Nicole Sawyers Todd, CLD, CPPD, HCHD, CHCE, SM Photo

Nicole Sawyers Todd, CLD, CPPD, HCHD, CHCE, SM

Northern Star Doula LLC South NJ + DE + SEPA

Cherry Hill, NJ Service range 60 miles Daytime + Overnight Postpartum & Newborn Care • Holistic Pregnancy & Birth Doula Support • VBAC • Hypnobirth Doula & Instructor • Physiologic Hospital Birth Strategist • New Doula Mentorship!


Birth Fee

$1000 to $2800

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $55

Availability Remarks: Overnight Postpartum Doula + Newborn Care Services in South Jersey, Greater Philly, Lower Bucks, The Main Line, Northern Delaware, and Northeast Maryland. Lover of human babies & fur babies!

Birth Fee

$1000 to $2800

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $55

Birth Doula Experience

8 years and 304 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

8 years and 83 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA) - Certified Labor Doula
  • Hypnobabies - Certified Hypno-Doula

Doula Training

  • CAPPA - Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association, March 2016
  • Hypnobabies, April 2018
  • HypnoBirthing, October 2023

Type of practice: Other

Clients per month: 3 births and 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Lifecycle WomanCare Bryn Mawr, Virtua Birth & Wellness Center and DE Birth Center – TENS UNITS AVAILABLE

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
10% discount for those planning a home birth in Philly/South Jersey. (Student midwife currently) TENS UNITS AVAILABLE

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Birth pool rental
  • Childbirth education services
  • Hypnosis for birth
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Miscarriage support
  • Monitrice services
  • Newborn care and parenting classes
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Pelvic floor health education & support
  • Photography - Birth
  • Prenatal & postpartum fitness services
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Sleep support consulting
  • Special Services
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Office of Health Equity Subcommittee for Postpartum Mood Disorders, Philadelphia Birthworkers United, PA Doula and Perinatal CHW Advisory Group, Doula Mentorship and Hospital Birth Advocacy, discounted services for low income families

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

***PLEASE INQUIRE THROUGH THE WEBSITE CONTACT FORM OTHERWISE YOUR MESSAGE MAY GET LOST IN SPAM***** Custom Birth & Postpartum Doula + Newborn Care packages that fit your family’s specific needs. Payment Plans. HSA/FSA. Secure your support at a discount, working with newly trained qualified Doulas!

Service Area

Cherry Hill, NJ Service range 60 miles Daytime + Overnight Postpartum & Newborn Care • Holistic Pregnancy & Birth Doula Support • VBAC • Hypnobirth Doula & Instructor • Physiologic Hospital Birth Strategist • New Doula Mentorship!

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Client Testimonials for Nicole Sawyers Todd, CLD, CPPD, HCHD, CHCE, SM

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Karsten Chu


What an absolutely amazing experience. As first time parents, Nicole provided amazing emotional, physical and technical support throughout the entire process. Great knowledge up front, prior to going into labor, great support for my wife as she raised questions here and there, and absolutely game changing support when my wife went into labor.

All the stuff you learn in baby class prior, you'll forget during labor and Nicole brings all that to the table in real time, allowing my wife the most comfort possible as she attempted an all natural child birth. Her years and years of experience show during the hours she spends with you throughout the entire process and her expertise is only enhanced by her natural empathy and commitment to the care and comfort of her clients.

I was extremely disappointed with some of the apathy I felt from the doctors and some of the nurses during our time in the hospital. Nicole brought the caring I would have expected and was the best decision we've made for our pregnancy. If you're questioning whether to hire a doula, stop and just hire her. You will NOT regret it.



We have had the pleasure of nicole be our doula for all three of our births now. She tells me I could do it without her now, but there is something in me that doesn’t think I could. The energy, support, and positivity that nicole brings to a room is incredible. Nicole allows birth to feel safe, natural, and comfortable. She shows up and answers her phone no matter the time. She is always there for you, through the laughs and the cries. She provides an outmost of information to answer any questions and will always give an honest outlook. Nicole’s become a part of our family. One of those people you don’t have to talk to everyday but you share a social bond and know they’ll always be there for you. She will forever be a huge part of all our birth stories, and we truly can’t ever thank her enough.

Lindsay Avery


Where do I start?! From the first phone call, I knew I had to have Nicole on my team to prepare for my 2nd birth. She is confident and knowledgeable and clearly dedicated to providing exceptional support. This is demonstrated by the wealth of resources organized on the client portal and through discussions leading up to the big day. I never felt dismissed and benefited greatly from honest evidence-based answers to all of my questions. From the moment labor began, she provided the calm and encouragement we needed to bring our baby into this world. She also made sure the medical team understood our preferences, which was essential to achieving our desired birthing atmosphere. I will recommend her to all expecting parents in the area. She delivered on all promises and I am forever grateful

Drew Huelster


As a new father, I was extremely comforted in the company of Nicole throughout our birthing process. Her knowledge was well displayed in our home experience and even through having to transfer to hospital at 2am, she showed up and even offered to bring us the meal of our choice the next morning! She stayed and worked with me and my partner in the delivery room over a 36 hour period and although it wasn't the birth that we planned, Nicole was an essential in hindsight. We were very thankful she was there, and for her extensive knowledge to guide us through minor complications when we were exhausted and had to make decisions aligning with what we had previously discussed in our birth plan. 10 out of 10, would highly recommend Nicole for any new or growing family's birthing process!

Angela Tanner


I highly recommend Nicole! We hired her as a postpartum doula for the first couple weeks home. She is knowledgeable, kind and supportive. Her presence and constant support made the early days of parenthood feel more manageable. Whenever I needed Nicole she was there with advice and helpful tips to help navigate challenging times.

Kathryn Timon


Nicole was amazing! I had the most wonderful home birth experience and Nicole was a huge reason it was such a success. She provided a calm presence and never left my side. She literally has the most calming voice of anyone I know! She knew exactly what body massages I needed during certain parts of the labor to make it more tolerable. This was my first baby and my active labor was relatively short - I really believe Nicole had a huge part in that because I was able to remain calm and relaxed the whole time knowing I had her by my side. Nicole is so intuitive with exactly what you need during labor, whether you need her to stay by your side the whole time, need a cheerleader, or need some space, somehow she knows exactly what to do in each moment!

Nicole truly appreciates how personal and special the labor/birth experience is and doesn’t take for granted the fact that you are sharing that very special moment of your life with her. She loves what she does and you can really feel it!

Nicole also provides so many helpful resources during the course of your pregnancy. She really makes you feel empowered to be able to have the birth experience you want - whether it’s a home birth, hospital birth, etc. She is always available to answer questions.

After the birth I had some anxiety and Nicole was always available to talk to me on the phone and provide emotional support. She made me feel like I wasn’t alone and normalized a lot of what I was feeling.

I couldn’t recommend Nicole enough - she is absolutely amazing!

Ashlee Grayson


I want to start my saying Nicole was everything we didn't know we needed. From beginning to end she showed so much support and care over my pregnancy and even during the birth. Whenever I had a question or concern she took the time to send resources and talk to my husband and I about the information she shared. During labor she was not there only for me but also made sure my husband was able to eat and rest. And when things became tense she kept us all calm. I really do not think we would have had such a positive experience without her. She really is amazing at what she does and we are so greatful for her. 



Nicole was nothing short of a miracle.  We found her through a thorough search for in our area filled with the exhaustion of a newborn and the fear and apprehension about working with a postpartum doula, and then as luck would have it she was also referred to us by others as well.  She was kind, patient, knowledgeable, trustworthy, responsive, puntual, attentive and overall wonderful to work with in easing our exhausted worries and fears.  She tailored her approach to our family's needs and provided heartfelt and insightful guidance.  If you're looking for a doula, look absoluely no further, and if you're not looking for a doula, you still need and want to work with Nicole Sawyers Todd anyway!  We have had no considerations about having another baby that didn't include "Well, we would have to bring back Nicole!"

Rachel Dobkin


Nicole was an incredible resource during my unexpectedly fast and intense precipitous first labor (8 hours from start to finish!). She advised us to call the midwife and rushed to our house at 1:30am, driving us to the birth center, which was not the plan. She stayed with me the entire time and made me feel safe and supported. If it wasn't for her, we may not have gotten there in time. Before labor, her communication and preparation was great: I felt I was heard and my needs were taken into account. I felt strong, affirmed and in control. My partner felt comfortable with her, too. After the birth, Nicole struck the right tone between being present but not hovering and even dashed out to get us food (at 4am!). Her photos from the labor are fantastic. Nicole, I am so grateful you guided me through my birth experience. Your love for and commitment to serving parents through childbirth is palpable. Thank you!



I was referred to Nicole from a highly trusted doula, who noted Nicole's expertise in movement and VBAC. On paper Nicole seemed like a perfect match for my birth goals. I quickly felt confident that Nicole was the right fit to help me prepare for my second birth. Despite the pandemic creating distance, it was easy to communicate with Nicole and regularly connect about any questions, concerns and preparations. My husband and I had zoom sessions with her leading up to the final weeks of pregnancy. She introduced me to Hypnobabies and was an incredibly positive and informative resource as I focused on HB preparation. She answered all questions with evidence based responses and really emphasized the importance of me listening to my own body. I appreciated the birthing rehearsal that we did in my home where she provided us with various strategies which all fit into the HB model. My husband and I both felt confident about ways to focus on birthing timing. When the time came, Nicole was calming over the phone in the middle of the night and helped guide us in making decisions based on my ability to listen to my body. Due to COVID precautions, she wasn't allowed into our room until my COVID test returned negative and throughout the (more than 2 hour!) wait - she provided perfect support to my husband via text so that he could help me advocate for my preferences to all medical staff. When she came in, she quickly adjusted lighting and noise in the room and effectively worked with the medical staff so that she, my husband and I could focus on my birthing time. Her suggestions of movement and positioning were invaluable. She held space for concerns while redirecting my attention to my strength and abilities. I know that working with Nicole helped me achieve my pregnancy and birthing goals and I highly recommend working with her. It's amazing how she can have such an incredibly powerful impact without taking up much space in the room. I am forever grateful to Nicole!!

Casey Borawski


I highly recommend hiring Nicole as your Doula. After having had a traumatic, unplanned c-section with my 1st child a few years ago, I had my heart set on a VBAC with my 2nd child. With my 1st, there was so much that I felt I didn’t know or hadn’t been told about pregnancy and birth, so I wanted to work with someone who was knowledgeable, could support me and gently guide me to my goal. My husband and I firmly believe that having Nicole as our Doula was the reason for my successful VBAC. From her extensive knowledge of the pelvis to her advocacy on my behalf in the delivery room (I didn’t know I was allowed to take a break from pushing in active labor, and it really helped!!), Nicole was an amazing resource and a nurturing presence before, during, and after the birth of my son. She made me feel safe and taken care of while in my most vulnerable state. I cannot stress that enough. Work with Nicole, it will make all the difference in your pregnancy/birth experience. 

Kim D.


Nicole was our doula for our VBAC in December 2020. After a difficult labor and emergency c-section with our first, we knew we wanted to try for a VBAC and hire a doula for our second baby and we are so happy we did. 

Due to covid-19, we met Nicole the first few times over zoom. Even through virtual meetings, we still felt like we really got to know Nicole. We also found all of the information she gave us to be very helpful for our eventual labor and delivery. 

I ended up needing to be induced and Nicole talked us through the process and joined us in the hospital once things progressed. She continually gave us a sense of calm and also the knowledge to continue to move things along. I was able to have a successful VBAC and I am so thankful we were able to have Nicole as our doula. I would absolutely, wholeheartedly recommend Nicole to anyone having a baby! 

Hanna V.


Nicole was our doula for the birth of our first baby in late October 2020. Her knowledge and guidance during pregnancy and as we prepared for labor and birth were exactly what we needed. She was incredibly compassionate and intuitive about our needs and desires, both as the birthing person and the birth partner. She takes an evidence-based approach to pregnancy and birth and is full of interesting facts and stories about all the possible ways they might unfold for different people.

When I was several days past my due date, Nicole came over to our house to talk about natural ways to jump-start labor so I wouldn't end up needing to have a hospital induction and could deliver at The Birth Center as planned. She helped me through some Spinning Babies moves and did acupressure for labor induction on me. My water broke and labor started 4 hours after she left! During labor and delivery she was such a calm, comforting presence. She was incredible at reading my body language as to what sort of support and comfort measures I needed throughout the process. After our baby was born, Nicole stayed with us for a few hours making sure we had everything we needed and were comfortable. A few weeks later, she met with us virtually (she offered to meet in person or virtual - our choice) to chat about how the birth had gone, see how parenthood was going, and how we were all doing in general.

Throughout the whole process, Nicole was super responsive and available to answer all our questions and address our concerns. We're so happy we had her as part of our birth team!

Monica King


Nicole was a phenomenal doula who exceeded all of my expectations! She played an instrumental role in helping me achieve an incredibly positive birth experience at Lifecycle Womancare. Throughout our discussions during my pregnancy, she gave me the confidence to actually look forward to birth and overcome some of the fears I had as a first time mom. She often did so by sharing her wealth of knowledge in evidence based research around pregnancy and birth.

During our conversations, it also became clear that Nicole knows the ins and outs of how the local hospitals and birth center operate and who the main healthcare providers are. Her experience and savviness in navigating these institutions ultimately helped her be a more effective advocate and support person during labor.

One of the things I really valued about Nicole is simply the immediate sense of calm and peace I felt in her presence. During some of the more intense moments of my labor, she often didn’t have to say much to help me stay calm and relaxed and give me the motivation to keep going. As a result, my labor progressed quickly, and I was able to have a birth experience that completely aligned with my “hopes and dreams” (birth plan).

I’m so thankful that I found Nicole to be my doula. Her unwavering support during this significant milestone in my life and in this especially difficult year (2020) was truly invaluable.



Nichole was my doula for my VBA2C. I found her to be sincere, caring, knowledgeable, and supportive. Even when hospital staff pressured her to go against my wishes, she stayed firm and respectfully insisted that she was there strictly to support me. Nichole was able to help me with knowledge about what was normal or not about birth, giving me tools to help my labor go smoothly, providing comfort measures during my 26 hour long labor, and helping me find the confidence to finally have the birth of my dreams. Because of her support my birth plan was followed almost to a T. If you are considering hiring a doula, and you want someone who will make sure that she does everything in her power to help you get the birth you desire, then i would highly recommend Nicole. 



I was 32 weeks pregnant and I really wanted a doula. I had just two phone numbers to call. I called Nicole first and boy am I glad because she ended up becoming a wealth of knowledge and a great friend. We hit it off immediately and I knew it was going to be great. Despite limitations put forth by the covid19 pandemic, Nicole made every effort to ease both mine and my husband's minds. We met multiple times through virtual means and she and I texted often. Although she wasn't able to attend my birth due to hospital restrictions, she was a monumental help to us by way of the phone, where she coached my husband on how to best help me through my labor. I'm grateful to her for that. We also had a wonderful visit after the baby and I were home. With all of my new mom raging hormones swirling around, it was a blessing to have her to talk to. 

Amit & Amanda


Nicole is a wonderful doula.  My wife and I were both nervous about our first experience with pregnancy, labor, and delivery, and Nicole was a wonderful source of support for us throughout the journey.  She was always very responsive to our messages and frequently checked in with us to see if there was anything more she could do. It was also so nice to have Nicole walk us through our options in terms of birth preferences, so that we knew what to advocate for once we were in the hospital.  Especially for me, Nicole was super helpful in teaching me about the various positions and techniques I could use to help my wife through labor and delivery.  When COVID precautions in hospitals prevented Nicole from joining us in the delivery room, she made sure she was available to us by phone, FaceTime, etc. the whole time, and her calm presence (even by phone) was incredibly useful for my wife.  Nicole even knew from hearing my wife describe her experience that she was further along in the labor process than the hospital providers thought -- and she was right!  Overall, we can definitively say that having a doula throughout the pregnancy was a great decision which we absolutely recommend to anyone.  In fact, our good friend has already hired Nicole for her second pregnancy!



Nicole was an AMAZING doula! She gave me the confidence and support I needed for an amazing birth experience.  It was so helpful to bounce ideas off of her throughout my pregnancy about everything from providers to birth plans and she was super knowledgeable about all things related to birth.  When my water broke, she was the first person I called to get advice.  During the birth, she was just a very calming presence and I appreciated her low-key demeanor.  After the birth, her role became critical as I had some complications.  I was so grateful to have her support as the doctors, midwives, and nurses were in and out of the room.  Her constant unwavering presence during that time was critical in keeping me calm and helping me to recover from the birth.  She literally held my hand while my husband held our son in the first hours of his life and I am forever grateful for that.  She was even sweet enough to go get me a Wawa hoagie (my pregnancy craving) to have as my first meal after giving birth.  Most importantly, I always felt that she had my best interest at heart.  This was exactly the support I needed to have the confidence and strength to achieve my VBAC.  Northern Star Doula is the perfect name because Nicole was truly a guiding light throughout my pregnancy and birth.  I would highly recommend her services!

Ronit Tarshish


Nicole was a fantastic doula! Warm, caring, knowledgeable, and strong; she made me feel confident and gave me strength when I was nervous. This was my first birth and having her to lean on was fantastic. I really felt like she was a friend who was there for me any time. She answered so many questions before and after the birth as well- She went above and beyond! Best experience!!!

Nicole Frankhouser


Nicole offered great support throughout our whole pregnancy.  She was responsive, knowledgeable, and supportive to all of our needs.  Her preparation sessions were particularly helpful preparing us for birth and how to ensure our birth plan was properly communicated and followed by our care team.



I recently had my first child and I always knew I wanted the support of a birth doula as I was nervous about the birth process (and there is encouraging research about birth outcomes when a doula is involved). I did all I could to prepare with books, classes, and podcasts, however having nicole as support through birth and leading up to birth for both me and my husband (and my extremely anxious mother who was at the hospital with us) was truly invaluable. She met with us multiple times to discuss birth preferences, create a plan and discuss options / scenarios that I was curious and nervous about. She worked with us to prepare for birth by going over and practicing labor and birthing positions and other techniques to help with the baby’s positioning for birth. When my due date came and went nicole was there to support my rising anxiety and discomfort by providing extra support and unbiased information during that time leading up to an induction at 42 weeks. Overall I cannot say enough about how helpful it was to have Nicole and we highly recommend her for all of your birth/postpartum doula needs.



Nicole was a wonderful addition to my birth team. I wanted to give birth without using an epidural, and I was induced, and a VBAC. Nicole supported me through all that. She not only lead me through position changes during active labor (despite my growing resistance to movement), but was willing to help communicate with nurses after shift changes, giving them my birth plan and posting it on the door so I felt heard during a vulnerable time. She helped communicate "the energy in the room" that I hoped to have so I could focus on my part. She was also very reliable and was there for me when I needed her.

I will probably seek Nicole out if I have another baby. Nicole is not judgemental, and supports your vision for your birth.

If I were to do one thing differently, I would probably have spared her the early labor/waiting for induction sooner. I asked her to come for the induction and she came right away, but she probably didn't need to be there after they got me set up. I asked her to get some rest while I did, eventually, and called her when things picked up, and she was there right away. I wish I cut her loose earlier, but she was too polite to suggest that.




Krista Khare


Nicole was my postpartum doula for 5 nights after the birth of my first child. She was a tremendous support to me, especially in the middle of the night a few nights when I was extremely frustrated with breastfeeding and working through latch issues. Even though she's not a lactation consultant, Nicole is quite knowledgeable in this area and she was was very reassuring, comforting me with technique suggestions and emotional support. My son was also congested one night and was too fussy to sleep laying down, so she held him to sleep so that I could also sleep at the same time - what a gift, especially in those first few nights home from the hospital! Working with Northern Star Doula was well worth every penny. I highly recommend Nicole for postpartum support. 



I was skeptical, at first, about whether or not hiring a doula was worth the investment; your typical dad-to-be just wanting to give my girlfriend whatever she wanted in order to feel as comfortable as possible. After all, I wasn't the one having to carry our child for nine months. Needless to say, having now gone through the childbirth experience with Nicole there by our side, I don't think I could have done it without her, and her services were easily worth double the amount we paid. I could not have fathomed the level of intensity this experience was going to bring our way. Throughout it all, Nicole was there to not only support my girlfriend, but to also support me and help me be a better help to her as well. She gave us so much helpful information leading up to the birth of our son so that we felt confident taking the leap into parenthood. The birthing experience was unforgettable, and she truly made what could have been a chaotic situation as calm and smooth as possible. Anytime I didn't know what to do or how to help my girlfriend, Nicole was there to offer extremely helpful suggestions in order to make her feel as comfortable as possible throughout the laboring process. I highly recommed her services, and I've already suggested to friends of ours who are pregnant to look into hiring a doula because of the amazing experience we had with Nicole. She's extremely knowledgable and presents everything in the most down-to-earth way possible. By the end she honestly felt like a friend we'd had for years. Can't wait to give her a call again when it's time for baby number two! Thanks for everything, Nicole! 

Kristen Hofmann


A friend recommended that we work with a doula, and I’m so happy that we did and that we worked with Nicole.  Nicole is passionate about birth, and brings a quiet steadiness to the process from pregnancy to delivery.  Nicole taught us so much about the pregnancy and delivery process, and introduced me to practices and practitioners that I continue to this day.  Nicole helped me find my voice to explain how I would prefer my delivery to progress; and, when circumstances meant that my delivery was a little different than expected, she helped my husband and me not only navigate the decisions but also maintain the peaceful environment that I so craved. She has been an amazing sounding board in the post-partum period, and knowing she is only a phone call or email away brings me peace.   

Miriam John


During our first consult with Nicole we knew immediately that she was the right fit for us. It was evident that she was passionate about her work, extremely knowledgeable and straightforward. Nicole listened to all our concerns about the birthing process and answered our questions clearly. During our prenatal visits, she educated us on exercises, positioning /posture in the third trimester, rebozo techniques and some natural remedies for issues such as heartburn etc. Most importantly, she taught us how to advocate for ourselves, ask the right questions to our providers, and navigate the system during the prenatal period and through the birthing process. This put us in the right frame of mind even before the actual time of birth.I had an unusually long labor considering that this was my second child. Throughout it all, Nicole coached me through the breathing techniques, exercises and positioning to encourage labor to progress faster. My husband was also able to assist me with confidence because of all the education and coaching Nicole had provided us beforehand. It was physically the hardest thing I had ever had to do but also exhilarating and I was able to do it because Nicole supported and cheered me on in the most calm and poised way!  She continued to support us during the first few weeks post-partum,by checking in with us and through a post-natal visit. During this time she made recommendations for breast feeding, appropriate exercise/activity, post-natal foods and even gave us some tips on helping our toddler adjust to the baby.We had been praying for the right doula to support us and Nicole was truly a God send. I highly recommend her. She was instrumental in helping us achieve the natural birthing experience I had always hoped for!


Jillian G.


Having the support of doula Nicole Sawyers Todd during my pre-natal, peri-natal, and post partum months was such a blessing!Nicole came to my house three times before my delivery to learn about my lifestyle and birth preferences, offer advice, make suggestions for labor preparation, and calm my new-mom nerves. Her pre-natal tips were invaluable, and I greatly appreciate that she incorporated my husband in the teaching. I felt supported and very prepared leading up to delivery. When labor began Nicole was by my side, giving me the strength I needed to endure labor. She provided physical support and pain relief through touch and massage, acted as a liason between myself and the medical staff, helped me stay focused during times of mental stress, and continuously encouraged me with her reassuring words. Her personality is perfectly matched to her calling - she is positive, caring, calming, and makes others feel empowered even at the most stressful of times. Her interaction with my husband during the labor process was wonderful. She allowed time for the two of us to work through contractions together and stepped in to give him advice on ways to comfort me when he needed ideas or reassurance. Following the delivery of my daughter, Nicole stayed with me to help initiate breast feeding and answer the many questions I had. She texted and emailed me in the weeks following my delivery and gave me advice, literature, and reassurance on breastfeeding and newborn care. I truly don't know if I could have made it through delivery without Nicole. She was an invaluable resource and support person during such a unique and stressful time. She is absolutely wonderful and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking doula support services!

Kristin Powell


Nicole was an absolutely amazing doula from prep to delivery. She sent us resources and recommendations and helped us explore all our options. Stayed up with us all night through 25 hours of labor and kept us in good spirits through everything birth through at us. Nicole has become a good friend. I would recommend her to any of my friends and if we decide to have another, we would definitely use her again.

Nicole Roselli


I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her and have her be a part of our birth story.  Nicole’s constant support through texts and emails in the early months to helped ensure I was in the best shape physically and mentally was so helpful.  I was able to use many techniques, poses, and dietary suggestions that she shared with me (with evidence based resources for each).  We also loved the home visits we had with her prior to my labor.  When I was unexpectedly sent to triage and induced Nicole helped explain what to expect the entire time.  She supported me through each contraction and made me feel safe and calm which is what I needed.  I cannot imagine going through this pregnancy, delivery and and postpartum without her.  Words cannot express the gratitude I feel at what she was able to give to myself and my family. 

Kimberly Russo


Nicole is absolutely phenomonal! As a first time mom, I knew from the beginning I wanted a doula for birth, but never realized the true impact they could have. After meeting Nicole for the first time, I looked at my boyfriend and said, "I don't think I can do this without her." We felt an instant connection with Nicole as she is extremely knowledgable, honest, and dependable. As having a natural birth, she exceed all of my expectations and I can't wait to have her for potential future births. She provided us with reliable information, helpful acitivites, and always answered any of our questions. She was never judgmental, but most importantly she supported us in any decision we made. To trust a stranger with one of the most important experiences of your life is absolutely terrifying, but Nicole made this so easy. It is amazing to look back and see how a stranger from the beginning turns into someone so meangingful. We can't say enough good things about Nicole. I felt like she was my number one fan and everyone needs a Nicole!! We are so lucky to be able to cherish our wonderful birth experience and memories forever. 



Having Nicole join our journey into parenthood was the best decision we’ve ever made. She was incredibly generous with her time and sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience of birthing throughout. The greatest thing as a father about having Nicole was that she was my rock and supported me so that I could be there for my wife. I was so happy to see her when we first arrived at the hospital because she lifted a massive amount of emotional stress off of me almost instantly due to her energy, proactive caring for my wife and distilling the whole process into positive reassuring messages. Nicole is extremely calm, open, respectful, empathetic, light hearted and down to earth. We couldn’t have been happier to share such a significant life event with her and she will be forever near and dear to our hearts as a result.



Nicole is a truly exceptional doula. For a newcomer in Philadelphia like myself with no family or friends around, it was necessary to find a bit more support than my slightly overwhelmed husband... I met with a few doulas, but after talking to Nicole, I knew she was on a whole different level of doula dedication and professionalism!

She's extremely knowledgeable when it comes to pregnancy, childbirth and childcare, but also respectful - whatever type of birth you're planning to have, she'll support you in it 100%! I was hoping to do a hypnobaby birth, but the circumstances of my early labour made me change my mind towards an epidural and she was able to switch to a completely different birth plan immediately without any issues or judgement. She supported me with strength and compassion through a very emotional time, when I was feeling extremely fragile.

I was really grateful for the help she offered both, me and my husband (through pregnancy all the way to postpartum), advice on anything I struggled with (from family to probiotics) and her calm, kind energy. In situations when anyone I know would get frustrated or angry, Nicole stayed calm, respectful and supportive. She's also amazing with children - a real baby whisperer!

She's a true gem and will offer you as a new mom more than you expected every time. 


Adam Pardes


Can't say enough about what a great experience we had with Nicole. As a first time parent, it was great to be able to encourage my wife 'Text Nicole!' when she was feeling something new or uncomfortable, since I didn't have the answers but knew we had someone much more experienced by our side as a resource. Leading up to birthing, Nicole was a great balance between non-intrusive and also persistent in reaching out to me and my wife as appropriate to remind us she was available for support, offering tips, and answering questions. The birth itself was a whirlwind and marathon that took us far off our initial preferences but was manageable thanks to Nicole's support throughout a long few days. She encouraged us to take time to make decisions, went through alternatives and pros/cons with us, and ultimately remained positive about whatever we decided. My wife experienced about 15 hours of back labor and without Nicole's expert counterpressure, we surely would have had a very different experience and likely a c-section rather than the vaginal delivery we really wanted. I'm very thankful to Nicole for making what was a very challenging birth into a very positive memory for my family because of her help. Highly, highly recommend!

Nolan Pierce


I was skeptical when my wife started talking to me about getting a doula. I didn’t know what they would do or how much they could really help. But thank God we chose Nicole! She is the greatest. Fun, incredibly knowledgeable, easy to work with. Our first birth was rough - 35+ hrs of labor, NICU, blood transfusions, etc. But Nicole helped my wife prep for labor and make sure she was in the right head space and that baby was in the right position and this labor was less than three hours. Nicole was the one talking us through our race to the hospital as stressful as that was, and she was the one who met us at the there with a wheelchair and got us up to the room on time. She gave us plenty of time and attention throughout and after the whole process and educated us along the way. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone and we will be using her again next time!



From our prenatal visits through postpartum, Nicole was extremely knowledgable, kind, and supportive. She brings a calming and friendly presence to the room, which is so important from pregnancy all the way through childbirth. My first birth (not with Nicole) was very traumatic and had caused some PTSD. I wasn’t sure if I should try to give birth naturally, or go with a cesarean, as it had been suggested to me. Nicole weighed the options with us and helped us to process the decision. The main reason I chose to try for a natural birth was because of how much confidence Nicole instilled in me as we met together. I left our visits feeling very prepared and excited to give birth again. Our second birth (with Nicole) was absolutely amazing! She was the reason we made it to the hospital on time (it was a quick labor, which I attribute to the Rebozo she gave us!), she helped us to stay calm, she was a constant encourager and support for both my husband and I, talking me through every contraction and coaching us both through the entire experience. I will absolutely be hiring Nicole for our next birth, she is an irreplaceable part of our birth team! 

Alice Goffman


Our baby was born by c section after three days of intermittent contractions. We got home from the hospital depleted. When I tried to breastfeed we could not latch so I commenced pumping. I got mastitis and then an abscess that required draining by a breast surgeon. I spent weeks on antibiotics, some of which I could barely walk or pick up our baby because I was so sick. 

We hired Nicole. She came at 10pm and left at 6am. In that time our baby never cried. He just got the sleep and bottles he needed. She taught our baby to sleep for long stretches at a time so that I could actually rest. She also gave him genuine love and care when I couldn’t. She showed up on time, cared for our child all night long, and left our house way nicer than it had been. I am in awe of her sleep training and her general baby wisdom. At five weeks our baby was sleeping six hours at a time, now he sometimes goes a full eight. She also taught us about dream feeding. It’s the best! 

Mostly what I appreciated about Nicole was that she genuinely loves babies and knows what they need. When we went to sleep at night we knew that he was happy and looked after and would be rested and calm in the morning. And probably still sleeping!

thanks to Nicole I got the sleep I needed to heal. Our baby got a big dose of love and great sleep training. He is two months old this week and last night slept for a full 8 hours. We are so grateful. 



Thanks to Nicole we had a very positive birth experience. I don’t think I would have been able to do a natural birth without her support. I highly recommend Nicole. Here are the top three reasons why:

1) Home visits to prepare for birth - very educational and helpful! I learned a lot including exercises to prepare for the big day, what to expect on that day from doctors, nurses and midwife and how to advocate for myself. My husband and mom also felt more at ease. I felt good knowing that we were preparing them as well.

2) Techniques and coaching to help progress labor and delivery - 12 hours after my water broke, I was stuck at 5 cm. After 2 hours of special exercises with Nicole intended to help me progress, I reached 7cm and avoided pitocin (which I was told I’d have to use if I didn’t start making progress) Throughout the two hours of delivery, Nicole coached me on the best way to push and provided positive encouragement (eg. “That’s the one. Another one like that. You’re doing great!”) which made all the difference.

3) Comfort techniques - During active labor, I wouldn’t have traded Nicole for a bag of gold! She’s the only reason I stayed calm and in control. Her counter pressure techniques, such as pushing in on my hips, were the only thing that provided comfort and the only reason I made it through without an epidural. Even though my husband had learned this same technique, he often did not apply enough pressure. He eventually got the hang of it.

After hearing what a difference she made in my birth, my cousin and sister, who are both expecting babies, will be hiring doulas in their cities. My husband and mom also rave about Nicole. Especially my mom whose own experience giving birth was less than stellar. Hiring Nicole is an investment in yourself that you won’t regret making! 

Keith G


From a dads perspective I can honestly say that I think Nicole was sent here from the heavens above to help us guys get through this with our wives. Our little guy is now celebrating his 7th day here with us and it’s because of Nicole’s wisdom and calming personality that my wife kept her cool. Every home visit I asked a million questions and Nicole had clear and concise responses. Nicole has so many birthing tips and tricks to ensure that my wife was as comfortable as possible given the intensity of her birth. My wife decided to go the natural birth route and many times throughout she did not know if she could get through it, but again it was due to Nicole’s zen like peacefulness and step by step instruction/hands on help that kept my wife strong and able to deliver our boy. Of course I was there as well to help and Nicole helped me know how to be of best assistance. We felt so confident knowing she was in the room with us and was able to alleviate concerns. For example when my wife was not making progress with her dilation Nicole knew exactly what exercises to do to help her progress. All you guys need to know is hire Nicole. She is worth every penny. Anyone can get all the training certificates needed to be a doula, but really it’s Nicoles whole unique philosophy/approach and incredible knowledge that sets her apart from the others. Thank you again Nicole for everything you have given our family.

Diana Schimmel Avena


I was referred to Nicole by my good friend and business partner who has worked with her during the birth of her daughter. From the moment I first spoke to Nicole I knew I wanted her on my team. As a first time mom, I wasn’t sure what to expect and could only ask my doctor so much. Nicole has a vast knowledge of pregnancy, labor and birth that gave me confidence. She made herself available to me as a valuable resource that was so helpful when I needed it most. She had a quiet strength during my labor that empowered me. She knew how to read my cues and tailor her support to fit my experience. She was never pushy or overbearing. She was the perfect balance of offering what I needed but being assertive enough to make me feel like she had a firm grasp on the situation. She was wonderful managing my husband and making him feel useful and supportive as well. The nurses and midwife all complimented her! I would 1000% recommend her to others. 

Rachel K


Nicole was an amazing postpartum doula for my fraternal twin boys.  She worked with our family for 6 months.  From the first time we met Nicole, we knew she was going to be a great fit for our family.  She has a very caring, calming personality and is extremely knowledgeable about infant sleep patterns and needs.  We completely trusted her to take care of our boys from day one.  Nicole was a great support for me as a new mom.  Nicole understands the challenges of new motherhood, especially related to sleep.  Our twins were born 2 months early and spent time in the NICU.  When Nicole started working with us, our boys were still waking to eat 3 or 4 times per night.  Now at 8.5 months old, our boys are sleeping 11 hours straight with no overnight feeds.  Nicole provided amazing guidance in helping us to drop overnight feeds.  She was always available via text to discuss daily schedules of feedings and naps.  It was important for us to find a postpartum doula with twin experience.  Fraternal twins come with their own set of challenges, and Nicole was great about catering to the needs of both of our boys.  I would recommend Nicole in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a postpartum doula, but I would especially recommend her for parents of multiples.  We are going to miss Nicole, because she was a big part of our lives for the past 6 months.  

Laura Harris


Referred to me by my birth doula, Nicole swooped in during a very hard time and saved the day. Initially, Nicole worked with us overnights caring for our premie twins. They were too small and immature to be able to breastfeed, so she would give them bottles and I could just focus on pumping and my husband could sleep. However, as time went on Nicole really became a mama mentor that I could rely on. She cheered me on during the four month struggle to get my premie twins to latch, switched her schedule around so she was primarily around in the morning to practice breastfeeding, and then again when we needed help for bedtime during an awful sleep regression. Nicole is caring, flexible, and knowledgable. It was a great relief to wake up and find clothes impeccably folded and bottles washed. It was really hard to make the decision to stop scheduling Nicole, but after 6 months, it was time to let our wonderful post partum doula move on to the next desperate family. My only regret... not hiring her sooner!



Nicole is such a blessing. Right from our first meeting I could tell she was knowledgeable and genuinely cares about the families she works with. I interviewed many doulas and she was absolutely the best choice. She guided me through the difficult decision to change my care provider at 7 months pregnant, and at her suggestion I contacted the amazing midwife practice I ended up switching to. She knows her stuff - from gestational diabetes to terrible morning sickness and heartburn, to pelvic and back pain, she shared her knowledge with me during each step of my pregnancy. She emailed often just to check in and make sure I was doing okay. And after birth she came by to check on us multiple times and was a huge help in starting our successful nursing relationship even through a tongue tie, mastitis, colic, and reflux. My only regret is that I didn’t get to have her there for my birth (babe came way too fast and both Nicole and the midwives didn’t make it in time!) because I was really looking forward to that. She’s well versed in helping hypnobabies moms like me, and I have no doubt that she would have been an incredible support during my birthing time if my daughter hadn’t come flying out less than 10 minutes after getting to the hospital. I’m a pretty anxious person and I had a previous birth not go the way I wanted, so Nicole’s compassionate, calming presence was exactly what I needed. I can’t thank her enough.

Angela Locher


Nicole was the best doula we could have asked for.  My goal for my second birth was to VBAC and go into labor on my own.  She did everything in her power to make sure that happened.  She's warm, funny, very knowledgeable and as an added bonus has great taste in music ??.  From suggestions on what to eat and drink to help my body during pregnancy and labor to suggestions for childbirth education classes and how to strengthen my body she  is just top notch.  I had a long labor (38 hrs) and she helped us through it with peace and grace, judgment free, while always offering encouragement . This included massaging my back during every contraction while my husband and I napped because I had back labor and, during the worst of it, just holding me during contractions.  We felt prepared this time around and that is all due to Nicole.  She has been equally wonderful after birth, offering suggestions for breastfeeding, brought me herbal sitz bath packets, taught me how to belly bind, AND brought the best perineal sitting cushion.  She checks in to make sure we are all doing ok.  You do yourself a disfavor if you don't hire her.  They say you form a strong bond when you go through an experience like birth with someone, and they are right . I will never forget her and how she helped us bring our son into the world . I just wish I knew about her when I had my first son.

Victoria Barnes Brown


I just want to start of by saying I don’t know what I would have done without Nicole’s help and guidance through the postpartum period. She supported me after the birth of my daughter this past February. Already having three young children, ages 5, 3 and 21 months, welcoming a new baby was certainly challenging in the early days having so much to do around the house.  I wanted to make sure everyone was taken care of as I recovered from birth, while being able to breastfeed and bond with my newest addition.

Nicole made sure I ate well and remained hydrated.  She got my girls up for the day, fed & dressed them.  She even got the older ones ready for school/pre-k and entertained everyone so I could eat, shower, nurse, and rest with the baby. She tidied up around the house, answered questions, listened to my concerns, encouraged me to take care of myself, and helped me to feel relaxed throughout the entire time she was here. Having her in my home helped me not feel guilty about not taking care of everything myself, as I usually do. It was a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders.

Nicole was a lifesaver!!!  Thinking back, I would‘ve been so frazzled without her. She has a way of making you feel calm and confident. She is also amazing with babies! I would highly recommend Nicole if you’re thinking about a postpartum doula. Let Nicole take the pressure off and allow yourself this special sacred time to bond with your new baby!!!

Chistie Feathers


My experience with Nicole was not typical. I met her as a result of her being my neighbor. My first impression of her was a warm and beautiful soul. When I became pregnant and choose her as my doula, it was not just as a result of the convenience of her being my neighbor, but because her inviting personality and caring heart made me feel secure. She has an inner strength that is not over bearing, but comforting. When it came to educating me about childbirth and and resources I might have needed, Nicole is an invaluable resource. Her primary goal is to empower her clients, which through my birthing experience, I can safely say, she does just that.

I was away in upstate New York for my baby shower, 4 hours away from Philly when I went into labor at 37w4d. Needless to say, I was not prepared to give birth so early, as my instinct throughout pregnancy was that I would deliver past my due date. However, I had been dealing with a great amount of stress as a result of my mother's being hospitalized, which I feel brought about a stress induced labor.

Since I was so far from Philly, Nicole was not able to be with me in person during my labor. Luckily, I had a close friend in Albany who is also a doula and was my surrogate doula. I still called Nicole, and by phone she was able to talk me through my labor when I needed her most. I did not have the best experience with my midwife, and I was able to call Nicole and have her talk to the midwife and help me make sense of what was happening in a moment of concern. She was able to translate the midwife's intentions so that I could pull myself through a difficult scenario.

As a result of Nicole's education and empowerment, and her talking me through my labor by phone call, I was able to have a positive birth experience, depsite being in a situation I was completely unprepared for.

I would recommend Nicole to anyone who is looking for an educated and empowering doula.

Brittany Brittany


To start, I can't say enough good things about this sweet lady. Nicole helped me tremendously in navigating some major decisions that would definitely effect the outcome of my birth experience. I found out that my baby was breech at 37 weeks pregnant and was pressured by my hospital to have a c-section, which I did not want, but thankfully she helped me to understand ALL of my options. She talked me through the different scenarios and helped me to prepare for a procedure that would allow my baby to flip head down so I could achieve a vaginal birth which was an important preference of mine. The procedure went well and I was able to have a wonderful, natural birth that I will always remember very fondly. I thank Nicole for her patience as I asked question after question, her sweet motherly nature in guiding me as a first time mom, and the way she really gives every mother confidence in choosing what is right for THEM and their baby. I do credit my wonderful birth and even post-partum experience to her and her wisdom. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a Birth Doula!

Sarah Heim


Nicole was a tremendous support to my wife and me as we prepared for my delivery and during labor. Her knowledge of both conventional and complementary medicine was exactly what we needed, and her warm presence put us at ease immediately. She helped us plan and practice for decision-making we might face during labor, and set out what our most important requests for the birth team would be. During labor, her expertise in positioning was tremendously helpful and I think helped me avoid a c-section when the baby was having trouble getting around my pelvic arch.

I would recommend Nicole to any expectant parents, but I can particularly vouch for her understanding and support of queer families.

Melinda Previtera


Nicole was such an amazing doula. She is the perfect combination of soothing, reliable, and mostly importantly, an advocate when you are in the trenches. I was lucky to have her in my corner during my birth experience, especially after three hours of pushing and feeling dejected. Luckily Nicole was there to encourage me in a way that resulted in a successful vagina birth. She is incredibly caring and encouraging, always supporting you in your birth plan. I would recommend her to anyone!

Alicia Ferri


Thanks to Nicole, I was able to have the delivery I always imagined. I hired her for my second child after meeting with several doulas in my area. Nicole is the best mix of professional and personal with a deep well of knowledge on the subject of pregnancy, labor and delivery. Thanks to her I was able to overcome my trauma and fear from my first birthing experience, and deliver at a hospital without pain remediation or any more interference other than being induced. With her coaching, I had a better idea of the process in hospital and a stronger backbone to defend myself against unnecessary procedures (as long as the baby was happy). Nicole also was a great support when I had questions about various pregnancy pains and how to naturally resolve them long before delivery. I highly recommend her if you're looking for a doula.

Caley O'Brien Turtz


I will try and put into words how much Nicole has positively impacted my life as well as my husband’s. With every meeting with her our confidence in the birth process grew. After every prenatal appointment we would brief and she would give me evidence based information on what I had concerns or questions about.
Nicole not only served as my counselor but as a friend that also went through birth several times and trusts the process. Fast forward to my birth which was 5 weeks ago, she was the presence in the room that kept me and my husband strong in our decisions. Nicole also kept my husband company and made sure he was okay during my long labor. I thought I would want their help with pain management, turns out when I birth I don’t want anyone touching me. They both stood by my side the whole time and protected me. When I felt uncomfortable with someone or something she made sure I had support either with her words or body language. Immediately after my son was born everything/everyone was moving so quickly, Nicole quietly watched and made sure that we were all okay.During our postpartum meeting we went over what happened and she told us what she saw and heard. It was so helpful to hear her perspective. I don’t know if we would have remained loyal to our birth plan if it weren’t for her being there.I would highly recommend Nicole to a birthing couple or birthing person who is looking for a doula who understands the birthing process, trusts it, and gives evidence based information. After our birth with Nicole she is forever imprinted on our lives and we still communicate on a regular basis. Our son will know that during his birth he had a birth angel watching over him and his parents.

Sheara Young


Following the birth or our son 5/3/18, Nicole provided post-partum services to our family.  She was everything you could ever want in a doula: warm, knowledgeable about newborn care, reliable, and communicative.  She has great intuition when it comes to postpartum care and often anticipates what you want before you are able to articulate your thoughts.  Don’t hesitate to hire Nicole, she is simply the best!

Cheryl Alderman


I am so thankful for Nicole, as a doula as a person.  She is very knowledgeable and comforting, which is exactly what I am looking for in a doula.  During pregnancy, labor, and postpartum, it’s so important to have loving support, without enforcing beliefs and birth plans.  Nicole values each individual‘s needs and it shows.  It‘s a relationship, a bond.  I’m grateful to know and work with her; and I would recommend her to anyone in need of a doula.

Allison Wooley


Nicole was recommended by another friend of mine and Im so glad she introduced me to her.  Nicole was very informative and non judgmental.  Nicole went over all birthing options with me and she made me comfortable enough to share my past late miscarriage so we could go over all scenarios.  Nicole was also there for me when i had stressful moments throughout my pregnancy.  Nicole was available via text,email, phone conversation and in person.  Towards the end of my pregnancy i suffered from very low pelvic pain and she went out of her way for a unscheduled visit to bring over a birth ball and go over ways to alleviate the pain.  She was also quick to email and text me links of anything she thought would help me with my pregnancy.  Nicoe was also on time and professional.  I would recommend her as a doula.

Christy canning


"Nicole has been amazing at helping me navigate some very important decisions! Her calming demeanor has made all the difference. Thank you Nicole!"

Sphurthi Annapareddy


My family and I are so grateful to have found Nicole. As first time parents and that too of twins, we knew we needed the help. We wanted someone with experience and knowledge. We are so glad we found Nicole. She started off helping us with overnights and soon transitioned to day time until the girls were ~7months.

She was all about helping our family in any way that she can. While she didn’t have prior experience with twins, she easily handled both of them herself esp during the night which allowed us to get some rest. Even days when she only worked a few hours, she fed both and still made sure everything got done from washing bottles, to putting a load of children’s laundry so our lives would be easier.

As a first time mom, I had many questions and doubted myself time to time. Since these were our first, we weren’t familiar with many things like swaddling, sleep etc. She taught my family a ton about taking care of newborns. I felt so much more confident as a mother thanks to her. She patiently listened, supported and provided feedback and recommendations when needed. We had our way of doing certain things. She was very respectful and mindful of our preferences and followed accordingly.

I cannot say enough good things about Nicole. She is warm, compassionate, professional, punctual, knowledgeable, and positive. My entire family trusted her. We could rest easy knowing that she was there. She went above and beyond what we expected in a Doula. We are lucky to have found her and would highly recommend her to anyone!

Marie Catelli


To put it simply, Nicole is an Angel. She and I connected from the moment we met and I knew she'd be the perfect fit for our family based on her gentle, easy going, loving nature. Nicole was so accomodating and very supportive of the way I was choosing to take care of myself and my baby postpartum. She cooked nutrious meals, helped get my older daughter ready for camp, did the dishes and laundry, organized whatever was needed....basically she did whatever I asked and made me feel comfortable doing so. As a woman and a mother it can feel awkard to ask for help and she continued to reassure me that was what she was there for!

She not only supported me with household duties, but she really supported my mental well-being, too. She was able to offer her depth of knowledge on all things newborn whenever I had questions, which was incredibly helpful and gave me great peace of mind. Nicole is a friend. She was there for me after having the baby when it can typically be a very isolating, roller coaster of a time. She cheered me on through it all. I am truly forever grateful for Nicole supporting our family in the sensitive time postpartum. Because of Nicole I was able to stay cocooned with my baby for 2 full weeks without having to worry about my household falling apart. Her help provided the safe space for my family to ease into our new normal with more grace then I ever imagined. I now advise all new mamas (whether it's your 1st or 4th) to budget for a postpartum Doula to support you in the much needed care after giving birth.

Nicole is the BEST.doula.ever. Do yourself and your family a favor and bring her on board to support you, exactly as she did for me. :)

Nikole Kobchenko


Nicole is such an amazing and caring person. In my post partum days, Nicole was so supportive in helping me adjust in my new role. I felt comfort knowing she was only a phone call away. I would recommend her to anyone in their post partum period.

Isis Pena


Having a doula for me was a most, I really felt that it would make a difference and it did. I am so glad to have had Nicole as my birth doula for the birth of my third child. When we were considering hiring a doula, I knew that I wanted someone who would help me and make me feel empowered to make good decisions about the birth process. We met with Nicole twice before the birth and after meeting with her the first time I knew I wanted her by my side for my delivery. I think one of Nichole’s best qualities as our doula (and really why I chose her) is her calm nature. I don’t really know how to describe it in words, but she really made me feel at ease which helped so much during my labor.Nicole was extremely knowledgeable, professional, patient and kind. Nicole provided a lot of useful information (but not so much that we felt overwhelmed) and responded to our questions thoughtfully. She made sure that our birth plan was fitted for our needs. I did most of my labor at home, Nicole made sure everything was going according to plan as we discuss. She never left my sight, she was extremely supportive throughout my contractions. We practiced breathing techniques, he back massages worked wonders, she held my hand and always kept me calmed and focused. She encouraged me to have my own strength, along other things to help with my pain and to make me feel comfortable. At the hospital Nicole made sure that I had a relaxing and calm atmosphere and was always attending my needs and worked along side with my husband to give me the best experience possible. The postpartum visit was also very helpful, after the birth I felt stressed and overwhelmed with everything that involves having a new baby and Nicole helped me a lot that day, she was very comforting understanding and she is a great listener, it was like a therapy session for me. I am so grateful for Nicole, really loved her. Thank you so very much Nicole for your amazing service, you are a wonderful Doula!

Jill S. Ravenscroft


Nicole was amazing with my baby and me during our first few months together.  I was exhausted after having my third baby and two older children and Nicole helped me during the nights so I could recover from birth and get some sleep.  She was very supportive and helpful to me during the postpartum period.  I recommend Nicole wholeheartedly!  She was fantastic and a huge help to me.  Nicole was also very reliable and punctual.

Stephanie Kemler


Hiring Nicole as my doula was easily one of the best decisions my husband and I made throughout my pregnancy. As a first time mom, I had a lot of anxiety about pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. I had heard that doulas make all the difference, so we took a chance on Nicole. When we first met, she was the perfect combination of "crunchy granola" and evidence-based hard science. She met with us twice before my son's birth, and each time she came equipped with tips and tricks that eased my anxiety and helped me mentally prepare for my due date. Nicole was always considerate of our perspective, adapted her methods to meet our needs, and helped us feel prepared and supported the whole time. During labor, I felt immediately at ease when Nicole arrived. She somehow picked up on the things I needed in every moment. After laboring for some time, my doctors saw my baby was in distress and ordered a crash C-Section. Through no fault of my own, my baby needed help. It was so reassuring to know that my husband would be supported while I was under general anesthesia. I delivered a healthy baby boy and am so grateful that Nicole was waiting in the recovery room with a calming spirit and a firm handle on how to support me and my new baby. During my two postpartum visits, Nicole helped me navigate some tricky parts of new parenting, but most importantly she helped me process my delivery. I felt so comfortable confiding in her and felt supported in my role as a new mom. I am very grateful for Nicole and would recommend her without hesitation to anyone considering partnering with her in their parenting journey.

Lauren Wellbank


Nicole felt like a part of the family from the first moment we laid eyes on her. She met with my family ahead of time and we discussed what we were looking for (postpartum help), and went over everything that would entail. She was worm, considerate, and professional the entire time and we knew instantly that she would be a perfect fit for our family. Even though she was only my postpartum doula she kept in touch with me throughout the end of my pregnancy and even dropped off red raspberry leaf tea during my final few weeks.

She was endlessly helpful in the postpartum period, helping with my toddler and giving me time to bond with our newborn. She and my toddler became fast friends and we were so sad to see her go when our time was up. I would recommend her to anyone without question, no matter what your needs are. Nicole is very knowledgeable and has a wealth of resources at her disposal. I never felt like I had a stranger in my home while she was there, nor did I feel like she was an impersonal visitor.

If I find myself pregnant again in the future I will be sure to call on her again. I hope that you do, too!

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Postpartum Availability for Nicole Sawyers Todd, CLD, CPPD, HCHD, CHCE, SM

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