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Laura Griffis

New Life Birth Doula


Phone: (651) 252-4491

Birth Fee: $800

Fee Details: Fee covers 2 prenatal visits, labor and delivery, and 1 postpartum. Please visit my website for details on what the prenatal and postpartum visits include. Also includes phone and email support prior to and after delivery.

Birth Doula Experience: 3 years

Birth Doula Certifications

  • HypnoBirthing (Mongan Method) - Professional Doula Training Certification

Doula Training

  • DONA International, June 2016
Type of Practice: Solo practice
Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Intern graduate at the Minnesota Birth Center
Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Breastfeeding Certifications

  • Two Breastfeeding Courses Completed and Personal Experience

Other Relevant Certifications

  • Spinning Babies Training

College Education

  • BA/BS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Home Birth
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • Cloth diapering education
  • Miscarriage Support (Before, During or After)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Childbirth Collective Associate Member

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Minneapolis, MN
Travel Range: 45 Miles

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Client Testimonials for Laura Griffis

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We loved having Laura as our doula.  She was with us every step of the way and helped us feel prepared and informed right from the beginning.  She spent a lot of time going over all of our questions and providing support prior to the big day.  She was always available when we needed her.  When I was finally in labor, she was an integral part of helping myself and my husband through the whole process, and I don’t know how I could have made it through without her.  She is so kind and supportive of whatever our wishes were for our birth/pregnancy.  She is a fantastic doula, and I would love to work with her again for future pregnancies.  

Posted 8/14/2019

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Megan Kimmel

This was my third childbirth and my first time hiring a doula. I had dreams of a waterbirth and knew I would need extra support based on my first two birth experiences. I tend to labor really slow up to transition, then hit transition hard and have quick endings. Financially, it wasn’t looking possible, but I decided to start saving little by little to make it work.  Laura came highly recommended from a friend, and she did not disappoint! She has a great bag of tricks, listens kindly when you don’t like something she is doing, and is all-around intuitive about the whole process. I have never labored outside of the hospital for so long and I was so grateful to have her as a sounding board, since my husband and I both felt nervous we might wait too long to go in. She texted and talked with me all day long as my labor progressed from the first contractions I felt at 4am to the delivery just before 6pm.  My water broke while I was on the phone with her just after 4pm, so we rushed to the hospital and were only there 65 minutes before the baby was out. I was scared and frantic because of how fast it was happening and she was steady. Along with my husband, she literally held me up as I unexpectedly delivered my baby standing up. And she makes the best cran-apple hospital mocktail you will ever have in your first few minutes post-partum :).  While my midwife was also incredible, it’s not her job to stay by my side for the whole process. Laura is there in the trenches with you. She also engaged my husband really well. She didn’t replace him, she helped him. I’m so grateful for her experience and presence in our birth and don’t regret a single cent that so chose to put towards this support!

Posted 6/10/2019

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Laura was an amazing support for me during the birth of my first child. My husband and I had gone back and forth on the idea of having a doula, and I was so happy when we found Laura. From our very first meeting we could tell she'd be a great match for us, especially since she is certified in Hypnobirthing and Spinning Babies.  We had completed a Hypnobirthing course and were hoping to incorporate elements from it into the birthing process. It was so reassuring that she was familiar with the exercises and terminology and could help us form a plan and practice beforehand. When the baby was still in a breech position towards the end of my pregnancy, Laura taught me some Spinning Babies techniques to use at home, and he successfully flipped in time for the birth, which was a huge relief! I really appreciated that Laura was always available by phone, text, or email to answer questions or just listen when I was worrying about something. She would keep track of my doctor's appointments and check in afterwards to see how everything was going and offer encouragement.  On the day of the birth, she was ever-present, but in a very non-intrusive way.  She knew the perfect moments to step in and offer advice, redirection, or light massage, and also knew when to step back and let us enjoy the intimacy in what was happening. As we had discussed in our earlier meetings, she was not there to advise us medically, but when there were some scary moments requiring quick decision making, she was right by my side to offer the support I desperately needed. After the birth, several of the nurses commented on Laura and what a fantastic job she did - we couldn't have agreed more!  My husband and I both strongly recommend her to anyone looking for some extra support on one of the most importat days of your life, especially if you have never been through it before. Thanks Laura, and we look forward to next time! :)

Posted 5/1/2019

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Katie Ducklow

Laura was recommended by our midwife, and once my husband and I met her during our initial meeting we immediately knew we wanted her to be our doula. She put me at ease with her calm, confident, and attuned presence. Her style is both very professional yet personable and warm at the same time. During our prenatal visits, Laura took the time to truly get to know us as a couple: our values, fears, and excitements about welcoming a baby into our family. During my pregnancy, Laura periodically and consistently checked in with me by text or email and made me feel so supported during a hard bout of prenatal depression and anxiety. During the prenatal visits, I was also thankful for the way she connected with my husband and involved him fully in every aspect, which was really important to us as a couple. During my labor, Laura’s encouraging words are one of the few things that continue to stand out to me. She helped me trust my body and instincts during labor, made me feel powerful, and had an intangible soothing presence that added so much to my experience. She offered practical suggestions for pain management, kept me hydrated, and somehow even infused gentle humor into stressful moments. When I think back to my birth, I feel proud, strong, and powerful, and I know a large part of that is how supported I felt by Laura. I can’t imagine not having her at my future births and she feels like part of our family. I cannot recommend her services highly enough!

Posted 4/14/2019

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Courtney Patrin

One of the best decisions we made for our pregnancy was choosing to work with Laura. She was a helpful resource as we prepared for the arrival of our baby - she prompted great discussion with my husband and I and educated us about the options we would have so we could have a plan that worked for us. She was available for questions before and after the birth of our little girl and it was a Godsend to have someone who's educated and has had personal experience of pregnancy and life with baby! She is caring, thoughtful, and considerate of who you are and what your wishes are for your birth experience. She was a huge support to both myself and my husband during labor and delivery! As things progressed and I needed to make decisions, she was reassuring and helped talk me through things . We hope to work with her for the birth of future children and would recommend her to anyone!

Posted 1/14/2019

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Kathryn Phelps

We will forever be grateful to Laura for the role she played in the birth of our daughter. Meeting with her in the weeks prior to birth were instrumental for helping us create an ideal plan and think about what kind of an environment we wanted for the delivery. She was able to provide thoughtful exercises, both mentally and physically for us to work on together.

As is often the case, our birth didn't match up exactly with our birth plan - our baby was two weeks overdue, and we had to go through a lengthy induction process at the hospital that ended up being quite painful. She was a key form of support at the hospital, making sure that my husband was able to stay present and take care of himself as well while she helped me work through contractions. It helped me feel calm and supported knowing that I had both of them by my side as we worked through different methods to try to stay comfortable. When it came time to push, she was right by my side offering comfort with wash cloths, water, and words of encouragement to keep my energy up. She was calm and motivating the entire time and absolutely helped us have a positive experience in the hospital! Her care didn't end at the hospital - she checked in on us via text multiple times after delivery, and the post-partum visit was very helpful. I am so glad that she was there with us - it's very clear that she genuinely cares deeply for her clients!

Posted 1/13/2019

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Andrea Means Lehman

My husband and I chose to Have a doula for the delivery of our first baby because my husband is very queasy and he wasn’t sure how well he could tolerate the gore of delivery. my labor progressed at a super fast rate and Laura arrived in the heat of my contractions. She jumped right in and was a saving grace! She helped to calm me down and work through each contraction. During The pushing phase she was the perfect support to guide me in pushing. She not only comforted me but met the needs of my husband by making sure he could be present without viewing the gore! She held pillows up blocking the scene and allowed him to feel comfortable. We will hands down utilize Laura for our future deliveries ! 

Posted 10/5/2018

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Alicia Gustafson

I can't imagine our pregnancy, labor, and birth without Laura as part of our team. She was incredibly supportive throughout the whole journey, making herself available to me at all times! She is knowledgeable about so many things, and for those questions she was unable to answer she was able to connect me with resources so that I felt confident to understand my experience. Laura was encouraging through all my ups and downs, lifting me up and never allowing me to doubt myself. When challenges arose in my labor, she helped me understand my options and make the best choice for me and my family. She helped me process through the hard parts and the disappointments that I faced due to those challenges so that I now only have positive associations connected to bringing my baby into the world.

My husband has a medical condition that prevented him from being present during the more intense parts of labor, and Laura made it a priority to make sure he was still able to experience and be part of the process, and the support she was able to provide both of us was full; neither of us felt anything lacking.

I originally felt slightly uncomfortable about paying a stranger to be my support system, but working with Laura never felt like she was anything less than family and friend!

Posted 7/20/2018

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Erin McDonough

With this being my first child and my husband being out of the country for most of my pregnancy, I knew I wanted the support of a doula. I couldn't be happier with my choice to work with Laura. She made me feel at ease right from our first meeting with her warm and calm demeanor. The two prenatal home visits were a great time to get to get to know each other more while going over birth preferences and comfort measures. Laura answered all my questions with knowledgable insight and understanding. She was an invaulable source of kind encouragement and pointed me to helpful resources. We kept in touch regularly and I really appreciated Laura's thoughtful exchanges. She is a great listener and made me feel cared for and heard. Labor came suddenly and went quickier than I expected. Laura was a seamless part of our birth team with her gentle and confident presence. She made me feel comfortable and capable with her reassuring words and soothing touch, especially at my most vulnerable moments when I wasn't sure I could keep going. My husband also appreciated Laura's support and felt relieved to have someone there for both of us who knows what to expect during labor.  Laura was outstanding and I whole heartedly recommend her!

Posted 7/19/2018

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Jill Demisse

Laura was incredible!! We had an amazing natural birth experience and Laura played such a key role in making that happen. My husband and I immediately connected with her & felt at ease and comfortable with her in our prenatal in-home visits. She was knowledable, understanding, listened and asked us good questions. On the day of our birth, she came in calm, confident, and so attentive to my every need. She helped my husband to feel comfortable and know what to do. She was there for me with encouraging words, advice, direction, food and drink, and gentle touch. She knew just what to say & do in the moment without me having to ask. We had the most amazing birth experience with her present and I can't put into words how grateful we are to have had her at such a beautiful moment in our lives, welcoming our sweet boy into this world. 

Posted 4/16/2018

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Katie Varner

Laura was a true Godsend to our family! Being new to Minnesota and expecting for the first time, my husband and I decided a doula would be helpful. We had no idea what a blessing we would find in Laura! Upon meeting her, she was very professional, but with a warm demeanor. She answered every question I had without me having to ask. We quickly developed a close relationship with Laura during our prenatal visits and she brought about a calm, reassuring spirit as we discussed our upcoming delivery. She offered many tips and exercises to prepare us for the big event.  My delivery experience was nothing near what I had imagined. I never dilated and therefore, an induction was necessary after two days of laboring. Laura was right there by my side, rubbing my back continuously as my back labor intensified. She was also there for my husband making sure he was comforted and understood what was happening. She gave he and my mother a chance to take breaks and leave my room knowing I wasn't alone. She was a perfect match for us and our situation. She knew what to do and when to do it, what to say and when to say it.  Her compassion will be forever etched in my heart as they told me a c-section was needed and she comforted me calmly, but very assertively that I would be okay and talked me through the emotions at that moment. I fully trusted her and she saw every raw emotion that came with my entire prenatal through postpartum journey. After delivery, my milk supply never fully came in and she was once again a positive encouragement as I struggled with the reality of not being able to breastfeed. Laura's passion and knowledge as a doula was proven over and over again during the time she met with us both in person and via phone. If it becomes our decision to continue to grow our family further, I would be honored if Laura would be our doula once again. She will always hold a special place as part of our family! If a doula is your desire, Laura would be my pick!

Posted 3/23/2018

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Heidi Eaton

Laura supported me during each of my three homebirths.  Although she was not officially working as a doula at the time of my first two deliveries, she has always had a great understanding of birth and the heart of a doula.  I found her support to be strong and confident while remaining gentle and compassionate.  Laura brought a calm presence to each of my experiences, truly listened to me and understood my desires for my birth.  With each baby, she read the situation, figured out how I needed her and supported me in that way.  As a doula myself, I knew that was a really important because birth does not always go as we plan.  My third birth, in 2017, was particuliarly challenging for me physically. I was relieved when Laura walked in.  Her presence boosted my confidence and with her support I knew I could keep going even though it was hard.

On a practical level some of the supports she offered were really helpful to us.  She kept me nourished and hydrated, she worked with me on breathing through contractions, she reminded me I could when I felt I couldn't, she encourged me after each contraction, she helped with baby after the birth while I got settled, and she took photos.  Laura also supported me physcially through contractions as someone to lean on as well as with counterpressure and massage.    

She was a true birth-partner for me, and I wouldn't do it without her!  


Posted 12/29/2017

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Melissa Klein

We are so glad to have found Laura as our doula.  She helped us prepare for birth with visits at our home. She prompted us to consider what we wanted for the birth and provided us with suggestions and tips as we prepared. Laura is a great listener and supported our plan. She was a calming presence during labor, helping me to remember all of the things I had wanted as a part of my birth plan. She was involved with conversations with the nurses and doctors, giving us the support we needed to make decisions. Laura is knowledgeable and brings experience as a doula. She is encouraging and supportive. I would recommend Laura as a doula to others considering her services!

Posted 11/21/2017

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Julia Davidson

Laura is a fantastic doula! As a doula and mother myself, I knew I needed someone with both skill and compassion. During pregnancy Laura did a great job preparing both me and my husband for the birth of our third son. She asked us questions we hadn’t thought to ask ourselves and gave us the push we needed to prepare well. During labor, Laura showed up at our home ready to serve us and provide both physical and emotional support. If I didn’t like a suggestion or position, she quickly found other ways to support and encourage me. Her knowledge of which positions to try and what comfort measures to use was indispensable. My labor was more difficult than my previous two. My husband commented on Laura’s perseverance. He noted that when things got long and hard, Laura was the one person that stayed by us, continued to serve and offered words of affirmation and encouragement. Laura was so good at knowing when I needed soft words of encouragement and when I needed a bold push. I am so thankful for Laura and would hire her again in a heartbeat!

Posted 11/15/2017

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Kathleen Durbin

It's difficult to put into words how meaningful it was for us to have Laura with us throughout our first pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. Not only was Laura thoroughly knowledgeable in techniques and strategies used throughout pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, but her warm and kind presence reassured us that we weren't alone in this process.

As a first-time mom, Laura was careful to spend time working through my deepest fears and concerns about birth. Her gifts as a doula fully blossomed during our very prolonged and difficult delivery. She was always available and checking in during each very difficult day of our week-long labor. We really wouldn't want anybody else by our sides during the next pregnancy! We would highly recommend Laura to anyone looking for a supportive, kind, skillful, encouraging, and valuable birth partner.

Posted 10/30/2017

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Tamunomiete Abbey

I had a great birthing experience with Laura. She helped me achieve my goal of having an unmedicated birth. I was going to be alone during labor so I decided to get a doula for support and I must admit Laura provided all the support I needed. She supported me emotionally and physically and in every other possible way. She motivated me every step of the way and was constantly analyzing my situation and offering options that made me more comfortable. I was so scared when I started shivering, she gave me a really tight hug and reassured that it was normal. I wouldn’t have asked any more of her. I can go on and on about stuff she did but the summary is that she was just SUPER AMAZING and I’m really glad I worked with her.

Posted 10/2/2017

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Brady Lind

When my wife and I found out we were pregnant we found out there were many decisions to make.  Where would we have the baby at?  Who would be our doctor?  Where were we going to do birth classes?  And the list goes on.  Then the conversation turned to the topic of the doula.  We both decided that we wanted one and that we would see if we find someone who lined up with our values and had a passion for her profession.  My wife and I looked at a list of doula's separately and came back to each other with our respective choices on who we'd choose.  We both chose Laura.  And I must say that it was a fantastic decision. 

Laura's passion for the mothers and babies who she works with is incredible.  Her knowledge about childbirth is expansive and we felt the love she has for both mother and child.  When the day came for our son to enter the world, Laura was there.  She came with a heart full of love and a body full of energy and helped my wife tremendously.  (Her presence gave me a break too!) There were times during the labor when I wondered what we would have done without her.  Now after the labor I realize that we lucked out with our choice of Laura.  She's a rock.  She's the kind of person you feel comfortable with and you know that you can trust her suggestions during the labor (as she has four children of her own!).  

Laura Griffis exceeded all of our expectations and we will forever be grateful for her.  We're thankful for everything she did for us throughout the process and I know that if you decide to have Laura be your doula you will have the same feelings toward her that we do.  

Posted 6/8/2017

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Luke Olson

My wife and I had a great experience with Laura during the birth of our son. We had planned on having an all natural birth at the Minnesota Birth Center, but at 34 weeks we found out that our son was breach, so my wife ended up having a cesarean. Both while we were preparing for a typical birth and while preparing for a cesarean, Laura was a great and calming support. She really made an effort to be present for us, including when my wife went in to the hospital for an ECV procedure to try and flip our son. She also visited us the day we got home from the hospital, which was the most overwhelming day for us as parents so far, and her visit really made us feel more relaxed. In each instance, she was a great help, particularly to me. Her being present allowed me to focus on being a supportive husband, rather than trying to remember where the water was or what I meant to ask the doctor. 

We chose to work with Laura, because she struck as calm and supportive, and she was exactly that. Having her with us during the period leading up to the birth, as well as the day we got home from the hospital was key in feeling like we were equipped to be good parents!

Posted 5/20/2017

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Amy Ross Barnard

This was my first birth and I was so grateful to have Laura by my side.


1. She is easy to trust in the midst of your most vulnerable experiences

2. She is capable without being pushy

3. She has a gentle, calming presence

4. She can work well in a room full of people 

I tend to not like having people I don't know involved in such intimate experiences, but I found myself feeling immediately safe and at ease with Laura. She is easy to trust, and is great at finding the balance between guiding and standing back and waiting...she was never pushy but always right there and gently helpful.

She also handled the many people in my birth room well! My mother, sister, and husband all attended my birth. Because of this I almost didn't choose to have a doula, but I'm so glad I did. She worked well with them and was able to also help them know how to help me.

As a mother herself, Laura was also able to give me some thoughts on what is "normal" newborn life. As a first time mom this was a blessing.

I definitely recommend Laura without reservation!

Posted 4/20/2017

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Megan Carty

We chose to work with Laura after meeting her at a Minnesota Birth Center doula speed dating event. We opened up to her immediately and the way she responded made us feel very comfortable so we knew we would be in good hands if we worked with her. We loved that we could laugh with her - that was important to us. We needed someone who could be serious and supportive, but also who got our sense of humor. Laura is a sweet, positive spirit with a lot of knowledge and a calming presence. She really cares about the family she is working with and wants to get to know them and support them in the best way she can. I was impressed with how encouraging she was but also with how she validated our fears & feelings. As a parent herself she really "gets it". Laura has a way of making you feel strong, at peace, and prepared (well... as prepared as you can be for birth and a new baby!). Our labor and delivery was a long one and Laura was actually unable to be with us at the start (as she was with another client), but she sent along her backup and then, as soon as she could, Laura joined us. I was nervous at first when I found out she couldn't come right away but Laura's backup is equally wonderfully and in the end we loved the opportunity to work with both of them, as they brought different things/skill sets to the table. What we loved best about having a doula is that they are able to read the room and see what you need, maybe even before you know what that is. They know when to be vocal and hands on, but also when you need them to step back and give you space. They are very invested in the experience, in you and your partner/family, and the new baby that arrives. I still chat with Laura from time to time and am happy for the connection we made. If you need a doula, you cannot go wrong with Laura, she is an amazing choice (and person)!!

Posted 4/6/2017

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Laura Olson

I had a wonderful birth experience with Laura in the fall of 2016. My husband Luke and I decided to work with Laura because we felt comfortable with her calm and intelligent demeanor almost instantly! She made us feel empowered as a team and capable of bringing our baby into the world.

At 34 weeks we found out that our son was breech. Laura provided emotional support as I grappled with the possibility (and eventual reality) of a cesarean birth instead of an unmedicated natural birth. Laura helped us find information about baby flipping, and even attended my ECV where an OB tried to flip our baby head down. It was SO valuable for us to have her at the ECV! She had a calm and peaceful presence and helped both of us stay grounded before, during, and after the procedure. She also helped us with questions to ask the OB as the cesarean was put on the calendar. 

Laura attended our son's birth via cesarean section at the end of November. The two hours between arriving at the hospital and the procedure beginning were extremely stressful for me and I can't imagine how Luke and I would have gotten through it without Laura with us and on our team. During the surgery Laura took AMAZING pictures that I am incredibly grateful to have! Luke was free to support me completely with Laura supporting both of us. Laura stayed with us in the recovery room and was very helpful as we started breastfeeding. She is knowledgeable, gentle, and knows when to step in and when to hold back. The postpartum visit with Laura was a lifesaver on our first night home from the hospital. She helped us settle in and feel capable of beginning our new family at home when we were feeling extremely daunted.

I would highly recommend working with Laura! 

Posted 3/22/2017

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Jessica Clifton

Laura has been a solid source of support and guidance as my husband, Aaron, and I brought our first child, Lila, into the world and have been adjusting to becoming parents. Her visits during the last weeks of my pregnancy helped us to prepare for labor, and she prompted us to think about things - like a game plan for dealing with early labor and like nutrition and healing during the fourth trimester - in ways I wouldn't have otherwise done.

Where we were most grateful for Laura's calm, positive presence was during my last bit of laboring at home and during the final stages of labor at the birth center. At home, I was somewhat stalled, doing most of my contractions in the same position and refusing Aaron's attempts to get me to move. When Laura arrived, her confidence and gentle persistence earned my compliance and after a couple of hours of laboring in different positions, it was time to drive to the birth center. I'm not sure we would have realized that I was ready to go in, given that my contractions never had a regular rhythm, and we were so glad to be able to trust Laura's judgment that it was time to call the midwife.

At the birth center, I continued to be grateful for her presence and affirmations. She took some great photos (which I wasn't sure I wanted but am now really glad to have) and stayed by my side, always encouraging me.

I know not everyone is cut out to be a doula, but Laura has the perfect demeanor for this important role. She is gentle, caring, knowledgable, thoughtful, supportive, and unobtrusive. I couldn't recommend her more highly.

Posted 3/20/2017

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