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Kiera Curtis

Gentle Waves Birth Services, LLC

Hayes, VA Service range 50 miles There is a travel fee for cities outside of my radius

(757) 603-5964

Birth Fee

$850 to $2500

Birth Fee

$850 to $2500

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 130 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, April 2016

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Home births must be attended by a CPM or CNM

Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Military families support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Mother roasting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I work with Empower- A Birth Collective as a Birth Doula & Photographer ( I am amember of the Doulas of Tidewater and DONA International.

Fee Details

Doula, Birth Photography & Placenta Encapsulation.

Hayes, VA Service range 50 miles There is a travel fee for cities outside of my radius

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After a traumatic first birth experience, I knew I would want to work with a doula for my second pregnancy and birth. Kiera was recommended to me by another mom and I'm so grateful I got to work with her. I can't imagine what my pregnancy, labor/birth, and postpartum experiences would have been like without her. Her support, suggestions and resources completely blew me away - I couldn't believe my anxiety about the birth seemed to evaporate in the days leading up to it rather than increase. And I had been so nervous about it that I wouldn't even let myself think about it. Kiera gently guided me through my fears and a sense of calm replaced the anxiety - it seriously felt magical. Her guidance and support through labor and the birth were exactly what I needed - it's as simple as that. It didn't stop there - the support and resources, including another in-home visit, kept coming for several weeks after the birth and it was just so much fun having so much contact with her! She's just the best!
When I first learned what a doula even was several years ago, I heard it described as "your birth angel " - Kiera was exactly that and more!

Anne Braim


We cant say enough great things about our experience with Kiera. She was the perfect addition to our birth team. She really helped guide us through creating our birth preferences and getting prepared physically and mentally. When it came to labor support, she was invaluable. Between the encouragement, knowledge of positioning and calm demeanor she helped make labor and delivery a beautiful experience. 

Even into the postpartum period, Kiera was always available with knowledge and resources to answer any and all of our questions. She went above and beyond what we expected, and we will forever be thankful for her support. 



Kiera was wonderful during pregnancy, labor, and during the postpartum time. She was supportive, provided great information, and was an amazing advocate for us! Her encouraging light and gentle spirit were a great addition to our journey into parenthood. We especially appreciated her presence during labor!!!!

Stephanie B


Kiera was an incredible and integral part of our positive birth experience. My husband and I are first time parents, and knew we wanted to work with a doula to support with the birth of our baby. We are new to the area, and after researching and speaking to doulas in Hampton Roads, we connected with Kiera and immediately knew it was a fit for our family. 


Throughout the pregnancy journey, Kiera checked on us and provided so many helpful resources. At the 36 week mark, she spent four hours with us preparing for the birth. This time was so important and made us feel empowered and prepared to bring our little boy into the world. At the 37 week mark, I began experiencing pre labor and Kiera was always available to answer my questions and provide recommendations to make me feel more comfortable. On the day that true labor started, Kiera was a constant source of peace and calm. We spoke throughout the day during the early labor, and when things picked up, we asked Kiera to meet us at the hospital. When she arrived, she was again such a source of peace and calm. I had a natural birth and while I prepared as best as I could, the labor was intense and Kiera was by my side to encourage me and do everything she could to support my husband and I. I will never forget Kiera holding my hand through the intense contractions and telling me I could do it. Once the pushing phase ensued, Kiera coached my husband and did so many things in the background to make me comfortable.  


The birth of our son was so beautiful and I am so thankful for all of the support Kiera provided throughout the pregnancy and birth. I truly feel like we were meant to meet Kiera - she is incredible and was such an important part of our experience.  

Julianne fredericks


Kiera was my doula for my first birth in 2018 (hospital) and for my second in 2020 (homebirth). She filled me with knowledge that helped me through my pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Her calming presence helped me through each birth as they were both long labors. She took the time to get to know me and my wishes in both births. Kiera helped my husband feel apart of the process and coached him when he asked so that he could help me better as well. We love Kiera and all that she has done for us.

Spaska Boyanova


Kiera was our doula for our hospital birth to our daughter. She provided us with so many educational materials beforehand, had a prebirth meeting with me and my husband so we can prepare for THE DAY and know what to expect. Anytime that I had a question she was there for me, always with such a helpful answers and supported us all the way thru. My labor was long and hard, she was there with us for over 24 hours! We don't know how it would have gone if she was not there! Me and my husband both agree that including Kiera to our birth experience was the  one of the best investments we have made! 
We just want to say one more time, THANK YOU! 

VBAC Home Birth Mama


Kiera came highly recommended to me and, from the moment we met, I knew she was the doula for me!! Her gentle, nurturing nature and encouraging words empowered me to pursue a VBAC home birth! She was with me throughout my entire pregnancy journey, offering a shoulder and ear whenever hormones or anxiety or questions arose. She was so in tune with me that she'd reach out before i even asked the question. She offered support to my husband and helped him be my rock during the most challenging task I've ever completed!

Additionally, we hired Kiera for her photography services as well. She shared some of her work with me before we made our decision to document our birth journey and tears streamed down my face from the beauty she captured during such a raw and intimate experience.

I couldn't be happier or feel more honored as a woman and mama! I highly recommend Kiera and Gentle Wave Birth Services for women and partners who want to feel empowered, safe, and loved during labor! 

Christina Owens


We have enjoyed working with Kiera over the years as she serves our midwifery clients at home. Her calm presence is welcoming. She has a gentle, warm nature and is a firm advocate for client's wishes. It is always a pleasure working with her.

Heather Hubbard


What can I say about such a wonderful human such as Kiera? She played an instrumental role in my pregnancy and birth journey. When I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted a doula, and it seemed like Kiera was placed in my path so perfectly it was meant to be. From our initial meeting to all the text and phone calls in the months to follow, she made me feel 100% listened to, understood, loved and supported. This was my first pregnancy so everything was so new to me with so many hard decisions to make for myself and my was so overwhelming. Kiera was there any time I needed her when it came to helping me make informed decisions and asking me what felt right for my baby and I. She was there when I was feeling overwhelmed towards the end of my pregnancy and needed to talk and cry to her over the phone, and most importantly she was the first one there for me when I started to go into labor and I was feeling all those uncertain emotions flooding in. Her wisdom and expertise in helping me through the pain and also helping to guide my husband in ways he could be of service to me during that time we’re absolutely amazing. Even towards the end of labor when I needed to be transferred from home to the hospital, I remember Kiera grabbing my hand and gently but firmly reassuring me by saying, “You are safe and you are taken care of.” That was everything to me. At the hospital she barely left my side and was such a strong and reassuring presence to me...I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through it without her there. Just as she was there for me during pregnancy and labor, she continued to be there in the early postpartum days when I was an emotional wreck and I was so blessed yet again by her love and care. Thank you Kiera for all that you do and all you sacrifice for your clients. You truly are an incredibly beautiful woman. 



Kierra has given my partner and I the best birth experience. She provided us with a ton of resources to help us prepare for birth and the 4th trimester (books, cds, videos, handouts, etc.). We are a small family and didn’t have many people to turn to in terms of knowledge so having Kiera in our corner to answer all of our questions helped put our minds at ease. She helped us create our birth plan- I always felt in control of making our own decisions and never felt like I would be judged based on the decisions my partner and I made. She gave exercises on how we could help our baby for optimal birth positioning before and during labor. My labor started in the morning and once my contractions started getting more intense in the afternoon we called Kiera and she immediately was able to come to our home (I wanted to labor at home as long as possible before going to the hospital). When she got to our home her presence was completely calming- she was able to move me in different positions to ease the intensity, empowered me with words of affirmation and was even there for my partner so he could be there for me. Kiera was only at my home for a short while before it was time for me to go to the hospital. Unfortunately due to the covid 19 pandemic she was unable to come to the hospital with us but she did ride with us there to help me labor in the car. After arriving at the hospital we delivered a healthy boy vaginally and unmedicated in just 2 hours! I truly think hiring Kiera as our doula gave me the tools, preparation and peace of mind to have such a quick labor for my first child. She has also been a huge support to our family postpartum and has been there to answer all of my newborn/breastfeeding questions. I am looking forward to our 2 week postpartum visit! There is no doubt I will want Kiera to be our doula for any future babies to come.



Kiera was the first doula my husband and I interviewed. This was our first baby, and I wasn't set on any particular birth plan; I just wanted us both to come home safe from the hospital. My plan was to try for a natural birth and see how it went. My husband and I have a tiny tribe, and our intention in hiring Kiera was to give us some of the wisdom we missed from having older women in our families. She was all that and more. My pregnancy was fairly low-key, but when I did have concerns she was right there with positive affirmations and evidence-based information. Our prenatal visit was extremely informative and helped me put my mind at ease about what was to come. During the actual birth, she kept reminding me that I could, in fact, do hard things. She was our ally and advocate when we needed her to be. My birth experience was nothing like I expected it to be, and I had no idea what I was even expecting, but she was a steady and strong presence that helped my husband and I stay grounded. I'm so glad we hired her. 

Tiara Perry


Kiera was my doula for the birth of my daughter in February 2020. She was the first doula I interviewed and immediately I felt like I found the right doula for me so I stopped searching and immediately booked Kiera. During my pregnancy, Kiera was constantly there for any of my “first time mom” questions and she helped ease a lot of my worries. Kiera shared podcasts, books, and other resources with me so I knew what my body was going through and what to expect out of my birthing experience. I informed Kiera that I was a sexual assault survivor when I became more comfortable in our relationship and she still was able to accommodate me and make me feel safe. During the birth, Kiera supported me and my husband. She pushed me through the worse parts of labor and reminded me that I was strong, to remain open and calm, and that I was doing a good job. After the birth, Kiera encapsulated my placenta into strawberry flavored capsules. She was able to hand deliver my capsules within 24hrs of the birth. I appreciated everything Kiera did for my family. If I were to be blessed with another child, I would definitely hire Kiera as my doula again! 

Alycia Wright


As a military wife who wasn't sure if my husband would be deployed during my birth I knew the moment I found out I was pregnant I wanted to look into a doula. However I never imagined the incredible impact Keira would have on my experience. My pregnancy was extremely rough and my husbands schedule changed constantly. He was gone for the majority of my pregnancy. Through it all Keira was my rock. She constantly gave me the confidence and reassurance that my body and brain could make it through everything. She taught me stress management and pain management skills that I will use for the rest of my life. When it came to my delivery Keira was the perfect presence in the delivery room. She gave my husband and I moments when she could see we were getting stressed but also was by my side helping me with positions constantly. I had my dream delivery not because everything went exactly by my birth plan but, because Keira taught me how to make the best decisions for my baby and I with confidence. Keira will always be a part of mine and my husbands family. I could never thank her enough for the amazing impact she has had on my little girls journey into this world. 

Emma Stepanyan


I am a first-time mom, and I didn't know exactly what I wanted in a doula  - that is, until Kiera. She is a remarkably patient and well-informed doula, who put me at ease and empowered me as I anticipated my impending birth. Throughout my pregnancy, she provided a compassionate listening ear and numerous resources for me to consider, which included access to her impressive lending library. All of this support was so helpful that I almost forgot what I primarily hired Kiera for .. the actual birth itself! When she arrived at my labor, she knew exactly how to comfort me through the birth as it unfolded. Thankfully, she turned out to be a true PRO!!! After my baby was born, Kiera stuck around for several hours going above and beyond to serve my family, and she did it with an infectious calm and positivity. She continued reaching out to me in the days and weeks which followed, and even when I was sleep-deprived and emotionally up and down, I felt uplifted after Kiera's check-ins. My husband and I decided to hire Kiera to take professional photos of us with our new baby, and we absolutely love the pictures! Kiera knows her stuff and seems committed to high standards in every facet of her business. We are so happy that Kiera was our doula and photographer and would be grateful to hire her again!



It’s taken me quite a long time to write this review because I cannot find the right words to convey how wonderful it was the have Kiera at the birth of our daughter.  Kiera’s presence was calming, nurturing, and supportive.  She listened to what I wanted during our prenatal visit, and gave us that and so much more while I labored.  I never felt judged or alone and always felt empowered to make the decisions that were right for me.  Kiera’s knowledge and passion for what she does is remarkable.  I consider myself truly lucky to have had Kiera’s support throughout my pregnancy, birth experience, and postpartum.



I highly recommend Kiera for a doula. She has such a calming energy about her that makes you instantly feel comfortable when she is around. She always took her time to make sure all your questions are answered during her visits so that you could relax and feel confident.  During labor, she was amazing!!  She brought all kinds of little things to make my labor special like essential oils and twinkle lights for the hospital room. These little touches were huge for me cause it made it feel like home (I was going for a home birth). She is very knowledgeable in all different laboring positions to make you feel as comfortable as possible especially with my posterior baby. She is an awesome advocate as well for you and makes sure your wishes are heard and you feel like you have options which was crucial for me having a great birthing experience. I cannot say enough good things about Kiera and would definitely use her services again for my next birth. Also recommend her placenta encapsulation services. Quick turnaround and they definitely helped regulate hormones and increase milk supply.

Angela Jackson


Kiera is truly a gem! She is incredibly knowledgeable, and provides a calm, confident, reassuring presence in even the most daunting of situations. As a first-time mother, her loving guidance and advocacy throughout our pregnancy and birth were invaluable! It is truly hard to imagine my journey to motherhood without her. As a couple, my husband and I felt more at ease with her by our sides to give advice, answer questions, and guide us through each step of the way. A husband loves, a doctor saves, a nurse heals, a midwife delivers, and a doula supports. It takes a village!

Thank you Kiera for all that you do!

Emmalee Bessler


Hiring Kiera for the birth of our second child was the best decision we ever could have made. She was such an amazing blessing to have throughout pregnancy and the entire birth AND postpartum period. When I was struggling with prenatal depression, when the hard decisions came about of how to handle my pregnancy care, she was there to give us evidence based facts so that we could make the best decision for us. She educated us in birth positioning for optimal fetal positioning for labor, and came to our home to do so. When it came time for my induction, Kiera was there promptly after requesting her and she was an absolute godsend. She massaged, and supported me, supported my husband, and made sure he had everything he needed to help me through labor. She also worked very well WITH my midwife to come up with the least invasive and most natural induction that we could have. I cannot be more grateful for Kiera, and the experience we had. Even after delivery she was so amazing to go out and get my very desired first postpartum meal. Kiera also photographed my labor and delivery and I am so glad we chose to have it captured. As a birth photographer myself, I knew how special those moments in birth are, and Kiera captured them perfectly. I recommend her to anyone considering her services. She will make your birth experience so much better- guaranteed. I am forever grateful to her. 

Kailie Holt


I’m so thankful for Kiera’s help leading up to, and during the birth of our first child. My husband and I did not know what to expect, and after a move to a new city and state, and two new jobs, we were very unprepared for birth. Thankfully we found Kiera, and her resources and guidance proved to be invaluable. Her experience and gentle demeanor helped me feel so much more confident and at ease during pregnancy and then during a very long labor. From the moment she arrived at the hospital, my husband and I instantly relaxed and felt like we were in good hands. She helped tremendously with pain management, and helped guide me/us through the whole process, allowing for the best birth experience I could have asked for. Deciding to work with Kiera was the best decision, and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone looking for a Doula. She is extremely talented and passionate about what she does, and it shows. Thank you Kiera!!!

Grant Gurley


Hiring Kiera as our Doula was absolutely the best decision we could have made. The thought of becoming a Dad had me feeling anxious in every sense of the word; but being the best aid to my wife, Ashley, during her delivery was the peak of my angst. Kiera’s wealth of knowledge, resources, and overall passion for her clients  and their comfort was beyond what we anticipated. She takes great strides to ensure your birth plan is followed to your specifications, but also informs you of all possibilities your birth plan can endure with unforeseen variables which is very calming. Having Kiera in the delivery room allowed me to comfort my wife, hold her hand, and enjoy the experience without worry. Kiera was there at the drop of a hat: with all of her gear to help the labor process progress naturally, smoothly, and quickly. 


Her photography services were also not to disappoint! We have many amazing photos of the birth so that we can now forever cherish that day without a second guess. She also hosts another photo shoot around 2 - 3 weeks postpartum in the comfort of your own home to capture the essence of your first times. 


Kiera was genuine, soft spoken, and a professional at all she does. She will be there for all of our babies to come! 

Zaida Russell


Kiera was and continues to be amazing! She encouraged me during the pregnancy and was a god sent during labor. My husband and parents still say they don’t know what we would have done without Kiera. And I couldn’t agree more. She helped me stay calm and positive throughout my whole labor and kept me well informed when decisions needed to be made.



If you're looking for a genuine and knowledgeable doula, look no further. 

Kiera is an invested, caring, and knowledgeable person who was truly committed to my individual needs throughout the pregnancy, birth and postpartum. As a first timer, I came up against some things that I was not prepared for and Kiera was always someone I could turn to for support and assistance. I also appreciated her intentionality and organization throughout the process. She did a great job including my husband, communicating with him, and offering guidance during our birthing time. We  feel she was an asset to our birthing team and feel incredibly grateful to have received her services. I highly recommend Kiera! 

Oriana Dominguez


I am fortunate enough to say I've known Kiera for over 5 years now. She's always had this magnetic enthusiasm about her; before she even had her first child she was so excited for us during my first pregnancy, so needless to say we became even closer after her daughter was born! When she told me she was becoming a doula I knew that she had found her calling and when we finally had our second child I had to have her there to help me through. She knows so much about birth and is so thoughtful when it comes to others feelings, she always checked on me and was very honest when she needed to be. She made sure I had the best reading material and tools to help me prepare for a home birth, also making a thorough plan B incase we had to transfer. When the time finally came, when she arrived her voice was so soothing and calming to me. She knew just what positions I should be in and her support was I think what really helped me believe I had the strength to deliver at home! She even got photos while being our doula! After birth she was about as overjoyed as we were and stayed until I was ready to go to bed. Having Kiera present for our home birth was more valuable and special to me than I could ever put into words. It's rare to find someone as genuinely caring of others as she is; she's a true gem and she will be one of the first to know when we have a third child!  



I hired Kiera for both doula and birth photography services and it was well worth the investment! After being induced for medical reasons with my first child, I was scared that my body wouldn’t know how to labor naturally or that I wouldn’t know how to discern labor signs. Leading up to labor, Kiera was very supportive of my past emotions surrounding birth and helped me to navigate them so that they didn’t affect my subsequent birth. When she arrived at my labor, she transitioned between her role as doula and birth photographer seamlessly. She was very helpful at making sure that I was hydrated and reminding me to breathe during key pushing moments but also capturing the most powerful, stunning birth images. I continue to review her photos of my birth and am amazed at how raw they are. They truly portray my dream birth come true and I feel so blessed to have that captured so that I reflect on it whenever I want. I highly recommend Kiera for both doula and birth photography services and recommend you add the photo package to your doula services if this is something you’ve even remotely considered. You will not regret it when you see the beauty of bringing your own child into this world through her photos. 

Alexandra Colvin


Hiring Kiera to be my doula was the best thing I ever did to experience the unmedicated birth that I wanted to have. With my first birth, I ended up having an epidural and this time, i was determined to prepare ahead of time to try and avoid pain medications. Kiera met with my husband and I for a pre-birth meeting that lasted about 4 hours and we went over everything from my previous birth experience to my current birth plan to different positions for optimal fetal positioning. I really appreciated how thorough Kiera was and how non-judgmental and gentle she was. Being a mother of two also gives Kiera a deep understanding of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. During my birth, Kiera massaged my lower back and this was one of the main things that enabled me to get through the tougher contractions. She stayed with me for the whole birth and advocated to the doctors and nurses about my birth plan desires. About 3 weeks after my son was born, Kiera came to my house for a postpartum visit to follow up and see how I was doing, how breastfeeding was going and process the whole experience with me. My husband and I will be forever grateful to Kiera for all she did for us throughout my pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. I’m certain my experience would not have been as positive as it was without her expertise, guidance and support.

A Hatala


Kiera was our doula and photographer for our home birth, and she did an amazing job!  Her personality is a lovely blend of modesty, confidence, and precision.  She also has a servant's heart.  Her initial home visit was very informative and she spent a lot of time getting to know us as a family.  She has a lot of useful tools in her doula bag, and she lent us books, birthing balls, and inspirational cards for us to reference and use as we desired.  She is also very knowledgeable, so we were able to talk through labor strategies and comfort measures as preparation.  Her advice of doing The Three Sisters was also very useful in making sure Baby was in a good position for birth.

For the actual birth itself, I progressed faster than anticipated so Kiera showed up about 5-10 minutes before our baby was born. She immediately assessed the situation and starting working with my husband to manage the situation while listening to the midwife's advice over the phone (midwife was also late).  In the midst of all the chaos, she still managed to snap some very moving pictures of our birth.  Our baby was born around 8:30 in the morning, and Kiera chose to stay with us for the rest of the day and was an invaluable help.  She warmed up soup, made me a placenta smoothie (delish btw), tidied up the house, and just made sure all our needs were was a very unexpected but appreciated gesture. :) She waited until our son came home from daycare and then photographed him meeting his new brother along with some family photos.

In the postpartum period, Kiera checked in to see how I was doing and wasn't afraid to ask the tough questions about how I was doing emotionally.  I appreciated that.  She & her husband encapsulated my placenta and that turned out well, too.  Overall, Kiera has a wonderful heart and is very skilled.  I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Heather Thon


Hiring the right dula can be a bit of a challenge if you are a new mom or even if its not your first rodeo. Worry not with Gental Waves Birth Services because Kiera is quick to put your worried mind to rest. Kiera was and will always be my one and only choice. Now listen my birth was no walk in the park but if I had not had her expertise and knowledge backing me up I would have been so scared through the most important part of my life. Kiera and my dear friend Naomi were such a blessing. Beautiful photography, placenta encapsulation, placenta prints, plus so many other wonderful gifts she has to offer.

Please consider this beautiful incredible woman and mother of 2 for all of your Birthing needs.

Kelly O'Hara


Having Kiera by my side when giving birth was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She gave me the tools and confidence to have an empowered birth and was there to support me both before, during, and after giving birth. She cares so deeply about each and every one of her clients and her kind and gentle nature helped immensely throughout the birthing process. My husband told me after I gave birth how grateful he was to have her there because she knew all of the right things to do to support both my husband and I. This was my first child, and I would most definitely have Kiera be my doula again if we decide to have more children. If you are considering a doula I would absolutely recommend Kiera.

Maegan Hughes


I delivered my baby in September 2018 and I am so glad we decided to hire Kiera. Her presence is so calming and she’s a huge comfort. Kiera always made sure to address any concerns I had. She took  large amount of time to sit and create a birth wish list with us for the hospital and explained all options which made me feel much more confident. She will always be a quick call away and made herself readily available whenever I needed her. This was my third baby and the best birth experience I’ve had. It was beautiful, emotional, and I couldn’t of asked for a better outcome. Kiera helped keep my environment calm, comforted me, and helped with positioning to be optimal for the baby, along with much more. I cannot say enough good things, Kiera you were made for this! Thank you for everything.

Katelyn Grisham


I had a home birth in October of 2017. Kiera is seriously AMAZING! She is incredibly knowledgeable on all things birth and what it truly means to be a doula. She has such a calming presence and absolutely loves helping people achieve what they want in a birth. I told her what I wanted and how I wanted things to be, she truly helped me achieve that. Any family would be so blessed to have her as their doula. She truly loves her job and it absolutely shows.

Mollie-Jean DeLisio


We hired Kiera for our birth journey and could not have been more pleased! She was present every step of the way from the moment we hired her to the moments following the birth of our daughter! I felt her unwavering support through each and every step Of my pregnancy and so appreciated her advice and recommendations. She has an extensive loaning library and is extremely generous in lending them out. When I went into labor (early and unexpected) she made quick accommodations and met us at the hospital for what turned out to be a 27 hour labor! Throughout the entire labor she provided various comfort measures and encouragement to me, and exceptional support for my husband. When we made the decision to have an epidural, she was supportive and reaffirmed us in that difficult decision. She went above and beyond, staying overnight with us and assuring we had everything we needed, including running to the store to get my husband allergy medication at midnight! During delivery, she continued to encourage us and helped me have a beautiful and incredible birth experience. We are so thankful to Kiera for all of her education and knowledge and feel like she is a part of our family now.

Adara Lowery


I know we made the right choice choosing Kiera as our birth photographer. I had seen her work before, and I knew she was the one for me, because her editing style captures the emotion of the moment beautifully. My husband and I wanted a birth photographer since this was probably going to be our last baby. We hadn’t even considered a birth photographer for our last two births, and I really felt like I wanted to remember this time. I couldn’t have made a better choice. Kiera was there, capturing the moments that I never want to forget, all throughout our birth. I was worried that having someone snapping away with a camera during my birth might be distracting, but Kiera has such a calm, soothing manner that really made me feel relaxed. She caught the really sweet moments of my husband supporting me, our baby’s entrance into the world, our daughter’s fist meeting with the new baby, and all the moments in between. One picture in particular that I love is the face my midwives make as they weigh our baby! He was huge! I never thought I would treasure pictures so much, but in the blink of an eye, your baby grows up! I already have a few pictures hanging on my walls from the birth. I love glancing over at them and can’t help but smile every time I see them. If you are considering birth photography, Kiera is a wonderful choice. She’s easy to get in touch with to answer questions, she has a true passion for all things birth, and she is fantastic at what she does. Thank you, so much Kiera! We love every photo you took of River’s birth.

Gwendolyn Danielle


Kiera was an irreplaceable part of my birth team even though my labor progressed so quickly I didn't call her in time for the birth! From the very first meeting with her where I was interviewing her to see if we were a good match, her gentle nature coupled with her no nonsense attitude spoke to me. She proved to be great resource for information about everything involved in this process. From recommending a wonderful tea shop that put together it's own pregnancy blends according to trimester to help picking a pediatrician, Kiera always had what I needed when I asked. She provides important information on making labor progress smoothly on down to help making choices on how you want your birth to unfold. She was the most perfect doula this single mom could have asked for.  Because everything moved so fast  (the midwives barely made it) Kiera ended up providing more postpartum serrvices for me than labor coaching for the birth itself. She quietly took charge of getting me fed and hydrated and comfy. My little guy was a champion nurser from the very beginning but Kiera' s tips and tricks helped us continue our strong breastfeeding relationship. She even straightened up and swept! Truly an adaptable gal whom I couldn't have done without. One of the several services she offers is photography. She captured the feel of my first hour postpartum so well! The casual laughing atmosphere of the midwives and my daughter assisting with placenta delivery and cord cutting can be felt in her pictures, I am so grateful. She also captured some beautiful shots of my 1 month old son with my mom and I that I treasure. I tell everyone about my experience with Kiera because she literally proved to be what I needed when I needed it. She's so much more than just a labor coach and I thank my lucky stars I was fortunate enough to have had her on my team!

Lindsay Ethier


We hired Kiera to document my most recent birth. Beforehand, she and I discussed what I was most wanting out of the experience, including any “must have” shots and my feelings regarding privacy and/or modesty. She was easily reached by phone, text, and email. As my due date approached, we stayed in touch regularly and I kept her updated on my progress.

Kiera arrived at the hospital when I was in active labor and stayed for some time afterwards to get photos of skin-to-skin and baby’s first feeding. Within 48 hours, I had a few “sneak peek” images to share with friends and family. The remainder of the photos were available in an online gallery shortly after.

Kiera is a true birth worker - not only by vocation, but also seemingly by her very nature. Above all, she respects the birthing space. She is never obtrusive and will not interfere or interrupt just to “get the shot”. She was truly like a fly on the wall - I knew she was there and could sometimes hear her camera clicking, but it was never a distraction or an intrusion. Her technical skill was evident when I saw the magic she made happen with the photos. The hospital room was very dim when she arrived and I wondered how she might be able to capture much at all. Instead, the photos returned were breathtaking. Being able to look back at them allows me to revisit such a powerful experience and is something that my family will treasure for a lifetime. The investment was absolutely worthwhile and I would recommend Kiera to anyone seeking to document such special moments in their lives.

Julianne Fredericks


The first time my husband (Bill) and I met Kiera we knew she was the right fit for us. She has a very calming demeanor but is very confident in what she does. We took a Hypnobabies course and Kiera was all on board with helping us use the techniques. I had a 38 hour long labor and thank goodness Kiera was there. Bill was able to take a much needed rest and I was never left alone. Kiera helped me to stay relaxed with massage and reading the Hypnobabies scripts to me. She also helped my labor progress by keeping me moving and encouraging me to use the shower. She seemed to know exactly what Bill and I needed and when we needed it. Even though my labor was long and tiring, I stayed true to my goal of an all natural birth and I attribute that to Kiera's help. We felt supported, cared for and safe in her presence all of which contributed to a beautiful birthing experience.

Isabell Shobe


Kiera has a beautiful and pure heart. She is beyond empathetic and reassuring, but also encouraging and well-prepared.
Kiera made an oasis of tranquility in our hospital room, the right light, perfect music, candles, motivating quotes…everything was there.

I never had to ask for anything. She exactly knew what I needed. If it was water to drink, a cold towel soaked in aroma oils, warm heated cushions when I was cold, or a foot massage to keep me relaxed. She was breathing with me or held my hand. She was calm in the right moment and pushed me through the next wave.

It was a long birth, but she kept me motivated and guided me with her positive personality.

Thank you so much that you were part of a magical experience. We couldn’t have asked for a better fit to our team. Stay the way you are!

Hannah Verbeeck


Kiera is an amazing doula! She is sweet and straightforward in her approach to all things pregnancy and birth related. She offered supportive and personalized support throughout my pregnancy and labor. Her frequent check-ins gave me extra emotional support and her lending library and wealth of shared information gave me the material to make informed decisions. Since this was my first pregnancy and birth I truly appreciated getting my hands on all the available resources! During labor Kiera was phenomenal. She offered the use of her many comfort measure tools, words of strength and encouragement, suggestions on laboring techinques and position changes. After a long labor and pushing phase, my midwife recommended a transfer to the hospital. Kiera transferred with me and continued to offer her support. She helped me to stay calm and focused on my baby during this uncertain time. I can honestly say that I would never want to do labor again without Kiera! Homebirth to hospital birth, she brought an unwavering support and love that made my birthing process beautiful and memorable!

Rebecca Dominguez


Within a few minutes of our initial consultation, I knew I wanted Kiera’s support during the remainder of my pregnancy. Beyond her sweet demeanor, Kiera is incredibly knowledgeable and I was truly impressed by her wisdom and skill. I gained invaluable insight from our prenatal appointments and learned so much from the resources she provided. Kiera had answers for all of my questions about birth and eased my anxiety surrounding certain aspects of what was to come. Kiera really developed my confidence and assured me that I could absolutely create the birth that I wanted. During the hours preceding the arrival of my baby, Kiera kept me focused and positive, reminding me of visualizations and breathing techniques, and saying just what I needed to hear at the moment. I was very much “in the zone” and tuning out what was going on around me, but I clearly remember specific moments of Kiera’s genuine encouragement. There were times when I began to feel overwhelmed, and Kiera’s soothing voice brought me back to my purpose and goal. My loved ones who were present for the birth later referred to Kiera as the doula “fairy“ and I think that is a perfect description of her presence. She calmly floated through our home, following me through the intense waves of birth and ensuring that I felt cared for and attended to during each one. Her passion for birth work shines through her words and actions and I am very fortunate that her loving energy was a part of my baby’s entrance into the world. Kiera turned out to be the puzzle piece that I didn’t know was missing from our birth team, and I could not be more grateful that we found her.

Devon Reimert


We hired Kiera as our doula for my second pregnancy. I desperately wanted a different experience from my first birth, and hiring a doula was the first item on the list to achieving that goal! Kiera’s role in my VBAC birth story is truly irreplaceable! Her positive mindset surrounding pregnancy and birth was just what I needed to prepare for a VBAC and natural birth. Kiera provided knowledge, resources, and support both throughout my pregnancy and during our two prenatal visits. She made herself readily available to discuss the ins and outs of my pregnancy when things didn’t go as planned, such as a gestational diabetes diagnosis and GBS+ test result. When it came to my labor, Kiera was available for questions and provided suggestions for helping labor progress until we were ready for her to be there. Without her with us at the hospital I don’t think we could’ve advocated for ourselves as well as we did, and without that I don’t think we would’ve achieved our VBAC! I cannot recommend Kiera enough. If you’re looking for a doula, please reach out to Kiera!

Jessica Kellaway


When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, the first doula I thought of in the Hampton roads area of Virginia was Kiera. I didn’t even feel the need or want to interview any other doulas. I knew that Kiera would be the perfect fit, she has a natural peace about Her and has such a sweet and calming spirit. When I went into labor she drove over an hour to get to me and she made it just in time. I was definitely at the point in labor where you are in desperate need of your doula. I was struggling to focus mentally, my labors are very fast and very intense. When I felt Kiera’s hand on my back, I knew that she was here and everything was going to be okay. She got to work very quietly and quickly, putting a wash cloth on my neck, diffusing oils, and using counter pressure on my low back. She even made me remember to believe in myself when I was struggling to do so. At one point, my doctor had to manupulate my cervix which is not comfortable. Kiera was right there feeling everything with me and feeling me how strong I was. When I was pushing she had a mirror handy, which helped me focus on the bigger picture. Once my son was born, everyone was focused on the baby but Kiera made sure I didn’t feel forgotten or left behind. She made sure I ate, drank, and was comfortable. I would definitely hire her all over again. During my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum she went above and beyond and truly honors the Doula’s practice and calling.

Chelsea Spady


Kiera has such a big heart for mommas and their babies! I can't thank her enough for the support she showed my family and I throughout. From Day 1 Kiera was there for me when I needed her. After many text conversations, phone calls and in person meetings at my home Kiera and I truly bonded as we prepared to bring my daughter into the world. She was so incredibly respectful of my husband’s role as birth partner and included him on everything. She is a wealth of knowledge and can always offer such encouraging words of wisdom. She provided such incredible natural techniques to help me dilate and move labor along. As a first-time mom things were moving very slow. Her back rubs in my home and her foot rubs in the hospital helped me through each contraction. Once I was admitted to the hospital after a few days of contractions she was supportive of my decision to have an epidermal. We both knew I had very little rest and could not eat anything for the last 48 hours. She knew I needed to build my strength to push and the epidermal proved to be a good decision for me. After a long hard labor I pushed baby out in less than 30 minutes! I attribute this success to the chiropractor Kiera recommended early on in our first meeting. I started Webster Technique therapy with Dr. Schwab at 34 weeks. This is a specialization in pelvic alignment and balance for a strait shot exit for baby :) It worked! Kiera also captured the magical moments that our daughter was coming into the world in the most breathtaking photos. Every family member has cried when reviewing them. I am so glad we have them. Kiera visited us for our postpartum visit this past week. She let me talk about everything I had been through, share some of the emotions I was feeling and ask many questions about baby care. She loved on Saylor and changed her diaper while I put my feet up. What a sweetie!! The Spady family loves you Kiera. Thank you!!

Hiliary Muse


I just recently gave birth to my son on September 3rd and was very happy with the services I received from Kiera. I decided to go with a doula because going into labor as a first time mom and having anxiety. Kiera is very kind hearted, encouraging and knowledgeable. I knew at the first meeting that I would use her as my doula. Kiera understood my goals for my birth plan and provided book resources for me to be prepared ahead of time for the birth. I like that Kiera was available for questions whenever I had them.  My birth didn't go according to plan, however with Kiera's help ahead of time, I was able to make quick decisions and quickly adjust to the necessary changes. Kiera helped me to stay as calm and as positive as I could be to have a memorable experience. She also captured the important moments that can easily be forgotten.  I highly recommend Kiera as a doula. She is highly experienced and is a ray of positivity that is needed to get through any labor.

Milaya Crowder


Kiera was such a peaceful presence during my labor and delivery. She took absolutely beautiful pictures without taking away from the moment. To be honest I didn't realize she was taking them - which is a huge talent in birth photography: to not distract mama from labor. Her voice was soft and encouraging during labor, and afterwards she had words of empowerment.

In addition to the beautiful photos she took, she also encapsulated my placenta. It was delivered promptly at my house oncce I got home from the hospital. After 2 days of taking the capsules I felt more energy, bled less, and had a substantial increase in milk production.

Kiera is very professional, kind, and efficient in all of her services. I recommend her to everyone for birth photography and placenta encapsulation.

Whitney Babb


If you're even thinking about hiring a doula, do it, and hire Kiera to be part of your birth team! She was such an integral part of my home birth experience. When I was feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the people that were present for the birth, she helped my husband and I find a calm and quiet space to get our heads back in the game. She comes prepared with plenty of useful tools and knowledge and has the most calming and reassuring presence. I absolutely loved working with her and if there is ever a baby #4, you can bet that she will be the first person I call to join me.

Andi Roth


Kiera photographed my family for maternity and the birth of my third child. She was absolutely phenomenal to work with! She was patient while working with my older kids and very calm during my birth. She provided dozens of beautiful images of our family. I will always treasure the photos! I highly recommend her for photography, and I would also strongly recommend her as a doula. Though she did not doula for me, I would completely trust her to do so. Kiera is extremely sweet and caring and is a joy to have in any birth environment.

Amelia Coulomb


My husband and I moved to Norfolk from Richmond 36 weeks into my pregnancy! We had always entertained the idea of hiring a doula, but after meeting with our new midwives at our new hospital, it became even more clear to us that we needed someone on our team that made us feel safe and calm. Kiera was just that. We hired her at 37 weeks and I ended up going into labor a week later! We didn't really get the chance to have our prenatal meetings with her but she was such a great support via phone and text when I had questions about my prelabor symptoms and working through contractions and exercises.

During our labor, she kept us calm and focussed and helped progress my labor by suggesting new positions. She kept both my husband and I comforatble, hydrated and nourished throughout my labor. She even snagged a few photos during our labor and during our first moments as a new family that we will cherish forever. Since we didn't have the opportunity to have our prenatal meetings, Kiera offered wonderful post partum support in person, over the phone and via text. We also had her encapsulate my placenta and those pills saved me from post partum anxiety.

We are so happy that we hired Kiera to be a part of our team. We would have been lost without her.

Tiffany hansler


Kiera is amazing! She is full of positive calming energy. I defenitly would not have been able to have to birth I wanted without her calming support. She not only motivated me to keep going but her calming energy helped calm my husband and together they became an amazing team!

Collyn Morgan


Kiera made my second baby's birth such a positive experience for me. Throughout the whole pregnancy, Kiera constantly checked in on me, sent me countless resources, helped me practice hypnobirthing techniques and meditations, and even let me borrow some of her birth books. Her encouraging attitude and sweet spirit were exactly what I needed, and her calming presence helped support me in having my dream birth experience. She was there every step of the way. When she got to my hospital room, she hung up birth affirmations all around the room and made it such a safe and relaxing environment for me. Kiera is also an amazing birth photographer and captured some truly beautiful and raw photos of my daughter's birth. Anyone that hires Kiera to be their doula is truly going to be blessed by her and love her. I highly recommend her!

carla gajardo


We are Travis, Sofia and Carla.

We loved Kiera's professionalism. She is super dedicated, thoughtful, lovely and passionate. Her sympathy is adorable and she put her heart into our pregnancy. I, Carla, know kiera for years but as a family since may 2016.

We decided to make Kiera our partner in this journey. Wonderful journey!. When i was approximately 4 months pregnant, i found myself a little bit lost in some terms about what was happening to my body, and i did not hesitate to talked to my lovely boyfriend, Travis about somone who could give me some good advice/information about pregnancy, so we thought about Kiera, she was perfect for us, amazing doula and she still is (We communicate very often). She is very open minded and so helpful. She gave us books to understand pregnancy. CDs, answer to all our questions, her love for what was happening and knowledge.

I got to mention she took pictures of the birth and they are really adorable, precious moments captured that honestly i wouldn't remember it all if it wasn't for her talent into photography.

Wee happily say thank you for this important role you have kiera.

Lauren Crawford Perry


I knew right away Kiera was the perfect addition to my birth team. She has a calming and caring demeanor, and she takes her work very seriously. I felt I could trust in her knowledge and her ability to support me throughout my pregnancy and birth.

Kiera regularly contacted me during my pregnancy to see how things were progressing. At about 34/35 weeks we had a wonderful visit and at that point were preparing for a hypnobirth. She provided me with a variety of resources and materials to achieve this goal. Unfortunately I was told at 36 weeks that a cesarean would be necessary due to life threatening issues. Kiera checked in immediately and reassured me that I could still have a beautiful birth experience under these circumstances. Although the hospital wouldn't allow her in the OR, she was with me prior to surgery and did everything to keep me calm and happy: aromatherapy, massage, heating pads, and positive conversation. She also acted as our birth photographer and captured some really special moments between my husband and I. After delivery she stayed for hours which was so needed as the medications lingered and left me feeling out of sorts. She anticipated my every need, which allowed my husband to relax and enjoy our new baby while I regained my strength.

Since I couldn't utilize her full services as a birth doula, Kiera provided me with some additional postpartum support at home. She came to my house, played with my older children while I napped with the baby, did laundry, and most importantly has been a friend during what can otherwise be a very isolating time. I'm now one month pp and she is still checking in regularly.

My husband and I agree that with all of the unexpected and scary events, Kiera was the one 'constant' that we had. Without her I would have struggled more emotionally and my cesarean would have felt more medical than magical. I highly recommend Kiera to anyone wanting to make the most of their pregnancy and birth.

Ashley Kapic


I met Kiera very early in my pregnancy and quickly decided I wanted to have her with me on my journey to motherhood. I was truly uninformed about birth options but had a very open mind. Kiera was always quick to answer my questions and would always provide me with great articles and videos to watch if I were interested in a particular birth subject! She also was sweet enough to loan me some amazing books. Throughout pregnancy and during labor, Kiera was thoughtful, sincere, and oh so helpful in every possible way. She provided comfort measures and most importantly believed in me and gave me strength. Not only was she helpful to me, but to my husband as well! We both highly recommend Kiera and wouldn't hesitate to hire her again when we plan for baby #2!

I also took advantage of the placenta encapsulation services that her husband, Matthew, offers. Because they work as a team, it was so easy for Kiera to take my placenta with her to have encapsulated quickly. I'm so glad I chose to do this! I feel happy, energized, and truly believe in its benefits.

Thank you so much Kiera And Matthew! You've made our experience an amazing one!

Laura Duskey Rardon


My husband and I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Kiera during my pregnancy and labor. During our first meeting, I knew that Kiera was a great fit because of her calm and gentle nature. Right away she listened to my wishes for my pregnancy and labor and lent me a plethora of books directly addressing my concerns and topics that I wanted to learn more about. Specifically, I was interested in learning Hypnobirthing techniques, and did not have the ability to take classes in the local area. Kiera helped me learn about and feel very comfortable practicing hypnobirthing techniques leading up to my delivery. During our prenatal visits, Kiera was immensely helpful, talking through birth related fears with me, offering many helpful suggestions on how to work through them in a healthy way. She also did a thorough job showing my husband and I Spinning Babies and rebozo techniques to practice at home leading up to and during labor. Once we arrived at the hospital during labor, Kiera went to work immediately, ensuring a calm and peaceful atmosphere, complete with positive affirmations posted on the walls in every corner of the hospital room. This made such a difference! Keira’s work with my husband during labor was seamless, as if it was rehearsed many times. She was such a great asset to the birthing room, setting a calm a positive atmosphere, and made sure that my husband had all of the tools that he needed in order to comfort and help me through my labor drug free. Kiera ended up staying with me in the hospital through labor, delivery, and post delivery, which was about 24 hours. She never skipped a beat! I really couldn’t have asked for a better support person to help me navigate a very long and exhausting labor.

Jennifer Santos


I was lucky beyond belief that due to last minute changes, Kiera was able to provide doula support to Bryan and myself during childbirth. She was so helpful- both to myself, and in supporting my husband as well. My whole childbirth experience all in all was a lot more than I expected, and even traumatic to an extent. Her knowledge, presence and even her cooperation with other services I utilized were absolutely invaluable.

Jessica Polanco


We hired Keira as our doula for my third pregnancy. My previous pregnancy had ended in a devastating loss and my husband and I were super anxious and decided to hire a doula to help during the pregnancy, the birth and post partum period. When I had my first son, my labor did not go as wanted and I wanted help to come up with a birth plan and get support. Keira was WONDERFUL. She kept in touch during my pregnancy always asking me if I was okay or if I needed anything. When I told her some trouble I was having with my OB, she volunteered to come to an appointment with me so she could meet him! I was so greatful for that. We spoke on the phone several times and also via text message. She gave us resources to read during my pregnancy and answered any questions we had. She even went beyond and invited me over to her house when I was having a particularly difficult week with my anxiety. When Keira went away for Thanksgiving we feared she wouldnt be around for when I went into labor. She worked very hard to find someone to stand in her place just in case which we appreciated. She did not stop until we found someone we were both comfortable with. We are both grateful I did not go into labor while she was away because was amazing during my labor. She kept up with my needs and my husbands needs. She was not pushy at all and listened to me and my husband. I am 100% sure my labor would not have gone as smoothly as it did had we not had Keira in the room. She helped with with positioning and helped keep me hydrated. She used essential oils to help keep me calm. There was always a washcloth on my forehead without having to ask. She spoke to me and kept me calm as my anxiety levels were through the roof. She helped take pictures of our momentous occasion without hesitation. After our little miracle was born she stayed and continued to help us with whatever we needed. Keira will forever be a part of our family. We are SO very grateful to have found her.

Sarah Hoefflin


I am beyond happy that we found Kiera to be our doula for our second birth experience. I knew that I wanted the birth of our youngest son to be completely opposite than my first birth seven years ago. Kiera's guidance and support helped me form a birth plan that would give me control over my entire birth experience. Her calm demeanor helped me stay focused even when my birth did not go the route I expected. I struggled with anxiety this past pregnancy and she helped me through each and every one. I truly believe that Kiera's calming techniques and her help with spinning babies positions is what expedited our birth. She helped me to not be afraid to ask for help and to advocate for my birth and my baby. Thank you, Kiera! I look forward to having Kiera by our side with any other future births. ?

Marina Vatchenkova


When we hired Kiera to be our doula and help us fulfill our birth plan, we didn't even realize how valuable of an asset she is going to be! Not only she made our experience memorable, assisted in sticking to our plan of having natural unmedicated delivery, helped me to progress and push through a very long (42 hours) but still magical labor, she just became an essential part of it, integrating very gently in this intimate process. She truly became a member of our small team (me, my husband and our baby Adrian). She sticked with us for 2 long sleepless nights, was there when we needed, respected our space and gave us privacy in the right moments, cried with us when baby finally came into this world. I simply don't have enough digits to describe our experience with her. But if I had to squeeze it in few words (despite her high level of professionalism), I'd say passionate, empathetic and intuitive! We loved her and appreciate every minute she dedicated to us making this life changing event unforgettable.

Lisa Keeney


I had a wonderful experience with Kiera.  She was kind, patient, and so very sweet.  This was my fifth baby to be born and although I should have been a pro at this already, it was a high risk pregnancy and I was pretty much freaking out daily.  Kiera called and texted to check up on me regularly.  We met for a pre-birth meeting and she gave me so much information and things to think about reguarding the delivery.  I am so thankful that I was able to work with Kiera.  I ended up having an unscheduled c-section at 36 weeks and the relaxation and breathing exercises that Kiera educated me on were a lifesaver to keep me calm in a very scary situation.  Even though this birth had so many bad things surrounding it with my health and the baby's health, it was my best labor and delivery experience to date and a large part of that is because of Kiera and the support she offered me.

Courtney Miles


Kiera was absolutely amazing! From all aspects, she educated me beyond belief even though it was my third child I learned so much from her. She's empowering and was amazing keeping me going and positive during my birth. She had so many tips and tricks that worked wonders, and the simplest things that she brought to the table made the world of deference! I would recommend Kiera to my closest of friends and family ???? keep up your beautiful work Kiera!

Brittany Weatherly


My birth experience was amazing! I would not go back and change a thing! With my first son I had an epidural and ended in a c-section!! Needless to say I did not want this again! I was taking a birthing class and heard a lot about dulas and was able to contact Kiera! We met a little late in the game because of me but she was wonderful about it! We met once before the birth and had a almost birthing evening! That's a whole nother story in its self. When it was finally time we got to the hospital Kiera was right behind us and I was 6 cm dilated! When the pain started coming she was right there and knew just what to do!! I was not able to get in the shower like planned but it all happend so fast! I would recommend her to anyone if fact I really wish my younger sister lived closer I would have definitely had them meet! Thank you so much for all that you did Kiera you are amazing

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