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Audrea Blayer, CD(DONA)

Born For This Doula Services

Millersburg, PA Service range 60 miles COVID Season: Services continue virtually - mtgs & births! Details discussed & agreed upon per couple! CBE classes cancelled? No prob - Personalized sessions offered via Zoom!

(717) 649-2866

Birth Fee

$700 to $950

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $40

Birth Fee

$700 to $950

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $40

Birth Doula Experience

11 years and 146 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

1 years and 4 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, November 2013

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 1 to 4 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: Would prefer not to be in a home with indoor smoking.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I frequent Geisinger Holy Spirit and UPMC Pinnacle Harrisburg Hospitals. I also attend births at Geisinger Bloomsburg Hospital, UPMC Pinnacle Carlisle Hospital, WellSpan Chambersburg Hospital, Evangelical Community Hospital, WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital, UPMC Pinnacle Hanover Hospital, Hershey Medical Center, Lancaster Women & Babies, UPMC Pinnacle Memorial Hospital and WellSpan York Hospital.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I have served woman delivering at several birth centers - including the Lancaster and Mifflinburg areas.

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I will serve at some home births attended by a midwife.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Baby sign language education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

All Bereavement Care is complimentary. It is such a humbling honor to walk alongside a grieving family - while navigating a seriously unwanted, confusing and overwhelming path. Grief companionship can be such an invaluable gift - to not have to face these uncharted waters alone but with the gentle assistance of someone who has been in a similar (as each loss is unique) situation (several times) years ago and is now to a well-adjusted ‘new normal’! *Available at ANY stage of Miscarriage or Bereavement experience! Feel free to reach out at ANY time (middle of the night included) at (717) 649-2866 - for yourself or a grieving friend/loved one!

Fee Details

As a mother of 6 (living) children (9+ pregnancies) spanning nearly 20 years, I possess a passion for pregnancy, birth, and parenting - as well as gentle bereavement care! My beloved 5-year hobby assisting friends (first 10 births) has grown into a business since my training 6 years ago - as I find this work incredibly natural and energizing! As a doula, it’s my utmost desire to draw out the STRENGTH within, reduce any fear that may be present and increase PEACE during the most JOY-filled experience of your lives...while embracing and supporting YOUR ideal birth! It’s a complete honor to serve women and their partners in this capacity! I would love to connect and explore the possibility of working together! My fees are based upon amount of visits desired and travel required. Flexible payment plans are available upon request. Let's talk and either way...Congratulations! :) *Private Childbirth Education classes available (a la carte) & Complimentary Bereavement Care (details above).

Millersburg, PA Service range 60 miles COVID Season: Services continue virtually - mtgs & births! Details discussed & agreed upon per couple! CBE classes cancelled? No prob - Personalized sessions offered via Zoom!

Client Testimonials for Audrea Blayer, CD(DONA)

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Ali Lesher


When our family learned of our daughter's pregnancy, we were encouraged to look into hiring a doula. The circumstances surrounding her pregnancy were complicated. 

Once we received Audrea's name through a dear friend, we met with her as soon as possible. From our first meeting, Audrea exuded warmth, kindness, and great wisdom gathered through her learning and personal experience.

Audrea was there from our very first meeting and she continues to be a very special part of our family as our grandchild continues to grow. She is exceptionally professional, encouraging and excellent in every aspect of her job.  

Our family will be forever grateful to Audrea and we will always recommend her highly to anyone. She is an absolute treasure and will greatly enhance any woman's pregnancy and birth experience in addition to her life overall!

Jen Nester


I knew after quite a traumatic experience with the birth of my first that I wanted a doula for my second - if not for anything else but for some reassurance that I have/had control over the birth. My first time speaking to Audrea I felt comfortable immediately (and it was on the phone)! Our second meeting was face to face and with my husband - she answered all of our questions and truly wanted to get to know us and what we envisioned during this pregnancy and birth. Due to my little one having a growth restriction in the womb, I was constantly at the doctors during my pregnancy. Each time I went in Audrea checked in and asked how I was feeling. She never pushed advice or judgement and always had an open ear. When our second was born it was an induction and Audrea prepared me as much as possible. When we felt we were ready for Audrea to come in, she entered softly and was ready for whatever I needed. My body's response to the induction was an intense one and this created some limited ideas to alleviate the pain. She provided helpful tips for my husband to help (ex: rubbing my back!). The time came for our little one to enter the world and Audrea was as excited as we were, which meant the world. We still are in contact and she continues to provide help and service for our family! I'm not sure I could have found a more compassionate person for the job. 

Sarah Torres


Audrea was absolutely wonderful to have with us during my labor and birth of my second girl. She came to our apartment to guide me through laboring at home, as I wanted to stay home as long as I could. She offered guidance and reassurance, and accompanied us (my husband, toddler, and I) to the hospital. It was invaluable to have her wealth of knowlege and experience. She was supportive of my decisions when I was able to make them, and gentle with suggestions and recommendations when I just didn't know what I wanted! It was such a comfort to have her looking out for ALL of us throughout such a big life event.

Michelle and Matt


Audrea made a huge difference to our birth experience. It was our first baby and we were determined to have a natural, intervention-free birth. She helped guide us to resources that would ensure we had our best chance at the birth we wanted. We really appreciated the confidence and level of knowledge she brought to our experience. It was so helpful to have her to assist my husband and I in different coping techniques during labor itself. I was very glad to have another woman in the room who knew what I was going through and did not work for the hospital. She was organized and professional and checked in with us many times after the birth as well. If you are looking for an experienced doula who can support you and your partner during the birth of a child, we definitely recommend Audrea!

Laurie Sanfilippo


Audrea was phenomenal. From the very first conversation I had with her, I knew that she had both my interest and our baby’s at heart. She listened to our concerns and ultimately helped my husband and I navigate switching doctors at 37 weeks pregnant. We can’t thank her enough for her guidance during that stressful time. During labor and delivery, Audrea was a calming presence as she supported my husband and I. The laboring techniques she taught us were empowering and so helpful. I wanted a natural birth and Audrea advocated for me every step of the way. She was intune with not only my needs, but my husbands as well. My daughter’s birth was everything I wanted and so much more. She was a source of encouragement during my pregnancy, childbirth and continues to be postpartum. She even remembers milestone dates and checks in on how we are doing. Audrea truly cares about the families she works with and we are so grateful to have her as part of our birth story. She was a blessing and we will definitely be using her again when that time comes!

Chelsea Boes


What a wonderful experience! I didn't know what to expect when hiring a doula but we knew Audrea was right for us from the moment we met her. Labor with my first child was looong--and hospital care was far from ideal. I was planning to deliver at the same hospital this time but Audrea asked me some very helpful questions and recommended some great reading. She was warm but so competent and professional. I needed her help so much--I just didn't know it yet! I was SO scared to go through birth again. Audrea asked me the first words that came to mind when I thought of childbirth and I said "long, humiliating, powerlessness, and dread." When you are that scared it is hard to imagine a good birth experience is possible! But Audrea challenged me to remember that this was a NEW birth and a NEW baby--that there was hope. And she also recommended birth trauma therapy to help deal with my last birth. I am SO grateful for that recommendation. I didn't know birth trauma therapy was a THING. Audrea recommended a great therapist. Therapy wasn't easy but it reversed the way I thought about birth--something I didn't believe was possible. I learned that the trauma of my last birth did not come from the difficulty or length of labor but from feeling unheard and bullied by hospital staff. Which gave me the confidence and courage--at 37 weeks!--to change to a new hospital an hour away. Our experience with Audrea was all that I hoped but also much more. I had real trauma to heal from and she helped me get help. We loved having Audrea in our home. She was always prompt to answer messages and proactive in keeping in touch but never invasive or pushy in any way. Perfectly sensitive. During the birth Audrea was truly servant-hearted and also a blessing to the hospital staff. You can tell Audrea has been there, done that--in the best way. "Women helping women"--truly what it felt like. Taught me that birth can feel like a joy instead of an emergency. I will miss her. Thankful!!

Sara Lego


We had asked Audrea to be our backup doula in Hershey in case we had to be transferred there when I was around 28.5 weeks. Well,  a whopping 1.5 weeks later, we were calling her at midnight to meet us at Hershey because we were heading there in the helicopter! Audrea actually reached the hospital before the helicopter, with our birth plan in hand, and immediately made a somewhat scary situation positive with her reassuring presence.  She got the nurses on our side and gently advocated for me when I wanted the catheter removed, wanted to try different positions, and needed some water. She had a host of different massages and tricks to ease the labor and the more intense transition contractions, and even coached my husband so that he could actively assist. After a rather traumatic birth with my first son, Audrea’s expertise and warmth were a major factor in my second son’s birth being a cathartic, joyful experience despite his early arrival. I would HIGHLY recommend her services to anyone!!

Kate knapp


We LOVED Audrea. She was amazing support before during and after birth. I was not able to get an epidural due to the quick delivery I had - Audrea was amazing helping me manage pain. I would and will recommend her to any other to be moms.

Becky Myers


Knowing I wanted extra support for my first pregnancy and delivery, I looked into hiring a doula. My husband and I spoke with several doulas and felt comfortable with Audrea right from the start. She was very responsive answering my/our many questions throughout my pregnancy. Audrea was also helpful and supportive when I made the decision to switch OBs at 35 weeks. It was the best decision and a much better fit aligning with my desire for a natural birth plan. The birth of my daughter was truly an amazing, positive experience. I give Audrea so much of the credit because she listened and her experience was comforting. It's funny my husband initially supported the idea of a doula for me but at the hospital he realized and was grateful that Audrea was there for us! Our daughter is a healthy and very happy 9 month old ..and Audrea is so thoughtful to continue checking in! Both my husband and I couldn't imagine having gone through it without her!

Megan Barth


Audrea came as a God send to us. As a very nervous first time mom and a foreigner in the US, I was unsure of the birthing process, my options and my rights to my choices. I decided to get a doulah who could advocate for me and my choices. After reading Audrea's bio, I was immediately drawn to her and contacted her. BEST DECISION. She has answered all 2 million questions (lol) patiently and confidently and never makes me feel like I'm bothering her. She has remained my go-to person even well after my baby's birth. She coached me superbly during my labour and delivery and always let me know what my options were at any given time whether it be medical or exercises to ease the pain. I highly recommend Audrea and I have already told her that she can't retire until I'm done expanding my family.



Audrea was absolutely amazing! Not only is she knowledgeable, but she is also warm and friendly. Both my husband and I enjoyed working with her. She offered various comfort measures to me while I was in labor with massages and counter pressure to help ease the pain. She knew when to encourage me and when to take a step back. Audrea gave me the peace of mind to know that I could have the safe, natural birth that I wanted. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a doula!


Stephanie Black


My husband and I met Audrea through a “Meet the Doulas” event in the area and were immediately assured by her down-to-earth presence and her emphasis on helping us to have a successful birth experience as a couple. My labor didn’t quite go as planned – I was induced unexpectedly – and it was such a huge relief to have Audrea there for us. She stuck it out for over 24 hours and assisted us in making the decisions we wanted as the labor progressed. She was conscientious of making sure my husband and I were working together and was able to give him a reprieve to nap when needed (someone had to be rested for when our little man finally arrived!). Audrea was able to just sense when to take charge and when to step back – when you’re laboring and tired it’s nice to have your needs anticipated like this! On a more logistical note, Audrea was always available by text, before and after our son was born. We met to debrief after the birth, and Audrea struck a balance of helping me to process the birth experience emotionally and to give me tips on how to handle the first few weeks of motherhood. When we have another kiddo we’ll be reaching back out to Audrea!

Leslie Petersheim


Meeting and hiring Audrea Blayer was one of the best decisions my husband and I made during the baby-planning process! It was my first pregnancy and I knew I wanted a natural birth, but I also knew I wanted someone with experience by our side for reassurance and to answer any questions, especially if our birth plan got thrown out the window. She met with us multiple times before I went into labor and she has a wealth of knowledge. When I arrived at the hospital, the nurses didn't take me too seriously about wanting a natural birth. As soon as Audrea walked in, the entire mood of the room lifted. A nurse actually said to me, " you do want a natural birth." Audrea's positive relationship with the nurses boosted our confidence. Audrea was professional, patient, and personable throughout the entire process. She still texts me when our daughter reaches a milestone. We will, without a doubt, be calling Audrea again if the Lord ever blesses us with more children!

Kendal Ross


I decided to hire a doula because of the fears I had with childbirth. My husband and I met with Audrea and immediately felt comfortable with her. I liked that she had so much experience as I had had a rough pregnancy and needed reassurance. Thank goodness we met when we did because my water broke 5 hours later! We called Audrea at 2 am; she answered and provided us with advice on when to go to the hospital. She met us there a few hours later and stayed by our sides until we had our son early the following morning. She even brought snacks!

What I appreciated the most was Audrea helped me to stick to my guns about what I wanted for the birth. The OB practice I used was quite pushy, and she helped to explain things and supported my choices. She tried a lot of techniques to ease labor pain, but ultimately, her and my husband made a great team during pushing. My husband was grateful that she was there earlier in the day to pace the halls with me so he could rest and be there for me during active labor and after delivery to care for me and our son. She did a follow up after birth to see how we were transitioning to life at home with a newborn and continues to stay in touch to this day. It’s clear that Audrea truly cares about the families she works with and I’m so glad we hired her. We would definitely recommend her to other moms-to-be looking for a doula.

Allison Hastings


Audrea was such a blessing during the weeks leading up to my daughter’s birth and during her birth. As a first time mom, I had so many questions about what to expect and she was available to answer all of them-without judgment. It is so important to feel comfortable with your doula and my husband (an admitted skeptic) instantly felt like we had known her forever. My daughter came quickly when she decided to arrive that, coupled with the back labor I experienced throughout labor could have easily left me feeling defeated and helpless. However, Audrea instantly began apply cold and hot compresses and pressure that instantly made the back labor tolerable. It was so tolerable that I didn’t ask for an epidural until I was 10 cm dilated! She was also instrumental in showing my husband what to do and took wonderful photos of our first moments with our daughter that we were too overwhelmed to remember to take. Hands down, we will call Audrea when we decide to have another baby!

Caroline Elizabeth


You should hire Audrea as your doula! Our story goes like this: Our original doula had to tend to a family emergency a few weeks prior to my due date and suspended her services to all clients.  Being that this was my third kid, I was back and forth about whether we should go ahead and consider another doula (Audrea) or not. At this point we had already met and with and solidified birth plans with original doula (who was also our souls for our other two births. With only a few weeks left to go, I felt like starting from scratch would be too overwhelming. But boy, I am glad I took a leap of faith. Audrea worked efficiently and quickly with us. She made us feel like I was top priority by making herself available to us through text and FaceTime. Because of time and distance, the face time option was essential! When it was “go-time” we still hadn’t formally met Audrea in person but honestly, had already felt like I had known her for years. Audrea talked me through (via text) my false labor, and eventually my early labor, and through transition until arriving at hospital. Once at the hospital things went very fast. We arrived first and got situated. Audrea and my husband made an excellent team when the contractions intensified the time came to push. Audrea helped me to use positive affirmations and Vocabulary to help me progress through my contractions. She helped My husband with hand positions for massages.  She helped me how to breath and how to effectively use/conserve my energy. After the birth she stayed and chatted with us, helped answer nurses questions in regards to vaccinations and procedures. When I was on the fence about medical decisions, she was careful not to project her own opinions, but sent me unbiased information online to read so we could decide for ourselves. Audrea is a one In a million doula. If I was crazy enough to have a fourth child, she’d be the first one I’d call after finding out.

Caitlyn Steppy


Where to begin?? 

I had such a good experience with Audrea. I am a very independent person, but bringing a baby into this world is a whole new level of scary, radical, and amazing. Audrea was there for me in every way that I needed her to be. She was hands on and involved, but also gave me space. No matter what I needed, or how quickly those needs changed, she was so understanding and accomodating. She constantly ensured that my needs and wants were being met and respected by everyone else who was part of this journey with me. She helped me prepare for and endure the entire process as smoothly as one can. I never once felt that I was being judged. With all of the chaos, it was so nice to have a steady rock to rely on. Her level of care did not end when I had my baby. She wrote me a lovely and encouraging letter of her experience with me, she came to my home to ensure that baby and I were doing well, and she continues to check up on my daughter and how we are doing to this day.  If I decide to bring another baby into this world, I will absolutely hope to have Audrea be involved again.  Couldn’t thank her enough!!

Tina Dietman


Audrea became my doula in an unexpexted way.  I was initially a little apprehensive about having a ”new” doula at my delivery but I couldn’t have been more blessed to have her.  She has a calm sweetness about her that instantly put me at ease. Her vast experience made me completely comfortable that she would assist me in having the delivery I hoped for - and she did.  The delivery of my third baby with Audrea’s help was nothing shy of perfect.  

Audrea also goes the extra mile and follows up after delivery.  She is a resource which is so helpful regardless of how many babies I’ve had.  Even though she has helped deliver many babies she made me feel like mine was so special and that means the world to me. 

I am so thankful for Audrea. I could not recommend her enough to anyone looking for a doula.  

Alison Loucks


My husband and I had a considered a doula from the start of our pregnancy but only firmly decided we needed one after finding ourselves frustrated and underwhelmed by the childbirth education classes offered by our health system. Once we met with Audrea, there was no competition: her knowledge and experience is unparalleled.

Physically, our pregnancy was uncomplicated, but emotionally, what pregnancy isn’t complicated? From the get-go, I knew that my anxiety was going to play a decisive role in my birth experience, and I needed someone with whom I could be as open and honest as a therapist. Audrea was that person. She listened, and when we were finished talking, she knew exactly what issues I needed to address with my healthcare team and what book I needed to read to help me understand and articulate what I wanted and needed for myself and my birth.

In the end, our son was in a great hurry to be born, for which reason, Audrea was only physically present with us in the delivery room for the very end. But she was never more than a text away, answering questions and projecting cheerful confidence into a stressful situation. I don’t remember her being there when my son was born, but I will forever remember afterwards, when she offered me the peanut butter crackers and water that I was too tired to know I needed.

Given that her time in the delivery room with us was so short, she kindly compensated us with an extra post-partum session.

We don’t know yet if we’re having more children, but if we do, we look forward to Audrea’s being there.

Morgan Cooper


Audrea was a wonderful form of support and comfort during our pregnancy and delivery. She was so helpful throughout the process and she continued to check in after our baby was born. She also was a great advocate for my health during the process. Audrea truly cares about the families she works with. We really appreciate her and all she has done for our family! We highly recommend her!

Melissa Frederickson


When we found out I was pregnant with our second child we knew we wanted help with the delivary. I was planning a vbac and wanted as natural as possible. Downside we just moved to a new area and I knew nothing had no connections. We heard about Om Baby and went to meet the Doula night in Hope's to find what we needed in our new area. I felt optimistic about it, we met with 4 different doula groups. I connected Audrea shortly after because the doctor I found out here was not supportive of a vbac. I didn't know what to do. She listen and understood where i was coming from and recommended a few doctors she has worked with. I was able to find an amazing practice that was closer to home. Audrea was helpful with my random questions throughout the pregnancy. Even when I was panicking thinking my contractions were something in the middle of the night. So supportive and the calming voice to bring you back to focus. With her help I was not only able to get my vbac I wanted I was able to do it unmedicated. She guided my husband to help me through my contractions and ways to help manage pain. Both my husband and I agree that would not have been possible without her help. We still keep in touch and she checks in on how our little girl is. This was an experience that I couldn't put a dollar amount on.

Kelly Eurich Beshore


My husband and I had an incredible experience with Audrea. We are so glad that we found her and had her with us from early on in my pregnancy.  She was a wealth of information and so easy to connect with.  She was instrumental in helping us solidify our birth preferences and giving me the courage to do a natural birth. Our birth was unforgettable and she was wonderful in supporting us throughout the whole process. She brings a level of compassion and energy to the whole process that is quite refreshing.  It was great to have her as a resource throughout the pregnancy and especially towards the end and in early labor.  When she met us at the hospital for the birth she was well prepared and able to assist my husband in providing me comfort measures throughout labor and birth.  My husband found her presence very reassuring and helpful in knowing what to do to help me.  Our birth was a beautiful and wonderful experience.  Audrea stayed with us after our daughter was delivered until we were settled.  We loved having her as part of our experience and will definitely be using her again for our next pregnancy and birth!!

Victoria West


I had a fantastic experience with Audrea. She provided support prenatally and gave me a thorough explanation of what to expect and how to have the labor and birth experience I wanted. My labor went extremely well, with her support, and I am very grateful to her! If I have another child, I will definitely be looking to have Audrea accompany me at the birth!

Sarah Anne Greek


We had a great experience with Audrea for the birth of our second baby. My first son's birth was traumatic and there were alot of emotions and fear heading into this labor. She was completely supportive and understanding and her labor knowledge was incredibly impactful in this brith being different. my husband agreed having her there really allowed him not to be stressed out while still knowing I was supported.

Mara Pagano


Audrea is the best! I originally hired her to manage my husband in the delivery room but didn’t realize how useful she would be to me! 


I didn’t realize I needed a doula until Audrea worked her magic during contractions! I was induced and the moment the first pitocin contraction hit me I was in pain. Audrea did counter pressure massage during each and every contraction and my intense pain became a small nuisance (seriously!).  She continued this for 6hrs until I delivered. Incredible! 

We connected and bonded during my entire pregnancy so her presence was very welcome during my labor. 

I highly recommend her. She is kind, compassionate and very well informed. 


Thank you for empowering me to have the labor and delivery i wanted, Audrea! 

Leslie McAnallen Miller


I am so thankful that we had Audrea as our doula when my daughter was born three years ago.  Audrea was instrumental in helping me have such a positive experience, and I still feel so blessed to have worked with her.  She is part of the special memory I have of the day my daughter was born.

Audrea has endless energy and exudes joy for what she does.  I had a long labor with three hours of pushing, and Audrea was full of encouragement and actively helping me with every single push, after she had already spent all night at the hospital with us.  Helping moms is her passion and gift.  She helped me verbalize my concerns at every step, and helped me reach a much more peaceful frame of mind.  I was also glad for her amazing massage through all my (back labor) contractions before I elected to get an epidural.  I was glad she was supportive of my preference to use an epidural, and I didn't feel like I was doing something "wrong."  After I had my daughter, I really appreciated her follow-ups with me, as I navigated the emotions and challenges of being a new mom. 

I truly can't imagine not having Audrea's wonderful help!  She is AMAZING!

Lindsay Mastrippolito


Audrea was a fantastic doula!  She assisted myself and my husband through the labor and delivery of our precious baby girl.  She spent countless hours massaging my back because I didn't want an epidural.  She was very helpful in giving tips to help progress the labor along as well as a comforting knowing we had someone else on our team to help guide us.  I highly recommend Audrea to anyone looking for a doula.  I will certainly be calling her for baby #2! :)

shana slossberg


We were happy to have Audrea be part of our birthing experience. She was very attentive to our needs and took a lot of time to get to know us and how we envisioned the birth would go. Audrea is very responsive to phone calls and texts, which is always appreciated! She also gave us helpful tips when it came to our newborn at our postpartum visit. Overall we were very happy with our experienc! 

Judie Howrylak


I strongly recommend Audrea Blayer, my birth doula for my second child. I had a very difficult labor and shoulder dystocia with my first baby, and was very concerned that the same situation would the second time. In my first meeting with Audrea, we discussed my previous difficult labor and birth, along with my goal to have a natural childbirth outside of the hospital. Audrea was extremely supportive of my goal and worked with me on ways to prepare my body and mind for a better birth, including working with a chiropractor, Spinning Babies videos, and relaxation exercises. The night I went into labor, I noticed contractions while soaking in the tub, so I started texting back and forth with Audrea, trying to figure out whether this was real labor, or just Braxton-Hicks contractions. It was great being able to reach her so quickly. Once we figured out that I was in labor, we made arrangements to meet at the birth center, about 45 minutes away. At the birth center, I continued to soak in the tub while Audrea arrived with an intern and we all sat around the tub chatting and relaxing. At this stage, I really just wanted someone to chat with, to take my mind off my previous difficult labor. I think this was the most important aspect of the doula experience for me because being able to manage my stress level and stay relaxed allowed me to have a much more gentle birth with my second child. While in the tub hanging out and enjoying my conversation with Audrea, I progressed to the final stage of labor within about 45 minutes. I don’t remember the contractions being particularly painful either, though they were intense, and I did have some nausea. I felt completely relaxed and in the zone. After about 20 minutes of pushing, Shelby was born. I had just a small tear and was able to go home later that day with my new baby girl.

Stephanie Kelly


We ended up choosing a doula later on in our pregnancy. And boy, were we glad we did! From the initial interview, both my husband and I felt very comfortable with her. We were looking for a doula that would act as a coach, guide, mother figure, patient advocate, etc. for us. She helped us get started on our birthing plan and the many questions we had.  She is very sweet, down to earth, responds quickly, etc. She's been through this many times and has 6 children of her own! So, she has the doula experience as well as the experience of being a mother herself. She checks in regularly and adapts to your schedule quickly. She doesn't view this as a job. You are a main priority to her, and she truly does care for you. In addition, although she works with many different kinds of families, it was really comforting knowing we shared similar values in our faith.  Also, my goal was to keep everything as natural as possible for it, and we managed to do that with the amazing help of Audrea (counter pressure, massages, soothing tones, balls, stress relievers, breathing techniques, you name it!). She helped guide & coach us through from start to finish. In the healthcare world that we have now, it tends not to be patient-centered care anymore, and doulas are an AMAZING and necessary addition to the birthing process.  Another reason why we liked her so much is that she really works in tandem with the healthcare staff. She is truly a patient advocate but will not get in the way of the healthcare professionals and what they need to do during delivery. (side note: this might help any skeptical husbands - my husband was one and didn't think it was necessary - after hiring Audrea as our doula for our 2nd birth, he said he was wrong and could not have imagined doing this process without her - he agreed to hiring her for our next pregnancies!)

Rachel Petersen Keen


I am so grateful that we hired Audrea to assist me in the birth of our first child this October. We went with Audrea because we liked how down-to-earth and personable she was. We also valued her sense of humor, and the fact that she appreciated ours. She put us both at ease, and asked us a lot of great questions to help us prepare for this major life event. During labor, she was a tremendous encouragement and cheerleader, and she helped a ton with pain management. I appreciated that she was so responsive to my needs with minimal communication on my part. My husband was also very attentive and supportive, and with Audrea there, he was able to concentrate on giving me the emotional support I needed from him, because he didn't have to figure out what to do in the way of hands-on support. Instead, he could just follow Audrea's lead as she tried different ways to make me more comfortable.

Audrea was also very helpful when it came to processing our birth experience, which we really valued. There were a number of significant details that my husband and I were rather foggy on, so it was nice to be able to debrief with Audrea at our post-partum appointment. She helped us fill in the timeline of our son's birth, answered some questions we had about the complications of his birth, and offered another perspective to help round out our understanding of our experience. Next to the tremendous help she provided with pain management, this turned out to be the most valuable aspect of her service, for me. The post-partum appointment also gave us an opportunity to get some very practical  advice on infant-care from and experienced mom. I've also appreciated all the caring text messages Audrea has sent to check in on us in the three months since our sons's birth. I know she geniunely cares, and is available to offer advice and support if we need her.


Kimberly Reed


I highly recommend Audrea for any future birthing experience. She made our birthing experience with our second child one of the most memorable and exciting times in our lives, and truly something we will never forget. From the moment I met her months before my actual birth we clicked immediately. She is caring, loving, funny, spiritual, and very knowledgeable. I enjoyed the months we had prior to the actual delivery.  We had constant communication, and I felt more than confident and ready to deliver based upon the resources, knowledge, and recommendations she gave me prior to the arrival of our baby.  The day I went into labor she was there immediately and ready to stay for the duration. She was able to help me get through 20+ hours of labor. All of her natural techniques helped to ease my pain and contractions.  We had a lot of bonding  and very hilarious moments throughout the day.   I actually feel like we laughed more than anything else that day. There are many things that I love that she was able to do, but one of the best things I felt like she was able to do was to fight for what I wanted.  For example,  my labor was not progressing as quickly as we had hoped for, and one of the nurses suggested that I should go home. Well you can imagine after already being in the hospital for 15+ hours that was not going to be an option for me. Audrea calmly went out into the hallway and spoke to the nurses and the midwife and within minutes the midwife came into the room and suggested that we break my water. From that moment on things progressed quickly but I love that she knew what I wanted and needed and didn't take no for an answer. Another thing I cherished is how Audrea and my husband bonded more than I ever thought they possibly could.  I was able to deliver my baby naturally and if I could do it all over again I would only choose Audrea to go through the birthing experience??????

Jillian Tompkins


I truly cannot say enough about our experience with Audrea. From the beginning my husband and parents were skeptical on the true need for a doula. After our first meeting, and learning what her experience was and what service she would provide, my husband was right on board. Audrea provided us with personal education in our home so we could skip the hospital classes. She helped me make my birth plan and vowed to help me stick with it.  My birth plan was changed when we had to be induced due to being late. My "all natural birth plan" turned into an emergency c-section. Audrea was there and supportive 100%. She came into the room and stayed with me after delivery while my husband was with our baby. My dad witnessed her true dedication to me and support she provided while attempting natural birth. He was the first to admit that having Audrea there was a gift.  She was supportive physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She continues to check in on our little family. I recommend her 100%. Thanks Audrea!! you are amazing!

Rebecca Brandt Clayton


When I had my first son in 2011, I was naive. I thought my husband and I would go to the hospital and we would do whatever they said and it would be fine. I certainly was not interested in having anyone else with us. Well, I had a terrible birthing experience - Pitocin, episiotomy, third-degree tear, and then problems with my bowels for a year. I was scared to have more children and didn’t think I would.

We used Audrea for our second and third babies! We had a son in July 2015 and a daughter in December 2016. I am so thankful that we found Audrea because she was such a pillar of strength for us. She helped me feel more knowledgeable and confident after having a scary first delivery. Having Audrea with us gave my husband a chance to do something as simple as grabbing a sandwich without leaving me alone. Think of her as a coach - labor can be long or short, but with her to give you a plan, it can go quickly. There were many times that Audrea and my husband helped with pressure points simultaneously.

Our second son was 2 full pounds larger than our first and I had no problems. The doctor/midwife team opted for a small side episiotomy to ease the tension on my scar. I also opted to have a drug-free, natural birth. I feel that my experience on Pitocin was by far worse than a natural experience. We were so pleased with Holy Spirit Hospital and Audrea, we decided to travel two hours to have our daughter there (we had moved away after baby #2).  Our “littles” are 17 months apart and we felt more confident traveling rather than using a new hospital. 

Audrea is selfless, caring, funny, knowledgeable, and pretty much always up for texting a mommy when she is worried.  She truly cares about you as a mom, your partner, and your children.  I highly recommend Audrea as a doula and am grateful that I found her!

Liz Fox


We met Audrea through a friend of our's. My husband didn't know what a doula was. I only knew because I had wanted to be one years ago. I just never knew how much I would need a doula until i got pregnant with my first child.
Audrea is amazing! I've had her as a doula for both of my babies(I have a two year old and a three month old).
With my first pregnancy, the whole birthing process traumatized me, but she met with me and walked me through some things to encourage me. She drove over an hour to stay with us during my labor and delivery. I went to midwives and had a natural birth. Audrea did acupressure to help ease the pain in my contractions. My husband held me throughout my labor.
We have kept in contact with Audrea ever since. I didn't meet with her during my second pregnancy, but I contacted her with questions I had. I had false labor with my second born, but only asked Audrea to come when I went into actual labor. I had my second child at the same birthing center that I had my first. Because my hubby was unable to hold me, due to an injury, Audrea held me during the delivery.
We still keep in touch with Audrea. Whenever I have questions regarding the health of my baby, I ask her, my mom or a midwife. I highly recommend Audrea to anyone seeking a doula!

Taylor Scarboro


Audrea is everything I wanted in a doula. When we met, I immediately felt that she was a warm, calm person and I felt very comfortable chatting with her.

This being our first baby, my husband and I weren't confident in what to expect from pregnancy and delivery. Leading up to the birth of our daughter, Audrea was always available to answer our questions and ease our concerns. I always felt that I could text her with any questions and get the answers I needed, or she was a great listener to help me figure out my own thoughts. 

When I went into labor, knowing Audrea would be at the hospital eased our minds. Audrea helped my husband stay calm while we stayed home and offered different suggestions for managing contractions. Once we got to the hospital she was the perfect amount of being present- we knew she was available for guidance but she also stepped back to let my husband take on the role of my primary support person.

His support and help was so important to me, and I don't think he would have been confident enough to take on that position without Audrea's reassurance.

I never thought I would be able to say I enjoyed childbirth. I always thought it was something you just had to deal with to have a baby. My daughters birth was everything I could have hoped for and such an empowering experience- I believe I owe this to my birth team- I couldn't have done it without Audrea!


Sandra Hoops


I have known Audrea Blayer for a couple of years and have come to admire her dedication to serving women. She so believes in the natural process of birth and has studied hard and learned techinques that enhance the process of birth. She is so kind and considerate. She often helps women who are is situations that are less than ideal (relationships, economic, etc) and goes beyond what is required to help the woman and family.

I appreciate working with Audrea as she stands beside the woman and her family, yet doesn't interfere with the medical management except to express the woman's desires. we are fortunate to work in a pregressive unit that is working hard to decrease C/S rates. We encourage movement and positioning to enhance the progression of labor. It is an extremely busy unit so we are always thrilled to have doulas. 

Audrea also brings a more that her doula training. SHe has trained in caring for those families who have lost and infant or child. SHe is a very capable mother and loving wife. She feels deeply and spiritually and has the heart of a servant. 

I can't wait to work with her again.

Alyssa G


Our first pregnancy, Audrea was absolutely wonderful! I honestly don't know what we would have done without her expertise, her caring heart, and knowledgable thoughts. She helped us to create the calm, peaceful environment that we desired. Audrea was truly a God-send for us.

I remember my husband saying "I never knew what a doula was really for", but after seeing what a great resource and support she was for us the first time around, neither of us hesitated to call her up as soon as we found out we were expecting again! 

In preparation, Audrea walked us through what to expect during the labor and delivery process. She recommended actions we could take (long before our due date) to make labor & deliver an all-around better experience. She was able to answer all of our questions, and provide us with helpful resources and information.

Audrea was very supportive of our desires and personal plan for how we wanted our L&D to go. She also painted a realistic picture for us, which we both appreciated.

Audrea is a very kind, knowledgable, and thoughful person. Her physical assistance & support during the hardest moments of labor were truly irreplaceable! She is worth her weight in gold (and more)! I recommend her to all of my expectant friends.

She was our advocate in the hospital, and we are so grateful for all she did to support us throughout both of our pregnancies. We are so thankful that she was our doula!

Her follow-up with us (after both deliveries) was greatly appreciated!

We will surely call her again if we are in need of her expertise and skills in the future.

Helena Graybill


We highly recommend having Audrea Blayer support your family during the birthing experience. We met Audrea through my sister's friend, who also was a doula. This friend was mentored by Audrea and spoke highly of her. Since we're outside of her territory, she referred us to Audrea. When I first talked with Audrea, right away I felt at ease. We spent a significant amount of time on the phone where she shared her story, got to know me, and answered my questions. In addition, I learned that she was a follower of Jesus Christ too and, at our request, would support us in prayer throughout the process. After our conversation, I knew she was the one we were to hire as our doula. Since this was our first pregnancy, we were new to everything. Knowing that we had an experienced doula was very important to us. In preparation, we also took the Bradly Class, a twelve week intensive class to prepare parents for delivery. It helped prepare my body, mind, and spirit to embrace labor and for my husband to support me in the best way possible. Audrea was very professional and respectful of our needs and the hospitals. She took time to get to know our likes and dislikes so she could be a supporting role to me and my husband. Her role was NOT to step in the husband's role. I remember my husband being exhausted and she encouraged him to take a nap while she supported me through my early labor stage so he could be well rested for later. I had lower back labor pains and she knew exactly how to help release some of the pain. My husband and I were grateful for her and agreed to hiring her again for our next birth. The hospital staff commented by saying how wonderful we worked together, "It was like a well oiled machine." They said I made labor look easy;) I give all the glory to the Lord who helped me through the process. I thank Him for giving me a wonderful supportive husband, helping us find an experienced Christian doula and the strength to do ALL things.

Erika Frank


After a traumatic C-section and a miscarriage, I decided to find a doula. My initial meeting with Audrea changed everything. Audrea has personally experienced loss and VBAC and many births, and the firsthand experience was invaluable. She is warm and cheerful and a great listener, not pushy. Very open to accommodating your needs. We talked through everything, and she built my reassurance. It was the first time my birth anxiety lessened, and I actually believed I could do it.  She helped me see that childbirth could be a natural, beautiful thing. Audrea was great at staying in touch by text and phone.

I had the confidence to labor outside of the bed (unlike my first delivery). It was a relief to know that Audrea was there with lots of tools and techniques, ready to try whatever I needed. Even simply making conversation with Audrea to pass the time was helpful. It was nice to have a very experienced mom to chat with! I had a successful epidural, and was able to sleep through the night. Audrea slept in the room with my husband and me, at my request. In the morning it was time to push, and Audrea coached me through and provided me support and reassurance. She advocated for me with the hospital staff. She even put on gloves and was another set of hands for the delivery nurses. She helped me achieve the VBAC birth of my daughter, which was the best moment of my life!! They placed the baby on my chest right away, who wiggled up to breastfeed all on her own. I had a very successful breastfeeding relationship with my daughter compared to my son, and I wonder if it was because of the wonderful start we had. Audrea stayed in touch by text and visited us at home a few days later. She wishes my daughter well on birthdays.

I am so grateful to have had Audrea as my doula, my birth coach, my advocate. It was money very well spent. The birth of my daughter was a dream come true! What an incredible blessing! I highly recommend Audrea as your doula!

srujana bobba


She is like a GOD sent, she is one of my best decisions. There was never a second thought since the day i Interviewed her, i met her twice she made me feel very comfortable, answered all my questions. For her Money comes secondary, her priority is always her clients, she is someone who goes extra mile, even when not asked. She is very responsive to calls or text messages. 

My story

My water broke at 5:30am, i texted Audrea her at 5:40am, she gave me two options that she can come down to my house and wait with me till pains start or she said she can come to hospital right away. Since we are first time parents my husband was all panicky and insisted that we go to Hospital. My pains didnt start for good 4-5rs, when my pains started i was sitting on the excerise ball and Audrea was giving me back massage, my dilation progress was very slow by 11pm i was only dilatued 5cm, Audrea was with all through out didnt leave my side, we tried all kinds of techniques for pain, hot water bath, excerise ball, back massage, walking,  i couldnt take the pain any longer(after 12hrs), i took my epidural at 11pm around, Audrea stayed with me till i feel asleep and she slept in the waiting area, all through the night she was checking on me. i was dialted 10 by Noon, she stayed by and helped with brest feeding and latching techquines, she left around 5pm. Am still in touch with her, she texts me to asks me about my little one. When i plan for my second one, she will be my first and only choice. Good Luck Audrea.


Laurel Vargas


One of the many great choices my husband and I made for our first childbirth was having a doula in addition to our midwife for our at-home delivery. We could not have chosen a better doula than Audrea. We already had an excellent midwife who had been walking us through the pregnancy and we thought we didn't need or want anyone else present for the delivery of our first child. However, toward the end of the pregnancy after some conversations with her we decided to receive her services and we are so glad we did. When we met with her as a couple before the birth, she was very thorough in helping us communicate exactly what we wanted and didn't want during the birth, and set my mind at ease concerning all the unknowns of a first childbirth. She coached my husband and I in using counter-pressure for labor pains which was a total game-changer for my levels of pain during contractions later on. Audrea also helped me greatly in preparing my heart to receive my first child, and offered so much kind wisdom and both emotional and practical help in my preparation for motherhood.

When I gave birth, Audrea was there along with my midwife and husband, and what a great team they were! While I wouldn't have been comfortable with anyone else in the room, Audrea was a welcome presence and so helpful. She and my husband offered immense support and encouragement during my long labor, and she helped my husband to know how to best support me when I wasn't able to communicate it myself. She has a wonderful bedside manner, professional yet relaxed and easygoing. She brought so much peace to the atmosphere and between her and my midwife, my first childbirth was one of the most unexpectedly beautiful experiences of my life.

In addition to her practical support, Audrea is a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and experience, both in pregnancy, childbirth and child raising! She has got to be one of the best doulas out there.

Andrea Y. Hess


My husband and I have been privileged to have Audrea a part of three pregnancies. My first delivery was an induction lasting 43 hours. She stuck by our sides the entire time.  The only times she left were when she knew we needed some private time of which she was very sensitive. After numerous interventions including an epidural,  I did finally deliver our 10lb 1oz son vaginally!  Then she stayed until she was confident I was stable as I had hemorrhaged. Her presence was comforting. 

Our second delivery was completely natural, smooth and beautiful! Audrea met us at the hospital and I delivered 2.5 hours later! Again, she was sensitive to our needs as a couple. She made a point to make sure my husband was supportimy me in the ways I needed most and saved her support for others ways that he couldn't simultaneously offer. It was a complete joy! 

Sadly, our third pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 8 weeks. But Audrea's support didn't waver. She was completely available to me as I processed emotionally and experienced the physical side of miscarriage including an ER visit after I hemmoraged at home. Again, she brought comfort to me. 

I'm so grateful to have Audrea as a doula! And this comes from a woman who is experienced in women's health including working as a labor and delivery nurse. We all need experienced, caring and sensitive support when we are the new mamas! 

Carolyn Romano


October 2016 - Audrea was a great resource from the beginning. She met with us in person 3 times before our birth and was available for questions anytime through text or phone call. She was balanced and honest, which helped me feel comfortable since I was super nervous about birth. At our request, she prayed with us and for us which was so special! We moved at 7 months pregnant and she was willing to drive more than an hour to our apartment then go to the hospital as well. When I went into labor, she came over at 1 am and helped me figure out when would be best to go to the hospital and helped with suggestions for pain relief, doing counter pressure. All during my 43 hour labor she maintained a calm, steady presence. I wanted a natural birth but after 24 hours I got an epidural. She just let me choose and supported our choice. She helped me understand the options at the hospital that they didn't tell me. My husband was amazing and stepped up to be my coach, so Audrea supported him by getting snacks, food, drinks, she encouraged me with positive affirmations. My baby needed to be turned, so she attempted to help her turn by using the rebozo. She suggested different options when labor was so painful. She worked with the nurses and midwife to best support us. She stayed with us through all the labor, she was with us for about 37 hours! i don't remember a lot during labor but my husband said she was invaluable to him during a very stressful time. After the birth, she was available through text or phone to help us know options of how to get our baby to sleep, with breastfeeding, etc. She texted us a happy birthday text monthly for 6 months after our daughter was born. We thank God for Audrea, she was so helpful to us!

Jessica Pine


I delivered my first child in 2010, and my second in 2012. Audrea was by my side from beginning to end for both births. As a first-time mother, you really have no idea what is about to happen when you deliver. Audrea took the time and walked me through every possible avenue. She made sure everything went as smoothly as possible (right down to the ice chips)! My first delivery was very long because I opted for an epidural halfway through, but Audrea stayed by my side during the entire labor and delivery. She gave my husband support and encouragment as well. My second child was fast and furious! We called Audrea close to midnight, and our little girl was born about and hour and a half later. After she was born, I was struggling with breast-feeding. I had no idea what could be wrong. Audrea, again, came to the rescue by mentioning that it may be worth getting my daughter checked out for potentially being tongue-tied. We found out that she was and It was such a relief to know that my daughter could get help. Audrea is such a wealth of knowledge for any and all situations related to the birthing process. She is a rock and a pillar when you don't think you can go on. She's not just a doula, she is a friend, confidant, coach, and inspiration. She can help with any and all needs you might have before and after labor and delivery!

Becky Stuckey


My son was born in July of 2016 and Audrea was our doula.  It was my first pregancy and I was terrified of childbirth and overwhelmed by our life circumstances at the time.  Audrea was incredibly supportive, positive, and encouraging throughout.  She frequently checked in with me during the months and weeks leading up to my due date, and made herself available to me at anytime.  My birth did not go as planned, as I was induced early with precclampsia.  Due to my medical condition, many of the natural things I hoped to try were not an option.  Despite that, Audrea remained by our side for almost 3 days as labor progressed and things moved along.  It was a marathon, and Audrea stayed up with us and supported my husband especially while I was the most vulnerable.  I pushed for almost 4 hours and she was an encouraging support throughout all of it.  So much of my birth experience was completely outside of my control, but I truly believe her presence helped me to avoid a C-secetion. She truly went above and beyond our expectations.  When my son was born, he was not breathing well and needed to stay in the NICU.  Audrea made sure my baby was ok, but she also stuck by my side supporting me post birth so that my husband could be with our son in the NICU.  She was so helpful with all of the small things post- delivery that  I didn't think of; like how to use a breast pump, how to properly swaddle our baby, and how do I manage a schedule with a little one. Even though I had a birth that didn't go to 'plan',  Audrea helped us to navigate it all with grace. Audrea was an invaluable pillar of support during a very difficult time; I can't imagine doing it without her!

alison munroe


I have two beautiful girls born in 2014 and 2016 and asked Audrea to be my doula for both! During the birth of my first daughter I was unsure of how Audrea’s presence in the delivery room could make any difference, but it didn't take long to realize I was in the best hands. Little did I know that she would make sure my wishes and wants were communicated seamlessly with medical staff while I was in too much pain to speak. She guided my husband in how to care for me when he had no idea what to do or say.

Audrea’s light and spirit, along with her silent determination, were crucial in my birth experience. I had a 57 hour labor. I don't remember her not being by my side, massaging my lower back during every contraction, lifting me up when I felt to weak to move on, and backing me in the end when I needed an epidural after 3 days. I'm almost certain her presence saved me from having a cesarean. She empowered me to do what my body was made to do.

During my second labor, I was attempting an all natural birth. Audrea made sure I felt comfortable enough to have my needs met, and to request anything I wanted or needed during my labor. I think I moved from the bed, to the counter, to the tub, and back again a dozen times. She helped me alleviate pain during every contraction. At the end of my active labor I did not want to be touched. The baby was on a nerve and sunny side up and every touch brought agony. She communicated this to all nurses and staff, who then made sure to be as hands off as possible without endangering me or the baby. While I was pushing, Audrea coached and encouraged. After losing a lot of blood and being too weak, she communicated my needs to staff and made sure I was given the best care. She also addressed medical concerns that I didn't know or think to ask about. I really would have been lost without her during both labors and don't think I'll ever have a child without her in the room with me!

Amanda Sipos


I have a severe anxiety disorder and was very nervous about having my first baby. Audrea  helped keep me relaxed and calm at the hospita. She was blessing to have.

Melissa Toback


I was pregnant with #2 and because of the experiences I had delivering #1 I felt the need for a doula. I had an emergency c-section with #1 and a lot of PPD after feeling I had failed. I realize now that feeling was silly, but!. From the moment we started talking, Audrea put my mind at ease, she also methodically and very kindly helped to rebuild the confidence I had lost from my first pregnancy/delivery. She taught me pain coping techniques and helped to educate me for a natural delivery. She encouraged me to advocate for a VBAC which I desperately wanted. My LO was past due date and she kept me calm while I was stressing about being forced into another cesarean. When delivery day came 4 days after due date I wasn't sure what labor felt like and she walked me through it every step of the way. I was in labor at the hospital for a total of 5 hours little man came fast, quick, healthy and unmedicated! That soul healing experience gave me a euphoric sense of accomplishment and confidence and I could not have done it without the love and support of my partner and my doula. We loved working with Audrea so much that when we were surprised with our third little one she was the first person we called. She again helped me to have a safe, healthy and extremely manageable unmedicated labor and delivery. She encouraged me to do research on pain coping techniques with recommendations which really helped. She also worked Hands-On with my partner to apply counter pressure for pain relief, and touch to increase my feelings of calm. Audrea helped me get to a place where I was 150% confident to birth my babies and I was not afraid because of the strength and courage she help me find. I could not have had the blissfully beautiful experiences that I had without Audrea. It almost makes me want to keep having babies so that I can continue to work with her! I can never truly articulate how much she means to us but highly recommend her services!

James Hauptman


Audrea was with us throughout the entire delivery process for all three of my children. I didn't quite know what to do to help my wife during labor but Audrea did! My wife Abigail and I have decided that we won’t have another baby without her there. After the delivery I wished I had a million dollars to give Audrea for her work - she’s that good! She calmed a lot of fears and is also a wealth of knowledge. Any questions I had, I could ask her. She brought a very positive presence to the room and was even a great resource to my wife post-partum. A special memory I have is of her awesome Doula Supplies Bag. I was so hungry during my wife's labor and not only did she bring massage oils and tools, etc. but EVEN had snacks for me! Having her as part of our lives in something we are so grateful for. We felt like she took the time to understand who we are as a couple and incorporate that into the delivery experience. If you're looking for a doula, don't look any further. Meet Audrea and you won't regret it!

Todd Gearhart


Audrea was our doula for the birth of Jadon, our first child. We were new to the birthing process, and really wanted a natural birth, if at all possible. Let me tell you a bit (from a dad's perspective) about how Audrea was an AMAZING doula.

She came prepared with a wealth of knowledge, compassion, and a willingness to support my wife Hannah (of course!), and also provided me with "on-the-job" instruction on how to help me be a great birth partner to Hannah. At one point, Audrea was showing me where to massage Hannah's back while she provided counter pressure on Hannah's hips.

During the labor process, Audrea was an excellent advocate for Hannah's desire to have an unmedicated birth that was as free of medical interventions as possible. Our birth took place in a hospital setting with nurses that were somewhat skeptical of the role of a doula, and Audrea was able advocate for us and do in a way that won over the support of nurses. The bottom line: Audrea helped Hannah have the birth she wanted.

She was so thoughtful and offered to run out to tell family even as Hannah and I were overcome with emotion soon after the birth of our son - she supported and helped us when we needed help without any agenda of her own. 

Finally, her after-birth support is a tremendous blessing and priceless! Whether it was a breastfeeding issue, sleeping tips, or even just moral support, she was there for my wife and I, and made the birth and afterwards a whole lot smoother!

We both highly, highly, highly recommend Audrea as a doula!


Good Vibrations 2006


My wife and I are new to the Mechanicsburg area as of July 2016. We got pregnant in August and decided that we needed to find a doula. After reaching out to some local birth care support services Audrea and several other doulas were referred to us through email. Audrea was quick to reach out to us and gave a very thorough and detailed response to our inquiry. She sounded like a perfect match for us so we set up an in person meeting whicb went very well. Things we liked best about Audrea were 1) her vast and recent experience with natural birthing, 2) her familiarity with local hospitals, and 3) she was totally on board with all of our natural birthing choices.

We did not set up another in person session until the birth, but Audrea was very good about staying in touch via email and text to make sure we were doing ok and to answer any questions we had leading up to the birth. Audrea was always quick to respond and was very thorough and supportive in her responses.

When we went into labor I called Audrea at about 1:30 AM on the morning of Sunday, May 7. Audrea answered on the second ring and she was at the hospital within 40 minutes! Wow! Audrea came fully prepared with everything that we may need during the birth, including an array of snacks for my wife.

This is the point where Audrea REALLY made herself valuable to us because she became our personal birthing assistant and we SO APPRECIATED having her in the room with us while the nurses and doctors were coming in and out sporadically. Audrea did an AMAZING JOB working with my wife, massaging her back, answering questions, helping with trips to the bathroom, etc. She truly helped with the pain during contractions in a meaningful way and my wife cannot say enough about how helpful she was! She was truly a difference maker - we know we made the right choice with her!!

Audrea hung in there to the very end and FULLY EXCEEDED OUR EXPECTATIONS! We will always be grateful for Audrea!

Abigail Hauptman


I am so incredibly grateful for Audrea. She was my doula for all three of my children! Joy was born in July of 2010, Jada in January of 2013 and Finn in February of 2016. When I was pregnant with my first child, it was a nice idea to think of having a doula, an extra person, in the delivery room. She was SO much more than I could have ever asked for! During my pregnancies she answered so many questions, never judging but being patient and kind. In the delivery room she was a ROCKSTAR. She catered to who we were as a couple, my husband and I. She was gentle in spirit but also a strong presence that made me feel safe. She used back massage techniques EVERY contraction and the pressure really made a difference in my pain level. After that, I was sold! I've had three babies, a total of 25 hours of labor, no epidurals, and I could not have done it without her. I can't say enough about her amazing gift and abilities as a doula. I felt so encouraged as a mother in labor by her presence and support. My husband to this day talks about how incredible of a doula she was and when we got pregnant with our second and third, he would say "Gotta make sure Drea is available!" After the births, she continued to be someone I could text or call with questions or for advice. I find her to be a wealth of knowledge. She was even there for me when we miscarried between our second and third children. Her empathy was so comforting. She's the REAL DEAL!

Julie McManus


Having Audrea as our doula was life changing! Being a first time mom there were a lot of unknowns and Audrea was there every step of the way to answer our questions, help educate, and make sure we felt prepared and ready! She helped with our birth plan and gave tips on getting ready to Deliever! She made it a point to get together a couple times throughout the pregnancy and was very personable And supportive. She really helped my husband feel more confident. My labor was very very long and she stood by the entire time! I can't say how helpful and supportive she waa during the whole process! I highly suggest you hire her as your Doula! 

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