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Dee Pullen

Better Birth Services

Tampa, FL Service range 50 miles will travel 1 hr from my home for a birth or class

(813) 933-2301


Birth Fee

$800 to $1350

Birth Fee

$800 to $1350

Birth Doula Experience

28 years and 530 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • HypnoBirthing (Mongan Method) - Professional Doula Training Certification

Doula Training

  • HypnoBirthing, January 2017

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Will attend births at any hospital within a 1 hr driving radius

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
The birth center midwives in this area are awesome! Have worked as a birth assistant and childbirth educator at 2 birth centers. Have attended births at most of the BCs in the area.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
LOVE 'em!!! Had my children at home.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth pool rental
  • Childbirth education services
  • Hypnosis for birth
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • Surrogates and intended parents

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I run a breastfeeding support group. I founded and was the 1st president of the Tampa Bay Doula Association. I was a member of the board of the Delphi Center, a midwifery school and birth center. I am on the board of the Seventh Mom Project. I also run a support group for moms experiencing perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

My fees are dependent on the place of birth and other services requested. Barter is also available for families who are financially challenged.

Service Area

Tampa, FL Service range 50 miles will travel 1 hr from my home for a birth or class

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Client Testimonials for Dee Pullen

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Melina Melo


I can't praise Dee enough for the exceptional support provided throughout my pregnancy and birth. Her knowledge, compassion, and unwavering dedication made all the difference. From personalized guidance to calming reassurance during labor, she went above and beyond and was a rock by my side. Her  presence was invaluable, and I highly recommend Dee for anyone seeking an outstanding doula experience. A true 5-star professional!



This was our first baby and Dee was recommended to us by our midwife. Dee is supportive, informative and down to earth. I am so thankful to have had her as a doula/instructor in my pregnancy journey and on the day of my birth. Definitely work with Dee for both the Hypnobirthing and the Doula services. Hypnobirthing made such a difference. I can't thank Dee enough for utilzing her extensive knowledge as both an instructor and as a Doula for over 25 years to prepare my partner and I with techniques that worked and invaluable information centered around birth. Additionally, we grew to be extremely confortable with one another after spending lots of time together for the Hypnobirthing sessions. This made it easier for me to trust her and have confidence in her as my doula on the day of my baby's birth. Dee is always supportive of the mother's desire for the type of birth she envisions. She was never pushy when it came to me making a certain decision about my birth plan--she only gave the facts and her experience. This allowed me to make empowered and informed decisions . During my pregnancy she was extremely supportive in helping me to work out some of the anxiety I had around changing from a home birth to a hospital birth. Because of Dee's extensive experience as a Doula, it made things extremely smooth at the hospital. The staff immediately knew who she was and they respect her. Dee was also extremely supportive after our baby was born. She stayed with us after the birth and she checked up on me and baby weekly after we left the hospital. Thank you so much for everything Dee. We love you. ?? ??



Dee taught us Hypnobirthing classes and it was worth every penny and more! After starting classes with her I found myself to be so much more calm and centered and sure of myself. I had a “high risk pregnancy” because of my age and GD and up against an induction clock. We did a lot of work on releasing and letting the baby know it was time to come. She came a week early and everything was perfect! I was able to use what Dee taught me to stay calm in the hospital even when there were some medical staff rushing around me and saying things that would have normally freaked me out and sent me into a panic. I just went within and focused on my baby! Dee is an awesome lady with wonderful energy! I would have definitely used her as a doula as well if this was my first baby, but she made my husband and I feel very confident that we could do this together!

Erin Crenna


I first met Dee on the recommendation of a friend who had used her as a hypnobirthing instructor.  For my first child, we enrolled in her hypnobirthing classes and absolutely loved the peaceful vibes she gave us - and the confidence and reassurance that our desire to have a natural birth wasn't crazy but NORMAL!  Unfortunately, we weren't able to afford a Doula for our first and ended up with a lot of issues during our first child's birth.

When I found out I was pregnant this time (November 2017), I knew my first step was to find a better situation.  I wanted somebody to help support our decisions and to be the clear headed person in the room.  So we switched from a midwife practice that delivered at the hospital, to a midwife ran birth center.  Once that switch was done, I mentioned to my husband how I would REALLY like to have a doula this go round.  He was a great support last time, but, I wanted somebody who could give me suggestions for comfort and that made me feel calm - so we called Dee up again.

Dee was absolutely indespensible during this labor and delivery!  My first labor and delivery experience was 23.5 hours total, this time was about 4 hours start to finish - meaning it amped up really quickly.  Dee was able to help remind me of my calm breathing techniques, provide counter pressure and rebozo sifting techniques to help my son move into a better position, and was there for a little tough love at the end when I felt too tired to continue.  I can't express enough how beautiful this experience was and I'm so thrilled I could walk away from this birth knowing how powerful I can be if supported and loved through the hard moments.  Dee was the calm presence I needed, had plenty of suggestions on comfort and knew exactly what I needed to hear.  She listened to me and adjusted seemlessly.  I can't imagine a better experience and recommend her to every pregnant woman I know!

Bianca Kendall


Dee stepped in as my doula when I found myself very pregnant and a single mom to a toddler.  Prior to that, she was my breastfeeding coach and was largely responsible for the 2 1/2 years I breastfed my daughter.  She was also key in helping me recover from postpartum depression with my first child.

The birth that Dee attended was to be a VBAC in 2007 when VBACs were not so popular. She was an amazing partner, helping me navigate the hospital system. When, after an hour of unsuccessful pushing, we discovered my son's cord was prolapsed -- Dee helped me deal with the emotional decision to have another c-section.

She supported me after the birth and still, 9 years later keeps up with what our family is doing. Her knowlege, experience and compassion far outweigh anyone else in the TampaBay Area.  She will fight for the birth you want and she knows what to do when things don't go as planned. You would be lucky to have her as your doula.

Erika Morton


Dee Pullen was my childbirth educator and doula at my daughter's birth 14 years ago. She gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to birth easily and with joy. Her presence durig my labor was all I needed. I knew she would get me through anything that happened, so I never felt any fear or anxiety.

Her passion for her work was obvious then and still is today. She shares her knowledge generously both with the women she serves and with other birth professionals. Because my birth experience was so awesome, I became a HypnoBirth instructor ten years later so I could help other women have the same. When she heard I was joining the local birth community, Dee was happy  for me, and shared advice and information freely, instead of seeing new practitioners as potential "competition".

Over the years I have referred any woman who asked me about doulas to Dee. I know at least a few of them have used her services and been just as grateful as I was.

Sarah Schlemmer


We used Dee as our HypnoBirthing instructor with our first child, and she equipped my husband and me with invaluable knowledge and confidence to handle our sons birth, even with it becoming a medically managed event.  My husband was able to support me and know he was assisting in the delivery of his son with relaxation and affirmations.  After my son's birth, Dee was  a consisant source of breast feeding support through weekly support group meetings, phone calls, texts, and encouragment. After thinking breastfeeding was doomed because I returned to work 3 weeks post partum, I am happy to say 3.5 years into it, we still have a successful breastfeeding relationship!  When I was pregnant with my second child, I immedately called Dee and we enjoyed a refresher HypnoBirthing class, with lactation direction.  Dee is available whenever you need her, and you can tell her heart lives in the births and budding mother-child relationship of her friends (clients).  I will forever be indebt to Dee for the phenominal care and support she has provided my growing family.  I will certainly be calling her the next time I need her services.

Stefani Potter


Dee Pullen has been at the birth of 3 of my grandchildren. I encourage my daughters & daughters-in-law to hire a doula no matter what birth plan they have made. I specifically encourage them to hire Dee Pullen as she has a unique ability to communicate with any individual no matter what their education or life experiences. I have found her to be a consummate professional, a knowledgeable and informative doula, and a kind and caring human. Every birth experience is unique to the woman and her family, and Dee actively teaches and respects that. I have had several opportunities, while smiling at my new grandchild and their mother, to observe the look on Dee's face when the family that hires her receives the positive & calm birth experience that we had hoped for... That glow says everything about her! I carry a couple of her business cards with me at all times and never hesitate to share the gem our family has found in Doula Dee Pullen.

Many thanks,

Stefani Potter


Candice Enriquez



Dee was my doula and HB instructor. She was down to earth and easy going. We enjoyed learning HB very much. She followed my lead nicely, allowing for a mother directed birth experience and still reminded what was normal When I needed it The most...and helped me very much for the actual birthing. In many ways she has changed my life... especially when it comes to birth. She also was able to come to my house and help me with breastfeeding in the first few days.. I very much needed it. We are very happy to have hired Dee.

Teresa Fonferko


Almost 20 years ago I gave birth to my third child at home with a doula.  I was very scared as I had my first two children in the hospital and was afraid of the pain.  My doula showed up in the middle of the night, after my water broke.  It took hours before I went into labor.  If not for my doula, I never would have made it at home.  I would have gone to the hospital.  My doula provided care and support my husband was unable to provide.  I gave birth to a healthy 10 pound baby at home, that's only to my doula.  Incredible experience.

Jennifer Garcia


Dee was a wonderful doula. She was with me for the births of all three of my children. I wouldn't have a baby without her.

The most valuable thing about her service was her knowledge. Due to my health my second and third children were birthed in hospital. Her knowledge and support allowed me to birth much in the same way I would have at home despite being in the care of doctors.

Aubrey Bahr


When when I finally got pregnant, we were pretty strapped for cash but we put what we could into Dee's services as a hypnobirth coach and as a doula. And I wouldn't change that for anything! She was so amazing, I just can't imagine having done that birth without her by my side and my husband agrees!! It was a wonderful experience.

Erin Bauer


Dee Pullen services have made my entire birthing experience a peaceful journey. The knowledge she provided gave me a sense of ease throughout each trimester. I had a very successful birth and she played a huge role in the outcome!! Highly recommend this Doula!!

Jessica Utter


In October 2013 I found out I was pregnant with my second child. In November or December I contacted Dee on Facebook to discuss what her role as a doula was. I decided to meet with her and after finding that she was into some of the same hobbies as I was my husband and I hired her. She was very flexible with the payment options and understanding every step of the way. I also signed up for hypnobirthing classes with her and she added that to the payment arrangement for her doula services. She was a great help to me during my pregnancy and was always very supportive and professional. At 36 weeks my home birth midwife became uncomfortable with the idea of me having an home birth after c-section and I began the process of transferring care to Tampa General Hospital. Dee helped me through the stress of the process and helped me to grieve the loss of my ideal birth experience. By 37.5 weeks I still had not heard from the care coordinator who was supposed to help me transfer my care. That night I had since very concerning pain and I went to the hospital. My husband notified Dee and kept her in the loop of what was going on. I was offered the option of scheduling a repeat c-section and I took it. We told Dee about the decision and she offered to continue her services but my husband didn't really see how she could help. At his request we pulled out of the contract with her. I wish I had talked with him more and tried to keep her involved but it is what it is.

I also attended one or two breastfeeding meetings after having my daughter and Dee really helped with the minor issues we were having.

Through the pregnancy and all the stress I found Dee's support to be priceless and comforting. She greatly helped with my anxiety surrounding the birthing process and was very knowledgeable. I recently had my third child and because of what she taught me during my second pregnancy I got the healing experience that I needed and everything turned out perfectly.

Nicole Forte


I took hypnobirthing classes privately from Dee in my home prior to the birth of my daughter 7 years ago. Dee served as my Doula and was present for my daughter's home birth as well.  She was a calming and reassuring presence when I was waiting for the midwife to arrive, and throughout the birthing process. While personal circumstances did not enable me to use her services for my second child, her spirit and presence were certainly present with me in the hypnobirthing methodology she taught me as well as being the voice in my head telling me "you can do this ". If you're considering a doula, Dee Pullen is a wonderful choice.

Rae Wyborny


it was absolutly wonderful having dee with me for the births of both my children. if i ever have any more children i could not think of a better person to have by my side. so wonderful i called on her twice! she is insightful, intuitive, and has such a positive and uplifting spirit. she knew just what to do at just the right time with out me having to say a word! her work ethic is amazing! she is always on time and if she has to reshedule she gives plenty of notice. i loved how she was always aviailable. no matter the time of day she responded to my calls as if i was the only thing on this planet that mattered. and if she could not answer she got back to me with exceptional speed. great conversationalist and truly listens. one of the greatest choices i have ever made. not just to have a dula but to have dee as mine. my family will forever be greatful.

Anna Matlock


I wanted a natural, calm hypnobirthing with my first child. After going to 44 weeks despite trying everything I could I went in for an induction. Dee helped keep my husband, my mother, and myself calm throughout my induction. When my care was transferred to a monster of a dr she was my rock. Without her assistance in would have ended up with an unneeded c-section. I am forever greatfull for her services, and will be calling her again some day when I am ready for a second child.

Davina Doletzky


Loved Dee! Very helpful! This was not my first baby but since birthing a baby in general can be scary I just needed that extra comfort and help mentally to get through this with the most love and confidence and in the way I had pictured my babies birth to be - peaceful! And it worked! Dee loves what she does for mothers and its empowering! Thx Dee for your love and support! #momof4

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