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Heather Marall CD

Heather Birth Doula

Willamina, OR Service range 55 miles



Birth Fee

$950 to $1250

Birth Fee

$950 to $1250

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Birth Arts International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 25 births attended

Doula Training

  • Birth Arts International, December 2016

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • TENS units rental

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

If you are having your baby within 35 miles of Willamina, my fee is $950. 36-45 miles my fee is $1050. 46-55 it’s $1150. Outside 55 it’s $1250 for time and mileage. I ask for a non refundable retainer fee of $300. I then can take the rest of the fee in up to 2-3 payments. On-call Birth support Only: If you are interested in in just having a doula present for the birth without any preperation, inquire about availability in your birth window. The rate is Half off birth doula fees, depending on location This includes a free consultation to see if we connect well. contact me for details

Willamina, OR Service range 55 miles

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Heather was integral in our birth experience. She provided the emotional and physical support that I needed and when I needed it without me having to communicate it, which I was unable to do. My birth experience was very long and she was by my side the entire time. Her voice and words were encouraging and sweet. Some people have a knack and passion for this area, and she is definitely one of them. I will always remember them fondly when I was in pain, but soothed by her kind and encouraging words. I don’t know how to thank her enough for her presence and hard work for my birth.
Not only is she an incredible doula, but an amazing person all around.
Heather moved our hearts and led me to find an inner strength I never knew I had. I truly believe she is the reason I had an immensely empowering birth experience. It was an honor to have Heather attend our birth and we are forever grateful.
It's bittersweet that this is our last baby, as my last delivery experience was magical. With all her guidance, my delivery was the perfect ending to my last pregnancy.
I would highly recommend Heather as a Doula!!!

Kate N


Heather saw me through my pregnancy with my first baby and helped me achieve my goal of an unmedicated childbirth. All along the way she blew me away with her kindness, wisdom, and excellence at her job! I still don't understand how she kept a detailed birth timeline and took pictures during my labor, it felt like she was holding my hand and encouraging me the whole time without pause. It's so obvious that she loves helping mamas bring healthy babies into the world! I highly recommend her to any pregnant mama and hope to have her as my doula for future pregnancies. 

Lisa E Lindman


The first night home from the hospital is the biggest shock because you don’t have your amazing nurses who run in whenever you need them. I was alone, my family was sick so quarantined off,  had slept a total of eight hours in three days, and was very sore and weak from my surgery. Heather came to save the day.  She came in every three hours to help me get set up to nurse, and then she would take my son in the other room and rock him so I could catch some precious sleep. 

I have so many great things to say about our visits, but I want to highlight the gems. 

She pointed out a type of baby cry that means your baby has gas. 

She showed us how to swaddle in a way that relieves gas. This tech does not exist in the internet!

She helped us implement soothing tools and techniques that allows me to get some me time.

She set me up with a pump station and helped me becomes a nursing pro! Last time I had cracked nipples and mastitis. I was miserable. This time, no issues.

She gives killer postpartum massages. Heather has many skills, but she’s a natural masseuse!  

She checks in daily via text and is always sending helpful info and articles. Even now that our time together is over, she continues to stay and touch and help. 

Heather is super kind, and she just naturally makes people feel comfortable, which is so important as she becomes part of the family during your time together. She became such a stable person in our life that we miss seeing her very much! I think every mom should have a doula. They would be extremely lucky to have Heather in that role. 

Marjorie Rosenthal Hutsell


I highly recommend Heather as a doula. For my first birth she and another doula split the duties and based on the day I went into labor they were both there. (The other doula was the one I originally contacted but was possibly not available. She introduced me to Heather.) For my second birth I hired Heather. The best word I can use to describe her is accessible. She was always available during my pregnancy if I needed to chat or ask a question. During labor I always felt her presence which was so comforting. She is so sweet and easy to talk to. Some moments that really stick out: my second labor was very fast... she drove me to the hospital in the wee hours while my husband was still tracking down a neighbor to stay with our sleeping toddler. She was totally prepared and despite leaving my husband I knew I was safe and with someone who cared for me and the baby. (Good thing too because, like I mentioned, it was very fast!) Also, during the birth there was a point where I said, “I feel like I need to push,” but wasn’t sure what to do. (Sounds silly but at my first labor I had to not push for a while for reasons I won’t go into here. I think that’s what hung me up.) Heather whispered to me, “do what your body wants to do.“ Minutes later the baby was born. She remembered my birth plan and helped me advocate for it while I was in an introverted/slightly out of it state right after delivery. At first I wasn’t sure I’d have a doula for my second baby but I know if we decide to have a third I will definitely be calling Heather!

Julie Putnam


After a difficult labor/delivery with my first daughter, I sought out a doula for the birth of my second.  Heather is meant to be a doula and is the best! She is passionate about birth, informed and educated, compassionate and nurturing, and advocates for her clients through every step of pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum. I was determined to have an unmedicated delivery with my second daughter, mainly to prevent another traumatic postpartum recovery that I experienced with my first, but also to regain confidence in my body's ability and feel in control of the process as much as I could.  Heather was extremely supportive and believed in me 100%.  She was reliable and present through every question or concern I had leading up to labor, and put my mind at ease.  I ended up having a very fast labor and delivery, and without her expertise in the labor process I'm not sure I would have made it to the hospital in time.  She was able to let me know when it was true labor based on my contractions and just hearing my voice over the phone as I began to progress quickly.  Heather met us at the hospital and advocated for my birth plan, suggesting warm compresses during pushing and keeping me in an optimal pushing position to reduce tearing.  She was such an encouragment in those tough moments when I wanted to quit. With her help and support I was able to have an amazing birth experience, felt extremely empowered, and had an amazing recovery.  I'm so thankful for her presence throughout my pregnancy and birth, and also postpartum! She is the best, I highly recommend her! 

Delissa Owen


Heather was a huge blessing at our birth. She was an incredibly nurturing and soothing presence to have there. She worked so well with my husband and showed him techniques that he could use to help support me. They would switch off and on doing counterpressure and other massage. Between the two of them I felt completely supported and encouraged. With her help I had an wonderful birth experience that was exactly what I hoped it would be. 

Before the birth, she met with us and we discussed what we wanted for our birth. She gave me a wonderful aromatherapy massage as well. Heather was great at checking up on me and seeing how I was doing with my pregnancy. I always knew that I could go to her with any questions or concerns I might have. I highly recommend Heather! She is an amazing doula. I couldn't have imagined a better fit for us.

Deborah Matz


Highly Recommended!

Heather is an absolute natural at being a doula.

Her warm demeanor & natural instinct make her invaluable.

She has been with our family through two births now.

My daughters first labor was long , Heather never grew tired she was attentive and fully present during the complete process . The Emotional support she brought to my daughter helped her to manage the long hours in a positive calm setting.  Her encouraging words and support also extended to our entire family . Heather is also very skilled in massage,  aromatherapy and other relaxation methods. Which help maintain that peaceful  atmosphere that is so vital when bringing a new child into the world. She communicated my daughters wishes/ Birth plan with the nurses and Dr. ( both births on all accounts) while tracking the entire birth process and well being of my daughter without missing a detail. I honestly could never say enough to fully convey the level of professionalism, warmth, and dedication this woman brings to one of the most memorable events you will experience during your lifetime. 

I know you have personally enriched our lives by sharing these moments with us!

Heather we will always be truly thankful for you.

Forever Grateful,


Chrissy Woods


I had a very long labor and having Heather there was such a blessing! Heather helped me stay calm and feel like I could handle the pain like a pro. So much stress was alleviated by her presence and she brought so much comfort to the table! After our experience my husband says that he doesn’t understand how anyone gives birth without a doula present. Heather’s couching is impressive and I would whole-heartedly recommend her as a wonderful doula to any expecting mother!

Katie Sue


Initially, I was very skeptical about hiring a doula. I didn't think it'd be helpful for me to have a stranger present while in labor. Upon meeting Heather, I was singing a different tune. She has a warm demeanor that seems to just roll off of her. She greeted with me a hug and I felt assured that having a doula, and Heather as mine, was a great idea. Heather didn't remain a stranger for long. Throughout my pregnancy she checked in and offered sound advice and suggestions. She was never pushy or overbearing but I always knew she was there should I need her. I was fortunate to have a very uneventful pregnancy, but knowing Heather was there to answer questions was awesome when I did get nearer to baby time. I called and texted Heather often in the days leading up to my daughter's birth. She was ready for everything I threw her way and because of her consistent reaching out in the early months, I knew I wasn't bothering her or acting silly. When my labor began in earnest, Heather came to my house as promised and stayed with me and my husband for hours. Respectful of our relationship and my husband's role, Heather took a quiet (and important!) back seat, offering additional counter pressure, words of encouragement, and suggestions for varying positions. As I progressed through the stages of labor, finally getting to the point of pushing, it was reassuring to know that Heather had my back-literally! Without hesitation, woman to woman, I recommend Heather to anyone even remotely considering hiring a doula. Without a doubt, she is whom I'll have with me when the time comes again.

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