Lynn Christensen, CD(DONA), CLC, LCCE Photo

Lynn Christensen, CD(DONA), CLC, LCCE

Labour Day Doula Support

Tenafly, NJ Service range 50 miles


Birth Fee

$1600 to $2900

Birth Fee

$1600 to $2900

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula
  • HypnoBirthing (Mongan Method) - Professional Doula Training Certification

Birth Doula Experience

18 years and 704 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, March 2002

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • TENS units rental

Fee Details

Fee variation takes into consideration where you live, where you are having your baby, how many babies you have had, and customization of my services. I also offer special pricing for my repeat clients.

Tenafly, NJ Service range 50 miles

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Client Testimonials for Lynn Christensen, CD(DONA), CLC, LCCE

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Yuri Jang


Having Lynn Christensen as my doula was one of the best choices I made for my pregnancy and birth of my baby girl.  Even after 6 months, I'm reminded of how lucky I am to have had Lynn as my doula when I refer back to modern child-rearing approaches and theories by doctors and authors she recommended.

She was organized, professional, knowledgeable, and always supportive and present for me throughout my pregnancy, and afterwards as well!  Lynn was a god-send when I went into labor nearly 2 months early without a single bottle, blanket, or birth-class under my belt.  Even though I was sure it was false labor, Lynn met me at my hospital and helped me navigate the medical jargon, process, and psychological shock of giving birth to a premature baby.  Her calming presence, pain managment techniques, and expertise in childbirth gave me confidence and eased my fears and pain during my dramatic labor story.  

Lynn helped me know what to ask for from my doctors and medical team, including getting a hospital breast pump immediately after giving birth.  She also emphasized the importance of building up my breast-milk supply, which I had no clue to do at the time.  Thanks to her advice and ongoing support, I was able to establish a strong milk supply and breast-feed my early baby.  I consider my baby's healthy start in nutrition, growth, and care strongly due to Lynn's amazing support.  I will always remember how Lynn's guidance made an immeasurable difference in my daughter's birth success. 



I can't sing Lynn's praises loudly enough. She was the captain of my birth team. I'm in awe of her loving and calming energy, her intelligence, and her ability to navigate complex situations with ease. Thanks to Lynn, my birth was more empowering and beautiful than I could've ever imagined.

During pregnancy, she encouraged me to follow my intuition & helped me switch providers. Birth can be intimidating, but Lynn always seems to know exactly what to say. Her experience and anecdotes made me feel excited and prepared. She'd remember the smallest details from our last phone call ("How was your glucose test?"), and never made me feel like my questions were unimportant ("What kind of outfit do newborns wear at night in the early fall?"). She helped us think through the implications of the various options for our birth plan. As my birth approached, it was so comforting to know that Lynn was a phone call away. She was truly on call, staying up-to-date about my changing symptoms and feelings.

When I noticed early labor signs, I took out the "when to call your doula" handout from Lynn's information-packed binder, and knew just what to do. When she picked up the phone, I was instantly at ease. Lynn checked in regularly, talking me through changing sensations and helping us decide when to go to the hospital. Thanks to Lynn, I was able to comfortably do the majority of labor at home like I'd hoped.

During birth, Lynn massaged me, dabbed me with cool towels, fed me, & helped keep the room dark and quiet like I had requested. She told me repeatedly how awesome I was doing, and helped my husband feel confident and involved. She worked compatibly with my midwife and nurses, helping to maintain continuity. Ultimately, I had the natural water birth of my dreams. Several months postpartum, she still checks on me regularly, and even when we haven't talked in a while, I feel like a Warrior Mama knowing she's forever in my corner.

Nicole Dundon


Lynn was our doula for our second pregnancy. I was planning on having a VBAC and quite anxious about it. Lynn really took the time to help my husband and I come up with a great birth plan and I always felt like she had my back. From the second she came to our home when I was in labour, up until our daughter was born, Lynn was amazing. She made herself available to us and never left my side. She encouraged me in my time of doubt and was more of a support than we could have asked for. We are truly blessed to know her.

Jen Gsell


We can't thank Lynn enough for her incredible support and guidance in helping us bring our daughter into the world! Lynn calmly answered our questions and talked through any fears we had as first time parents before labor, and then when game-time came, she was a critically important piece to our puzzle. I was induced at a major NYC hospital and had a long and challenging labor, so it was such a relief to have Lynn's expert advice and calming presence. I knew I could trust Lynn if I asked things like- is this normal? what comes next? what do you think? And she always responded in a gentle and caring manner while helping us navigate labor and make the right decisions for our family. Breastfeeding was a bit of a hurdle for us, and I appreciated Lynn's expert advice with that as well. Additionally we will always cherish the amazing birth photos she took, and the beautiful labor write-up, which was full of all the details that had become one big sleep deprived blur. Lynn, we are so grateful we met you and that you were with us for this momentus life experience, thanks a million! 



We used Lynn as our doula for the birth of our daughter Zoe and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was hesitant to hire a doula but after speaking with Lynn I knew she would make the birth process much smoother and more comfortable - and I was definitely right! I had a challenging delivery and having Lynn by my side in addition to my husband made it so much better. She is truly caring and extremely knowledgeable and provides a sense of comfort that is so important during the labor and birth process. While everyone else is focused solely on the baby, it was so great to have Lynn who was there for me before, during and after the birth. I can’t imagine having gone through this without her!

Jennifer Scharf


We heard about Lynn from a friend so we decided to give her a call. From the first time we interacted with her, up until the day my daughter was born, Lynn has been a huge support for my family and I. She is extremely knowledgeable, caring, calm, and made the entire labor process (which was pretty bad for me) manageable. She was the only person in the hospital I was calm with and was able to talk to and listen to. Her presence is calming, warm, and very soothing. Even my husband found comfort in having her there with us. She answered any questions I had, and was always available to me if I ever needed anything. I have to admit, I am a pretty difficult and anxious person, but somehow Lynn was the one person I was able to talk to and having her by my side for the birth of my child was the absolute best decision I ever made. I can't thank her enough for her support through the entire process!

Lauren C


Lynn was invaluable to me during my pregnancy and delivery. I found Lynn when I was around 36 weeks pregnant and knew after one phone call she was the doula for me.  I hadn't otherwise prepared for labor and delivery or breastfeeding and after one visit to my home Lynn empowered me to know that I could get through it all - I wasn't quite as anxious after knowing that Lynn was part of my labor and delivery team! She is warm, informed and calm - her knowledge makes you feel like no matter what your delivery brings, you will have someone there who will help you navigate it all and ensure that you are the ultimate decision-maker.  She also provides you with a wealth of reading materials and goodies which were all very useful.  On the day of my son's birth, Lynn gave me the confidence and support I needed to deliver my son the way that I wanted to and I can't thank her enough for that.  I labored at home and Lynn joined me and my husband and mom as soon as I expressed that I needed her there.  She reassured all of us that I could continue to labor at home (and had she not been there, I probably would have gone to the hospital a lot earlier and likely ended up with a different delivery story!).  When we decided to go to the hopsital Lynn continued to help me feel empowered to make my own decisions about when to be admitted and how to progress in my labor.  Ultimately with her support and calming presence I was able to have the unmedicated delivery that I was hoping for after initially thinking I would need an epidural.  Lynn also captured incredible photos of the moments after my son's birth - moments that I am so grateful to have memorialized.  I would absolutely recommend Lynn to anyone looking for a doula - she truly contributes to your delivery story in such a positive way, and in the end I could not feel better about the way my son was welcomed into the world!  Thanks Lynn!

Snigdha Diehl


Lynn is a wealth of knowledge that my husband and I needed when having our first baby. We chose to have one of her plans for support before, during and after the birth and were grateful for that. Before the birth, she came to our home for two sessions where she walked us through what to expect with the birth, medications and procedures used by doctors, and studies/research/scientific evidence to consider for each procedure and medication. I learned a lot so I could make informed decisions for my baby. Lynn had worked with my OB practice and chosen hospital many times before, so she knew the ins and outs. For example, what the delivery and recovery rooms were like and what to prepare.

I had gestational diabetes and was scheduled for induction at 40 weeks. I had an induction massage 3 days before that and went into labor that evening. Lynn was available on the phone while i started having contractions. When my water broke she was available to meet me in the hospital. She was there while i had terrible nausea, vomited several times, and talked me through what was happening calmly when the doctor was delayed or was pushing for drugs. I ended up having an umedicated birth even though I wasn't planning for this. I was able to do most of the labor at home with Lynn on call, and was already 8 cm dilated at the hospital. I had a complication after the delivery and Lynn was helpful with letting me know about what to monitor afterward. She was helpful in connecting me with a lactation consultant when I was having breastfeeding challenges. I am happy to say that I was able to breastfeed exclusively until 6 months and after that keep breastfeeding with introducing solids for 1+ year.

Lynn is in high demand so I would suggest booking in advance. I would highly recommend having a doula especially if you want to have a natural birth and breastfeed and Lynn is very knowledgable and experienced. Thank you so much Lynn! 


Tzivya Kraus


Lynn was our family's doula for the marathon birth of our son, 42 weeks ago.

Lynn was a remarkable source of strength, information, compassion, humor, mothering, love, coaching, wisdom, and support throughout the entire pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period. 

As a longtime doula myself, I have always understood the importance and value of having a doula by one's side, and Lynn proved that a million times over! I felt so comforted having her accompany us through the experience, and she has significantly enriched our lives forever!

Knowing that our doula was there to support us both emotionally, while also expertly supporting my wife physically, Lynn gave me the freedom to experience the birth of my son as a wife and mother, rather than as a professional. 

My (rockstar, birth goddess) wife endured a grueling labor, with a protracted pitocin induction, 2 failed epidurals, 6 hours of pushing, an attempt at forceps, and an eventual cesaraean birth. We were so lucky to have Lynn there with us for those 2 long days!

Lynn was a rock for us both through the labor, and continued to be a major support postpartum. She excelled at establishing and troubleshooting breastfeeding thanks to her advanced training. 

Her binder of materials, and gifts of baby onesie, and a special treat of birth photography and placenta prints (!) were bonuses on top of Lynn's invaluable service.

I cannot recommend Lynn enough, and you'd be lucky to have her!

Elizabeth Cate


Lynn supported us through the birth of our first child, and we were so grateful for her calm presence and assistance. Lynn demystified the childbirth process for us and provided caring assistance every step of the way through a fast-moving and turbulent labor. She has also been very helpful with nursing questions during the first year of our daughter's life. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Lisa Anzelmo


Choosing a doula can feel like a completely overwhelming task. For my husband and I, we wanted someone with experience—but someone who wasn’t so experienced that they were jaded and “over it”; someone who would help guide us—but not take so much charge that they would take over “our" experience. We wanted someone who we both felt equally comfortable with, and, although not a deal breaker, we preferred them to be familiar with our delivery team. For us, Lynn Christensen ticked off all these boxes.

Ultimately, two things that are in short supply during labor are calm and patience. Lynn provided us with both of those to lead us through our (uncharacteristically long) 38-hour labor! In the end, our delivery didn’t go according to plan, but she helped guide us through the unforeseen roadblocks. As first-time parents, we found both comfort and answers in Lynn’s experience, making our extra-long and sometimes scary process a little more manageable.

Where Lynn has proved herself even more valuable, though, has been her insight post-birth. Being new parents, there have been numerous occasions where we still find ourselves leaning on Lynn’s extensive knowledge, as well as that calm and patience. It has been comforting and reassuring to know that some of the answers to the puzzling world of newborns have been just a text or phone call away. In the end, it wasn’t just Mike and myself that benefited from having Lynn as our doula, but our sweet new daughter as well!

Thank you from the three of us!

--Lisa, Michael, and Abigail

Polina Slavin


Was so glad to have Lynn by my side for the birth of my second child. With my mother being 3000 miles away, her support was even more tremendous. She guided me through my labor and provided the support i needed to get as far as possible without interventions which was very important to me.

Lindsay Averbach


I fully and highly recommend Lynn! My mother gifted me with a doula to assist me with my second birth, that we’d Hoped would be a VBAC. i Didn’t even have to meet Lynn in person before knowing that she was the perfect support for me; I literally hired her after a phone conversation. Something that made me certain I had picked the right doula was when she told me that the decisions are between me and my doctor, and she will support whatever we choose (A direct contrast to somebody else I spoke with that claimed my doctor shouldn’t have sectioned me with my first child.) Lynn made it clear that her role was to support me, advocate for me, and calm me down-in a completely non-judge mental fashion.

Lynn was vital  to me during my third trimester, as I knew I could text, call or email her with any question or concern I was having. She never gave *only* her opinion, but always research and evidence based facts. I so appreciated that as it allowed me to trust her answer as proven! She was also ALWAYS patient and kind while allieviating many of my worries. 

Additionly, Lynn supported me with my breastfeeding journey. I really had nobody to turn to with breastfeeding questions, as  I am one of the first woman in my family who wanted to try it. Having someone to help with latch and The pain during those initial first weeks was priceless. 

One last thing I’d like to add-both my husband and I believe that because Lynn was with us at the hospital, the nursikh staff went above and beyond. they knew that Lynn was a pro- and that she would notice anything amiss. A nurse even commented to me how helpful Lynn was. 

seriously- look no further than Lynn for your doula. even For a scheduled c section I could see value in having Lynn there. 

larae bryant


When I think about Lynn’s Doula support, I can only best describe it as Life Changing for our family. You never can plan or control how the natural process of bringing a child into the world will be. You can only make informed decisions and try to keep in mind your hopes for your birth preferences along the way. Lynn was our partner, our rock, our strength all along the way for the birth of our daughter. We were able to make every decision with confidence with her help. Every fear was subsided with her by our side. Lynn anticipated our needs before we knew we had them. I guess hundreds of birth experiences, as Lynn has, gives you the depth of experience to be able to do that.
Our birth was especially long. Lynn sure does have stamina! She was with us all the while. We also had a lot of decisions to make. Some of which we didn’t anticipate having to make, but were right decisions. That we were able to take that journey with confidence, made our birth experience completely beautiful. It was a story we will always cherish and celebrate. We owe so much of this to Lynn and her very unique abilities. She is a gifted, beautiful, highly intelligent, comforting and positive woman. She comes with our highest recommendations for birth support!

Sharon B Goldfarb


Lynn was great. I knew when we spoke on the phone and then met in person at our first meeting that she was what I wanted. She was honest and kind. I had alot of questions and she put me at ease to feel free to ask whatever I wanted to know and she could share from her extensive experience. A friend of mine had used her and my friend had a difficult birth in the past and with Lynn had a smooth birth. Lynn was professional and warm so I knew she would work well as part of my healthcare team. In the end, my doctor insisted on scheduling an induction and giving pitocin and then left and returned for the pushing- so I was so glad that I had Lynn. Lynn was patient and did counter pressure on my back and legs which helped with pain management and I did not need an epidural with Lynn's help. Her questionaire before the birth was great to think about experiences that would effect the birth going into it. She followed up with me postpartum which was so great to have the emotional support that someone was interested in hearing how I was doing and guiding me.


Melissa G


I have only positive things to say about Lynn. She is so wonderful. She loves what she does and is truly passionate about being a doula. She came to me highly recommended by my childbirth educator. I was so happy she was available with just a few weeks notice because I decided at 35 weeks pregnant that I wanted a doula present for my first labor and delivery.

During the prenatal period Lynn was informative and really got to know my husband, myself and my birth plan. She also took the time to learn my philosophy on pregnancy and we really planned for L&D because as she put it, the less surprises, the better it would be for mom & baby when the time comes. Lynn provided me with a specially made binder chock full of resources for the prenatal, L&D and postpartum period.

Lynn's philosophy on childbirth was right in line with my birth plan. I hoped for a natural, nonmedicated, peaceful childbirth and that's exactly what I got. Lynn was instrumental in this. She supported me physically, mentally and emotionally. She advocated for me when I felt exhausted. She also supported my husband; they were a team along with my midwife caring for me. My husband and I are so thankful she attended the birth of our son. Lynn utilized counter pressure, aromatherapy and used various position changes to help me feel comfortable. I really loved my birth experience.

Lynn stayed with me for an hour after birth and helped me to try and get my son latched. She followed up with me via text for the first few weeks postpartum, answered all my questions and asked how the now 3 of us were doing. I felt so cared for by her. I also enjoyed the teas she gave me, including the pregnancy tea and abundant milk production tea. A week after my son's birth Lynn sent me my birth story written in her perspective; this was so special and I can't wait to share it with my son!

I highly recommend Lynn. I wouldn't hesitate to have her attend a future birth of mine.

Tzviya Siegman


We delayed choosing a doula until I was 35 weeks pregnant. I spoke to a few doulas and was unsure about how to decide. As soon as I spoke to Lynn, I felt at ease. She came to speak with us the next day and spent several hours helping us figure out how to navigate the next few weeks. I had some complications and a long medical history. Lynn took everything in and calmly guided us. We were both very excited about our baby boy but a little unsure about the next steps. Lynn helped us become comfortable with not being sure, and we felt that she could help us make labor-day decisions on the spot. In the end, my labor was so quick that there was no time for decisions (thankfully). Lynn helped us out with post-partum, lactation, and adapting to parenthood. Having an experienced doula as one of the people I was able to call about engorgement, a blister on the baby's lip, and his weight gain was a great bonus. Lynn was always available and truly cares about her clients.

Pallavi Rohatgi


Lynn is an amazing doula. I was fortunate to have her as my doula for my baby in 2014. She is supportive, knowledgeable and extremely non-judgmental. She helped me not just as a doula, but as a friend and confidante.

We met Lynn almost at the middle of my third-trimester and we were lucky that she had availability to take me on. She was a wealth of information and gave me a beautiful bound folder with tons of information - a resource I used a lot before going into labor and after. I addition, she had these lovely inspirational letters to be opened for every week of pregnancy. Something I found very touching and looked forward to opening, to commemorate every week that went by, that much closer to having the baby.

The best part about working with Lynn is her calm demeanour and her ability to give you advise, helping you make a decision, never hurrying you and always supporting whatever choices you make. I chose to take an epidural, but due to some emergency at the hospital, the administration of it was delayed. Lynn helped me through the terrible contractions (made much worse due to the fact that I was induced and had a 100 things attached to me) until the epidural could be administered.

My lactation journey was pretty frought and things didn't work out as I expected. Lynn visited me after the baby was born at the hospital and again at home. Each time bearing little tokens and full of positivity and encouragment. Something I was in dire need of. The most beautiful of all was that she wrote a long description of my birthing experience and gave it to me. Something I cherish. Trust me, you or your husband won't remember a thing, so it was nice to have someone write it down.

I would strongly recommend Lynn to be your birthing partner, friend and advisor, and of course, your doula!



Mousumi Bose


Our family has had the great fortune of having Lynn attend the birth of two of our sons, in 2011 and in 2014. The 2011 birth experience was very challenging for me due to a number of reasons, and although I ended up having a c-section, Lynn helped me advocate for myself so that we had explored every option before going into surgery. More importantly, Lynn's encouragement is the reason that I perservered through a very trying breastfeeding experience, made even harder in a hospital environment that was not very supportive of breastfeeding. I went from mainly formula feeding my child to breastfeeding and pumping to exclusively breasfeeding within 6 weeks, and I owe a lot of that successful transition to the encouragement of Lynn.

When I became pregnant in 2014, I sought Lynn's advice on a obgyn/midwife group that would be more suited to my needs and wishes, which included attempting a VBAC. With her guidance and expertise, I found a group thaat was right for me and Lynn was amazing as our support during the birth experience. We were successful in the VBAC and Lynn's presence was calming, reassuring, and so encouraging throughout the whole process. She employs a lot of techniques during the birth process and will tailor her methods based on what is right for you at that moment.

I am so grateful to Lynn for helping me have the birth experience I have always wanted. I will recommend her without hesitation to anyone planning to have a baby.

Ashley Bogosian


We recently worked with Lynn as our doula for the birth of our first baby in the Spring 2015. We initially interviewed about ten different doulas and were very excited and pleased with our decision to hire Lynn as our doula. We wanted someone nurturing, experienced, organized, and calming and Lynn was all of these and more. The pre-birth meetings at our home were incredibly helpful at getting us ready for our delivery as well as the first months at home with baby.  Lynn provided us with a comprehensive binder full of information that we continue to refer to and our baby is now 6 months. During the labor Lynn was AMAZING! She was cool, calm, collected, followed our cues and anticipated the next moves. We felt very comfortable with Lynn and knew that we were in good hands. Lynn provided incredible support to my husband as well, which allowed him to feel more comfortable and a little less anxious. Post-birth Lynn continued to provide incredible support---checking in regularly to see how we were doing even after we had our scheduled post-partum visits. I would highly recommend Lynn to anyone looking for a doula. She is a champion on your side and will support whatver kind of birth you want. She will not impose her position on you---she will present all the options in a way that is direct, sincere and supportive.

Laura Rowntree


I was fortunate to have Lynn as my doula when I gave birth in 2014. In the hope of having an unmedicated birth at the birthing center at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan, I first contacted Lynn when I was about five months pregnant. After meeting Lynn in Tenafly, New Jersey (a short trip from the UWS) we were sold, not least of all because of her approachability and good humor (attributes that proved essential when I was in labor).

In the months between our first meeting and my daughter's birth, Lynn was a wealth of information, providing suggestions on a variety of resources as well as two prenatal sessions, one on labor and one on breastfeeding. (To this day, my husband and I still joke about the crocheted body parts she brings to these sessions.) In the weeks leading up to giving birth, I found her calm and steady presence via phone and e-mail to be extremely reassuring.

Although I was not able to deliver in the birth center and I ultimately had an epidural, words cannot capture how grateful I was (and am) to have had Lynn present during labor and delivery. She empowered my husband and I to ask intelligent questions about what was happening, guided us through not only hospital practices but also through the physical stages of labor, and was my emotional rock throughout. (She also fed me ice chips in the final stages of labor, for which I would have paid her fee 100 times over.)

My husband was especially grateful for Lynn's presence, because she could provide insights on what was happening (like telling him that it was a good time to rest up and then handing him a pillow and turning down the lights) as well as ways to assist me.

After I delivered at night, Lynn was with us for about an hour (no easy feat since she had been at another birth less than 24 hours earlier), then returned the following morning for a post-partum/breastfeeding visit, and made a home visit the following week.

Jessica Palmese


I had the blessing of having Lynn attend my first birth in February 2012.  I have no doubt that having Lynn with us is the only reason we were able to avoid having a c-section.    When Lynn walked into our apartment at noon - I was ready to call it quits and run to the hospital for an epidural.  Lynn lept into action and somehow we managed to stay home for very active labor for the next ten hours.  When we arrived at the hospital at midnight - I was devasted to learn I was only 4 cm dilated but Lynn kept us optimistic and focused on achieving the birth we had wanted.  Having her there brought my husband great comfort, and me much physical comfort, and it was so empowering to have an advocate that we could turn to for clear headed guidance in the midst of a very emotional process.  Although I ultimately did need pitocin and an epidural - Lynn never judged and was supportive throughout.

Beyond the actual birthing experience - it was so wonderful to have Lynn for one on one pre-natal visits that gave us a primer on breastfeeding and newborn care, not to mention the materials she provided us with which I referred to repeatedly not only during my first pregnancy and post-partum period - but again with my second baby years later.  When I recently had my second baby - undmedicated and at the birth center - I was amazed by how much Lynn had taught me and my husband - she had equipped us with so many "tools" during our first labor & delivery that my husband was able to serve as my "doula" the second time around.  We will be forever thankful for having Lynn at our side.  Our birth story would have undoubtedly been less positive without her.  

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