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Emerald Doulas, LLC

Durham, NC Service range 20 miles Additional fee for travel beyond 20 miles (for Private Classes only)


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$45 to $55

Black Doula Indigenous/Aboriginal Doula

Availability Remarks: Contact us early for birth support! 1st trimester is best!

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$45 to $55

Birth Doula Experience

12 years and 1700 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

12 years and 3900 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Doula Trainings International - Certified Birth Doula
  • Hypnobabies - Certified Hypno-Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, November 2011
  • CAPPA - Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association, April 2012
  • Doula Trainings International , July 2021
  • Hypnobabies, May 2022

Type of practice: Group practice with shared call schedule

Clients per month: 10 to 25 births and 5 to 30 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: We support families throughout the Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh Triangle

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
Durham and Chatham County Hospitals only

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
Home births attended by a CNM

College Education




Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • ASL (American Sign Language)
  • Baby sign language education
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Full spectrum doula services
  • Hypnosis for birth
  • Infant massage education
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Newborn care and parenting classes
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pelvic floor health education & support
  • Photography - Birth
  • Photography - Maternity
  • Photography - Newborn
  • Prenatal & postpartum fitness services
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sleep educator
  • Sleep support consulting
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • American Sign Language
  • English
  • French
  • French Creole
  • German
  • Spanish

Fee Details

Birth Doula support available in Durham and Chapel Hill. Flat rate for Birth support; no extra fees if you have a "long" birth. Postpartum support is $45 per hour & $55 per hour on holidays

Service Area

Durham, NC Service range 20 miles Additional fee for travel beyond 20 miles (for Private Classes only)

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Client Testimonials for Emerald Doulas

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I worked with Emerald Doulas during my pregnancy, at my hospital birth, and postpartum. My pregnancy and childbirth educators were Delmar and Meredith who are both extremely kind and knowledgable. I was so glad to have their calming, reassuring perspectives. Meredith ended up being my birth doula. I would not hesitate to work with them again in the future. It was so helpful to have an informed advocate with me who was aware of my birth plan and the good (and not so good) reasons for straying away from it. Postpartum, I worked with Abigal, who was a wonderful nurturing presence in those sensitive first few weeks. They came to my house weekly for 4-hour shifts to give me a break with the baby, prepare me delicious, nutritious meals, and to help me catch up on minor chores. Everyone deserves this kind of care postpartum! Highly recommend!



We had a fabulous experience with Emerald Doulas. We lived in a different state for our first birth and didn't have a doula at all (this was also during the height of the pandemic). Then we moved to North Carolina and had a doula for our second birth. We absolutely wish we had Emerald Doulas for the first birth. It would have made such a hard experience sooooo much better. I decided to hire a doula toward the end of my pregnancy because things got complicated (breech presentation). They were wonderful at helping me walk through how things kept changing week to week. Then when I was past due and on an elective induction waiting list and dealing with prodromal labor for a month, they were right there with me every step of the (very difficult) way. I can't imagine going through all that without them. My only regret is that I didn't sign up at the beginning of my pregnancy because I could have taken advantage of all their community classes and groups and support throughout the whole pregnancy. My husband also wishes we had a doula for the first birth. He felt completely alone and without support for our first birth, which was a stark contrast to how he felt supported for our second. The whole experience was much less scary for him because we had an advocate with us who knew what they were doing and could help us through each decision along the way. If you're on the fence, go and sign up today. You will only regret waiting too long to do it. It is worth every single penny and then some. 

Allie Pruden


My family had the greatest experience hiring Emerald Doulas for our Post Partum doula. The first phone call I had with Melanie was incredibly insightful and helpful. She answered all of my questions, gave me valuable advice/suggestions, and created a plan for my post partum experience. Our doula, Bahja, was fabulous. She felt like a true friend and took the best care of our son and me. No question was too weird (or even gross) and she taught me a lot about newborn habits, all while making me feel confident and competent. The space to heal, rest, eat, and shower during those first 6 weeks was invaluable and I look forward to hiring EmDo again in the future as my family grows!

Wren Davisson


I hired Emerald Doulas for my first pregnancy/birth. I could not have been more pleased with their services. They were invaluable to my pregnancy and birthing experience. They were incredibly welcoming, easy to work with, and communiative. They offer so much opportunity for education ahead of giving birth that I felt like I was able to be prepared for all options. They were open and nonjudgemental when answering questions and approaching birthing preferences. During the birth experience, they knew exactly what to say, how to support both me and my husband, and made the entire experience much less scary and overwhelming. After birth, they continued to check in and offer support and genuinly shared in the joy of parenthood along with me. I would use them again and recommend them to anyone interested in hiring a doula. 



We worked with Emerald Doulas to find some postpartum overnight help shortly after my son was born. We were originally planning on having family come help but they were unable to make it. Melanie was the best and not only offered some great advice and reassurance but was able to help us find a doula last minute.

We had the pleasure of working with Bridget and she took amazing care of our newborn! She was also so helpful with any household work needing to be done and was proactive in asking for other ways to help. As first-time parents without any family living in the area I'm so grateful to Emerald Doulas for allowing us to get some rest and a break -- they are amazing!



If you are considering a doula, go with Emerald Doulas! We had such a wonderful experience from start to finish. Melanie beautifully balances being a business owner and a caring human. She was involved with each step and verified that our experience was top notch.

We interviewed and selected Shauna and Meredith to be our doula team and they were perfect for us. They checked in each week and provided emotional support, information, and resources as needed. As a second time mom hoping for a VBAC, it was important to me to develop a relationship with both doulas before our actual birth. Shauna and Meredith were so caring and validating and created space for the entirety of our emotional experience both before and during birth. Shauna was with us during birth and did everything that I said I wanted for my VBAC experience-even things I didn't know I wanted. Even though Meredith wasn't in the room, they were texting and involved and cheering us on in a way that was felt despite the physical distance. I had the most beautiful and empowering successful VBAC experience

After birth, we also used Emerald for a postpartum doula. Bahja was wonderful and willing to help with whatever we needed in the moment (which changed constantly, thanks to my toddler). She was respectful and fun and truly helped me rest and be a better mom.

We wish we had found Emerald for our first birth and we would choose EmDo again in a heartbeat.

Tucker Stone


EmDo was incredible. I would say they were unmatched, but they're the only doulas we've ever used. They came highly recommended and did not disappoint. My wife and I had triplets, and our team of doulas was emotionally and pratically supportive. The assistance overnight was incredible -- it's such a blessing to get a full night's sleep -- and the daytime help was restorative. I'm so grateful for their love and support. They have been such an important part of our lives and our children will forever be blessed by their support.



We are so so happy with our experience with Emerald Doulas. Our first child was born without doula support and this second time around, we really felt the incredible difference thanks to Emerald Doula. They took great emotional care of us throughout our pregnancy, providing evidence based answers to our questions. And at the hospital during our birth advocated for our preferences, keeping us calm, level headed and physically supported throughout. We recommend them 10 out of 10 - if you're thinking of using a doula, these are the folks for you!



We are first-time parents with a lot of anxiety and it was so incredibly reassuring to have Isabel and Erika on our team. They were so affirming and knowledgeable about our concerns and questions. The support they offered leading up to, during, and after the birth of our little one is unmatched! We have also attended some of Emerald Doulas' classes and my parents attended their Modern Grandparent class - which they loved! 



Going into this process, I knew that pregnancy and childbirth were different for everyone. I felt as confident as I could regarding the medical care I was receiving and about the reputation of the hospital where I would deliver. But I knew that there was no guarantee of who would be there once it was time. Given that, I knew I wanted someone who would be beside me and my partner regardless of how my daughter came into this world.

What I love about Emerald is that they lead with what your desires are for birthing and they work to help you identify how they can align with you, and not the other way around. You also work with a team of two to ensure that whenever your labor begins, you have one of those two people on call. And if your labor goes really long (like mine did!), you will always have someone to relieve your doula, if needed.

Our doula team was there to provide concrete information, resources and general emotional support leading up to and during the labor and birth of our baby. Throughout the course of labor you will meet different doctors and nurses, and there may be hard decisions you have to make. Our doulas were there to help us through that. It's worth mentioning that my partner was initially skeptical at why I wanted to work with a doula. After our daughter was born, he told everyone that he doesn't know what we would've done without them.

Emerald was the perfect blend of professional and personal! Your doctor may not see you for a whole six weeks after this incredible, life changing event. But your doula will be in touch to answer questions and meet with you before that. I highly recommend working with Melanie and her team at Emerald! 



I used Emerland Doulas for my most recent pregnancy/birth. I chose Melanie and Abigail as my doula team. Both of them are so lovely and helpful and I was happy to have either of them at my birth. Melanie was the one who ended up being with us during my labor and it was 100% meant to be. I was supposed to have a home birth and after over 24 hours of labor ended up needing to transfer to the hospital and Melanie was there every step of the way. Her calming presence helped ground us during a stressful time and she made sure we felt safe and taken care of and supported in every way. She was with us for almost 36 hours and was incredible at every moment. We were so lucky to have her. 



I cannot recommend Emerald Doulas highly enough! Vanessa and Delmar (Delmar was on duty when I went into labor) were my doulas - they were wonderful to work with. My only regret is that we didn't hire them earlier in my pregnancy so that I could have benefited more from their education and guidance. I would not have gotten through my labor without Delmar. My epidural got clogged and I pushed without pain medication for hours - Delmar's support was what kept me going!



We decided to hire Emerald Doulas because we wanted a doula in the labor room with us that we felt fit our vibes and that we could build a relationship with leading up to the birth, and we are so glad that we did! We worked with Ally and Nala, both were fantastic! We ended up having Ally in the labor room with us, and she was so supportive and helpful. She was able to know our needs before we knew our needs, and she was able to advocate for us when we weren't. Nala did my placenta encapsulation, and she had great communication and when she was going to be over and getting the process completed. We definitely plan to use Emerald Doulas (and hopefully Ally and Nala) again for our next pregnancy.

Malaunia Barber and Family


The Emerald Doulas are now and will always be apart of our family. Melanie greeted me with warm embrace at the start of our journey. She assured me that I would have the support and care that I once lacked in previous pregnancy/birth experiences. Talitha and Melanie were patient with me during my various moments of anxiety, they were a listening ear when I had questions and assisted in making sure my voice was heard during labor and delivery. Talitha was absolutely God sent during my labor. From the foot rub, to the coaching when I wanted to give up during contractions, to the laughs we shared together during one of the most beautifully difficult times of my life. Talitha's presence made my birth experience all the more special. I will never forget how Melanie and Talitha made me feel. If I should ever find myself on this journey again, I would not hesitate to entrust the Emerald Doulas with the task of supporting me. I love you guys!!! Thank you sooooooo much!!!!! ??


-Malaunia Barber



Emerald Doulas came highly, almost exclusively recommended to me when I was pregnant, and now I see why -- our experience with EmDo is difficult to put words to for its enormity, how deeply their support changed my pregnancy, labor, and postpartum periods. We worked with Abigail and Shauna, who answered all of my (very specific + anxious) questions during pregnancy, had wonderful and invaluable senses of humor, and felt like close, wise friends during a time that company and wisdom felt like the most important things. And I can't imagine how anyone has a baby without Abigail, whose instincts are otherworldly, and whose attention and support made my labor exactly what I hoped it might be: as gentle as possible, bedrocked by community, and far from lonely. I think I'll always tear up when I think about all that she gave us. My husband and I would hire her again & again & again, and feel very lucky to be a part of the EmDo family.

Inês & Alejandro


Our experience with Emerald Doulas was absolutely fantastic, we recommend their services as highly as possible. As a group, they are incredibly organized and diligent, very knowledgeable, kind, and supportive. Individually, we worked with Isabel and Abigail who both went above and beyond to help and make us feel supported. Abigail, who was with us during both of our sons' labor, made all the difference. We are both immigrants in the US and have no family around. Abigail's warmth and knowledge made us feel cared for and gave us the confidence we needed to make decisions and navigate the whole process, from the water breaking all the way to the postpartum room. Abigail's emphatic and tactful help in liaising with nurses and midwives during labor was key for us to be able to express our needs and wishes, and for these to be respected without any inconveniences. Having Abigail as a postpartum doula was also a game changer. During this particularly sensitive time for our family, her proactive, resourceful, and committed support was exactly what we needed. We are so happy we found EmDo!



My husband and I were fortunate to have the support of Isabel and Vanessa through Emerald Doulas throughout my first pregnancy and at the birth of my daughter. When we found out we were expecting our son, my husband and I initially thought we would be able to handle the birthing experience on our own. However, as my pregnancy became complicated, I knew that we would benefit from the support of Emerald Doulas just as much (if not more) than we did the first time. Luckily, Isabel was available to attend the birth of our son. She helped us understand what our options were throughout the birthing experience, provided physical support in terms of birthing positions and comfort measures, and gave encouragement when I thought I couldn’t push any longer. In addition to having the support of our birth doula, we also requested a postpartum doula that could provide overnight support at the hospital. I wanted to give my body the best start to recovery and knew that rest was the the best way to achieve this. Luckily, Delmar was available to support my son and I for our 2 nights at the hospital. Having Delmar there gave me the peace of mind to truly rest. Delmar held and soothed my son when he was fussy, changed his diapers, swaddled him, and helped me breastfeed him. Having Delmar also allowed my husband to go home to be with our daughter and get a good night’s sleep so he could better support me throughout the day.  I honestly cannot recommend Emerald Doulas enough and strongly encourage any family to consider the postpartum support!

Kim Lamon-Loperfido


We can not say enough good things about Isabel, Kallyn, Talitha, Vanessa and the entire EmDo family. We had amazing support throughout our pregnancy and during our postpartum w/ both birthing time and postpartum doulas. We loved the support groups and community prenatals and the new parent hang-outs are a great option to connect. We were surrounded with love, kindness, support, resources, connections and knowledge to welcome our sweet little one. Thank you to these incredible humans for the way they support birthing families.

Julie Wesp


I am so glad that we worked with Emerald Doulas for the birth of our first child. We are a bilingual family and were excited to work with Vanessa and Delmar as our doula team to ensure that there would be at least one Spanish speaker at the birth. They were always quick to respond to questions that we had and would send resources for us to think about throughout the pregnancy. The community prenatal meetings were also a great chance to learn more on topics that didn't seem to be covered in other courses (like helping pets adjust to life with baby) and meet other new parents in a respectful and diverse environment.  

Delmar ended up being the doula present at our birth and she is incredibly knowledgeable with a lot of experience. She helped with adjusting to different birthing positions and kept a sense of calm that we wanted for our natural birth. Our doulas continue to be a great source of information in the postpartum period and connect us with local resources and other new parents. I highly recommend EmDo, you won't regret it! 

Julie Wesp


I am so glad that we worked with Emerald Doulas for the birth of our first child. We are a bilingual family and were excited to work with Vanessa and Delmar as our doula team to ensure that there would be at least one Spanish speaker at the birth. They were always quick to respond to questions that we had and would send resources for us to think about throughout the pregnancy. The community prenatal meetings were also a great chance to learn more on topics that didn't seem to be covered in other courses (like helping pets adjust to life with baby) and meet other new parents in a respectful and diverse environment.  

Delmar ended up being the doula present at our birth and she is incredibly knowledgeable with a lot of experience. She helped with adjusting to different birthing positions and kept a sense of calm that we wanted for our natural birth. Our doulas continue to be a great source of information in the postpartum period and connect us with local resources and other new parents. I highly recommend EmDo, you won't regret it! 

Ruth Goldstein


We LOVE Emerald Doulas. Melanie and Vanessa run the administration with love and care. The business structure is one that my partner and I have come to appreciate even more after entering the world of day care. Meeting with Melanie, we felt confident about our Emerald Package. Our zoom meet and greets with our birth doulas, Erika and Allie was a great way to begin our journey. And we are still in contact! We couldn't imagine our birth experience without them. It just so happened that Erika attended our birth in person and Erika is MAGIC! Allie had sent us amazing resources for body positioning but after my epidural (which didn't take on the left side of my body), Erika physically moved me into different positions and I was able to fully numb and progress to 9cm! After our child was born, Erika and Allie supported us and continue to check in. We love them!


Sybil and Jenna took care of us postpartum. We so appreciated the gentle yet clear guidance. Sybil came over the day after we returned from the hospital. We were exhausted. By the end of the four hours, our kitchen was spotless, there were fresh blueberry muffins (the BEST snack at 2am between chestfeeds), and I got a hot shower and a NAP! Jenna and Sybil continued with us until the 3 month mark. Jenna would always check in to see if we needed anything before coming over. It's like she knew what we needed before we did! Our child loved both Sybil and Jenna - so happy in their arms. Sybil even came to a horse barn with me so that I could start riding again. Pure gold.


Our birth experience and fourth trimester couldn't have been better. We credit Emerald Doulas for the knowledge and love that nourished us.

Lucy Frank


My husband and I decided that we were going to work with a doula early on- what was fantastic about emerald is that, not only do you get to work with two individuals during the course of your labor and delivery, but they are available to you the minute you sign up with the doula services. I was able to text them every step of the way, and they responded with so much wisdom!

I found them to be engaging, validating, and extremely helpful. Whenever I was nervous about anything, they immediately would check in. They have even continued to check in on myself and our growing family postpartum- excited to see any photos of our little one, and field any additional questions. Also, during the course of our working together, there were available classes I could take, and lots of resources sent to me by mail that helped me have success throughout my pregnancy and with breastfeeding.

It was really important to me that I had a vaginal delivery if at all possible, and I believe that, in a large part, this was possible due to my doula support.  Being pregnant and having a child is really challenging- we do not work with a system that is very supportive of persons with uteruses. I found that emerald doula was extremely supportive, and instrumental in my journey.



Our family had such a positive experience with Emerald Doulas, and would recommend them to anyone in the Triangle area looking for doula support. We partnered with them both for birth as well as postpartum doulas, and as such interacted with several doulas, all of whom were professional, caring, and knowledgeable individuals whom we could trust with spending time with our newborn. The team at EmDou has a great infrastructure, which helped take the burden off managing and remembering a schedule across multiple post-partum doulas. They took care in pairing us with doulas who would meet our needs both from scheduilng and a relationship standpoint. They were a joy to work with!

Emma S.


I am so glad and grateful that I chose Emerald Doulas for my first pregnancy and the birth of my son! My doula team, Shauna and Talitha, was incredible. They talked me through the neverending third trimester and provided great resources. On the big day, when things were moving VERY quickly, they coordinated seamlessly to support my husband and me. Talitha made me feel so safe and powerful during labor, helping me achieve my goal of an unmedicated birth. And in the postpartum phase, both continued to check in - and seemed to text just when I most needed it. I cannot recommend them enough!

Brittany Cousins


We worked with EmDo for pre birth classes, birth support, and postpartum support (we were clueless, and nervous!), and can recommend them highly! In particular, Logan was amazing with helping us adjust to life at home with our first baby, especially after he had some medical issues that sent us back to the hospital almost immediately after we got home. Melanie was also really great with providing flexibility and support after both of our birth doulas had COVID exposure scares. Thank you all for what you do!

Amy R


Words cannot express how grateful I am for Melanie's presence, guidance and support at the birth of our second daughter. After a very challenging first birth experience, I wasn't sure if an unmedicated birth was in the cards for me the second time around. Melanie's calm and comforting energy and hands on, genuine support made it not only possible, but an incredible experience. And I know that had things evolved differently, she would have been right there supporting me through whatever came my way. I cannot recommend her and her team enough and would choose them again 1000x

Mary Clare


I absolutely loved working with Emerald Doulas! What amazed me was how supportive they were throughout my entire pregnancy and postpartum as well. They helped me process my pregnancy and find resources like a chiropracter to help with my back pain! Their support was both tangible, emotional and spiritual. Postpartum, they continued to check in on me and helped normalize alot of my babies behavior that had me stumped! Also, they were just a kind listening ear as we worked through things like cluster feeding in the early days. 


Abigail! You encouraged me during my labor and helped keep a calm presence for my husband and I. ALSO YOU FED ME WATERMELON ONCE THE BABY WAS BORN! What more could a mama ask for :) 



The all encompassing support that EmDo offered us throughout our journey in pregnancy, labor, and post partum, made all the difference in the world as first time parents. Everyone that we worked with, whether in one interaction or several, conveyed such care and compassion. They went above and beyond, exceeding every expectation, providing us with the best experience possible. Unique and intentional in their approach, they truly are the best. Should we choose to continue to grow our family, we will definitely seek out their support again and highly recommend them to everyone who chooses this path. Special thank you to Melanie, Talitha, Allie, Vanessa, and Paris. You all are incredible humans and we are forever grateful for each of you!! 



I cannot recommend Emerald Doulas highly enough! Our team Vanessa (childbirth educator), Angelica (birth doula), Jenna (postpartum doula), and Paris (lactation consultant) have taken fantastic care of us through pregnancy, labor/delivery, and the first two months of our daughter's life.

A few specifics:
- The information about pregnancy and labor/delivery can be overwhelming. Em Do provided just the right amount of detail, answered all our questions, and provided information at just the right times. I felt significantly less anxious and more ready to give birth following the childbirth class we took.
- It was fantastic to have a doula during our birth. It was comforting for me as well as my husband.
- Our postpartum doula was incredibly proactive and helpful. It can be hard to ask for what you need and I love how she would arrive and just start saying, “Can I fold this laundry?” “Can I do those dishes?” It was also nice for me to have some adult conversation other than my husband.
- Our work with the lactation consultant have calmed so much anxiety about feeding, especially when my milk didn't come in right away. We are now feeling more confident and we know how to reach out with additional questions.

Julianne and Michael


Erika and Angelica were so helpful throughout the pregnancy, labor, and delivery. They were so generous with their time to help us get prepared, answering all sorts of questions and providing perfect advice through all the uncomfortable times leading up to the delivery day and after. During the birth Erika went above and beyond, making sure to be there to help my wife through contractions and to coach me when I wasn't so confident in what to do. Every expecting parent should hire them without a second thought.



Working with Emerald Doulas was hands down one of the best decisions we made in preparing for the birth of our first child. Shauna and Erika were our team of doulas and they were fantastic throughout the entire pregnancy,birth, and afterwards. Shauna and Erika were both always so patient, kind, and generous, answering all of our questions with grace and understanding while creating space for the whirlwind of emotions and experiences. They were always so validating in our choices and experiences, which made a world of difference. I really appreciated how they were open to different communication methods (texting, emailing, phone calls, and video calls) and made space to just check in along the way. Shauna was a true angel during our lengthy labor and I'm so grateful for her calming presence, encouragement, and gentle reminders. I'm so grateful to consider Shauna and Erika as part of our family's story! Additionally, the rest of the Em Do team was also amazing, from the intake call with Melanie to all the community offerings and support groups - this is an amazing team to work with and I can't recommend them enough! 



Melanie and Abigail were my birth doulas and they were AMAZING! I loved working with them prior to the birth and felt very loved and cared for while I birthed my baby girl Isabella! Jenna was my postpartum doula and she was also just incredible. I would have a list of what I needed help with every day from Jenna and she'd do the list then more without me asking. Its like she could read my mind on what I really needed. I highly recommend Emerald Doulas!



I can’t say enough good things about our experience with Emerald Doulas. We partnered with them on both my first and second births—two very different birth experiences and we felt so supported for both. Melanie was at my side throughout a long and challenging labor with my first. Her calm presence and extensive knowledge was such a comfort to me and my husband. My second pregnancy was extremely challenging as I had chronic fatigue syndrome and was nearly housebound. I needed a lot of emotional support leading up to the birth. Melanie and Vanessa were right there with me, checking in after doctor’s appointments and helping me think through a flexible birth plan that took my illness into account. Melanie met us at the door the hospital and supported us throughout the labor (which was thankfully much shorter!) and after. I’m so grateful for both experiences and I simply cannot imagine them without EmDo.

Jenine Chami


To be honest, I was terrified of giving birth. It was my first pregnancy and while I couldn’t wait to meet my baby boy, I was so not ready for the birth experience. I decided to reach out to EmDo after several recommendations from all walks of life: my midwives, my friends, and even my hairdresser. After the initial consult with Melanie we interviewed a few doulas until we found our match. Still, I have to be honest and say I wasn’t exactly sure what a doula could do for me. After all, I’m the one that has to give birth right?! While that was true, I really couldn’t anticipate the amount of support and guidance I would receive from our doulas, Abigail and Shauna. During each consult they helped me reframe my anxiety and fear and were so patient in answering questions. They provided support tips as I got closer to game time. On the day of my sons birth, we had Abigail as our doula and I can not recommend them enough. No review on earth can express how invaluable of a support person they were. Abigail was a professional—she walked into the hospital room and sprung into action, turning off the harsh lights to set up her own fairy lights, plugging in a diffuser with lavender essential oil, and reminding my husband to play music from our speaker. We had only met via zoom up until that point, but I felt as though I knew Abigail for a long, long time. She made me feel so at ease and helped with massage during and in between contractions, making sure I stayed hydrated, and helping my husband to best support me. One of the most valuable things was her experience with the nurses at Duke Regional and midwives from my clinic. Abigail explained things that were happening in the moment and made sure to let me know where I had options when it may not have been obvious. I’m 11 weeks postpartum and already hoping Abigail stays with EmDo long enough to help deliver my second.



We loved our experience with Emerald doulas and would highly recommend them. We felt supported straight away, throughout our pregnancy, birth, and afterwards. They shared resources, held helpful classes, and listened to the type of support that we wanted during our birth. It was very helpful for our first experience of pregnancy and birth. Vanessa and Angelica were both a good fit for us, we were lucky to have them. 

Natalie & Shawn


As this was our second time around, the number one thing I was most worried about was the postpartum period. I was nervous about how we would manage a newborn and a 3 year old in our small home. Enter Kallyn, sent from the heavens, the most kind and calm doula we could have asked for during those first few weeks. If I could tell every parent of a newborn to hire her for overnight support, I would. Having someone in your home during those early weeks is a very intimate experience, particularly in the middle of the night if you are able to/choosing to breastfeed. Kallyn made us feel so comfortable, rested, and cared for. What a difference Kallyn's support made this time - I had greater energy and improved mood! My only regret is not having hired Emerald Doulas with my first!



My number one recommendation for friends expecting in the Triangle area is to work with the team at Emerald Doulas. Melanie and the team have supported my family through two births now, and I can’t imagine going through pregnancy/birth/postpartum without them by our side.


Melanie and Vanessa were my birth doulas this time, with Melanie supporting the birth itself. Melanie was such a calming presence in the birth, actively helping me through contractions, talking through my feelings and fears during the birth, supporting me through natural labor, and assisting with breastfeeding after my son was born. There are so many things that I think we assume the hospital staff would do that Melanie took on — I truly can’t imagine what it would have been like without her there.


We also worked with Whit and Tali from the sibling doula team. They were fantastic. We ended up having family in town and we didn’t call Whit and Tali to help with our older child, but they were super helpful leading up to the birth and also after the birth providing resources and insights to help us assist our daughter transitioning to her new role as big sister.


The whole team provided really excellent emotional support throughout my pregnancy and weighed in with helpful information leading up to the birth, as well as after.


I am a huge fan or Emerald Doulas and would recommend working with them to anyone.



We had an amazing experience with EmDo! We took the childbirth education class, newborn care class, attended monthly community meetings and had a birth doula! As first time parents, we learned so much and felt very supported. EmDo is very inclusive and up to date with its information. I had an amazing, unmedicated birth and could not have done it without our doula. 

Hannah Ford


We absolutely loved our Emeral Doulas. I cannot imagine going through labor and delivery or postpartum without them. We will be forever grateful to Melanie and Lauren for their expertise and support throughout the labor and delivery process and to Kallyn, Paris, and Lauren for their postpartum support. They were our counselors, our confidants, our mother's helpers, and they taught us to love our baby. 

Lisa Bruckner


My partner and I are so happy we had Melanie and Abigail as our Emerald Doulas team! During COVID, a time when it's hard to feel connected to people, they consistently reached out to us in the months before and after I gave birth (October 2021) with tips for baby positioning, nutrition, and exercises, and responded to our first-time parent questions with helpful resources. They were very good at empowering us to make our own best decisions while providing evidence-based resources. They were also familiar with the hospital where I was giving birth (Duke Regional) and the typical protocols there. They were a great team throughout and we felt well supported. Abigail was with us during the birthing process. She remained calm and supportive throughout my labor and consistently framed all the changes that were happening as signs of the birth progressing. She recommended switching positions to relieve discomfort and instructed my partner about how and when to push on me in order to relieve pain during contractions, and with these supports I was able to achieve my goal of giving an unmedicated vaginal birth. She also took photos for us immediately after the delivery, which we would not otherwise have (and we're so glad we have them!). I came away feeling very positive about the experience and would 100% ask for them again.

Katrina Martin


My husband and I were very happy with the care, expertise, and support Vanessa Safie and Melanie Patrick provided to us prior to the birth of our first baby. They were warm, knowledgable, and responsive at every step! Even though covid has changed the way we interacted throughout my pregnancy, I still felt like they knew me and my husband well enough to help me achieve the birth I wanted -- and would have been great if things had gone pear-shaped, too. I also really enjoyed and benefitted from the community prenatal meetings I attended. 

Sonjia Lopez


From the moment we spoke with Melanie for our consultation, we instantly knew EmDo was a match for us. They offered a variety of classes and support groups that provided us with SO much information about pregnancy, child birth and beyond. When I think back on my birthing time, I am brought to tears of pure gratitude to have had Melanie by my side.

We worked directly with Melanie and Whit during my pregnancy. Both women were extremely professional, yet comfortably familiar. By the end of our pregnancy, they felt like family  

Once our birthing time arrived, we met Melanie are the hospital for the first time in person, since COVID19 caused everyone to meet virtually. I couldn’t help but hug her so tightly, with consent of course. I felt so comfortable and safe in her presence. Melanie was nothing short of PERFECTION during my LONG birthing time. She seemed in sync with my husband and I. She seemingly effortlessly floated around the room, using comfort measures for me, whispering my Hypnobabies cue words and making sure my husband was taken care of.

There was a point in my birthing time that I requested the epidural. This was something I’d avoided in my first pregnancy and made clear I’d like to avoid again. When I asked about it, Melanie asked me to think about how I would feel afterwards if I decided to move forward with this method of pain relief. She helped me try a few more natural pain relief options / comfort measures and then we revisited the conversation. I was sure I wanted to move forward and we did. And she supported me and my decision at that time. I felt so empowered and supported. When I felt like giving up, she held my hand and coached my through. I will be forever grateful to her.

With our permission and gratitude, she captured so many heartwarming moments of our birthing time and birth of our son that we will forever cherish.

Jesse Conner


We had an amazing experience with Emerald Doulas. Melanie and Vanessa were incredible and help us achieve the birth experience we were looking for. We used Hypnobabies for our birth and are so happy we chose to use Hypnobabies trained doulas who were able to support us from the beginning to the end of our planning, training and birth. They were highly responsive and informative whenever I had a question or concern during pregnancy and were able to provide a wealth of information and resources at key times. During my birthing time, Melanie ensured that everything ran as smoothly as possible and she was not only a huge support to me, but to my husband as well which allowed him to be fully focused on supporting me and present for the experience. I cannot recommend Em Do more highly, especially if you are planning on using Hypnobabies.

Kellie R.


Our pregnancy journey, like everyone’s, was unique.  I’ll briefly summarize: We weren’t certain if we wanted to have children, so we decided to let fate decide during a 6-month window. There was a positive pregnancy test a month and a half later.  I was terrified. 

My husband is an amazing man; knowing the fear that gripped me, he reached out to Lauren, who we were luckily able to have on our journey along with Melanie.  I can’t describe the relief that flooded me during our first conversation when Melanie gently told me I was allowed to be terrified. I have never had two people in my corner that were more encouraging, uplifting, reassuring, and educational than Lauren and Melanie.

The calm that Lauren helped to establish in our birth room, along with the quiet words of advice, encouragement, and self-love she preached—throughout the time she spent with us—I will never be able to repay.  She helped to gently lead us through the crazy turns our birth story took and helped us to see the big picture instead of panicking over the adrenaline-filled moments.  We will forever be grateful for Melanie’s and Lauren’s parts in our story, and we will definitely use Emerald Doulas if we decide to try for a sibling.



We are so grateful for Emerald Doulas. We began with an initial call with Melanie to discuss our needs and hopes for our birthing experience and were matched with Isabel and Vanessa as our doula team. They were incredibly supportive and responsive throughout the pregnancy, labor & delivery, and postpartum. We felt immediately comfortable asking any and all questions that we had, and they provided great advice and resources to help us prepare and make informed decisions. Isabel was such a calming and steady support during the birth of our child, both for myself and my husband. She anticipated our needs and helped to make our birthing time a truly enjoyable experience. 

Beyond the invaluable information that Emerald Doulas has provided to us that helped us feel ready to welcome our baby into the world, we felt cared for like family. We can't recommend them highly enough. 



We had an extremely positive experience with Emerald Doulas! We sought out a doula because as first time parents without family in the area, we were very interested in having an experienced person with us through labor and delivery to support us and advocate for us if necessary. Vanessa did exactly that—she was supportive, extremely knowledgeable, and helped keep us informed, even as circumstances required tossing out most of our birth plan. In addition to the support she provided in the hospital, we  really appreciated her checking in post-delivery, and also found a lot of value in EmDo’s monthly community prenatal classes offered via Zoom. While the cost of doula services initially seemed high to us, we ultimately felt we more than got our money’s worth. We will definitely plan on working with Vanessa and Emerald Doulas again if we have another baby!

Sara Pearson-Moyers-Jordan


Having emerald doulas as a part of our birth experience was absolutely priceless. From the very beginning of the process, Whit and Isabel went above and beyond to make sure we felt comfortable and heard during the pregnancy. 

They provided us information and were available and interested after each doctor appointment. Our plan was to deliver at UNC with the midwives. We ended up needing to be induced after going to the last possible day before it was necessary- Isabel called and talked me through what to expect and what to do which was really anxiety reducing. 

She met us at the hospital once things got moving kept watch all night, helped us sleep, had me trying different positions to help baby move down and also, flip him as he was sunny side up. She knew when to get the nurses and when to send my partner to go eat, or take a break it was really amazing. After many hours and no progress the midwives suggested a C-section, for a number of reasons. 

Having Isabel there to help me/us decide and feel good about it was PRICELESS. She explained what to expect and She completely helped me come to the decision on my own, being supportive as well as explaining and comforting for what at the time was a scary situation.

She stayed with us the whole procedure, helped as needed, had nice oils for me to smell, stayed with us after, helped baby do skin to skin, and put baby on me as soon as possible - helped him latch immediately as well.

It’s a true gift and my baby was able to enter the world to a much calmer and happier mama and dad because of Isabel’s guidance, love and energy. She and whit also followed up after the birth periodically to make sure we were doing ok, offer ideas to make the precious few first weeks/months a bit easier and smoother and we are in touch to this day. I cannot say thanks or give enough to ever repay Isabel for this experience. Thank you thank you. 



Emerald Doulas worked with us every step of the way through my wife's pregnancy, from fielding texts and calls when we were nervous at 20 weeks, to helping us wrap our heads around an induction. They're familiar with all the OB/GYN providers in the Raleigh-Durham area, and helped steer us towards ones that fit us best. With their help and coaching, my wife made it through a 40-hour labor process without an epidural, which we certainly wouldn't have done without them. They were fantastic afterwards, checking up on my wife to make sure she was recovering well. They also provide a number of birthing/postpartum classes which we found very valuable.

Anastasia S.


Melanie and the team worked really hard to ensure that we as a family felt supported in whatever our needs at that moment were - whether it was during the delivery, or after we brought the little one home! It was really reassuring to have them in our corner always.

Now that I know they exist, I would not have done birth and post-partum any other way!

Erika + Ab = Heir


Melanie helped bring our baby Heir into the world. She and Isabel were available throughout the pregnancy to answer questions via text, check-in via Zoom, and educate via classes. I remember hearing many things about pregnancy and birth. Melanie, Isabel, and the other doulas clarified so much. When it was time to deliver, Melanie helped us honor our birth plan while making some tough decisions. She even tidied up our room at the end so we could focus on our new baby. I do not want to imagine what the experience would have been like without Melanie's expertise, nurturing, and encouragement. It is hard to innumerate the countless large and small ways they were helpful to our journey. I strongly recommend Emerald Doulas to anyone seeking support.

Rymea Bond


Hiring Emerald Doulas was by far one of my best decisions! Emerald Doulas provided me with informational pamphlets, parenting/newborn classes, and community outreach sessions, all of which were amazing! Moreover, Emerald Doulas provided support for my partner in able to help him better support me! My doulas, Melanie and Isabel, were very informative and nurturing. They made me as comfortable and knowledgable as possible during my pregnancy and after! Melanie and Isabel answered all of my questions and provided me with tons of information, which was comforting as a first time parent. I am so grateful to have received their support! I would definitely choose to use Emerald Doulas services for any future pregnancy!

Leslie & Bill


We had a wonderful experience with Emerald Doulas. Not only did they support our family to have the birth we envisioned but we thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from their childbirth education classes and community pre-natal events. Even through COVID and with all things being virtual, the classes and meet ups were fun, informative, and personalized to the clients. Furthermore, they are an inclusive group and welcoming to all birthing people. The truly foster a sense of community among their doulas and clients. We highly recommended working with them for your support during birth and beyond. 

Stephanie B


When we chose our doulas, we were only expecting 1 day of support. What we received was months of loving guidance, encouragement, and invaluable support both before and after birth. We thought labor support was all that mattered, but that was only a small fraction of the total doula benefit. We now realize we drastically underestimated the value of continual support throughout pregnancy and into new parenthood. COVID has changed the way we live. If you’re hesitant about how valuable a doula will be if in-person labor support is not allowed at your birth, don’t be! You’re going to want all the support you can get, and virtual support is still valuable support. You’re paying for your doula’s knowledge, experience, encouragement, support, and expertise. While historically that has been in-person, those benefits are not lessened if it has to be via phone or live video. Your doula will still be with you the entire time to guide you and/or your allowed support person on techniques, recommend different positions, instruct on comfort measures, remind you to drink and void, help you make educated decisions as they arise, and offer encouragement and praise. That’s a huge relief to you and your support person to not have to know or remember to do all of that yourselves! In these very uncertain times, it is more important than ever to have the certainty of professional support and experience. I couldn’t imagine having to navigate this unprecedented time without the support, wisdom, and guidance of an experienced doula. They were a tremendous source of stability and reliability in an unstable and unpredictable time. It was so comforting to know their support wouldn’t change no matter what else did. When the hospital policies were changing every minute, they were a constant. You didn’t choose to have a baby during a pandemic, but you can - and should - choose to have a doula support you through it.



We used Emerald Doulas for births in 2017 & 2020 & relied on them virtually for our experience in 2020 for COVID-19 restrictions. The community prenatals provide so much helpful information that I’ve relied on to take good care of my son, especially in a time when my normal support system is not available to me in person. Additionally, having virtual check ins, video chats, text messages, and basically on-demand answers and expert guidance all combine into a really informative experience. This current time is very isolating, so being able to reach into a wealth of educational content prior to and after birth has been reassuring. I wanted birth doulas primarily for their wealth of evidence-based guidance and received that and much more from Emerald Doulas, a long with really impressive adaptations to virtual support. As we updated them during birth, they guided us to try certain things, like suggesting when to put the TENS unit on based on the sensations I was experiencing. We have learned great things about medicated and unmediated birth, exclusive breastfeeding, infant growth, infant care tips,  paced bottle feeding, pumping and transitioning back to work, introducing our dog to our baby, navigating the emotional labor of caring for our home and each other postpartum, and so much more. We used the knowledge we had gained from EmDo education prior to and during birth and in the weeks we’ve spent so far with our son. I am very grateful for their support and highly recommend their services, especially in such unknown times. Having a solid, evidence-based foundation going through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum (especially in the midst of a pandemic) provides stability, confidence, and improves your family’s ability to care and advocate for themselves. Thank you for the education and support, EmDo team!



Michelle and Melanie at Emerald Doulas were the only reasons we made it through our first birth experience the way we wanted. They helped guide as during pregnancy, and having Michelle at the birth was exactly what my husband and I both needed – a calm, confident, and reassuring presence with encouraging words and a gentle touch. She prepared our hospital room making it feel warm, had recommendations for pain management, and was constantly ready with new suggestions for how to change it up when labor needed to get moving. Everything was new (and scary!) to us, so we were so grateful to Michelle for being there. For the second birth, it was less scary because there was less “unknown.” But we still wanted Michelle’s guidance, love, and support. She came through again! This time, things went even more smoothly, and it was great to have Michelle bring up suggestions and learnings from our first time around – we got active labor moving much more quickly and the birthing process was much smoother and shorter (and therefore an even better experience than the first time). Perhaps the best part of working with Michelle and Emerald Doulas is the feeling of love and reassurance, but also safety. My husband especially appreciated having the Doulas there to sort of act as an intermediary between us and the medical staff. We always felt in control of our birth plan. We will definitely use Emerald Doulas for our next child!



Hiring Emerald Doulas to assist at my birth was the best decision I made in preparing to give birth for the first time. I would hire them again in a heartbeat. I worked with Melanie and Lauren; Melanie attended the birth and made a huge difference in my level of comfort and confidence with her calming and reassuring presence. What I didn't anticipate was all the support that they'd provide in the weeks and months leading up to the birth, and following the birth. Having them by my side throughout also opened up space for my husband and I to focus on each other in a different way and relieved a lot of my anxiety about being prepared. While I could never control what happened in my birthing experience, having Emerald Doulas support was the most impactful decision I made to set myself up for having the birth experience that I wanted. Thank you, Melanie and Lauren!



Emerald Doulas is fantastic.

We used them for the second time for the birth of our third child. Again, Melanie Patrick was a fantastic birth doula, advocating for us in the hospital and helping us process what was a speedy birth! This time we also have received substantial support from postpartum doulas, and they have all been fantastic. Sarah has been such a lifesaver as an overnight doula. Sybil and Logan have both been fantastic with our two older kids and with helping around the house. Logan even carried our Christmas tree out to the curb while I napped! I'd highly recommend them to anyone who needs some extra help after the birth of a baby, which really is everyone!

Courtney Simpson


I can't say enough good things about Emerald Doulas. Melanie and Michelle were both there for me when my baby decided to come 5 weeks early. I was so in shock and nervous that I wouldn't get the birth i'd planned for. They were there by by side, Melanie helped me get settled and advocate for what I wanted with the doctors, and Michelle took over when my labor extended into day two. Michelle helped me stay calm and try different techniques to help baby come naturally so I didn't have to have any medical interventions. I can't imagine I'd have had such a positive experience if it wasn't for them! My husband and I are so thankful for Emerald Doulas!



Comprehensive and responsive; kind, compassionate, competent. It was really important for me to have a doula that could work with me as a trans nonbinary expecting parent, and I was worried I wouldn't be able to find somebody. I was beyond thrilled that Melanie made sure my needs were met. Working with Isabel and Abigail was incredibly affirming and reassuring, and they brought a lot of joy to a time that can be kinda scary!

Sarah Swandell


My doulas helped with everything from prenatal sleeping positions to postpartum breastfeeding -- not to mention the labor and birth itself! In the wee hours of the morning of our baby's birth, my doula Ness helped me by rubbing my back just so, refreshing my cold compresses, offering water/juice, and discerning when it was time to head to the birth center. My husband timed the contractions, but this took his hands away from providing counterpressure, and I needed all hands on deck! So Ness was vital to keeping me comfortable.

In the last stretch, Ness encouraged me to send my breath down as I worked to push the baby out. The pushing stage was gradual -- 1:15 total -- but just when I felt like giving up, Ness's voice promised a preview of the triumph that lay ahead, as she urged me on.

There is no way to describe what it was like to have my warm, wet, wiggly baby girl immediately placed on my chest after she emerged. Meanwhile, Ness was taking pictures, and I have looked at those pics a thousand times since! Ness was the one who got to go to my parents, waiting in the other room, and give them the surprise news: "It's a girl!"

Between Ness and our other on-call doula Vanessa, we feel Emerald Doulas was worth every penny. I always thought I could handle labor just me and my husband. Wrong! I'm so thankful to have wised up to the invaluable support a doula provides -- especially one from Emerald.



I cannot say enough wonderful words about the lovely humans over at Emerald Doulas. We had Melanie and Kallyn as our birth doula team for the birth of our second son. They both helped us with confidence, calm, and comfort throughout my pregnancy. They gave me immeasurable peace of mind that we would have an ally, no matter what, on birth day and throughout this magical experience. Melanie was an amazing support for my husband and myself on birth day. I have all the love, respect, and gratitude for Emerald Doulas! ?????? We also took our older son to big sibling class, which was sweet and great for all of us. Their placenta services are also wonderful and could not have been easier to coordinate.

Stacy Peterson


Emerald Doulas is THE BEST!!! Looking back, I can't imagine how much going through the birthing process without their support, acceptance, and community. I also love the programming which supports the whole family, before and after birth. If you are considering hiring a doula in the Triangle, you won't regret using EmDo.

Also, if you are on the fence about hiring a doula, I highly recommend it. I wasn't sure about it initially, but now I wouldn't have it any other way. This is such a challenging and important part of your life and it really is the time to get the support and expertise that doulas can provide.

Leah Webster


Long review:
My husband and I became acquainted with Emerald Doulas at the childbirth education class led by Ashley, which not only equipped us with important information we needed to know about childbirth, but also allowed us to reflect on our emotions during that very exciting time of my pregnancy. Until taking the childbirth class at 5-6 months pregnant, neither my husband nor I considered hiring a doula. The warm and empowering energy we experienced at the childbirth class made me realize I wanted a doula to be there with me during labor, even though I wasn't sure what doula support would look like or what kind of support I needed. Turns out I really needed it! The midwives overseeing my prenatal care at Durham Women's Clinic couldn't have been more reassuring and enthusiastic about our decision to hire Emerald Doulas. They assured us we would be in great hands and have all the support we needed during labor, and they were so right! Melanie and Kallyn were our doulas, and they will have a special place in my heart for the rest of my life. They offered support before, during, and the weeks after my daughter's birth. They have this amazing way of knowing exactly when to check in or offer the perfect bit of advice and support when I need it. Kallyn was there for the actual birth of my daughter, and my husband and I cannot imagine doing it without her. Kallyn's warm and loving presence, wisdom, and support endured through my very long labor and was welcomed by me, my husband, as well as the nurses and midwives on staff. Even during labor, I kept thinking how grateful I was to have her by my side and could not imagine the alternative. If I ever have more children, we will most definitely be hiring and Emerald Doula again. We couldn't imagine it any other way.



It was wonderful working with Emerald Doulas. We first took the Child Birth Education and Infant Care Classes with Ashley and learnt a lot from her. Then we met Lauren and Abigail at the Open House and decided to work with them as our birth doula team. They were very patient and helpful leading up to the birth. My birth took 2 days and so was not what I had imagined, but having Lauren there made a world of difference. She brought so much cheer, knowledge, and positivity to my birthing room. She was extremely professional and empathetic and went above and beyond to support us every step of the way. She spent >24 hours with us in the hospital and only left 3 hours after my son was born. Since the birth, she checked in with us regularly and gave us advice about postpartum recovery, lactation, and sleeping the baby. Thank you Lauren! We have enjoyed being part of the EmDo community (Doulas for Life).



Melanie and Kallyn provided great support and information before and after the birth. Melanie was my doula during the birth and she was amazing. I had a hard labor which would have been much harder without her support and coaching.

Their community prenatal meetings were full of helpful information and I've made use of the regular new mother's group to ease into motherhood.

Highly recommended!

Visha Burkart


The team at Emerald Doulas is fantastic. My partner and I enjoyed meeting all of the doulas at their Open House, and we really loved working with our chosen doulas: Abigail P. and Lauren R. I felt as though our doulas blended their own type of magic with evidence-based birthing science. They were great sources of recommendations and reassurances. We had a very different birth than what we had "planned," but Lauren (the doula on call) was there to make sure my partner and I were supported - and we had a wonderful, beautiful birth, thanks in large part to her.
Even though I was transferred from the birth center to the hospital, Lauren created a safe space for us with string lights and a diffuser, a massage for me, rebozo work, and breaks for my partner (just to name a few things).
Having a birth (and postpartum) doula is a worthwhile investment. (EmDo has gifting options, too, which are perfect to put on your birth registry.) I am so grateful for the support and expertise from the EmDo team.

Emily McClure


Hands down could not have had two healthy babies with a healthy mental health without Emerald Doulas. I completely trust, adore, and respect every single female advocate on this team and proudly can call Ashley my dear friend. This group of women cares and I am truly grateful for them.

Joy Vidal


I highly recommend Emerald Doulas & I wish everyone could experience their amazing services. My birth doula was Melanie Patrick, who will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Melanie often referred to as "walking Xanax" provided everything I could have envisioned & more in supporting my first pregnancy and labor of my dreams.

After having such an amazing birth experience, we were then graced with the best postpartum doula around, Suzanne Lee. Suzanne, like Melanie has a very supportive, calming, and affirming spirit. She fit right in with our family and helped ease stress of the postpartum transition.

Then to top it all off, Victoria was our dynamic lactation consultant who supported us in ways I couldn't have imagined. Victoria is extremely caring, knowledgeable, and is very passionate about her work.

Emerald Doulas is a MUST and such a blessing to the families and communities they serve.

Lillie Cooper


I am honestly struggling to find the words to express the gratitude, love, and respect I have for the team at Emerald Doulas. My partner and I needed advocacy and support as we navigated pregnancy, birth, and now postpartum . . . it arrived in waves as soon as we found EmDo. Our amazing birth doulas, Melanie and Kallyn, were our lifeline through the entire pregnancy and I do not think I would have handled delivery as easily without them by our side; our lactation consultant (um. expert), Victoria, has ensured we are comfortable feeding our baby; and the support, love and knowledge we get from Suzanne, Ashley, and the rest of the team is priceless. The resources available for the EmDo community are invaluable and the friends we have met in the community are some of the kindest people. I felt more prepared for the birthing process thanks to these amazing ladies and now, as new parents, we feel equipped to tackle the challenges ahead because of their continued support. As our family moves towards new milestones, I know I have resources, allies, and friends and it is solely because of the experts at Emerald Doulas.

Elizabeth Hart


I don't know how anyone survives pregnancy, birth, or the first year of new parenthood without a team like Emerald Doulas. My husband and I agree that we got our money's worth well before I even delivered - Melanie and Kallyn helped me navigate the final, difficult months of my pregnancy. I went into every prenatal appointment feeling prepared and empowered thanks to their guidance, and the community prenatal meetings and childbirth class prepared us as well as we possibly could have been for such a life changing event. We have a lot of regrets about our EmDo experience - that we didn't hire them sooner, that we didn't call Kallyn in earlier during labor, and that we didn't take advantage of their postpartum doula services. When Kallyn arrived during labor, I felt so loved and cared for and empowered. She guided us through some unexpected turns, took such loving care of all of us, helped to give us the birth and the postpartum experience that we hoped for, and took photos of the experience that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. Kallyn & Melanie's home visits were a balm in those first, hard days at home. And there is no way I would have made it one week, let alone a year and counting, breastfeeding without the lactation support we received from Victoria before our son's birth, in the difficult early days, and throughout his first year. As amazing as this team of birth professionals is, what's even more impressive is the community that they have built. The weekly hangouts were sanity savers during my maternity leave. The love and non-judgmental support I have received from this community, both in person and online, has been invaluable and is worth many times more what we paid in doula fees. Hiring Emerald Doulas was definitely the best decision I made during my pregnancy, and easily ranks in the top 5 best decisions I've made in my life.

Meriel Shire


I cannot say enough wonderful things about our doulas from Emerald Doulas. Having Kallyn and Melanie support my partner and me from pregnancy to postpartum was truly such a gift, and a critical part of our birth experience. I loved the doula team approach, which ensured that we could always reach one of them (and often both of them) with questions or concerns whenever we needed. They both provided so much emotional support in the weeks leading up to our daughter’s birth, and Melanie was a tireless champion and calming presence during our long labor and delivery. She was truly there for both me as the birthing person and my partner, which allowed me to just focus on doing what my body needed to do. She collaborated perfectly with the medical staff and also helped advocate for me to ensure that I had the best experience possible. Her confidence in me and my body’s process never wavered, even when I had doubts and fears, and that calm energy and comforting touch was exactly what I needed to make it through. Even after our daughter’s birth, we stayed in close communication with our doulas and enjoyed a wonderful visit at home a few days later. We will forever treasure the love and support they provided for us, and consider them to be such an integral part of our family’s new beginning!

Maggie Bintz


I can't say enough great things about Emerald Doulas. Having them be a part of our birth experience was one of the best decisions we made during our pregnancy. We ended up having some serious complications during the birth, and Kallyn was there the whole time providing much needed comfort and support for both of us. Despite the medical scares, we felt like the whole experience ended up being very beautiful and positive, and Kallyn was a huge part of that. I can't imagine our son's birth story without her. We also participated in some of Emerald Doulas' many many resources—birth classes, lactation consulatations, community gatherings, etc—and loved all of them.

Rebecca Stelter


I cannot say enough good things about our Emerald Doulas team, Melanie and Kallyn, as well as the Emdo community. Upon asking my husband how helpful he thought he would be during labor from 1-10, he said maybe 6 or 7. After that, I decided a doula would be the best thing to give us both the support we needed. I didn't have very strong opinions about how I wanted the birth to go, just that I wanted to avoid a c-section if at all possible. In the back of my mind, I was also interested in not having an epidural. I knew if there was any chance of that happening I would need lots of support.
We had a chance to get to know Melanie and Kallyn well before the due date and get any questions answered and express our concerns and desires for the labor and delivery. Our baby was breached and it was a great comfort to have Melanie with us when we went into the hospital for an ECV to attempt to turn the baby. It was a success and they were also very supportive as we waited and waited for labor to come. When it came time for the induced labor (2 weeks post due-date!), Melanie helped through all the contractions. She had so many tools and tips to make me as comfortable as possible, especially during the transition stage of labor. She helped both my husband and I know what to expect and answered our questions throughout the labor. Melanie, along with our midwife, and the nurse were so encouraging when I was pushing. After lots of pushing, it was determined that baby needed some help coming out and we were given the options to have a vacuum-assisted delivery or c-section. Melanie helped to make sure we had all of our questions answered and concerns addressed about the various options.
When I delivered the baby, we were in a room with lots of nurses, doctors, interns, etc. It was so helpful to have a familiar face in the room. Melanie also captured some amazing photos from right after the delivery that I will always cherish.
I highly recommend Emerald Doulas!

Amanda Fratrik


Both Melanie Patrick and Kallyn Boerner were fantastic as we awaited the birth of our second son. Melanie ended up being with us during the birth, and she was excellent during what turned out to be a speedy (and intense) labor! We were lucky enough to get the Emerald Package, and it is worth every penny. Having lactation support and postpartum doulas in addition to birth doulas has really helped smooth our transition to a four-person family. I would recommend Emerald Doulas to everyone, for all of the services they offer. Now if only newborns slept more than a few hours at a time...

Gigi Burkhalter


I don't know what we would have done without our doula! Kallyn helped me be a better birth support for my partner. When I needed to make quick decisions she helped me. When she saw something I could do to make it easier for my partner, she offered her wisdom. When I needed to take a break, she filled in. I really really really recommend having a doula, especially if you've never done this before. And I really recommend Emerald Doulas for their professionalism, wisdom, and breadth of services they offer. Thanks for helping us in this huge life transition!

Ayana Moore


I decided to hire a doula for my second pregnancy, hoping to have a much better birth experiences than the first as well as a VBAC. Emerald Doulas was recommended by my midwives and I could not have received a better recommendation. From the beginning, my doulas were 100% committed to my physical and emotional well-being. I contacted them after each doctor's appointment to debrief about how the pregnancy was progressing and to discuss my birth plan. They were always quickly responsive and provided invaluable information and resources, especially as my baby stayed breech a little longer than I'd hoped (she eventually flipped on her own). Fortunately, the delivery went very smoothly and I was able to have a successful, unmedicated VBAC. During the delivery, I really just focused on my doulas' voices, instruction, and encouragement. It was incredibly intense but they provided me with exactly what I needed every step of the way until my daughter arrived. I highly recommend having a doula present during delivery and I unequivocally recommend Emerald Doulas. Everyone I have interacted with from the practice has been incredibly kind, warm, and supportive and they offer numerous services and opportunities to support new or expanding families in both group and individual settings. If I decided to have a third child, I would without a doubt, hire them again.

kelly garcia


Suzanne and Carrie were wonderful to work with. They both were patient, relaxed and kind. It was so nice having their support which enabled us to get some sleep, not worry about dinner and relax knowing that we were informed. When Carrie and Suzanne weren't free Emerald Doulas found great doulas to fill in. (Thank you Ashey and Logan.) I would definitely recommend their services if you are looking for a doula in the area.

Victoria C. Thomas


After experiencing a traumatic birth with our son my midwife recommended hiring a doula when I was pregnant with our daughter. I called Emerald Doulas that afternoon. Melanie and Sara were the doula team we were going to work with! My husband and I had an initial consultation meeting with them and I just knew they were going to be the support I needed for this pregnancy and delivery. Although I was very excited about our growing family I realized I was still having a lot of anxiety and fear lingering from the birth of our son. I wanted to do everything within in my control to have the birth experience I imagined this time. Working with Emerald Doulas was the best decision we made. From there Melanie and Sara became an incredible source of support and knowledge. They are both such calming and nurturing women and they provided the reassurance I needed and helped educate me and were able to help my husband to be an active partner. I started to feel better about this pregnancy and wasn't as scared. My husband and I took the Childbirth Education class offered by Emerald. This was the BEST class and I wished I had the opportunity to have taken that class before we had our son the first time we were expecting. It should be required that ALL expecting mothers take this class!

Melanie and Sara were always available to us for support, questions, you name it. As we approached 36 weeks Melanie and Sara we discussed our birth plan and my husband and I were feeling confident. They had truly helped me and provided me with the confidence to advocate for myself. I did have the birth I imagined and words cannot explain how happy I was about the entire birth experience and I know it's because we worked with Emerald Doulas. I recommend them to anyone and everyone that I can. The level of professionalism, classes, support groups, lactation consultants, postpartum doulas, etc. that are available to the expecting parents through Emerald Doulas are one of a kind.

Kelley DeAngelus


I cannot more highly praise everyone at Emerald Doulas.  I never intended on birthing with a doula when we found out I was pregnant with our first child.  I had many firends who birthed with doulas, but it just didn't seem to be "for me."  Then, tragedy struck and I was in a position where it looked like I might be birthing without my sweet husband.  Enter Emerald Doulas.  They were the most wonderful, warm, welcoming women I have EVER met.  I have tradiditionally been a person that takes awhile to warm up to someone, especially when it comes to sharing personal details of my life.  However, I instantly fell in love with all of them.  It really truly was like they were all old friends with whom I could share my most intimate questions and worries.  I also used their post-partum overnight services when I first came home from the hosptial and for several weeks afterwards.  that was the biggest help of all.  They answered my questions and worries, and loved on my sweet boy as if he were their own family.  I missed them terribly when it was time to transition on my own.  Please, please if you are at all thinking of using a birth or post-partum doula contact these fine women.  You will be so happy you did!

Susan Ellor


Our experience was fantastic. My husband and I are first-time parents who decided to deliver at WBWC.  I knew I wanted additional support during delivery from a woman who knew the ropes of child-bearing. After a really positive and educational (and lengthy) chat on the phone with Melanie, we came ino Emerald Doulas to meet her and her colleague Sara (both hypnobabies trained, which I also planned to use for delivery day).  From the beginning they made it clear that they were there for us an all ways surrounding the pregnancy, birth, and post-partum period. Sara was the one on call the night I went into labor.  She was a fantastic physical and emotional support, providing me and my husband with sage guidance and peaceful reassurance throughout the labor and delivery. She also helped me through a number of different maneuvers and comfort measures that helped the labor progress seamlessly (despite a posterior presentation). As labor progressed, I wasn't speaking much (had indeed turned very 'inward') and althuogh I was not that 'far-along' only an hour before, Sara sensed that we were very close to delivering. Trusting her intuition she convinced the midwife to come back in to our room, and just moments later we had our baby. Not only was she in tune with the process of brith, she was also keenly aware of our needs as first time parents. Despite our daughter being born in the early hours of the morning, she remained a warm and unhurried presence, and was with us (or nearby giving us a little private time with our newborn) for several hours until we encouraged her to get back home to her own bed for some much earned rest. She called to check on us once we were home, and both Sara and melanie came for a post-partum visit, and provided some great advice (and warm conversation). From our first conversation with Melanie to our smooth delivery with Sara, Emerald doulas was fantastic and has our highest recommendation for doula services.

Melissa Cole


Working with Emerald Doulas has been an amazing experience.  From my initial call with Melanie to home cooked meals with my postapartum doula Suzanne and lactation consults with victoria, I can't express how thankful I am for these amazing group of women.  Melanie had an amazing calming spirit from the start, which I was immidiately drawn to. She played a key role in my birthing experience being a great support to myself and husband.  Herself and Sara were always available to listen and answer any questions we had.  After my birth my husband decided to use their services for a postpartum doula, and although I wasnt on board at first, he made a great decision. I'd like to say the homecooked meals were the best part but it was also being able to feel supported by another woman sharing the newness of motherhood and all the changes that come with it. This team of women are amazing and you won't disappoint!

Michael Gutierrez


When my wife first said she wanted a doula, I was skeptical. It seemed like an unncecessary expense in a time of necessary expenses. It also sounded vaguely new-age and I thought it would somehow involve crystals and chanting. None of this was, of course, true. There were no chants or crystals, just counseing and aid during this long labor. Their presence was not only necessary, but it made a difficult birth bearable. My wife spent nearly 50 hours in labor. Our birth plan fell apart when our son's delivery stalled and he was eventually born via an emergency c-section. Throughout this entire experience someone from Emerald Doulas was there. They provided relaxation techniques, moral support, physical support, and emotional comfort during this difficult time. They talked my wife through her fears and talked me through mine. They spelled me during the labor, giving me a chance to get a cup of coffee or take a quick nap. The nurses and midwives came and went, but the doulas were there the entire time. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Jourdan Fairchild


My husband and I can't imagine our daughter's birth without the guidance and support of Emerald Doulas. We first read about the company online and attended an open house to meet the doulas in person. Chelsea and Melanie made us feel instantly comfortable with the process and helped us develop a birth plan that had all of our wants and needs in mind. They answered enless questions leading up to and after the due date. And even before contractions began, walked us through next steps. Once at the hospital, Melanie set the mood, put my fears at ease, and was by my side for 18+ hours of labor. What more can you ask for? She advocated for us, provided endless physical/emotional/mental support, and helped me tap a source of inner strength I didn't know I possessed. I'd recommend Emerald Doulas in a heartbeat.

Michael Noel


Oh my.  Where to start.  I truly believe the one indispensible component of our pre, during, and post birth experience is Emerald Doulas.  Knowing what I know now, I would have happily paid twice as much!  More than anything, the Doulas are such friendly people with hearts of gold.  They clearly are following their callings and are SO good at what they do!  Whether you are looking for prenatal classes and coaching, birthing support, lactation consulting, day or night postpartem help, new parenting support groups (which are free to customers), they've got you covered.  It's like having a small army of moms without the drama and politics of moms and mother-in-laws.

Working with Emerald Doulas is without a doubt the #1 thing I would recommend to anyone who has recently found out they are pregnant, is already nicely along in their pregnancy, is about to give birth, has already given birth, or even gave birth a couple months ago and just wants someone to take care of their infant at night with a bottle so parents can finally get one full night's sleep.  They are amazing.  You will wish they lived with you!

I don't know how I could possibly write a review that is an accurate reflection of the way I feel about Emerald Doulas.  Just go talk to them... sign up... you'll love them!

Whitney Eibl


We loved Emerald Doulas and would highly recommend their services. One of the reasons we chose EmDo was because they were a group and we would get paired with two doulas to work with throughout our pregnancy and know one of them would be at our birth. Before signing the contract with EmDo it seemed like it would be a really big headache to find one doula to work with. Another benefit of EmDo is that they host community prenatal meetings with facilitated discussions that touch on a range of birth topics (ie comfort measures, feeding a newborn, navigating family postpartum) and those were very helpful. My husband and I enjoyed touching base with each other throughout the pregnancy at these discussions because as first time parents we weren't always sure what to talk about at home! Melanie and Sara were our doula team and Melanie attended our birth; praise her for sticking with us throughout the 25 hour labor (she came to the hospital around hour 8, if my fuzzy birth brain remembers correctly). I truly believe that without EmDo our pregnancy and birth wouldn't have gone as smoothly as it did.

After we were home with the babe and grandparents had gone home my husband insisted on bringing in a postpartum doula to help me one afternoon. I really didn't think we needed it but it was so worth it. Suzanne visited us 7 weeks post partum and offered some guidance for starting to structure naps and let me take a nap. Since then we have been following her advice and the babe is responding extremely well to naps in the crib. Without Suzanne he'd probably still be napping while I held him! As a new mom I wasn't sure when to start working on naps in the crib.

And *one more thing* they host weekly and monthly meetups for new parents / moms / dads so they're really building a wonderful community. They also offer yoga too - I did some prenatal yoga and can't wait to try Baby & Me yoga.

Best thing we did with the pregnancy was sign up at EmDo!

Cheryl Schall


My husband and I hired Emerald Doulas because I had post partum depression following the birth of my first child. We didn't work with anyone during our first birth and I thought the additional support would have been welcome and beneficial for my physical and mental health.

I knew I had made a good choice even during the initial phone call with Melanie. She was patient and compassionate - she actively listened to my concerns and thoroughly answered all my questions. I had a high risk pregnancy due to gestational diabetes and gestational hypertension, so I was matched with Melanie and Ashley to be my doula team. They have been/are always available to me for questions and concerns.

I had a pretty fantastic birth experience and Melanie was a big part of it. I was in the hospital being induced for about 24 hours. I didn't call Melanie in at that time and she consistently checked in with me throughout that time, clarifying questions I had, and suggesting things that might make me more relaxed and calm. For example, I was complaining how I was feeling hungry and weak and she suggested that I request broth. It was such a simple fix and it made a world of difference. I felt so much better after I drank it and I would have had no idea to ask for that otherwise.

When I did ask that Melanie come in, she came right away. I felt confident with her by my side - much more in control and measured.

I highly recommend Emerald Doulas. Beside their excellent doulas, they have so many great programs - support groups, sibling classes, yoga, etc. In comparison to my first birth, having Melanie and Emerald Doulas with me definitely made this experience much better. I am thankful for their involvement in my family's life.

stacey brower


I was very impressed from the first meeting! My first visit was for a lactation consult during my second pregnancy because I had low milk supply my first pregnancy. The lactation consultant, Victoria, was very knowledgeable and really listened to my needs. She also gave me space and time to grieve my first pregnancy frustrations with low milk supply and being an exclusive pumper the first time around. She spent at least 90 minutes with me and was very thorough and gave me a written breast feeding plan to meet my goals before my second baby was born. At this wonderful meeting I also learned more about doulas and everything that Emerald Doulas offered. All the staff in the office was welcoming, warm, and knowledgeable. I really wanted to go for a VBAC and they shared with me the VBAC rates at certain hospitals. My lactation consult ended up opening doors for me to find a high rate VBAC hospital as well as learn more about doulas. I later decided have a doula at my birth and I did not need to do more research, Emerald Doulas was the right choice for me. I had an initial 1 hr meeting to meet the doulas and ask questions before I agreed to have a doula at my birth. After I decided, they came to my house for an in home consult to review my birth plan. Again I always had the time and space to feel listened to, and address my needs, and my goals during my birth, and my vision of how a doula would help me.

During my birth it was so comforting to have another person than my husband be my advocate, help me achieve my birth plan, help my husband and I when labor was tough and see our options clearly. Emerald Doulas was also supportive and knowledgeable of hypnobabies that I decided to use for pain management. I can't say enough good things about what this group is doing. It made my second birth a happy memory and it was everything I wanted!

Sunny Yoo


I could go on forever about the wonderful ladies at Emerald Doulas, but if you're only going to read one sentence from my long testimonial, this is the takeaway: Hiring them was the best decision of our birth/postpartum experience.

As first time parents giving birth in a new city away from family and friends, my husband and I set out in search of support and it came to us in the form of Emerald Doulas.

Originally we had set out in search of just a postpartum doula, but ultimately decided we wanted a birth doula as well. MK was the "lucky" doula on call for my exhausting 42 total hours of active labor (20 at the hospital). MK offered support both mentally and physically, providing pain management tips and letting me drape my heavy pregnant self all over her tiny body. I feel bad for ruining her back and probably breaking her fingers while I pushed. MK helped us feel safe, supported and as confident as we could be in a vulnerable situation. She helped me stay focused in the moment, and have a positive birth experience. It was also great to have extra support when my husband needed a coffee or food break.

And boy were we ever grateful for Suzanne's support once we got home from the hospital. There was a learning curve getting used to new life as a family of three (plus pets). It was great to have help with errands/food prep/packing for our move, a shoulder to lean on when things felt tough, and a treasure trove of practical tips for baby care. Suzanne helped us become more confident and comfortable in our role as first time parents. My favorite support was the overnights - getting quality sleep with minimal interruption does wonders to improve your mood and energy those first few weeks!

Emerald Doulas provided invaluable support for us during an exciting (but also mildly terrifying) time. It was the best decision we could have made for our family, no doubt. Thank you, Emerald Doulas, for everything!!

Deanna Crossman


We called Emerald Doulas and had a great conversation with Ashely about ourselves, our pregnancy, and our goals/desires/interest in working with a doula.  She paired us with Chelsea and Melanie and we setup a time to meet.  Once we did, we knew we found the right people for us!

They were extremely relaxed and open to exactly what we were looking for in our experience (even if we didn't exactly know yet!).  They also gave us great info and ideas and pointed out things we could investigate and others that we needed to think about that we weren't even aware of.  I felt like we were headed into the experience with a team ready for whatever my little one was going to throw at them.

When the big day (night) finally arrived Chelsea was on call.  Everything happened so fast!  I went from first contraction to precious angel delivered in 6 hours.  Chelsea talked me through everything and guided me through the whole process.  She was a great guide for my husband during the whole process and helped him help me.

Afterward Chelsea and Melanie came to visit and Chelsea wrote a wonderful brith story for us to keep!  It look me a few days to be able to read it without crying but it was so special and we'll treasure it always.

I would highly recommend these wonderful ladies to help you navigate the process and be your advocate!

Samantha Sweede


I was a low-risk pregnancy, but it was eventful and confusing. I had odd symptoms that my doctors couldn't explain, I wasn't receiving the support I needed at my OB office, and I reached a point where I didn't trust my doctors. During my last trimester, I reached out to Emerald Doulas.

Melanie and I hit it off immediately. She was instantly invested in me as a first-time mom and as a person. Not only did she answer my questions, but I felt like I was speaking with a girlfriend who cared about my needs and birth plan. She was personable and easy to connect with, I felt comfortable with her, and she provided the support and information that I was fighting to get from my OB.

My confidence rose the more I interacted with both of my doulas, Chelsea and Melanie. They were supportive, informative, and personable. They took an interest in me, they communicated effectively, and they checked in frequently. I felt like a priority and a friend, which helped me have honest conversations with them about my emotions and thoughts. I didn't always get clear or accurate answers from my OB office, but I could count on Melanie and Chelsea to be available and open. The more informative Chelsea and Melanie were, the easier it became to advocate for myself.

When I went into labor, I felt in control and my husband was able to advocate for me because of their support and encouragement. When I doubted myself, Melanie was there to encourage me. She said all of the right things, which helped me get through labor and face delivery with confidence and determination, instead of fear and doubt. I'm so happy that I had her there because I was able to stick with my birth plan, maintain a positive environment, and deliver my daughter in the environment and under the circumstances that were important to me.

Thank you for everything, ladies! I feel strong, capable, and confident because of both of you.

Lara Casey Isaacson


Emerald Doulas was a life-saver for us! Suzanne and the entire team changed our lives. They not only helped to care for our daughter with tender love and skill, they also cared for our family as a whole. Their thougtfulness made an emotionally draining time lighter. I feel more equipped as a mother because of what I learned from them too. We can't recommend them enough! Thank you, wonderful women of Emerald Doulas! - Lara and Ari

Lauren Varkey


I heard about Emerald Doulas through my midwife and am so grateful for hiring them. My husband and I are both in the medical field (he is an MD and I am an RN) and were looking for a very practical but also supportive Doula team. Both Melanie and Ashley were supportive of whatever birth plan my husband and I decided on. I didnt feel like I would be a disappointment if plans changed and I got an epidural. They were accepting of whatever we wanted.

The most important thing for me was that the birth of our son remain an experience between me and my husband rather than between me and the doula. Melanie was an amazing facilitator of that. She was wonderful at helping my husband help me when we were in labor. She helped coach him to coach me which is exactly what I wanted. She was a wonderful presence in the labor room. Helping to get things when i needed them and helping me to reposition (epidural made it hard). She would quitely suggest things but also let things happen on their own. Melanie also took amazing pictures! My husband was really excited about that. So he could be coaching me while pushing and she was snapping the photos.

Both Melanie and Ashley came to visit our new family of 3 at our home after the birth. They helped us kind of debrief after the birth and helped with breastfeeding which was great to have that support in our home.

Overall I am so happy that we hired them and would do it again in a heartbeat!

Barbara Stover


I am so thankful to have found Emerald Doulas! As I sit here breastfeeding my one month old I think back to meeting my doula and how much she helped my husband and I. Words can not thank her enough for the support and help she provided. Without her Support my husband and I would have been at each other's throats with tension and stress. Sara provided us with strategies and techniques to work through the birth. She was a source of comfort and a non bias person that I could vent to or just turn to for support. She guided my husband and gave him direction when on our own I could not have communicated what I needed him to do and he would not have known what to do to help me. She made every part of my birthing experience wonderful. When we plan to have another baby we will call Emerald Doulas! I absolutely loved the class that we took to prepare for birth. It really helped to hear other from other pregnant women and their worries were the same as mine! Thank you Sara for everything! You were a blessing.

Sydney Williams


Look at you, smart person, looking into a doula! This was one of the best decisions of my twin pregnancy, especially since I hired the EmDo team, so you should keep being brilliant and hire them. Their pre-natal care and guidance was like having your awesome big sister who's been there, done that, and looked fabulous while going through every curveball a pregnancy will  throw your way, backwards and in high heels.

At our first "is this the right fit?" meeting, my husband and I expressed some concerns in the OB care we'd gotten up to that point and thanks to the fabulous advice of the EmDo team, were empowered with resources to make some serious changes in care at the 26 week mark. Our new OB team fully supported our birth goals, and I ended up with two happy healthy baby girls and no C-section recovery.

The team was fully supportive of whatever choices my husband and I made for our birth plan- in fact, I think they had more faith in me than I did! There was no judgement when I took my OB's advice to opt for an epidural for multiple reasons, but encouragement that I could get through it all, and they would be there with us.

Their text support throughout my early labor got me through a rough night, and I don't know how I could have gotten through the delivery and unforseen complications without Melanie holding my hand. My husband was free to love on our healthy newborn girls while Mel focused on keeping me calm and blissfully unaware of the craziness going on around us.

If you're on this site, clearly you're considering a doula, so give the EmDo ladies a call, meet with them at a cafe where there's amazing cake and coffee, and just get all the warm fuzzies I had from the first meeting through the postnatal follow up visit. It might be one of the best choices you make all 40 weeks!

Erin Worsham


One of the best decisions we made was to hire Emerald Doulas! Being a first time mom, I was nervous about pregnancy/labor. We knew that we would be delivering our baby in a hospital with our OBs, but given that our OB practice rotated doctors (therefore, we wouldn't be sure of which doctor would be on call that day), I wanted to make sure there was someone with me that I trusted and was advocating for me and my birth plan.

Having Melanie and Michelle as an additional perspective than my doctors during the pregnancy was invaluable to ask random questions via email, text and phone. They were knowledgeable, supportive and I always felt comfortable asking anything.

Having the doula during the labor process turned out to be even more valuable than I anticipated. My labor was unexpectedly intense - from first contractions to delivery was only 5 hours and there were some complications. We almost delivered at home! Having Melanie there to tell me everything was going to be ok, walk me through what was happening during the chaos, and advocating for me in the hospital was worth every penny! The delivery was really scary but I can look back on it in a positive light and I owe that to Melanie's experience, support and encouragement throughout those crazy hours.

We were so happy with the birth doula that we signed up for postpartum doulas as well. Through daytime and overnight visits, we had their doulas cook, clean, do laundry, support me during breastfeeding challenges and answer all of my questions about how to care for my new baby. It was invaluable to have extra sets of hands and also gave me the confidence as a first time mom.

An additional benefit has been the courses and gatherings that Emerald offers for clients. We feel like we have joined a supportive community through Emerald and that has been amazing!

Patrick DSilva


Faced with the reality of having our first child while living a thousand miles from family, we knew that we needed support.  What we did not know is just how much support we would need, and that is where the angels at Emerald Doulas swept in and saved us.  From a very long labor and delivery to recovery from an unexpected C-section, to those first days and nights when my partner and I barely knew what day it was, on through today when we struggle with getting our baby to take a nap in his crib in the middle of the dreaded 4-month-old sleep regression, the women of Emerald Doulas are there for us.  Ashley, Melanie, and Suzanne have taught us everything we know about taking care of our baby.  Throughout the pregnancy, they responded to our frantic texts and phone calls with questions about pre-natal tests or what type of diapers to buy.  When our birthing time began, they were with us every step of the way.  As the father, I appreciate the way they treat me as an important part of the familty while also providing my partner with the special support that she needs.  I cannot conceive of a world in which we went through this process without doula support - both during the birth and post-partum - and I guarantee that if we believe our family needs to grow again, we will work with these women again.  Even as my confidence as a first time parent grows, I still look forward to their arrival, knowing that when one of them walks through the door, it means that an experienced and compassionate person will be there to help me stumble through these still early days of fatherhood.  That they do this without judging me for my ignorance is a blessing that cannot be repaid; that in doing this they teach me to trust the parental instincts I didn't know I had within me...now that's just a plain old miracle.

Katherine Jones


I am so grateful for all of the support that both Ashley and Melanie of Emerald Doulas provided for us leading up to the birth of our daughter, during the birth itself, and during our time as new parents. As this was our first child, my husband and I were unsure if we wanted a doula: would it be strange to have someone else right there with us during such an intimate experience? Hiring Emerald Doulas was such a good decision, and I truly can’t imagine doing it any other way. Melanie was there with us for the birth, and her calm nature, affirmations, and techniques to relieve pain allowed me to really experience the birth the way I wanted to, and allowed my husband to be present with me and not feel like it was his job to move things along or manage my pain. The entire experience would have had a different tone if we didn’t have Melanie’s support. Truly, I can’t recommend Emerald Doulas highly enough!

Emily Miller


Ashley Collins from Emerald Doulas was our birth doula, we also used Suzanne Lee and Melanie Patrick (as well as Ashley) for postpartum support after our son was born.  I cannot say enough about these women.  They made our birth and immediate postpartum experience so amazing.  They are all incredibly experienced, patient, well-informed, compassionate and a joy to be around.

Ashely was a huge asset to us during our birth.  Both my husband and I later remarked how we had no idea how we would have gotten through that (very long) day without her.

I feel almost all my knowledge of newborn care and most of my confidence as a new parent came from having doula support.  I know it helped me through a difficult birth and it continues to aid me in being a better, more rested, more cared-for parent.  Additionally, Emerald Doulas has provided both my husband and me a gathering place for new parents, which is so vital especially in the first few months.  I really love this business and, more importantly, the women who run it, they are really the best of the best in my opinion!

Erika Parker


We had a wonderful home birth. Melanie was an awesome birth doula. My husband was very impressed and thought she did a wonderful job. Her presence was calming and supportive. Melanie is knowledgeable and helpful. Should we have another baby, we will definitely employ her services again.

Amanda Flaim


Melanie Patrick was born to be a doula. As a second time mom with a very supportive partner, I felt fairly confident that I'd be able to navigate my second birth fairly well, but we are so grateful that we asked Melanie to help us through it.  Knowlng Melanie would be by our side provided much-appreciated calm and reassurance as I'd had a fairly turbulent and anxiety ridden first pregnancy.  Moreover, her care during my (rather intense) delivery was kind and very affirming the whole way through. She created the most serene atmosphere in the hospital. Beyond transforming the physical space, which did not feel like a hospital room at all, she helped create a respectful and kind emotional space with me, my husband, my midwife and each of the hospital nurses. While I still felt pain (by choice), I felt no fear. I would recommend Melanie as a partner through birth to any woman, regardless of what she hopes for her pregnancy, birth and child. I never felt that she had an agenda to push, and never felt judged for any of my choices. To husbands and other partners who want support and reassurance during the birth or who just want to be able to help the birthing mother without feeling fear or anxiety of their own, my husband recommends Melanie without hesitation. We are so grateful that she is a part of our daughter's story.

Katie Linn


My husband and I knew early on that we wanted to work with a doula.  We were pregnant with our first child and like most, we did not know what to expect.  We knew a doula would provide us with practicial information, emotional guidance, and help us be strong advocates for what we wanted (and didn't). So when we first met Melanie, we knew instantly that she would be that person. Melanie was friendly, calm, knowledgable, confident, and was a great listener. Over three in-home meetings, she provided us with evidence-baseed information, modeled hands-on comfort techniques, including ones using the rebozo, aided us in creating our birth plan, normalized our fears and anxieties, advised us on how to communicate with medical providers, and most importantly, she taught us how to support one another. So when the time came for our lil' girl's arrival, we felt as prepared as anyone could be in this situation. Of course nothing went according to plan and we suddenly had many medical decisions to make to help progress the labor.  Melanie was there to support us every step of the way from explaining what these interventions entailed to holding my hand during contractions.  And most importantly, Melanie was discretely and subtly taking pictures of the entire delivery.  Once our daughter arrived and we began to decend into the fog of parenthood, we were able to look back at the moment that our lives changed and relive it in a way that helped us validate our decisionmaking, our pain, and our hardwork.  This was truly invaluable and for this, among many other reasons, we will forever be grateful to Melanie.

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