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Tatiane Siqueira Doula

Tatiane Siqueira Doula LLC

Sugar Land, TX Service range 35 miles


Birth Fee

$650 to $1550


Birth Fee

$650 to $1550

Birth Doula Experience

9 years and 241 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • A Sacred Journey Doula Training Program - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • A Sacred Journey Doula Training Program, April 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I am happy to support your planned home birth with your midwife.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Infant massage education
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Photography - Birth
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Portuguese

Fee Details

Now booking: The Prenatal and educational package ($ 650) includes access to doula through sms from pregnancy to postpartum and 1 in person 90 min prenatal meeting . Fully booked for the year 2024: The in person full labor support (2/3 families per month only) fee ($1550)covers: 24/7 on call doula availability for your birth; 2 in person prenatal visits; Phone, text and email support 24/7; Assistance selecting a caregiver, if desired; Referrals to local resources; Birth plan assistance; Positions for labor and comfort measures instruction; Experienced doula support during laboring time at home and/or birthing place as needed; Assistance in collecting the memories of birth through photos when possible as desired; Postpartum support for up to 1-2 hours following the birth; Initial breastfeeding/ first latching assistance; Unlimited phone, text or email postpartum support; Postpartum visit within 2 weeks following the birth.

Service Area

Sugar Land, TX Service range 35 miles

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Client Testimonials for Tatiane Siqueira Doula

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It has been over a month now and still my biggest piece of advice is to hire a doula! Tatiane was the perfect balance of being helpful but not overbearing when labor became really intense. And as a little bonus, I have the most beautiful memories captured thanks to her. My only regret was not hiring Tatiane as my doula anytime sooner.

Sarah I.


My husband and I are so fortunate to have found Tatiane and hired her for the birth of our daughter.

Before the recommendation for a doula by my OB at 30 weeks pregnant (because of the evidence in reducing c-section rates), I never considered one as I didn't realize doulas could be beneficial—or even used!—for a hospital delivery.

Tatiane was actually recommended to us by my OB. It was very important to us to find someone who had good rapport among the medical team and felt comfortable in the hospital setting.

Tatiane has such a calming presence, gentle nature, and was there for us each step of the way. She is so sweet and supportive and, when the time came to deliver our baby girl, she helped my husband and I feel comfortable and prepared. She helped with positioning and, keeping my best interest and wishes at heart, gently reminded me what we discussed with the various medical teams and what was on our birth plan, and made me feel comfortable when things didn’t go according to plan (as they inevitably do!).

She is a true professional: great communication, kind and respectful to everyone, caring and compassionate, and truly wants the best for her clients.

We highly recommend her and are so grateful to have worked with her! Thank you, Tatiane, for such a wonderful labor and delivery experience!

Jadyn Riddle


I can't begin to express my gratitude for Tatiane, my incredible birth doula. From the moment we met, her warmth and expertise put me at ease. As a first-time mom facing the unique challenge of wanting to deliver twins unmedicated, Tatiane was my unwavering pillar of support. She guided me through each contraction with boundless encouragement, reminding me of my strength when doubt crept in. Tatiane's support extended beyond just me; she also played a crucial role in coaching my husband, ensuring he knew how best to support me throughout labor and delivery. With her guidance, he applied counter pressure and providing the strength and reassurance I needed to persevere. Tatiane's expertise not only empowered me but also equipped my husband with the tools to be an integral part of our birthing journey. In a world where most twin births are scheduled cesareans, I was determined to pursue the vaginal, unmedicated birth of my dreams. Tatiane not only supported this unconventional choice but also played a pivotal role in making it a reality. With her unwavering guidance and expertise, she helped navigate the complexities of a twin delivery, empowering me to stay true to my birthing preferences. Tatiane's dedication ensured that my vision for a natural birth was not only realized but exceeded. I will forever be grateful for her unwavering support and commitment to honoring my birthing journey. Five stars simply don't do justice to her remarkable impact. 

Gabriela Silberman


I was so lucky to have found Tatiene for my birthing experience. Given this was my second son I was already familiar with what I wanted and what I didn't. She was key in all of the decision making process (on the moments there was a chance for one) and letting go on those moments that we cannot control. She helped me navegate the contractions in such a healthy way, knowing exactly what my body needed when it was in pain. She re assured me when making decisions like breaking my bag, and when to have the epidural. Also prepping, having lots of knowledge on those key positions for having a better labor. She knew what to say and not to say to team up with the team in the hospital. She empowered me along the way, giving the boost of confidence I needed to know that my body knew that it needed to do, and letting go when I needed to. Would recommend her to any woman seeking an empowering and conscious birth experience. Thank you SO much ??



Tatiane was absolutely amazing, she was so helpful and made the whole labor process much less stressful, I am so thankful I had her there with me. Having her as a doula was the best decision I made for my birth plan! I was induced and had a thirty hour labor and she was there the whole time, helping me with birthing positions and asking the doctors and nurses questions to make sure they were doing everything to keep the labor progressing. My husband also loved having her there because her presence allowed him to be more of a supportive friend to me than a panicked spouse :) I also loved knowing she was coming over for a postpartum visit to check on me, in case breast feeding wasn’t going well, which made me less worried about breast feeding in general. She was amazing, I would 1000% recommend!!

S. Christine


One year ago, March 2023. We were having twins and a high risk pregnancy and wanted someone besides ourselves there especially since we didn't have family nearby. I was afraid ....afraid of not knowing what was going to happen. That is what prompted me to seek a Doula. We found Tatiane and it was so comforting to have her there the entire time with us. She knew what was going on and how to be there for me. She was there right next to me for the birth of my babies and stayed until we were all settled. Because of this, I'd definitely recommend a doula, especially Tatiane to my own family and friends. Having someone on call, ready to leave anytime any day, and join you, it wouldn't matter how long labor would take, and walk with me through labor, this is priceless. 

Layal Maddah


Hello mamas/ mamas-to-be…

Tatiane is a warm spring breeze in the middle of the winter, a calm, reliable presence in the midst of the storm, and a delicate consistent helping hand while you and your baby are lingering between pre-life and life..that is Tatiane

Tatiane was instrumental in understanding what the birth journey included and helping me prepare my birth plan. Yes, you can do it yourself, you can go ahead and try to read what’s out there about it and dare group what is reliable and what is not.. Alternatively, you can, in one hour, sit with Tatiane and learn about everything, and get a condensed version of the supporting material you need as well as templates so that you can have your birth plan ready in no time.

Yes, you can google to address any of your questions.. of you can reach out to Tatiane to get a credible answer anytime…

Yes, you can deliver without a doula.. or you can have a trusted woman by your side the time when you most need it… Tatiane was with me through my 22-hr labor, beside me wherever I was: the bathroom, the bed, the floor…Tatiane, a mother herself, was up all the time and never left my side, although I urged her multiple times to take some rest (and you should urge to do so too :))…

Also, Tatiane works great with the Women’s specialists midwives team, where I gave birth. 

I didn’t end up having the birth I planned for, but I ended up delivering naturally a beautiful healthy baby boy, my Axel, and I attribute this to the amazing team I had, and to all the preparation that happened with Tatiane before…

So, if you are looking for experience, a shoulder to lean on, professionalism, and a trusted source of data-based information, Tatiane is an amazing resource to have on board…

Best of luck mamas!

Hanna Learned


Tatiane was a phenomenal doula! I started looking for a doula quite late (around 37 weeks pregnant) and was lucky that Tatiane happened to have an opening for me! My main goals for wanting a doula at my delivery were to: increase my chances of having an uncomplicated vaginal delivery, decrease chances of a perineal tear, and decrease the likelihood of a prolonged tedious labor (I did not want an epidural). From the pre-delivery consultation to the the delivery itself, Tatiane was supportive, checked in on me multiple times to track my progress, and provided valuable information/resources! During the actual labor and delivery, she helped the baby's head come down from -1 station with some positioning techniques. I believe this intervention expedited my delivery and shortened my labor time by at least 10-15 minutes (which is a long time when you do not have an epidural!). Tatiane worked well with medical professionals while also firmly advocating for my birth plan which included aspects that are not conventional in mainstream obstetric medicine. If you are interested in a doula to help support you in your birth goals, I highly recommend Tatiane! 

Saima Siddiqui


Tatiane is an amazing doula and provided good care and support throughout my pregnancy journey. We first met via an introductory video call and she was very soft spoken and gentle, we talked about our expectations and her services which were a good fit. Up until the day of the delivery, she was in constant touch with me through text messages and was able to provide suggestions on home remedies for my pregnancy struggles. During labor she was proactive in suggesting movements throughout to help the baby move down and finally come out. She took photos of the raw moments which are now saved as our precious memories. Tatiane also paid a postpartum visit home and it was nice to have her check on both me and the baby, and answer our endless questions. Thank you so much for all that you have done! God bless. 

Macedo Family


Today makes 1 month since our baby girl's arrival and as we reflect on our pregnancy journey with Tatiane by our side we can't imagine having done it without her! We have a birthing story that we thought could only exist in our dreams. Tatiane was god send to support us during this journey. She provides support to you at every step with any answers to your questions or just words of encouragement that provide calamity during a very exciting yet nerve wrecking time! Your questions or doubts are answered with facts and material that supports the responses with real data and helps narrow down all that is out there on the internet. As you embark this beautiful journey our family cannot provide a better recommendation than Tatiane as a doula because you will find in her what you were missing for your birthing team! Thank you Tatiane for the support you provided our family!

Sheila Rivera


We were so grateful to have Tatiane's support for our 2nd pregnancy. She was readily available to answer questions and helped us feel well prepared. Her sweet and reassuring disposition eased my anxiety. Thank you, Tatiane! 

Kyle McStruble


Our experience with Tatiane was phenomenal.  We are first time parents and lean very natural for the birthing but wanted a hospital presence to ensure any issues were handled appropriately. Our first meetings were comfortable and not overwhelming. Her presence, confidence, and knowledge out us at ease from the jump. She explained many of the processes and gave her informed opinion and facts that she had to help us make better decisions when developing our birth plan.

Skip to the big day of birth.  The coaching paid off and we felt prepared for what was to come. Our all natural birth plan went out the window as we experience first hand the pain and energy of our son's big day. Tatiane didn't judge or make us feel like we failed in any way. She encouraged us as we continued through the process, continuing to help with positions, scents, calming affirmations, and once again knowledge when we had questions. 

If we're lucky enough to get another opportunity we would definitely work with her again.

Will and Lexi


What a blessing Tatiane was! As a first time mom who wanted to do things as natural as possible in the hospital, we knew we had to hire a doula. Tatiane was the absolute best choice for us! She helped us create a beautiful birth plan that we felt confident about and I am so happy to say everything about our daughters birth was absolutely perfect! At the hospital she helped tremendously with getting me into different positions to progress my labor, encouraged me when contractions got tough, and was knowledgeable about every step! She was also a huge help educating my husband on how to be the best support person for me. Needless to say, Tatiane was amazing and we are looking forward to having her help us welcome our future children into the world! 

Madeline Buchanan


Tatiane was the perfect choice for us! As a first time mom, I was terrified of the unknowns that that the birth process brings with it. I knew the type of birth I wanted (medicated, btw, more on that later), but I didn't know much beyond that. Tatiane was immensely helpful for me to think through various aspects of the L&D process, and I felt much more confident going into it! My husband was also extremely grateful she was there as he had someone experienced to help him help me best. And, I want to add, having a doula along with a medicated birth is very possible and still extremely worthwhile! I was torn on this idea for a while--If I want to have an epidural, will a doula be beneficial? With Tatiane, the answer is YES! Of course, any kind of birth is possible and beautiful, but I knew an epidural was something I wanted for myself. Tatiane was supportive and kind about this sensitive decision and helped me get it when I really needed it. She is a fantastic choice if you're looking for a doula in the Houston area. Thank you, Tatiane!!



Our journey to baby was made complete with Tatiane. Her support throughout pregnancy was such a comfort. She was responsive to every text and phonecall whenever I had a concern or question. It was a peace of mind knowing that someone was available to help us in that way. On the day that baby arrived, she was such a calming and peaceful presence. I am so glad she was a part of our birth team! Tatiane's expertise helped us be effective and efficient with every contraction. Labor felt so purposeful and empowering because Tatiane gave us the tools we needed and the hands-on support. I truly believe our labor and birth experience was enhanced by her help. Tatiane has a gentle, patient, and calm approach. It was exactly what I needed. I highly recommend every mom to have a doula and specifically Tatiane! Her presence was such a blessing to us.

Elo & JR


Having our first baby was a daunting experience, but thanks to Tatiane, it turned out to be an incredible journey. Initially, we were familiar with midwives, but it was my sister-in-law who recommended hiring a doula. After our amazing experience with Tatiane, we now understand why.

We are beyond grateful for being referred to Tatiane. During our sessions, she guided us in creating a well-informed birth plan, which allowed us to have a clear focus. When the time came, Tatiane was there at the hospital promptly, providing continuous support for two long and challenging days.

Tatiane played a crucial role throughout the entire process. She helped me find comfort, provided valuable coaching, and offered guidance when we faced difficult decisions. With Tatiane by our side, we felt confident in sticking to our birth plan as much as possible. We made decisions together, always considering the well-being of our precious baby boy, and we trusted that they were the right ones.

Tatiane's dedication and expertise made a world of difference in our birth experience. She was there for us every step of the way, giving us the reassurance and support we needed. We sincerely appreciate her role as our doula and highly recommend her services to any expecting parents.

- Elodie, JR and Mateo

Michele V


I decided to hire a doula to have the best chance at having a positive birth experience in a hospital setting. And to have the support of someone knowledgeable with my preferences in mind (no offense to my husband but he is certainly not an expert). I was drawn to Tatiane because as a fellow engineer and with her experience as an evidence-based instructor, I trusted she would be able to help me make the best decisions for my baby and I backed up by evidence. I was pleased that this was the case. Leading up to my delivery, she helped me to formulate a birth plan, come up with questions for my provider, and provided evidence based resources to help answer questions I had. She is responsive and very knowledgeable.

My delivery did not go at all as I expected, as my waters broke at 38 weeks, before I went into labor. My waters broke at 2:30 am and I finally delivered just before midnight. I wanted to deliver without an epidural but I was so exhausted that I ended up giving in. The pushing phase was also exhausting. Throughout my labor, Tatiane was calm and worked with the nurses on positions to advance labor and increase my comfort, both before and after the epidural. Despite things going drastically different from what I envisioned, Tatiane was super supportive and made me feel comfortable with the decisions I made, even though it wasn’t what I planned.

Andrea Cretu


I sought out a doula for the birth of my second child. Tatiane was patient, really listened what I wanted in the birthing room, and was a great advocate for me at the hospital. She worked well with the nursing staff and my doctor! My husband and I were so pleased with the birth of our second son and credit a lot of that to Tatiane's guidance. Highly recommend!

Lili Thoreson


We had hoped for a natural delivery, but sometimes things just don’t go as planned. However I’m so glad we had someone as kind and supportive as Tatiene there during our birthing. It’s important to have that steady support when things get scary, not just when everything is going to plan. She offered us a lot of emotional support going into an emergency cesarean situation, and was there with us through it all until we were on the other side of it with our little bundle. Thank you Tatiene!

Elaine Stur


Since I imagined having a baby, I knew I wanted a natural birth, fulfilled with respect and love and I knew the importance of having a doula. I did interview many and when I found Tatiane I had a very good feeling of how special she could be for my family. She was very supportive during the whole pregnancy and even more during labor. She was knowledgeable, experienced, patient and very helpful. On the big day, she gave me full support since our first contact on that day. In the end, I achieved a beautiful natural birth and I have no doubts how essential she was! I am just so thankful for her work and for the opportunity to have found her! I would love to have her again in the future! Thank you Tati, you are exceptional! 



Tatiane was such a vital part of my birth story! She was so attentive, helped my husband and I feel comfortable in our decisions by offering feedback, and was so helpful in moving me to various different laboring positions to try and get labor going. She was very positive throughout the process and her calm demeanor allowed my husband and I to feel relaxed in her presence! I would 100% recommend Tatiane to a friend or family member. Even after the birth of our baby girl, she has been readily available to help offer guidance in becoming first time parents! Love Tatiane and highly recommend her as a doula! 



Tatiane helped me with the birth of my first child. Her experience & calm demeanor made all the difference.  I chose to have a CS.  Tatiane supported my decision and despite him arriving 36 hours before scheduled, Tatiane was there for the first hours of my son's birth and offered continued support after we arrived at home. It was so reassuring to have an advocate for me and my child along side me in the hospital during the the first few hours of his life.  I highly recommed her and would not hesitate to have her doula for me again when I have another child.  Having a professional as an advocate allowed me to focus on the pure joy of the birthing experience.  Her presence also allowed me to remain calm as the due date approached. That was priceless! 

Jeslin Varughese


Tatiane was an integral part of pregnancy and delivery of my baby. She was very gentle and and and guided me through my journey. I will forever remember the constant support and the education she provided to my husband and I ensuring that we had a good birth experience. Tatiane knew that I wanted to have minimal interventions and wanted to labor as much as possible at home. The day my labor started progressing, she checked in constantly and gave me reassurance that I can do this! Once contractions started getting stronger, I realized that I was having back labor. She guided me through different positions to help baby move from posterior to anterior. Things progressed very quickly overnight and we headed to the hospital. By the time we got to the labor room, I was in the transition stage of labor and started panicking. Tatiane comforted me and was a great advocate. She clearly communicated my needs with my spouse and the birth team. The little things such as her calm presence, caring hand on my shoulder, the hip squeezes, the constant encouragement and affirmations that my body was meant to do this…truly, I will never forget. I highly recommend Tatiane for her doula services. She is very knowledgeable and was an essential part of birthing experience. Thank you Tatiane for helping me bring my baby to earth-side. 

Jessica Xiao


I had my first baby in June, and Tatiane has been super helpful along the way. She provided and explained to me all the birth considerations, and listened carefully to my preferences to help me develop my birth plan. I have read books and articles about different matters regarding child birth to prepare myself, but the knowledge and experience Tatiane brought was irreplaceable. She was very responsive, whenever I texted her to ask for any advice. I went to the hospital at 1pm. Tatiane came super quickly, and has been with me and my husband in the R&D room through the whole process till my baby finally came to the world. She helped me manage the pain, move around the room with all the wires attached, which was super important for me coping with the contractions, and helped me with whatever I needed. I'm very grateful that Tatiane was my birth doula, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a birth doula!



Tatiane, was an excellent doula during the entire process of my pregnancy. She helped me a lot finding a good obstetrician and giving important tips to pre and labor time.

Her presence during my delivery was a blessing. She remembered me many different positions during labor that relieved my pain and made easier labor time. She acted with kindness and supported me both emotionally and fisically all the time.

I am so grateful that Tatiane was my doula. I highly recommend Tatiane to all women that are expecting their babies.



Tatiane was a blessing to have during our pregnancy/birth experience. I planned on having an unmedicated birth and wanted a doula for the mental/emotional support and guidance. Tatiane’s calm and positive aura, as well as her knowledge on natural births, was exactly what my husband and I needed with our first baby. Tatiane always checked in on me in the third trimester, and her two prenatal appointments at our home provided us that one-on-one time together that helped prepare for that moment when it’s time to go to the hospital. In these appointments, we reviewed pain management techniques, stretches and exercises to prepare for labor, how your partner can support mama before and during birth, questions you should be asking your doctor, formulation of birth plan, and so much more! Another wonderful touch included in her package was the extra hour she spends with you after baby’s delivery and the check-in postpartum appointment at your home a week later. All of her help and recommendations definitely played a huge roll in my unusually short and easy labor and delivery experience.

Megan Horne


We are so grateful for our experience with Tatiane! This was our first baby and I knew I wanted as much support as possible during my pregnancy and birth. I was really wanting a low intervention, unmedicated birth, and Tatiane seemed like the perfect person to support that. She was such a great advocate during our labor and delivery and really helped us weigh our different options. She was so patient with us and also so much help for my husband, offering advice from experience and helping him support me. We are so thankful for our time with Tatiane throughout my pregnancy and birth and would love to have her support us in future births.



Tatiane was a key reason why our labor and birth experience was so positive and beautiful. I planned for an unmedicated birth and it was due to Tatiane's knowledge, support, and encouragement that we were able to have the birth experience that we desired. My husband and I are so thankful to have Tatiane partner with us to delivery our 2nd baby girl.

On the day that I went into labor, we were in constant communication with Tatiane checking in with me, and suggesting what I could do to progress (using a birth ball, taking a warm shower, labor exercises). When we arrived at the hospital, Tatiane was by my side from keeping me physically active to wiping sweat from my forehead to holding my hand.

Some of the things that stand out most in my mind, although there are many more, during my L&D was how encouraging and affirming Tatiane was when I was in the transition phase of labor AKA right before the baby comes out. I was in a lot of pain and I was scared, Tatiane assured me that I was safe. After the 3rd stage of labor, without me asking, Tatiane came up to my bedside and held my hand - that gesture meant so much to me. On top of all that, she recorded a video of when I immediately delivered our baby girl. It's a treasure that I will keep forever.

From my pregnancy through postpartum, Tatiane has thoughtfully followed up with me and my family.

Tatiane embodies what a doula should be: knowledgeable, experienced, supportive, caring, and kind. We would choose Tatiane as our doula again and again. We highly recommend Tatiane to anyone searching for a doula.



Tatiane is an incredible doula.She is very knowledgeable, reliable and kind.
She helped us during the birth of our daughter and we are very thankful we had her by our side. My labor was long and difficult but Tatiane was there during the whole time guiding us and providing all the support we needed to get through it.



I just had my second baby and could not have done it without the help and support from Tatiane. I reached out to Tatiane early in my pregnancy because I wanted a natural birth and wanted someone who believed in a physiological births and could help me navigate such a transformative process. When I spoke to Tatiane, I immedately knew she was the one. She is calm, comforting and very knowledgeable. Throughout my pregnancy we would stay in touch (more so closer to the due date) and Tatiane was always very responsive. During my birth, she provided pain management advice, did hip squeezes, worked extremely well with the midwives and was even able to take the most amazing birth video. Most importantly, I always felt supported because Tatiane made sure my birth preferences were followed and I was consulted (even it  was for a minor thing as a vaginal check). Would definitely reccommend!



I have a great experience with Tati. She was very kind and sweet. It really made a difference in my journey to become a mom. Thanks for all support!! I definitely recommend her!! 

Elizabeth Linbeck


My husband and I could not be more grateful for Tatiane, who made our birthing experience exactly what we had hoped for. We had been dealing with a not so great provider that was pushing tons of intervention and Tatiane helped us stay grounded and educated to ensure we had the experience we wanted. On top of that, she was an amazing support person to have during labor, she coached me through all of my painful surges, reminded me to loosen tension, and even coached my husband on how to provide max physical support to me. She also took the most beautiful pictures and videos, documenting the birth of our baby boy and couldn’t be more grateful! She has even provided me with great contacts and resources postpartum to help with any challenge we’re facing (like breastfeeding!). We couldn’t recommend her enough and can’t wait to have her by our side for our next baby!

Katie W.


Tatiane was invaluable during my first childbirth experience! As a FTM, my husband and I decided it would be helpful to have a doula to coach me through labor. We found Tatiane through a friend and are so so happy she was with us all the way through! Highly recommend her-she's calming, reassuring, a wonderful coach and encourager, and a beautiful person.??



A Tati foi nossa doula escolhida para chegada do nosso primeiro filho. Desde o primeiro contato notamos a calma que ela transmite e o conteúdo profissional que ela aborda em seu caderno técnico que nos deu logo no primeiro encontro presencialmente. 

No dia do parto, em meio as contrações ela conseguiu nos manter em casa por mais tempo que imaginamos. Isso foi fundamental! 

Recomendamos o acompanhamento da doula Tatiane porque para nós foi importante té-la conosco, assim como poder contar com alguém que fale a nossa primeira língua, o português.

Recomendamos a Tati de olhos fechados.

Bárbara, Guilherme e Joaquim! 

Renata Martins


I had both babies completely natural in the water, without any intervention. Thanks to Tatiane’s being by my side, and all the confidence and knowledge that she gave me, I trusted that I could do it, and I did it. I cannot thank you Tatiane enough for being there for us and for helping us create such memorable and beautiful experience!

Renata Martins


It is the second time Tatiane was my doula. First time, 4 years ago I was blessed to give birth to my second baby boy. While being pregnant I knew I wanted a doula for my birth experience as I had for my first baby. My first baby was born in another country in the hospital. After hearing stories about how stressful the experience can be in the hospital and about how much pressure is for medical interventions that speed up the birth, I decided to give a doula try. Best thing I did. The second time I was here in Houston and I knew I needed a doula again, this time for my planned home birth, and Tatiane was the doula for me. I have to say, it was the one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Throughout the whole experience, she was there for us. She helped us find the right midwife for us. She informed and prepared us thoroughly for the whole experience and helped me ease calmly into what is to come. My fears and stress were replaced by excitement and enthusiasm. The delivery itself was simply magical. Tatiane did a wonderful job accompanying us throughout the whole experience. She helped us set the room up based on my wishes, providing a very homey environment. Tatiane kindly took care of all the details, the pilates ball that ended up being a life saver, and my husband knew what to do at the right time after being so well prepared. Tatiane’s calm personality, helped me tremendously to relax, breath and enjoy. I am unsure how she did it, but she truly helped me to be in the “here and now”, and take it all in! instead of suffering from the pain, I found myself welcoming it and even enjoying it in some way , while hearing Tatiane calmly remind me, “with every surge, my baby is coming closer and closer to me..: )

what to do at the right time. I feel so blessed my baby had the care my midwife, and for Tatiane’s presence that helped that be a beautiful welcoming of my third baby!


Elger de Albuquerque Rosa FIlho


Having Tatiane as our doula is possibly the best choice my wife and I ever made as a couple.

I don't want to write a whole essay about why she's great at being a doula (but I could! I had hours to witness and think about her really extraordinary talent as she guided my wife through pain that is indescribably awful). Just trust me, she's amazing.

I obviously wasn't the focus of her attention, but she still made my experience as birth partner vastly better, too: she advised me about positions, points of pressure, everything to make things a bit easier for my wife, and when there was a scare after delivery Tatiane kept an eye on all of us and me and calmed and reassured me too.

Katherine M.


I recognize the support of Tatiane as the key to the birth experience we had. My husband and I found all meeting very helpful, we learned a lot! My husband knew exactly what to do during labor! My baby came later than I could imagine (I was 41w3d) and I know I could not have had such a patient and supportive doctor if it wasn't for Tatiane's help to actually find him in the first place. Having her during labor and on the first hours after birth was so reassuring.  I told her and I repeat, I couldn't have done that without her! 

Sonja C.


Having Tatiane as my doula has been one of the best choices I made in terms of having my baby. She provided very thorough visits prior to our daughter's birth to help my partner and I prepare. When I went in labor, she checked on me several times. My doctor asked me to go to the hospital and she got there right around the time I was admitted and stayed with me until a few hours after my daughter was born. Her support during my labor was invaluable. She helped me with pain management, nourishment, and information. She also took pictures which is really special because we wouldn't have had them if she wasn't there.

Tatiane came for my postpartum visit 5 days after we were released from the hospital. It was really good to all about the birth with her.  Having her there to process my birth experience was very helpful. All of the times after my birth when I was feeling emotionally challenged I reached out to her and she provided me with valuable resources and suggestions, and generally just helped me process the experience of being a new mother.

 I feel like hiring Tatiane was really what I needed the whole time in terms of preparing for birth and having a resource for all the things I needed before during and after birth. I highly recommend her and feel that she is extremely open to listening to what you want your birth experience to be and help adapting as things change. I could not recommend her more highly if you want to feel secure and cared for before during and after your birth and if you want someone who will provide you with tons of great resources for any questions that comes up.



We had our daughter in November and even though we knew we would not be able to have a doula present at the birth we wanted someone to help us through this journey. Tatiane was amazing. She answered all our questions, provided us invaluable education and supported us through the most important moments of our lives. I could not have made it though my labor without her guidance. I would highly recommend her to any expectant mother. She is extremely knowledgeable and so sweet! We will definitely use her for baby #2.

P Rodrigues


Tatiane was my doula and I am very grateful for the service she provided. The birth of a child is a unique moment and we deserve all the assistance we can have from the beginning to throughout the post-partum. Although I had a cesarean at the last moment, she accompanied me and was always available on the phone even at dawn. Her calm and knowledge gave me the confidence that everything would go well. By involving my partner in activities and exercises she made the experience more complete. I wish i hired her from the beginning of my pregnancy. I would definitely hire her again. Thank you.p

Yuliana Flores


We are very happy to have found Tatiane at the last moment in our pregnancy (week 37), because I wasn't sure I needed a Doula, but in the end, we decided it would be the best.

We had our interview and the best of all is that she had a place available for us.
My delivery was somewhat quick, I expected more hours of labor since is our first baby, while we called Tatiane we were going to the hospital, her response was immediate and in a short time, suddenly she appeared in our room and it was a great relief for us.

She was at my side in the best possible way, supporting me and focusing me, giving me options and positions, to make the labor less painful and something quicker and more active.

She recorded the moment of birth, when my husband cuts the umbilical cord, when we made skin to skin and when we were all at peace as a family.

We are infinitely grateful to her, for all the support, for attending the delivery with so short notice and for being there for more than 5 hours giving her best to us.

We definitely recommend having a Doula in childbirth and what a better person than Tatiane.

Thank you Tatiane

Yuli & Rob <3



I'll start by saying that I could not have had the incredible birth experience I did without Tatiane by our side. I went into this pregnancy knowing that I wanted an unmedicated birth and to have my voice heard. The day I went into labor Tatiane showed up and gave me advice to speak up during the process. As my contractions began to intensify, Tatiane guided my husband and I into positions that would help me coast through each contraction. As things progressed, Tatiane brought essential oils to help me relax and coached me mentally through the pain & reminded me that I was tough enough to get through this. I certainly know that having her at our side during this beautiful experience made it so much more enjoyable. Having someone who has experienced many births and can guide you as to what to expect during a stressful & fast moving time is invaluable. If I did not have Tatiane, I don't think my delivery would have gone as smoothly and as quickly as it did. My husband and I are forever thankful that we were able to enjoy such a special time. As first time parents no one can prepare you on what to expect, and having Tatiane there allowed us to relax & take in the beautiful birth of our baby girl. 



Eu queria muito ter um parto normal/natural, contudo, sempre tive receio e medo da dor. Então, depois de muito pensar, procurei uma doula para ter orientações e um suporte emocional. Foi quando encontrei a Tatiane. Desde a primeira conversa senti serenidade e calma, ela fez eu sentir confiança no meu corpo, na minha natureza feminina e maternal. O meu trabalho de parto não foi simples, passei quase 19 horas ao todo. Na fase de expulsão, eu estava exausta, sem o suporte da Tatiane, provavelmente eu não teria conseguido. O parto normal fez eu conhecer uma mulher que nem eu mesma sabia que havia em mim. Foi uma experiência impagável. A sensação foi surreal e valeu muito a pena cada minuto com contrações. Sem o apoio de uma boa doula, talvez eu sairia dessa experiência com trauma, entretanto, minha experiência foi de auto conhecimento e conexão com a minha filha. O medo se transformou em auto confiança. A Tatiane sempre será lembrada com carinho.



This was my third baby and it was my first time having a doula. I really wish I had known about doula for the first two! Tatiane is kind, gentle and knowledgeable and was such a great supporter and an advocate for me during the labor and delivery. I wanted a natural birth without inducing or epidural as much as possible and she helped me create my birth plan and also get through contractions with different techniques. I got to have a very personal birthing experience and I'm very grateful for Tatiane for that. I'd definitely recommend her!! 



When we first arrived at the US, I was already pregnant and everything in the health system, the prenatal and pos delivery process here was new for us. So, we decided on having a doula, which gave me more confidence on the process and on the delivery. And I couldn’t be more happier with the result.
Tatiane was great, she was always there for us, starting from the day when we decided on having her as a doula until after the delivery when she also gave me reference for a lactation consultant and etc. As a plus, she also suggested books, articles and everything else we could read to get ready for the delivery.
I believe that the whole process wouldn’t be so successful if it wasn’t for her help and support. Besides being such a nice and understandable person, she has a lot of knowledge of how things work here and that was also a plus. I totally recommend her.

Madeline Neumann


Tatiane was such a calming presence during my labor. I truly believe that having her helped me avoid a c section by helping me change positions and relaxing me when my labor had somewhat stalled. Tatiane's energy was so positive. I can't thank her enough!

Araceli Soto


My husband I just had our first baby. We are so grateful that we found Tatiane to be our doula. We made the decision to look for a doula very late in the pregnancy, however, she was able to put us up to speed and was very supportive during the pregnancy, labor, and postpartum times. Given that this was our first pregnancy we had very little knowledge of what to expect both physically and emotionally. Tatiane helped us through the whole process. She was instrumental in helping us reach the goal of having a natural delivery. Her relaxation techniques and support helped both my husband and I get through the labor process. She was also so supportive after we had the baby. Being first time parents can be hard in the beginning. She gave great advice about dealing with calming a new baby and finding a lactation consultant when needed. We cannot say thank you enough to Tatiane for being such a great support through our journey.

Ara & Juan & baby Iker

Deena Z


We hired Tatiane fairly early in our pregnancy. I knew that I wanted to hire a doula to help advocate for me in a hospital birth setting. After meeting with a couple that we didn’t click with, I met with Tatiane and she had the most gentle, calming energy. I knew right then she was right for us. Unfortunately I developed a ICP, a complication that required me to get induced at 37 weeks for the health of baby. Tatiane was very knowledgeable about inductions and prepared me that going through an induction may bring on a labor different than if we went naturally. She knew I wanted a natural birth and was very supportive of that. But after severe back labor and vomiting for 10 hours straight and being awake for 30 hours, I didn’t know what to do. She made me feel comforted in my decision to get the epidural and reassured me that in my situation, the induction changed things, and for me to get the vaginal birth I wanted, this may be the best route. She was right, and the rest of my labor and delivery was magical. During my hard labor she helped with counter pressure to allow my husband a break, but I never felt like she stepped on his toes as my number 1 supporter. She helped me get into more comfortable positions and helped me know things to ask the nurses for/about. Although my pregnancy and delivery didn’t go exactly how I had initially wanted them to go. I realized through this process that I could not control everything that happened, but having the knowledge to advocate for myself was exactly what I needed. Now that it’s over I can look back and say I wouldn’t change a thing! We will def be hiring Tatiane for any future pregnancies!

Naveed and Sunaina


We welcomed our baby girl in September 2018 and successfully had a vaginal birth without an epidural. I definitely could not have done this without Tatiane and her support of my husband and I. From the first meeting, I shared with her the birth we envisioned, and she helped make that my reality even when I started to stray during the childbirth. She was very supportive and an advocate for our family through the entire experience, from the moment we got to the hospital to the moment my daughter was born. There were many times where the nurses and doctors would make suggestions and it was such an advantage to have Tatiane by our side helping guide us with our decisions and making sure the staff was on the same page as us. I can say with absolute certainty that if we didn’t have Tatiane with us, I would not have ended up having the birth that I did. When I started to waiver, she encouraged me to keep going and reminded me that I was capable. Similarly, she helped my husband support me with pain management both mentally and physically. One of my primary concerns with having a doula, was that I wanted to make sure my husband was as much as part of the experience as I was and for him not to become excluded with Tatiane taking primary roles.  She took this concern to heart and made sure to support my husband in supporting me and stepping in when we both needed her. I know without a doubt that I could not have done this without Tatiane and have no intention of having any future children without her by our side! Thank you for all you did for us, Tatiane!

Sean & Sanaz


We knew Tatiane from a previous delivery we had. We were so impressed that we knew we would like to have her back if we got pregnant again. Fast forward +2 years, and we were expecting our second child. Right away we informed Tatiane and kept in touch with her. We discussed what we did and did not want during this labor. She then provided usefull information and tips throughout the pregnancy. Once it was time for labor, she was there and helped both of us (wife and husband). She remembered exactly what we did and did not want, and acted accordingly. Just as during the labor of our first son, she was a godsend and we don't know how we would have done it without her! we couldn't recommend her more!

Carolina Ferreira


It was amazing having Tatiane as a doula! While I was pregnant she helped me with a lot of evidence based information about pregnancy and labor! When I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes she told me about a book that helped me keep my blood sugar low with diet and avoid taking medication.  During labor she was supportive, kind and discreet! She made our experience lighter and more enjoyable! I highly recommend her as a doula!

Angel Yip


We are so glad that we had Tatiane as our doula. I had to get induced but I still wanted to try for a natural birth. I was very nervous and didn’t think I could handle the contractions, but having Tatiane there helped me relax and have the confidence to hang in there. Her sweet and gentle nature, along with her words of encouragement and techniques all helped me get through and I couldn’t have done it without her. I recommend Tatiane to anyone who is looking for a doula, whether you plan to get an epidural or not. :)

Daiane Elert


I found Tatiane references in a Brazilian Moms Facebook group and I couldn’t be more thankful. She is such a sweet and calm person, which helped a lot considering that I developed pre-eclampsia towards the end of my pregnancy and I had 36 hs of induced labor before I could finally hold my baby in my arms. As it was my first pregnancy I knew that I needed to have someone that knew what I would be going through to make me calmer and strong to keep going. Her presence was essential and her knowledge gave me the confidence to insist until the end to try to have my baby without a C-section. On the last 6 hs, which were the harder and I chose to have an epidural, she helped me to keep changing positions and using techniques that kept me active even with all those wires that were connected to me. So, I recommend to all the new mommys, have someone like Tatiane close to you, labor is such a hard process and everything is so new, and professional help is essential!! 

I can’t thank Tatiane enough for being such an angel to me and my baby.

Myya Harris


I am a mother of a total of 4 children. My pregnancies and births 1-3 were only memorable because of my traumatic experiences that I had during childbirth. When I became pregnant with my 4th child I vowed to myself to try something new and that began my search for a Doula. I googled Doula’s in Houston and surrounding areas and many websites/profiles came up but 1 in particular stood out to me. I found Tatiane!! I looked her up on Facebook as well and I sent her a Private Message there. This has to have been the most important Facebook message that I have ever sent in my entire life. She responded promptly and set up a meeting to meet my family and I. We had a great meet and greet and I decided she was the one for me! She checked up on me throughout my pregnancy which I’m glad she did because I ended up going into labor a whole month early. I was afraid that she might not be available since I was going into labor early but she was 100% there for me. She was there from the beginning to the end. This was the most AMAZING birth experience that I have ever had. She made it such a calming experience for me. I will definitely have her back for my next pregnancy and birth. My family keeps asking me over and over how did I find her. I guess it was just meant to be. Tatiane is an AMAZING DOULA!!

Thao Montemayor


I hired Tatiane pretty late in my third trimester to be my doula.  I had a bad birth experience with my first born and wanted a smoother labor and delivery with my 2nd. I'm so glad I hired her because I ended up having low amniotic fluid and was in the hospital for a week before being induced to deliver at 36 weeks. She supported me via text once I found out about my low fluids.  Once I was induced, I called her right away to come in with me because the medication was kicking in and the process was moving along really fast.  She came right away.  My labor was really intense and quick and she gave me the support I needed to deliver my late pre-term baby with no epidural.  It was crazy experience, but a really good one.  She's very soft spoken and very knowledgable.  Also, quick to respond to any concerns you may have regarding yoru pregnancy.  For any moms who like a calm and knowledgable doula, I highly recommend her.  

Natasha Valani


I really don’t know where to start. As a first time mother, I wanted to give a normal birth to my child. I found Tatiane online and contacted her right away. I knew she would be the one that can help me out during my delivery. Everytime I had a question, she would always be a phone call or text away. She listened to everything I had to say and helped me every step of the way to deliver my precious little one with a normal delivery. I can’t wait to have her again as a doula. She is one lady that is very down to earth. Thanks one again for your hardwork, Tariane.

Sarah Lordeiro


I have no words to describe how amazing my experience of labor and delivery was, and Tatiane deserves all the credit for that. As a first time mommy I had no idea how anything was supposed to be. The only thing I was sure of since the beginning was that I wound like to have someone to support my husband and me. Someone knowledgeable that could help, intervene and guide us throughout the whole process of delivering a baby. Tatiane was that person. From the day we met her we felt comfortable and knew she was the right person to be with us at this moment. She is kind, calm, and respectful.  She never pushed us. She guided us and allowed my husband be part of the whole process. She gave us strength to go though the hardest times and never let me give up. I can say for sure that I wouldn’t be able to do everything that a did without her support. She is an amazing doula and I recommend her to every mommy to be. 



Being pregnant is not only the most magical feeling in the world but also one of the scariest. Being a first time mom makes you question yourself about so much and leaves you mindlessly searching the internet for answers at all hours of the day. After deciding I wanted to have a natural, unmedicated birth, I started the internet search for a doula in the Houston area. There's the saying, "money talks" and "you get what you pay for", and I was floored at the different ranges in prices for doulas. Tatiane's price I feel is very fair, and after experienceing this with her, I'm surprised she doesn't charge more. After coming across Tatiane's page on Yelp, I messaged her for more information which led to our first meeting. Upon meeting, I immediatly felt the want to connect with a hug. Not to sound all hippy dippy, but her the mesh of her energy with mine just felt right and I knew I wanted her to be our doula. 

Our second meeting was in our home where she gave us information on natural births and showed me different birthing techniques. For those of you who are readers, she has a great list of mommy to be books. If you need more information that what the internet can give, she has all sorts of good links to articles which provide tons of information. She's always available by text/phone/email for any type of pregnancy related questions for that worrying mind. 

Once in labor, Tatiane met us at the hospital. She brought essential oils and a diffuser to help set a relaxing mode. She didn't take the pain away of a natural birth, but she took away the fear of the unknown. She guides you on how to cope with the pain and embrace it. Without Tatiane, I would have probably falled weak and wanted to use the drugs or get an epidural, but with her guidance and support, I was able to make it to meet our baby girl all natural. We are so happy with her services, and we can't wait to have her back for our second baby!


Flavia Poleselli


Tatiane is very know legible and supportive. She helped me in my VBAC, providing lots of material and information about what to expect during labor. She is easy to contact and reply quickly. She guides you regarding your options and also respect whatever you have decided.

Definitely it was a good decision to have her watching for me during this journey.

Erin McGuff-Pennington


My husband and I were so grateful to have Tatiane by our side as we labored to bring our daughter into this world. Tatiane is kind, knowledgeable, understanding, and incredibly supportive. My labor was long and arduous, and on Christmas Eve no less, but Tatiane was committed to helping me work through the many physical and emotional challenges I faced. She remained positive and hopeful when I doubted, and her serene wisdom throughout my pregnancy and L&D encouraged me to trust in myself and in the special connection I shared with my baby. One of my favorite things about Tatiane is how she balances the scientific with the spiritual: she trusts in the powers of female intuition but also values and stays up-to-date with research-based birth information. We couldn’t have asked for a better doula.

Lidiana Dutra Beg


After 3 years trying to conceive our daughter, we decided to have a doula to assist us in our pregnancy, journey to parenthood and delivery of our rainbow baby girl. Our main goal in labor and delivery was a healthy and happy baby delivered as natural as possible without interventions, including anesthesia. Tatiane was referred by a close friend and during our first meeting we hit off immediately. During our 6 and half hours of labor with our baby girl Tati played an extremely important roll. She was very supportive, used her tools to make labor easier as possible. Her calm, soothing, and put together demeanor helped me focus in each contraction and relax during the short breaks in between them. Towards the end of labor Tati played an incredible roll when anesthesia was offered and before being administered, she asked for the nurse to check labor progress, and since dilation was almost complete, anesthesia was not necessary at that point. We are forever thankful for Tatiane dedication, patience, care and love during our pregnancy and most importantly our labor and delivery. Having her support helped us achieve our natural and intervention free delivery of our rainbow baby girl!

Traci Jones


From the beginning I noticed that Tatiane had a calm and peaceful presence about her and I felt very comfortable about choosing her as my doula. As new parents my husband and I were not quite sure what to expect and how to make the labor process more manageable. Tatiane continually checked in on me during my pregnancy and around the time of my due date and provided helpful information and emotional support. When I went into labor her advice and attentiveness was priceless. Her calming presence helped my husband and me get through the four hours of pushing that exhausted us and our new baby boy. I really appreciated how she was attentive to my needs and helped make me as comfortable as possible and showed my husband how he could help support me. Even more so, she remained in contact after and gave me great encouragement during the first weeks with my new baby that helped me get through this emotional time. I will forever be grateful.
Thank you so much, Tatiane!!

John Ting


We strongly recommend hiring Tatiane as your doula. She has the experience, compassion, patience for birthing mothers and fathers. She was able to keep my wife calm and assured during labor, a huge intangible that any expected parents need at the hospital. Many weeks prior to labor, she listened to our concerns and asked us to write up a birthing plan. I was surprised that she asked me to write my own because the focus is normally on the mother. Ultimately, our plans are the same, but the point is she wanted to me to share my own concerns as well. She also asked us to contact her as soon as we believed that we needed her at the house. Her flexibility was unexpected yet appreciated. She also held my wife's hand during the birthing process. The little things are very helpful. She was also there to be a voice for us in case the doctor was going to push for the epidural. Thankfully, our doctor and nurses respected it. Oh, she also takes photos for you. Thank you, Tatiane!

Nika Muckelroy


As first time parents, my husband and I decided early on in our pregnancy that we wanted the support of a doula. Our search led us to Tatiane, and after our first interview with her, we knew she would be perfect for us. She is extremely knowledgeable and supportive. Throughout the pregnancy, she acted as resource for information on the labor and delivery process, and made herself available to answer any and all questions we had leading up to the birth. During labor, she came to our home to help coach us through contractions and help decide when to go to the hospital. While we were in the hospital, Tatiane provided a calm and watchful presence, keeping an eye on all three of us while my husband and I got some much needed rest before the birth. There was a point where Tatiane noticed our baby’s heart rate drop during a contraction, and she advised we bring the doctor back in so I could push. She provided strong support for this decision when there were questions from the hospital staff, allowing us to bring our little one into the world as safely as possible. I am so grateful to Tatiane for her presence at the birth of our daughter, and would absolutely recommend her to others looking for additional support during their pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

Sarah Wood


Tatiane was an incredible help before, during, and after the birth of our first child. She provided us with evidence based information on all our birthing inquiries and helped us come up with a birth plan. During the birth of our son she was there the whole time offering support and advocating for us with the hospital staff. She also stayed a few hours following the birth of our son to make sure we were settling in okay and came by once we got home to check in on us and answer any questions we might have had. She also took pictures and videos so that my husband and I could be in the moment but still have those treasured memories to look back on. We would highly suggest using Tatiane to any potential parents, especially first time parents.

Michelle Houston


After the joy of finding out I was pregnant I went from being excited to being overly anxious. I had a lot of fear and anxiety about child birth. So I began searching for a doula. Came across several names online then narrowed it down to Tatiane due to her awesome reviews. We were a match after our 1st interview. She has this calm, measured and soothing quality that was perfect for our birth experience. Pregnancy made me really vulnerable and I needed a support person that made me feel safe, secure and Tatiane came through for us. She helped us with ideas of a birth plan, provided us with endless RESOURCES regarding pregnancy, exercises and various comfort measures. By the 37th week we felt ready and equipped for the next phase. Since this was my 1st pregnancy I was sure I would go past my due date. Surprisingly my water broke at 38th week. As I eased slowly into labor Tatiane came by and guided us through comfort and soothing measures. Part of my birth plan was to labor and deliver naturally without epidural or any pain medication. I was very glad to have her and my husband as my support team as i went into active labor. When the process seemed hard and impossible she was there with reassurance, encouragement and comfort measures. Finally my baby was born naturally and without epidural which was my ultimate goal.  I don't think I could have done it without the guidance and support of my doula Tatiane. My husband and I are greatful and highly recommend her! I plan to have baby #2 and we will be hiring again! :)

George Mifsud


My wife and I were having our first baby and naturally aprehensive.
We looked on line and found Tatiane, read her reviews, and later interviewed her.
After several interviews with other dulas, we found her to be a great match.
She was knowledgable, calm, measured and informative, with lots and lots of resources regarding pregnancy preparation, pre and post.
Once my wife went into labor, she was right there, encourageing, calming, and suggesting comfort measures.
Though I was there, it was highly beneficial having her added skills. She gave the kind of support that I was less capable of giving.
After the birth, she stayed until baby latched and mama was comfortable.

Vanessa T. W.


First time parents. We selected Tatiane as our doula in our 32nd week. We had just moved back to the area and didn't even have a confirmed OBGYN yet. She helped us find a wonderful doctor that was supportive of our birth plan, and walked us through making a birth plan as well. Informing us of our options. In the end, I ended up with an induction at nearly 41 weeks, which I had feared, but she was very positive going into the experience and was an integral support person during my 17 hour labor. Tatiana was by my side the entire time! Helping my husband with massage ideas, positioning and sending positive vibes. The experience wouldn't have been the same without her!

Denisse Vergara Miller


Tatiane was great. I’m a first time mother and Tatiane was an invaluable member of the team. She helped us navigate all the questions we had, recommended fantastic resources, and of course was there for my every needs before, during, and after labor. Tatiana was an integral part in the birthing experience of our son Jules and without her help we would not have been as prepared as we were to welcome him into our lives. My husband and I would highly recommend Tatiana for any future mom to be. She’s a great listener, a wealth of knowledge, and has a very calming way about her that makes you feel comfortable in accomplishing the pregnancy/birth experience you want. We couldn’t be more happy with Tatiana’s services. Thank you so much!!!

Delia J Medina


Tatiane was my doula for my 3rd birth. Being that I moved here from out of state and knew very little about Texas Dr's and Hospitals and Tatiane was able to ease my anxiety and fears. I highly recommend her. She is super sweet, kind hearted, very knowledgeable and a great listener. Not only was Tatiane a great coach during my birth, but she also worked very well with my husband and best part of it all she took AMAZING pictures( not sure when..since she was super involved..LOL). You will not be disappointed.

Mariana Macedo


Tatiane was our Doula for our fist baby and she was so important throughout the whole process of end of pregnancy and labor that this time with the second baby we did not even think twice as to have her with us again. She gave us a lot of information and support and we cannot thank her enough. We highly recommend her work.

Jan Kaufman Lockhart


Tatiane was so amazing!!!! When my daughter was giving birth to our grand daughter she was the most supportive, most positive influence you could ask for during the birth experience. She was supportive without being overbearing and willingly stepped aside when I needed a quiet moment with my daughter. She was a miracle!!!!!

Khola Khan


I'm a first time mom, and like any parent-to-be, I wanted the birth of my child to be as normal as possible. Although I’m a physician, I wanted someone with experience to be there for me during labor so that I could be guided. This led me and my husband to choose Tatiane as my doula. My first impression upon meeting Tatiane was that she was a sweet person and had a calming demeanor. Tatiane was in the loop for the entire duration of my pregnancy. When labor progressed, Tatiane was there every step of the way. Even though my birth did not go as planned, Tatiane supported every one of my decisions. Having a strong support team, including a doula, helped ease my anxiety and fear of the unexpected during labor. Tatiane worked together with the nurses and the OBGYN to make the birth of my child as relaxing and worry free as possible. My husband and I are really thankful that Tatiane was able to be my doula for the birth of our child.

Sonia Maredia


If you are looking for someone who can guide and support you through your labor and delivery, Tatiane is your person! My husband and I just welcomed our first baby in May and we could not have had such a beautiful and memorable, successful birth without the presence of Tatiane. She not only made my natural hospital birth as comfortable as possible for me, her presence also helped make the experience all the more special for my husband too. She was able to guide both of us from the beginning all the way through afterbirth. I cannot imagine doing it without her help and guidance! I will definitely use Tatiane whenever I am ready for baby #2 and would recommend her to anyone considering hiring a doula!

Faisal S


My wife and I had a great experience with Tatiane. She was quick in responding to all of our texts and emails. When the day came she was quick in advising us on what the next steps were.

When she arrived to the hospital she was quick to get to work and put her experience and knowledge to work. She had all items necessary when she arrived and eased as much pressure from my wife as she possibly could.

Thanks again for everything!

Allison Bailey Tanton


It was a great experience having Tatiane as our doula. As first time parents we felt unprepared to handle everything ourselves.  She made the preparation and labor experience much better than we could have had without her. She helped us consider things we would not have thought about during the pregnancy and made the entire birth experience better by being there when our little girl was born. Thank you so much!

Renata Martins


A primeira vez que eu ouvi falar sobre doula foi no nascimento do seu primeiro filho e desde entao um novo mundo sobre partos se abriu para mim !

Se hoje eu tenho dois filhos de parto normal eu devo muito a você, obrigada por dividir os seus conhecimentos e me apoiar sempre que necessario.

Ter o Renan em casa (na sua casa ) foi sem duvida uma experiencia maravilhosa em nossa vida, voce nos passou conhecimento, segurança e principalmente amor!

Obrigada por nos ajudar a realizar um sonho !

Rahila Noorani


I am so glad we got Tatiane Siqueira to be our doula for my first pregnancy experience.  She was truly amazing and played a crucial role in the birth of my son. Every step of the way before my labor she was so helpful and provided advice, tips and action items. She was always proactive and reached out to me before I even needed to ask.  She was amazing during my labor and provided so much support and guidance. It's so important to have a doula as they are one constant person throughout the labor process who is familiar with it and can guide you through labor.  I would definitely recommend her to others.

Gizelle Chavez


I'm a first-time mom and I can't stress enough how invaluable having a doula is during pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. I can't say enough kind words about how much Tatiane meant to me and my husband by having her there through it all.

My labor and birth was nothing like what I expected (even after all the classes and books) and a lot of it seemed to catch me off guard----especially the pains and discomfort I felt from early labor to even now at two weeks postpartum. Her experience, very calm demeanor and unwavering support has been a lifesaver to me. I still distinctly remember her calm voice and words of positive affirmations to get me through the complications I had. I also remember focusing on her face so intensely as I was pushing that it brings me to tears thinking about it. It's difficult for me to describe the experience. It was if her face was an angel staring right at me, giving me strength. She instinctively knew I needed someone to focus on directly in front of me to help me through.

Aside from that, she also supported my husband and helped guide him in providing me with what I needed----a hand to hold, his bodily support, his voice. Her presence before we headed to the birth center was also exactly what we needed. Going into labor as a first time mom was scary when contractions became much more intense and closer together. With her meeting us at home, she was able to use techniques in attempt to ease my discomfort, keep in communication with my midwife and also assist in transferring me to the birth center. I don't think my husband and I could've done it all on our own. Suffice to say, I highly recommend Tatiane as your doula!

Abby Parish


Hiring Tatiane to be my doula was the best decision I made during my pregnancy! She was there for me throughout my pregnancy with support and suggestions. I wouldn't have know about the benefits of going to the chiropractor during pregnancy without her, and it was a life saver! I never would have had the birth I wanted without her. She was there for me and my husband from the very beginning for labor. She gave me suggestions on different positions to try and gave my husband tips of massages to ease my pain. Without her support I would have given up and asked for the epidural. But she was there with kind words of encouragement to keep me going. Tatiane was an absolute lifesaver!! I loved that she was not only there for me but she was also there for my husband. I am so happy that I had her by my side for this very special journey.

Emily Matuzek


My husband is a physician, I'm a skeptic with some yoga training, and we're both very anxious. So when we were looking for a doula, we needed someone who could ground our conversations in facts and research, engage the faith in my body that was lost in my abandoned yoga practice, and offer lots of emotional support. It's a tall order, but Tatiane was the perfect person and helped us immensely as we navigated the late stages of pregnancy and labor. Tatiane is an Evidence Based Birth Instructor with a calming presence and a keen ability to read a room. She listened to our concerns and provided us with exercises to identify our priorities, anticipate and research the decision we would need to make, and help us advocate effectively with the medical staff. Our meetings with her helped my husband and I to get on the same page about what was important to us so that we were a better team during the birthing process. Once I was in labor, she helped me to slow down my contractions and labor at home as long as possible. When we got to the hospital, Tatiane created space for me to consider and discuss my options with my husband and the staff. My husband wasn't keen to work with a doula and I couldn't express exactly why I wanted a doula as part of our birth team - I still don't have the perfect words to express Tatiane's great contribution to our pregnancy and labor. My husband and I do agree, though, that our experience and even our outcomes would likely have suffered if we had not had Tatiane by our side.

Maria Loffredo


We recently had Tati as our Doula for the birth of our baby boy. First of all, we highly recommend the services of a Doula for Natural Birth, very fundamental once there should be lots of preparation for it. Second, Tati was extremely helpful. But I will have to tell the whole history. This was by second pregnacy AND an attempt for VBAC. So why in first place I wanted to have a Natural Birth this time and not in the first pregnancy? And here's a simple answer: I didnt's have all the support of a Doula back then, and a perfect scenario for a beautiful natural birth ended up in a C-Section. So this time I wanted to make things different. But we contacted Tatiane a little bit too late. And no matter what, she was always available for every question and even for the possible event of another C-Section. Thankfully, our baby boy wanted to pop out at 39 weeks and what that dream was coming true. At the middle of the night I was calling Tatiane wich gave us all the support and stayed with me during the whole labor. I couldn't do it without her. Also, I would like to mention the professialism with the medical team. She never stood before me, always asking me first what was better for me and speaking very gently with the medical team. I felt very safe. And that Vbac happened and I thank her very much for all the support.

Fabiola Bezerra


Como agradecer a esse anjo de luz chamado Tatiane? Jamais terei palavras que possam mensurar o tamanho de minha gratidão! A Tati é desse tipo de anjo que te passa uma paz só de você olhar pra ela. Ela me acompanhou durante minha gravidez e me Deus muitas dicas sobre como eu deveria proceder no dia do parto. E chegado o dia, ela estava lá comigo, me estendendo sua mão e fazendo acreditar que meu sonho de ter um parto normal e sem anestesia seria possível! Ela tinha razão e eu com sua ajuda consegui fazê-lo! Tive meu filho Daniel exatamente do jeito que sonhei com a ajuda desta Doula maravilhosa chamada Tatiane Siqueira. Muito obrigada por tudo Tati!

Eliot Walston


Tatiane was a lifesaver! My wife did nothing but rave about her to everyone that visited. She made Mishele comfortable, helped whenever asked and had all the information we needed from a current mothers perspective and experienced doula. I will recommend her to everyone I meet. If we ever have another child she will be the first one we call. She is the best And consider her part of the family.

Eliot Walston


Tatiane was a lifesaver! My wife did nothing but rave about her to everyone that visited. She made Mishele comfortable, helped whenever asked and had all the information we needed from a current mothers perspective and experienced doula. I will recommend her to everyone I meet. If we ever have another child she will be the first one we call. She is the best And consider her part of the family.

Mary Kyaw


Tatiane was an invaluable person in my labor and delivery. I looked for a doula because I desired a positive natural birth experience and I was apprehensive about it as a first time mom-to-be. Looking back, I feel as though she made the biggest difference and helped make it possible. Her warm and calm personality as well as tremendous professionalism really shone through in my memories of the experience.  She was a reassuring presence and with her techniques (counter pressure, support to try and get into different positions, essential oils, encouragement) she eased my discomfort so much.  I had an elective induction by doctor's recommendation and she was knowledgeable about that.  She also provided helpful information for various questions I had about labor, breasfeeding and infant care, during and after my pregnancy. I highly recommend her to any woman who is looking for more support, and to help ensure a positive birth experience.

Karishma Mandan Ali


After having a somewhat interesting experience with my first pregnancy I was almost sure I did not want to hire another doula this time around. I had an 18-month-old son at the time of delivery (now 21 months) and I am a student working on my Masters. I didn’t want to ask my husband for the money to pay for a doula and figured I would be OK since my first pregnancy was not too long ago. BOY was I WRONG! This is where I tell you, every pregnancy can be different and it never goes the way you want it. Although both of my babies came earlier then expected, I was able to deliver both of my babies vaginally (Thank God) and without an epidural. This is something I got through with the help of my doula, Tatiane (and some from my hubby too). Not only was she there for me throughout the pregnancy, but even before the pregnancy she was very supportive, a good listener, and a smart advisor. I am thankful for second-guessing myself and hiring her for my second pregnancy because she is exactly what I needed in the delivery room at 5 AM in the morning. When there were uncomfortable decisions my husband and I needed to make, she was there to console me and without words she was able to make us feel like these were the right decisions for my body. I would definitely recommend choosing Tatiane as your doula! Don’t let her quiet voice fool you because she is a sweetheart and amazing at what she does. My sweet baby girl Zyla, sends this doula lots of blessings and love for helping her mommy and daddy through this experience.

Amanda Janner


Tatiane was my doula for the birth of my third child. She has a kind heart, a warm presence and a calming demeanor. She was there for me not only for labor and delivery, but also for the weeks before and after the birth. She is very knowledgeable and, as a mother of three, has great experience to share. I am very thankful to have had her as my doula for an all natural childbirth, and I am so grateful to have had her guidance and support.

Katie Walworth


I am so happy that I chose to hire a doula and that I found Tatiane. I had a lot of anxiety about delivering my first baby and she helped me prepare by recommending helpful reading material and checking in to see how I was doing. My anxiety was heightened because my husband was deployed at the time and there was a risk that he would not be able to attend the delivery of our first baby. Luckily, he made it home in time to attend. We are both so grateful to Tatiane for all of her hard work at the hospital to help be an advocate navigating unfamiliar experiences for us. Even though I have less anxiety and fear about having another baby, I will hire her again and I would recommend her services to family and friends. Her interactions with clients and hospital staff are very professional and she is perceptive to her client’s needs.

Eloisa Blum


I met Tatiane very close to my due date. I had a planned induction because my body and/or my baby were not giving sings to start labor naturally. I was extremely nervous with this medical procedure on top of becoming a new mom in a foreign country, but Tatiane’s sweetness, peaceful advice, and accurate information made me feel more comfortable with the whole situation since our very first meeting. I knew I could count on her because she always replied my messages with the best advice and wisdom words, and the day I was in the hospital for forgiving birth, she showed up to support me and my husband with all her knowledge and explanations, as well as serving as an intermediary between us and the doctor. She also provided several comforting tools that made my experience a very positive one, and her help continued even after we left the hospital! I would definitely recommend her as the best doula in Houston and Sugar Land

Rachel T


I loved having Tatiane with us during my fast and furious birth. We hadn't met before hand because we decided last minute to hire a doula, but as soon as she walked into l&d(only a few minutes after we arrived) she jumped right in to help. It felt like she knew exactly what I needed without me having to say anything- counter pressure, essential oils, a shoulder to lean on. After birth she was equally as helpful with information pertaining to my choices and how to make them happen in the easiest ways possible. If we decided to have another baby, I would definitely love it if Tatiane was there to support our family again.

K Juarez


Tatiane is the most gentle, kind, and strong soul. I don’t think I could have handled a 14 hr labor without her. She was not only there for me, and my baby, but also there for my husband. She guided him during the process & showed him how he could make me more comfortable, which in turn made contractions tolerable. Even when I felt like I couldn't go on and wanted to give up, she was extremely calm, supportive, and encouraging.
Throughout my pregnancy she was available for me with any questions I had. Including a couple of times where it was even a holiday! She always responded promptly through phone call or text, and never made me feel like just another client.
I’m so thankful of her. She was one of the best decisions we made for my pregnancy.

2 final things that made having her as my Doula priceless:
1) She also took pictures and videos of the whole thing! I never noticed!!! Not once did I feel uncomfortable or like she was in the way. Watching my baby be born was so special and I am happy I will have that memory to look back on.
2) I had my baby on Christmas Eve! She was with me the whole labor. She never rushed us or made us feel guilty.

I absolutely would recommend her & will tell anyone having a baby to consider getting a Doula.

Luciana Freze


A presença da doula foi fundamental para a minha terceira tentativa de parto natural. Passei 3 anos me preparando juntamente com um outra queridissima doula. Porém, por força do destino, Deus nos enviou para os Estados Unidos para que a nossa terceira filha pudesse nascer. Encontramos a Tatiane que nos acolheu rapida e prontamente no final de nossa gestação. Com carinho ela esteve ao nosso lado no dia que a nossa pequena filha resolveu nascer. A nossa doula estava lá de pé ás 4 da manhã. Nós encontramos no hospital e juntas ficamos esperando a chegada da Larissa. Contudo, quando entrei na reta final, pedi suplicamente para mudar de possição e sentar. Sentia que se pudesse sair daquela cama, daquela possição poderiamos ter conseguido.  Todavia, o médico decidiu que não. Falou com voz alta que não poderia e teriamos que fazer uma cesaria pois estava demorando muito. Eu achava que não, que dava para esperar. Fui para o centro cirurgico contrariada e gritando de dor. E mais uma vez ele falou com voz forte para que eu parasse de gritar que não havia mais nada o que fazer. Suas palavras ditas alta e feroz me fez sentir que nada disso seria normal, que eu estava fazendo alguma coisa fora da normalidade. O médico que desistiu! Apesar das intensas dores eu achei que passou muito rápido. Neste momento de total frustração a Tatiane esteve ao meu lado para que juntas pudessemos superar esta situação de  angustia e tristeza, mas ao mesmo tempo de alegria por ter em meus braços mais uma linda menina. Quando tudo terminou ja em casa, refletindo tudo o que passamos chego a conclusão que dar a luz é maravilhoso e se Deus quiser tentarei novamente ter um parto natural. Claro, juntamente com a doula.

Christiana Siqueira


Interesting how people come into our lives and make a huge difference without us noticing it. That is Tatiane Siqueira for our family. After having a Doula for our first pregnancy whom we love and admire, we were so sure that we had to have a Doula for our second pregnancy. On our 1st meeting I notice her calmness and just someone willing to listen and understand our past experience and help me/us with this new pregnancy. Tatiane is someone who was available to me everytime I needed her. Whether it was txt, email or phone. She helped me feel comfortable with the ideia of not sharing with anyone that we were having a homebirth from the start. Which wAs our family decision. When it came to labor and delivery, She rocked it. She didnt leave me alone, even when I told her I wanted to be alone. She was right there, giving me space , but right there, helping me, talking to me, massages, oils, and really helping me cope with each and every contraction. She knew when to be full on Doula mode and when to back off. We are forever grateful for her! Forever in our hearts! We love her!

Cheryl Tay


My husband and I were looking for a doula for the birth of our first child in Houston since we are away from home and lacking emotional and physical support. We spoke to a couple of doulas but eventually decided on Tatiane because she is well- informed and knowledgeable about natural birth. She is also extremely patient and supportive.

My daughter arrived early and though she was on call with another mother for 48hours before that, she still came to my labour and supported me through the last moments of delivery. Her professionalism really impressed me.

She was supportive and reassuring throughout and it was really comforting for my husband and I.

We are really thankful for Tatiane and would definitely recommend anyone looking for a doula!

Shayla Pattillo


We hired Tatiane as our doula because of her calm, patient demeanor. When we interviewed her, she listened carefully to our concerns and needs. We wanted our baby to be born with as few medical interventions as possible with the ultimate purpose and goal being a vaginal delivery.

I had the best labor and delivery imaginable, and it would not have been possible without Tatiane. From the first contraction, Tatiane was texting us and ready to join us as soon as it was necessary. Tatiane came to our home at around 4:30 a.m., and assisted me in our home through each contraction. We left for the hospital around 6 a.m. She followed us there and continued her care as we made our way to the labor and delivery room. Each time I had to stop walking for a contraction she would pause with me and support me through it.

Throughout the remainder of my labor (even after having an epidural), Tatiane offered suggestions for changing positions, provided massage, and gave encouraging words. She allowed both my husband and my mom to help me as well. I am certain that this part of the process would not have been bearable if it weren't for Tatiane.

At 5:43, I delivered a healthy baby girl. The entire experience was magical. It brought me and my husband closer together. It was calm and peaceful. And ultimately I was able to achieve my goal of delivering a heathy baby vaginally.
After the delivery, Tatiane stayed to help with breastfeeding. She also sent us a beautiful slideshow of photos that she had taken throughout the day of the birth.

I am thrilled that we had Tatiane to support us on our journey. She is an incredible doula and a person who will always be in our hearts

Tina Bose Kumar


Tatiane was absolutely amazing as our Doula. We found her very last minute(9month) and she worked with us through the whole labor process as if she had known us for a long time. I ended up having close to 30 hours of labor at the birth center, then got transferred to hospital and finally had to have a csection due to complications. Tatiane stayed with us for 2days straight giving my husband a lot of support and helping both of us when things got hard. We will never forget all she has done and we have a healthy boy 10 days old now.

Tori Blair


Tatiane was our back up doula for our birth. However, she quickly became our most trusted advisor and support person. My birth was very long and ended in a c section which was emotionally draining as we had a natural birth planned. I could not imagine going through the birth experience without the support of Tatiane. It was also great to have her visit after the baby was born.

Mariana Macedo


I am a physician from Brazil and living in Houston for a research sabbatical period with no family nearby and only very few good friends. When I first found out I was pregnant the first concern was how to handle all the emotional and physical changes from pregnancy and delivery by myself and not in my maternal language. I never really thought about how I wanted my labor process before, but as soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted it vaginal and as natural as possible in a hospital environment. That’s when I met Tatiane. Tatiane helped me a lot both prenatally and in the delivery. In my Labor process Tatiane was one of the fundamental pieces for me having such a successful vaginal delivery with all the calm and love my baby needed for her first day of life in the outside world. She showed a lot of professionalism and helped us in such a way that is not even possible to describe in here. Our family will be forever grateful for her to put so much effort in order to do her job as a Doula in such a great way.

Sean Billingy


At first my wife and I didn't understand the need for having a doula during labor as we would have our parents available to help. At one point our midwife let us know about Tatiane and told us to really reconsider our decision. We decided to meet up with Tatiane the day that pre-labor started. From the first moment we noticed her really relaxed and knowledgable vibe. She first asked what our needs and requests were before talking about what she could do for us. After this introduction she left and told to call back when labor pains were not fun anymore.

At that point we called her (at 11 PM) and she was at our house within 25 minutes. She did not waste any time and did the most wonderfull job of helping my wife get through her contractions. She stayed with us throughout the whole birth that lasted another 13 hours after she arrived. My wife and I took a birth bootcamp class learning methods to get through contractions, but nothing we learned seemed to help. Tatiane had a whole extra bag of tricks up her sleeve. My wife was amazed by the relief she was able to provide. She also helped out with other things as well, like taking pictures, making sure I (the husband) also ate and kep hydrated or let me know when I could get some rest.

I don't know how we could have done it without her. She was a true blessing sent to us for a reason. If we ever decide to have a second baby, we will definitely contact her again!

rebecca white


Tatiane recently attended my birth as my doula and let me say she was such a blessing for me. When first we met I knew right away she was a warm, caring person and would serve me well. She kept in touch very consistently throughout my pregnancy, checking on me and offering advice all the time. She came for a home visit all the way out where I love which is kind of far for her. When I finally started showing signs of labor she was there for me on the phone for days of prodromal labor and came right to me when I thought I was active. She stayed with me the whole night, trying different positions and things to get me going even though my labor fell off again and she slept in a little chair. Bless her heart! She left the next day but stayed close and came right back to me when real active labor actually hit. And from there she was my rock. She was gentle and calm and her touch was welcoming. I drew so much strength and comfort from her presence. She was knowledgeable, composed and advocated for me several times knowing my wishes. She was also there for my husband, meeting any needs he had or just offering comfort or instruction. The birth of my beautiful baby girl happened to be a vaginal birth after two c-sections (VBA2C) at home in the water and I can say Tatiane was a huge part of it being successful and peaceful. I would DEFINITELY recommend Tatiane as a doula for any woman. She was amazing and you will feel greatly taken care of.

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