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Candice Enriquez CD(DONA), CCht

CandiceEnriquez Birth/ Hypnosis Services

Tampa, FL Service range 30 miles

Birth Fee

Not specified

Birth Fee

Not specified

Birth Doula Experience

13 years and 240 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, October 2013

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
Currently no longer serving Baycare Clients

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I support families

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Baby sign language education
  • Childbirth education services
  • Henna belly designs
  • Hypnosis for birth
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Reiki
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Therapist or counselor
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Devoted to helping all women of any race, color, or religion. My speciality is HypnoBirthing and hypnosis for childbirth, stress-relief techniques, and my experience includes 500 hours of hands on training with a Florida State Licensed Hypnotherapy School, IAIH. My passion is to help mothers and to bring healing to birth. During World Doula Week, 2015 I was recognized for admirable work by the Tampa Bay Birth Network. I’ve spent countless hours helping women in childbirth and find honor is holding space for miracles. I also provide Pranic Healing to the women I serve. Pranic Healing is a form of energy healing created by Master Choa Kok Sui. (This is similar to reiki.) My doula services come with 24/7 text and phone support. I will be on call from 37 weeks until you have your baby. Services include; 1 prenatal visit and 2-3 postpartum visits. In the prenatal appointment we will go over a ‘birth plan’, comfort measures for labor, expectations of support, etc. In the postpartum visit I help with lactation, make sure you are feeling well, and help with basic newborn care info. During early labor, if the mother wishes, I can do Pranic healing for emotional support. For the labor, I go where mom goes. I come to her as soon as labor picks up with a regular pattern and she needs in person emotional and informational support. Usually after the birth I help the mom by staying for 1-2 hours postpartum and help with latch, take photos, and make sure mom eats and feels well. It is an honor to serve and work with women in this very special phase of life.

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Payment plans can be made Flexibility with appointments

Service Area

Tampa, FL Service range 30 miles

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Client Testimonials for Candice Enriquez CD(DONA), CCht

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Makenzie S.


I started working with Candice in November of 2023 for the expected arrival of our baby girl in May 2024. Leading up to our daughter's birth, my husband and I did one on one sessions with Candice in preparation for labor. We learned so much from these intimate interactions and were in the comfort of our own home. We were given "homework assignments" and daily practices to get the best labor experience as we could - I truly feel these activities played a huge role in preparing me emotionally and physically for birthing our daughter. In addition to this, if I ever needed to vent, get advice, etc. Candice was just a phone call away to chat throughout our birth prep window. It was comforting knowing that I had someone that knows birth well in my circle.  
When I started to experience surges, I stayed in constant communication with Candice and after about 3 hours she came to our house, made the call that we should go to the hospital, and then followed us there. In the 12 hours it took to welcome our baby girl into the world Candice never left my side, gave me the tough love I told her I would likely need when times got tough, but most importantly compassionately gave me the comfort and support I needed to ultimately have an unmedicated birth. It was in the moments that she would lock eyes with me and say, "this is temporary and you will get through this" that I would find just a little more strength to get through the next surge. I would highly recommend Candice as a doula and if the universe decides our family will expand we will definitely use her again. I am extremely grateful for the time, compassion, and knowledge Candice provided both myself and my husband in preparation for and during the birth of our daughter. We are so blessed to have had our paths cross! 

Jennifer Jolivet


As I reflect on the most transformative experience of my life—the birth of my 2nd child—I am filled with immense gratitude for Candice. She isn’t just a doula; she’s a beacon of warmth, wisdom, and unwavering support and I was fortunate to have her by my side for the births of both of my children (2017 & 2024).

Candice's unwavering support was my lifeline. When I felt adrift, she anchored me. Her gentle voice reminded me that vulnerability was not weakness—it was strength. She listened, truly listened, as I poured out my fears. She didn’t offer clichés; she offered empathy. And when the darkness threatened to swallow me whole, she held space for my tears. Candice didn't just hear my words; she understood my heart.

To anyone seeking a doula who embodies compassion, knowledge, and love, look no further.

Candice, thank you for being the healer of my heart and the constant presence during my difficult journey.  I couldn't have done it without you.

With love and eternal gratitude,


Joelle Lynch


Candice was and is the biggest blessing to our family. She came to our home and did birthing classes with us and I felt like she knew who we were as a family before our birth. She was also our birth doula and so incredibly thoughtful. She took notes and knew what we wanted inside and out. We had a hospital birth that went perfectly and according to our birth plan. I call her my birth protector as she protected my wishes and rights. She encouraged me and didn't let me waver on my wishes. She is gentle yet firm and I can't imagine having another birth without her. She continued to be my doula postpartum and checked on me constantly. I felt so loved and supported. I cannot recommend her services enough. We will for sure be repeat clients. 

Heather Knierman


I did HypnoBirthing classes with Candice and also hired her as my doula during labor and delivery and it was the best decision I could have made! When I first got pregnant I had anxiety about giving birth. Candice taught be so much in the HypnoBirthing classes that gave me the confidence and peace of giving birth. When it came to the big day Candice was the most amazing support. She was with me every step of the way to help guide me and comfort me through labor. She also did everything she could to make sure my birth preferences were honored. If we have another baby, we will hire Candice again! She is truly amazing at what she does! 

Katrine Knox


Candice went above and beyond for me & my son! She was supportive, personable and informative. My water broke 3 weeks early but contractions did not start naturally which put me on a time crunch to have to go to the hospital rather than my planned home-birth! Once Candice came over she went right into action to help get things moving using her techniques all while keeping me motivated and relaxed. She stood by my side throughout my 12 hour labor at home, constantly encouraging me and giving me the guidance and space to power through. Her commitment to natural birth is truly inspirational! I plan to have her by my side for all my future children’s birth ??



Candice is not just a Doula: she‘s a birth angel! As my pregnancy progressed, I felt the need to find a wonderful doula to support me to be in the best mental and practical place for welcoming my first baby: I prayed to meet this special person and existance answered my call ?? I was wishing for an intimate home birth but had a lot of people skeptisism surrounding me, so I was confronted with many fears and insecurities and yet a powerful inner voice was telling me to trust my longing. I found Candice on google and discovered she was trained in Hypnobirthing! After our first phone call I already new she was the person I had been looking for Candice is an amazing human, full of love and commitment to her call of helping women in their path to becoming mothers and stepping into their unique mama power. She trained us in Hypnobirthing and beyond: she helped us further understand the depth of this rite of passage we were getting into. Her weekly visits and all the wisdom she shared were one of the most beautiful memories from my third trimester. We were filled with hope, trust and love each time she came to us!!! We also benefited so much from her energy clearing sessions: all in one woman. Finally the big day came!!! I had a very intense and fast labor at home. When she arrived and hold my hand and looked me in the eyes and affirmed that it was all good, nothing to be scared of, I would relax and allow the process to take me wherever I needed to be taken. She gave me so much confidence with her peaceful and loving way to hold space for us: I had the most amazing home birth I could have dreamt of, it went so fast that my midwife arrived short after I had already deliver our baby, with my husband and Candice holding us. Without Candice’ presence and magic, I would have probably not trusted myself to go into this journey: we’re forever thankful to Candice: our birth angel!!!

Stephanie Shaw


I highly recommend Candice as a Doula and hypno birthing coach!! Her extensive knowledge, calming presence, non judgement attitude, and respect for her client is very adamant in her teachings during hypnobirthing courses and during labor. I can’t thank Candice enough for being by my side throughout my entire pregnancy and birthing experience. Having her by my side during my labor and deliver gave my heart a sense of peace. Candice wholeheartedly provided me with peace, empowerment and knowledge to prepare Gods greatest gift and miraculous experience that I used to be absolutely terrified of. She helped me go from “I’m petrified” to preparing for a unmedicated birth… and that’s a truly incredible super power and gift that she has. Candice greatly impacted not only my pregnancy and delivery journey, but also my life. I’ll continue to practice the calming techniques that she instilled in me and I’ll be a better mom, wife, person, etc because of it. Although I may not be pregnant /in labor anymore, I consider Candice a friend and a fellow brave momma wanting to protect and love her kiddos.

Christina Barthelemy


Candice is my birth angel! I am incredibly grateful for her & feel so blessed to have had her support during pregnancy & at the birth of my first baby. From the moment I saw her picture & read about hypnobirthing, I knew that I needed & wanted her support & guidance. Her energy is so lovely & calming & she has an incredible ability to hold space for you as a mother & family. My husband & I learned so much from her throughout the hypnobirthing course & felt so well-equipped to handle & go through the beautiful passage of birth as a couple. She helped him understand the kind of support that I would need & taught him  so many tools that empowered him in his role for our natural water birth. I felt safe & held knowing that she would be there & he was prepared. Thanks to her guidance & support, I was able to labor at home right up until the final stages when we headed to the birth center. I am an energy clearing practitioner & absolutely loved that Candice included energy clearing for myself & the birthing space. That was so important to me & is just one of the many things I love about her!

Salit Goldblatt


I am a first time mom and I really wanted to have a natural birth in a hospital but I knew that it might be difficult to achieve without the proper support. While I was in labor, Candice was so empowering. She helped me to stay calm and worked well with my mother who was also there to support me. She supported my confidence in myself and the birthing process. I was not afraid during my entire labor. She advocated for me in the hospital so that I could have my birth as natural as possible. And in the end I had a beautiful and empowering natural birth of a big healthy baby boy. I'm very happy that I had Candice as part of my team. 

Heather Peterson


I am so grateful that my midwife referred me to Candice. She assisted me through HypnoBirthing and guided me through a wonderful birth. This is definitely her calling, Candice has great energy and will make you feel comfortable and confident. I couldn’t imagine having someone else as my Doula :) I would hire her again in the future! Thank you for being you Candice!

Brittani Peek


My husband and I first met Candice when she came to our birthing center to educate our class on the purpose of doula. From there I knew I wanted that type of support for my first natural birth. Throughout my pregnancy Candice provided educational and informative literature and exercises about the natural birthing process and she sent journal prompts to help my head space get into the “birthing world”. The night I went into labor Candice was by my side the whole time, her positive affirmations and techniques to get labor to progress really eased my mind about the whole process. I told my husband that if it weren’t for Candice I probably would have thrown in the towel and went to the hospital for some medical intervention. Candice helped keep me calm with breathing techniques and different positions to labor in. Because of Candice i was able to birth my 9lb 8oz baby naturally via water birth. For anyone who is considering hiring a doula, do it. There is. O amount of money my husband and I wouldn’t pay to have Candice by our side. We are so thankful to her for aiding in the success of our birth.

Delfina Paula Bonilla-Lopez


If it weren't for Candice, my husband and I would have been completely lost in the world if Natural Birth.

Being a Nutrition Coach and Functional Movement Educator, I knew long before I was actually pregnant that I wanted to have a natural birth. In fact, I worked hard for 7 years overcoming gut, hormonal and musculoskeletal issues that I could do just that AND remain strong and healthy afterward.

Sadly, the birth world isn't easy to navigate. Do I choose a home birth, a birth center or hospital? An obstetrician or a midwife? How do I get through the pain and avoid an epidural and a c-section?

Those, among many others, were the questions running through my head.

Candice, with her loving, compassionate and gentleness helped us through them all. She taught my husband and I how to use hypnobirthing, how to support each other through natursl birth and, most importantly, she helped dissolve so much of the anxiety that comes with heading into the unknown as brand new birth partners and parents.

After 22 long, exhilarating, exhausting and challenging hours, Candice Sat right by my side as I delivered my son, Noah Elan, naturally in a tub at Labor of Love Birth Center. Her support and guidance for BOTH my husband and I throughout were the reason my midwife said to us, "I've seen over 500 births as a Midwife, and this was the most beautiful one of them all."

Thank you Candice for everything you've done for us and everything you continue to do to bring babies safely into this world via natural birth.

xoxo Delfina

Michelle Pancoast


When I found out we were expecting our son, I immediately knew I wanted to hire help, as I was still harboring guilt and fear around the birth of my daughter.  My husband and I decided to work with Candice as our doula and hypnobirthing coach.  I learned so much about myself, birth, and relaxation during these sessions that I truly felt prepared and excited for the birth of my son. Through our sessions, I got to know Candice quite well, and felt so comfortable and free around her. I enjoyed relating to her as a mother and appreciated her kind, gentle, and patient demeanor.

My son was brought into the world free of intervention even though we birthed at a hospital and all of our birth preferences were honored. I believe that this would not have been a reality if it weren't for Candice and the techniques I learned through hypnobirthing. My husband was so glad to have her there supporting us and guiding us through labor and agrees that we could not have had the same experience without her. I am so thankful for Candice and for such a beautiful birth story for my son. Anyone who hires Candice as their doula and/or hypnobirthing coach will be so blessed and thankful for her presence in their birth experience. Her passion for birth without fear is empowering.

Jessica Albaugh


Candice is amazing! She is so gentle and well spoken. She was knowledgeable and supportive of my birth decisions and was by my side when I needed her through an unexpected turn in needing be induced 3 weeks early, and having a very long and tough labor. She helped me to make a hospital birth plan quickly as I was supposed to deliver at a birthing center. She was able to encourage and empower me and my husband to stand up for our wishes and keep to our birth plan as much as possible. She also instructed me in hypno birthing and guided me through the affirmations during contractions. We will be using her again with any future children :)

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