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Jessica Gillan: Bellies, Boobs, Babies & Bliss

Doula, CLC, Midwife Assistant, Birth Photographer

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL Service range 50 miles


Birth Fee

$1500 to $2400

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Birth Fee

$1500 to $2400

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Birth Doula Experience

22 years and 570 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

22 years and 200 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • HypnoBirthing (Mongan Method) - Professional Doula Training Certification

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, March 2002

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 6 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I have a wonderful working relationship with local hospital staff and many of them have been my clients

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
The birthing centers here in Jax are fantastic! You'd be in great hands

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Much experience attending Home Births, local Midwives are amazing!

College Education




Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • ASL (American Sign Language)
  • Baby sign language education
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Child passenger safety technician services
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Infant massage education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Newborn care and parenting classes
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Photography - Birth
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Reflexology
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Sleep educator
  • Sleep support consulting
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

It is with upmost privilege and honor to be included in one's birth story. I sincerely appreciate your consideration when planning your birth team. I have had the honor of supporting over 570+ Families all over the US and my credentials include: DONA Trained Birth & Postpartum Doula, Certified VBAC Doula, Certified HypnoBirthing Doula, Midwife Assistant, Certified Lactation Consultant, Certified Childbirth Educator, Certified Infant Sleep Consultant, Certified Newborn Care Specialist, Accredited La Leche League Leader. I have 21 years of doula experience, 14 years of professional Lactation experience and over 700+ hours of education/professional training. * I also provide professional Birth Photography to my Clients, at no additional fee.* My College Education background is in Child Development with a Minor in Pediatric Nutrition. My goal is for every Birthing Person to approach the 4th trimester with feelings of empowerment, elation, pride, peace and contentment about their Birthing Experiences. I believe in my clients and their ability to birth the way they feel best and safe. You only get to birth your baby once. That is it! Just once. Why not make it the most beautiful, special, memorable experience of your life? You deserve it! - see website for more details-

Languages Spoken

  • American Sign Language
  • English

Fee Details

Please website for details on Doula Pricing & Packages available

Service Area

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL Service range 50 miles

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When considering who to have as a part of our birth team, we knew that an extra set of hands was important, but someone who has knowledge of every birth setting was imperative. At the time that we chose to have Jessica as a part of our birth story, I hadn’t yet chosen where delivery would take place or who my provider was going to be. From the consult meeting to our birth day, Jessica was always available to answer questions. Fast forward to “game day”, my husband was the one in communication with her and she was ready to go as soon as we felt as though we wanted an extra support during labor. As soon as she walked through the door she was prepared for everything. She gave my husband a, much needed, break and allowed for him to rest while quietly observing and timing my contractions. She was also in communication with my midwife, which was a great blessing. Throughout labor she made sure I was rested, nourished, and hydrated.


For the dad who may be on the fence about having a doula present for birth - Jessica will not overstep. She respects and honors the individual desires of the couple and really provides support for both mom and dad during labor and after delivery. My husband is so thankful to have had Jessica at our birth for the extra support. It’s a big day for mom and dad and rest is important for both.

Laura Moreau


Jessica is a great doula. I was so happy for her help during pregnancy, giving birth to my daughter , and postpartum. During delivery she knows where to message me so my pain wasn’t as pain full . Honestly my husband wasn’t sure about hiring her but was so glad we did . She helped me so much during my delivery with my daughter. He was so happy to have hired her. I recommend Jessica as a doula. She knows her stuff so well. She helped me with my daughter latching better.

Isabella Hale


Jessica was an incredible asset to the birth of our 2nd child. From the moment we spoke on the phone for the first time she prepared me mentally, emotionally, nutritionally and physically for birth. She is always extremely responsive and happy to help in every way possible. She is so knowledgeable and was able to guide me in a beautiful birthing experience without medications. She felt like a special part of the family to us, and even included our Son and made him feel special throughout our prenatal appointments and after birth with a “Big Brother” party. I can’t stop sharing with others how AMAZING I feel after this birth, and I really do owe it to Jess keeping me fed, nourished and moving during labor. I also appreciate the fact that she is a lactation consultant and can offer me so much guidance for nursing. I truly will forever cherish my memories with Jess, and look forward to using her again for our next baby. You will have regrets if you don’t book Bellies, Boobs, Babies & Bliss for your birth! ??



I cannot recommend Jessica enough. I chose to have an unmedicated hospital birth and could not have done it without Jessica! She was present and engaged throughout my entire pregnancy. She made sure my birth plan was detailed and essentially was a project manager at the hospital making sure everything that I wanted occurred. Additionally she knew how to move my baby when she was not in the optimal position, how to support me during contractions, and during delivery. Truly dont know how we wouldve managed without her!!

Hannah Lukas


Jessica was absolutely wonderful and so knowledgeable! She helped us navigate the best options for my husband and I as first time parents. She was there for me with any question during the pregnancy, massaged my lower back during labor, advocated for us to the doctors, made the most incredible relaxing vibe in my delivery room, and lastly- was there when I needed her for lactation consultant. Also, she took the sweetest photos during labor that I’m SO happy we have, but didn’t have to focus on taking. Highly recommended!

Dani Carnes


Jessica is the absolute best doula ever!!!! She is so amazing at what she does & you can tell how much she loves her job. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for a doula; she offers the best support, knowledge, books to read, attention to detail, photography included in package, at home visits, list goes on and on!!!! If you're doubting it- go for it WORTH it 10000% ! I will have Jessica with me for every pregnancy & delivery!!!! 

Jenn L


Jessica is amazing! She’s smart, kind, responsive, professional and giving. All I knew when I got pregnant with my second child is that I wanted a better experience than my first birth, which was difficult. Jessica educated me on things I wanted to know more about, recommended an incredible hypnobirthing book and referred me to a family chiropractor for prenatal support (who I still see post pregnancy, as does my little one). With those tools, and Jessica’s fierce loving spirit next to me as my coach and friend, I had what I never thought was possible— an incredible & natural birth. Last but not least Jessica is a very talented photographer—she took the best maternity and family photos for us. Thank you Jessica!

Samantha Bryant


Jessica is an amazing doula and I cannot recommend her enough! I had expected to have a happy, glowy pregnancy, but it quickly became apparent that wasn’t going to be in the cards for me. Due to complications, I ended up having my baby by caesarean at 37 weeks.

Despite everything, Jessica was there to offer a listening ear, send resources, provide validation, and help me feel empowered to advocate for myself. When I had concerns about my provider’s recommendations or when I felt like I wasn’t heard during prenatal visits, or when I was struggling with debilitating symptoms, she was a source of reassurance that I knew my body and could trust myself to make the best decision. Jessica provided that extra support when I was physically and mentally struggling to stay afloat. I truly don’t know how I would have survived this journey without her.

While I did not have the glowing pregnancy or uncomplicated birth I originally hoped to have, Jessica did everything in her power to make sure that my baby’s birth was special and as positive as possible. I was admitted unexpectedly and she was there from the time I checked in to the hospital until after my baby was born and we were back in our room. I particularly loved that she brought birth affirmation cards, aromatherapy, and soft lighting. This allowed me to remain calm. She was present in the OR and made sure my wishes were honored, from playing my requested songs when my baby was born to having everyone sing “Happy birthday” to her.

After discharge, Jessica brought dinner and reviewed my birth experience. She also spent time helping me navigate breastfeeding, which was infinitely helpful since I initially wasn’t sure I would even try.

Before this experience, I wasn’t sure what the big deal was about having a doula. Now, I am fully a believer that having a doula like Jessica is essential, no matter what kind of birth you have!

Kristin R.


We hired Jessica as our doula because my husband travels for work and we don't have family in town, so we wanted me to have a support person in case I went into labor unexpectedly. Then the pandemic hit, and even though we didn't know if the hospital would allow Jessica at our birth, we proceeded our journey with her hoping it would all work out. I was immediately drawn to Jessica because of her calming and encouraging attitude and ample experience as a doula. We had virtual and in person visits, and she prepped us with tools to use during labor if she couldn't be there in person due to hospital restrictions. Jessica really made me feel like I could have a beautiful, unmedicated birth and she provided a lot of great resources throughout my pregnancy. Ultimately, my birth didn't go as planned AT ALL, but Jessica was able to be in the room with us the entire time which was such a blessing and help. Even though I got an epidural, it wasn't balanced so I still felt a lot of contractions on one side. My labor was long, 22 hours, and Jessica stayed for the entire thing! She provided comfort with her "doula tricks" that helped me feel like a human all those hours. She stayed energetic when I, and my husband, were tired. She worked with the nursing staff and never felt like my medical team and her were at odds. She also took our baby's first pictures with her birth photography which are so beautiful and raw. My husband and I are both physicians so we have a lot of medical knowledge, but I would still recommend hiring Jessica to help with all the things we don't learn in medical school that really contribute to a birth experience. I can't thank her enough! Our baby just turned one- so better late than never for our review! We definitely hope Jessica can be there for our next baby when the time comes. 

Arianna R


Jessica was an absolute Godsend before, during and after my pregnancy. Not only did she provide clinical information and statistics  about various birthing options, but most importantly provided the emotional support I really needed as I was preparing to become a mama for the first time. All the nerves that come with childbirth were soothed because I knew I had Jessica in my corner to be my voice in L&D. It really helped both me and my husband to know we had that extra support in a time that (leading up to the moment) feels totally unknown and scary! Jessica also helped us immensely postpartum, as she provided us care for our newborn in the PM so that we could get much needed Zzz. I have reached out to Jessica many times with new mama questions (still do after almost a year!) and she always is there to answer and provide that support. Would recommend Jessica to anyone in my life looking for a doula! Best decision we made. 



We really enjoyed working with Jessica. She devoted a lot of time to meet with my husband and I before the birth, offering guidance and support. She educated me from the start, loaned me books to read, sent me information and research during my pregnancy, helped me create a birth plan, helped me decide what to pack for the hospital, and even brought us food! Having her as a photographer was a double bonus - she took beautiful maternity photos and birth photos, and I am thrilled to have these to keep. :)

At the hospital, she collaborated respectfully and professionally with the doctors and nurses, while advocating for what I wanted. Without her as my doula, there was no way I could've made it through labor without any pain medication. She took meticulous notes during the pregnancy and the birth, and we reviewed them during a postpartum checkin (which was really great because I hardly remembered much once labor began).

Jessica made herself available 24/7 to answer questions about pregnancy, birth, baby, and breastfeeding. She has cultivated a lasting relationship with our family. Even though our contract has come to a close, I still feel like I can always reach out to her with any questions in the future. The amount of energy and time she invested for us went above and beyond. She tailored her services to our personalities and what we wanted with professionalism and care. I highly recommend Jessica!



Jessica provided me with the knowledge and insight that I needed to succeed in the hospital with a natural birth. I did not want an epidural or chemicals like pitocin to alter my bodies' natural ability to produce milk. With Jessica's guidance, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy, chemical and c-section free! She advocated for me after I had given birth, and made sure the umbilical cord wasn't cut for at least 30 min. When it came to nursing, as a first time mom, I had a shallow and painful latch at first, but with diagrams and descriptions she coached me to the perfect latch so that Enzo got plenty of milk and I didn't have sore boobies! 

   Surprisingly, I learned from many of the nurses that I was the only natural birth they had witnessed! Nurses and doctors alike today are so conditioned to intervene with the natural order that despite all of my requests for no drugs, a nurse almost stuck a shot of pitocin in my leg after giving birth! Jessica asked what it was and stopped her.... "Why?" I asked the nurse. She responded, "To help deliver the placenta." I told her I was sure I would deliver it just fine!

    I will be forever grateful that I had Jessica by my side to assist me in one of the most profound experiences of my life. An experience too many women are robbed of through unnecessary medical intervention. 

Oh I thought I was done! This reminded sons blood sugar was low and the doctor INSISTED he HAD to supplement with formula in a dropper. I reminded him that I was producing plenty of milk, and I could simply pump and supplement with that to raise his blood sugar. Jessica warned me they would push formula... I was so glad I was able to nip that in the butt instead of thinking I had failed my son somehow. We are adequate. We are capable. We are made for motherhood.



Jessica was absolutely amazing to work with. She helped us make a plan for our daughter's birth and helped us learn about options before, during, and after labor.  Nothing went according to "plan" on the day she was born. Jessica was there to support and to help figure out options in the moment. She helped create a positive environment and work with the other providers to attempt to make it a positive experience.  Jessica was there after the birth as well for lactation support, which was so beneficial! My daughter's birth story will always include Jessica!



I found myself Pregnant, in the middle of a public divorce and about to be a Mom. To say I was scared was an understandment. I knew I needed some hand holding as this 30 something year old tries to put back the pieces and figure out her life. 
My work has a Doula program so I checked to see who had good online reviews > In walks Jessica! 
Right away I was impressed with her experience level! 
That was Two Years ago. 
My baby is no longer a baby; She's now 2. I think back to where I was and how different things would have been if I had not had Jessica's Doula support through it all. Jessica made my introduction to Single Mom Life so much easier! I'm thankful to have experienced a low key pregnancy, calm birth and a really good breast-feeding experience (2 years and counting!)  
It is nice to keep in contact with Jessica, run into her at Starbucks and see her at the Breastfeeding Meetings.
So often Jessica's hugs and big smile change my whole day for the better! 
Now I see why everyone is talking about getting a Doula; they change your life! 



Jessica has so much knowledge and experience with pregnancy and childbirth. She gave us evidence-based information, which allowed us to make thoughtful decisions regarding our desired birth experience. She always respected and supported our choices and was there for us through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Welcoming our daughter into the world was an amazing and beautiful experience thanks to her! 



I have many fond memories of our birth with our daughter, Veda. Jessica was so attentive and always had an answer for my various needs in labor.(and in pregnancy)

Listening to "Somewhere over the Rainbow" as my daughter was born is my favorite memory. We had two losses before our daughter; She is our "rainbow baby". That could not have been any better. Jessica made our birth so very special, from beginning to end, and I'll never forget that. 
My husband and I were so thankful Jessica has all the Breastfeeding experience that she does because we delivered in the middle of the night and our Nurses were of no help. Jessica was so patient with me as a first time Mom. She sat on the bed with me, showing me how to Breastfeed Veda. 
Jessica is amazing! Her information was abundant, her birth photography is Art and her bed side manner is so caring. We will always recommend her with the highest regard. 

Katie Albiero


I highly, highly recommend hiring Jessica to be a part of your pregnancy, birth, and post partum experience!  We did not consider hiring a doula until late in our pregnancy, and I wish I would've had Jessica on board sooner.  She is incredibly knowledgeable in all areas of pregnancy, labor, birth, post partum, breastfeeding - you name it!  More importantly, she is attentive and commpassionate and after having a high risk pregnancy and previous pre-term birth, I felt at ease (as much as I could) and comfortable knowing that she would be there for us for the birth of our second, no matter the circumstances of delivery.  She also gave thought and consideration to our first child, what our plans were for him during labor, and how the new baby would impact his life.  This meant a lot to us!

A huge bonus that I did not consider when we hired Jessice is that she takes birth photos!  I never would've hired a birth photographer, but am SO glad to have the photos that Jessica took during our labor as keepsakes.  I will cherish them forever.

After the birth of our son, Jessica has been available for any and all questions I've had on breastfeeding and general baby care.  I have never felt uncomfortable asking her even the simplest of questions, and I owe a lot of my breastfeeding success to her and her wisdom and encouragement.

We feel very fortunate to have had Jessica be a part of our birth story for our second child, and encourage you to take the leap and hire her to be part of yours as well!



Immediately I liked Jessica. She's very down to earth, humorous and easy to get along with. Yet, she's strong, determined and so knowledgeable! With my first born I had no way to naturally combat my back labor and contractions. We were alone at the hospital and the Nurses didn't help us at all.  I was completely unaware there were any techniques to ease the intensity. My first birth was HARD and 38 hours long.  I'd always wanted to achieve a natural birth and now I see how a doula paves the way! After a few prenatal appointments, our Midwife recommended Jessica. My husband and I decided to make contact and jump on board with her as our doula. Every question I had Jessica was there to answer at any time of day or night. Jessica met us at our house, things picked up right when she got to us; so we decided to get to the Birthing Center. I was Thankful Jessica had towels and pads with her because my water broke in the car. Jessica was so intuitive; always thinking ahead, as if she knew it was about to happen. At the Birth Center, Jessica encouraged and coached me through contractions. Jessica taught my husband how to use counter pressure on my spine, hips and knees to combat my horrible back labor. I had my baby in only Five hours, from first contraction, to pushing, to meeting our baby girl. I know Jessica and our Midwife were the reason things went well and quick. I was much calmer this time around. Jessica helped me find my most comfortable position and I enjoyed her freezing cold lavender rags on my neck. She was beyond encouraging each time I began to doubt myself. Jessica reminded me "one contraction at a time" and before I knew it my beautiful daughter was in my arms and my dream birth had become a reality. I HIGHLY recommend Jessica's doula services; Our Midwife was right about Jessica, so glad we had her there. Best investment ever. I look forward to having Jessica by my side in the future again!

Amanda Billings-Hanson


I cannot recommend Jessica enough. Jessica's support gave us the confidence to approach our VBAC birth with joy and anticipation. With all the information she gave us, we felt well prepared for our upcoming Labor, birth and bringing home our new baby. We were also very Thankful for Jessica's Breast-feeding knowledge because that too, has been smooth sailing. Consdiering how well evertything has gone, We wouldn't want to birth again without Jessica's presence. Having a Doula this time has been a total game changer. 
My one and only regret is not having a Doula for our first baby.

Cate Olson


After my second daughter was born, I suffered a terrible hemorrhage (caused by medical error.) and lost a lot of blood. It was very hard for me, and Jessica was there to listen. Jessica was kind enough to meet us at our home right after we were discharged from the hospital. There Jessica was on our porch, with a warm dinner for us all and an activity for our 3 yr old. I was SO drained for the first 3 weeks.  Every day I would call Jessica, she helped me realize that I COULD breastfeed, recover, process my Birth and care for my Girls. She was there for us as I dealt with mastitis, all while trying to recover. I ended up getting mastitis again, and then came the thrush. I did NOT think I could get through it all. I wanted to give up so badly, but Jessica showed us compassion and non judgement. She never pressured me to breastfeed. Jessica always told me "Your choices are yours, you do what is best for you"  Sometimes I would call her even though I knew the answer to my question, just to hear a friendly voice tell me that it would all be okay. Jessica gave me an outlet, an ear and sometimes (more that I'd like to admit) a shoulder to cry on and arms to hug me. Now, my baby is nearly 7 months old, and we are still going strong!! My baby girl is growing like a weed, and 23 pounds!! I owe Jessica more than I could ever express in words. She is amazing. You will never regret letting her into your life. You may even be lucky enough to be able to call her a friend at the end of your journey together! 
I cannot imagine what my Birth and after care would have been like without her presence and support. I get tears in my eyes thinking of how much she means to us.

Sienna Menounos


When I found out I was pregnant (naturally), after 7 years of doing IVF,  I went through all the emotions - beginning with excitement but evolving into apprehension. I met with a OB group in town who did not help ease my worry and left me feeling like I was doomed. Call me crazy, but I preferred to see my pregnancy as normal, exciting and empowering experience! When I switched to the Birthing Center, at 20 weeks, I had found a better match for us. I went to the Child Birth Info Meeting and the Birth instructor recommended obtaining a Doula.  At first, I was not sure if I would also need a doula or if I could afford it, but the Midwives highly recommended Jessica. I loved the genuine, personal care Jessica gives expecting parents and I knew from our initial phone call that she was exactly who I was wanting for our Birth. A big perk for me was feeling so at ease about having a natural birth, even when things got quite hard in the moment. Jessica was always two steps ahead, knowing exactly what I was needing, or going to need, at that time.  Jessica was also very helpful to my husband (who never been to a birth before) through his many questions beforehand, and during our Birth. I felt that everything I was experiencing was normal, expected and that I could do it. It was a stellar feeling that, unfortunately, is often not part of the many birth stories I have heard.

The most admirable thing about Jessica, which makes her such a wonderful doula, is her energy and passion for her work. She knows her stuff! She really cares about the families and babies she works with. Her love and support just overflows! My baby girl is 6 months old now and I’m still feeling empowered about our birth and the value of having a Doula. I will be for many years to come. We really wanted a Doula with a lot of experience and Jessica's high experience level really shines through in her work.

We would love to work with Jessica again.

Robert Black


We were having a BBQ Dinner at a Friends House last Summer when we told them we were Expecting. The first thing they said was, "We have the PERFECT Doula for you!" and gave us the business card/info for Jessica. Turns out my Co Worker also used Jessica as their Doula, too. 
From the moment we met Jessica, we felt very comfortable. She is down-to-earth, kind (and funny) and she didn't rush through anything. Instead, she took all the necessary time to go through our (many, many) questions to prepare for our first baby. We are first time parents and we had a million questions to which she answered in a very clear and empathetic way, without any judgement. 
Jessica was helpful in offering suggestions to my Wife, cracked a joke (or two...) when we needed to lighten the Mood and yet, kept on the ball with a cold washcloth for the forehead and the Lavender Lotion, along with many other "Doula tricks", as she called them. We liked the candles and birth cards, a lot. 
After our labor we felt that we could not have done a Natural Deilvery without her help!!!  We had the delivery the way we wanted/ planned and it was huge thanks to Jessica's coaching, direction and support.

We appreicated the Birth Photos; Jessica made an already very special moment in our lives, even more special. She truly went well above and beyond to make sure our Birth was everything we wanted, and more. 
Wihtout any hestation, we'd call Jessica again. Maybe next year. =D

Rob & Emily

Carly Jo


We hired Jessica to help with the birth of our first baby in December. We debated for a long time if we wanted to hire a Doula and asked around for recommendations. Jessica was recommended by multiple people we know and after meeting with her we felt very comfortable and decided to ask her to be a part of our big day. In the end, we couldn't have been more satisfied. She was absolutely wonderful during our pre-meetings and took the time to find out what we wanted from the birth experience. Words truly cannot describe how crucial she was during the birth. I had terrible back labor and I know that my husband and I couldn't have made it through the day without her coaching, positioning, and massaging. Her Doula bag was well stocked with such helpful tools. Tools that helped us all. 
Our birth took a scary turn as I was going through transition; without Jessica and my Midwife getting creative, I probably would have had a C Ssection.  Jessica saved us in many ways!
If we decide to have a second baby Jessica will be right next to us the whole time, no matter what. I would recommend her to everyone I know.

Kelly Feneis


Jessica was hugely supportive and helpful during our pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum experiences. She helped inform and honor our birth plan through sharing invaluable information, answering questions, and advocating for our wishes as we navigated complex health care decisions. During my labor, she was considtently pulling what seemed like magic tricks out from her sleeve. She made a very difficult and tiring experience much more comfortable and totally aligned with our birth plan. Postpartum, Jessica kept in close contact and visited within the week to chat about the labor experience, share more resources, and offer words of support. She encouraged us to keep active in the breastfeeding community to both stay engaged in breastfeeding our little guy and meet other moms going through similar situations. I truly believe that our breastfeeding success is in large part due to Jessica’s support and knowledge sharing. Additionally, I believe that so many of my feelings about my experience during pregnancy, L&D, and breastfeeding are positive ones because of Jessica. SHE IS AMAZING!!

Melissa B


There are not enough words to describe how amazing Jessica has been! She has been a God Send in every aspect and we could not have come this far without her. My Cousin recommened Jessica to us and I wasn't sure about hiring a Doula. My Midwife recommended it. We met Jessica over Coffee and we clicked right away. Jessica was our Doula for our Birth and has helped us a lot with Breastfeeding after. We loved our Birth Photos; It brings me back to what a great day that was! I framed them! While my Birth was Great, Much Better than I ever could have Dreamed of; the Breastfeeding had many problems in the beginning. Bleeding Nipples, Thrush, Mastitis (3 times) and Oversupply. Each time, I called/text Jessica and she offered her suggestions, advice (even texting me back in the middle of the night). I honestly would have done Formula right away, and just quit, if it were not for her. Jessica provided me with Information on Tongue Ties and even met me at our house after Rocco’s tie revision appointment so I would have support for his first latch after having his Tongue tie laser. She has become a part of our family and we wish we could use her forever! Jessica is very reliable, calm, supportive and full of helpful Information. She was never pushy or Biased with my many Birth and Breastfeeding questions; which I appreciate.  We really owe everything to her! We spent a Month in Italy over the Summer, visiting family and Breastfeeding Rocco was so easy. I was so thankful to not have to worry about finding Formula, bottled water and packing bottles in another country, not to mention on a 12 hour flight. Thank You Jessica! You saved us! Rocco and I have made it out of the woods and we cannot be more thankful. She is worth every penny and then some!

Kelly Wagner


My husband and I hired Jessica after interviewing several other doulas. We wanted someone to join us at our birth who would help us have an unmedicated, natural childbirth.  Jessica knew just how to reassure my husband during our birthing time with ideas about how he could support me. They tag teamed giving me hip squeezes during the last stage of labor (it's hard work and I know my husband needed her support!). Jessica always said "Dads need Doulas, too!", this was our first birthing experience; we couldn't agree more! I would have never thought to sit on a birth ball in a hot shower, but it sure helped to magage the contractions as they picked up. Jessica brought this tool and had my husband work it across my lower back. My pain went from a 10, to a 4! Jess never left my side during our birthing time and reminded my husband to eat, drink and take breaks when he needed to. After every contraction, Jessica gave me a sip of juice even though I didn't know I needed it. It reminded me I wasn't alone and was a welcome refreshment. Those cold towels on my forehead and neck were just heaven! It was such a relief to have Jessica with us the whole time. I ended up delivering our baby without any pain medication, all Natural, thanks to the support of Jessica, My Husband, the amazing nursing staff at Woodwinds hospital, and God's Grace! What impressed me the most with Jessica was her intuitiveness and knowledge from beginning to End. I cannot imagine how our Birth would have gone without Jessica’s Lead. We would highly recommend Jessica to anyone looking for a supportive, informed, Experienced Doula.  -Kelly Wagner

Shannon Meyer


We were on the fence about getting a doula at all, wondering what they were for if your partner is gung ho and supportive. Boy are we glad we did. Initially, I thought we wouldn’t need a Doula, Boy was I wrong. Jessica was a perfect match for two high strung, First Timers, Type-A types such as us- lots of questions, etc. Jessica was so calm, kind, accepting, and encouraging. It was a gift to have her unlimited availability via text and email through our pregnancy. When it was go-time, Jessica came over within an hour, walked us through early labor like a champ, supporting my husband who was supporting me. My Birth went VERY fast and if it wasn’t for Jessica’s quick thinking/advice, our situation would have been much different. I really cued into her voice and presence through out. I wasn’t sure I was in Labor but somehow, Jessica knew to see past my HypnoBirthing State, and get me to the Birthing Center, quick. And good thing because we got to the Birthing Center and had our baby within 7 minutes, 1 contraction later. She is a rock in the storm that the surprising and overwhelming aspects of birth can be. A day that could have been traumatic or nightmarish ended up the best day of my life. Jessica played a big part in how proud And triumphant we feel about our birth story, even if it was a wild ride (literally!) Her follow up visit was really an amazing experience too! I don’t know how Jessica was able to capture such beautiful photos all while supporting me & directing my husband. We would without a doubt hire her again. My husband is far more financially restrictive than I, and we both feel paying a Doula was the BEST money we could have spent. You truly get what you pay for. From the large amount of Information during my Pregnancy, The Photography of our Birth, lots of Lactation help, Postpartum Care; Jessica went above and Beyond. Even answering my Texts at 3am, and 5am. We will always have a major love for Jessica.

Chantel Zwiefelhofer


Jessica was very instrumental to my husband and I's birth experience. We cannot say enough great things about her! She's a kind, helpful, committed Doula. She was always there for us in every step of the process both pre birth and post. During birth, she was always helping ensure I was comfortable and set-up for success. We achieved our birth plan and it would not have been possible without Jessica's support and guidance. I could not have done the delivery without her.

Specifically, as first time parents, we found her lactation services to be most helpful. She came over to our house multiple times to check-in on breast feeding and help us with latch, milk coming in, etc. The cherry on top is the support she provides post-birth. I recommend her with the highest regard. If you're looking for a Doula, Jessica is the best addition to your birth team!

Heather Worthington


We loved Jessica.  She was our doula for or second child.  We had planned an all natural delivery at a birth center.  When my body decided to get preeclampsia we had to go to a hospital and get induced a few weeks early.  Jessica helped us get through the process as naturally and smooth as possible.  When I was not able to talk Jess stepped in and made sure my wishes were known.  She helped me manage pain during contractions by rocking my pelvis.  She called for my nurse when I passed out after delivery while my husband was with our baby in the nicu.  She took pictures for us.  She checked on us multiple times after the deliver.  She went above and beyond and we are greatful.  I highly recommend!

Alycia Overbo


We had a wonderful experience with Jessica as our doula!  On the day our baby was born, Jessica checked in throughout the day and rearranged her schedule to meet us whenever and wherever it worked for us.  She came to our home to help me through active labor and the early transition phase before heading to the birth center.  Jessica was calm and positive, a very relaxing presence!  She had fantastic massage techniques that helped me relax and alleviated my discomfort.  At the birth center, Jessica was very encouraging and supportive of both me and my husband.  Jessica's words helped me feel focused and empowered, and her support helped me have the kind of birth I had hoped for - natural, intimate, and intervention-free.  Since I didn't use any pain medications, her massage techniques provided a lot of relief.  She was even brought snacks!  Jessica took beautiful photos after the birth, which we really appreciated and cherish.  Jessica was equally affirming and present after the birth and frequently checked in to see how our family was faring in the fourth trimester.  She visited us and offered support for breastfeeding, parenting, and latching in particular.  Of all of the breastfeeding advice I'd received throughout and after pregnancy, Jessica's was by far the most helpful.  Jessica was such a big part of our baby's birth, we can't imagine it without her and will call her next time we add to our family!

Adam Poll


Jessica was an invaluable support for us before, during, and after our birthing experience. She is so good at what she does. When we met with Jessica prior to going into labor, she was reassuring and informative. It was very easy to feel comfortable with Jessica. When my Girlfriend went into labor, Jessica walked Grand Avenue with us, helped Her stay calm and in control, even though we were only 3 centimeters. It seemed as though Jessica knew what to say to my Girlfriend, at the perfect time, to keep everyone calm. (Including me!) Jessica was an amazing mental and physical support during that time. When it was time to go back to the Birthing Center and get examined (for the second time), she followed us there and continued to be the perfect calming and reassuring presence throughout our Birthing experience. With Jessica’s help and guidance, Ashley went from 3 to 9 centimeters in only two hours. Our son was out in two pushes. It would have been a much more stressful time without Jessica's guidance and support, and if we were not at the Birth Center.

Once we were back home with our new family member, Jessica visited us on Day Three, brought us Dinner and was available to answer any questions we had regarding Breastfeeding, soothing, and caring for our new baby. I would highly recommend Jessica as a doula to anyone! We loved having her as a part of our birthing experience! -Adam Polletski

Amy Determan


My husband and I had the pleasure of having Jessica as our doula for the birth of our second baby in August. She was absolutely phenomenal. She was available during the pregnancy for questions, and took great notes on my wishes for labor. She reassured me when I found out that my baby girl was sunny side up and directed me to resources in order to encourage her to rotate (she eventually did...minutes before she was born). Jessica had a very calming presence during labor, which was great for me because I have a tendency to freak out when things don't go as expected. She took amazing pictures that we will cherish forever! And Jessica's postpartum care was amazing as well. Between my midwives and Jessica, I never felt alone with my postpartum concerns. You will feel well supported if you choose Jessica as your doula!

Monica Madsen


Jessica is an amazing doula! She is very professional and dedicated to making the birth experience a special event for mama, partner & baby. Jessica shared many useful resources when I discovered my baby was in the breech position. She offered to come over right away to help me practice some of the spinning babies techniques as well as use her rebozo scarf to encourage the baby to move.

Jessica's passion for birth and babies shines through in every action she makes in empowering all mothers. We were truly blessed to have Jessica's knowledge and experience through my 2nd pregnancy. She was an excellent resource for after birth as well. Her breastfeeding knowledge is an added bonus!!! I highly recommend Jessica for anyone looking for a wonderful addition to your birth team.

Heather Hoyt


I didn’t meet Jessica until she came out to help me with Breastfeeding my newborn son. It seemed like once we got home from the hospital, everything just went off a cliff. We were using formula until my supply came in, Noah refused to latch, and the Formula was havoc on my baby’s stomach. He would scream for 4-6 hours. My husband and I were not sleeping. We were both exhausted.
Then came in the Postpartum Depression hormones, lack of sleep and essentially, I was an emotional mess.
I called Jessica and she immediately put me at ease, without judging me or my choices up until then.
I cried.
She listened.
I tried to make sense.
She understood me.
I cried some more.
She told me “its going to be ok.”
Jessica came over the next morning and the minute she walked in, I felt relief.
We sat in the glider, trying to get Noah to latch and then, it just happened. Jessica guided me to help Noah find the best way to Breastfeed, for him.
He nursed and nursed and nursed and for the first time, I saw my son happy, content and at Peace. An hour later, he nursed again. And then again. And each hour he nursed.
Jessica wrote me out a “game plan”, as she called it.
And within 3 days of following her “Game Plan”, we were on a different path and my Baby Noah was nursing like a champ! The Nurse at the Hospital said He would not be able to nurse, because how how little he was at Birth.
I had no idea how a few changes would make everything so much easier for me. At Noah’s 2 week appointment, he had gained almost 2 pounds!
Noah is now 8 weeks old and is still a “Boobie Monster”, and is 13 pounds! I have since gone from no milk, to a lot of milk and last week I dropped off a cooler of donated milk to the NICU.
If I could do it all over again, I would have had Jessica as our Doula and help me from the beginning.
Next baby, right?

Samantha Lewis


I selected Jessica after a "meet the doulas" event at our Birthing Center. My first impression was that Jessica was calm, down-to-earth, Educated, Knowledgeable, Poised and culturally respectful. She stood out from the rest as having an ease about her; no airs, no gimmicks, relatable, genuine and highly experienced. Just the type of person I needed for our Birth.
In planning for our birth, my husband and I were looking for someone who would help him help me, manage the scene, and help me in labor, and Jessica well surpassed our expectations. From the moment she arrived at our Birthing Suite, she went to work and did not stop until well after our daughter made her debut.
What was most amazing is that Jessica just blended in. I was unaware of many things she did until afterward, when I came out of my hypnobirthing trance and we all began retelling the birth story. What I do recall is that at the height of my contractions, all I could hear was Jessica's soft voice, calmly and quietly soothing and encouraging me to "breathe your baby down." (Ok, seriously, those cold wet towels on my forehead was like heaven, too!) She kept telling me soft, supportive phrases that truly helped me stay focused and not "lose it" when Transitition came upon us. It was all so perfect as it was empowering.
 That might sound trivial now, but it was absolutely critical to my endurance. Jessica handled everything with professionalism and ease. From aromatherapy, to massage, to food and water, to keeping me in a relaxed state and keeping other people from disrupting that calm state, she was undoubtedly the most important member of my birth team. I will also speak on behalf of my husband and my mother who were both present and agree that Jessica was indispensable. She was skilled, kind, supportive, professional, poised, and real. We loved her tremendously! It is an absolute blessing to have had her as part of the best day of our lives. 

Abigail Carlson


Our family used Jessica's Birth Doula services last year upon the arrival of our first son. Our birth at Woodwinds in Woodbury was an experience that far exceeded our expectations, in the very best way.  With every contraction, Jessica gave me the support to get me through  and the information to understand my body. Jessica kept me calm, helped my husband stay involved and connected to the experience. I really enjoyed her relax and massage techniques. 
I think Jessica's strongest atributes are her knowledge in the birthing and Breastfeeding process, as well as her experience. I really appreciated her staying after our birth to help us with Nursing Gavin; as a first time Mom, not knowing what to do, I really liked having her with us for those first nursing rounds. She even brought us Chipolte the day after. 
Jessica goes above and beyond. Happy to recommend her to anyone searching for a Doula. 
My husband and I already booked Jessica for our next birth in February 2018. With Jessica's help and support, I'm still nursing through my pregnancy and my now toddler.

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