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Dumfries, VA Service range 35 miles Virginia and DC.


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 600 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Birth Arts International - Certified Birth Doula
  • Hypnobabies - Certified Hypno-Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Birth Arts International - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • Birth Arts International, January 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 4

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education




Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Belly binding
  • Cloth diapering education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Hypnosis for birth
  • Military families support
  • Mother roasting
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reiki
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Please contact me for a complimentary consultation! All birth doula packages include 3 Prenatal meetings, unlimited phone, text, and email support during pregnancy. 24/7 on call service. Labor and birth support, and 1 postpartum visit with breastfeeding help.

Service Area

Dumfries, VA Service range 35 miles Virginia and DC.

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Ashley Proffitt


Amy's exceptional support during my unmedicated birth deserves nothing short of a 5-star review. Her unwavering guidance, insightful advice, and extensive knowledge were instrumental in helping me achieve the birth experience I had hoped for. Amy's warm personality added a comforting touch to the entire process, making her an invaluable presence during this transformative journey. My husband and I are immensely grateful to Amy for her outstanding support during the birth of our child. Her expertise, comforting presence, and genuine care played a pivotal role in making our experience truly special. Amy's guidance ensured not only my well-being but also helped my husband actively participate in the process. We can't thank her enough for being an integral part of this beautiful journey. A heartfelt recommendation to Amy for her exceptional doula services.



Amy is AMAZING. After having to change my want for a natural birth with my first child due to preeclampsia, I found Amy far too late during my second pregnancy, but she was still able to provide me with the support, wisdom, encouragement, and care to have my second naturally. Amy's honesty with her experiences in the DC/NOVA area were invaluable. Amy is also a certified Hypnodoula which allowed me to fully embrace and apply Hypnobabies for my birthing time, which worked better than I could have imagined! I had the birth of my dreams and will always be grateful for her support when I reflect back on the experience!



We loved our experience with Amy as our doula! She helped us get organized and prepared for the birth of our son. She was available to answer our questions and offer sounds advice and support that helped us have a safe and healthy birth experience even things did not go as planned. Amy continued to follow up after birth as well with helpful tips as we transitioned into parenthood! 

Sarah Davenport


I want to give a huge shout out and thank you to the amazing Amy Durham. Her services as a doula are priceless. She was truly the most talented support expert I could have wanted during my pregnancy, during my labor (from start to finish) and all throughout my post pardum. Being a first time mom, I was a bit uncertain about how to approach everything relating to my pregnancy and birth. Amy was the best support system and offered the most resourceful assistance I could have asked for. She further offered me expert advice to make decisions for myself and my baby, all of while being loving and warm to my husband and I. She was by my side throughout my labor, and in a moment of such vulnerability, she made me feel so safe. I am so grateful for having Amy part of my pregnancy and labor and I believe that she was the best thing that could have happened for me during these times. I would highly recommend Amy to anyone looking for a beautiful start with their babies.



I highly recommend Amy for anyone looking for an amazing doula!  I was a first time mom and Amy helped me with my unmedicated birth center birth.  I am a type A personality and since this was my first time pregnant, I was anxious about whether or not I would be able to handle an unmedicated birth.  Amy eased my anxiety and her resources during pregnancy made me feel prepared for my labor.  During labor, Amy was amazing at helping keep us both calm, understand when we should leave to go to the birth center, and during pushing, she was so helpfull with proposing new positions to bring baby down.  I would highly recommend Amy for anyone looking for a doula and we plan on using her for subsequent pregnancies. You will not regret working with her!



We're so glad we had Amy's caring support during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She went above and beyond in providing us with information, tips, resources, and recommendations as pregnancy progressed. Amy was a comforting, helpful, yet unintrusive presence during our baby's birth, and it was great to be able to talk through our decisions with her. It was also nice to have a check-in with her postpartum and to know that there was always someone I could text with questions or concerns. I will be recommending her to all of my friends! 



I had Amy for my second birth and she was so amazing. When she walked into the room during my labor I mentally and physically relaxed knowing that she was there to help me. Amy was insanely knowledgeable and helpful leading up to the birth, even with my multiple false starts. I really appreciate the great pregnancy and birth experience I had because of her.

Catherine Boizelle


We are so grateful to Amy for her support throughout our pregnancy and the birth of our first baby boy. She was instrumental and we are so thankful for her care and attentiveness. One of the best decisions we made at the beginning of our pregnancy was asking Amy to be on our birth team!



Amy Durham is the person you want to hire. Period. I recently had the birth of my dreams, a VBAC, and Amy helped make sure I had the birth experience I wanted. She shared her tips and recommendations throughout my pregnancy, and was the advocate my parter and I were grateful to have during labor and delivery. She's respectful, helpful, and will do everything in her power to help you have an amazing birth experience. She's the absolute best. 

Andrea Davis


Amy is absolutely AMAZING!! I’m so grateful I had her as my doula. I ended up having a complicated pregnancy with kidney stones in my 3rd trimester which required surgery and a stent to remain in my kidney until after giving birth. I then had a traumatic birth with my baby’s shoulder getting stuck on my pelvic bone and I had a retained placenta. Due to all this my birth plan changed and Amy was right by my side to help me through it. I’m so thankful she was there to help me stay calm, focused, and as comfortable as possible. I would hire her again in a heartbeat! God bless you Amy for the wonderful work you do!



We are so glad that we found Amy and had her be a part of our birth experience.  She was incredibly knowledgeable providing useful tips and was a resource through the entire pregnancy. Her calm and nurturing presence in the room during the birth was so helpful and exactly what we were looking for. Amy took the time to get to know us and our specific situation and was able to handle everything that came up and really tailored the experience for our needs. Amy is amazing, 100% would recommend her to anyone. We are forever grateful for all her help!



I am so glad I hired Amy as my doula for my most recent pregnancy. I found her early on near the beginning of the second trimester, and I am so glad I did. Her support and guidance were just as valuable over the course of my pregnancy as during the delivery itself. My pregnancy ended up having some scary moments and complications, which lead to a lot of stress and anxiety, but Amy’s calm demeanor, helpful advice, and supportive, listening ear were so helpful to me.

During the actual birth, due to the pandemic, Amy couldn’t be with us during the first stage of labor. However, she was in close contact with my husband while I labored at home before going to the hospital. She helped him with suggestions for what I could do to keep things progressing and helped us decide when it was finally time to head in. Once at the hospital, Amy was a calming yet strong presence in the delivery room. She immediately helped me get in position when I expressed interest in trying to push in a different way than the doctor suggested, which was one of my biggest preferences to do differently than my first birth. She also helped me advocate for myself and clearly explained implications of the choices regarding newborn care procedures during the immediate postpartum period, and I was able to feel confident in my decisions.

I would highly recommend Amy as a compassionate, knowledgeable, and hands-on doula and am so thankful she was able to be with us at one of the most personal and life-changing moments of our lives. If we have another baby, Amy will be among the first to know!

Elyse Dijak


Amy was an incredible resource and support person for the pregnancy, labor, and delivery of my first baby. I credit her involvement to a wonderful birth experience.

I found Amy around 28 weeks. During pregnancy, she provided evidence-based, tailored information and resources to help me prepare for labor and postpartum. She also helped me navigate a provider change at 35 weeks and was able to recommend the best Midwives in the DMV.

During labor and delivery, Amy was a godsend! She was calming and reassuring, but also an active advisor, providing suggestions to help labor progress. After delivery, she helped with breastfeeding and latching during the golden hour, which I think set us up for success long term.

Thank you Amy! You made a huge impact on the birth!

Chelsea Browne


Amy was an absolutely essential part of my birth and I could not have done it without her! The COVID-19 pandemic meant that Amy couldn't attend my birth in person but it certainly didn't mean that she wasn't there. Prior to birth Amy made sure we had extra classes on comfort measures and included a partner support course as well so that my husband and I felt as prepared as possible. Her recommendations on courses and books gave me so much more confidence in my desire to have a natural hospital birth and I truly felt prepared to advocate for myself (or have my husband advocate for me!) in any situation. Our little guy came a few weeks early and Amy was there via text at 2am to answer questions and provide guidance before we eventually headed to the hosptial. Labor was quick and Amy was there to FaceTime with suggestions for positions and comfort measures. We are thrilled that Amy helped me to have the unmedicated birth I desired but I know that with her support I would have felt listened to and validated even if I had a c section or an epidural. Simply, because of Amy I had the confidence to stay at home for long enough to have the birth I desired in the location I desired. 

If you are looking for a doula, I cannot recommend Amy more! I am able to say that I felt as prepared as possible for birth and that I had the best possible experience given the pandemic!


As a side note, Amy also sent a package with all the little things she usually brings to a birth (battery powered candles, honey sticks, massager, essential oils, etc) which was a wonderful touch in such a crazy time!



Cannot say enough good things about Amy. She was so wonderful throughout the birth process -- I ended up needing an emergency c-section, but was so helpful to have Amy's help in the hours leading up to that, and to help make that decision. Her post-birth visit was also greatly appreciated -- was so nice to be able to ask her all the 1,000 questions about being a new mom!



I have two babies. For my first birth I did not have a Doula and for my second birth I had Amy as my Doula.

My Second birth experience was everything I wanted it to be thanks to Amy. I chose to have a Doula for my second birth because for my first birth I did not feel as if I was supported or heard by the hospital and the nursing staff. Having Amy at my second birth for my daughter made all the difference. She was assertive and supportive throughout the night. She was encouraging of the choices I made For pain relief etc. She didn’t push one particular “right “way of giving birth but made sure I knew my choices and that I should not feel pressured by hospital staff.

Whether you choose to have a natural birth or epidural help, Amy is very supportive and helps  you decide what are your options.

She was also very supportive of my family. She enabled my husband to help out in the delivery room. I know that sometimes I hear concerns that a Doula will bump out the role of the husband or the grandmother etc.… That is truly not the case. She is a subject matter expert and does this on a regular basis where as the father or husband or mother maybe does this a few times in their lifetime. She can only help you!

She is also an excellent resource for breast-feeding support and other post-birth support questions you may have or need.

Mara Scavotto


Amy was so helpful throughout my pregnancy and the birth of our second daughter. She was able to field all of my questions, let me know when (and when not to) call the doctor, and gave great advice towards the end of my pregnancy. When I had an unexpected all natural birth (not what we had planned), she talked me through my breathing and was a force of calm at a time when I was scared. She made sure our baby was well taken care of immediately after delivery and made a point to have our birth plan honored when she could. After delivery she helped me get clean, made sure my linens were clean, and stayed by my side until I was comfortable. She’s simply the best!

Lindsay B


Amy was truly a blessing throughout our pregnancy, labor and delivery.  We met her at a doula speed dating event, and her calming demeanor and varied experiences comforted us and put us at ease.  Amy was incredibly helpful from the beginning, walking us through the different components of a birthing plan and answering our many questions.  She always responded quickly and provided useful information on what was happening with each new check up. Amy was sure to share her knowledge and experience, but was never pushy about what we should do. She gave advice supported by research or her experiences and then let us decide how to proceed.  When the big day came, Amy was ready as promised.  After arriving at the hospital, Amy checked in with me, asked how things were going, answered questions we had and also introduced herself to our doctor and the nurses.  As things progressed, Amy paid attention and took note without getting in the way of the nurses. She regularly checked in with me to make sure I was comfortable.  Amy was at my side, holding my hand and coaching me wjem I started pushing. Suddenly, my baby’s heart rate dropped and the doctor starting communicating emergency orders, “Get the vacuum!  Prep an operating room!” This, of course, was quite scary and unnerving. Amy very calmly walked me through what was happening and why. Though I was nervous, I was able to stay calm and continue pushing thanks to Amy’s support.  Luckily, our baby was safely delivered.  Following the delivery, Amy supported me as my baby tried to breastfeed for the first time. Although my labor wasn’t high stress and I did not need a lot of support, I would never change having Amy there with us.  She gave us peace of mind and kept us calm during the fright and excitement of a first labor and delivery.  We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a supportive, caring and calming doula.

Adena T. Goza


I cannot recommend Amy strongly enough.

I was hoping to have a natural (or mostly natural) child birth expeirence, which is why I wanted to have a doula in the room with me; however, given my set of circumstances, I was administered pitocin fairly early on and quickly decided not to proceed without an epidural given the excurtiating labor pains.  Had I known that I would be forgoing a natural childbirth experience, I still would have chosen to have Amy in the room with me.

Amy was an exceptional patient advocate, making sure that I was as comfortable as possible.  She was able to navigate difficult conversations with the hospital staff and doctors in a firm, but polite manner. My husband appreciated her support, as well - she kept us apprised of my condition, helped us understand what to expect, and let him take rest and food breaks.

Amy was very responsive to texts and emails. As soon as I was going into labor, she made sure to ask all the relevant questions and kept apprised of my situation.  I wanted to labor at home as much as possible and she helped me communicate my wishes to my doctor.

The one thing I would have appreciated is greater clarity on her availability.  Amy had travel plans around my due date.  My back up doula couldn't cover her and I was told of these issues last minute.  This may have been a lapse in communication on the end of the agency that I used to find Amy, but either way, if I could do it all over again, I would have asked Amy about her availability in advance and requested that any changes be communicated direclty to me ASAP, instead of a third party.

Overall, I had a great experience with Amy and would absolutely use her again!

Erwin Wang Family


I'm happy to be a husband and father to write a positive review of Amy's services as a birth doula for my wife and me who welcomed our first child three months ago. The pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum support have been absolutely essential for our family, and there's no way we could imagine having all of our positive memories and early successes without her. Every family's story is different, and rather than share all of the details of ours, let me just say that Amy's ability to work with all different journeys is absolutely wonderful.



Amy's experience and support was priceless to both me and husband, in what became unusual and difficult birth circumstances. She was a tremendous bastion of support and our rock. Amy was both extremely calm and nurturing but also read situations well and did not hesitate to step in and take charge, particularly in some tough and dark moments. I honestly don't think I would have made it through some of them without her. After some of the difficulties passed, she teamed impressively with one of the birth nurses to get me to the birth experience I sought. She was also an excellent communicator in the months up to the birth, being extremely responsive to my questions and providing solid baby planning and preparation advice. She's a lovely person and great at her profession! Of all the choices my husband and I made so far before and after the birth, hiring Amy was one of the best, if not the best, one.

Chelsea Rita


I was a client of Amy's in July 2018, and I can't sing her praises enough!

It's a challenge to know where to begin: Amy was the perfect doula for us. She’s calm, confident, and just naturally has this delightful, appealing personality. The meetings with her prior to delivery - both the initial consultation and subsequent visits in which she helped guide us through positions, techniques, etc. - were fantastic. Amy was well-organized, had useful materials to give us, and led us through some great conversations. She’s a true pro.

When I went into labor, Amy was there every step of the way through a crazy long labor, both in our home and at the hospital. I truly cannot imagine what the experience would have been without her. I’m sure I’ll forget one of the infinite ways in which she lovingly coached and guided us through it, but here are a few: she was fantastic at helping my husband to help me. She gave him direction in a way he loved, whether it was to give me a shoulder rub or physical support or water or chapstick (she also told him when it was a good time to get himself some food). Amy really was an ally – she knows her way around a hospital, and she didn’t hesitate to ask questions if something caught her attention in any way. Amy also gives amazing back rubs, which is worth its weight in gold when you're in labor.

When the birth plan changed after many, many hours of labor, Amy was so thoughtful and prepared in terms of making me feel supported – she literally held me as my epidural was put in, and she somehow pulled off this amazing trick in which I later left the hospital feeling like I had the perfect, ideal birth of my dreams – despite the fact that the reality was quite different than what we’d envisioned.

My husband and I both, whenever we learn that friends are pregnant, have the same advice: “Absolutely get a doula, and if you can, get Amy Durham.”

Kelley Jessee


Amy was a key element in the successful birth of my son! As a first time mom, I relied on Amy to prepare me for the natural birth I desired. She taught me how to be healthy, prepared, and calm. She had so many tips, techniques, and words of wisdom that made the whole pregnancy experience great!

When the big day came she was there by my side through a tough labor (34 hours!) and the ultimate decision to have a necessary c-section (baby wouldn’t drop, and once born we found out he had the cord wrapped around his neck 3 times!). Amy was there when I got out of surgery and she immediately helped my latch my son and start breastfeeding and bonding! Amy’s amazing doula support didn’t stop once my son was born; she checked up on me after and was available for some of those new mom questions you feel stupid asking! Amy is dedicated to her calling and she will no doubt be a contributing factor in your successful birth!

cat matsuda


As a first-time mother who never expected to be a mother, my husband and I couldn't have done it without the amazing guidance and support from Amy. We had Amy come to our home as a postpartum doula, since we had no idea what to do with a newborn baby once we got home from the hospital. You can read all the books and Pinterest your heart out, but having a real, live person to help care for you and your baby and help with even the smallest things around the house is a total game changer. Amy showed us the ropes (bathing, how to solve the hiccups in a newborn, swaddling) for the baby AND helped me with my postpartum issues. The phrase, "Is this normal?" was heard a lot in our home those first weeks and Amy always handled my questions with care and support and left me feeling far more confident and relaxed as a first-timer than I would have been on my own. It was a joy to get to know her and have her in our home. I wish I could clone her and send her to all moms in town!

Elyse Tadich


I worked with Amy during my first pregnancy and delivery at Washington Hospital Center. She shared lots of resources in our initial meetings to help me and my husband prepare for labor, including a chance to practice some of the comfort techniques at home. She also provided pictures and instructions we could reference when labor started.

In our case, I ended up being induced, and Amy was invaluable throughout - helping me understand what was happening, providing additional information when I had to make decisions (like whether to have my water broken by the doctor), and helping me handle the contractions until I opted for an epidural (about 13 hours after starting Pitocin). She then stayed up most of the night repositioning me and my numb legs, so that I would continue to progress I rested. She was never judgmental or pushy about any particular choice - I felt truly supported in making my own decisions throughout.

When our son was finally born, Amy was enormously helpful in coaching me through delivery. My not-so-little guy was over ten pounds, and her encouragement was so helpful as I figured out the weird mechanics of pushing. She was also a great resource for my husband, who was present during all of my labor and delivery but really nervous. She made sure he understood what was happening, gave him options for how involved he could be in the delivery, and unobtrusively captured some wonderful pictures of me and my husband when we first met our son. I am so glad we had her there!

Emily Jackson


My husband and I decided to hire a doula very late in my pregnancy -- so it is never too late! I think I was 35 or 36 weeks along. We met with a few doulas but ultimately went with Amy because she had the experience we were looking for and, you know, liked her!

I had a difficult delivery experience in that it lasted a very long time. I was induced and then my water broke on it's own on a Wednesday at 9:45am and I did not deliver until Friday morning at 4:30am. If you are about to say "but I thought you HAD to deliver within 24 hours because of risk of infection" so did I, but you don't (not necessarily).

Amy was an asset we couldn't have done without. Early Thursday morning I opted for an epidural and all day on Thursday Amy explained that, yes, labor really can take that long, constantly helping to re-position me (with an epidural) in order to keep the labor progressing. Helping me make really tough decisions and ultimately having a vaginal delivery despite everything. She was amazing.

Also, if your significant other isn't convinced a doula is something needed -- they need to read up! My husband was so so glad Amy was there to explain things and help not only me but him as well. Amy was there for US. A personal labor coach is someone in the room that is actually helpful (other than medical professionals)! Family is lovely but they aren't trained for this. Neither are you. I would hire Amy for every birth, not just the first one. So, if this is your second pregnancy and you didn't have a doula with the first one and you think you don't need one, maybe you're right, but you should definitely consider it! If you are still learning about what a doula is, the Stuff You Should Know podcast recently did an episode on doulas that you should listen to. Then call Amy to meet with her because she's awesome.

Rachel Rosen


While I was skeptical about hiring a doula, my family and I are ALL so grateful that we had Amy's support through a difficult L&D! Amy was a great resource and kept in touch regularly before I went into labor. Once the labor started on a Friday morning, Amy recommended exercised to help it progress and kept in touch through the day. She came over that evening, and got right to work. Feeling that the baby was not ideally positioned, she used her rebozo to help re-position the baby. Next, she got me "in the zone," helping me get 150% focused on what was happening to my body. I can't describe, but it was incredible! We went to the hospital that night, where Amy continued to coach me through the night, as well as provide comfort measures. Now here's where Amy went from wonderful doula to doula-goddess... As my labor went off-script, Amy advised me on multiple courses of action, supported my decisions, and most importantly, provided emtional support to me and my family. When I finally decided to get an epidural, Amy was very supportive and non-judgmental. When my baby was in distress, Amy explained what was going on and managed to keep all of us calm (despite the nurses rushing all around me). When we finally got to the point where I had the option of either having a C-section at that point, or continuing to labor and hope for a vaginal delivery (with the risk of needing an emergency C-section), Amy helped me weigh both options, supported my decision to go ahead with the C-section, and comforted all of us about this major unplanned surgery. Amy stayed with my parents through the surgery until we were all reunited around 1AM Sunday. Amy spent approximately 30 straight hours with my husband, my parents, and I, and during that time, she became like a family member to us. Amy was a God-send not only to me, but to my entire family who relied on her tremendously through a very emotional experience. I'll be calling her as soon as I get pregnant again!

Sophie Thurber


What can I say about Amy except that she is awesome and my birth experience would have been much harder without her. She is kind, knowledgeable and helpful, and will step in to do what needs to be done without being asked. We encountered some unforeseen complications, but with Amy's help and support I felt like I was able to make decisions rather than feeling forced into an intervention. She was a calming presence throughout the birth of my child and I cannot recommend her enough.

Rachel Kutzley


Amy was our doula for my second child and we were so glad to have her. I had a high-risk pregnancy so we really appreciated Amy’s openness to all kinds of birth experiences — she didn’t come in with pre-conceptions about the “best” kind of birth or pressure us to do things any certain way. Rather, she helped us really think through our preferences and was fully supportive of my/our choices. At the hospital, she coordinated well with our medical practitioners and helped us understand their advice and our options. She was a calming, supportive presence from start to finish.

Mary Wulf


Amy Durham exceeded my expectations in every aspect and was a tremendous asset and support from A to Z. A complete game changer and I would recommend her services to everyone and anyone. She has truly found her calling and is a wise, delightful, bottomlessly resourcesful, empathetic, expert doula. You would be lucky and blessed to have her as a resource in your team. I interviewed multiple doulas and am picky and felt an immediate fit and deep click with Amy, she really stands out. I have sincere appreciation and respect for this woman, and am so very glad I picked her. Book her now while you can!

Kate Anderson


Amy was a fantastic doula and I´m pretty sure I would have ended up with a C-section if it wasn´t for her. She came to my home and we practiced natural labor and delivery strategies, but when the time came I ended up having to be induced. Amy coached me to help speed up the contractions, gave my husband pointers on how to help me manage the contractions, encouraged me to labor as long as possible without an epidural, and when the time came and the pain was just too much, helped me be confident that I made the right decision in getting the epidural. When the baby´s heart rate started to drop when I began pushing, she had me adjust my breathing and body position, which saved me from having to have a forcep or C-section delivery. She had an excellent rapport with the doctor and nurse, and the nurse even told her she was looking forward to working with her again soon. I couldn´t have done it without her and will definitely hire her again!

Jenny Orrico


Any family would greatly benefit from having Amy Durham as their doula.  My husband and I are first time parents and we simply would not have had the birth experience we wanted without Amy's help, both as we prepared for labor and during the long process.  In our pre-natal visit, Amy was extremely well prepared and organized, and helped us develop our birth plan.  She provided information to my husband on how he could recognize the signs of labor, gave us lists of foods we could prepare and things to include in our "go bag" and gave me recommendations on exercises to position my baby into an ideal spot.  She was responsive to our inquiries and her experience as a doula and as a mom herself put us at ease.

During my very long and difficult labor, Amy was a godsend.  Performing like an endurance athlete/guardian angel, Amy was tireless in supporting me and my husband over nearly 24 hours.  In the long stretches when no hospital staff were present, it was Amy who kept offering me comfort measures, kept me clean, and made sure my husband had the breaks he needed to continue to support me.  She offered several techniques for me to manage my contractions, including different positions, use of a rebozo, and massage.  She could recognize when I was flagging and took the initiative to keep me going, helping me achieve the natural birth I wanted.  Her experience also helped recognize when I had a complication, and she was able to help us advocate for the attention I needed.

During pushing, Amy was right next to my husband, helping me cross the finish line, and telling me when to look to see the moment my baby was born.  After, when an overeager nurse wanted to take the baby too early, Amy defended our little family so we could enjoy those precious first moments for the hour we had planned.  She assisted with the first latch, and left only when our little family was settled. Hire her!

Rosemary Ferrera


When my water broke in the middle of the night, Amy was there via phone and text messages to get updates and ask how I was doing all through the night and morning. She was very encouraging and supportive, and I didn't have to worry when I started my labor because I knew Amy would guide us through. It was also very helpful to have her there to tag-team with my husband. She was great at suggesting things for him to do, or filling in the gaps with whatever he wasn't doing. He felt like I was taken care of whenever he needed to get food or use the restroom (or deal with our car breaking down!), because Amy was there as our trusted companion, friend, and expert.

Amy was incredible at providing physical support, acupressure, pushing on my back for hours on end to provide relief during my back labor, offered suggestions of other positions to try to move labor along, and came prepared with many tools to make the labor process more comfortable, even the little things like mints and essentil oils when I got sick. Several times I was offered to make decisions that were not a part of my originally desired birth plan, and it was comforting to have Amy there to talk it through to feel like I was actively choosing what was happening.  We loved working with her and we were so happy with how our birth turned out because of her involvement.

Natalie Loebner


My husband and I are so glad that we selected Amy Durham as our doula. Prior to our son's brith Amy was willing to accomodate our busy work schedules for each of the pre birth sessions. She was always very organized and prepared. As first time parents we had lots of questions and it was clear that Amy is very knowelegable and does her research - her sugestions on books to read and pamphlets to review were always spot on. She was also able to offer her personal experices as a mother.

Amy took the time to help us determine what our birth preferences were. We were so glad we had discussed our preferences before hand. We discussed everything from the type of enviroment that would be most comforting in the labor room to our thoughts on different medical procedures. We appreciated Amy's approach of asking what we wanted and offering information when we did not have enough information about the topic.

Amy was fantastic the day that I went into labor. My OB was not sure that I was actually in labor, but based on a telephone conversation with my husband describing my condition to Amy, she had a strong hunch that I was in labor. She took the initiative to drive out to the hospital. It was a good thing that she did because the labor was quick and if we had waited for the doctor to let us know she would have not made it in time for the birth. Amy was a great confort during the labor and it was so reasurring for us to have her there to help us communicate with the hospital staff. Becasue my son was premature there was a lot of fast work by the doctors and Amy helped narrate was happening so I knew what was going on from the bed. She was very supportive during this scary time.

Once we were back home from the hospital Amy again was there to help us master the swaddle and idenify some needed baby care supplies. We would definitely reccomend Amy.

Franchesca Phipps


Amy was the BEST doula I could have asked for! The day we interviewed her, her experience as both a doula and a mother of 4 with different birthing experiences really grasped my husband and I. I really wanted a natural birth experience, and Amy affirmed me every step of the way! She answered all our questions, no matter what day/time it was. She was promptly responsive, helpful, and overall, her wealth of knowledge was unmatched by other professionals we consulted. She taught my husband techniques to assist me during labor and also She was my "peace of mind" after every OB appointment too!! Doctors were pushing me to get induced right at 40 weeks and scared me with talks of c-sections, but Amy checked in after every appointment and assured me that my body was "working beautifully" and that I could wait to 42 weeks if I desired. And I did just that! Amy coached me through labor pains and I delivered a healthy, beautiful baby girl at 42 weeks - no medication, all natural! I wouldn't have been able to do it without her :)

Amy, THANK YOU THANK YOU MILLIONS for being our biggest support for our first baby!



My husband and I had Amy as our doula for our third birth and she was amazing and just what we wanted and needed. She is kind, compassionate and she knew exactly what we needed. She was also so patient and encouraging as we waited a long time for our baby to finally arrive. I can remember being so relieved when she touched my arms after walking into the room. Her hands were a physical relief and when I said I had back pain with my surges she knew exactly where to touch and massage my back. It was amazing and very helpful and comforting for me. Not only did she help me, but also my husband as he was next to me holding my hands and I needed him in front of me. Amy was the best addition to our birth team. My husband told me the day after the birth he was so glad to have her because she knew what we both needed. I needed physical support and he needed that emotional support that all was going well and Amy did all that and more for us. I honestly do not think the experience would have been as beautiful as it was without Amy and I highly recommend her as a doula to anyone who desires an amazing birth experience. I am a nurse and Amy brought things I needed and desired I didn't think about and that says a lot to me about her professionalism and love for her career and how she cares for families. I am so thankful she was a part of our birth.

Christina Knicely


Amy was our doula for the birth of our son. It was my second pregnancy and the second time I was attempting a natural, unmedicated labor and delivery. I'm happy to say it was a success and we are so happy that we chose Amy! She was such a calming presence and was pivotal in getting us to go to the hospital even though I was convinced I had plenty of time. I would highly recommend Amy, it was a fantastic experience from start to finish.

Rachel Gaines


Amy is fantastic and having her by my side before, during, and after labor was like having a close friend or family member there to support me.  It's expensive to have a doula and being a first time mom I wasn't sure if I would regret my choice but now I'm telling anyone who asks about my labor how wonderful it was to have here there with me.  We didn't get to labor at home and use many of the comfort measures we had practiced but knowing that she would be there and the preparation before baby made a great difference in how I felt overall when I look back on my birth experience.  I would hire again and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a funny, comforting, and knowledgeable doula.

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