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Felicia Winograd CPPD, CIFS

Broomfield, CO Service range 100 miles will travel with family

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Postpartum Rate

$45 to $75

Availability Remarks: I am able to provide continuous care for 30 days. After the first month additional time can be scheduled based on availability. Early morning and up to midnight care available.

Postpartum Rate

$45 to $75

Postpartum Doula Experience

16 years and 82 families served

Doula Training

  • ProDoula, October 2015

Type of practice: Group practice with shared call schedule

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Postpartum limits/restrictions: no smokers

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly binding
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Elimination communication education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Infant massage education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Monitrice services
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sleep educator
  • Sleep support consulting
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

University of Virginia UVA Hospital / NICU / PICU , Good Samaritan Hospital NICU / Mother Child/ Volunteer/ ER Volunteer

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • German

Fee Details

Every family situation is unique and I am able to customize my services to your needs. I offer postpartum care, lactation support, infant feeding support, wound care, emotional support for mothers, partners and the family as well as light massages for mothers and newborns. I am trained to care for newborns with special needs. I am Infant and Adult CPR Certified (CPR) , Certified Infant Feeding Specialist (CIFS) . I can travel with you and your newborn if the need arises and offer safety training for the family.

Broomfield, CO Service range 100 miles will travel with family

Client Testimonials for Felicia Winograd CPPD, CIFS

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I read Georgina's testimonial and can honestly say that I had a similar experience with Felicia. I reached out to Felicia for postpartum doula support for my first child and my husband and I agree that it was the best decision we made. We had recently moved to CO and do not have any family in the area. Felicia came over prior to our son being born and helped us prepare for things we hadn't realized we needed to prepare for. She was there when we came home from the hospital and was the voice of reason I needed to hear, telling me to rest. She was available for all the questions that arose and helped guide us in anxious situations that included everything from lactation concerns to diaper rash treatments. Having her there as an expert opinion was so much better than googling our every question. She helped us become a better team instead of getting frustrated with each other when we weren't sure how to navigate all the new territory. Not only is she very experienced and knowledgeable but she is a kind, caring and non-judgemental person. I am so thankful that we got to work with Felicia and would definitely plan to again :-) 

Georgina Ramamurthy


Where do I even start? Simple, hire Felicia. I had my baby during COVID and the post partum period was daunting knowing that I wouldn't have friends & family to support me through those tender weeks. We had our own ideas of what we might need but Felicia correctly predicted exactly what kind of support we would want and provided a flexibility that really made it feel like if we needed her, she would be there. And she was, 72 hours turned into 2 weeks, then that turned into weekly visits and so on. Felicia for me, was more than a Doula. She filled the role of nurse, night nurse, grandma, mother, sister, teacher, mentor. Friend. She showed up for me, met me where I was and helped me become a mother. I feel emotional just talking about it because without Felicia, I just think I would have been lost. She tenderly identified when my milk wasn't coming in and helped me make the choice to take formula. She made it feel safe, right and she gave me the nudges I needed to keep my baby safe & growing. She showed me all the practical things you want but more than that, she held me up in my emotional journey following birth . She heard me, she helped me and she healed me. I was sleep deprived after a long birth and Felicia created an environment that allowed me to feel safe in leaving my baby and gettting rest. She is maternal but also practical. Never did I doubt my baby was in the safest of hands. I trusted her like family. I was very emotion the first two weeks, even on the days that Felicia wasn't with me she would call and ground me. The sound of her voice brought me comfort the way you can't imagine from someone you haven't known for a lifetime. Felicia will always hold a special place in my heart. For me, she was everything I wanted but more importantly, she was exactly what I needed. I will be in debt to the gift she gave me - it doesn't have a price or a name. Felicia will be my first call when I get pregnant with number 2. She is a friend for life.

Diana Ocampo


Felicia is amazing! My husband, baby and I thank her from the bottom of our hearts for being such a wonderful, caring and attentive doula. Could not have done this without her. Hiring was the best decision. Felicia helped us after my C-Section and took care of our baby girl like she was her own. She was supportive in every way and we learned a lot from her too. Thanks again Felicia and we will be in touch!

Kathryn Yankowsky


Felicia was a true blessing.

Short story: She is knowledgeable, dependable and efficient. She's great with babies whether they be premies or multiples.  I highly recommend her as a doula to transition you as a new parent and the baby into your house.

Long story: I'm a type A single mom by choice without family in the area. I thought I was prepared, having read books and attended baby 101 class at the hospital. However, you forget that when you are released you may be on narcotics, excessively sleep deprived and hormonal. Felicia was instantly helpful anticipating my needs. But the reason I so strongly endorse her is that she recognized an early problem with my early term baby not eating, despite her tricks (cold washcloth to the bum) which necessitated a middle of the night call to my on-call doctor. I was so out of it that I would have thought I was lucky he was a good sleeper.

But wait. It didn't stop there. After I was on my own a while I caught that nasty norovirus. An emergency call to Felicia and she took care of us both for a full 24 hours, not sleeping. She picked me off the bathroom floor, got me to urgent care for IV fluids, and kept my baby away from me so he couldn't get sick. She even helped keep me on track for pumping. When she left I had home cooked meals in the fridge and a clean house.

I will always be grateful to Felicia for her help making my little one thrive while educating and supporting me. You won't go wrong by choosing Felicia!

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