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Diksha Berebitsky

Blissful Birth Initiations

Olympia, WA Service range 40 miles

(360) 455-4566


Birth Fee

$1100 to $1200

Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee

$1100 to $1200

Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

11 years and 320 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

7 years and 45 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, March 2008
  • The Matrona, May 2009

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4 births and 1 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I feel strongly to support families at their hospital birth where besides loving emotional and physical support advocating for the families birth wishes and needs is really important.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I experienced two homebirth myself which were very empowering.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Infant massage education
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reflexology
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Founder and leader of the "Monthly Olympia Cesarean and VBAC Support Group". Founder of the Olympia Doula Circle Founder of the Meet the Doula Nights

Fee Details

I am willing to work with your financial needs and offer payment plans and paypal. Every women deserves a Doula. I also offer Placenta Encapsulation & Placenta Remedy services, free placenta and belly binding classes, Infant massage classes and Breastfeeding support.

Olympia, WA Service range 40 miles

Client Testimonials for Diksha Berebitsky

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Katie & Matt Hargrave


After meeting Diksha, we knew she was the perfect fit to help us with our birthing journey and becoming parents. She is the most kind and non-judgmental person, and goes above and beyond for her clients. From spending hours with us in our home preparing us for the birth and caring for a newborn to the final check in (which didn't feel final - because you have a friend forever!), she made sure we had the best experience possible and were prepared to move forward with our new little one. During my birth, I was so thankful to have her by my side to help guide me through each contraction, hold my hand, help me into different positions, and make sure I was well hydrated and had everything I needed. And yet somehow, she was able to also get amazing pictures at the same time (how is she everywhere at once?). We love her so much that we also had her attend our second birth - even though we thought we knew what we were doing, boy were we glad she was there! Also, we opted for the placenta encapsulation and to keep a part of it to bury in soil with a tree for our sons. She somehow had all of it back to us the very next day. If you are on the fence - go with Diksha! You won't be sorry. <3 

Breanne Keys


I cannot speak highly enough about my experience with Diksha. As a first time mom, I knew that labor was going to be completely out of my control, but didn't fully know what to expect. It was the one aspect of my pregnancy that I was really anxious about. I wanted a Doula who could provide guidance and comfort to both my husband and me during my labor. Diksha did just that and more. She not only provided support and comfort during my labor, but was also an incredible support and resource before and after my delivery. She calmed me down when I began to stress over the fact that I would now be giving birth in a hospital during a pandemic and she helped provide me with great resources after birth when I struggled with breastfeeding. She made me feel powerful and strong during one of the most intense experiences of my life and I am immensely grateful for her. If you are looking for a doula, look no further!



We loved having Diksha as part of our birth team. As first time parents, we didn't know what to expect and were on the fence about hiring a doula to begin with, but we are so glad we did! Diksha took a lot of the fear and uncertainty out of the birthing process. She was kind, knowledgable, supportive, and highly professional. Diksha listened to our concerns and preferences without judgment, and without pressuring us to make decisions about the birth that we would not be comfortable with. My goal was to have an unmedicated hospital birth with as little medical intervention as possible, and I believe that her support was part of what made this possible -- through the information she was able to provide during my pregnancy and throughout the birthing process and because she was there to help me and my partner effectively communicate my needs to the hospital staff. Diksha has also gone above and beyond to help us navigate the postpartum period, especially considering current circumstances with the pandemic. We would highly recommend her to anyone who is considering hiring a doula.

Danielle Wagner


It's hard to shorten my recommendation to 2,000 characters but I will do my best. 

Working with Diksha is more than what I expected from a doula and more than I thought I would have ever needed as my husband and I navigated through the birth of our first child. Having a doula NEVER occurred to me but after the recommendation of several friends (who happen to be medical providers), Diksha's name came up and I reluctantly reached out to her. In our first meeting, my main priorities were 1) having an unmedicated labor, and 2) having my husband play supportive husband and father rather than medical provider (he is an emergency medicine PA). We discussed her experience - she's participated in over 300 births, WOW - and how she would support us in accomplishing these priorities. We ultimately hired Diksha and I am so thankful we did.

Diksha offered more education and support during my pregnancy than what we took away from the all-day class at the hospital. But also during my labor, her support was INVALUABLE. She provided hands-on care through massage and offered various breathing, relaxation, positioning, and pushing techniques. Diksha also coached my husband into supporting me in a way that he would have not known to do without her guidance. I contribute much of my positive birth experience to Diksha; without her, we would have been completely clueless.

More than the support Diksha provided during the labor and delivery, her unwavering support following the birth of our son is what I truly cherish (that and the pictures she took of my labor - oh, did I mention she does that too!?). She not only came to our home to work through breastfeeding challenges on several occasions, but she was also available for calls and texts to reassure me that everything I was experiencing was normal. I cannot say enough how necessary this is! I don't know what I expected from a doula, but Diksha far exceeded any expectations we had!  

Hannah Hollander


Diksha went above and beyond for us and was ever present to support and guide us through the unpredictable process of birth. She was very adaptable and helped us transition to a hospital birth (due to medical complications) in another city.  Diksha had not worked in the hospital we were in before and we were very impressed at how well she got along with our nurses and doctors, they loved her! More than anything Diksha’s guidance kept me safe, strong-willed, and focused in my labor and I was ultimately able to have a natural birth despite the odds. She was my labor guide, my birth shaman and absolutely crucial to supporting me in fulfilling the birthing experience that I had hoped for under challenging circumstances. Hiring Diksha will be the best decision you could make to ensure a positive outcome with your birth, whether at home, a birthing center or the hospital.  



Diksha is both extraordinarily warm and professional -- she's full of helpful advice and was a comforting presence to have at our birth!

Erin R


We have been blessed to have Diksha at two out of three births. Our first was born in the hospital with an epidural and no doula. Before we hired Diksha for our second, I was so nervous that I wouldn’t be able to “do it naturally.” From the first time meeting her, I could sense her wisdom gained through so many birthing experiences and felt a new confidence in the team we would become! She helped me through my hospital birth unmedicated, sharing with me her many ways of centering  myself and relieving the labor pains (essential oils, tuning forks, soothing music and lighting, counterpressure, the list goes ON!). In my moments of fear, she was calm and collected, encouraging and loving.

When I found out I was pregnant with my third, it was a no brainer that we would hire Diksha again! This time, we planned a homebirth. My labor started fast and furious, and Diksha was there right away to help me with all of her magnificent “tools.” Then, it stalled for 3 days. What a terrible feeling! However, she encouraged me to not feel disappointed, and instead took time out of yet another day to help me with positioning the baby and to work through the emotions I felt. When labor started again, it was so fast that she was the only one who made it to the birth! Many might have panicked, but I knew I could handle it with Diksha there. She helped me catch my son in the bathtub that wasn’t yet completely filled, waited with me patiently for the midwife as we kept him warm and cozy, and ensured all was well. 

I can’t begin to thank Diksha enough for being the calm in the storm that can be labor and birth, for her wisdom and knowledge she passed on to me, and for the kindness and love she has always shown my family. I now consider her a wonderful friend!!!!



If you are looking for a birth doula, do not look any further! Diksha was everything I could have hoped for and more. I met with a few doulas to see what they were like and how they could support me on one of the biggest days of my life. My husband and I agreed that Diksha was the obvious choice. She has many years of experience and has supported hundreds of women through child birth. It was also important to me that she is certified with DONA and has training in breastfeeding.

We had two prenatal appts to get familiar with my wants/needs/expectations of birth and to work through birthing positions and exercises to prepare. She also has an extensive lending library that I took advantage of. All of the books were great and offered different points of view of the birthing experience.

My original plan was to have an unmedicated vaginal birth at the midwifery center at St. Joe’s. Diksha was there to support me through every twist and turn of my birthing journey. She was by my side supporting me every step of the way. In the hospital, Diksha was an excellent advocate for me. When I felt like I couldn’t survive another minute through the pain, she helped me change positions and try other techniques to help me cope. There was no way I could have made it as long as I did without her.

The postpartum visits were extremely valuable. I was thankful to have the help of my mom, but it was nice to have Diksha checking in with me and helping me through breastfeeding struggles. Because the birth was such a blur, it was helpful to revisit the experience and talk about what happened and why and how I felt about everything.

My husband and I are very happy with our decision to work with Diksha throughout our pregnancy, birthing journey, and beyond. I honestly feel like I couldn’t have done it without her. She is a supportive, compassionate, and wonderful person. I highly recommend working with her. It was worth every penny.



Diksha is the absolute Pinnacle of amazing doula-ness!!! First off she's preeminent. At the time of this review she's helped at over 300 births! That's insane. Second she's absolutely brilliant. She was so knowledgeable in birth related matters, there were a couple of things in my first birth where she was more accurate than our midwife about what was happening. Third, she's got the exact combination of kindness, warmth, presence, energy, but calmness you need in a doula. She's always there, but never sucking any energy away. She steps up with her strength and amazing thriving with no sleep skills at any point needed, and then she's back to the background the right moment. I am a total people pleaser and it was so important to me to not have to worry about the needs of my doula, and this was Diksha! She was selfless, and beyond a blessing. We didn't know what we would have done without her at our first birth (which was planned at the birth house and then had an emergency transfer to the hospital). She never left our side. When baby number two rolled around we switched our birth team but knew unequivocally we didn't want to do it without Diksha there. She's literally phenomenal. If you're reading this and thinking about a doula, hire her!!!!

Connie Lucero


I have such a deep sense of gratitude for Diksha. She has a natural gift and exceptional skill. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to have her by my side through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Diksha has a network of recommended providers in the area that were so valuable to me. It's very clear that she is admired in the community. She was there for me with advice and comfort when baby was breech at 37 weeks. We got this little nugget flipped! Diksha was there to talk me out of a 3am drive to the hospital when I thought I was in labor two days too soon. Her knowledge of pain coping techniques were invaluable. The TENS is a magical distraction!

A couple weeks ago Diksha asked me what led to my successful vbac and what advice I would have for others. At the time I hadn't really processed that question but I've thought about it a lot since. Surrounding myself with strong, gifted, skilled, loving and encouraging women such as Diksha and Kay Jackson (midwife) were my biggest advantage. Even when I doubted myself, I trusted the both of them. I knew in my core that the two of them wanted me to have a vbac as much as I did.

I didn't realize how much I held onto my previous cesarean experience until I accomplished the medication free vbac I had been dreaming of!

With eternal gratitude and love,
Connie and DJ

Kelli Prentice


Being my first pregnancy, I did what a lot of expecting mommas do, research! When I finally asked someone what a doula actually was, I found out that they are there to support the mothers through the birthing process, from the early stages of labor, all the way to when the baby makes their first latch to a mamas breast. I thought to myself, well I will have my husband and my mother with me the whole time, so do I really need someone else for comfort?! The answer I later found out was, absolutely yes. Once I decided to be open to the idea of hiring a doula, I was referred to Diksha, by a lot of people I might add. Meeting Diksha is like meeting someone you’ve known your whole life. She is warm and comforting, she is also confident and very knowledgeable in her profession. Hearing about everything she is trained in and the resources she provides, ie lactation education, encapsulation services, beautiful birth photographs, and my favorite, in home check ups postpartum, I was pretty much sold. One more thing that really clicked with me that Diksha mentioned was that during labor, there can be a lot of down time, and for your loved ones that may mean that anxiously waiting which in turn can transfer even more anxiousness to the mother. What Diksha did during that time for me, was facilitate to my mom and husband how to help me feel more comfortable, like certain massages, getting cool towels and knowing exactly when it was time to head to the birth house. She also helped me with controlling me breathing during the difficult transition stage. I had a wonderful birth experience and I have to say that I owe a lot of it to Diksha and the knowledge and comfort she provided for me, even in the months leading up to the birth. We loved our experience with her and can’t wait to work with her again!

Mavi Silveira


Diksha helped me to feel strong, informed, comfortable, and ultimately, empowered during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She’s an amazing doula and will be a lifelong friend.

Shantel Bigornia


My son was born back in 2009, and my labor & birthing experience was horrible. I ended up needing an emergency c-section due to a situation that I feel could have been prevented. Upon getting pregnant this year, I decided I would be in charge of my birth experience and researched what could help me have a positive experience. That is when I came across “doulas”. At this point, I decided I must have a doula and the best one in Olympia. I started researching doulas in the Olympia/Lacey area and found many. I read hundreds of reviews and decided on Diksha, after reading her positive reviews. Diksha was amazing from the beginning. After our two prenatal visits, my husband was much more comfortable and confident in the birthing process. Diksha is knowledgeable and gives you amazing advice that is helpful during pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period. My husband was supportive of my desire for a doula. After all of the visits, laboring, and delivery with Diksha, my husband said she was worth every cent and if we ever had another baby, we would hire her again. I went 10 days past my due date, and Diksha checked in constantly to see how the baby and I were doing. Not only was Diksha knowledgeable, she was amazing with helping with position changes and applying counter pressure during labor. Diksha also took some amazing photos during my labor and delivery. I don’t know any one thing specifically that Diksha did best because honestly, everything she did was beneficial for the positive outcome I was able to have with the birth of my daughter. I was able to have a successful, unmedicated VBAC and I strongly believe having the support of Diksha along with her knowledge, is a huge reason I was able to have that positive birthing experience.

Maggie and David Cogswell


We had the absolute best experience with Diksha (and her apprentice Cami)!  There is no way our birthing experience would have been the same without her.  She served as a solid and unwaivering pillar of support for us from the start.  Being first time parents, we needed the strength and confidence that comes with lots of experience.  Our labor came on suddenly and our baby was born after only 5 hours.  Diksha was critical for navigating the confusion of such a sudden labor with a first baby.  She took charge and we put our complete trust in her and and her intiution, experience, and compassion guided us at every step.  

In addition to taking beautiful photos during such a short and intense labor, Diksha visited us frequently after the birth in the hospital and at our house.  She prepared placenta capules for us and helped us immensely with breastfeeding, swaddling, soothing, sleeping and taking care of ourselves.  She is a kind, compassionate, and highly skilled presence to have by your side through the entire process of bringing your little one into your family.  Her constant smiling will lift you up even at the hardest times.  She was truly meant to do this!

Maggie, David, and Nora


Susan Sparrow


I really thought I would want to Sister Doula but after meeting with Diksha who was much more like a wise auntie I was like that is the type of person that I want to have. If you really want to own your birthing experience and be reassured and comforted during the process and not be afraid and feel like there are tools to help you with the pain aside from the epidural, then you need to get a doula. In general their price range is between 800 and $1,200 in small markets. I don't know what they are like in big markets like Los Angeles or New York but probably double. Doulas seem to be like called to this work not a medical thing it's really much more it's a woman's labor companion and what she does is really make sure that you're comfortable as much as possible and that your partner some people as much as possible because he will need or she will need to leave at some point to get some error or to get food because they won't be feeding the partner in the hospital or make phone calls and you are not going to want to be alone in that room. It is worth every penny. Some insurances even cover them because they were outcomes are statistically much better with doulas. There are fewer C-sections and less trauma to the mother. I don't know what to tell you guys if you're not going to use a doula you're crazy. This is especially true if you want to have a natural birth . If you want to encapsulate your placenta (!!!) or if you are single. Or scared at all of the birth. I practically worship this woman, who I believe gave me the birth I wanted most.

Erin Catob


I could not have achieved the natural birth I desired without Diksha. Not only was she an amazing support pillar for me, she was for my husband as well. When I told my husband I wanted to hire a doula for the birth of our daughter he said, "as long as she doesn't take my place." And she definitely didn't. Rather, Diksha enhanced my husband's participation in my birth. She guided him and showed him how to help throughout my labor and birth. Afterward he said that if it weren't for Diksha, he wouldn't have known what to do or how to comfort me while I was in labor. With her direction he was even able to assist with the delivery! Diksha's support prior to and after my birth were amazing. Our baby girl had turned breech at 38.5 weeks and we agreed to attempt an external cephalic version (turn the baby head down). Diksha was with us every step of the way. I wholeheartedly believe that her support, knowledge and presence during the version allowed it to be successful. She helped me get into the proper headspace and comforted and coached me through the tough parts. Diksha's unwavering support didn't stop with the birth of our baby. She continued to follow up with us post-partum. After a rough start with breastfeeding (tongue-tie), a trip to the ER and a 48hr admission to the hospital, Diksha continued to be available to us and support us. I could not imagine going through this experience without her. She was instrumental in the birth of our daughter and I will definitely seek out Diksha's services for our next baby!

Catherine Livaudais


From the moment we first met Diksha, my husband Ryan and I felt an instant connection. Diksha spoke about birth as a sacred experience and about learning to harness my power. I knew after that first meeting that we spoke the same language. There are not words to describe how profound of an experience it was to have Diksha guide us through the journey of birth, but this is our story. Our son came two weeks early and the birth was long and strenuous. You know when you're scared, and you are going somewhere you've never been before, but you look to your guide and know from her eyes that's going to be ok, that was Diksha. There were moments in my birth when I didn't know if i could go any longer, didn't know what I could trust, and when I looked to her she reassured me, held my hand, guided my husband. When everyone in the room didn't know what else to do to get Conifer out, Diksha demonstrated some new positions that kept our baby moving. When tensions were high, she helped bring laughter, she kept my husband and I nourished and she worked symbiotically with our midwife team. After Conifer was born, Diksha continued to support us, visiting us multiple times, checking in with postpartum, nursing, and offering general support. I have since taken Conifer to two of her infant massage classes and look forward to working with Diksha in the future. She is an incredible human being, her love and hospitality is tangible. Having Diksha guide us through Conifers birth was one of the greatest gifts, she is truly a goddess and we love her so much!

Catherine Livaudais and Ryan Johnson

Ashlee Mickelsen


We chose Diksha to be our doula for the birth of our first child in September 2016 and after our first visit with her we knew that she would be the right fit for us. We are so pleased with our experience with Diksha, she was so supportive and helpful during the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Diksha came to our home and spent many hours helping us prepare for the birth by teaching different positions and relaxation techniques. During the birth she was a great coach and advocate for us at the hospital and was so valuable in reaching our goal of an unmedicated birth. She also took some great pictures throughout the whole experience that we can look back on. Diksha’s support continued after the birth as she came to the hospital and our home to help with breastfeeding. Our daughter was born with a tongue-tie, which made breastfeeding very difficult at first. Diksha was able to refer us to a specialist that released the tongue-tie and lip-tie and we saw an immediate improvement in breastfeeding. We also did the placenta encapsulation, which has been great for my postpartum recovery. We would absolutely recommend Diksha to anyone looking for a doula!

Drew Hawks


My name is Andy, and me and my wife met Dikshaw June of 2016.  This is our first child, and we were nervous about the whole process.  All I can say is Diksha is a great Doula.  She has a very calming nature that helps you relax no matter how intense things are.  She  is also very availabe for her clients.  She always returned our calls and text messages.  We had a few complications a month before our due date that caused us to think we were going into premature labor.  We called Diksha in the middle of the night and she was at our house in West Olympia in 35 minutes.

Another attribute of Diksha is her experience and overall knowledge about pregnancy.  She was able to accurately diagnose some of the issues we had, and came up with effective solutions for relieving some of the pain.  Which brings me to my final point, she has a tool or cool little gizmo for everything.  Oils, back massagers, electrodes, positions for contractions.  You name the problem, and I bet she has the solution in her bag.


Diksha has also been great for us post birth.  She explained what our experience with a newborn in the first few months would be like, she coached my wife on how to breast feed, and even helped her with some belly binding techniques to help her regain her pre-birth figure.


If you're shopping around for doula's make sure you meet up with Diksha, it was one of the best decisions we've made regarding our pregnancy.



Andrew Baga

I'm beer chugging Hawks fan from West Oympia.  Feel free to call me for a reference.

253-254-3667 mobile



Emily Mouat


Diksha was our doula for the birth of our second child in February 2016. We were so pleased when our daughter decided to turn from breech to head down at 34 weeks (unlike her older sister who stayed breech and was delivered via c-section) and wanted to do everything we could to improve our chances of a successful VBAC delivery. Although we only had 6 weeks until our due date (and then our daughter came early at 37 weeks 4 days so we only ended up with 3 and a half weeks) Diksha was enthusiastic about meeting up with us to see if she would be a good match for our needs. We though she was great, so positive, knowledgeable, calming, and good with our toddler. Both my husband and I work and Diksha worked around our schedules to make our pre-natal meetings happen. Labor at 37 and a half weeks was a surprise to everyone except baby – we, the doctors, and Diksha all thought it was just bad Braxton Hicks or prodromal labor. Luckily Diksha made it back to the hospital just in time for the delivery. Somehow she took the most amazing photographs while also guiding me on when to push and when to wait – I credit having no tearing entirely to her! Diskha was also great about post-partum visits and had helpful breastfeeding tips even though this was my second child. Her nipple cream is amazing and it seemed to help more than the big in-store brands. Through the whole peri-natal period Diksha was great, very respectful of our wishes, vey knowledgeable about different things to think about and ask about at the hospital. It was so nice to have her there to take away some stress and worry and make the experience really wonderful. I can’t say enough about how happy I am that we decided to have a doula and that we chose Diksha. I also want to add that we took our daughter to a four-week infant massage class taught by Diksha and found that to be extremely fun and a good way to bond with baby. 



Melissa Otterman


I highly recommend Diksha to anyone looking for a doula in the Olympia/Lacey area.  When I told my OB/GYN practice I was considering hiring a doula, their first recommendation was to find someone experienced in the area who knows the providers and the hospital.  Diksha's experience prompted me to contact her originally, but I chose her because her calm personality struck me as one that would be a helpful offset for my sometimes anxiety-filled approach to stressful situations. 

I was so pleased with Diksha in so many ways - when I first started meeting with her, I was considering switching providers.  She supported me through the process without pushing me in a particular direction. She helped me feel that even if I couldn't switch providers - for whatever reason - I would be OK with the provider I had chosen. My husband and I met with her twice before I went into labor, and she provided good support and resources for us to review, as we were not able to take a birthing class.

During the labor process, Diksha was a huge emotional and physical support. During contractions, she applied pressure to my hips in a way that took my pain level down at least 3 pain points. During labor, when I was annoyed with the incessant dings of my cell phone, she asked me to take note of everyone who was rooting for me (without me even telling her I was bothered by the dings). She kept water coming, applied cold compresses to my head, and made sure I had food and water after baby arrived.

As I was adjusting to being a new mom, Diksha provided valuable breastfeeding support and help with positioning and latching. I purchased placenta encapsulation and tinctures, and also had positive results from these. Later I attended one of Diksha's infant massage classes.

Diksha was there for me from about 6 months pregnant through well after I gave birth.  I am so thankful and so glad I chose her!

Daniella and Chris Martin


When we decided to have a doula, we interviewed several. Immediately after meeting Diksha we knew she was the one for us. She was warm, genuine, and very attentive to our needs and plans for our birth and our baby. During our 38 hour labor, NOTHING went as planned except for the end result, our beautiful baby boy Gavin ? . Diksha pulled out many tricks in order to make me feel special and taken care of. We don’t know what we would have done without her. It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, and she helped me with that. I wouldn’t have wanted to share this experience with anyone else. She was so knowledgeable and could even tell just by my contraction pattern what was going on in there! It was amazing. Not only was she essential for our labor, but the prenatal visits and post-partum visits were a God send. She provided us with books, DVD’s and advice that helped us with sleepless nights, breastfeeding, and being new parents. I am truly thankful for her and my husband swears by doulas now! Diksha will always be a part of our family. I feel that I didn’t just gain a doula, or a positive birth experience, but a friend as well. For that I am so thankful.

iluv2b rn


Anytime I needed Diksha, she was always there (in person or to talk), no matter what time of day or night it was. One time, she spent hours with me walking in a park at snail speed and at 6 cm dilated... in very cold weather. Her visits with you are completely tailored for you and your whole family's needs. She works with whatever you want for your birth and does not try to push you toward another direction. One time, she spent hours with me walking in a park at snail speed and at 6 cm dilated... in very cold weather.


She made sure I stayed hydrated, and had protein and food in my system even though it was not the first thing on my mind. It was nice to know that she had been through this herself before, and that she has a lot of wonderful experience from helping other family's bring their babies into the world.

The encapsulated placenta was something that I thought was pretty weird and wanted no part of, but I ultimately did try it. The pills were awesome and I felt great.

Diksha Berebitsky


our prenatal appointments with Diksha were great! we were so comfortable. she always made us feel like we could say anything and not be judged. she is sweet and funny and a pleasant person to be around. she had a lot of information she shared with us and she answered alot of questions.     during my labor she had a mother like feeling to me, in a good way. she helped me with massage and just her presence was calming and made me and my husband feel very safe. the extra confidence she gave my husband was invaluable. i had an amazing and beautiful labor and natural birth and truly believe that the safety and confidence i felt with my doula and midwife played a huge role in that. i also had Diksha encapsulate my placenta and make me a homeopathic tinxture and that has been very helpful and just cool to have for the future. we now have a beautiful baby girl and i look back on the birth experience with intense happiness and love. thank you Diksha, from the bottom of our hearts.   xoxo, kate & william & atira thompson

marissa cacciari-roy


I was so fortunate to have found Diksha! I was put on bed rest for the last 8 weeks of my pregnancy and I needed a doula that could support me during this time. She helped tremendously by caring for my 2 year old son who developed a bond with Diksha and her children. She also brought me wonderful birthing books and videos. The video "Birth as We Know It" inspired and empowered me and was exactly what I needed to watch in order to have my water birth. I had a dream of a birth and Diksha was instrumental in making that happen. My water broke at midnight and I immediately went into labor. I called Diksha on the way to the hospital and she arrived within minutes after us. I forgot our camera but Diksha had brought hers and took photos. While I was in labor she stayed present with me massaging my back and knowing exactly what to say to help my body relax and transform the intense energy of my contractions into feelings of bliss. After my daughter my born she suggested that we move the baby warmer over to me so that I could continue to hold my daughter skin to skin. I would not have thought to ask the nurse if we could do this but Diksha made it possible. At one point I became dizzy and felt like I might pass out and Diksha gave me honey sticks, which immediately revived me. Before saying goodbye she left me with food, liquid peppermint (in case I felt dizzy again) and some tea lights to create a warm and magical ambiance in our room. When I returned home I had an array of beautiful gifts waiting for me. She encapsulated my placenta and dried part of my daughter's ambilical cord and placed it in a lovely box. I took the capsules and noticed a significant difference in my mood and energy level as compared to the birth of my son. Diksha embodies all the qualities I was looking for in a doula. She is thoughtful, caring and compassionate and was always there to help with anything I needed.




Katrin Rippel


Two weeks before my due date, I had decided to switch from birth center to hospital birth. Diksha moved right with me through this difficult decision and helped me stay focused on my natural birth intent, despite my hospital fears. She prepared me in only two visits with knowledge of birth positions, birth situations and various comforting methods during labor. Because of her own experience with HypnoBirthing, what was also my way of approaching birth, Diksha was totally in tune with me, and Shawn Maximilian arrived fast and safe in this world, and on my chest. I still ingest capsules with powder made out of my placenta that Diksha had prepared after my birth. I am so grateful that also this wish of mine came full circle.

Rick & Audrey Perry


Diksha’s confidence, knowledge, and willingness to answer any of our many questions was a gift. Her experience and calming presence was a large part of allowing us to be relaxed enough before and during our labor to have the kind of birth that we wanted, safe and comfortable in our own home.

Knowing that we could, and still can, call her with any concern we had was a great source of comfort and we would recommend her to anyone expecting a baby in the Olympia area.



I would not recomment Diksha for doula services in a hospital. I chose Diksha from our pleasant interview and I enjoyed our prenatal visits. I appreciated her time spent (too much time as my birthing experience was extensive due to a 2 1/2 day induction process) which was very didcated in making sure I was not alone very often during my stay in the hospital. What i do not appreciate was her pushiness with the nurses and the tension with them. The final straw was when Diksha entered my room and asked the nurse to move me to a different room (without even discussing it with me first). This was after 3 days in the room and I'm all settled! There were other times of anxiety when Diksha would bother my nurses by buzzing the button frequently for unipmortant requests (i.e.'s a fresh ice water, a straw, a different cup) and I felt like she had the attitude of being better than the nurses. I finally had to say something to her because it was making me very uncomfortable and worried that the nurses would become upset with me and not be very helpful during the acutally birth time! I did not receive the 2 post pardum visits nor any communication after I provided constructive citisism to both Diksha and her back up/partner doula Emily Flynn. Emily was an unexperienced doula used for to gain experience in trade for taking and providing pictures of the birth. Unfortunately she did not take pictures of the birth. I have yet to receive the pictures she took with her camera. All in all, I am very disapopinted with this team and would highly recomment that you interview other doulas.


Carrie O'Neill


For my second child, my husband and I initially planned a hospital birth with nurse midwives. I hired Diksha to provide labor support, for my husband as much as for me. From the start, her compassionate presence and sustained generosity told me that I was wrong not to expect love and support from the people attending my labor. She was fully engaged with my physical and emotional progress as I moved toward birth. She cared about my first birth experience and truly helped me to heal from it. Midway through my term my husband and I decided to return to the same licensed midwife practice we used for our older child's birth, and to have our baby at home.

After 19 hours of labor, Agnes was born at home in the water. Diksha helped me with positioning, offered massage and aromatherapy, and encouraged me to draw from my own reserves of strength. She also brought us delicious food to eat! Having both of my daughters caught by the same midwife--the first baby in the hospital, the second at home--closed the circle for me in a way that is difficult to describe. If I endured my first labor, I can honestly say that I was nourished and strengthened by the second. Diksha was instrumental in allowing this to happen.

After Agnes' birth, Diksha helped to clean our home. She preserved and encapsulated my placenta, an incredibly valuable service that she performed joyfully. During my term, I appreciated the books and other informational resources Diksha lent me; the time she spent with my husband and me; and the friendship her children forged with mine. She is a special person, and my husband and I recommend her and her services wholeheartedly.


Coral Sheldon- Macy


We are so thankful to have met Diksha and to have her support as our Doula during the labor and birth of our baby. Her attention and focus was much appreciated. She provided a strong, steady energy that filled the room with comfort. Her pre-birth consultations were social and purposeful, helping us determine and visualize what we wanted in a birth. Since our birth was not without complication, Diksha again provided a "big picture" perspective when she reminded us to get some 'skin on skin' time before Owen was whisked away. For this, and much more, we will always be thankful for.

Drew and Coral Macy

Karla Burdick


Diksha was very helpful in my labor. She was able to calm me down and helped me with her loving care and empowering /confirming words through my contractions. Diksha was also able to pull my husband together when he was having a hard time. She also applied her massage therapy skills which gave me god relive.

Diksha is a wonderful edition to the birthing world and I believe that she will help many women to bring there wonderful baby's into the world.

Dawn Eychaner


This is a letter we send Diksha after the birth of Magnolia.

Diksha, thank you so much for the warmth and loving spirit that you brought to Maggie's birth. Your knowledge and support helped us to have a fantastic birth experience. We really appreciated the positive attitude and intentions toward relationship building that you brought to the hospital and your interactions with the staff there. Having a natural childbirth in a hospital setting was what we wanted and that's exactly what we got. Thank you!

Love, Dawn and Jim

Vontrice Lemell


At one point in time I felt that I could never overcome my post traumatic birth experience. I needed someone to tell me that how I was feeling was perfectly okay and in no way reflected what kind of person I was or what type of mother I would be to my child. That person for me was Diksha.

Diksha became more than just a doula, she became a friend. And, like friends do, she supported me and reminded me of all the positive things about myself, my body, and my baby. In the end she took what I already knew and re-enforced it. My birth was a quick one, everyone (including my husband and children) missed it but I was able to walk into that hospital, alone, and birth my baby knowing that I wasn’t the only one who had faith in me. Without fear and without doubt, birthing my baby became just as natural as nature intended it to be; A beautiful and loving life changing experience.


Vanessa Walter


For my second baby, Diksha helped me to fulfill my wish of having a natural childbirth. Diksha's open-hearted presence throughout my birth provided comfort, reassurance and constant emotional support. Her loving, consistent postpartum care (over the phone and in person), helped me navigate the challenges of my body's healing process, as well as intuiting my emotional needs during the often turbulent first weeks after birth. Henry Stephan Walter came into the world very peaceful and healthy (8lbs 12oz) .I labored a very intense 2,5 Hours from beginning to end.

Thank you so much Diksha you are amazing.

Erika Savoy


"Diksha was at the birth of our son, Max. As first time parents we are very grateful that she was! Max was 4 weeks early and we had not finished our birthing classes let alone all of the other last minute things that get done when your having a baby.

We had our first doula appointment with Diksha a week before Max was born and she was so helpful with letting us know what to expect, and what she could do for us. She also helped us find the answers to a bunch of questions that we had been pondering.

The next time we met Diksha we were in labor and she was fantastic! Once active labor hit there was no way I was able to focus on anything but the contractions and because Diksha was there, my partner was able to focus soley on helping me with labor. And Diksha was there to coach him so he didn't have the pressure of trying to remember everything he'd read and learned in the few classes we had.

After Max was born, Diksha was so helpful in giving us resources to help us on our new journey as parents. She was also great and checking in with us to make sure we were doing ok.

We were so blessed to have Diksha with us during this time. She is an excellent doula, and we would reccomend her services to anyone having a baby, especially first time parents.

- Erika, Matt, & Max"

Sara Kunkel


Diksha helped to make the birth experience for our son so special. We had an epidural with our first child and really wanted to experience natural childbirth the second time. Diksha made it possible for the awesome experience of natural childbirth to happen for us. We still talk about how wonderful it was to walk through the different stages of labor together as a couple and to have Diksha there to navigate us through.



She had great suggestions for my husband to help me through labor. She came to our house to teach us different positions and relaxation techniques during a prenatal visit. She helped to set the mood in the hospital room. She knew when to step in and assist – giving foot massage during active labor and speaking words of encouragement when the labor was really rough.



We could tell that she was honored and excited to be there as our son came into the world. We would want Diksha present at all of our births in the future because she made it so meaningful.

Thank you Diksha so very much!!


Jehan LaFerriere


Diksha was truly an invaluable part of my birthing experience.



Though I’d planned on a home birth , my water broke and labor started a month before my due date. So, instead of my vision of midwife, doula, and a couple of close family members at home, we were sent to a hospital birthing center thirty miles away. I was fully laboring when we arrived and fortunately, Diksha had been summoned and arrived very soon. From the start, Diksha was an advocate for me and for the birth experience she knew I desired.



While laboring, the kinds of intake questions, probes, arrangements, forms, inspections, and injections required by nurses and staff were challenging to deal with. I felt like I was on another planet and what they wanted seemed so irrelevant and invasive during the intensity of labor. But Diksha stayed by my side and made sure I got what I needed. She offered good suggestions to make the whole process easier and was simply very encouraging, letting me know that things were going exactly as they should and that I was doing great. It was my first time and  it was incredibly helpful to have this support.


Diksha felt like the only link between me and the world around me. She was able to understand and empathize with my altered state and create a bridge between me and the hospital staff and my family who were attending the birth. I was able to have a natural birth free of drugs and other interventions. With Diksha’s help, I was able to create a birth experience that I feel very good about.

What could have been an unpleasant experience with unnecessary complications, turned into the most positive experience we could have hoped for. I felt such gratitude for having had Diksha there with me. I knew that things could have gone very differently without her.



Thank you Diksha!


Rebekah Zinn


We are completely amazed by the assistance that Diksha has provided us on every step of our journey of parenthood. Diksha's help was also invaluable during my labor and delivery. She instantly created a more pleasant environment in the hospital, reassured me that the warm tub was waiting, and she showed my husband how to sooth me. Throughout my labor, she made sure that I was comfortable and relaxed, which helped tremendously with my pain management. Crucially, she was alert to decision-making moments. In each such moment, Diksha served as an invaluable, intelligent, and compassionate advocate. She helped us avoid a vacuum extraction by instructing me to push my baby out before the midwife had time to get the equipment. I will always remember that Diksha's gentle voice was the spark that brought my little Dahlia into the world.

I am particularly awestruck by Diksha's postpartum support. She visited in the hospital and made sure I was well taken care of and had what I needed for healing. She sat with me when I felt devastated that Dahlia had to stay in the NICU for jaundice. After coming home with a healthy baby, I saw or spoke with Diksha several times a week. She brought us a breast pump, videos, and books from her extensive lending library. She had intelligent answers to all my questions and helped mentor me in motherhood. Diksha even fostered a friendship with another new mom. She made sure my house did not dissolve into chaos, I had healthy food to eat, and I had time to recuperate while my baby was happy in her arms.

Through her diligent efforts, compassionate soul, and vast knowledge of birth and beyond, Diksha has far exceeded our expectations for a doula. She has become part of our family. I recommend her services without reservation.

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