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Kayla was an amazing doula to have.  Labor was a lot more relaxed and her comfort ideas are so helpful, for you and your partner. I'm so glad I found Kayla, my labor experience was great because she was apart of it helping me and my family!



Kayla is a great doula. she provides support during and after pregnancy. she offers great advice when you aren't sure or comfortable with something. during postpartum, she comes by to help out with any household chores while you recover, sleep etc.  i would recommend her as a doula. 

Sheena Hill


To: Kayla Roger                                                       From: Sheena Hill & Cyrus Benning                                                                                                         I would like to start by saying i apologize for taking so long to write this testimony about the lovely Kayla Rogers who became my doula late in my pregnancy due to me having to terminate my previous doula who just wasn't available for me.I am so happy that i found kayla she really help me understand what a doula really is and gave me the best experience.It

was everything i could imagine if your looking for a supportive doula to be there for you and a way as if she was family or a good friend she is that person she will make u feel comfortable she is professional and she has a great personality she is all that and more.I am so thankful for her i went into labor at my uncle house she talked to me on the phone and then she also came to my uncle house to help me get through my pain and Contractions.Then she came to Fika Midwifery to help with the water birth She also checked on me and the baby after he was born she was so supportive with me and my fiance while we were going through a difficult time She was so helpful and understanding we truly appreciate her.Thank u so much again for helping us bring are 1st son Kingston Cyrus Benning into the world she was God send to us and we will never forget the wonderful outstanding experience. Thank u again kayla Rogers at Divine Lotus doula ° and God Bless! 



Kayla was with us as both a birth and postpartum doula. My birth went very quickly so Kayla only made it just before baby was born

but it was great to have her at the birth center after the birth. She made sure I had everything I needed and kept are older kids busy so that my husband and I could settle in with baby.

We were in the process of moving after baby was born and Kayla helped unpack and organize things.  Along with helping with general things around the house.  We were better able to enjoy the joyfulness of having a new baby during a stressful time with Kayla's help.

Viki Petrovic


From the day that we met Kayla she has been supportive, encouraging and compassionate. I had many fears and concerns being a first time mom. Would I really be able to have the natural home birth that I have always wanted? Will I be able to tolerate the pain? My anxiety was through the roof. 

Kayla answered all of my questions and concerns before, during and after labor. She assured me that my body was capable of giving birth naturally and no matter what, she would be right by my side to reassure me. In preparing for labor, Kayla provided us with resources and tools for a safe and confident delivery. She became more than our doula, she was now our friend. Someone you could message at all hours of the night with a list of questions and fears that you accumulated throughout the day. She empowered me by normalizing my feelings. I was now physically and emotionally prepared to deliver and meet our baby. 

The night of labor: At 2am my contractions began and by 4am our beautiful baby boy arrived. We did not expect nor plan to have a spontaneous delivery. We were extremely lucky. Kayla arrived before our midwife as her motherly instinct kicked in and knew it was going to a quick labor before I did. Thankfully, Kayla arrived minutes after the delivery of our son. She remained gentle and sweet. Thank you Kayla for being an amazing and loving soul.

Everything was less stressful with you in our corner. Thank you for making this a beautiful experience. We would love for you to be our doula again in the future. 


Ramos Family

Caitlin Boyle Moriarty


Kayla was a wonderful part of the birth team for my third delivery. I did not have a doula for the first two and I am so glad that we had Kayla for the last one! It was a unique situation in that I was a surrogate for my husband's brother and his wife, and Kayla helped us think about the birth plan ahead of time and was particularly helpful for me during labor. She was a calm and encouraging presence and she directed my husband on how to help me by applying pressure to my back as she was applying pressure elsewhere. She also had me breath some lavender essential oils when I was getting overwhelmed and she had my sister in law get cold wash clothes for my forehead, which felt good and involved my SIL in the labor process. My husband and in-laws all commented on how glad they were that Kalya was there during labor. I was also 9 days past due and Kayla was a great support during that hard wait time!!

Sujata Nair


Kayla's support was invaluable to me and my husband. I had a positive, wonderful first-birth experience and couldn't have done it without the support she gave us. I highly recommend Kayla to all birthing moms. The financial investment involved is well worth it in the positivity of the birth experience.

She knew went to step in, and when to stay back and let me and my husband handle labor. She helped us advocate for ourselves and our birthing choices better  because of which we had a positive Hospital Birthing experience. She was also kind enough to help me with my first shower post-baby, for which I was so thankful.

Becca Brauen Sikorski


Kayla was fantastic, I couldn't have done it without her! I had back labor from the very first contraction and Kayla was great with counter pressure to get me through each one. She encouraged me along the way and was a huge part of me being able to give birth to my 10lb 2oz baby boy at home! She is very knowledgeable and provided me with great resources throughout my pregnancy to help me make educated decisions about pregnancy and birth. I absolutely recommend her to any and everyone who is looking for a doula! After our experience with Kayla my husband says, "Even if you don't think you need a doula, get a doula! Totally worth it!"

alyssa kalodimos


Alyssa- I felt comfortable with Kayla even at our first meeting. We had two prepartum meet ups where we discussed my birth plan, various pain management techniques, ways my husband could get involved, and more. During my labor she was a pillar of support for not only myself but for my husband too. She made sure we were taking care of ourselves when sleeping, eating, and staying hydrated were at the backs of our minds. She went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable. Looking back on everything I know we made a very good choice and would gladly have her as my doula again!

Nick-I'm very impressed with the services that Kayla Rogers provided during the course of my wife's pregnancy and birth. Her undaunted dedication to her profession makes her a subject matter expert and somebody that I have trusted with not only the comfort of my wife but myself and our daughter as well. We will be contacting her and her alone for the rest of our pregnancies and we look forward to working with her in the future.

LuLaRoe with Emilee James


Kayla attended the birth of my son. She was very receptive to what I needed, and went out of her way to do what she could to help. She was a huge help before, during and after labor. I would recommend her to any mom looking for a caring, intuitive and knowledgeable Doula.

Lashiree Barnes


Kayla was my doula for the birth of my third son Zion. With my other two children I had just gone to my local OBGYN clinic and received basic prenatal care.  The experience that I received from Kayla was more than I could have imagined.  Her constant and consistent care, availability, and knowledge made this pregnancy for myself as well as my husband, care free.  Although plans changed during the birth,  her attitude never did,  when I was panicked, she was the calming to the storm.  I would 100% recommend her to anyone who is pregnant or planning.

Becca Spaulding


Kayla was my doula for the birth of our first child. It was one of the best decisions we made in regards to his birth! Her constant, gentle support provided great comfort and reassurance to us. My husband and I would 100% recommend her!

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