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Jennifer Wisse

Genesis Birth Doula

Denver, CO Service range 35 miles


Birth Fee

$700 to $1100

Birth Fee

$700 to $1100

Birth Doula Certifications

  • International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

5 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International, September 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • TENS units rental

Fee Details

My services are shown at Please feel free to take a look and contact me with any questions!

Denver, CO Service range 35 miles

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Client Testimonials for Jennifer Wisse

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Sadie Vo


Choosing who will be with you during some of the hardest, most vulnerable moments of your life is a big decision. I can wholeheartedly say that my husband and I are so glad we chose Jennifer as our doula. I felt pretty confident heading into the birth of our second son (my previous birth was unmedicated), but then my water broke before contractions started and I found myself wondering what to do. Being able to talk to Jennifer on the phone and later have her in our home helped me to feel so much more at peace. Both at home and at the hospital Jennifer did such a great job of observing and letting me lead, but also stepping in to help or encourage at just the right time. She also helped coach my husband how and when to step in to offer support, and allowed him to take breaks when he needed them. We truly couldn’t have done it without her, and we highly recommend her!



We hired Jennifer to help with the birth of our second baby. We had a doula with our first and loved having someone experienced with us and wanted that again for this time around. Jennifer was very easy to talk to during the initial interview. She listened to my concerns and experience about having a doula the first time and what I was looking for with this birth. When it was time for her to come to the hospital, she immediately jumped right in, asked where we at in the proceess and how I was feeling. My husband and I loved having Jennifer during the birth. She took pictures and videos, got snacks and drinks and got the nurses when it was time. I was able to have another natural birth all with Jennifer’s help! I would totally recommend her services to anyone!



My husband travels for work, so just in case he couldn’t make it to the birth of our son, we hired Jennifer to be our doula. We immediately loved her positive and calming personality, and learned a lot from her at our prenatal educational sessions. Fortunately, my husband was in town when I went into labor, and for a split second, we wondered if we really needed a doula at the birth or not. Jennifer did come, and we are so grateful that she did! She collaborated wonderfully with the hospital staff, coached us through pain management techniques, helped explain medical procedures, advocated for us when decisions had to be made, anticipated my needs (handed me drinks when I didn’t even realize I was thirsty, for example), and supported my husband with his own needs and so he could be fully present for me. I’m still impressed by how easy it was to trust her during such an amazing and intense experience that lasted over 24 hours. I highly recommend, Jennifer!



Hiring Jennifer was one of the best decisions we made when planning for the birth of our son! Especially since the birth didn't go as planned, Jennifer was there every step of the way offering support and advice for me, my husband and my family. She has a very calming presence and is extremely knowledgeable about the entire birthing process. I can't say enough nice things about Jennifer. I was so grateful to have her by my side when we welcomed our baby boy into the world. 



I was so nervous about giving birth. I was afraid of the pain, afraid of showing up at the hospital too early, and afraid I wouldn't be able to handle it all. I am SO glad I had Jennifer by my side. She helped me so much, from when I was in early labor at my home to the pushing stage at the hospital. My husband was glad to have her support too. It was nice to have someone who was totally on my team, someone who'd "been there done that." Jennifer was so kind, calm, and gentle throughout the whole process. If you're planning an all-natural birth, she's perfect. If you're planning an epidural birth, she's perfect. Whatever kind of birth you're planning, Jennifer will be there to support you. 



Jennifer was wonderful to work with and I would recommend her services to anyone looking for additional support before, during and after delivery. She met with us twice before labor and was filled with helpful information and tips on how to prepare and what to expect in the delivery room. During labor, she was with us for over 14 hours and on-point the whole time with ways to help ease the severity of the contractions and to advise on tough decisions we had to make. I am so grateful for her support!

Sarah Jamison


There were a few unexpected curveballs with our son’s birth, but Jen was such a rock for us throughout the whole experience. As soon as I started feeling early labor signs (more than two weeks before my due date!) I called Jen. She was very reassuring and helped my husband and I come out of our denial that labor was really happening. We had planned to begin laboring at home, so once we knew we were in active labor Jen came over to our house and was very encouraging and helpful - hands on when I needed her to be and standing back when my husband and I were having our own moments of teamwork. Once we got to the hospital both our nurse and Jen helped us to recreate the same calming environment we had labored in at home. Jen continued to advocate for us, helped to provide counter pressure to my back when my husband needed a break, helped keep me cool with ice packs when I was burning up during transitional labor, and even helped me feel calm while pushing as she and my nurse walked me through how to push (we missed that part of our birthing class since our son decided to surprise us early). Jen was incredible and I highly recommend her services as a Doula! She was truly a rock for us when it felt like there were so many unknowns going on around us, and she helped me to stay calm and at peace. I can not say thank you enough for helping to make that day such a beautiful and special day for our family!

Kacey Olson


"Where were you for the first two kids?" My Husband asked Jen after the birth of our 3rd baby in May. I think that statement sums it up!

Having Jen as a doula with this baby was a game changer. She advocated for my wants and desires during my hospital birth. The nurse was in and out it so was nice to have someone there by my side giving my back counter pressure (with my awful back labor) using essential oils, giving position recommendations, massage, heating pads and cold wash cloths to ease the pain of labor. She knew what I needed when I didn't know what I needed. My labor and delivery nurse didn't seem to be "on my team" (though it may have been that had too many patients that day) Nonetheless, that made it especially important to have someone there dedicated to me, who was knowledgeable and actually helpful.

The support Jen gave me took the pressure off of my husband and really allowed him to enjoy the whole process as well. Throughout the pregnancy Jen was always available to give advice and suggestions on how to tone the uterus for birth, help ease my back pain from pregnancy and how to help naturally induce labor during the last week of my pregnancy. I was so grateful to have Jen as my doula for my natural hospital birth.

I would highly recommend using a Jen as a doula! ( Clearly so would my husband!)

Kathrine Anderson


We absolutely loved having Jennifer as our Doula! I called Jennifer when I went into labor and she immediately came be with me. Upon arriving, she took initiative to figure out what I needed and seemed to know exactly how to approach me and work with me so that I never felt overwhelmed or unsure. She would sit back when I needed space and would swoop in at just the right time to offer support and encouragement. It seemed as if she was always one step ahead of me, and knew exactly what I needed before I even knew. She worked hard to massage my back, provide ice and heat, and give me tips on positioning and breathing techniques to help ease discomfort. Jennifer has a strong, but calming presence and made my natural and unmedicated birthing experience go smoothly. Jennifer empowered and encouraged me. She is patient and wise. Jennifer interacted with the hospital staff with the utmost professionalism, while also advocating on my behalf.  Jennifer was an enormous blessing for me and my husband, and we are forever grateful for her presence on that magical day! 

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