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Ione, CA Service range 50 miles Fees depend on length of travel



Birth Fee

$800 to $1000

Birth Fee

$800 to $1000

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula
  • Stillbirthday - Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula

Birth Doula Experience

5 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International, September 2015
  • Stillbirthday, December 2017

Type of practice: Solo practice

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • Miscarriage support
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Active member of El Dorado County Birth Professionals and Doula Mentor at Marshall Hospital's Labor Support Program.

Fee Details

My passion for birth is something I’ve had from a very young age. My own journey with motherhood has only deepened this love. Throughout the births of my own children I have discovered the sacredness of the labor and birth experience. I also understand the ache of pregnancy loss, as I've lost two babies, and how that can affect your experience through a new pregnancy and anxieties leading up to birth. I believe in the empowerment that comes from a woman taking charge of her labor that reveals a deeper strength within her that she never knew was there. I believe that a strong support system offered to mothers can help them have a beautiful experience that they will relive the rest of their lives. My services include: • A free consultation • 2 prenatal visits • I provide continuous support throughout labor. • 1 postpartum visit

Ione, CA Service range 50 miles Fees depend on length of travel

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I gave birth to my first born in April 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic. I hired Emily when I first found out I was pregnant. We met 3 times during my pregnancy; an initial meet & greet, and two educational sessions, in addition to many text exchanges! During each meeting, Emily was so kind, approachable, knowledgable and reassuring. She made my husband and I feel empowered, educated and less scared for the journey of labor & delivery that lied ahead.  One of our fears in hiring a Doula was that it would take away from my husbands role and experience, however we quickly realized that Emily was not there to replace him, but to help guide him to make our experience even better. As my due date approached, hospital policies were rapidly changing due to the coronavirus, and Emily was with me every step of the way. She updated me and helped me to understand what the latest policies were, and also helped calm my fears of navigating birth during an unprecedented and scary time. When my son was born, the hospital was only allowing one support person, and so Emily was unable to attend the birth, as my husband came with me. I was devastated to not have Emily with me as my vision of how the labor and delivery would play out was taken away, however she was very reassuring and helped me to grieve the situation and mentally prepare to conquer it on our own. She was available by phone the entire time if needed, and was also available for us once we got home with any questions we had. Although my experience was unique due to the coronavirus, I still had a great experience with Emily, and I do not think we would have been as prepared and confident to navigate the birth on our own if we did not have her support leading up to the big day. I would highly recommend Emily to anyone looking for a Doula!

Clark Sikora


5 Gold Stars!  Emily is a SAINT and I don't use that term lightly (or ever).  Emily stuck by our side for 5 grueling days and nights in the hospital leading up to the birth.  Emily was great in working with us and going at our pace.  The baby just did not want to come out after 5 days of trying different induction techniques.  Emily provided a calming presence and voice-of-reason while not being intrusive or trying to rush the process.  She was there to assist us with anything we needed.  She joined us on many long walks around the hospital, countless trips to the ice machine, did hands-on counter pressure and pain-relief techniques.  She provided a special inflatable birthing chair (cub chair) that we was used for a variety of different laboring positions.  All along she provided both physical and emotional support.  She was great at answering all of our questions and helping us navigate the labor process with all the different doctors and nurses.  In the end we needed to have a C-Section.  It was so comforting to have Emily in the operating room to photograph the experience but also keep us calm and explain what was going on.  Emily stayed with mom after dad and baby left the room and we’re so grateful she did.  Mom experienced excess bleeding during the procedure and she could hear the panic in the doctor’s voices.  Emily kept mom calm and held her hand the entire time (without this mom would have been really been freaking-out). Emily's pre & post birth at-home visits were very helpful and informative.  She explains things clearly and allowed us to ask questions.  It was really nice having her talk us through the process.  She is a wealth of knowledge and has many resources to assist us with a variety of birth related topics.  She is also a great photographer.  Love the pics!
I would strongly recommend Emily.  She is a rock star.



Emily was such a blessing. This was my third birth experience and my husband's first. My first two were medicated births. After much discussion and research, we decided that we wanted to do a natural birth with a doula. We found Emily and immediately felt comfort with her. She was knowledgeable and kind.  During the birth, she had a calming and reassuring presence that made the experience so magical.  I felt fantastic after giving birth to our daughter and hope to work with her again at the birth of our next child. 


Leigh Patterson


We really enjoyed getting to know Emily. She was kind, insightful, professional and supportive. Emily is very knowledgeable about labor, the birthing process and babies. Her calm and supportive demeanor was reassuring and gave us a lot of confidence going into the birthing process. This was our third baby, and the previous two were born by emergency cesarean and a cesarean after tolac. Our third was born via successful vbac. Emily helped us make the birthing process, which for us was surrounded with anxiety due to past experiences, and remind us that a healthy baby was what the ultimate goal is, but also that I was capable of having a vbac. Having her support and confidence made such a difference in how we approached things this time. Also, being informed of the process was so helpful and gave us confidence and peace going in. I wish I'd been able to have Emily there the first two times as her support before, during and after was invaluable. We are so thankful for her!

Danika Wheeler


We had meet with other doulas before but just didn’t feel quite right about or connect with anyone until we met Emily. We knew we wanted a doula that was a believer and that’s about it.  Emily is just lovely! She was so helpful leading up to labor. She went through the entire labor process, what it would look/feel like, and what her role would be. She has many tools in her belt and discussed all of them with us. She was so great at working out a birthplace with us. She even came to our birth center appointment with me. Emily was a huge help during labor. As a first time mom, I had no idea what to really expect and she was phenomenal at talking me though contractions and especially though transition. She worked alongside our midwives flawlessly. And as just a wonderful bonus on top of being a fabulous doula - she took pictures of our birth! They were incredible and she so perfectly and naturally captured the work and arrival of our sweet girl. We hardly were aware she was even taking pictures and they are absolute treasures to me. I am so glad we had Emily to walk along side of us and support us though our first baby! It was such a great support to know that Emily who is very experienced, both professionally and personally (4 of her own!), was praying for me and bringing the Lord into our birth. It was the greatest day of my life and Emily truly helped make it happen all according to plan. 

Anthony Edmonds


I Get It Now..

Throughout the pregnancy I found Emily to be the perfect fit for the care and support for both my wife and I.  At first, I truly never understood the value of having a doula during labor and delivery.  Admittedly, it was what my wife wanted, it made her feel at ease, so she was going to have it.  From the very beginning I could see the vast knowledge and experience Emily had during our meetings. Additionally, she brought a sense of calm not only for my wife but me as well as we neared baby time. When it came time for labor, before I knew it Emily was at our house.  She immediately helped work through labor, by using different techniques to aid in furthering things along. In addition, she worked with my wife in using various stretching techniques and provided some relaxing massage. Once at the hospital, Emily was instrumental in helping to provide guidance and work through the intense and consistent labor contractions my wife was experiencing. She never left the room, provided encouragement and I found myself relying on her throughout this experience.  That became more so as we neared delivery.  We found ourselves dealing with complications that became dire once our daughter was born.  She was unresponsive and required immediate medical care. 

Imagine standing in the middle of the room, between your wife who just delivered and your newborn unresponsive daughter.  Who do you go to? Emily assured me she would care for my wife and to be there for my daughter as she was being transported to the intensive care unit. She continued to stay with my wife, providing the necessary emotional support while our daughter was being treated.

She is everything you would ever hope for in doula: Supportive, Friendly, Knowledgeable, Compassionate.. She just gets it. Trust me, you will be grateful you were fortunate enough to add Emily to your labor and delivery experience.



Where to begin, well, it was my husband’s idea to get a doula. Great, right?! He knew that neither of us had any idea what we would be getting into with our first child. We had never been in a delivery room, nor had anyone share their delivery story with us so we were at a loss from the beginning. When we met Emily, we knew that she would be great for us. She was knowledgeable and her values seemed to be on par with ours. She listened to how we wanted things to go, understood completely and never tried to sway our vision. She had delivered many babies at the hospital we were going to deliver so she was very familiar with the staff, which was comforting. When contractions started, she was with me every second of the day, listening and talking me through it all. Once it was time to go to the hospital, she met us there and she stayed with us the whole time, and even an hour or so after delivery. She really helped keep me and my husband calm and it was nice to have a familiar, helpful hand in the delivery room. She knew what we wanted and was great in letting the staff know what we wanted when my husband was busy with me. Emily stayed close, but was not overbearing. When we needed help, she was there, but she was mostly the “voice in our heads.” There was a point in the delivery that I did not understand what was happening, I looked at Emily and she instantly knew I was lost. She came to my side, whispered in my ear, translated what the doctor was saying, and I started crying. She held my hand and told me it was going to be ok. Her calm voice helped me push through. The outcome of the delivery would have been different if she had not been by my side and knew what I needed. We even had her take pictures and a week or so later she came by with the pictures, it was magic! It really felt like we were there again. I would hire Emily again and again. She truly was more than we could have ever hoped for with our first birthing experience.



I cant even express how grateful I am that I had Emily by my side through my pregnancy and birth. Originally I hired Emily because I wanted a natural birth free of pain meds and I knew I'd need some good support to get me through. My experience turned out a little different because my baby was breech, so I ended up scheduling a C-section. So Emily filled a slightly different role than the one I had in mind, and did an amazing job! She emotionally supported me by offering resources and ideas when I was trying to get my baby to turn around. She made it clear I could text her anytime with questions. She helped me make peace with my new birth plan and she was by my side in the hospital when I needed her. On top of that she took some amazing pictures and I tear up every time I look at them! The best part is my husband and I didnt even realize how many she was taking until I saw them. I 100% recommend her to any preggo mama! But book her early on because shes popular!


Marina T


I am truly thankful for Emily! Although I didn’t get to use any of her labor support tools because my labor progressed so fast; she was comforting and encouraging with her presence and words. She would say phrases like “you’re doing so good.” “Your body is doing awesome.” “Your baby girl is almost here.” Those words were exactly what I needed to hear in the moment. She was very zen and calm during my labor and I appreciated that. Emily also took photos during my labor which was the cherry on top because it allowed my husband to focus on being with me and not have to worry about remembering to take photos. Everyone needs a doula and Emily is the one for you! Thank you again!



Having tried for three years to get pregnant, when it finally happened I wanted all the guidance I could get to make our first birth experience the best it could be. I knew right away when I met Emily she would be the one to do this. She was kind and educated. She answered all my questions and put my mind at ease. Even when I asked, “ so if I scream curse words at the top of my lungs, that’s ok ?” She smiled and said honey I’ve seen it all, please do what ever you need to do. Throughout my pregnancy she was there. I had gotten a cold and needed advice and she was there to help. I really appreciated having her to count on. When it came to D day at 4 am she was ready to rock and roll. I labored at home and she came to help guiding me up to the point she felt it was time to go to the hospital. All the while taking photos to document the special day. I was very set on no epidural or medication but once dilated to an 8 I was asking for drugs lol Emily reminded me that that was not what I truly wanted and that my body was made to do this. Those words echoed through my head- she was so right and I’m so thankful she helped me stick to my plan. Emily, I can not thank you enough for all your love and support. I’m looking forward to you being by my side with each birth in the future. Xoxo



I had a pretty hard delivery with my first child, so I knew going into my second I wanted some extra support. I am SO thankful we found Emily! She was there for me not only during labor but for everything leading up. Every question I had she was there immediately with an answer to help ease my mind. And on the day of delivery, I decided to labor at home, she was there the whole time helping me progress things along. I had the labor of my dreams because of Emily and her support. It was amazing. She’s amazing. I would recommend her to ANYone! 

Destinee Campbell


I had never even thought of having a doula at my birth until really deciding that I needed someone with knowledge and support to help me achieve the birth I wanted. My husband and I looked around and interviewed a few doulas and none felt right. We happened upon Emily and right away I felt comfortable with her and knew she was the woman I wanted to help my husband and I through this pregnancy and birthing process. I decided I wanted a VBAC and knew she would be the one to help me advocate for that, which she did with no hesitation. I ended up birthing at a center and she was right there with me every step of the way. She helped me stay calm and centered in the more intense parts of my labor and birth. She also helped my husband ease into his support role since he was anxious about the process also. After birth she continued her support and care when my Little One needed some extra help breathing which landed us in the NICU for a little stay. Emily did not hesitate to come be with me to help me process the experience and make sure I was at ease. I can not recommend Emily enough. If we decide to have another I will definitely be giving her a call.

Blake and Taylor


Emily was such an important part of our birth story! Leading up to our birth, Emily helped my husband and I to feel confident in what was going to happen-- she was a much better source of information than the birthing class we attended! Towards the end of my pregnancy, I started to have some complications, and she was a source of information and encouragement through multiple visits to the doctor. Because of a car accident I was induced early, which caused a lot of stress for me. Emily was available throughout my entire induction (which took 2 days) with encouragement and calm. She was instrumental in understanding all the steps to an induction, what choices I had, and how to navigate a long labor well. When it came time to push, the nurses started throwing around the idea of a C-section. Emily calmly helped motivate me and stayed by my side the entire time, ultimately helping me to avoid the C-section! As a huge bonus, she also took some photos of my labor and the birth of our sweet baby girl. These images were AMAZING and such a blessing. I get to relive the moment my husband met our daughter over and over :) If you are looking for an amazing labor support partner, genuinely kind and generous person, and an educated birth professional who will help you document your birth beautifully, you are looking for Emily. 

Carlye Miller


We had the privilege of having Emily as our doula for our first baby, and she was such a helpful addition to our birthing experience that I knew I wanted her again for our second baby! My husband agreed. Just like last time, she was instrumental in providing encouraging words and continuous support to help me achieve the birth I hoped for.

She was just as warm, friendly, and supportive as she had been the first time around. Although we hadn't seen her in almost two years, we immediately felt comfortable with her. She tailored our pre-delivery visit to meet our needs and answered all my questions. In the weeks leading up to the due date, she was thoughtful and encouraging. She showed up at the hospital exactly when we asked her to, and her presence provided a welcome, extra layer of support. In the early morning, she walked the halls with me so my husband could get some sleep. She is a great conversationalist and helped the hours of labor pass by faster. In even the smallest details, like holding the handheld fan where it felt most comfortable for me and fixing my bed so it was neat and inviting, Emily was very thoughtful.

She also took some beautiful photos that we will treasure forever. I'm so happy Emily was with us during these special moments of our lives!

bethany kelleher


We absolutely love Emily! She educated us through classes and took her time explaining each thing. She went through every detail of what was to come and things that we might experience during labor and it helped put our minds at ease! For a first time mom, there are a lot of things to come that you don’t expect and she was right by our side to help open our eyes to parenthood. She is honest, gentle, and trustworthy. The perfect person to help educate you on what’s to come!

Cavin Miller


We hired Emily two years ago when our first son was born. When we found out we were pregnant with our second, it was an easy decision to reach out to her again. Through every step of the process, Emily was a wonderful resource for both me and my wife. She offered councel about major decisions (without being too pushy or opinionated), she shared stories to put my wife at ease, and she was very knowledgable about everything related to pregnancy and labor. My wife delivered without the help of pain medication, and I don't know that we could have done it without Emily. She helped with contractions, she offered the occassional comic relief, and she even let me sleep a few hours during the night before contractions go too bad. To top it all off, she took pictures for us during the whole process. The pictures were high quality, very professional, and they wonderfully captured our experience. 

If and when we get pregnant again, Emily will be one of the first people we reach out to. 

Keir Johnson


Words cannot express how grateful we are to have worked with Emily throughout the birth experience of our first baby! As a dad-to-be it was so helpful to have someone in our corner we could ask all 1000+ questions we had before, during, and after my wife went into labor. Emily's prelabor sessions were so helpful, she took so much time with us, we felt so cared for, understood, and satisfied with her amazing expertise. She helped my wife along as she entered into early labor with an exceptional tool box of excersises, pressure points, and stable support to our process. She spent almost two days straight with us when my wife went into active labor, never leaving our side, providing the continuity of care we really needed that a busy hospital staff could not provide with shift changes, etc. She was such a strong support for us, and me in particular. When our baby came, and there were supplemental tests required, I trusted Emily implicitly to provide support to my wife as I stayed with our newborn daughter to go for testing. She documented the experience with her personal camera and made a wonderful slideshow for us that we will forever cherish. Emily was THERE for us and WITH us in so many ways- spiritually, emotionally, intellecturally, physically, and beyond. Emily is one of those rare people that helps restore faith in humanity, truly a class act doula born for the sacred work she does with families. She artfully struck a balance supporting us when needed, then stepping back to allow my wife and I the coupld time we needed to cross the threshold to parenthood together. Having her there with us eased our nerves and concerns in countless ways. I 100% recommend her!!! 

Ms.Acosta Reyes


Emily was amazing!! She was extremely knowledgable, extremely kind, and went above and beyond our expectations. She was worth every penny and much more! She was really instrumental in aiding me in having as natural of a birth experience as was possible. She had an educational teaching style, exercises that were useful in stimulating labor, and a personality that was so comforting to my husband and I during delivery. Her presence was so strong, yet so kind and gentle, when our labor progresed, we each relied on her as a trusted family member to support many facets of our birth experience. We were stunned that she took so much time with us- we never felt rushed during our pre-labor visits and she came out to our home several times, finally staying with us to stimulate labor and then headed to the hospital from our house, being with us for 39+ hours. We highly recommend Emily and feel very confident that including her in your birth story will enhance it in innumerable ways. Words can't express our appreciation for her!!

jhay castillo


Emily was so helpful with helping me know what to expect throughout my wife’s pregnancy and when she went into labor. Each time my wife and I had a question she would always have a response that eased our nerves. When it came down to my wife being in labor, Emily was invaluable. Her knowledge on how to help my wife be as comfortable as possible throughout her contractions and her ability to read the room and suggest changes was spot on. Even getting down and dirty applying counter-pressure for my wife as she was working through her contractions. She was a great help and I never once felt “replaced” as some men and myself included may fear when they first hear of a Doula. She went above and beyond my expectations. We will definitely be using her again for future births. Thank you Emily!

Emily Cericola


I am so happy I had Emily by my side through my pregnancy and labor and delivery for my first born. Not only was she extremely supportive and informative to myself, but also for my significant other, who ended up needing her just as much as I did. She was encouraging and supportive in helping me have an all-natural drug-free birth. I felt very comforted by her constant presence through the waves of contractions, and her soothing and sweet voice let me know I could do it. She also reassured my fiance throughout the stressful labor; she taught him to help me with a variety of positions and massage techniques. I would highly recommend her to anyone, whether it is their first pregnancy or not.

Sarah Fowler


When I first found out I was pregnant I knew immediately I wanted a doula; someone who had been through the journey of child birth and could be there to support my boyfriend and I. We initial interviewed 6 doulas and Emily was our final interview. We just clicked and I knew she would be the one for our birth. Over the course of my pregnancy we met a few times. She came to our home and walked us through the process of labor and what we would expect. She always made sure to ask questions and to check in with me about how I was feeling. As my pregnancy neared the end my little guy showed no signs of coming on his due date. She made an extra visit to my home to take me through a series of exercises to help get him in the optimal position for birth. Well 42 weeks rolled around and I had to be induced, which was far from what I had planned. She would always gently remind me that babies have their own way of entering the world. So on March 5th I was induced. I called her around 7:30 that night and told her we were ready for her to come to the hospital. She arrived and our natural child birth plan ensued. Through this unmedicated portion of labor her support never waivered. She set the room with lights and music and made it as comfortable as possible. She was a constant support for my boyfriend. Day 1 turned into day 2 and baby still had not arrived. Yet Emily was still there. She never left our side. On the beginning of day 3 my little guy entered the world via emergency c-section. When we returned to our room Emily had already packed up our stuff for us to be transfered to mother baby ward. I told her she should go ( it had been nearly 2 full days) but she remained and supported us through the first hour with our baby. She took beautiful photos throughout my birth that i will be forever grateful for.  I know we made the right decision in choosing Emily to be part of our birth story. We will be forever grateful!

Cameren Randell


Emily’s presence was so valuable at the birth of our son! I’m no macho man, or subscriber to set roles based on gender, but I must admit that when the mrs. Said she wanted to have a doula, I thought, “what’s that?” And “we can handle this ourselves.” I’m happy to say that I was so wrong. Emily was whatever we needed her to be in the labor and delivery room. From my point of view, she was an experienced and calm voice to help work through questions and decisions posed by doctors, nurses, etc. and NEVER did she voice an opinion that she wasn’t asked about first. I definitely didn’t have all the answers, but I never felt like I wasn’t needed. I think that’s really important for us guys to know. We are still necessary and important. Emily was a great support to both of us. When I got hungry, but wouldn’t have been able to walk away to eat, Emily was there to be with her. If my back or hands got sore from rubbing or holding my partner, Emily was there to spell me. Our labor was long and arduous...to the tune of 3 days, and Emily never left, even though we told her she could. The room was freezing cold. Even I wanted to walk out. She never complained. After our son was born, Emily provided lots of support and recommended resources that she trusted for breastfeeding, recovery, and any other thing requested by my partner. I can’t recomment Emily enough as a doula. I’d have her at the birth of any other child we might have. I truly feel that things would have been worse and More stressful without her there.

Haley Castillo


I just had my first baby in February and let me say I could not have done an all natural birth like I wanted without the help of Emily! The prenatal appointments were awesome and so informative of what to expect in the upcoming weeks. I also loved being able to text or call her with any questions... I never felt "silly" for asking her anything. She is so nonjudgmental and so very kind! Fast forward to when my water broke but yet I was not experiencing any contractions. Emily worked with me for over 8 hours at home to help get the baby’s head engaged before heading to the hospital. I truly believed this helped my baby move down and let me go into labor naturally. I was able to avoid any interventions to get labor started, thanks to the help of Emily and her magic doula tricks! While in labor I could not have asked for better support. I experienced back labor the whole time and Emily was great with applying counter pressure while I was having contractions. I loved how in tune she was and that I wouldn't even need to tell her I was having a contraction, she just knew. She totally let me set the tone for what I wanted and I couldn't have asked for anything better. I highly recommend Emily whether it is your first time giving birth or if you've already had a baby.. She's the best!

Ashley Catto


I cant say enough good about Emily. My husband, Kyle and I now Have two kids. Both of which we had Emily there with us as our doula. From day one of meeting Emily, we felt so at ease, comfortable, and genuinely cared about. From her sweet nature, to her tender bedside nature, to her sense of humor, to her encouragement and genuine goal to make your goals her goals, she literally defines what it is to be a doula. I am forever Thankful to have had Emily as our doula, and now friend. I reccomemd her to anyone I know that’s expecting. We are so thankful for her! 

Carlye Miller


We loved having Emily as our doula!

Emily is so calm, warm, friendly, and not overbearing at all. When we met her at the initial appointment, we immediately felt comfortable with her. I knew I wouldn’t mind having her present during delivery. Plus, she's experienced labor and delivery, and it was nice to have someone alongside me who had been through it before.

Her flexibility in showing up at the hospital when we needed her, assessing how we were doing, and immediately providing calm help and assistance was invaluable. She walked the halls with us, showed my husband how to apply pressure to my back, held a hand-held fan near my face during contractions, and she spoke with the most positive, reassuring phrases.

Initially, my husband was concerned that having a doula might usurp his role of supporting and coaching me through birth. In our experience with Emily that didn't happen at all! Somehow she managed to "read" us and be at our sides when we needed her and in the background when we didn't. My husband was incredibly grateful for her particularly during transition, when I was despairing and doubting my ability to tolerate labor. He said that if Emily hadn't been there, with her calm voice and good suggestions for how he could support me, that he would've given in to my pleas for an epidural (when deep down that's not really what I wanted, and I was so close to the pushing phase). She reminded us of additional interventions to help me cope with labor.

Emily took some photos for us during labor and after the baby arrived. I absolutely loved this, because it let me see our birth story from another perspective, and it helped me relive moments that otherwise wouldn't have been captured.

All in all, I’d highly recommend Emily, and I can truly say I had a positive birth experience. I can’t imagine giving birth without her as part of our team!


Erica Brett


I contacted Emily for the birth of my second child. When I first met with her, I was pleased with her kind and calm demeanor. I loved that she had three different birth experiences of her own, and I also liked her unassuming, down-to-earth personality. She was very knowledgeable and really wanted to be there. My birth did not go as planned, and I wound up in the end having to schedule a c-section. Emily still showed up to the hospital with a bag full of goodies that sadly, Iw as not able to enjoy! But she was very well prepared! Just having her presence there helped to ease my fears of having to have a c-section (I did not have one with my first). If I were to hve another baby, I would hire her again.

Liz Harmon


Emily made my birth so much better! If I have more kids she's definitely going to be in my care team! :)  

I had a planned home VBAC this time around. I'd experienced a hospital VBAC before without a doula present. This labor wasn't so terribly different than the previous birth but the people supporting me made the experience vastly different!  

  During my pregnancy Emily was always available to chat about the pregnancy and birth. She really wanted to be a rock and comfort for me. Her manner of care and helpfulness put me at ease! She was very reassuring and would often make me laugh even if I was stressed with crazy pregnancy hormones:)

   During my labor I think it was interesting what a good sense she had for what I needed. She must be gifted with being able to see a person that way. She knew when I needed to be left alone and when I needed support. My contractions were very inconsistent whenever my midwife would come around. It was a bit weird, but I think I felt pressured when I was being checked on. When it was just Emily in the room I felt very at ease and my contractions progressed as they should. She gave me the space I needed to labor but I still FELT very well taken care of. She really never "left my side" the entire labor even though she was being pressured to by my midwife and OB. I can't tell you how I appreciated knowing that she never left me. I think that in the midst of the intensity of labor it was reassuring to have someone there that I felt was truly on my side!

  Working with Emily Campbell was a great experience. She's kind and professional and really just wants to help make the birth the way the mom wants it to go. I'd definitely recommend anyone considering hiring a doula to give her a call!

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