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Natasha Trapp, CD(DONA)

Quiet Waters Doula

Worcester, MA Service range 42 miles Prefer Central Mass

(508) 556-0703

Birth Fee

$1300 to $1500

Birth Fee

$1300 to $1500

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 23 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, November 2016

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Discount available to home birth clients!

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I provide volunteer doula services for Worcester Alliance for Refugee Ministry (WARM) and for First Concern Pregnancy Resource Center in Clinton, MA.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Russian

Fee Details

My fee includes 2 prenatal meetings, email and phone support prior to birth, continuous support during the birth, and 1 postpartum meeting. I believe anyone who wants a doula should have one, and will work with you to make that happen if cost is a concern.

Worcester, MA Service range 42 miles Prefer Central Mass

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Client Testimonials for Natasha Trapp, CD(DONA)

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Angela Pratt


I wanted to hire a doula for my second birth because my first birth experience was less than ideal. My goal was to have a natural birth this time around (which I ended up achieving!). My husband and I chose Natasha because of her wealth of knowledge and calming nature. She was so great and resourceful throughout my pregnancy and getting us prepared for the birth of our son. From stretches to get baby in the optimal position for labor, massage techniques, affirmations, and breathing techniques, Natasha knew it all. She also made us realize that we actually had options (some of which we had no knowledge of) at the hospital before and after birth. We were able to make this experience our own by choosing what, when, and how we wanted hospital staff to care for me. Unfortunately due to Covid-19, Natasha could not physically be at the hospital with us for the birth, but she joined us virtually where she was able to help my husband coach me through labor and delivery. In light of a bad situation, Natasha made us both feel very confident in reaching our goals for labor and delivery and we can’t thank her enough!



I had Natasha's help during the last few weeks of my third pregnancy. I had expected to go into labor spontaneously as I had with the first two, but as my induction date approached, I felt very anxious. Natasha to the rescue. She answered all my questions about induction and worked with me and my husband to teach us stretches and pain management techniques. Her calm demeanor was reassuring, and her passion for and knowledge about everything birth related really impressed me. I went into the final weeks of my pregnancy with peace, confidence, and encouragement thanks to Natasha. Thankfully, I ended up going into labor spontaneously and was able to have the intervention-free labor I had hoped for. Having Natasha's help was such a gift. I highly recommend her! 



Natasha is an amazing doula. I don't regret a minute we hired her as she helped my wife and I tremendously during the labor and delivery making the overall process is less stressful and much more confident. Natasha is very knowledgeable doula. As we were expected our first child, Natasha gave us a lot of useful information. Natasha has a great personality; she is very soft, polite and professional. She never pushed us towards any decisions, she is great as a support person. I highly recommend her as a doula for couples. A++ service!



Natasha is an amazing person and a wonderful doula! She supported me throughout the last months of my pregnancy, taught me and my husband various techniques on how to cope with pain during the delivery, tremendously helped on the day of baby arrival and stayed with us for over 15 hours us until our baby was born. She is so encouraging and understanding! She also visited me postpartum and helped me to cope with the "baby blues" by listening and supporting! We are so grateful to her and couldn't be happier with her services!

Edie Plada


I wanted to have an unmediated natural birth experience and was afraid standard medical practices and attitudes would make it hard to achieve. I would rather have had a  home birth, but since that was not possible for us we chose to have a doula help us though childbirth in the hospital. Natasha worked with another doula (Rebecca Urban), and both were super helpful in thinking through what we wanted out of our birth experience, which helped me and my husband comunidade about it. When the day came, they were both helpful with suggestion to help me manage early labor. Things progressed so quickly by the time she was able to join us, we were headed for the hospital. Immediately upon arrival on the hospital, Natasha ensured the nursing staff was aware of my birth preferences, handing out copies of my birth plan and advocating for me, in a moment both me and my husband would be too disoriented to do so. I was fully dislated and started pushing right away, and Natasha continued to help keep us hydrated, suggesting ways for my husband to be supportive (with hip squeezes), and finally taking pictures when the baby was finally born. Natasha was a calming presence and offered helpful guidance throughout, even onto the post party recovery, and I believe she was essential for me to have the birth experience I wanted. I would recommend her services to anyone considering a doula.

Jenny Citrin


Natasha was a calming and supportive presence. I wanted an unmedicated birth and while I didn't end up getting that I did get to the hospital at 10cm. I attribute this to our preparation and also to knowing that we had the additional support from Natasha to stay at home as long as we wanted. Natasha helped once we were in the hospital to make sure that my birth plan was followed or if I was ok with changes recommended by the hospital team. My husband didn't see the need for a doula at first but he was happier than anyone that Natasha was there. He felt so much support and ease from her presence that he was better able to support me. Thank you Natasha!



Natasha is a phenomenal doula. I met Natasha at the end of my third trimester. Her calm nature made me feel comfortable working with her. With just two home visits, Natasha taught me a lot including breathing techniques, natural birthing positions, use of birthing ball, use of relaxation oils and different massage techniques. Natasha helped me prepare my birth plan by providing the guidelines. Natasha was constantly in touch with me for last few days when my contractions began. Her constant encouragement and her physical presence during labor made labor more bearable. Natasha massaged my back, walked the hallways with me, held my hand, gave me honey sticks to eat for energy when needed. I and my husband truly believe that without her support our entire experience would have felt so different. We highly recommend Natasha for a wonderful birth experience. Thank you so much Natasha for all your support!

Sarah Fetterhoff


I hired a doula to bridge the gap between a home and hospital birth. I wanted to have a presence who was there to support my husband and me specifically, and who had no agenda other than to make sure the birth went as naturally, comfortably and positively as possible.Part of my wish to have a homebirth was to go unmedicated, and I knew that having a doula’s “bag of tricks” for pain management could help make that possible -- and it did! I could not have done it without the techniques that Natasha used during my labor. Furthermore, in our meetings prior to the birth, Natasha gave me tools that helped me feel empowered and informed about all possible scenarios, and how to get the clearest information from the hospital staff. I went into labor feeling confident in the information Natasha gave me beforehand, as well as physically supported through my labor and birth itself. She was also available to answer those little “nagging questions” that arise in those months prior to the birth, and helped reduce my stress and anxiety with her informed, thoughtful, and prompt answers.For these reasons, I would recommend a doula without hesitation my best friend. It is certainly possible to give birth without a doula, but the experience was so much more peaceful and natural feeling with one. Natasha in particular has a quiet strength about her that put me at ease during the entire process, which was no small feat considering I ended up being induced due to Preeclampsia! She was the perfect combination of soother and coach without being intrusive, and was also incredible at helping my husband know how best to support me. My husband and I both came away from the experience feeling like it was the best possible labor and delivery we could have had given the other interventions I needed. I can definitely attribute this in large part due to Natasha’s support not just at the birth, but throughout my pregnancy. 

Kristin Cressman


I hired a doula with one goal in mind: a natural, unmedicated birth. I specifically wanted assistance with pain management during labor and an experienced, trained female companion that could assist my husband and I in achieving the birth that we desired. Natasha was amazing and did all of this plus more for us! Natasha has an incredibly kind, peaceful, and caring spirit. Our son came five weeks early but she was by our side as soon as we told her that I was in labor. She was patient, encouraging, resourceful, and a strong advocate for me with the delivery staff and also the NICU staff, always ensuring my comfort and making that her top priority. She worked closely with my husband to help manage my pain, showing him ways he could help and teaming up with him to help manage my pain together. We were not able to meet with her prior to the birth due to our son's early arrival, but that did not impact her level of care for us, attentiveness to us and our birth goals, or her camaraderie with my husband as a part of my birth "team." She was indispensable to me during the birth and I wouldn't hesitate to hire her again as my doula. Thank you, Natasha!

Shantel Collins


Bringing babies into the world sure is one wild adventure. And I am so glad Natasha was by my side before, during, and after the birth of my first child. Because this was my first pregnancy, I wanted the coaching of a doula to guide me through this exciting yet uncertain experience.

Natasha’s calm and benevolent composure is what first attracted me towards her. She assisted in helping me discover the type of birth experience I desired, and what expectations I had of my husband, my birth, and her services as a doula. Natasha’s knowledge in natural labor pain management came in handy! Throughout my labor she supported me physically to ease the discomfort and to progress the labor process. What I found most helpful about Natasha is that she was such an encouragement to me, and made an effort to find what would make me most comfortable during labor.

From our very first consolation all the way through the birth, I found Natasha to be well organized, compassionate, and professional. Her regular check-ins during pregnancy, to practicing Rebozo techniques in her living room, and her documentation of my birth timeline are testament to this fact. I highly recommend Natasha as a doula! I could not have achieved the birth I desired without her support!

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