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Nahid Kohistani

Venus Traditional Care

Chicago, IL Service range 20 miles None


Birth Fee

$1000 to $1100

Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee

$1000 to $1100

Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Certifications

  • The Matrona - Certified Holistic Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

7 years and 100 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

7 years and 50 families served

Doula Training

  • The Matrona, May 2016

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 1 to 3 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No limits to my postpartum practice, I love pets and I don't mind smokers.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I enjoy communicating and working closely with the hospital staffs in order to create a warm and harmonious environment for the mother in labor.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I enjoy home births a lot because, it provides the mother in labor the safety, comfort, and privacy that she wishes for.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Belly binding
  • Childbirth education services
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Persian
  • Spanish
  • Urdu

Chicago, IL Service range 20 miles None

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Client Testimonials for Nahid Kohistani

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Tatum Drewes


My experience was above and beyond what I ever anticipated and hoped for. Working with Nahid was a pleasure. My partner and I made the decision to transfer to a homebirth during the COVID 19 pandemic. Expecting our first child came with a lot of unknowns of what labor and delivery looked like. Nahid was thorough with her support and educating us on what to expect. 

Nahid was always available when needed. She spent hours teaching us exercises, breath work, visualization and education pieces to prepare us for our homebirth experience. She made sure to include my husband and let him know his options during my labor/delivery and how he could be involved in the experience, if desired. During labor, the support I was given, I didnt realize existed or could be offered. I would highly recommend working with Nahid. She gave me so much strength and confidence during the labor process.

Nahid provided us with appropriate foods and recipes pre and post labor to help heal and nourish mamas body. We also used Nahid for our placenta encapsulation, which I recommed as well.

5 stars across the board for working with Nahid. 



I cannot recommend Nahid enough.  After interviewing a few doulas, my husband & I knew immediately after meeting her that she was right for us.  She has a very calming presense, makes you feel very comfortable right off the bat & is very knowledgeable in her field.  She took lots of time to answer all of the questions my husband and I had in our first session with her.  In addition, throughout the course of my pregnancy if we had any questions, she was always available to answer & also checked in on how I was doing which was very nice.

Throughout my pregnancy, the exercises she introduced me to helped my body physically & mentally prepare for labor.  In addition, the exercises made me more comfortable throughout my pregnancy & created a stronger bond between my husband & I as he was a part of them as well.  

I was hoping to have a natural birth & thanks to Nahid's guidance and support I was able to.  Overall, I had an amazing birth experience & will definitely use Nahid again for baby #2. : )

Tiffany P


Nahid is a beautiful spirit who brought lots of knowledge and calmness to the overall delivery process. She was very patient and met with us several times prior to the delivery. I was looking to have a complication-free and unmedicated birth. Unfortunately, that is not what happened but we are very thankful for Nahid's presence because she provided the support we needed to pivot from the birth plan. We were blessed to welcome a healthy baby boy and we ushered him into this world with in a calm environment that Nahid helped us to create. Nahid met with us post-birth and made a wonderful drink that was helpful in my recovery. THANK YOU!

Tamar Fasja


We knew we wanted to work with Nahid the moment she walked into the door of our home. Her presence was calming and familiar. She's knowledgable, yet doesn't assume anything. She lets you guide your own journey while staying close and giving her best advice.

I was lucky to have an amazing birth experience, and it was partly thanks to Nahid, who helped with excersises to bring down the baby, with breathing, and aromatherapy. She guided my husband and stayed close. But she also gave us our space and never felt like an extra in the room. 

I would love to work with her again on my next pregnancy. 

Zahra Ali


I am a cancer survivor and struggle with anxiety and depression, and I was concerned that the birthing experience would be triggering and that I would be at serious risk for postpartum depression. Having Nahid support me through the labor, delivery and postpartum was so important for me to stay (mostly) sane through the whole process. Her postpartum package is completely comprehensive including healing baths, massages, and nourishing foods that promote both healing and breastfeeding.  She is always there to answer a call and be a part of your village and offer gentle and sound advice, which I felt was very important at a time when I knew I would be the most vulnerable.  Nahid puts her complete self into her work, she prepares the baths, she cooks, she heals your body with massages and encourages rest, which I feel make her a very uniquely commited individual. She even gave my mom rides to ensure that she was there for me when I needed her.  She really cares about women and and this process, and she approaches it in a very natural way - while staying open to all my wishes and supporting each one.



I highly recommend Nahid as a labor and delivery doula. We had a wonderful meeting ahead of time where she explained every step of the labor and delivery process so we would know what to expect as first time parents and she answered all of our questions. But most importantly, she was invaluable during labor and delivery as she jumped in and made herself useful time and time again , always knowing what would be helpful (i.e., cold wash cloth, apple juice with a straw) - things that my husband and I wouldn't have thought of as first time parents. She was relaxed, supportive of my husband and me, and above all very knowledgable of the ins and outs of pregnancy putting my mind at ease!



Nahid was paired with me as i entered my 3rd trimester. She was a perfect match and so delightful to work with! During our first meeting she took her time to get to know us and also share about her philosophy and hopes for her role as our Doula. During the following weeks she always stayed in touch via text and email and made sure that i stayed on top of my health and preperation for our little one. As we got closer to my due date she did another visit where she spent hours teaching my husband and i things we could do to alleviate pain and to prepare us for the big day. A week after my due date I was given the option to induce or have a c-section. Nahid, made sure that she reminded me of my goals but also reminded me she would stuck by me no matter what decision I'd make. I ended up with a c-section and even though she was unable to be present in the operating room she was present as i came out of the operating room with a sweet little teddy bear for our little girl and a big smile! Following my c-section she scheduled 2 days off post-partum care which i believe to have been the most beneficial party if having a Doula! She taught my mother in law and my husband how to care for me. Most importantly, she really focused on my understanding of the importance of my own healing for my milk supply and baby. After my first day with her my milk supply doubled because she had spent the day pampering me and showing my family members how to perform vaginal steam, breast massages, theraputic baths, tea recipes, and what foods would aid in the first 40 days off my healing. She came back the next day to make sure my family members could do the treatments on their own and even took my husband to a special markets to show him where he could find the herbs when we ran out of the delicious teas we made! Nahid was fantastic I'd recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat!!!


Emeline P.


I feel very lucky to have had Nahid's support during and after my pregnancy. I hardly knew anything about doulas, or birthwork, before I was pregnant, but connected with Nahid on the recommendation of a friend about six months in. She came to our house for a consultation and explained her process and approach and priorities, and what labor looks like for her and us. Even in that first meeting alone she helped me to wrap my head around the birthing process (it was my first pregnancy) and to feel empowered about my options. In following meetings, she provided invaluable support and exercises to prepare us emotionally and physically for birth. She is so warm, compassionate, patient, and present, and very knowledgeable about birth, nutrition, and the body, not to mention the various hospitals and birthing centers in the Chicagoland area. I felt wonderfully prepared for labor by the time it came, and then recovered quickly, thanks in large part to Nahid. (Also, she introduced me to Tai Chi, which she studies/teaches, and I will be forever grateful for that.)

Caitlin Ajax


Nahid was a wonderful doula. From the moment we met her in person, we knew she would be a great fit for our family. We were looking for someone who was experienced and knowledgeable, but also someone who understood our religious and cultural sensitivities as Muslims as they pertained to pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Nahid provided excellent advice on nutrition, healing, and pain management before, during and afterd labor. She was extremely friendly, professional, and non-judgemental about our choices and preferences. When it came to my actual labor at the hospital, she provided physical and emotional support for me, while also acting as a strong, supportive third "team" member alongside my husband and mother. We also loved that she integrated her "western" training as a doula with knowledge of traditional healing methods from Afghanistan and China, among others. We found everything she recommended to be helpful and comforting throughout the process of bringing our first child into the world. We cannot recommend Nahid enough!

Amber Shalom


As a first time mother finding the best doula was very important to me. Choosing Nahid as my doula was the best decision I made! Our connection was very strong and she went from being a doula to a sister! She did an excellent job preparing me for my delivery. Nahid and I created a birth plan that outlined my desires that I wanted to happen in the hospital delivery room. We met consistently during my second and third trimester. We went over various workouts and movements that would assist me for the big day. Nahid also invited me to come to her taichi classes which assisted with my blood circulation and helped me to feel mentally and emotionally relaxed. Finally, after much preparation it was time to have my beautiful son! I was given pitocin and the contractions started immediately. Nahid's presence and voice was so much needed because the pitocin made my contractions much more intense and I had very little recovery time between contractions. Nahid had essential oils that really calmed me and the exercises that we did soothed my body. Nahid even spent the night with me in the hospital which made me feel even more comfortable knowing my doula was there. When I was unable to talk she spoke for me  and verbaly expressed my desires. The next day I delivered my baby and I felt so blessed. If you're looking for a doula you should definitely choose Nahid, she is so knowledgeable about the birthing process and she has so many beneficial resource like natural recipes, soothing exercise and handouts. I am very grateful I chose Nahid as my doula she was with me during every phase of my pregnancy and birth she's a kind, gracious and beautiful soul



Nahid was a true professional. She was available immediately to help guide me to breathe through my contractions. She provided comfort and relaxation techniques. In my prenatal visit, she helped us create a birthing plan that was best suited to the optimum health of the baby and me. The exercises she showed proved very helpful. In the postnatal visit, she provided a great deal of information about how to promote quick postnatal healing through food, massage, etc. In summary, she was caring, supportive, and very sympathetic to my needs and I would highly recommend her to anyone having a baby.



After having a home birth with my third child, Nahid provided a spa-like experience for my recovery.  It was absolutely wonderful in every way.  Her routine made me feel like a queen (herbal tub soak, followed by bodywork, followed by belly wrapping) and like we were truly honoring this moment of passage.  It gave me time to rest, relax, meditate, and helped me feel my very best every step of the way.  I am also a postpartum doula specializing in holistic treatments, and I searched the city far and wide for someone who could provide services similar to my own.  I consider myself so fortunate to have found Nahid, and she was the only doula I ended up considering.  Her background, warmth and experience with processing transitions make her uniquely suited to her work.  During our initial consultation, Nahid offered me a guided meditation to help ease prenatal anxiety I was experiencing, and I was immediately impressed with her as a guide and a teacher, as well as a supporter.  She prepared delicious and nourishing recipes and special beverages for me, with leftovers, which were incredibly helpful during my recovery.  And she even picked up my older kids from school one day to save me from going out in the chilly weather following a treatment.  Nahid has my very highest recommendation, and I have already told many friends and family about her.  Her services are a true gift, if only every new mother could experience!

Hannah L


Nahid did a great job walking us through what to expect and giving my husband and I concrete ways to prepare for labor. She guided us while creating room for our preferences. During delivery Nahid was an amazing coach, always anticipating my needs and working with my husband without making the space feel crowded. She had a calm, gentle energy and worked well with the medical staff. Nahid made sure we were comfortable, bringing essential oils and making sure I was well hydrated. Her postpartum visit was also really helpful, teaching me about bellybinding and giving me breastfeeding tips. I went through my birthing process with my confidence because of Nahid!

Ashley Zamudio


May 01, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a letter of testimony for Nahid Kohistani.

My name is Ashley Zamudio and the reason why I am writing this letter is because I want to share my experience with having a Doula for my very first pregnancy.

Having Nadid around my pregnancy was such a beautiful experience. She taught me a couple tricks and techniques to get me through my pregnancy.Nahid was such a big help when it came to being in labor.

Nahid was great! She taught me breathing techniques to help me through my labor for when the time came as well as some exercies.

My labor was a great success! Nahid helped me throughout the whole time.She helped me by giving me massages and having scented oils to ease me. She taught me how to keep calm and breath through the strong contractions. During my labor Nahid never left my side. I gave birth to a beautiful big girl of 9lbs 8oz. No tears, no stitches thanks to the breathing technique I was taught. I did this labor all natural no medication for the pain during my labor.

So to end this letter I would highly recommend having a doula and to hope they are all so help full like Nahid. I couldn’t do it without her. That is why I highly recommend a doula.

Sincerely, Ashley Zamudio

stephanie dunn


I am a first time mom, and I was paired with Nahid about 5 weeks before baby Phoenix's arrival. Our meetings were weekly, in our home, and very pleasant. She discussed birth and labor with us, and shared valuable exercises and breathing techniques to prepare for labor. Ultimately, we had a last-minute birth change because 5 days before Phoenix came I decided to do a home water birth instead of the hospital. She helped me locate a midwife for that, which ultimately made my birth experience amazing, and sent the precedent for my future planned births. Aside from her prompt and irreplaceable help pre-labor, her assistance during labor was AMAZING. She arrrived with oils, food, massage tools, and was by my side supporting me almost exclusively for 12 hours. She followed me from toilet to birth pool, guiding me in my breathing, supporting me while walking, waving a peppermint washcloth when i felt like puking and holding a bowl while I did. I had many preparations for myself, but when in labor, I forgot all about my own preparations and relied on everything she brought. It was like she had anticipated everything that was going to happen and had some tool, liquid, breathing technique, or advice for the occassion. Right when I was entering the pushing phase, she held up an incredibly delicious high-protein drink to my mouth, which I swear woke me up and helped me move into the next phase. I can still taste that delicious drink. Not only was her help during labor irreplaceable, but as the midwives were assisting me after the birth she made a delicious dinner for everyone and helped cleanup our tiny, chaotic apartment! I felt her fixated on my every move during my labor, but never felt like my space was invaded, or judged, or bossed around. She always asked permission, made suggestions, and explained what she was doing. I feel so blessed to have her present at my first birth, and hope she is available for the future!

Najia Singh


Nahid kohistani is beautiful In heart and out . She helped and supported me throughout both of my pregnancies and she was there for both of my labors. She is the best helper you have or want very supporting ????

Mina Safi


Nahid is a very kind,warm and beautiful person.She was my doula wiht both my son Iman and my doughter Ayeza. she helped me with recovery from C scetion and postpartum mood disorder.she provied me wiht a of information, support and encouragement to do VBAC wiht my daughter. thank you for all help and encouragement  Nahid and we love.

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