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Rosie Peterson

Serenity Blessings Doula Care

Escondido, CA Service range 35 miles None

(760) 443-6471

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$30 to $40

Availability Remarks: I am available for day time postpartum care.

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$30 to $40

Birth Doula Certifications

  • The Matrona - Certified Holistic Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

21 years and 750 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

4 years and 50 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, February 2002

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 4 births and 1 to 5 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No Limitations. I Love animals! All kinds :) Love city scapes and country roads. Love people, from the oldest and the youngest.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I am happy to join you in labor while you are still at home to provide comfort measures, encouragement and a calming presence to you and your partner. I follow you in my car when it is time to go to the hospital or birth center. If mom wishes, I sometimes go with you in your car to continue to provide emotional and physical support and comfort measures on the drive to the hospital. I provide continual support through labor, pushing, birth and initial postpartum, including helping mom put baby to breast. When it's appropriate I leave to give your family private bonding time. This is a good time for me to fetch a celebration meal for mom and dad! Sometimes that's a 3AM burrito or a 5AM Starbucks coffee (for dad), other times it's a In-N-Out Burger! Before I leave Baby, Mommy and Daddy are fed. I make a home visit 3-10 days postpartum to check-in with your new family. How is nursing going? How is mom's recovery going? How is dad doing? I answer any questions you may have about the birth, provide any referrals that may be needed and maybe, if I'm really lucky, I get to burp the baby! :)

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Yes, I attend birth at all birth centers, same as hospitals. (see above).

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
My home birth services are the same as hospital and birth center with the difference being we don't need to get in the car and go anywhere. I also have experience working with most of the homebirth midwives in San Diego and having that good relationship and history together brings a level of trust and confidence as we work together to serve your family.

Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly binding
  • Belly casting
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • Elimination communication education
  • End of life doula services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Infant massage education
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Mother roasting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Between 2002-2004 I was a volunteer with UCSD Birth Center Hearts and Hands Doula Program. During the period of 2002-2006 I volunteered as a Childbirth Educator at Alternatives Women's Center in Escondido I have served on the Board of Directors of San Diego Birth Network from 2005-2009.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Minimum 4 hour shift is required for postpartum.

Escondido, CA Service range 35 miles None

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Jessica McCullough


Rosie was a godsend! I have recommended her to many of my friends as a Doula for their birth. They all agree with me, having Rosie was the best decision ever! She and her the work she does really is life changing!

It was my first pregnancy and I was due Christmas Day 2017. Thanks to all of Rosies in depth meetings with heartfelt conversations tailored around my own personal fears, needs and wants before actual labour, when the time came (at 4am Christmas Morning) Rosies was the first person after my husnband I knew I could tell, and knew I wanted by my side! Throughout my long labor, Rosie helped me and guided me, but also, quite importantly to me, she helped my husband to help me, she supported us both in ways no one else could. Knowing Rosie was so knowledgable, and such a veteran with over 600 births under her belt, I could rest assured or more like 'labour assured' that, she had all of the external things under control, (making food, having water ready, knowing when was a good time to go to the hospital, helping my husband had all of our bags etc) while I would focus on my breathing, and my mantras and being prepared for each contaction!

I had a 31.5hrs labour with no pain medication, and I owe a huge part of that to Rosies massage, breath work, guidence and also just her wise presence. She could guide and assist while also never taking over the situation, and allowing me, my husband and our baby be our focus, but like a swan she was gracefully working hard throughout!! When difficult times came up, Roise was there to help ask the right questions, or ask if there was an alternitive method. Rosie had great suggestions for laboring positions and her lower back massages during contractions, helped so so much!! 

I owe Rosie so much. She was such a huge part of my labour and birth of our Baby. Because of her my birth was exactly how I wasnted it to be, and I have gained stength and feel greatly empowered due to it! 

Christie Rigatti


There are many decisions you have to make when you get pregnant and go through the preparation of having your baby.  One of the very best decisions my husband and I made was to hire Rosie as our Doula.  I knew right after meeting her that her calm demeanor, soothing voice, and expert knowledge on all things childbirth were unique attributes and were exactly what we were looking for.  Rosie's grenuine and selfless care for her clients is what make her inevitably become a part of your family before you even have the baby.  We really emjoyed getting to know her and the process prior to our due date, but once our labor actually started, Rosie's role as an earth angel to us was cemented.  I had a long labor- 38 hours- and things did not progess as I had hoped they would (quickly) but as soon as Rosie realized I was in labor she was at our home, guiding my husband, reminding us of all the relaxation principles we had learned, and comforting me every minute of every contraction.  She was also with me the entire time at the hospital, allowing my husband to run home to take care of our dog, and never left my side.  As things got a little complicated, she prayed with us and prepared us for the hospital protocols and explained the baby's monitoring system to me so I understood what was happening.  When it was finally time to push, she was the one holding my leg, encouraging me to do my best, and supporting my husband until our baby was finally born.  38 hours is a long time to be in a supporting role for a woman in labor, not to mention how uncomfortable the hosipital chairs are- but Rosie never complained and made me feel like there was nowhere else she would rather be.  She even offered to go get us food after everything was over!  My sons first smile was in her arms a few weeks later which was very fitting.  Rosie was an incredible blessing and we strongly recommend her for anyone looking for a doula.  

veronica caso


In my search for the "perfect match"  I interviewd a few doulas and none seemed to be the right match for me. However when I went into Rosie's website and saw her picture i immediately new she would be the person I would ask to be my Doula. Her energy Is so strong that even through a picture one can sense the peace and wisdom she projects. when I met her all that was confirmed. we had such a wonderful interview two hours talking about our family background, 'my birth views and wants, she was such a great listener and I felt immediately at ease, as if she was family and I was at home.

when my water broke I thought I would be more calm than how I actually felt, but sending a message to Rosie immediately calmed me down. this was on a Friday (just before xmas) and Rosie basically spent her whole xmas weekend with us, taking us to the hospital for a checkup because we had no car and bringing us food when we needed the boost the most. in that weekend she became part of our family. We really could not have done it without her, when my contractions started 3 days after my water broke I was so tired and nervous, that I was very happy when she arrived and prepared a bath for me, those hours of laborIng at home where the best thing i could have done, because once i got to the hospital it only took a few hours for me to be at 9cm dilatation and ready to push. Rosie was my coach, my cheerleader, my teacher and with her and my husband the best support I could have had. thabks to them I managed to have a natural birth no epidural, just as i had imagined it. it was very tough, i had to push for 6 hours and thought I would not make it, but Rosie made sure i did. I do not have enough words to describe what a beautiful experience it was to meet Rosie and have her with us. She is truly a white whitch full of magic and love to give during those hard moments. for all the moms deciding who to pick, I say look no more. you will be lucky if Rosie can be there with you

Rebecca Stockwell


I have a difficult time thinking of Rosie without smiling. She is literally the ultimate doula. I was drawn to her by her genuine attitude portrayed in her blog, and after doing research I saw she was the doula of choice for at least one other doula. When I've mentioned my doula to others in the birth education profession, I have gotten the most positive endorsements from "she is so yummy" to something along the lines of having my own Angel by my side for the birth of my baby. I understand the enthusiasm after experiencing a non-medicated VBAC of my own at the hospital. i think that Rosie does an excellent job of learning about the mom and tailoring the experience to HER...the reference I spoke to did not have the same beliefs as me and I hesitated to move forwatd with Rosie but it turns out, no matter what kind of birth you want and or doula you're looking for, Rosie is able to be that person. My big focus was on preparation. Rosie was great with supplying me with numerous resources and oftentimes she would provide alternate views of an issue without trying to force her beliefs on you. I had millions of questions and thoughts to get out ...I feel like we kept a running conversation during my last month of pregnancy and she was always quick to respond with advice and/or reassurance. With any doula, you have to be open so they can support what YOU want and Rosie has a great system to get to know you and make that happen. Even the hospital staff was impressed with her and what she provided in the birth room. With her guidance, we didnt show up to the hospital until I was 7-8 cm and she helped bring my focus to where it needed to be when I got caught up in negativity or doubted myself. She was equally supportive of my spouse and my biggest problem with her is coming up with "areas to improve on" for her doula assessment. I don't often give glowing reviews, but I really can't say enough about Rosie and what she meant to us for our birth Experience. 

Megan Martin


Rosie is absolutely amazing!  We were blessed to have her as our doula three different times, and each time it was hard to imagine not having her with us.  She was so encouraging and loving through my long first labor and stuck it out through the long hours like a trooper, always with a smile on her face and a soft touch to encourage me.  My second and third labors were quick and intense, and Rosie knew just what to say and do to help me cope with those completely different experiences.  She was also so amazing at helping me recognize what was happening in my labor so that I was able to make it to the birth center on time.  It is truly an amazing doula who can read where a laboring woman is at before the woman herself even can!  Rosie is intuitive, gentle yet firm when necessary, so willing to help out whenever and wherever she is needed, and she knows the perfect balance between giving a couple their space and when to step in when she is needed.  My husband loved having her there with us too, as he never felt replaced but acknowledged that she was able to offer something special that only another woman could offer me.  We don't plan on having any more kids but if we do I will absolutely hire Rosie as my doula every single time.  She is a dear friend and I am so blessed to have had her presence in my life through these years.  Thank you Rosie for your care and love!



I love Rosie's calm energy and simple commitment to my birth dream. For my last baby, I wanted the birth to be everything I dreamt of and more. I wanted to create a memory and an experience to never forget. I had my baby at home and could never have done it without Rosie. She was the gentle but yet strong force we needed so much. I so wanted to give up at the end with sheer exhaustion and needed to "stomp" to get my baby from 9 cm- ready to go. Rosie helped me find the super human energy I needed but had lost. She inspired me. I appreciate the fact that Rosie never pushes her own agenda or birth ideas which must be so hard since she is such an expert. Lots of doulas do that and that is why Rosie is special. She is simply there, to help us in our journeys ..And we are eternally grateful for her. Rosie was always available to us and even helped with a lovely blessingway. I owe my beautiful birth experience to Rosie and still fee terrible for shouting at her during labor. She is incredibly knowledgeable and kind. She is patient and loving.

Robin Baker


When I was in junior high I used to spend the night at Rosie's house...I was friends with her daughter. Who knew that over 15 years later she would be our Doula? Rosie was the guest Doula speaker at our Bradley Class and my husband and I realized that she was the mother of 3 of our friends! Wow! It was a match made in Heaven and the Lord provided us a wonderful Doula in Rosie. After using her services for our firstborn, we knew we'd never give birth again without her. So far we've had 3 hospital births all attended by Rosie. She is wonderful at reading the mother and switching up the action for whatever mood arises. All 3 of my labors were different and she read what I needed and provided for me emotionally, physically, and spiritually. She is not just our Doula, but our family friend. We love you Rosie!

Megan Wilcox


Rosie was my doula at the birth of my 2nd and 3rd child.  She is a phenomenal physical and emotional support to laboring moms (and their families too) ~ I really cannot imagine having a child without having her there!  Her vast birth wisdom shines through and will lift you up when you need it most.  During the most dfficult points of labor, she helped me to get on top of my contractions, to feel like i could do the impossible, to know that she was right there with me supporting and guiding me through.  Her calmness, her trust in birth and birthing women, her love of birth will all leave you feeling blessed and thankful to have had her at one of the most important days of your life.

Zsuzsi Khoury


When I was pregnant with my 4th child, I found a website on the internet where I could look at  introductions of doulas in the SD area. The minute I saw Rosie's picture I knew that I wanted to meet her. I sent her an email and we set up a time to meet. We it it off, signed the contract, gave Rosie a deposit. We continued meetiny, talked on the phone and emailed. A few months into my pregnancy my husband got a major paycut at work. We looked at our budget and realized we will not be able to afford a doula anymore :(. I sent Rosie an email explaining our situation. She's replied saying that she understands  and that she doesn't care about money, she does what she does for the love of life, birth, babies. I was shocked, couldn't believe that she would do this for us, free. Rosie suggested that we keep meeting as planned, she came over to our house, she even held a "class" to our kids! The morning I went into labor my husband called her and she  rushed to be by our side. She massaged my lower back and helped me breathe through my contractions. It was a Saturday and I know she had plans with her family, but she did not even make a phone call, she gave her full attention to us. We laughed a lot, listened to U2 and made fun of my husband who fell asleep in a rocking chair :). Rosie helped me make decisions, she gently instructed the nurses what to do, but was not pushy or bothersome. My son was born healthy and adorable :). Rosie stayed with us while I nursed my baby, helped me to the bathroom, I had to finally send her on her way, so she wouldn't have to cancel her plans for the afternoon. She would have stayed all night if I needed her to. I will forever be greatful to her and will think of her as an amazing person, someone who loves God, loves people and the miracle of life!

Kristin Bischoff


 When I became pregnant we knew we wanted to attend a Natural Birth Class and chose the Bradley class series. During the course of the classes, we decided to hire a Doula and found the perfect match after a couple of interviews. Her name was Kayti. When labor started at night, I took my time to call our doula because I still felt comfortable alone and with my husband. After 12 hours of labor, I was ready for the support of my doula and she did an amazing job. On that day her cold got really bad and we decided it was best for all of us if she went home to rest and we would labor alone for a while, this was at hour 24 of my labor. At hour at hour 43 of my labor, my husband, best friend and of course I were so exhausted that I was literally begging to receive a back up doula ASAP. Rosie arrived within an hour. We had never met her and were too tired to even worry about that. As soon as she entered the house, the energy shifted. She talked to my husband in a soothing and warm hearted voice giving him new strength and taking off a big chink of the pressure he was feeling. When she entered the bedroom where I was laboring at that time, she helped me relax and said calmly that I needed to sleep between contractions to gain some strength again. Mind you, my contractions were only about 2 minutes apart, sometimes less, sleeping in between contractions? Sitting on a birthing ball,  I leaned into my husband during the contraction and back into Rosie's chest afterwards and she didi her magic and made me fall asleep. After only half an hour I was ready to go to the hospital. She made the car ride a "walk to the beach" working with visualization. She helped me breathe right through harder contractions and the urge to push when I was not ready for it yet and just 3 hours after we arrived at the hospital, I was ready to push. She helped me let go and and surrender. She was so comforting and loving, like a mother. I would recommend Rosie to anyone!!

Jerusha Foltz


 I first met Rosie through the Hearts & Hands program for UCSD Birth Center.  I was seeing a midwife through the birth center and they mentioned I could request a free doula.  I wasn't really sure if needed one, but it seemed like a nice idea and why not get as much help and support as we could?  Even though Rosie was doing this on a volunteer basis, she came to our home ahead of time and got to know us, and she even met us at our home when I first went into labor.  On the drive to UCSD she called ahead for us and got their one birth tub reserved and filling up for us.  She was awesome throughout the birth, supporting me through standing and swaying labor, giving my husband's back a break. She also caught some really great snapshots for us, which I was thrilled to have afterwards.  My husband and I both knew that the next birth, we would be calling Rosie directly and hiring her for our doula.

So some 3 1/2 years later when I was pregnant with my son and planning a home birth, we looked up Rosie and signed her up!  It was so nice to have someone we already knew and had had doula for us before.  She was again supportive and helpful.  Being at home, it was nice to have someone there before the midwife needed to be called, and Rosie helped us determine when to make the call.  We had a beautiful home water birth.  

I've never regretted having a doula and am so glad I got introduced to the idea through Hearts & Hands.  I would heartily recommend Rosie!  She's got a warm and tender approach.  We'd hire her again in a heartbeat.

Kendra McCall


Initially, I wasn't sure I wanted a doula but as my pregnancy progressed, and I became more educated about the birth process, I decided to get one.  I picked Rosie, and boy am I glad I did!  From our first sit-down together both my husband and I felt completely comfortable with her.  Rosie gives off this warm, maternal energy that puts you right at ease.  She made herself completely accessible to us and was ready to go (and enthusiastic!) when I called her over to our home in the wee hours during my early labor.  My husband and I took Bradley classes but, being first time parents having a hospital birth, were still a bit overwhelmed with the process.  Rosie was there for both of us.  She always had a new idea  to keep me comfortable and breathing just when I needed it, freeing my husband up to just be there for me.  I labored for over 24 hours and she stuck through it all with us.  When my husband and I had decisions to make she gave her input and helped us have the confidence to make those decisions.  My own mother couldn't be there for the birth but it was great to have a knowledgable female advocate there for me, and my husband, and our beautiful baby boy.  We can't imagine having gone through the experience without Rosie...and she takes AWESOME pictures too! :)

Robert Phoenix


My wife and I were first time parents, with no family in the San Diego area and decided that we could really use a Doula to help us with some late, pre-natal and hands on care, during our delivery.  By the grace of God, we found Rosie. 

We had done everything in our power to ensure that we were going to have the type of birth that we had dreamed of.  From hypnobirthing, to one of the few water birth facilities in North America, we were all set to have a wonderful, alternative birth experience.  Something happened on the way towards achieving our ideal.  My wife couldn't dilate any further after twenty hours of contractions.  We eventually had to scrap our plans to have  water birth and go directly to a hospital.  Rosie was with us, every step of the way, helping us transition from our litttle water bubble world to a regular hospital, comforting us with our dissapointment.  While the doctors debated as to whether my wife would get a C-section, Rosie, myself and the lead nurse breathed and pushed along with my wife over and over again, as my wife finally dilated enough for doctor to bring our child into the world without the C-section.  Rosie was a great source of strength and provided us with ample experience as we welcomed our little boy.

She was invaluable.

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