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Tiffany Ammons


Having Devon with me during the birth of my daughter in August of 2022 was an experience I will forever cherish. From the moment we met, her warmth and expertise instantly put me at ease. Throughout the entire process, she was a pillar of support, providing guidance, reassurance, and unwavering encouragement. Her remarkable skills and extensive knowledge not only eased any anxieties but also empowered me to navigate each stage of labor with confidence. Her kindness and genuine care made me feel heard, understood, and deeply supported. She intuitively knew exactly what I needed, whether it was a soothing touch, a calming word, or just her reassuring presence. She was not only an incredible source of comfort during one of the most transformative moments of my life but also a true guardian angel who guided me through the journey of bringing my precious daughter into the world.

Edith and Mati


Devon came highly recommended, and after interviewing her and other doula's, I realized why. She was more attentive and experienced than most. Prior to labor, we met a couple of times. She recommends supplements and foods for me to take to prepare for labor. She also taught me and my husband the wonderful Spinning Babies technique to prepare us for labor.

I labored for 46 hours. Devon met us at 3 a.m., after I'd been laboring for a day, and didn't leave my side until 3 a.m. the next day. During labor, she made sure I was eating the nutrient-dense smoothies she had me prepare for labor. She recommended various techniques to help me manage pain and move labor along including labor poses, the tens unit, laboring in water, and walking. At times when labor wasn’t progressing, I felt disillusioned, but she remained positive and made me believe I was strong and capable. 

I received an episiotomy that I didn't consent to with my first pregnancy, so I was nervous about pushing this time around. However, Devon coached me through each push and even suggested the pose that I eventually delivered in. I successfully delivered tear-free! Afterwards, Devon stayed with us to make sure that baby was latching, we had skin to skin, and I was doing good. After being discharged later that day, my husband and I both turned to each other and said simultaneously, "She was worth every penny!” 

Days later, Devon visited us to record our birth story and make sure breastfeeding was going well. As I nursed baby, Devon propped up more pillows around me than I was used to, but it immediately allowed me to relax and feel more supported while nursing. Devon is a lot like those pillows: she supports you in every way possible to allow you to relax and feel supported during the natural, spontaneous process of labor and delivery. She was a treasure to have on our birthing team and I would not hesitate to hire her again.



Jean Zhuang


Working with Devon was the best decision we made during the pregnancy. She went above and beyond to make sure that my partner and I felt supported, cared for, and heard throughout labor. I experienced a lot of emotions during those hours--fear, desperation, pain, among many others. But what shines through all of that is the overwhelming sense of gratitude for Devon's presence, as she helped me adjust my body to position the baby, pushed on pressure points to ease pain through contractions, and made sure I was well-nourished and that I rested when I could. And she worked so well with the nurses, my partner, and the midwife. Devon was a constant and reassuring presence during one of the most difficult times of my life, and my partner has said countless times that he doesn't know how he would have survived those hours without her supporting us both. I think what is most telling is that after our baby was born and we had him in our arms--and after Devon helped us get settled into the recovery room and even thought to order us food--we did NOT want her to leave (even though she needed some very hard-earned rest). We looked at each other and both thought that we would happily invite her calm and wise self to live with us and teach us how to raise this newborn. Thank you for everything, Devon. We love you!

Pegah & Ali


Hiring Devon was the best decision we made during my pregnancy. She was everything we were looking for in a doula. She is highly knowledgeable, empathetic, and professional, and working with her greatly eased our anxiety about the birth journey. The prenatal meetings and emails were packed with valuable information and resources about pregnancy and birth, making us feel more prepared and confident. Devon is a fantastic listener and took the time to discuss our birth vision in detail and address our concerns and fears.

On the big day, she was with us every step of the way, supporting us with her warm and calming presence. She guided me into comfortable positions during labor and used various comfort measures. She worked seamlessly with the rest of our care team and ensured that our voice was heard. Thanks to Devon, we had the positive and empowering birth experience we had envisioned. She also stayed with us for a couple of hours after delivery to help us settle. Later, she visited us for our postpartum meeting where we processed and recounted the birth together, and she educated us on sevaral topics related to postpartum recovery and newborn care. Her support was invaluable during the early days of parenthood.

We are so grateful that Devon was a part of our birth story and cannot recommend her enough!

Hayley & Tommy


It’s hard to put into words how much having Devon as my Doula meant to both my husband and I. Devon took the time during our prenatal meetings to get to know me, my birth preferences & to hear any concerns I had. She helped educate me and my husband on the labor & delivery process and sent us valuable resources to utilize during pregnancy and labor preparation. Labor is just as much mental (if not more) as it is physical and preparation is key! She gave me the tools to make sure I was ready both mentally and physically to reach my personal goals.

Devon included my husband in every step of the process. It allowed him to feel confident so he could best support me. He and Devon worked together as the perfect team during labor! Devon has a positive and comforting presence which is essential during the vulnerable moments of labor/birth. When she arrived at the hospital, her presence alone helped me feel safe and calm. Most importantly, she helped me advocate for myself. Without her I wouldn’t have had such a positive & empowering birth experience. I never once doubted myself or worried during labor & Devon is to thank for that.

My husband and I recommend Devon for both first time and repeat parents. Any mother would benefit greatly from her guidance. You won’t regret having Devon on your birth team! Thank you Devon for helping me achieve my goal of an unmedicated VBAC!

Joe and Lauren Dickey


We loved working with Devon leading up to and through the birth of our daughter. She was attentive to our needs in preparing for the birth and a great advocate for us while at the hospital. Even when faced with some unexpected complications Devon's hands-on approach was pivotal in helping the birth process go smoothly. Her presence is both calming and strong which is exactly what we were looking for in a doula. When the time comes, we'd love to work with her again! 

Johnny Massengale


Devon is an angel. She came highly recommended from our good friends and she exceeded expecations. Devon did an excellent job of meeting with us before the baby came, at our home, and showing us spinning baby exercises. In addition she answered numerous questions and concerns. She has a very calming presence, which combined with her knowledge and experience put us at ease. When it came to the big day Devon responded immediately to our texts and calls and met us at the hospital. She did a great job of advocating for us and working with the nurses and providers at the hospital. We both strongly believe that had Devon not been there we may have had a baby by c-section and are grateful that she and the team continued working with us so our little girl was born safely. Afterwards, Devon continued to support us and checked in on us while continuing to educate us, for instance showing us how baby carriers worked! Definite 5 stars, if you are looking for a doula, choose Devon, if you aren't looking for a doula, choose Devon. Thanks Devon!



Devon is a gem! She's empathetic, thoughtful, positive, and super professional. She knows her stuff and I felt confident in her skills and knowledge throughout our journey together. She dedicates her time well to make sure we have everything we need to enter into the birthing space with her prenatal visits and consults. And once in the delivery room, she seamlessly flowed with us, applying all the support we had discussed previously that I was looking for and somehow still had time to take notes and photos (which helped me after when I was trying to recall how and when things happened). I also appreciated how well she knew UNC and how they function to better navigate the space, as well as knowing a lot of the nurses and midwives already. She was very respectful in working with them and together we all made an excellent birth team. She even stayed with us for several hours after the birth to make sure we were okay and were ready to enter into our first night together as a family. And her postpartum visit was also very helpful and supportive, especially to process the birth. For knowing her a relatively short time, I felt a lot of trust and grounding from her. I'm so grateful that she was part of our birthing experience, and she will always be a precious part of our story.



We had the best experience with Devon as our birth doula. In the weeks leading up to birth, Devon provided a lot of great information that helped us to prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically. During labor and birth itself, Devon was invaluable. She helped me feel supported and created a feeling of safety and calm. She helped me cope with contractions through encouragement and counter-pressure. She made sure I stayed hydrated and fueled. She was present the entire time and always there when I needed her. After baby arrived, she made sure baby, husband, and I all had what we needed. All in all, Devon was an amazing support. I was able to have a birth so closely aligned with my vision without an epidural, and it would not have been possible without her!

Lorn and Heather


Devon’s calming presence and wealth of experience during the preparation for delivery, labor, and final delivery of my wife and I's first child ensured everything went as smoothly as possible. While the medical professionals did an excellent job of caring for my wife and the baby, Devon offered respectful and helpful suggestions and consistently sought to reassure us that everything was proceeding normally. In addition, she remained conscious of our birth plan wishes and helped us to guarantee that they were followed when my wife was focused on her labor and I was focused on supporting her.

Admittedly, I was initially skeptical of a doula's presence for my wife’s labor and the delivery of our daughter. After meeting Devon, however, I felt reassured that she would not only be a valuable asset to the birthing team, but also someone my wife and I felt comfortable around during such an intimate experience. Our experience at the hospital confirmed that we were right to choose Devon.

In addition to the labor and delivery assistance, Devon was also helpful in the stressful (and sleepless) time after the birth of our child. She was always willing to answer a question or offer support as well as direct us to other resources such as night doulas.

If you are considering a doula, or even on the fence about it, my wife and I would highly recommend you meet with Devon.

Adams Family


We worked with Devon during our second pregnancy and birth and had an awesome experience with her.  After a tough first delivery, Devon's knowledge, guidance, and support made our vision for our second birth a successful reality.  She helped us prepare both physically and mentally with tools and techniques rooted in a broad span of traditions and practices.  And when it came time to have our baby, her presence and direction in the delivery room ensured that the medical team was aligned with our priorities throughout the birth.  We are so, so thankful for Devon!

Gean and Kyle


Devon is worth her weight in gold! Thanks to her, I had exactly the natural, empowered, beautiful delivery I wanted and a strong start to breastfeeding my son. I've already recommended her to a pregnant friend and we will definitely hire her for the next delivery!

I had a high risk pregnancy and the OB was pushing for an induction without providing enough information, and I desperately wanted a natural, low-intervention childbirth because of my prior experiences with surgeries and hospitals. There is honestly no way I would have asked all the right questions and felt confident and empowered in my decisions without Devon's gentle support. She did such an amazing job guiding me to evidence-based resources, providing info on how to get my body ready, answering all my anxious questions, educating my husband on how to support me... it was just what we needed as first time parents. 

My labor began in the most fast and furious manner (contractions went from nothing to 1m 45s apart in half an hour), and by the time we called Devon and got to the hospital, I was ready to give in and get an epidural. Thankfully my husband remembered enough of what she taught him to tide me over once we got in, and once Devon got there, it was like someone took the pain down 4 levels and made everything more doable because of her guidance. The nurses also clearly trusted her and knew they could rely on her, so I didn't have to deal with a crowd around me -- just my husband and Devon most of the time -- which made laboring much more natural and pleasant for me. And when I was exhausted from pushing, she said just the right thing to get me to regroup and open my eyes, so I could see my baby being born, which still makes me cry to remember. 

Really, we can't recommend her enough, and especially those with a complicated pregnancy or some medical trauma. My husband kept saying after that she doesn't charge enough (seriously, Devon!). She's a rockstar.



When we started searching for a doula, two different people suggested that we talk with Devon. We knew we found the right person five minutes into our first conversation. Gentle, calm and, above all, compassionate, Devon prepared us for the Big Day and when it finally arrived – three weeks early! – she was our rock. I can barely remember the labor (as Devon says, I was in “laborland”), but my husband described the delivery team as an ensemble that was led by Devon who acted like a masterful conductor. At one moment, the midwife was about to leave thinking that the labor would take quite a while and she had the time to visit other patients, but Devon saw (or felt?) that the baby was about to arrive. She asked the midwife to stay for a little longer and the baby’s head began showing a few minutes later. Devon’s ability to actually feel the mother’s condition is a wonderful gift that very few people possess, and it makes her not just a great, but a truly outstanding doula.




This is the second time we hired Devon for her doula services.  We had such a great experience with her the first time and knew she would help us prepare for another positive birth experience to bring our second daughter into the world. This time she was able to join us in the hospital.  She arrived while I was in active labor and since we had a plan ahead of time, she brought her calm demeanor into the room and jumped right in after my husband gave her a quick update.  Devon and my husband gave me gentle reminders while I was in "the zone" which helped me focus and have the birth I wanted.  After my daughter was born, Devon helped us recover for a couple hours while we adjusted to the reality of having our new baby girl.  A week later, Devon visited us for a post-partum meeting and gave us more tips on breastfeeding, recovery and self-care along with recounting the amazing journey we went through to bring our daughter home.  Devon is an amazing doula and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is expecting and searching for a doula.  Thank you Devon!

Alyssa & Graham


Devon was amazing to work with an incredibly knowledgeable. She was very dependable and helped us through the entire process from the meetings leading up to birth and the birth itself. 10/10 would reccomend her to others. 

Kelsey and Gavin Black


We are so grateful to Devon for her amazing work as our doula before, during, and after the birth of our daughter Annie. Devon was very available for any questions we had before the birth, and gave us so many amazing resources at the two prenatal visits we had with her. She showed us several positions and spinning baby techniques to get baby in the optimal position for birth, as well as loaning us books, videos, and affirmation cards to inspire me and prepare me for birthing my daughter. During my (extremely long) labor, Devon was available by phone and text until I wanted her to come to the hospital, where she stayed by my (and my partner's) side the entire 24ish hours until our baby made her appearance earth side. She helped me to get clarity from our healthcare providers, walked with me up and down labor and delivery many times, aided in positioning me for a more comfortable labor, braided my hair when it was in my face, made sure I stayed hydrated, and assured my partner that everything was safe and normal. After the baby was born, she helped us get settled in our recovery room and made sure we had everything we needed before allowing us space to get to know our new little one. We couldn't have asked for a better support system. After arriving and getting settled back at home, we had an amazing postpartum meeting where we discussed and processed my birth experience, she helped me with finding comfortable nursing positions, and she offered support in any way I needed. We wouldn't have wanted to do it without Devon, and we will definitely hire her again if we are lucky enough to continue growing our family. She started as our doula, but ended up as a valuable friend. 

Shaun W.


I want to start this review off by saying upfront that getting a doula for our son’s birth was an act of acquiescence rather than approval. I didn’t think we needed one. I had read everything I could get my hands on about how to be a good birth partner. The other concern was cost. 

If you are having similar doubts, doubts about the utility and cost of hiring a doula, lay those doubts to rest with Devon.  She is incredibly well experienced in what she does.  And what she does is facilitate the best possible birth experience you can have, even when things take unexpected turns.  Devon will meet with you several weeks to month before your delivery date so that she can get to know both partners, assess their personalities and strengths, and then use those traits to guide both partners through the birthing process. Our birth plan ended up breaking down entirely, but Devon was there the whole time, coaching, supporting (both physically and emotionally), guiding both of us to help things progress in ways that we would not have thought of on our own.  Believe me, once labor starts most of what I learned went right out the window as soon as labor started.  Part of labor are a deer in headlights situation.  Devon makes the situation lighter and can help guide during those moments when your brain just freezes up. That is most of what Devon does, she guides, and she is a very excellent guide!

As for the cost, I would wholeheartedly say that it’s worth it.  A bargain even! Think of it this way… Can you find your way around a foreign country on your own?  Sure, you’ll probably be fine.  But will you enjoy your trip more if you have a guide who can show you what you really want to see and do so with far less stress.

Devon is a great doula and I wholeheartedly appreciate her role in our labor, delivery and post partum period.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.



We worked with Devon for the birth of our first child, and wholeheartedly recommend her! Everything about the birth was special, intense, and wonderful - and having Devon guide us towards meeting our son was instrumental. Devon empowered my husband and me with knowledge (she's a true expert in her field!) about what we should expect during labor/birth, different intervention options and a decision-making framework that helped us figure out our preferences for our hospital birth, and a gentle, calm and supportive demeanor that gave us tremendous confidence. With Devon's guidance both over the phone, and because of the coaching she had given my husband on how to best support me, I was able to labor at home for the majority of early labor. Devon helped me realize my hope of experiencing labor and birth intervention-free (I had hoped for an intervention-free birth, but I was open to medical support depending on how I was coping). Her practical, hands-on physical and mental support, as well as how she gently coached my husband to be a confident birth partner, made all the difference. The other very special thing about Devon is that she worked seamlessly with my care team at the hospital. It was very important to us that we work with a doula who would be an extension of our care team, and we could not have hoped for a more perfect match. After the birth, Devon stayed with us until we got settled in, and made sure that my son and I were able to get a good start with breastfeeding. Those early moments are a happy blur, and Devon made sure that we had everything we needed to begin our journey as a family of three. We are immeasurably lucky to have worked with her, and could not have had a more incredible birth experience.

Lorena Wagner


I am so thankful to have Devon as my doula. From the first point of contact, she made me feel supported and embraced with compassion. She graciously gave her time and made me feel validated, acknowledged, and seen. She ensured I was equipped to manage labor pain with holistic and evidence-based practices and anticipated my needs during my arduous labor and delivery. Devon, the doula, was not just there for me but my husband as well. She made my husband the partner I needed him to be, to become as supportive as he could be in all the right ways. Devon has also ensured that my baby latched on to me during that golden hour when I could not. She stayed with us until we were comfortable in the postpartum unit. She also does fairy hair (that I am still rocking now:) Truly, her work is magic.

Natalie & Shawn


For our second birth we knew we wanted a doula who was calm, supportive, and would work well with a birth team in the hospital. Through a search on, we found Devon and she was amazing. Even though I felt like I was experienced having already had one unmedicated birth in the hospital, she provided even more tips and tricks prior to and during delivery. On the day of our son's birth, she arrived at our house first and went to the hospital with us. She checked in at the front desk with me, walked the halls of the hospital with me as I labored, and was there as we settled into the delivery room. I felt even more comforted when we walked in the room and she knew both the nurse and the midwife already - her familiarity with my team allowed for the most incredible teamwork I had ever witnessed in a medical setting. She made suggestions when it was clear I needed to change positions and knew when to hang back when the midwife was evaluating me. Not only was she encouraging during the final phases of labor, but she was pivotal in getting my son to "flip" as he had turned in the midst of active labor to cause some very painful "back labor" - she suggested positions that others in the room hadn't considered. It was like everyone in the room was working in sync to get that baby to turn back around!! After a few contractions where Devon kept helping me to get in position, he turned back around and was born into my hands with two quick pushes. I am not sure I could have made it through unmedicated if she wasn't there! Additionally Devon was there to remind the midwife of my birth preferences, giving my husband the space to focus on me. It was an incredible birth and I am so grateful that Devon was there to ensure it went the way I hoped.

Julie Causey


Interested in achieving a natural birth, I hired a doula. Devon was incredible. She taught heath and I positions and techniques to aid in the delivery of Shae, placing our well-being and wishes first and foremost. Overall, she was an advocate for me throughout the entire birth. Her expertise saved me numerous times. Specifically during the last moments of my cervix reaching 10 cm, helping me get closer to pushing and knowing the entire process, signs, and symptoms of birth. The hip squeeze was a life saver! She listened to me and paid attention to my body language, giving feedback and guiding my husband through the entire labor and birth. During the "active phase" of labor I didn't speak, she was able to explain the process to my spouse and encourage me through the hardest part of labor. I couldn’t have done it without her! My husband, Heath was amazing, he pulled Shae out and that would have never happened without Devon initiating and pushing us both out of our comfort zones. We will never forget this experience, all thanks to Devon! 

Joy and Lee


HIRE DEVON!!!  I can't express enough gratitude for the support we received from Devon through pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum.  For a first time mom, she provided great education about how to prepare for birth and calmed any anxieties we were feeling.  Devon always followed up after prenatal appointments with detailed emails/resources and regularly checked in on us.  She was not just a doula, but a true friend to our family.  Devon was an invaluable member of our birth team.  She supported myself and my husband throughout our (long) labor at the birth center.  We have said time and time again that we would not have had the birth experience we desired without the help of Devon who was a constant source of comfort and strength while I was laboring.  Devon brings years of experience and motherly love to her work as a doula and we cannot recommend her enough! 

Juthika and Evan


We initially met Devon through the Triangle Doula Collective zoom meeting. We had one personal meeting and knew immediately that I want Devon by my side during my birth. My pregnancy had complications that came up in the third trimester and we realized soon enough that I wouldn't be able to go to labor on my own. In the months leading up to induction, I have found Devon to be extremely thorough in her work taking detailed notes about me and my pregnancy as well as educating us on what to expect during labor. She was always available via text messages/phone. My labor itself was very long and being in the mental state that I was, I texted her to come right away to the hospital. She was there for me at early labor through the period where my labor stalled and all the way going up to the postpartum room. She worked fantastically with the nurses in the hospital always thinking of the positions that I should be placed at for the correct baby's orientation during the pushing phase. She was our voice to the hospital staff during this difficult time. She was also the voice of reason for me when I had given up on a vaginal birth in the middle of my labor and requested a C-section. Without her and my husband's motivating words, I dont think I would have made it through with a vaginal delivery. I also had several post delivery complications and Devon was always by my side asking the right questions to the doctors. In the midst of all the chaos, she also made sure my husband was well rested and well fed. Her postpartum visit after I was back home from the hospital again was full of rich information and she covered multiple topics that made me feel very comfortable and confident. 

My husband and I are extremely pleased with the level of service Devon provided to us. We would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone who is looking for birthing doula support. To us, she is not just a DOULA, she is a SUPER DOULA! Thanks Devon; we are so grateful.

Sandra Davis


To our family Devon was so much more than a doula we found online. She supported my husband and I during pregnancy, quickly answering any and all questions we had. Her support was founded in current research and a wealth of experience. Her prenatal visits gave my husband and I invaluable knowledge and preparation for birth, and with that a sense of calm and peace. During labor, Devon was our anchor. She grounded my husband and I with emotional and physical support, as well as advocated for my needs. My husband especially valued Devon's support during labor because it allowed him to be present for me as a partner and not have to be a birth expert. The hospital staff was incredibly complimentary of Devon and her ability to seamlessly integrate into the care team. I could not have had my ideal birth without Devon and she will always hold a special and integral place in my birth story. I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone looking for doula support! 



I am a Taiwanese and moved to NC one year ago. I wished my parents could have come over here and helped me with my birth and postpartum. However, I had to cancel my parents’s flight tickets due to the precaution of COVID-19.  
I really needed VBAC to make myself recover more quickly so that I can take care of my older daughter who has sleeping problems and newborn during this pandemic time. Finally, I reached out to some doulas six weeks ago (34weeks)  at the last moment almost before my due date. I was so happy to talk with the doulas Devon and Joanne who shared the articles, videos and experience about VBAC. I had happy hours with Devon for the prenatal yoga and spinning baby exercise. I didn’t know if I would have a chance of VBAC or not but I wanted to try something interesting and make me happier.

When I was 37 weeks and came back from the appointments with the midwife, I had contractions suddenly and felt VERY painful. I tried to figure out if it was uterus rupture. I was at home only with my 2.5 yrs daughter and felt very nervous. I called my doula Devon and she felt something might happen fast and decided to visit me ASAP. Devon also called another doula Joanne who I didn’t signed any contract with her yet. Joanne drove to my house and knew that I might have no time to go to the DRH to deliver my baby because my water bag was broken and she saw my baby’s head almost. Devon drove her van and Joanne helped me and gave me instructions for labor. Finally I delivered my baby boy on Devon’s van four minutes before we arrived at DRH. The staffs in DRH are very helpful! Devon stayed with me and my baby at the first night. She was VERY thoughtful and kind to my baby and me. I can’t have a happy birth if I don’t have Devon. She took care of me, prepared the meals and taught me how to be relaxed with my newborn!I appreciated it even it was not what I expected. It was definitely a VBAC!

Jinger and Josh


Devon is an amazing doula and was an excellent resource for my husband and I. She guided us in building our birth plan, demonstrated spinning babies techniques and acupressure points which gave us more confidence when I went into labor. 

I went though my 3rd trimester during the beginning of COVID-19, right when policies were changing at the hospital. Her knowledge of what to expect at the hospital was very helpful since we were not able to attend any classes or take a tour of the maternity ward at UNC Women's Hospital. Devon was unable to join my husband and I during labor, however she was available through cell phone and video conferencing. The preperation time with Devon was very thorough before going to the hospital so when it was "go time" we felt fully ready.

After we got home with our daughter, Devon made a postpartum visit and gave us helpful tips on breastfeeding and my recovery process.

I would highly recommend Devon for anyone who is pregnant and looking for guidance through this incredible journey to bring their little one into the world. 

Anna Wright & J.R. Whitley


When we found out we were pregnant with our first child, we knew that we wanted to be at a birthing center and that we wanted to have an unmedicated birth. Navigating the waters as first-time parents, we both felt that the support and knowledge of a doula would help us journey through labor and birth confidently. Devon gave us not only the encouragement we needed, but kept us grounded, empowered and comforted from the last months of pregnancy through the first weeks at home. Her gentle spirit mixed with a deep knowledge of her craft was exactly what we were hoping for. Towards the end of our pregnancy, the pandemic started and began to change the way we thought the last months would go. Devon went above and beyond our expectations to accomodate us- checking in regularly, staying informed, finding ways for us to meet safely and providing a calming energy during what was an incredibly anxious time. Devon took the time to learn how to best support each of us individually and as a unit.  We started at a birth center and unexpectedly transferred to a hospital.  Due to the pandemic, Devon wasn't able to come with us to the hospital, but her presence was felt the entire time.  She stayed in constant communication and was able to guide and support each of us as we continued through labor and delivery.  Even after arriving home, Devon continued to provide wisdom and encouragement that were so valuable for us both. Having Devon by our side was a key part of what has allowed us to look back on our birth experience with gratitude.  We cannot express enough what an integral part of our birth team she was.  Devon is Awesome!   

Kathryn Lynn


When we found out we were pregnant with our first child, we knew we wanted a doula to help us through the process. Both my husband and I are engineers and make sure to collect as much data and do as much research as possible before making any important decision. Devon stood out to us because of her organization and overall knowledge of the birth process. She was also very easy to get along with which was important to me because of how tense the process could be. She met with us several times before the birth to talk through coping strategies and how we wanted the birth to go. She spent hours with us and allowed us to keep some of the aides she brought to help us improve our knowledge about labor and delivery. On the day of she was extremely helpful and stayed with us for 30 hours while our baby girl was born. She took shifts with my husband to allow him to rest during the long labor. She was a calming force in the labor and delivery room and helped make the birth an amazing experience. She meticulously watched the monitors, explained processes as they were happening, and called in the nurses when they were needed. She suggested positions to help with the pain and made sure I drank water and ate to keep my strength up. Devon's postpartum visit a few days after the birth lasted several hours where she talked through my healing and helped with strategies to soothe baby. Devon is someone I have recommended to friends and would use again for any subsequent births. 



I truly can't recommend Devon enough - I wish everyone could work with her during their pregnancy! This was my first pregnancy, and my husband and I thought we knew what to expect and did a lot of reading, but our two prenantal meetings with Devon were eye-opening and taught us so much about what to expect, what kinds of choices we had, things to do to prepare that we had never thought of, and just gave us so much reassurance. After the second meeting, my husband said he couldn't imagine doing this without her! In addition, Devon checked in with me regularly to see how I was doing, feeling, and if there was anything she could assist with in the meanwhile. She always provided a calming and helpful hand.

Fast-forward to labor, and Devon was a blessing. She was reassuing by text and on the phone ahead of time before we knew it was the "real deal," and met us at the hospital at 1:30am. Throughout my 33 hours of labor, Devon was again reassuring, calming, kind, supportive, provided so much physical relief, and was an incredible advocate every step and minute of the way. She had my back - both literally and figuratively - throughout the long labor, and even my mother of 3 said she can't imagine people doing this without her! While my labor didn't exactly go according to "plan," I knew what to expect and how to make the right choices for my family since Devon had discussed with us how to change course if and when we needed to.

During our postpartum meeting, she was again a font of knowledge and resources, and provided so much emotional and mental support, as well as guidance for physical recovery. I wish everyone could work with Devon, and will without a doubt seek her out again if we decide to have another child.



As I neared the end of my third pregnancy, I knew that this would be my last chance to have the unmedicated birth that I had been hoping for since the beginning. When I met Devon, I believed that she could provide the expertise, support, and skill set that I needed to be able to finally have the childbirth experience that I wanted. And I was right!

Devon far and away exceeded our expectations. She took the time to get to know me and my husband and provided hands on learning opportunities during our two prenatal home visits. I never felt rushed with her. She responded to all of my texts and phone calls promptly and gave thoughtful answers. She readily shared information based on her experiences while at the same time giving me complete freedom to do what I needed to do.

From early labor at home through the delivery of my baby girl, Devon was a rock star. She reminded me about what was important to me, based on what I had shared in our prior conversations. She normalized the experience for my husband and made him feel comfortable. She made countless helpful suggestions and provided continuous physical support with a variety of position changes throughout the process of labor. She did an excellent job of partnering with the hospital staff and being on the same team with them. And she helped to advocate for me so that I could keep my baby as close to me as possible after birth. I had her undivided attention and energy at all times. Devon was calm, steadfast, and strong throughout the entire process. 

As a third time mom, I wasn't sure I needed a postpartum visit. But, once again, the time I spent with Devon was so valuable. She taught me (finally) how to use a Moby wrap. She also taught me strategies to help me and my daughter get some much needed sleep. I am confident that I never could have had an unmedicated birth without Devon's assistance. She gave me that gift and my husband and I are grateful. 

Jessie Maxwell


I’m a first time parent and didn’t think that we really needed a doula. Boy was I wrong. Having Devon with us for labor and delivery (and before and after) was such a gift. She has a calm, direct attitude, and is the kind of person that immediately puts you at ease.

Devon was a huge help to my husband (and of course me, too). She helped us work together through labor and helped me feel safe, secure, and confident even during the most intense moments. We also credit Devon with helping us work our baby into the right position for delivery. If/when we decide to have another baby, we will definitely ask Devon to be with us again.

Brian Bochicco


Devon was a tremendous aid for our family during the pregnancy and ultimate delivery of our second son. As my wife had an extremely tough delivery with our first son (3rd degree tear, requiring blood transfusions, among other complications), we had hired Devon to help prepare my wife mentally and physically, such that she would feel empowered / confident this time around. Devon far exceeded our expectations particularly during the early morning birth of our son. Her calm yet guiding presence along with her unfailing advocacy was truly felt by us both. We will, without a doubt, use Devon again in any future delivery!

Chelsy Hill


The first time I spoke with Devon I immediately felt comfortable with her. My husband and I met Devon in-person that weekend to ask questions and to feel out the ‘vibe’. She was so professional and personable we didn’t meet with any other doulas.

We had 2 in-homes with Devon where she was always responsive, timely, and prepared with conversation driving questions. Devon offered advice including techniques to help throughout pregnancy (stretches, comfort measures, spinning babies techniques) and ideas to help prepare both mentally/physically for the challenges that lay ahead. Meeting with Devon was always natural and comfortable, she listened, gave advice, and sent thoughtful and thorough follow up messages with helpful resources.

Naturally this same level of experience and connectedness was present when it came time for delivery! My husband and I used the techniques we learned while we labored at home during the early stages. Devon later met us at the birth center where she was a mental and physical coach by encouraging throughout, she reminded me to stay present in breathing through contractions and to try different positions to ease the pain. She also encouraged my husband’s involvement – never once putting him out of the situation, but tagging in when she saw he was tiring (and even as they worked together to support me.) After the baby was born Devon took notes and a few photos for us, and she even helped my son and I with our first breastfeeding latch. A few days after we had settled in Devon came for a home visit where she again helped us transition into this new world with baby.

It’s difficult to put into words the level of support that Devon brought to our experience. I sincerely cannot imagine going through childbirth without her help and I recommend Devon to anyone expecting a child! I feel fortunate to have the experience we shared as I feel we developed a friendship!

Emily Freeman


Devon is a wonderful doula and I'm extremely happy we decided to work with her! We met with her a few times before our daughter was born and found her very knowledgeable about the birth process and she was easily able to convey that information to us. Devon is an excellent listener and made sure she understood our birth plan and preferences well before my due date. During labor, Devon provided a calming presence for both me and my partner. She made sure that we knew what was happening at every stage of labor and during some difficult decisions we had to make. Devon stayed with us through a transfer to the hospital and then provided excellent postpartum support. If we decide to have another child, I would hire Devon again!

Eric Hill


We met with Devon a number of times before our son was born. Our initial interview with her went really well and we loved her personality and professional demeanor. She was incredibly helpful in getting us ready for laboring and showed us a ton of great stretches and other such moves to relieve a lot of the sore muslces associated with pregnancy. She also taught us some spinning babies techniques to make sure the baby was in the best position possible for a simple birth. Devon was on call for us for a few weeks and when the time came for me to call it was indeed 3AM and she had no problem with talking to me about the beginning of our labor. We continued to labor at home for a number of exhausting hours. Devon met us at the birth center and she was such an incredible help. I'd been in charge of all the massaging and soothing of my wife since 11PM the previous day so I was happy to have her step in and give me a break. Throughout our time at baby and co Devon provided great suggestions for ways to speed up the labor and keep things going as well as pain relief and coping techniques. I never once felt like I was left out of the loop or that I'd been replaced by Devon. After the delivery she helped my wife establish the first latch for breast feeding and got us started on your post partum journey.

I don't know how people give birth without doulas. We had originally thought that we wouldn't need a doula because we'd be giving birth at a birth center with the help of midwives. The truth is the midwives kinda leave you to your own devices and your own education for ways to cope with whats happening to and around you. Devons experience proved to be invaluable and I would recommend her to anyone who is thinking of having a baby - and I've already recommended her to friends who are expecting. If we were to have another child I'd hire Devon in a heartbeat.

Gretchen Coll


We had an amazing experience with Devon! From our home visits, communication throughout pregnancy, labor, and postpartum, Devon was fully engaged and supportive the entire time. My partner and I learned so much from the two home visits with Devon. She gave us the skills, tools and confidence heading into labor. This helped lower our anxiety, prepare my partner for supporting me through labor, and gave me lots of time to practice comfort techniques and labor positions. I am a planner by nature and even though you can't plan your ideal labor and delivery, I really appreciated that Devon tried to prepare us for all that could happen during labor while also staying positive and supportive of our birth plan. I felt prepared for all the curveballs that could have come our way. As a first-time mom and dealing with the unknown, Devon eased our worries and helped build our confidence. I was excited heading into the labor instead of anxious or worried.

The minute that Devon met us at the birth center I felt instantly calm and relaxed knowing that Devon was there to support me through the birth experience. Devon was gentle, positive, continued to build my confidence throughout the pushing stage, and helped me listen to my body’s needs. She kept reminding me that everyone was there to support me which really helped me feel like I was part of a team rather than laboring all on my own. I wanted an unmedicated labor and with Devon’s preparation beforehand and encouragement during labor I was able to have my ideal birth experience.  She stayed for several hours after delivery to support breastfeeding, love on our baby, and help me ease into recovery.  Devon’s follow up visit two weeks after delivery was wonderful. She helped me practice additional breastfeeding positions and gave us recommendations on how to prepare for the coming weeks.

I’m so thankful for Devon’s support and I cannot recommend her enough!

Zarrin Patton


We are so glad we decided to hire Devon for our second pregnancy! From our prenatal visits to the labor and deliver, Devon‘s care and compassion and attention to our wants was amazing. She really helped my husband and I feel more at ease during the whole process and her calmness and sense of ease really made our experience at the hospital so much less scary and actually really special. Her knowledge of Spinning Babies and accupressue really made the hard transition part of labor a lot easier and helped me get through more of the contractions in a calmer and more present way than my first labor. Overall, we cannot say enough about how wonderful our experience with Devon was, we would highly recommend using her as a Doula for anyone! - Zarrin and Josh

Amy Rackley


Devon has a calm and reassuring demeanor which was exactly what my husband and I wanted. She is very knowledgeable and shared her knowledge and resources during home visits. She was available to us throughout the end of our pregnancy to answer questions and offer reassurance. During labor and delivery Devon was incredibly supportive and encouraging for both my husband and myself. We are grateful for Devon and highly recommend her! She goes above and beyond what her contract states!

Nicole Kanarr


Our experience with Devon was nothing short of wonderful. From the very first meeting we knew she was the doula we wanted to be present during the birth or our little boy. It was important to me in interviewing potential candidates that they value the teamwork present between partners. We hired a doula not because we felt we needed more support but instead to enhance the support and relationships already present. Devon exemplified this. She is a wealth of knowledge and we very much enjoyed her ideas such as spinning baby techniques and ways to be prepared for the birth. Her presence during the birth was magical. She seemlessly entered into the hospital room and my husband will say now, relief washed over him. She remembered all of our wishes and presented as the calm and encouraging expert we had hoped for. I cannot say enough about Devon. She was the light that guided our birthing journey (before AND after the birth). She advocated for us when we needed, and stepped back when the time came for special new family moments. The highest complement I am sure is that if and when we are hiring a doula again, we will hire her!

Erica B


We went back and forth about having a doula for our second birth, having not had one for our first, we were not convinced it was necessary; we are beyond happy that we chose to! Devon is the reason my birth, which by all accounts would be considered scary and out of control, was the most empowering and magical moment of my life. Devon helped us through a precipitous delivery on the side of the highway. Her calming presence and knowledge of the situation made what could have been a very overwhelming experience, beautiful. She guided both my husband and I so lovingly throughout the entire experience and my baby boy came into the world as peacefully as one can on the side of the road. Having Devon as our doula was quite literally the best decision we have ever made. She was an excellent resource throughout the pregnancy and afterwards. When we were taken to the hospital (departing from our birth center plan), she was an advocate for me and our baby, making sure we were well taken care of and heard. We are so incredibly thankful for Devon. She helped me birth with dignity and grace in the most unlikely of situations. She started out as our doula and ended up as part of our family.

Safiyyah Hassell


I would like to thank Devon, an amazing doula who help my husband and I get through the most moving, touching, and heartfelt experience that we had ever experienced. Her services were amazing and she changed our perspective of pregnancy and childbirth for the best. I was truly amazing with her compassion and expertise in the labor and delivery room. She helped me through my induction from beginning to end. She performed stretches, messages, concentrated on pressure points, and so many other ways to ease my mind. Devon also concentrated on the parents expectations in the delivery room, and she acts as a spokesperson when information from the doctors and nurse felt overwhelming. My husband and I thank you so much and it was a blessing to have worked with you. I have gladly passed your information to my friends and family.

Maylene Laguna


Where do I begin? First, let me preface this by saying that I'm a critical care nurse, and even though hospitals and blood etc don't make me uncomfortable, I knew I wanted a doula because of all the positive outcomes associated with doula assisted births. My husband and I are kind of new to NC, we don't have family or any of our life long friends here for support so we knew that a doula was something we needed. Prior to meeting Devon, we miscarried and unexpectedly got pregnant right away. The wounds were fresh and I was terrified of pregnancy. We met Devon and she made my husband feel really comfortable about inviting this unknown person to a very intimate and frightening experience. Devon was awesome throughout my pregnancy, helping with all kinds of techniques and hands on adjustments to help me deal with the aches and strains of pregnancy. She was also a great resource for my husband... then came labor. I'll spare you the details but I was high risk and we knew having a natural child birth was risky. I didn't get the glorious natural childbirth I wanted, but Devon did something else for me that was absolutely priceless. there were moments in my long labor that I was distraught and she was able to give my husband the tools he needed to provide me with the support I badly needed. In the most challenging moments, her guidance allowed him to give me a genuine comfort that I had never experienced from him. i didn't just fall in love with my newborn son that day. I fell in love with my husband again and I wholeheartedly thank Devon for the gift she gave us. I can never thank her enough for what she has done for my marriage. She's an amazing doula, and you would be crazy to choose anyone else.

Shasta Lewis


After switching to midwifery care more than halfway through my pregnancy, I knew that hiring a doula was going to be essential to allay my fears and support me through my daughter's birth. From the very first meeting, my partner and I knew that Devon was the right doula for us because she was very receptive to our ideas and possesses both a professional and calm demeanor. During our prenatal visits, Devon took the time to listen to my anxieties and provided both an empathetic ear and helpful insight to work through my anxiety. She also helped my partner with ways to support me through those last few weeks and make me more comfortable and prepared for birth.

I was able to approach birth with an open mind and open heart having worked with Devon. Though we planned for an unmedicated, vaginal birth at a birth center, my daughter and I had an unforeseen complication that required an emergency c-section and a subsequent 5-week NICU stay. The night I went into labor was very scary, and the first person I called was Devon. She supported my decision to go to my local hospital and met us there very quickly. She helped advocate for me when I insisted for an ultrasound and then provided immeasurable support to my partner when I was in the OR and our daughter was being resuscitated. Since we don't have family nearby, Devon was absolutely critical during this difficult and emotional ordeal. My partner attributes his stability during that time to Devon.

Since we had such a difficult and different kind of birth, Devon took the time to visit me in the hospital during my recovery and stayed in touch throughout my daughter's NICU stay. That is above and beyond what I would expect from a doula, but Devon is just that kind of wonderful human. I am so glad that she was part of our birth experience and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for doula support.

Carrie Whitaker


Devon served as our doula for the birth of my daughter in May 2017.  Devon was absolutely wonderful and I'm so glad we chose to work with her!

Prior to our due date, Devon met with us for an extensive session covering all the important topics: pre-birth exercises, our birth plan, preparation for labor, etc.  I was impressed with how thorough she was in covering so many topics.  She was very careful to gain full understanding of our preferences for the labor and delivery and to identify ways she could support us at every turn.

On the evening of our birth, Devon met us at the hospital and sprang right into action, supporting and encouraging me through the whole birth process.  Devon brings an incredible sense of calm and peace to the process; the medical staff at the hospital does not have the bandwidth to provide continuous emotional support to laboring mothers, so I was very glad to have Devon present.  She was a very reassuring presence, stood by me steadfastly throughout my labor, and had the right words to say during some of the more intense moments.  I am thrilled to say I was able to deliver my daughter without IV pain mediation or epidural and I honestly do not think this would have been possible without Devon there to guide me through the process and help me figure out how to work with my body during contractions and pushing.

Devon was also amazing in providing support and encouragement to my husband.  She gave him gentle guidance on how to remain involved during my labor and she was always by my side when he needed a moment to step out or to rest.

I am incredibly grateful to Devon and so glad that she is a part of our birth story.  Hiring her was easily one of the best decisions we made in the whole pregnancy/birth preparation process.  I'll be forever grateful to her!

Emily Carmody


We could not have had the birth we wanted without Devon! Devon helped us to welcome our second daughter into the world with a VBAC delivery.

Her prenatal visits were really helpful for my husband and I, and they helped us to think through how we wanted this birth to go. During the deliver, as soon as Devon arrived I knew I was in good hands. Devon supported my husband and myself throughout the birth by suggesting different positions, providing amazing massage, and being our guide through labor and delivery. There were many times where I didn't think I could get through labor without an epidural, but I did because of Devon's expertise and encouragement.

I highly recommend Devon for first time and repeat parents. She is a great support to have in the room with you!

Heather Thorstensen


Hiring Devon as my birth doula was one of my best decisions during pregnancy. My husband and I picked her because of her calm demeanor, the guidance she could give us to make evidence-based and informed decisions, and her positive attitude. She gave us confidence to shoot for the birth plan that I really wanted, and to stick to it when my healthcare providers threw in some hurdles. She helped us prepare mentally by letting us borrow her books, physically by giving us stretches and labor positions to practice at home, and emotionally by being a listening ear to my worries and concerns via email. She helped to open important discussions between my husband and me so we were on the same page about my wishes for the birth. During labor, she was a constant source of support, physically and emotionally. I had my ideal labor and birth experience and I give much of the credit for that to Devon.

Andrew Thorstensen


As the (at the time, to-be) father, I must admit that I was a bit skeptical of getting a doula. But my wife researched it and it brought her a great sense of comfort. After some research, we hired Devon and it was the best decision we made during the pregnancy.

My wife and I both appreciated that Devon was explicit in what she would do with us - two prenatal visits, the birth, a postpartum visit, and unlimited communication between us and her.

During the prenatal visits, my wife and I learned several stretches that helped her body prepare for birth. We spoke to Devon about what our concerns were, about the birth plan, and more. It really helped us to feel prepared for what we were going into. I was also convinced that in the heat of the moment, I would forget something, and Devon knowing our plan was a bit of insurance to make sure I didn't.

Devon was there at our labor right as we needed her. Through the labor, she and I worked together to ease my wife through the laboring process. My wife swears by Devon's hip squeeze, and my wife was able to have her 'plan A' labor.

After that, the postpartum meeting was incredibly useful as well. At that point, you are stressed, learning how to interact with your baby, and just tired. Devon taught us some techniques that over night made our interaction with our child easier. We're getting more sleep, he's less fussy, and its a more efficient household already.

Devon is worth every penny. Even the hospital staff took us aside afterwards to say how impressed they were with her. I can't believe how well everything went, and we know her guidance, support and care are a huge part of that.



I was committed to having a natural childbirth and knew that having a doula would help me to achieve that goal, but Devon proved to be key to my natural childbirth. This was my first time going through labor, and I had no idea how contractions would feel. They were intense, but Devon was all the "medicine" I needed during my 40 hours of unmedicated labor. She was completely present and engaged during each and every one of my contractions (except a few, when she took a very brief, desperately-needed nap at hour 37 or so, and handed the reins over to another one of my birth partners). It semed to me that Devon went above and beyond to help me through each contraction with both her expert hands-on assistance and her words. With Devon by my side, right there with me through each "wave," I never felt like I was going through the wildness of labor on my own--she was there, shouldering the intensity with me, and her skill in doing so was what allowed me to power on for as many hours as I did.

Also, Devon is immensely knowledgeable about natural health and wellness (to the extent you are interested), gentle, and has the physical strength and stamina to manage hundreds of double-hip-squeezes and other physical maneuvers and comfort measures for hours on end. She is also an assertive advocate for you with nurses, etc. should you need that. Devon was generous with her time and energy, much more so than I had anticipated. For example, when she offered to stop by for a visit after my water had broken and I was waiting for contractions to begin, I thought we might have a discussion about what to expect or how to prepare, but it ended up being a dense, multi-hour session of hands-on labor induction strategies and more.

In sum, Devon was a vital part of my birth team, and her dedication and skill helped me to cope. I also greatly appreciated her authentic commitment to natural health and wellness.

Stephanie Westen


At our initial meeting with Devon, I told her that my main goal was to have a vaginal birth, but that I had a lot of anxiety about this. I also told her that my preference was to give birth in a hospital setting and that I planned to have an epidural for pain relief. Devon responded to this by telling me, “This is your birth.” She explained that her job was to enhance our birth experience according to our own vision, whatever that may be.

Our prenatal visit with Devon covered a huge number of topics including pain management, exercises for preparing for labor, and what to expect from both vaginal and C-section births. She continued to ask us questions about how we envisioned the birth, and these questions really did help guide my husband and me through issues we had not yet addressed.

During labor, Devon kept me moving and helped the time pass remarkably quickly. I walked, bounced on the birthing ball, stretched, lunged, and squatted, relaxed in the shower, and danced. Most important was the massage - every time I started having a contraction, Devon would apply a lot of pressure to my hips and lower back, and this significantly helped me manage the pain. I am so proud that I was able to remain calm and upbeat throughout labor and I absolutely credit Devon for this. When I did eventually decide that it was time for an epidural, Devon never attempted to discourage me from this and I greatly appreciated that. As I was pushing, Devon assisted the nurses by suggesting various positions and encouraging me with every contraction.

I would highly recommend Devon as a birth doula to anyone who is looking to get the most out of their birth experience. My memories of giving birth to my daughter are overwhelmingly positive, in large part due to my outstanding birth team. I felt so comfortable with Devon, and her presence in the room helped me to maintain that inner calm that I believe is the reason that I was able to achieve my goals.

Anne Privett


My husband and I met Devon towards the end of our pregnancy (8th month). We had no idea that I would be admitted into the hosptial the following week with preelampia. We were told our baby had to be delivered immediately. I was very sick and scared - this was not a part of our birth plan! Devon was by our side throughout the entire experience and gave full support to myself and to my husband. Her thoughtfulness, kindness, calming techniques and overall support were so important to me & I know it made a huge differece for myself & my family during this diffcult time. She gave me confidence I didn't think I had when it comes to managing pain and was encouraging me throughout my labor. She was my advocate and I am so thankful we chose Devon as our doula. She was so helpful after we all came home from the hospital with breastfeeding tips and we have been sucessful at it ever since. Our baby boy is now four months old! Devon is simply amazing. Anne, Rusty & Henry Privett

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