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Sarah Fielding

Mechanicsville, VA Service range 40 miles

Birth Fee

$1500 to $1700

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $45

Birth Fee

$1500 to $1700

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $45

Birth Doula Experience

7 years and 78 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

1 years and 3 families served

Doula Training

  • The Organization of Labor Assistants for Birth Options & Resources (toLabor), January 2016
  • CAPPA - Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association, April 2023

Type of practice: Group practice with shared call schedule

Clients per month: 1 to 4 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I will attend home births in which there is a midwife present.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Infant massage education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Co-facilitator of MyBirth Cesarean and VBAC Support Group

Fee Details

My fee includes five prenatal appointments, phone support during pregnancy, continual support during labor and delivery and two postpartum visits after your birth. I will work on a sliding scale so that everyone has access to my services. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

Service Area

Mechanicsville, VA Service range 40 miles

Client Testimonials for Sarah Fielding

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Kathryn Scalfari


We cannot say enough great things about Sarah! We clicked during our first meeting and we were so happy to have her join us for the pregnancy and birth journey. Sarah was there for me throughout my pregnancy, checking in and offering guidance and support. I truly cannot imagine going through labor without her there. She cultivated the most perfect birthing environment - twinkle lights, a galaxy lamp, essential oils, and helped to hang printed affirmations around the room. She had so many tools and tips to get me through the toughest parts of labor. Having Sarah along side us put my husband and I at ease. At one point during delivery we needed to make a quick decision and Sarah was able to read that we needed more clarification from the medical team but were having trouble articulating that. She asked the OB to clarify for us and it allowed us to make an informed decision. We are now using Sarah for postpartum doula services and again, she is invaluable! Sarah came by and watched our little one while I took a nice shower, washed and sanitizer pump parts and bottles, did a load of laundry, wiped down the kitchen, showed me how to get my baby into my wearable carrier, heated me up some lunch, even watered my plants (love that she's a fellow plant person as well)! 

If I were to ever have another baby we would have Sarah as our doula without hesitation!


Maryanne Henley


As first time parents my husband and I where beyond grateful to have Sarah as our doula. She was so kind, thoughtful and willing to answer all of our questions. Our birth unfortunatley did not go as we had hoped but Sarah was still so supportive and we are so grateful she was there to help us through the process. I would recomend Sarah to anyone looking for a well versed and kind doula. 



Sarah is firstly just a wonderful human; kind, loving, talented, and you can tell she is a great mom herself and coworker for the other awesome doulas at MyBirth. During labor, she brought a calming energy, stepped in to provide support and suggestions when needed, and worked well with other members of the birth team. What still amazes me is that she continued to check in well after she “needed” to and still touches base even now (6 months post-partum). How she has the bandwidth after so many babies she has helped bring into the world, I don’t know! I have so much gratitude and respect for her. 

Hanna Summers


Every birth experience is unique, a truth I've fully grasped with the arrival of my second child. My first birth was a gradual process, allowing me to manage the pain and navigate my emotions. Supported by Sarah, I delivered my first son feeling empowered and proud.

When I became pregnant with my second, I knew I had to have Sarah there. She was actually the first person aside from my family that I told. Labor with my second, however, was quite different from my first. I essentially had no pain until I was 7 cm and my water broke. I went from very little pain to 10/10 excruciating pain; it truly took my breath away. Panic began to take over my entire being. I lost faith in myself and trust in my body that I could do this again without pain relief. I asked for an epidural. Sarah was the only voice of reason that was able to pull me out of my doubt. 30 minutes later, and I had a happy healthy screaming boy that I delivered naturally.

The following day, I wrestled with feelings of failure for considering pain relief. With my first labor, there was such peace and faith that I could do this. But with my second, it felt chaotic, overwhelming, and too fast. I also had postpartum hemorrhaging which was easily the scariest thing I’ve ever gone through. It took away from the happiness of my second son’s arrival. However, Sarah's unwavering support and encouragement helped me process the whirlwind of emotions and regain confidence. She left me feeling proud that I again had a natural labor.

Since then, Sarah has continued to check in on me, demonstrating her kindness, empathy, and wisdom. I feel immensely grateful to have her in my life. Despite initially swearing off more children after my second, I now find myself considering a third, knowing that with Sarah's presence, I can approach childbirth with confidence and strength.

Cara and Vipul


Sarah was an incredible partner and resource through our pregnancy. It was helpful meeting with her early on and having her involved the whole time - this helped us understand how Sarah could best help us and allowed her to get to know us, our birth preferences, and what we needed through this process. 

Sarah was very attentive during our prepartum visit. She helped us work through labor positions and finalize the preferences we wanted to share with our care team at the hospital. During labor and delivery, Sarah was actively involved, helping us navigate decisions around pain management and creating a safe and nurturing space. She allowed us to drive the decision making and jumped in when we had questions or to help remind us what we had talked about. As labor progressed, she made sure we had everything we needed. 

Postpartum, Sarah visited us in the hospital the day after to check in on how the transition from L&D to mother infant was going and to check on any needs. The following week, she visited us at home, continuing to be a sounding board and partner as we navigated bringing our child home for the first time. Even after that, Sarah has been available by text for any questions and even just to talk. 

we truly appreciate Sarah's time, expertise, and empathy - she helped us understand the process and really make the birthing experience our own. 



This was my first time working with a Doula and I am so glad that it was Sarah! Sarah made my VBAC a reality.

From our first meeting, I was excited to work with Sarah because her personal birth stories aligned with mine. I was a home birth hospital transfer to cesarean for my first and had a very unsupportive team so it was really important for me to have the best team possible to try for a VBAC.

Sarah gave me tons of resources prior to labor that I made use of. Her recommendations for chiropractor, pedicure, probiotics and so much more worked out really well for me. She had no problem hanging out and answering all of my (long winded) concerns and questions and even reached out to the head of midwifery at Henrico Doctors Hospital when my midwife had a question that Sarah couldn't answer.

When it came to labor, Sarah made sure I was comfortable, fed and hydrated, and doing important positional changes. She was patient with my complaining and showed my husband counter pressure techniques to use. She noticed any time I was having a contraction and made sure to quickly get to me for relief. She helped set up a beautiful vibe in my birthing spaces too!

I ended up being another hospital transfer this time, and Sarah had the hospital roll out the red carpet for me! She was a great resource to bounce my feelings about transferring off of and helped me feel confident in the decision. She has an incredible network at the hospital, having worked with most of the nurses and midwives that were on that night. It was a long labor and Sarah stayed the whole time without complaint and was still very attentive to my contractions and recommended helpful position changes. 

Sarah really made my experience a positive one even though it didn't go as planned. I felt safe and cared for through the whole process thanks to her!



We contacted Sarah at 37 weeks in my pregnancy after some anxieties I was having about birth. Our baby boy came a week later and Sarah did not miss a beat. She brought lots of wisdom and a calming energy to the last couple weeks of my pregnancy along with my quick labor and birth. She made the environment for our birth tranquil and relaxing as I birthed our baby unmedicated and after a challenging first birth. We did not have a doula for our first birth and I wish that we had! Sarah also took amazing photos of our birth that we will cherish for a lifetime. She also provided wonderful postpartum support and walked with us through some breastfeeding challenges. I cannot recommend her doula services enough!



Adding Sarah to our birth team was the best decision we made! As first time parents, my wife and I felt a bit out of our depth navigating pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum recovery. During our initial home visit, Sarah helped us walk through each phase of our birth plan. We discussed possible outcomes for different labor and delivery scenarios, building confidence that we could handle whatever was thrown at us. She was consistently encouraging and supportive of our ideas and questions and helped us advocate for the birthing experience we desired. Throughout pregnancy, we were given  a well of resources including evidence based practices surrounding pregnancy and birth. We felt so prepared to tackle labor and delivery! That being said, my labor involved some unforeseen medical interventions. Sarah was a constant voice of calm through the whole experience. Not only did she create a warm, calming environment for my hospital delivery but she stood by my side as I labored all day making sure my wife and I stayed hydrated, rested, and safe. Sarah made me feel empowered to make the best decisions for my birth and was a constant, calm voice reminding me all the curveballs would ultimately lead to us meeting our son. After delivery, Sarah checked in with us multiple times, staying updated with my recovery, asking about our support system, and offering advice and support in those first few nights at home. Sarah is truly worth her weight in gold. We would never hesitate to hire her again and again!

Cecilia Portwood


Sarah is a powerhouse of knowledge when it comes to all things pregnancy and childbirth. She was my doula throughout my second pregnancy, and despite having done this before, I still had so many questions and checked in with her frequently. I highly recommend Sarah for anyone looking for a doula who can hold compassionate, informed space for her clients throughout their pregnancy and birth journey.

One example of a typical conversation I’ve had with Sarah involved whether or not I should do a cervical sweep at 39 weeks pregnant. She shared with me the soft signs of labor I should take note of prior to having a sweep done and asked who the provider I would be seeing (she is very familiar with the VCU midwives). She also asked me questions to help manage my expectations surrounding having a cervical sweep done such as “if the sweep does not result in full blown labor, will that be okay for you?”. I ultimately opted not to get the sweep after discussing things over with Sarah, as she helped remind me that one of my primary goals this pregnancy was to labor and deliver as much as possible on my own.

After my water broke, the first person I texted was Sarah. She guided me to call the midwives and get rest. When contractions started picking up that night and it was time to get to the hospital, Sarah showed up with her Mary Poppins bag of doula tools: a crock pot full of perineal magic juice (which she later stored in peri bottles for me to use), a heating pad (also magic), tea lights for ambiance, etc. During transition, she helped apply counter pressure to my lower back and gently prompted me to relax tension in my face. Her presence and gentle guidance reminded me that my body was capable of getting through each contraction without fear.

Maggie Sheffield Ford


We recently had the privilege of working with Sarah Fielding during the most transformative time of our lives, and we cannot sing her praises enough! Sarah is not just doulas; they are guardian angels who guided us through pregnancy, labor, and postpartum with unwavering dedication. Here’s why we are forever grateful:

Compassionate Presence: her calming presence during labor was like having a trusted friend by our side. She anticipated our needs, offered soothing words, and ensured we felt safe and supported. 

Expertise and Knowledge: Sarah is a walking encyclopedias of childbirth! Her extensive knowledge about pain management techniques, optimal birthing positions, and breastfeeding made all the difference. We felt empowered and informed every step of the way.

Advocacy: When things got intense, she provided guidance and was our advocate. She communicated with the medical team, ensuring our birth plan was respected. Her balance between assertiveness and kindness struck the perfect balance.

Postpartum Care: The support didn’t end with delivery. Sarah continued to check in on us, offering practical advice, emotional reassurance, and even a shoulder to cry on. Their postpartum visit was like a lifeline during those sleep-deprived days.

Heartfelt Connection: Sarah genuinely cared about our well-being. They celebrated our victories, listened to our fears, and shared in our joy. Her genuine empathy and kindness touched our hearts.
Because of her, our birth experience was not just memorable—it was magical. We recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone seeking compassionate, knowledgeable, and loving doula support. Trust us; you won’t find better!

Thank you, Sarah, for being our guiding star. Your dedication to families like ours is a true blessing. We look forward to spreading the word about your incredible services!

With immense gratitude,

Maggie & Ben Ford 

Kelsey Seery


I hired Sarah to be my postpartum doula following the birth of my first child in Summer 2023. I was appreciative of Sarah's eagerness to take me on as a postpartum client, as she historically has only taken on birth clients. Well before my baby arrived, Sarah was a wonderful, helpful, fast-to-get-back-to-me resource. She sent me numerous resources on topics I was anxious or curious about in preparation for my baby's arrival. Following his birth, Sarah came to my house and spent time with me on nearly a dozen occasions. While the experience with babies and postpartum mothers is a must in a doula, Sarah's calming presence was so appreciated -- my baby absolutely loved sleeping on Sarah in her ring sling (while mommy got a much-needed shower or nap!). She went above and beyond for me -- once, early on, from my bed, I texted her asking if she could bring me a string cheese. A few minutes later, she arrived with a plate with a few slices of cheese, carrots, and grapes; it's like she instinctually knew what I needed and went the extra mile without being asked. She was also helpful in connecting me with additional resources when nursing/feeding issues were really weighing on me.


While our work together is done, Sarah and I keep in touch and I know that I could turn to her for something if I needed help. Sarah will always have a special place in my heart and I so appreciate her being a part of my "village." Thank you, Sarah! 



Sarah is a kind and calming soul! She reached out many times during my pregnancy and was available whenever we had questions. The education through her and MyBirth before delivery was great. She recommended things to avoid certain interventions and gave us ideas to help us make informed decisions. She decorated my birthing space so peaceful and warm. When plans changed for us she never made me feel judged and supported our decisions. She even took photos during my c-section delivery and gave advice on how to have the delivery we wanted. Before and during she was wonderful, but I think I am most grateful for the checking in she did postpartum. She encouraged me to reach out to my providers when I was having pre-eclampsia symptoms and I am not sure I would have gone in to be checked if it was not for her. It was tough to go back into the hospital, but it was the right decision. She continued checking in on us for many weeks and months later. MyBirth also offers great classes and safe spaces to share everything prenatal and postpartum. Highly recommend Sarah and the MyBirth group!



We are so thankful we picked Sarah as our doula for the birth of our firstborn. My pregnancy was very uneventful and our birthplan was to give birth at a birth center. I ended up having a long and painful prodromal labor that necessitated a transfer to the hospital. Sarah was with us every step of the way and made the hospital transition so much easier. She is familiar with the staff and was able to answer all the hospital questions we had along the way. Sarah is super responsive and knowledgeable and we'd choose her again in a heartbeat. The added support and educational resources that comes with MyBirth was also reassuring to have.

Sara MacRae


The moment I met Sara, I knew she was the person we needed as birth support. In our initial meeting via zoom she described herself as the “Hermione Granger” of birth support: as a parent she had thrown herself into learning about all the options and evidence available, she wanted to be the most prepared for any scenario, and she had lived through several of those scenarios herself.

Sarah was a much-needed, like-minded source of validation, and update in some cases, to the information I remembered. Although, all the supports weren’t as direly necessary as the first time, it was such a comfort that they were there if I needed them. She kept me in check and helped me through each step of the third trimester as though we were friends and not client and provider.

During our labor support meeting, I was excited to push a human out of my body because I knew that my doula had literally anything and everything I could've possibly needed. In fact, I was disappointed with the expeditious & precipitous labor because I didn’t get to use anything she had. My son arrived so quickly that my husband commented, "did we even need the Doula for the birth?”

The birth experience I had was a literal dream. It was exactly what Sara and I discussed. It was everything I wanted the first time and didn't get. The real support, though, came after my son arrived.

When my son was admitted to the NICU, we weren't sure when we'd see him. My whole world turned upside down.Enter Sarah. The longest two days of my life were tolerable. She checked on me; she walked me through things. She was looking after me when I couldn't look after myself. Even after my son went home: for weeks & months later, Sara checked on me.  It's the support you hope you don't need, but are so, so grateful for.

Alex C


Sarah is a natural born doula! I am incredibly grateful she was our doula for the birth of our second baby because if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that birth doesn’t always go according to plan. I felt so cared for and comforted with her presence when our plan didn’t go as we expected and I’m eternally grateful for all the tips and insight she gave us during pregnancy and birth. Sarah offered continuous support throughout the prenatal and postpartum period and always advocated on our behalf. With her guidance and wisdom, I felt empowered to speak up for myself and what I wanted for my birth.

Jessica L


I recently had the absolute pleasure of working with Sarah, and I cannot express enough how grateful I am for her unwavering support throughout my pregnancy and childbirth journey.

From the moment we met, it was evident that Sarah possessed a wealth of knowledge and expertise. She was well-versed in the intricacies of childbirth, providing me with invaluable information, answering all my questions, and helping me understand the various options available, all without a hint of judgement.

One of the most remarkable qualities Sarah possessed was her immense empathy, and how she communicates with authenticity -- it's a little hard to describe, she's just real. She took the time to genuinely listen to my concerns and fears about childbirth, as well as my desires, ensuring that my emotional well-being was prioritized alongside my physical health. Her empathetic nature made me feel safe, heard, and understood, and she was able to ease many of the anxieties I had during this oftentimes scary and transformative period.

Sarah was also dedicated and instrumental in helping me avoid unnecessary interventions during my labor. She understood my desire for little interventions if possible and worked to create an environment where I felt empowered and more knowledgeable about my options that supported that goal. She was supportive when I made the decision to get an epidural and advocated for consistent position shifts while under epidural which I believe helped my labor progress.

I cannot recommend working with Sarah enough to any expectant parent seeking a nurturing, knowledgeable, and empowering birth companion. With her by your side, you'll have the confidence to navigate your unique journey while feeling fully supported every step of the way from someone who knows what they are doing and genuinely cares about you.

Stephen Mand


From Dads perspective:

having insight from someone who knows her birthing crap was invaluable. But most importantly, having someone there to support Brooke during labor was something we would never go without.  She was able to help navigate us through early labor into active labor. Giving us everything we needed to keep going and see our precious little girl.  Thank you Sarah. 

it was also wonderful to talk through the birth, get the incredible pictures she took, and ask as many questions as we needed on what to do now. 

lastly, she took a keen interest in Brooke's mental health. That really meant a lot.  She and the Mybirth team really care about what they do and it shines through. 

Jessica Nelson


I can't imagine how our birth experience would have been without Sarah, and frankly I don't want to. She was the exact calm, knowledgable, soothing presence we needed while I was in the depths of active labor. She met us at the hospital (my labor progressed too quickly for her to meet us at the house) and from the moment she entered the room I felt immense relief--and so did my partner! She wasted no time unpacking her kit and administering coping strategies and supplies I desperately needed. She put my hair in a hair tie and a cold cloth on my forehead, held my hand (and the bag) as I vomited, and performed counter pressure when my partner got tired. She helped us understand where we were in the laboring process and when the nurse told me to stop vocalizing because I needed to save that energy for later, Sarah told me to keep vocalizing as much as I needed to (and I needed to!). She stayed with us through the entire labor and checked back in the next day and the next and the next. She always made me feel supported (and still does, even twelve weeks postpartum!). We are so grateful for the role she played in the birth of our daughter and our early parenting experience. Could not recommend her highly enough to reflect our true feelings. 



I cannot imagine my pregnancy, birth or postpartum experience without Sarah.

From the moment we first met Sarah, we knew we were in the best of hands. She is very knowledgeable, comforting, funny, no nonsense and real. I looked forward to our check-ins after appointments as if I was catching up with a friend. Sarah was there every step of the way with support and encouragement through all the ups and downs.

When it looked like our birth was heading towards the c-section route, Sarah comforted and educated us on how to make it a special experience, even though it wasn't what we envisioned. Our birth was beautiful thanks to Sarah and our incredible team.

The postpartum care Sarah gave us was exceptional. She helped us work on latching right away and made sure we were taken care of at the hospital. Her next couple of visits were so helpful and comforting. Sarah helped us with breastfeeding, and provided advice and support during such a tender time. 

Everyone should have a doula! The classes and resources from MyBirthRVA were an added bonus to working with Sarah. I highly recommend!!!



Sarah was excellent to work with! My Birth RVA hosted several classes that my husband and I attended to get ready for our first child. Sarah helped me schedule everything and then we connected throughout my pregnancy. Originally I had planned for pain management during delivery but after learning more about the benefits of natural birth through Sarah and other mothers at the birth center, I decided that was a better route for me. Sarah was indispensable during my delivery, offering water and pain relief techniques that my husband was also to help me with. He felt very involved in the birth experience with her guidance and commented about how glad he was that we had her support. Sarah also kept in touch after the delivery to make sure that I was receiving lactation support through the hospital and offering tips for dealing with clogged ducts. It was very nice to be able to text her whenever I had questions. Can't recommend her enough! 



Sarah was excellent to work with! My Birth RVA hosted several classes that my husband and I attended to get ready for our first child. Sarah helped me schedule everything and then we connected throughout my pregnancy. Originally I had planned for pain management during delivery but after learning more about the benefits of natural birth through Sarah and other mothers at the birth center, I decided that was a better route for me. Sarah was indispensable during my delivery, offering water and pain relief techniques that my husband was also to help me with. He felt very involved in the birth experience with her guidance and commented about how glad he was that we had her support. Sarah also kept in touch after the delivery to make sure that I was receiving lactation support through the hospital and offering tips for dealing with clogged ducts. It was very nice to be able to text her whenever I had questions. Can't recommend her enough! 



After a traumatic first birth experience, I knew I wanted to carefully curate my support team for my second pregnancy. I connected with Sarah instantly during our interview. I was especially drawn to the fact that she herself had had a VBAC which is what I was working toward.

I checked in with her each week during my pregnancy and she always made me feel heard and understood. She suggested resources, helped me prepare questions for my provider, and put my mind at ease when I was worried. She also checked in with me from time to time to see how I was fairing mentally as I had shared with her my experience with PPD after my first pregnancy. In all our interactions I could feel how strongly she believed in me and my body. Although my birth didn’t go as planned it was an amazing and healing experience because I surrounded myself with caring and supportive people like Sarah. I am so grateful for her!

Vanessa F


Sarah was so great and i highly recommend her as a doula! I had such a good connection with her right away during our interview and the relationship only grew from there. She was supportive and always available to communicate especially after all of my prenatal visits and answered all my first time mom questions. She showed genuine care for providing me with the birth experience I was hoping for and I felt so confident she would help me achieve that experience. We frequently checked in with one another especially when my due date passed and I needed a bit more support that things would stay on track. When birth day finally came she was present and helped me in a hands-on manner through my unmedicated labor and was a consistently positive energy that kept me on track even when it got hard. I can't thank her enough for everything throughout the process and the postpartum attention I have received to make sure new mom things are going well- it means so much to have someone experienced as a support person! I wouldn't change a single thing about my pregnancy and birth experience and would do it all again with the support of Sarah as my doula, thank you for being wonderful!



It was a privilege to work with Sarah for my second birth! She was knowledgeable and supportive throughout my pregnancy, checking in at the right times and making sure I had the resources I needed. During my long and challenging induction, Sarah was incredible and was there just as I needed her most - and provided critical support for me and my husband that helped me achieve the VBAC I wanted. She is also a spectacular help in establishing breastfeeding and a great resource for the same in the early postpartum weeks. Highly recommend! 



I can’t recommend Sarah enough. She was wonderful to work with. While my birth plan got completely derailed by a Breech presentation at 36 weeks, Sarah was very supportive and always there to talk to and make sure I had all the resources. She recommended a chiropractor, provided resources on exercises, and was supportive and there to listen when my ECV procedure was unsuccessful. She helped provide resources and her own experience with a prior C-section so that I could advocate for myself and still have a beautiful, though different birth. I had a C-section with a pass through drape and immediate skin to skin. Sarah was there the entire time providing support and was able to capture some amazing pictures. She helped with breastfeeding in the post operative area. She has remained a support since my sons birth. I look forward to working with her again and using her wealth of knowledge for a VBAC in the future. 

Courtney S.


Sarah was an outstanding resource and advocate to have in our corner as we welcomed our first child into the world. She served as an invaluable source for information when I was pregnant, offering up suggestions or resources for any pregnany-related challenges I faced or questions I had. She constantly checked in with us and helped both me and my husband feel comfortable and confident about our plans (even as they changed) as we approached the birth. While my labor plans morphed from our original hopes, I still felt confident about our choices because of the support we had received from Sarah and MyBirth in the months leading up to my due date. Our little guy made his arrival quicker than any of us anticipated, but Sarah was also a calming presence in the delivery room in the moments after he was born and an amazing support for my husband when I had to receive care in another room. I am forever grateful for her documentation of those moments too, since I could not be there for them. Lastly, Sarah was so reassuring in those early days of our son's life, helping me (us) feel like we were making the right decisions for our family. In addition to all of that, she's just a wonderful human with a great sense of humor. I cannot recommend her enough!

Lindsey & Tim


We appreciate the care and support Sarah provided during our pregnancy, preparing for labor, in labor and delivery, and postpartum. Despite all of our planning and preparation, labor did not go as we hoped - thankfully Sarah was there to care and support us when critical decisions needed to be made. In addition she helped capture important moments as we prepared to welcome our son into the world. We will be forever grateful for the attention and encouragement Sarah provided throughout the entire process. We highly recommend her!

Emily Winter


We met Sarah pretty close to the end of my pregnancy. It was my 4th and felt like a necessary choice to find a doula after infant loss.  What it ended up being was a gift.  Sarah was easy to open up to after a complicated history.  She was so supportive from the moment we met her and we loved that she's a veteran mom making space to support her doula babies and families.  Sarah gave me a sense of power and a feeling of calm throughout Henry's birth.  She is forever a part of a really special rainbow baby birth, and we are beyond thankful for her.  



Sarah was a wonderful support before, during and after our daughter's birth. As first time parents, we used so many of the labor techniques Sarah showed us while laboring at home and it made us feel very empowered.  She met us at the hospital and continued to provide emotional support, physical things (like water!!) and assisted us with talking through decisions. She is kind, funny and very informed. I would encourage anyone reading this to hire a doula, and to hire Sarah! 



My first response to finding out I was pregnant was “Oh wow, this is exciting” and my second was “Oh no, I have to deliver a baby” What drew me to Sarah was her personal experience in both vaginal and c-section births as well as her knowledge as a doula - she’s a veteran on all accounts.  She empowered my partner and I by educating us about delivery, answering our questions (even the weird ones), and normalising the process for us. When the big day came, Sarah met us at the hospital at 3:30am with her bag of tricks and her let’s do this attitude. She coordinated with nurses & supported us for all 29 hours of delivery to enable the low intervention birth we wanted !

Sarah continued to be an important resource for us. She helped my baby latch minutes after delivery and supported my breastfeeding journey. She’s checked up on us throughout the fourth trimester - in the hospital, at our house, and over the phone. Sarah was an asset for us in our first days and weeks of parenthood. Thank you Sarah, for everything you’ve done and continue to do for us - we appreciate you !

Lauren + Tom


I don't think I exaggerate when I say that Sarah is the reason that I have a positive birth story. The moment she showed up in our hospital room she took control to help me through an unmedicated labor, and I felt so well taken care of. She coached me and my husband through some scary moments where I thought I couldn't manage the birth I wanted -- it was her calm demeanor, considerable knowledge, and literal hand to hold that empowered me to keep going. 

I had a low risk pregnancy and relatively uncomplicated delivery and still can't imagine how anyone gives birth without a doula - let alone a brilliant doula like Sarah. She'll forever be a part of our daughter's birth story, and I am so grateful for that. 

We were so lucky to have Sarah as our doula. As a partner expecting our first child it was hard to anticipate exactly where I'd fit into our hospital birth plan without any first hand experience. And harder still to know what support to offer in high pressure moments when you haven't been there before, and when you're often too emotional to speak. Sarah was able to take charge at times, but also to give the nurses a hand and translate the situation to us as it unfolded. We were largely left alone during early labor, and this made Sarah's addition to our team invaluable. Ultimately we needed her confidence and suggestions to achieve our birth plan. And her presence empowered me to stay calm, be present, and support my partner in the ways I know I could. 

Maria Cain


I cannot say enough things about my experience with MyBirth and in particular my experience with Sarah Fielding. From the start of our initial interview, Sarah was kind and reassuring. She thoughtfully walked me through how to prepare for vaginal delivery and when my plans changed to a scheduled C-section, she made me feel super supported and prepared going into it. My birth experience was smooth and un-intimidating because I knew I'd have Sarah there looking out for me. Post birth, she helped me navigate difficulties with breastfeeding and getting used to caring for a newborn in general! I hope to work with Sarah again in a future pregnancy, she really is amazing!

Rosana B. Sheldon


I met Sarah during my second trimester, after extensively researching doulas here in Richmond. 

I interviewed a few doulas prior to meeting Sarah and after speaking with her, I quickly knew she was the right person to be with me and my husband during the most important time of our life. 

From the prenatal meeting to the birth of my second baby, Sarah projected calmness, knowledge, and most importantly, she made me feel empowered to be the protagonist of my pregnancy and allowed to write my story.

Sarah was always available and able to answer my questions or find me resources to help get different points of view. 

On top of all of that, Sarah is incredibly kind, down to earth and human. She provided outstanding support to me and my husband during labor and birth. 

Thank you for guiding my hand, my breathing, my tension and my husband! You helped him to be the supportive partner I needed during the most important time in our life. 

Also, thank you for letting me squeeze your hands really really hard for several hours :)

Anna Albright


Sarah was a delight to work with. I appreciated her tips and tricks during birth and she worked very well with my husband to be the team I needed. I especially valued her advice postpartum for breastfeeding ect. We will be hiring Sarah again for future children!



We hired Sarah after a Zoom interview, and my husband and I both agreed that we were drawn to her calm and knowledgeable presence. We also felt in good hands thanks to both her professional and personal experience with VBACs. Over the course of my high risk pregnancy, Sarah was just a text away, checking in after my appointments, answering my questions, and lending an ear as I vented. She offered much-needed guidance and reassurance as I navigated weekly non-stress tests, ultrasounds, and visits with both midwives and OBs. When I went into labor, Sarah was [unfortunately for us] at another birth. While I’m disappointed she wasn’t able to be with us during the birth of our daughter, I feel so fortunate that Sarah is part of our daughter’s story. The postpartum weeks can be jarring, going from being closely watched by medical professionals to suddenly having a newborn and no one following-up with your physical and emotional recovery. Sarah filled that void, and I’m beyond appreciative for the care she has given me.

Shelly Mitchell


I was initially uncertain about hiring a doula.  Is it worth the expense? Do I really need it?  

After working with Sarah Fielding, I can say with absolute certainty that it is 100% worth it.  The peace of mind having her expertise, guidance, and encouragement regarding the pregnancy just a text or phone call away was worth it on its own.  The meetings with her also gave me and my partner very helful strategies and a good sense of what to expect from the whole process.  Not to mention that she works with an incredible team that provide extremely helpful articles, classes, etc pertinent to the stages of pregnancy and labor preparation.  

All of the above is high value enough, but Sarah truly showed the benefit of a doula when it came to go time.  I ended up going in for induction because of late pregnancy hypertension and she met us at the hospital to make sure I was settled and understood what was going on in these beginning stages.  She frequently checked in on me and was true to her word of being a phone call away at any time when we hit a point where things were not progressing as planned and decisions needed to be made about induction methods, manualy breaking water, etc and it also happened to be 3 in the morning.  She gave us excellent guidance and talked through the options wher we felt we could make an informed decision.  She came back to the hospital not long after that and stayed with me through to my being transferred to my post partum room, made sure I got skin to skin with my daughter even though I'd had a c-section and ensured I got a good latch with her for her first feeding. She also notably had an established, postive rapport with many of the medical professionals I worked with, which to me speaks volumes. There's so much to say regarding my experience working with Sarah, but I've run out of letters allowed on this form. 



I am so grateful to have had Sarah with us during my pregnancy with our second child. When I first spoke with her, I was working through some unresolved trauma and fear regarding birth and postpartum, owing to a tough journey with my first. Sarah was patient, compassionate, and best of all (IMO) honest. She helped me move past the mental blocks I had constructed for myself and get in the right mindset for an positive birth experience-- and that's exactly what I had. 

I felt so much better prepared and confident going into the big day thanks to Sarah's support. Although this is our last child (I believe!) I would call her again immediately. So thankful for her!




I planned on having Sarah at my birth in December but when I found out that our baby was not going to make it until then Sarah let me know right away that she was our doula and would be there. The day my water broke (5 months before planned) Sarah dropped everything to be here for my family during the worst moment of our life-the birth of our 17+5 week old daughter. Sarah offered compassion, support and relief for my husband during the labor process. She also took pictures of our family with our angel baby without me having to ask ?? She has checked on me so much following birth. Sarah is incredibly supportive, nonjudgmental and caring. We met her for the first time right after being admitted to labor and delivery and immediately felt comfortable around her! We will be requesting Sarah for every birth in our future ??

Hanna Summers


I strongly believe I would not have had the birth I wanted without Sarah Fielding as my doula. Our relationship first started through a skype interview and I could tell right away that Sarah had a very calming presence that would help me through my delivery. Throughout my pregnancy, we had many text exchanges, phone calls, and attended birthing classes together. Our relationship continued to grow even though we never got to meet face to face until delivery due to the struggles of COVID.

The first obstacle I had to overcome during my pregnancy was being told I had a “big baby”. I started to get the feeling my OBGYN was going to push a C-section or schedule an induction sooner than I wanted. Sarah eased my worries and mentioned I could have the on-call midwife at Henrico Doctor’s hospital deliver my baby.  I immediately opted for this and did my research on “big babies”, resources provided by Sarah. I was no longer worried and worked through my fears before delivery.

My second obstacle was going past 40 weeks after weeks of prodromal labor. I was discouraged and set a date for an induction at 41 weeks. During that time, Sarah eased my worries with lots of information on first-time mothers going past their expected due date. She understood that I didn’t want to wait past 41 weeks and provided me with positive birth stories of low intervention inductions without an epidural.

In the end, I never needed an induction. I went into labor on June 10th 2022 at 2:00am. She helped me cope through my labor with various birth positions, breathing techniques, positive mantras, calming music, delicious aromatherapy, and my favorite… counter pressure. I ended up delivering a 10lb 7ounce baby in 8 hours. My first birth, without a single tear.

I am forever connected to Sarah now. I do not want to have another baby without her in the room. It was truly a miracle.

Laura Mosely


Couldn't have survived postpartum without Sarah!!

My birth story is full of roadblocks and branching paths and looked nothing like how I imagined it. I was not able to have the birth I "wanted," but no matter what came up, Sarah was always there to listen and provide guidance and support every step of the way. She herself had been through every birthing method, so I knew no matter how my baby was delivered, I was in good hands with Sarah.

I relied heavily on Sarah's expertise and general support the most from the moment I found out my baby was breech, all the way through ~1 month postpartum (or longer, it's all a blur). Even though my birth happened suddenly during my ECV procedure to flip my baby, Sarah was able to (somehow) make it to the hospital before my baby was born! She was there to tell me not to worry, to remind me to keep breathing, and to take photos in the operating room - I will absolutely cherish those forever! 

She was also around my bedside afterwards to help with lactation and breastfeeding (which was a BIG struggle for me and my baby), and she made a point to reach out often and offer help. Sarah was always available via text and phone, and her stops in made me feel more sane, less scared, and very validated. 

Thank you Sarah!!!

Rachel Kamal


You deserve kind, compassionate, professional, knowledgeable, evidence based care for you and your family during the joyous occasion of giving birth. Look no further than Sarah. She is a boundless and excellent resource for information and resources to help you solidify and obtain the birth preferences you desire. She is incredibly helpful, caring, resourceful, hands on, and a rock solid presence in the birth space. From the very beginning of our journey together and to this day if I have a random breastfeeding question long after we have finished our professional relationship she has been there for our family. She assisted in helping us navigate some of the toughest and most amazing moments in our life and she was a key factor in making our birth exeprience infinitely better than our previous births. She is a true keeper of the birthing person, birthing family, and the birth space. She provides such a calm and gentle demeanor when necessary yet is very passionate and strong spoken when the occasion calls for it, we appreciated this tremendously as we advocated for our VBAC after 2 cesareans. Her encouragement, knowledge, and skills were paramount to our successes with this birth. The entire MyBirth group is amazing and the resources they provide are outstanding. You cannot go wrong working with any of these amazing doulas but Sarah will always be extra special and shine bright in our hearts. Thank you Sarah for making our birth delightful, powerful, and completely our own! 



I am so thankful we had Sarah as part of our team. She was a consistent resource for questions we had as first time parents and she made sure we were well prepared for the birth process. While no one expects a 36 hour labor and delivery, Sarah never waivered in her support throughout all of the twists and turns. Thank you Sarah for being reassuring and so aware of our needs!

Shannon Fasing


Sarah is very sweet and has a calming presence. She checked in with me consistently throughout the pregnancy and helped with all my questions. I went into labor on Christmas Day and Sarah left her family and children to come to the hospital and not once did she make me feel bad. She really took the time to get to know me and my husband so when the birth day finally came it felt like a friend was with us. When we were in the delivery room, she was keeping both him and I in a good place physically and mentally. She worked with the midwife so I wouldn't tear. Afterbirth, she came to the house and made sure I had everything you to recover, including drawing an herbal bath and bringing me a favorite food. This was our first baby and we left so much more comfortable and confident having Sarah throughout the experience! 

sarah sarah


Sarah was such an amazing doula to work with. She was so compassionate and provided much needed (and appreciated) support, tips, and techniques that aided in birthing our daighter. At one point, I was having SEVERE sciatic nerve pain in my leg as my labor stalled, and Sarah sat by the bed with a heating pad massaging my calf for over an hour. She was truly such an incredible doula to work with, and I can’t even begin to imagine what it would have been like without her there. She actually wasn’t even scheduled for our birth, but volunteered to be available when our doula was out of town for the weekend. Not only did Sarah come and cover for several hours, but she also stayed to support us through our delivery even when she didn’t have to. She’s incredible, and anyone who uses her is CERTAINLY in good hands!

Bethany Alexander


Sarah was wonderful to work with. She was so helpful before, during and after my birth. She provided my husband and I the support that we needed to have a great natural birth experience. We can’t thank her enough! She was also a huge support for us in the days following the birth as we were learning to adjust to life with a newborn.

Alexis Giessuebel


Sarah was an excellent support person for me during the pregnancy and birth of my youngest son. She provided me with a lot of information on VBAC's and pregnancy in general. Once a repeat cesarean became more and more likely, she provided me with information on possible induction methods and other ideas on how to possibly have the birth I so wanted. Eventually it became clear that a medically necessary repeat cesarean would be the safest option for baby, and I was heartbroken. Sarah stuck with me and provided a lot of emotional support and an ear to listen when even my family could not understand why I was so upset. At the hospital the day of the cesarean, she made my room feel more comfortable and got me tissues and held together my gown when the nurses needed to move me around. After the birth she was very supportive and helped me feel relaxed and even fanned me for a while when I was extremely hot and couldn't get cooled off! I would definitely use her again if I get pregnant again!

James Kwiatkowski


Words cannot express how much of a godsend Sarah was for our family! She was with us for the birth of our second son. Our circumstances changed towards the end of my pregnancy and my husband and I decided seek the help and support of a doula. Our first meeting was scheduled in home but I ended up on Labor and Delivery, Sarah was awesome and was willing to meet my husband and I at the hospital! We knew after our first meeting that we wanted Sarah to be our doula. She listened attentively to our needs and was caring and understanding of our situation. During labor Sarah was with us every step of the way. She helped create a relaxing environment, was there when I needed another hand to hold, she massaged my head and neck and used essential oils to help me relax. She supported every decision I made. Towards the end of labor I was in significant pain and exhausted, I wanted an epidural, she encouraged and helped get me though the pain and I was ultimately able to deliver our son with no pain medication or medical interventions! I was able to have a natural birth which was so important to me! My husband and I cannot say enough positive things about our experience with Sarah!! We highly recommend Sarah!

Kendra Williams


First I want to Thank Sarah for being an amazing doula. Sarah was my doula for my second child. And even though I had been through preganncy and the birthing process I was having a lot of anxiety. Sarah was always there when I needed her wether Through text or a phone call. We met twice before my labor and they were great meetings that when she left I felt relaxed and excited about bringing another baby into the world. On the day i went into labor she was a phone call away and met me at the hospital quickly. During my laboring process, which was very different than my first, she was very comforting and supportive. She helped me to and from the bathroom and even helped me when I wanted to get in the shower on the yoga ball. I was in the bed a lot due to uncontrollable chills that had me feeling unstaeady and weak. Sarah was still comforting with massaging my back and using heating pad. Before I started to push I had a very bad anxiety attack and Sarah was right there to help calm me down. My labor went by very quickly and Sarah helped me every minute. She was very tentative to my needs even when I did not even know what I needed.  Thank you Sarah and if I decide to have another baby in the late future you will be the first person I call. XOXO

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