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Claudia Parris CD(DONA)

Meaningful Beginnings LLC

Plainsboro, NJ Service range 40 miles


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Postpartum Doula

Birth Doula Experience

4 years and 73 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

1 years and 48 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, January 2017

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 3 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: I am committed to helping all moms who would like a doula and will offer a discount according to need or special circumstances.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Therapist or counselor

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • French
  • German

Fee Details

$35 an hour (3hours minimum during the day, occasionally 10pm-6am overnight)

Plainsboro, NJ Service range 40 miles

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Elizabeth Brown


Claudia was the biggest factor in helping me to have the type of birth I was hoping for. Claudia's soothing manner and wisdom gave me the confidence to labor at home and cope during a long early phase of labor. She also provided relief for my husband who had been caring for me nonstop overnight, and freed him from the anxiety of having to fully understand and properly assess the progress of my labor. It was hard for us to apply the knowledge we'd gained from childbirth class to our own experience since births can vary so widely. Claudia provided the best voice of reason and emotional support for us at that time. Then at the hospital she helped us communicate effectively with the care providers and provided another comforting, familiar face to help me through the last of my contractions and pushing. I was truly grateful. Afterwards I felt that she, more than any other decisions I made, helped me to have a healthy labor and childbirth.

Krista & Bill Zerega


Claudia was the best money we spent leading up to our first baby's birth. I had planned to give birth at a birthing center, but when that was not possible anymore I was so glad to have her by my side at the hospital. My husband and I were not mentally prepared for a hospital birth, Claudia was a source of comfort and support throughout labor. She listened to what I wanted and advocated on my behalf. She is very professional and all of the doctors and nurses were receptive to her. She made me feel like I was doing everything in my power to move my labor along. When we ended up having a Cesarean birth, she comforted me that I was making the best decision for my baby. I had a rough time postpartum and her visit and follow up text/calls meant so much, especially with processing the entire birth. I would not hesitate to have Claudia as my doula again in the future.  

Daria Pizzuto, PhD


Dear fellow mom,  expecting a child (whether it's your first, second or sixth) is a difficult time no matter what. We go through 9 months of pregnancy that terminates in something special and often scary. It's called labor. 

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have support (emotional, physical, mental, social) during labor, and doulas provide that support. Having said that, please remember that not all doulas are created equal. Claudia is an incredible example of what goes into being a doula. She works with tremendous dedication, empathy, self-awareness, humility, and creativity. Not everyone can be (or should be) a doula. Yet Claudia personifies what a great doula is.

Claudia listens. She advocates for you. She supports you. No job is too small or too big. In all honesty, if you need help using the bathroom during labor-no problem. Need help breathing through pain? Claudia's got strategies for you that were created in collaboration with you. She encourages yet never pushes. Claudia's presence, her knowledge of human nature and compassion will make your labor enjoyable. My second child was born on January 14th, 2020 and Claudia was with me from the beginning till the end. Although I did experience pain, my labor was quick and manageable. With Claudia’s labor exercises, my labor progressed so well that I did not have time to get an Epidural and gave birth naturally. I was in the “zone” and Claudia helped me get there.

Hiring a doula is an investment in yourself: into your mental and physical wellbeing. There are ways to afford a doula. Buy less stuff for baby. Buy less stuff for the nursery. Think about it: how much stuff do newborns really need? Instead of adding baby clothes to your registry, ask friends and family to contribute to “mommy fund” then use that money to hire Claudia. I assure you - your body and your mind will thank you.


Daria Pizzuto

You Song


I had the best experience with Claudia. I am so grateful and so lucky to have her as my doula. She was very supportive and helpful before and during my home birth. I couldn't have the perfect birth without her. Also my older girl who is 2 years old loves her so much. Claudia played with her a couple of times, even now, 4 months after my birth, my older girl still mentions her almost every other day, she always says she miss Claudia nai nai (which means granny Claudia in Chinese) and wants to play with her. This morning when I was readying her story she told me Claudia nai nai has read her that book. Claudia gave me so much more time before birth, and stayed longer after we were all settled after birth, even during postpartum, she came to take care of me as a gift because I was having some difficult time with family and was so depressed. She treats me like family, I trust her, love her, and miss her so much.

Ashley Buchanan


It has been a wonderful experience having Claudia as my doula. Our prenatal visits were comfortable and very informative. She also provided childbirth classes that helped prepare me for the natural birth i desired. She was always there to answer questions and truly help educate my husband and i as we prepared for our son's birth.

Claudia's presence during labor was reassuring, comforting, and really helped me believe i could deliver my son. Throughout my 24 hr labor, she knew exactly what to do at each stage to keep my body progressing. She guided me in laboring in assorted positions that helped my baby to continue to engage and descend. She also was so welcoming to my mom and sister who attended my son's birth and made the whole family feel part of the experience.

After delivery, it was so comforting having Claudia present. It was such a blessing to have someone show kindness and care during those few hours postpartum while i was feeling vulnerable and uncomfortable.

Having Claudia part of my son's birth contributed to having a wonderful birth experience that i am so thankful for.

Jo Ellen


Claudia was probably the most important factor of all our birth decisions. My last pregnancy ended with an emergency C-section, and even after 6 years, I still held the belief that had I better support, I could have had a much better outcome. So from the moment I found out I was pregnant, I was dead-set on having a natural VBAC. I chose Claudia from her website because of her kind smile, extensive experience, and long list of happy clients. 

Claudia visited us several times during my pregnancy to talk about my birth plan, what to expect during labor, and any fears or apprehensions I had. She also went over several Spinning Babies exercises. It was wonderful to discuss my plans for a natural VBAC and not be met with judgment or fear mongering. 

From the moment I heard her walk into my room on the day of my birth, and say "You're doing great", I felt so much more calm and in control. I was able to put my fears aside and just focus on her voice through contractions. I would not have survived the car ride without her next to me, massaging my back, saying positive affirmations, and even directing my husband as to where to drive at the hospital! She helped me stay focused as we walked to the delivery room, and as I labored more she helped move me into better positions, kept massaging my back and shoulders, and kept reassuring me. After less than an hour, I pushed baby Wesley out, and felt immediate relief and pride that I gave birth my way. Claudia helped me get started with breastfeeding and stayed to help us get comfortable in our recovery room. She was invaluable during the whole process. While my husband had confidence in me and was also very supportive, it was important to have someone there who really knew the birthing process and had years of experience in birth support, as well as a familiarity and camaraderie with my midwives. Claudia was worth every penny and I'm so thankful to have found her!

Alicia Brozovich and Colton Martin


We found Claudia through research and the recommendations of several of our friends. Alicia specifically wanted the support of someone with a background in counseling or therapy, as most of her fears with the labor were associated with a challenging life as a child. We couldn't be happier with our experience - Claudia went above and beyond our expectations. Her truly loving demeanor and ability to distill knowledge in a meaningful and supportive way made all the difference. While every labor is different, Alicia was able to achieve the birth experience she desired and received the invaluable blessing of facing and using all of the inner mental, emotional, and physical strength it takes to deliver a child. Because of Claudia, Colton was able to focus solely on being a comforting voice without the stress of guiding Alicia through a process that was equally daunting for both of us. Claudia was more family than our own biological relatives to us during the preparation, labor, and delivery of our child. We can't say enough good things about her, and look forward to reaching out to her again when our second child is on the way. 

Erin Bogdan


Claudia is truly an angel sent from the heavens. She offers a peaceful, calming, and serene presence and was with us each step of the way leading up to the delivery, during delivery and post delivery. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and a pure joy to be around. She made me not only feel extremely comfortable and cared for but also just a loving and wonderful soul. I honestly can't imagine giving birth to my daugther without her encouragement, support, and her advocating for my needs. I highly recommend and will be using her if we decide to have another.  

Raj Udeshi


My wife and I hired Claudia as a postpartum doula and we are so grateful for everything she did for us and our son. We are first time parents and not only did she take very good care of our baby but she also helped us build our confidence as new parents. She is kind, warm hearted, professional and a very good listener.

She made sure we felt at ease, helped us learn the skills we’d need to take care of our baby, and also allowed us to get some much needed sleep when she stayed overnights. She is truly a gem and we would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Raj and Sona




Robin C


Our family is so grateful to have connected with Claudia through DoulaMatch.  She is an exceptionally kind, caring person and a wonderful doula!

At our pre-birth meetings, Claudia was so patient in answering all my questions. She took as much time as I needed, and she had great recommendations for daily exercises from her training in Spinning Babies as well as recipes and such. She helped me understand what I could expect during labor as well as processes at the hospital I would be delivering at, and she even knew some of the different OBs and midwives there.  My husband and I had prepared for childbirth taking HypnoBirthing classes, and we were pleased that Claudia also had taken HypnoBirthing classes herself and was able to help us prepare and use what we had learned.

I developed pre-eclampsia at 37 weeks and was sent right to the hospital to be induced. I phoned Claudia and she came to the hospital that evening and was there with us each of the three days until my son was born. She knew what to say to encourage me when I was mentally weary from the constant monitoring and medications.  She even jumped right in when the nurses weren't around (and even when they were!) helping me with trips to the bathroom and such.  When labor finally started, she was a HUGE help for me to stay calm and focused throughout my unmediated labor and help me manage the pain with positions, visualizations and her knowledgeable and comforting words.

After our son was born, her follow up postpartum visit helped me get comfortable with breastfeeding, using my breast pump, and caring for our newborn.  She was able to connect me with a great lactation consultant too. Later when I was re-admitted to the hospital due to continued high blood pressure, Claudia visited me and lifted my spirits. Her caring heart for people shines through all the time. Thank you so much, Claudia!  

Corey Dzenko


Claudia is a tremendous person. Even in our first meeting, we were very comfortable with her and knew she would be able to help us have the empowering and informed birth experience we hoped for. She is sooooo extremely generous. Due to how a number of unusual circumstances aligned, we had a long labor that stretched into a third day and ended with an unplanned c-section. Claudia was there every day, only going home for a few hours to sleep the first night as we all tried to get some rest. She had me doing positions to encourage labor and helped me through it all. When she came back to our apartment the second day, she walked right over to me and gave me a hug that I didn’t know I needed, but it was an amazing uplift to keep going. In the hospital she was a tremendous comfort to my husband as I went to the OR. Then she waited until our son was born and nursing before she left. A few weeks later she visited us at home with additional support and kindness. It’s very difficult to write this testimonial— how do you put into words how wonderful it was to have Claudia’s support? I’m not sure this writing even begins to express our gratitude to Claudia. 

With much love,

Corey, Dickie, and Jonas

Meghan O.


I cannot believe that the powers that be let two randos, who know nothing about birth and children like me and my husband, have a baby. That is why we are eternally grateful for Claudia Parris, the doula of my dreams. Claudia is the best. She really takes the time to get to know her clients, establish trust, and understand their preferences to accommodate needs for this life-changing event. Additionally, Claudia is extremely knowledgeable about the birth process and all things newborns. During meetings before birth, she explains labor and newborn care with great patience. And during actual labor, she is just so useful and helpful in addition to being a calming presence during a totally chaotic and overwhelming experience. She follows up afterwards as well and makes sure that new moms are getting the care they need.

I do not know what we would have done without Claudia. She was a game changer. She is so kind, easy to get along with, and really cares about her clients. She frankly went above and beyond any of our expectations and even picked up diapers for us on a grocery run she was taking! There are not enough superlatives to describe our experience with her. I cannot recommend her enough.

Kristen Levy


Words cannot describe Claudia’s warm, caring, positive nature. Claudia is strongly maternal and the type of woman you know you can trust immediately. She worked with us as we prepared for birth and spent time getting to know us. Her knowledge and experience helped ease my fears as a first time mom. She checked in with me regularly in the weeks leading up to the birth of my son, calming the storm of emotions that comes with passing one’s due date. She always seemed to know exactly what to say. Claudia is calm and supportive. She helped me to achieve a non-medicated birth and was flexible when surprises happened. Claudia is incredibly perceptive. During labor, I was not able to speak much, yet she always knew exactly what I needed. She quietly helped direct my husband in how to support me during labor. Some of my strongest memories of my labor are times when Claudia was right by my side - creating a guided imagery, recognizing when I was starting to panic, offering hydration when it was the last thing on my mind, even pulling a little fan out of her bag as I started sweating! Claudia’s love and selflessness are palpable when you are in her presence. I am so thankful for her guidance and support in making my birth experience a positive one. Every woman deserves a doula and Claudia is the very best.

Nura Hossainzadeh


Childbirth and life right after it is a difficult and vulnerable (though also beautiful) period, and I was lucky enough (and blessed enough) to find Claudia for support during this period. Claudia was my postpartum doula but also was a source of guidance during late pregnancy as well. Her warmth is tangible and her knowledge and intuition about taking care of newborns is apparent. Her encouragement helped to lessen my self-doubt, and she is very perceptive, catching on to my worries and comprehending my questions. I always felt like she was on the same wavelength as me. It is clear that she sees childbirth and the welcoming of new life as more than just a phyiscal, medical phenomenon and more than just a chore and obstacle to get through. She sees the beauty in these things and is also helpful on a practical level--teaching me simple but important things like how to hold the baby to relieve stomach pain and how to breastfeed in a way that's comfortable to mom and baby. I am so glad that Claudia was my doula--she helped to complete and make more memorable and joyful my experience of becoming a mother.  

Ashley Johnson Heslep


Claudia is absolutely wonderful at what she does! Claudia is encouraging and beyond helpful. She is very perceptive of the mood throughout labor and responds to that beautifully with the appropriate encouragement or exercises...whatever is most needed! Claudia is a very thoughtful and caring doula, and I greatly enjoyed my experience with her. 

Arielle Bates


Claudia was my doula for my second born child. I didn't have a doula for my first birth, but I wish I had Claudia with me then! I went into rapid labor around 5am and she was available right away over the phone to help coach me through contractions, reminding me to breathe and use the visualization of my favorite place. This helped me get through the 30 min drive to the hospital since the contractions were so close together. My husband was able to focus on driving while I labored in the car. Claudia was at the entrance of the hospital when we arrived and continued to coach me and remind me to drink fluids through the rest of the labor. My labor progressed well and with her encouragement and providing counter-pressure, I felt very supported. I delivered around 8:30am with my nurse midwife present and Claudia continued to provide support for me and my husband as I snuggled with my new baby boy. She took fantastic photos of my labor and the baby and I seconds after delivery so we could enjoy the moment. Thanks so much Claudia! I would definitely recommend Claudia as a doula!

Kristina Williams


What a wonderful birth experience we had with Claudia as doula. We met with Claudia on numerous occasions in the months leading up to the birth. She has a calm and soothing way about her and made an instant connection with our 3 year old son.

On the day of the home birth, Claudia was an immediately calming influence as I progressed into active labor very quickly. With great care and affection, Claudia assisted with helping keep me focused on my breathing, in a positive mental state and trying various positions to navigate through contractions. Claudia was great!

Should we choose to have another child, I would absolutely want Claudia as my doula again and recommend her (without any reservations) to expecting moms considering a doula.

Thanks Claudia!

Jillian Wasserman


Claudia is wonderful! She was our postpartum doula for almost 4 months. Not only was she helpful to us, she made her way into our hearts and we consider her family. We will miss her very much. All new mamas out there who are lucky enough to have Claudia’s help won’t be disappointed. She is warm, loving, patient, knowledgeable and so good with both newborns and toddlers, as well as the mammas and the papas. 

Mackenzie Brady


The short version: Having Claudia Parris as our doula was one of the smartest decisions we made surrounding our daughter's birth. My husband and I would both HIGHLY recommend working with her. You won't regret it!

The long version: I very much wanted to have a non-medicated, natural birth and heard from friends that working with a doula could help make that more feasible. They were right. If it wasn't for Claudia and her pre-labor guidance, deep knowledge of pain management techniques, and incredibly soothing presence, I know I would have needed an epidural to make it through my 22 hour labor. And Claudia was not only a huge help to me on our big day, she also helped my husband a great deal by showing him how to help relieve my pain when he could and help him cope when it was hard to see me in such distress. I felt so supported by both of them the whole time - they really became a dream team!

Claudia also has a great instinct for how to best support both mother and father throughout the day. We'd joke sometimes, cry others, but no matter what I knew she always had my (and baby's) best interests at heart. If I would've needed the epidural, I know she would've fully supported my decision (we spoke about that before working togeher), as she cares most about making sure mom and baby are able to properly bond at the end of the day, however you get there. And she took notes throughout the day so she could write up a beautiful birth story for us and baby to have. It's such a special document. 

If I concieve again, Claudia will be one of the first people I call. She's our doula (and dear friend) for life!


Aparna Ramachandran


I always wanted to have a natural birth as I believe that our bodies are meant to endure this process. Unfortunately my first pregnancy ended up in a C-section due to breech presentation. This time around for my second pregnancy, I wanted to have a natural VBAC. I distinctly remember our first meeting with Claudia in the coffee shop of Target. She came out as a very warm and soft person who really wants to understand you so that she can help you in all possible way. After our meeting, both me and my husband felt that she will be a good doula in our VBAC journey. My labor was a tough labor lasting for 3 nights. For the first 2 nights I had prodormal labor where contractions were intense but only 10-15 minutes apart. So clearly hospital didnt admit me. I called Claudia at 1am in the morning unable to cope up with the contractions and she came to my home right away without any hesitance. She helped me so much with different positions and helping me with pain management. I was unable to cope up with the pain but claudia's presence made it possible. She constantly encouraged me and supported me through out. Due to her help, I progressed in my contractions and finally was admitted to the hospital at 5 cm. Even in the hospital, she constantly encouraged me and supported my husband. I had a really long labor due to the positioning of my child. There were times when I was giving up, but claudia was constantly there for me and kept me going. Finally when I delivered my daughter through a successful drug free VBAC, I was in tears and my heart was full of gratitude for people around me especially Claudia for helping me in this journey throughout. Both me and and my husband felt that having her as our doula was the best decision we made in our VBAC journey. Claudia gave such personalized care to me that during my 6 week postpartum checkup even my midwife mentioned that how wonderful she was as a doula. I highly recommend her as a doula. She is wonderful.



My husband and I want to thank from the bottoms of our hearts to Claudia. She is the DOULA you want to have during your labor and delivery. I wouldn’t have done it without her, or like she said my birth would’ve been different. I truly believe so.
We decided to hire doula pretty late, I was 36 weeks pregnant. Our families live abroad and we realized that we needed extra support. Claudia was the first one on my list, then I called her I knew right away that she is the one. She is warm, calm, carring, knowledgible person with beautiful accent and good sense of humor which is super important for us. She agreed to help us, even though she lived an hour away. We met once after our conversation over the phone to go through my birth plan and all the details, whenever I had any questions or concerns I called her or texted she always helped me. Then the big day came, I called Claudia, she came over to our house, showed me great poses during contractions to ease the pain, gave me back massages, used her Mexican towel on my belly, instructed my husband what to do, we actually were having a good time. Finally my water broke and she said it’s time to go to the hospital. Then we got to the hospital it’s only 10 mins away, doctor checked me and asked how many kids I had. I said this is my first one, they were in shock - I was 9cm dilated!!!!! I’m so happy we stayed home for so long, without Claudia being there with us we probably would be at the hospital way earlier. She made me feel very comfortable and just knew what to do, when and what to say. And then time for pushing came, she was there for me. She hugged me, hold my hand, talked nice things in my ear that I wouldn’t think about the pain. It was like having my mom next to me. She stayed with us after the baby was born, wanted to make sure we were OK. She is the best! Very professional and loves what she does. Thank you Claudia! 

Audrone, Shay and baby Emilija 

Melissa Lizerbram


Writing words here can not do justice to our experience with Claudia. She joined our family the day we returned from a 5 day stay at the hospital with our 3 week old newborn who contracted RSV and struggled to breathe properly— while we were somewhat uneasy with someone we didn’t know watching our son at such a critical time, we were fully exhausted from many sleepless nights and knew we needed the help. The instant she walked in our door, she brought such a sense of calm that eased our minds during one of the scariest moments in our lives. That sense of calm carried over into each additional visit. She would do the overnight shift to allow us the occasional break, as this was our third child! It was our most anticipated night or nights each week! Moreover, she truly cared about our son, which was always evident in her dealings with him.

Her open and honest communication allowed for easy scheduling, helpful tips and most importantly, allowed us to rest comfortably. We highly recommend using her for any of your doula needs- and certainly will be should we decide to go for number 4!

Krishna & Rupal Vijayanathan


Claudia came to us highly recommended from our OB and as soon as we met her, we knew that we didn't have to interview other doulas. She helped us with each stage of the pregnancy: assisting us in our preparations for birth, being a calming and reassuring presence when I went into labor, and supporting us after birth as well.

Claudia strikes the right balance between being professional and a friend. She was extremely informative and helped us understand what to expect at different phases of the pregnancy journey. She creates a very calm and approachable environment which allowed us to develop a well informed birth plan. From a husbands perspective, she helped alleviate the pressure of what to do during birth which allowed my husband to focus on my needs. Through this journey, Claudia went from being a doula to part of our family.

I'll always remember how well she was able to alleviate my back pain during labor, and how she knew exactly what to say when my doubts arose. She took the time to really get to know me and my husband.  She's dedicated, reliable, experienced, and loves what she does. It really doesn't get better than this!



Daria Pizzuto


Dear Claudia, as my husband and I reflected on a birth of our daughter Lyra this past Tuesday, we have agreed that we could not have had such a beautiful birth experience without you.
As you know, I always thought that my pain threshold was not very high. I prepared myself for the worst: a never-ending journey filled with unbearable pain, followed by an emergency c-section. What I wanted, however, was a vaginal delivery with short labor and somewhat manageable pain. That is exactly what I got and I thank you for it.
When I think back to that evening, I realize that your presence and knowledge supported me as I coped with pain. By using various techniques and helping me establish the necessary mind-body connection, the pain was manageable and the labor was short. Certainly, the contractions were painful but, again, the key word here is manageable.

As I further reflect on my birth experience, I am grateful for the little things you did to help me: a touch of lavender oil, a wet towel, making me sip on water, even counting to 10 during the pushing stage. Visualizations, relaxing into pain as opposed to constricting, reminding me to take deep breaths as opposed to holding my breath-all those techniques were invaluable during labor. They may sound hokey or silly but I assure you-they made a huge difference. I can’t tell you how happy I was with how fast my labor progressed (5:30PM - to the hospital, 10:26PM the baby was born). I remember the hospital staff saying what a great job you did-I literally walked into the hospital at 8cm dilated!

The planning work that goes into being a doula is critical. Thank you for meeting with me two times before labor and getting to know me. Every mother deserves to have a doula like you. My labor experience is yet another proof that doulas make a huge difference in the length and the quality of labor.

Katie Rotella


Claudia was my doula for the recent birth of my son—and she was totally and completely worth the investment. She came with high recommendations from my midwife, and she did not disappoint. She learned about me, my husband, and us as a couple in depth to be able to provide the support we needed during labor, as well as knowledge about pregnancy, birth, and early childcare. She was there when I called her at 4am on the way to the hospital and for the next 14 hours was caring, attentive, supportive, and brilliant. When I was having back-to-back contractions her hugs were about the only thing that made me feel better (seriously, they reminded me of my mom!), and she found amazing ways for my husband to be able to help (including having him crawl into the bed with me to hold me when I was reaching a low point). My husband is normally unsteady when it comes to anything medical but Claudia helped to prepare and support him so that he could be an amazing birth partner as well, and by the end he was so involved and doing things he never thought he would (e.g., watching the crowning, cutting the cord). It’s amazing how someone I literally have been with 4 times felt so close to me during such a raw, emotional, and vulnerable time, but I can’t imagine having gone through labor without Claudia. Claudia brings that beautiful combination of genuine warmth and caring along with clear knowledge about the science of birth that I was looking for. I would hire her again in a second for any future births!

Maren Perry


I can’t imagine this birth without Claudia!
Pre-birth she provided us as first time parents with great education and exercises to build our confidence. She helped me process my fears and was so generous with her time and support. During the birth, she was incredible – comforting me as a mom, helping me through a tough labor, and making my husband the best coach I could have had.
No one should do this without a doula! Claudia was a champion for everything we wanted and helped put all parts of the process into perspective – before, during and after. Claudia is kind, funny, smart, compassionate and clearly on a deeply felt mission to support families during this time. She obviously loves what she does. She was a true gift to us and we’re so grateful.
~ Maren

Megan Morrison


When the doula I had hired was out of town for our (unexpected) early birth, Claudia stepped in and hit a home run. She was caring, sensitive, and connected immediately with me and my family. She was right by my side the entire time, encouraging me to try different labor positions and reaffirming my desire to have the birth experience that was right for me. She was supportive with each and every decision without judgement. She wrote a beautiful letter detailing the events of that day and night that I will cherish.  Since the birth, Claudia has remained supportive and goes out of her way to help connect me with resources to thrive in the postpartum period. 

Victoria Le


I was introduced to Claudia as a back-up in case my doula would still be out of the country when my baby arrived.  As it turned out, my baby came early and I was so thankful Claudia was apart of our special day!  Claudia is warm, knowledgeable and passionate about being a doula and truly "mothering the mother."  She was a great support through my labor and especially post partum when I really needed it most.  I consider myself lucky to have met Claudia and strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a caring, compassionate doula!

Hugo Muñoz-Sanchez


We are second time parents in a quest for a positive birth experience for our second baby. We had out first little girl 18 months ago and we were less than happy with a few aspects of the delivery: mainly the support/guidance we received from the nursing staff, the results we got with the epidural, and the lack of transparency from the medical professionals during the whole process. With our second little one, we had the opportunity to do things a little different. After a lot of extra reading online and talking to families and professionals in our area we decided to give a go to a few new things: obviously we changed gynecologist and hospital, but in addition we decided to learn hypnobirthing and having a doula (Claudia).
Our feedback to everyone after working with Claudia would be: you WANT Claudia in your corner. It does not matter how easy or hard your pregnancy or delivery are, Claudia will make them better. She came home twice during the pregnancy and gave us a ton of practical advice and exercises we rehearsed throughout the pregnancy. On the day of the delivery she was with us at the hospital by the time we were checking in at 3:30 am. She was reassuring, communicated clearly, effectively, and was also very familiar with hypnobirthing and all aspects of the delivery process (baby’s position within the belly, things to do during the labor to progress appropriately and what feelings the mom could expect were some of the highlights). Claudia was knowledgeable, and had an excellent sense for when she had to step in and help, and when to step out and let us just have our space. Even our gynecologist commented on how helpful and intuitive Claudia was. My husband and I are both really thankful that we found Claudia to help us down this process. We have had a wonderful experience this time around. Claudia has a true gift to make birthing an enjoyable, positive experience.

Ashley Oppenheimer-Fink


My husband and I we're given advice to have a doula during our pregnancy experience because of issues during our first pregnancy; were so glad we did! Claudia was wonderful with everything! We couldn't have asked for better support. she taught us things we could do to be comfortable at home, ways to cope with pain, and how to have a peaceful environment! I would recommend anyone to have her caring nature and knowledge during this very delicate process! Thank you Claudia, you came highly recommended and didn't Disappoint! 

Jane Balaich


Claudia supported my husband and I throughout the prepartion for and delivery of our first child.  She was an incredible support to us during this time and she helped us make our daughter's delivery special and fulfilling to us.  During our second and third trimester, Claudia got to know us and our labor preferences and then she worked with us in our home to help us prepare for labor and taught us various coping techniques that we utilized during labor.  She would check in with me regularly to see how I was doing and she was there for me whenever I had questions.  Claudia was a great asset to us during my labor, which ended up being difficult due to the baby's position. She was respectful of our medical team while still being a supportive counselor to both my husband and myself.  

I would highly recommend Claudia to anyone looking for a supportive and loving doula.  What stands out to me was the patience and kindness she showed us.  She went above and beyond our expectaitons and she cared for us so well that we felt as though we were her family members.  

alaina arce


It was my first baby and Claudia was just what a first time mommy needed. The calmness and supportive nature not only on the night of delivery but throughout the latter stages of pregnancy was extremely helpful and beneficial for us. Sometimes becoming new parents can be a daunting experience, but it should not be and Claudia constantly reminded us of this.
You were my friend, my confidant and there was one moment in particular in the delivery room where you were just like a mother to me. The pain was very intense and the doctor said not to push and only you could give me what i needed, the assurance that i can make it through and not push. You kept reminding me of how strong of a person I am and all I've been through and that I could make it through this and to finally be holding my beautiful baby girl. You are officially apart of our little family. We love you
Love always
Bella, Austin, and baby Holly

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