type of refresher wipes before I started to push. Like WHO thinks of that!

Ashley was everything I expected and MORE! When the nurses bombarded me with different requests, Ashley was there to step in and reassure me that I did not have to yield to their every word. She gave me alternatives. She made me realize that despite some of the things that the nurses wanted to do I had a choice.

The nurses at the hospital were also pleased with Ashley! One nurse asked me where did I find her because she was impressed with her work ethic and knowledge.

Ashley helped me create and enforce my birth plan during the labor and delivery process. She was thee best coach during the process! She even made a great coach out of my husband.

If you’re looking for doula, Ashley is the one for you. She will have your back and best interest at heart. I would definitely use her again!

Adele Navarrete


I didn’t understand what a doula does until I had Ashley. I still have a hard time explaining it to people. Basically, what seemed unmanageable became manageable. I remember Ashley told me, “Let’s get you on top of these contractions,” and before I knew it we were achieving it. One moment I was thinking I would need an epidural, and then I would realize six hours had gone by and I was still going, working through each contraction with Ashley and amazed though not really comprehending how that was happening. Ashley is a bundle of positivity and tenderness. Ashley is such a wonderful doula she makes you want to have another baby just so you can have another birth experience with her. My birth experience was a marathon, very challenging, and yet I feel so nostalgic about it. And I know that I have Ashley to thank for that!

Corey Tellez


My only regret is that we didn't find Ashley sooner.  

My partner and I went back and forth over whether to obtain a doula. Finally, when I was 34+ weeks pregnant we made the decision to hire Ashley but I still wasn't convinced we needed a doula.  I can't express in words how grateful both my partner and I (and my mother who was also present for the birth) are that Ashley was there for all of us.  She provided me support and she also supported my partner and my mother who wanted to be there for me throughout labor.  I was a little afraid it would get a bit crowded in the delivery room with so many people, but Ashley knew when to support my partner and my mother in supporting me and when to step in so they could both take breaks.  

From the very beginning, Ashley offered support and asked questions to understand what we wanted to happen during the birth.  Before I went into labor Ashely made some recommendations on questions I could ask my doctors to address some concerns I had.  When my water broke more than a week before my due date and my doctors insisted it hadn't broken yet, Ashley urged me to listen to my body.  When my contractions began a little more than 24 hours later, Ashley guided us on what we could do at home until we were ready to go back to the hospital.

After more than 24 hours of labor and an emergency c-section, we delivered a beautiful baby girl.  Ashley followed up with us several times over the phone and in person to make sure we were doing well and gave me some breastfeeding tips.  

We can't thank Ashley enough.  We hope to add to our family in the future and we won't hesitate to call Ashley.


Anna Solmeyer


I highly recommend Ashley. After having a negative birth experience with our first child, we decided to find a doula to support our second birth. We were looking for someone who would provide a calming, positive presence and someone who would be able to work with us and the doctors and nurses to talk through our options and help us make decisions.

I am so pleased with the services that Ashley provided for us. During our pre-birth consultation, she listened carefully about what we were looking for and provided literature and information to helps us feel prepared. During the birth, she gave excellent guidance on positioning and breathing and worked in tandem with my husband to support me through contractions. She worked with the nurses to ensure that they were getting what they needed, while successfully advocating for me to be able to labor in my preferred positions. While I was pushing, she was a great cheerleader and gave helpful reminders about techniques to use to minimize tearing. After the birth, she stayed around to talk about how things went and answer any questions we had about the birth. In the days after birth, I had some issues with breastfeeding and Ashely spoked with me multiple times on the phone, and even rearranged her schedule to come to my home and help.

I had an amazing experience with my second birth, and a major reason for that was because we had Ashley supporting us. I recommend her without reservation to anyone who is looking for a calm, level-headed, and kind doula.

Mindy Mammen


Ashley was wonderful in supporting my husband and I during our April 2017 delivery.

Professionalism: Ashley was always available. She clearly communicated what her services covered & accurately set our expectations. she obviously loves what she does.

Pre-L: My pregnancy lasted 42 weeks & my provider was pushy with an induction. Ashley was an incredible moderating voice. She acknowledged the risks the doctor shared & provided me with additional resources so that I could make an unbiased, informed decision.

L&D: Leading up to labor Ashley was a boundless source of encouragement & regularly checked-in to see how I was doing. Once labor finally started, Ashley was a calming presence. Through her guidance I was able to get my labor firmly established & was able to labor at home much longer than I would have if we’d gone it alone.

Ashley was an incredible advocate for me in labor & delivery while also maintaining great respect for the staff at the hospital. I experienced several complications & the doctor quickly offered a cesarean section. Ashley provided invaluable guidance & knowledge that allowed me to feel comfortable continuing to push. As my labor progressed more complications arose & I ended up needing a c-section. Ashley explained to us what might happen in the OR & how I might react to the drugs. Without her warnings the experience would have been upsetting.

Post-D: Ashley returned to the hospital to check-in on how we were doing At our post-partum check-in Ashley provided me with invaluable guidance that helped me reverse the breastfeeding death spiral I had gotten in at the hospital & establish a breastfeeding relationship with my daughter.

Without Ashley I would have doubted my decisions & would have regrets about how my experience unfolded. That peace of mind Ashley afforded us is priceless.

Ross Oldham


We hired Ashley to support us through our birth as soon as we found out that my wife was pregnant with our fifth child. We knew that she was an experienced doula, very compassionate and would also support us in our decisions... this is exactly what we were looking for. Unfortunately, as the pregnancy moved forward we found out that the baby might not make it to a "safe" gestation to be born. Ashley helped us maintain control over a process that often seems uncontrolled for many families. She encouraged my wife to ask questions during the early phases of the anticipated loss. She posed scenarios that we had not thought of. She checked in with us periodically throughout the 2-week process without making us feel overwhelmed. She emotionally supported my wife and provided her with a safe and unbiased outlet for the many emotions she was processing. Ashley even did a visit with us where she dropped off some self-care items for our family and the most beautiful white roses to signify our baby's brief life.
Although our birth did not go as planned and our baby came way too early to live here on earth... Ashley stuck to her commitment to support us through our birth. She stuck to her commitment to help us make our birth as comfortable and calm as possible. Ashley is an amazing doula. She provided my wife (and myself) with something that not many people can provide. We will always look back on our experience and remember glimmers of laughter and comfort because of her and for that we are eternally grateful. Should we be blessed with another baby, Ashley will be our very first call.


Meriwether Anderson


Ashley was recommended by our birth class instructor and we had an instant connect with her. She is lovely and calming and comforting! She also has a great breadth of knowledge. Ashley is not judgmental and wants you to have the birth you desire to have. She was with my husband and I for the 36 hours of labor and we truly couldn't have made it without her. She was an advocate and a comfort to both of us. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Ryan Mammen


This was our first child & our plan for a natural childbirth hit a snag as the pregnancy stretched into 42 weeks. We felt overwhelming pressure from my wife’s doctor to induce & Ashley’s advice & knowledge gave us the confidence to stand our ground. Ashley was tremendous while we labored at home (7 hours); reassuring us that everything was proceeding naturally. Suggesting seemingly endless positions to ease the pain from the contractions. After arriving at the hospital my wife decided she wanted an epidural. This ran counter to our birth plan. Ashley pointed this out, going over pros/cons & what the impact would be. I mention this b/c it is exactly what we wanted: someone to call a "timeout", make sure this is what we really wanted, not altering our plan on a whim. We wanted Ashley to be impartial not just a cheerleader.

As labor progressed we ran into multiple complications & the doctor began to discuss a C-section. This was what we feared & did not want to happen: that the doctor would push us into the procedure. This is where Ashley was invaluable & without her I don't know what we would have done. Her knowledge, experience, personal story, & independence gave us the confidence that we were making the right decision: we went ahead with the C-section. Our daughter was born healthy & is perfectly fine at home with us. If not for Ashley I know that my wife & I would forever have regrets & doubts about our daughter's birth. We would have felt pushed & tricked into the C-section. Ashley gave us the greatest gift possible: piece of mind.

If you told me before labor/delivery that we'd end up having an epidural & a C-section I would have thought that a doula was unnecessary. I would not have been more wrong. I am grateful for Ashley's presence that evening and morning. I cannot imagine having another child without her there with us. I hope she'll be there next time around.

Melissa Higbie


I felt comfortable with Ashley the moment my husband and I met her and it was an easy choice to hire her as our doula. Ashley remained calm and kept us positive during what became a marathon birth. She didn't bring any preconceived ideas of what our birthing experience should be and that helped a lot when things didn't go as we planned. My husband was really committed to being my birth partner and Ashley's support and presence gave him a lot of extra confidence during labor. Ashley is warm and genuine, and it felt totally natural for her to share the intimate and joyous event of our daughter's birth with us.

Mike Stockman


We had a truly great experience with Ashley as our doula. The support that she provided both my wife and myself during our long delivery was incredible. It was important for us to have a doula that allowed us to have the birth experience that we wanted, not project any ideas on us, and Ashley did exactly that. She provided me with much needed breaks, words of encouragement, and tips to help support my wife throughout the process, and stayed thru the night after the birth to ensure that the baby was able to breastfeed. In addition she provided us with great information on what to expect the following days, and visited us a week after the birth to check back in and provide us additional support with breast feeding. If we survive this first child and have another we would definitely use Ashley as our doula again, and highly recommend her to friends as well.

tiffany behr


Ashley was amazing! Her calming spirit helped us from birth class through birth. Ashley is a wealth of knowledge and experince which made her the perfect support for me and my VBAC attempt. When I developed preeclampsia and had to deliver via c-section Ashley's support and gentile presence helped me advocate for myself and have her and my husband in the operating room. While my husband tended to baby Ashley supported me and helped me through the rest of the C-sec. Ashley's support in the post partum ward was key to helping get baby's first latch. Whatever  birth plan/deliver choice or path your birth takes Ashley will be there to support you and help you!!! She's truly amazing and added so much to making my surprise C-Sec a positive experience. 

Julie Oxner


Ashley assisted us with our recent birth. From the The moment we signed up with her she was always very supportive.  She provided great pre-birth support. She assisted with helping us build a birth plan. When our doctor wanted to induce Ashley provided great exercises  to try to help get the baby in position. When the time came Ashley immediately responded to our call and came straight to our house to evaluate progress in Labor. During labor Ashley was always by our side holding hands, rubbing backs, and answering questions.  When the doctor wanted to break my water during labor Ashley assisted in other alternatives and helped negotiate with my doctor helping us keep the experience completely natural and safe.  We would recommend Ashley to anyone looking for a Doula. Ashley is very professional and provides comfort and knowledge before during and after labor. 

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