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Astrid Hufnagel

Little Prince Doula Services

Montclair, NJ Service range 15 miles I unfortunately do not travel to NYC.

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$50 to $75

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$50 to $75

Birth Doula Experience

7 years and 38 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

7 years and 119 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • ProDoula - Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • ProDoula - Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

Doula Training

  • ProDoula, July 2020

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 1 to 3 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Photography - Birth
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Sleep educator
  • Sleep support consulting
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Fee Details

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Service Area

Montclair, NJ Service range 15 miles I unfortunately do not travel to NYC.

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April, 2024

Astrid took care of our twins 3 nights per week for their first 2 months, and she was worth every penny! She helped our NICU graduates get on the same feeding and nap schedule so that they were both sleeping through the night at 3 months of age - without a fuss! I was undecided about breastfeeding, and she provided robust lactation support when I needed it, also emotional support when I ultimately stopped. My wife and I are so lucky to have found her!

Emily Snyder


What a wonderful human. Astrid is a homely individual whose expertise in assisting delivery and taking care of children is outstanding. Astrid was there for my delivery and suggested positions that helped descend my baby into my pelvis and shorten my labor. She also took care of our baby, at night, during the first month postpartum and it was a WONDERFUL experience. We miss her dearly and will most certainly be using her again for our next little one. 

Daisy Qian


Astrid had been a great help for us in the first three months of our newborn Charlotte. She is professional, knowledgeable and empathetic.

As first time parents, my husband and I are really excited but also nervous. Astrid guided us through the first few months. She gave me advice that helped ramp up my milk supply in the first few weeks. She taught us tricks that can help baby sleep longer stretches at night. She also gave us recommendations on baby stuff and references to LC, etc. Also with her help overnight, I was able to get some precious sleep that really helped with both my physical and mental health. 

I feel very lucky to have Astrid as our postpartum doula and I would recommend her to anyone that needs birth or postpartum help!





Astrid has been an amazing doula with us and helped us to get through the very tough few weeks after I left the hospital exhausted and have little idea on how to take care of the baby. She is kind, warm-hearted, transparent, and sharp in observing and reading baby cues. Not only did she provide guidance and insights on how to read and care for the baby, answering millions of questions we have, but also she proactively identified things to do and did a great job accomplishing them! What stands out is also her photography, she took photos for us on baby anniversaries which turned out to be studio quality and the whole family was thrilled to see them! I'll definitely recommend Astrid for whoever wants postpartum care and baby care to kick start their family journey. 



Astrid was amazing! I hired her as a postpartum doula because it was my first time having an OOH birth. She was incredibly helpful from folding laundry to watching baby when I napped. Her presence helped with the seamless transition from a family of four to five. Astrid is non-judgmental and offers timely and accurate newborn advice (i.e. sleep cycle, breastfeeding tips). Because of her advice, my third child was able to sleep and breastfeed well within his first week of birth. Bonus: She is a great storyteller especially when it comes to her travel adventures! 

Eric & Ella


We would recommend Astrid to anyone who is looking for a postpartum doula. Astrid was knowledgeable. She taught us feeding, changing diapers, calming a fussy baby, putting a baby to sleep, and so much more and helped the baby's mom with breastfeeding-related issues. Astrid was professional and cultural-versed. We are a Chinese family and had the baby's grandparents here who preferred certain ways to care a newborn. Astrid was able to share new ideas of caring the baby while making us feel comfortable with our cultural preference. Astrid was flexible and kind. We had to make a contract change that was unfavorable to Astrid. She put our interest first and supported the change even though she had to take a financial loss.

Adrienne Mariano


Astrid was the best thing that happened to my new family. She helped me with my journey with breast feeding and all the emotions the cone with it. She was not only supportive and caring with me and my newborn daughter but also helped my husband. She answered all our questions, got us organized and gave us systems to use with feeding and caring for our daughter. She allowed me also to take breaks and have a nap when I needed it. My daughter loved her. We now have our daughter on a great schedule and is almost 1 month old and only woke up once during the night! We are so happy that we found Astrid for our postpartum needs!



Astrid is a great doula, love her! As a FTM, I feel there are lots uncertain and unexpected in terms of taking care of newborn, while I myself like to do extensive research and find a solution that I feel comfortable, I know it is super challenging if being overwhelmed during first few weeks after baby comes home. That’s why I find Astrid. I am very grateful to have her for my postpartum journey. On her first day of visit, Astrid helped me with breastfeeding. Before she came, my baby cannot latch on my nipples so that I pump every three hours and feed her with bottles. Astrid figured out that my nipples are flat, she recommended and we tried a few things and finally make it work with a nipple shield! This is so important as I can finally feed baby by myself. Astrid also helped to regular baby’s sleep pattern. I used to think baby should sleep every time after feed, Astrid corrected me that baby will be more alert as growing up, and how to introduce playtime in the morning, nap in noon, cluster feeding in afternoon to make her first stretch at night to 4-5hours. At beginning, the schedule is kind of strange as baby not corporate well, but with a few more days, I can tell my baby can sense between morning and nights. She usually be awake in morning and have sound sleep at nights. For Astrid last visit, my baby has relative good sleeping pattern and me and my husband are getting enough sleep accordingly. Astrid is very considerate, she asked us to have a rest when she was in, helped with laundry, bath baby, washing bottles etc. She is willing to help and share her knowledge. As a FTM, there are so many questions from how to dress baby, how to tell if baby eat enough, why baby hiccup forever… Astrid always has an answer for us! Having her makes me worry free, this is so important in postpartum recovery. Last but not least, Astrid also actively follow up with me before baby born, answer my questions, and I feel supportive!

Jess Swaney


Astrid helped us with our first child during our baby's first 5 weeks as a postpartum doula. Astrid is professional and punctual - very easy to communicate and easy to reach her on the days when she is not with us as well. As a postpartum doula, she cared for our newborn and she put in so much care and effort. For us, Astrid was an incredible resource. She provided us with guidance on how to increase breast milk supply, how to tackle cradle caps, relieving baby's bowel movement issues, answered our questions on baby formula, and many other questions. She is an open, reliable, and a caring doula and we are very grateful to have met her and care for our baby. 

Daniel Glass


Astrid is a wonderful Duola who is very helpful with feeding and lactation help as well as emotional support to get through the difficult overnights and letting us get some much needed sleep! We are very thankful for her lengthy service for both of our children and highly recommend her. 

Daina N


Looking back on the past 7 weeks since my daughter was born, I can’t imagine how we would have gotten through without Astrid’s support.

From my first phone call with her, I immediately felt like she was someone I could trust. She is incredibly knowledgeable, confident, and calm - all qualities that a new mom desperately feels she needs, and is essential to find in a support person. Plus, she’s super warm and caring which makes it so easy to welcome her into your family.

Astrid provided guidance in a way that felt like a life raft in the middle of the ocean (especially in the first two weeks!!). She helped us understand our newborn’s feeding, sleep, and other special needs, while also providing overnight support at our home. It was the greatest gift for us to know our daughter was safe and cared for while we could get some rest.

People have been asking how I’ve been able to stay so relaxed as a new mom and I know it’s because of Astrid’s presence in our family. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!

Courtney S.


I didn’t think I would have a doula initially, but hiring Astrid was one of the best choices I made during my pregnancy. Once I decided to look for a doula, my husband basically said “whatever you need”. Now, he tells everyone how amazing Astrid was and how much harder the experience would have been without her! We met twice over zoom where she guided us in developing our birth preferences and helped us make informed decisions about our options. She was always available to answer questions over the phone or by text. At 36 weeks, our birth plan changed when we learned our baby was breech. Astrid helped us navigate through the next few weeks as we did everything we could to help our baby to turn. As a c-section became inevitable, she listened and supported me while I grieved the natural birth experience I had envisioned and prepared for. At the hospital, Astrid talked us through what was happening, doing all she could to calm our fears about the surgery. It was a comfort to feel heard by her as the hospital staff and even our midwife brushed off our efforts to advocate for our birth preferences. In recovery, she helped me initiate breastfeeding in such a calm and peaceful way. My breastfeeding experience over the next few days at the hospital became increasingly the opposite. I came home feeling anxious and more confused than ever. We asked Astrid to come for a postpartum visit, and she was here the next day! She got us straightened out with breastfeeding, offered insight to help us get settled at home, and we debriefed the hospital experience. Every time I reflect on my pregnancy and birth journey, I treasure the incomparable support Astrid provided. She was absolutely the most valuable member of our care team!

Collette Stohler


I had the pleasure of working with Astrid as my birth doula and my postpartum doula and I am so grateful for her. As a first time mom, I had no idea what I was doing and I was very anxious leading up to my delivery, as well as during my early postpartum weeks. From the first time I spoke with Astrid on the phone, she brought a sense of calm and a wealth of knowledge to my pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum experience. She stood by me as a peaceful presence and strong sister through my transition to motherhood and I am eternally grateful for her.

Throughout my pregnancy and during my delivery, Astrid supported me and guided me to make educated decisions for myself and my baby. As my labor and birth quickly changed from my original birth preference, Astrid helped me adapt with confidence and make informed decisions. She was also a great support for me husband during the process.

As a postpartum doula in the first few weeks home with my daughter, Astrid supported me, comforted me, and taught me how to do basically EVERYTHING (I’m a total newbie). She helped me immensely with breastfeeding and she was a wealth of knowledge on everything baby & mama. My husband and I absolutely LOVED Astrid and she became a part of our team. We highly recommend her and would love to work with her in the future!



Having a doula was important for me because of the limitations at the hospital due to COVID and because my husband and I do not have family nearby. We interviewed a few different people and knew that Astrid was the right fit for us because of her vast knowledge and experience and her clear and direct communication style. It was great to have one person who would be with us for the birth of our daughter and for several weeks postpartum as we got our bearings as new parents. Astrid was a great support during my natural delivery. Although my labor did not start out as I had hoped, she coached me through difficult contractions, helping me keep off pitocin and pain meds (as I wanted). 

In the weeks after my daughter's birth, Astrid helped us set up her sleeping space and begin working on a schedule. She helped us gain confidence with bathing, changing and feeding. Astrid's baby gear tips and recommendations were incredibly helpful. She also helped troubleshoot feeding challenges and continued to reach out several weeks after our contact ended to check in on us. 

I cannot recommend Astrid highly enough. She was a huge support and a very comforting person to have around and to know she was just a text or email away. It was very hard to say goodbye on her last day!

Carol Pires


We had the pleasure of working with Astrid again for our second natural birth & postpartum services! Astrid was so great with checking in on me all the time as it got closer to my due date. When I went into labor it was 2 AM and she answered right away and met me at the birth center shortly after. She is seriously nothing short of amazing! She was there by my side making sure I was staying hydrated, offering different comfort solutions, and helping me through each contraction with back pushing, rubbing my back, and encouraging words. She even took some beautiful photos of us that I will cherish forever. I got to have my second beautiful water birth and I couldn’t have done it without her! This is also the second time we had Astrid for postpartum evenings and it truly is amazing. 8 glorious nights of uninterrupted sleep for my husband and I. My mind is at ease knowing how knowledgeable and nurturing Astrid is with our baby. She always asks the right questions pertaining to each situation and offers suggestions/solutions. She also helped is establish a bedtime routine for this babe and it has been going so well! My husband and I are so lucky to have found such a great doula that has become a friend to us. Thank you so much Astrid, you have been so amazing yet again!! You make “Momming” so much easier for me and we are so grateful for all you did for us! We will definitely be bothering you again for baby number 3 LOL!!



Astrid was a wonderful fit for our family! She joined us around three weeks postpartum to help with overnights and provide overall support. As second-time parents, we knew how tough it can be at the beginning, and Astrid's advice on everything from older siblings to breastfeeding challenges was invaluable. She was non-judgmental, flexible and, as a bonus, just a joy to spend time with!



As first time parents, my wife and I were so grateful to have the support of Astrid. Her experience, honesty, calm personality, and COVID protocols really appealed to us. She checked in with us often throughout the pregnancy, was always available via text and phone call, and helped us create a birth plan. Although things did not go according to our birth plan (my wife and I decided on a C-section after experiencing four lengthy fetal decelerations), having Astrid in the hospital was indispensable. 

Once in recovery, Astrid ensured that our son was brought to us instead of being kept in the nursery. She taught us how to self-express my breasts, pump, and helped with latching. Because of Astrid, our son got the bonding time and nourishment that he needed right away. 

When working with us at our home, Astrid helped with bottles, laundry, feedings, taught us about different kinds of baby carriers and helped with different nursing positions. We greatly appreciated her suggestions of a pumping-nursing-bottle schedule that allowed my wife and I to share feedings- something that was very important to us. 

Overall, working with Astrid was a great experience and we would highly recommend that you work with her too!



Astrid transformed our newborn experience. We knew we needed someone to help as I had a scheduled C-section and we have a very active toddler already. I had a traumatizing breastfeeding experience with my first and was hopeful that my second would be a fresh start. Astrid was so supportive and kind during my night feedings, playing the role of lactation consultant, doula, therapist, and friend. She has a wonderful ability to make you feel like you're staying up late with a friend while also remaining extremely professional. Over the weeks that we worked with her, we were constantly tinkering with our schedule to implement good sleep practices. Astrid listened to us and really considered what was practical for our family and would benefit our newborn. 

I can't recommend Astrid strongly enough. She has an amazing wealth of knowledge (that she will be humble about) and with a short amount of time will be able to offer small changes to set you up nicely for long after your time working together has ended.

Jeannine Morneau-Quanvie


We found Astrid through the recommendation of another doula and are extremely grateful to have worked with her as a birth & postpartum doula. She helped us shape our birth plan, leveled our expectations about delivering at St Barnabas, and was very easy to work with. She answered all my new mom questions and helped my husband and I through the first couple of weeks after delivery. With her guidance, I was able to successfully begin nursing my son after my milk came in and helped to ensure that I was providing enough for his needs. She has a very calming & peaceful presence and my son also enjoyed spending time with her while she let us rest. She also walked us through feed / sleep strategies so that we can begin a routine with our son (to get more sleep!) We highly recommend her and would love to work with her again!

Monica McEnrue


My husband and I are so grateful to Astrid for the wonderful support she provided during our son’s birth and in the weeks that followed.

As second-time parents, we began looking for a doula shortly after I learned I was pregnant. With an active 3yo at home, we knew we’d need all the support we could get! Astrid came highly recommended, and after speaking with her we understood why: Astrid is knowledgeable, calm and measured, and as a mom herself, she knows first-hand what life with a newborn and a preschooler can be like. In addition, Astrid was supremely COVID-conscious which gave us immense peace-of-mind.  

As my due date approached, Astrid checked in with me regularly and went out of her way to make herself available several weeks early (as my daughter had been born early). After my water broke, Astrid was in regular communication, and she made lots of helpful recommendations as to how to keep my labor progressing. My labor was slow until it wasn’t, and the last hour of labor was incredibly intense. Astrid remained calm and hands-on through it all. After my son was born, she stayed to be sure we were situated and to help with his first latch.

Thereafter, Astrid provided nighttime support 3x/week. Astrid worked with me to find a system that allowed me to nurse at night while also gently introducing a bottle. She provided detailed updates on the night, and gave tips and recommendations on how to troubleshoot issues as they arose (best swaddle, how to dream-feed, best nipple/flow speed, how to help our son keep his paci in, etc.).  

Bottom line: both my husband and I knew we could rest easy on the nights Astrid was with us as she cared for our son in the same way we would.  If you are looking for a professional and caring doula who understands the vital importance of both birth and postpartum support, run, don't walk and give Astrid a call.  



We found Astrid one month into being first time parents of twins. The exhaustion had started to set in and I was overwhelmed with constant feedings and lack of sleep. We were blessed to have her come into our lives as an overnight postpartum doula. Not only did I finally get some much needed sleep, but as a certified lactation consultant she was able to offer invaluable advice on breastfeeding and pumping. I also needed guidance with formula supplementation, bedtime, swaddles, baby carriers and more. Astrid gave me the tools I needed as a new mom to feel empowered and in control. At the end of our time together the twins had started consistently sleeping through the night and we were in a much better place as a family.

Not only is Astrid super informative, but her calm and caring demeanor put us right at ease from the very first night. It's hard to find someone you would trust to take care of your newborns so quickly. She is extremely professional, respectful, and responsive. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a doula. We are so grateful for her. 



Astrid's postpartum services were recommended to my husband and I as we struggled through the early sleep-deprived weeks of first-time parenthood. Her incredibly calm and understanding demeanor was exactly what we needed! Prior to her arrival, I had been desperately searching for that all-in-one magic baby instruction manual, and, while that certainly doesn't exist, Astrid is as close to finding one as they come! Astrid helped restore my waning confidence as a new mom, offered tremendous insight and experience without bias or judgment, and validated my concerns over some spitup issues my son was experiencing. She took every COVID precaution and continued to check in on us after her in-person services had ended. We highly recommend Astrid as a postpartum doula and are so grateful for her assistance in these early weeks! 


Cody W


My wife and I selected Astrid to work with us for labor/delivery (gave birth in Dec 2020), as well as for several post-partum visits (including an overnight session). We interviewed 3-5 doulas in total, including referrals from friends, but found Astrid to be the best/most-compatible fit for us. She is not only extremely qualified and knowledgeable, but also has a superbly calm, reassuring demeanor, and supported us at every step along the way. And last but not least, we found Astrid to be completely professional, prompt, transparent, and very easy to work with (in terms of logistics, scheduling, and payments/invoices), and she was also very COVID-conscious and took great care with all safety precautions with us (to protect us as her clients, to protect her other clients, as well to protect herself and her own family).

With our pre-natal sessions (done virtually), Astrid walked us through the process of creating a birth plan, checked in with us several times about our preferences, and was an invaluable source of information for us, but made us feel comfortable/confident and let us take the lead with making our own choices. On the day of my wife going into labor, Astrid stayed in constant contact with us, via phone and text; she helped us manage the early labor at home where we'd be more comfortable, then coordinated with us when it was actually time to go to the hospital (we decided to have her arrive after we were checked-in). During the birth itself, I can't overstate just how much she helped to calm us and to keep our stress levels in check; with her soothing presence and physical assistance, my wife had a successful and relatively smooth natural birth with no major complications, and I can't thank Astrid enough for guiding us through that. With our post-partum visits, she shared a wealth of advice and helped "train" us with how-to do feeding, diapers, bathing, etc., and gave us a much needed night of rest.

Highly, highly recommend Astrid!

Josie Adams


From the minute I met Astrid, I knew I wanted her to be my postpartum doula. Her energy is calm and confident and she instantly made me feel at peace and cared for.

Our first son was born in June 2020, during the height of the Covid pandemic, and unfortunately we had to wait two weeks to begin working with Astrid so we could ensure everyone's safety. By the time she came to work with us, my husband and I were both so sleep deprived and strung out we could barely see straight.

The first night she worked with us was the first night we slept since the hospital. She handled everything from bottle prep to waking me when it was time to feed (we do split bottle and breastfeeding), as well as changing him and burping him and putting him back down to sleep. Each morning she'd provide a recap and suggestions, like ways he preferred to be swaddled or tips for how to get him back to sleep.

We also had her help us during the day so she could observe his eating and napping schedule. As always, she had a wealth of knowledge to share, and It was also a welcome break for both me and my husband.

Astrid is a true baby whisperer, and without her there to help us overnight we wouldn't have survived. We can't wait to work with her again with our next!!

Carol Pires


When I set out on my natural child birth journey, I wasn't sure I needed a doula since I had 2 midwives. Other Moms advised me to get one and I couldn't have imagined my birth without Astrid!! She was very attentive my whole pregnancy, checking in to see how I am doing, if I had any questions/concerns, & going through all my birth preferences. I ended up have a very long labor and Astrid was a super star. The midwives were great, and my husband was also very hands on and super supportive, but he was emotionally and physically tired after so long, he needed a break. Astrid was there coaching me through contractions, offering different solutions, rubbing my back, taking me outside to do some exercises, letting me literally hang on her through every contraction, making sure I was drinking my water, amongst so many other things I would never have even thought of. She was invaluable, I couldn't have done it without her. I got my natural water birth I always dreamed of. After birth we had Astrid for 2 overnights a week for the following 3 weeks. IT WAS WORTH EVERY CENT. It was a splurge for us but the best splurge we ever did for ourselves!!!! Those two days a week allowed us to regenerate and gain some sanity back. She would come stay with the baby in the living room for the night while my husband and I caught up on sleep. She helped with light house work without asking, she helped with nursing questions and all of my first time Mom questions. She would wake me up so that I could pump and then I was back to bed, so I was getting 7/8 hours to sleep! She took such amazing care of our baby, I always felt so comfortable leaving her with Astrid. Astrid we can't thank you enough, you have been more than I ever expected to come out of this, you have become a friend and we are so thankful for all of it!!! Anyone considering either of these services with Astrid, don't hesitate, she is outstanding!!

Lindsey Champagne


Astrid is an excellent doula. I was suffering from post partum depression and in need of help, especially at night. I found Astrid’s site through another post partum resource and as luck would have it, she was available to come for the night the day I called her. I cannot express the vulnerability I felt as a new mom with severe ppd allowing a stranger to come into my home and take care of my child. As soon as Astrid stepped into my home, I felt immediate relief and my gut told me she was trustworthy. She knew I needed rest and swooped in and took care of my baby boy all night while my husband and I got the best night of sleep we’ve had since before I was pregnant. We were so happy we immediately increased our initial contracted hours! Astrid is smart, gentle and kind and works beautifully with children. She also helped address many questions I had as a first time mom. I don’t think I could have gotten to a place of healing without Astrid’s help and we plan to always keep in touch.



Astrid worked with our family from the day I left the hospital to a few days before I returned to work. She balances both understanding and incredible warmth with a competent and capable nature, which is very much needed for first time parents. We interviewed several doulas and are very happy we went with Astrid. During our initial meeting, Astrid’s genuine personality and wealth of knowledge set our minds at ease.  She came to our house between one and three times per week for four months and helped us with everything from laundry to helping with breast feeding (which was a struggle for me and my baby). She is great with babies and had a magic touch that would put my son to sleep. I cannot recommend her enough for those looking for post-partum support. Astrid helped us gain confidence with our new role as parents.  My family was very lucky to have her during what was one of the hardest transitions of our lives.

Melissa Parrish


We worked with Astrid starting when I was about 6 weeks postpartum and she absolutely saved our sanity and rebuilt our confidence about being brand new parents.  I had major birth complications which meant that all our carefully laid plans were utterly useless and we were feeling a bit at sea. Astrid came in and not only took care of our son overnight so we could get some sleep-- she also taught us so much about our new baby that we couldn't learn from books or the internet. Our pediatrician even told us he was impressed with some of our questions and comments at the 2 month well visit!

To say I recommend Astrid is an understatement.  She's knowledgeable, caring, listens to the parents and helps optimize for what they want for their child, and-- bonus-- she's a very cool person, too.  We miss seeing her every week, but we're so happy knowing that she's helping others as much as she helped us.

Jennifer Delcalzo


 Astrid was a lovely postpartum Doula. She provided support for me in the hospital so my husband could go home at night and be with my first daughter. It gave me piece of mind to know that he was with her and I felt safe with Astrid as my personal advocate and support system at the hospital. She also helped me at home, bathing and caring for my baby, as well as entertaining my toddler. It was very important for me to have her expertise, advice, assistance, and care, and I would highly recommend her to anyone in a similar situation. Thank you Astrid!

Tara Marie


Astrid was a God-send during my postpartum days.  As a first -time parent, she provided me with information and guidance on pretty much everything I needed to know.  She helped me with breast feeding, baby care, chores, and errands.  She provided me with breaks so I could get some much-needed sleep.  She even helped me to deal with my baby's tongue tie by recommending a specialist, accompanying me to the consultation appointment, and assisting with the after care.  She prepared drinks and snacks for me, taught me how to use a sling, and was a welcomed source of emotional support during this challenging time.  She helped to preserve my sanity and I'm not sure how I would've gotten through that period without her.

Evan Nass


Astrid is excellent. She is not a "night nurse." You are paying for much much more than that. She really helped get our lives back in order and in control after the birth of our daughter. Her advice, calming demeanor, and wisdom were golden. Not only does she have the experience but she also went through many of things we went through with her own child. Her contacts were invaluable and helped with our daughter's issue. She is a holistic (and I don't mean that in a granola way) post-partum doula that will give you and your, let's face it, wife, that extra help that is so often needed by new moms and is rarely there. She is not cheap, but I can honestly say she was worth every penny. I'm not being paid for this review. It is true and honest. After Astrid left we got a night nurse and the differences were astronomical. They just simply don't compare. Thank you again, Astrid, for all your help and for helping us keep it all together to remain sane (well, our version of sane)!

Brenda Jarvis


As a first time mom at 35 years old I was nervous and apprehensive about child birth and the entire post partum experience. When I started working with Astrid I felt a sense of relief as she reassured me in all the areas of child birth and child care that I was unsure about. She gave great suggestions and had real life experience to back it up. We discussed everything from my birth plan to what products will work best for breastfeeding and baby. Astrid was very flexible with her schedule and always tried her best to accommodate any of my last minute requests. She took pictures of my baby being born that are priceless and I will have forever and I didn't have to worry about hiring an additional photographer. She was my support system during my entire delivery process and I dont know what I would have done without her, as I delivered out of state away from family and friends due to a last minute birth plan decision. She also assisted me with post partum care which was so critical because I had a C-section and needed the extra help once I returned from the hospital. I would highly recommmend Astrid to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and compassionate Doula.

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