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Jackie Prescott

First Bump Then Baby

Website: http://www.firstbumpthenbaby.com

Phone: 610-312-1013

Birth Fee: $950 to $1350

Postpartum Rate: $35 to $40

Fee Details: HSA payment available, I will gladly provide a detailed invoice to submit to your inc. for reimbursement.

Birth Doula Experience: 15 years

Postpartum Doula Experience: 10 years

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Madriella Doula Network - Certified Labor Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • ProDoula - Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

Doula Training

  • Birth Arts International, October 2015
Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 2 to 4 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: I am a strong advocate of the benefits of postpartum support which assist new families transition into their new normal.
Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I do not focused on families have an XYZ birth but one they see as a positive birth experience.
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Childbirth Education Certifications

  • GentleBirth - Certified Childbirth Educator

Breastfeeding Certifications

  • Lactation Counselor Training (Healthy Children's Center for Breastfeeding)

Other Relevant Certifications

  • American Heart Association BLS (Basic Life Support) Certification
  • CPR Certified - Red Cross
  • ProDoula Certified Postpartum Placenta Specialist
  • Certified Our Baby Class Instrutor, Hypnobabies Doula Training

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Adoption
  • Cesarean birth
  • Clients on bed rest
  • Expected stillbirth
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • LGBTQP Families
  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Prematurity
  • Remote and rural clients birthing away from home
  • Single parents
  • Special needs babies
  • Survivors of Previous Life Trauma
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Teens
  • Twins
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth
  • Women and Families of Color

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Antepartum doula
  • Aromatherapy
  • Belly binding
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Breastfeeding Consultant Services
  • Childbirth Education Services
  • End of Life Doula Services
  • Military famiies
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Satellite Doula (For remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Stillbirthday Bereavement Doula
  • TENS units rental

Languages spoken: Eng.

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Fairfax, VA
Travel Range: 30 Miles

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Client Testimonials for Jackie Prescott

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I found Jackie on this website, doulamatch.net, one sleepless night in my 40th week of pregnancy. I was very uncomfortable and ready to give birth. So I wrote her in the middle of the night and received a very warm email back from Jackie the next day. She was very up front with what she could provide me with in the way of assistance at that time. As I had no experience with doulas, and none of my family and freinds had used a doula, I didn't really know what to expect or if I really needed one or wanted one, especially in the delivery room. So I hesitated and then my delivery day came.

Next I had a newborn baby who didn't sleep much and cried a ton and I was a new mom with absolutely no baby experience and felt like a complete failure...a tired, complete failure.

So we brough Jackie in for an interview, and ask soon as she took our Vivian in her arms, and the way our baby girl seemed to enjoy Jackie, I knew we were in the right hands (literally and figuratively!). Soon, Jackie was showing us how to care for our precious baby, and I really can't say enough how Jackie helped to transform me from a nervous person with a baby to confident and capable mom. I watched how she did things, how she treated my girl, and she talked with me about all my questions and I grew to really enjoy learning as well as spending the time with Jackie, who is a very sincere and wonderful woman. I certainly grew calmer knowing that she was in our corner! And also concerned not just with the baby's well being, but mine also, as mom and baby's well being are equally important.

Bringing in a doula, and Jackie as your doula, will help guarantee to make motherhood as special as it should be, with both mom and child being nurtured to ensure a thriving family.

Should I be blessed with another child, I will certainly be calling in Jackie to help me with the next pregnancy through to post-partum assistance.

Posted 3/25/2019

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Jackie was an exceptional and important part of my pregnancy and labor/delivery journey last year. 

I am so glad my husband and I chose Jackie to be a part of my pregnancy and labor/delivery journey. Her positivity, straightforwardness and knowledge calmed any fears or unknowns we had throughout the process. I greatly appreciated her humor and honesty. She was always available to text and for calls, happy to help navigate the oddities and unexpected occurences of pregnancy with me. Her wealth of information was a huge boon to us throughout the pregnancy as well. 

Importantly, Jackie encouraged me to advocate for myself and ask my doctor any and all questions I may have had. While my delivery was not what I had originally hoped for, Jackie was there every step of the way, and now, months later, she continues to be a source of information and, most appreciated, support.

Posted 3/18/2019

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I would recommend Jackie wholeheartedly as a doula. My husband and I initially were skeptical about the use of a doula. We interviewed a few doulas who made me feel insecure about my choice of hospital, OB practice, and openess to an epidural. When we met with Jackie, she immediately put us at ease. She came to our home for an interview and listened carefully to our desires for our daughter's birth. She told us that she would help us achieve the kind of experience we wanted, whether that was a natural birth or C-section, with or without drugs. After I passed my due date, we discussed inductions and what to expect. Jackie provided handouts and helpful tips about labor, induction, and the logistics of getting to the hospital, and being armed with that knowledge was reassuring as we waited (and waited!) for our daughter's birth.

I ultimately was induced and the induction took a long time --over 2 days. Jackie was a great support by phone and text as we discussed with her the doctor's assessments. She offered some helpful guidance as we waited in the hospital (e.g., she mentioned we could ask the doctor if I could eat real food and take a shower since the induction was taking so long - a real treat after a day in the hospital with no progress!) She talked us through the options when the induction was stalling to better inform our discussions with the medical staff.

When my water was broken and labor progressed, Jackie joined us at the hospital and immediately made the room a calm place with softer lights, lavender, and a peanut ball for better positioning. Jackie interacted seamlessly with the medical staff and was respectful - without overstepping - when she made suggestions about different positions for pushing. Her suggestions and support made the actual delivery go quite smoothly. She also joined us at home a few weeks postpartum to check in on us and offered some great tips about breastfeeding and burping. I'd absolutely hire her again!

Posted 2/27/2019

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Benjamin Stewart

Jackie was an indespensible member of our birth process; I cannot imagine the birth of our first child without her. Jackie was proactive when we needed it, and kept us calm in the storm of increasingly complicated pregnancy information.

I believe Doulas are integral for new parents, and I cannot recommend Jackie enough!

Posted 2/21/2019

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Lauren Weinstein

Jackie was unbelievable, and I will absolutely work with her again when it comes time for baby number two.

During my pregnancy, Jackie was fully available to answer questions and provide advice. She was particularly helpful in walking us through a birth plan.  There was so much we didn't even know we had to decide, and she explained everything expertly. She also pointed us to evidence-based resources when we wanted more information. And she taught us comfort techniques that we put to good use during labor. 

In the last weeks of my pregnancy, Jackie made many suggestions about things to try to get the baby to come.  More importantly though, she was there for emotional support while I was struggling with the end of my pregnancy. She was a real comfort as I prepared for an induction when baby decided she was just too comfortable to leave on her own.

My labor turned out to be very long and exchausting (about 40 hours), and I'm not sure how my husband and I would have gotten through it without Jackie. She came quickly when we called her, even though it was 2am on Thanksgiving Day.  Once with us, she was  positive and immediately got to work massaging me and helping me work through contractions.  I actively labored unmedicated with my husband for about 5 hours using comfort techniques that Jackie taught us.  Jackie, my husband, and I actively labored together unmedicated for another four hours. She also made suggestions about positions to help get the baby lower in my pelvis that my doctors agreed with and used.

Once my water broke, about 10 hours into active labor, things became much more intense. I was screaming in pain and unable to really communicate. Jackie was an expert and remained calm throughout. She was a huge help to my husband during this time when he was really distrssed. 

She also took beautiful pictures of our new family. Jackie gets our highest recommendation.

Posted 1/2/2019

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Steve Huber

From the moment we met Jackie, we knew she would be the perfect Doula for us! Jackie’s knowledge, temperament, and approach was amazing. My wife and I are first time parents. We knew we needed someone to help us pre-birth, during labor, and postpartum, and Jackie provided impeccable support through all three phases. Jackie let us know what to expect, how to prepare for labor, and thoroughly answered all of our questions. Jackie was always supportive and provided a nonjudgmental environment. During labor, Jackie was attentive to my wife and always anticipated her needs. Jackie made the entire pregnancy experience wonderful. I would highly recommend her.

Posted 12/10/2018

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Zeehan Mirza

Both my husband and I would highly recommend Jackie as a doula. We had Jackie during the birth of our first baby in a hospital. When I first found out I was pregnant, I wanted stay with my OBGYN and did not think about having a doula. It was when my husband and I decided to go into the Midwifery program at our hospital, we started our journey on natural birth and understood the value of having a doula during pregnancy and delivery. When I met Jackie, she listened to me without any judgement and she reminded me that she would be my advocate and I am empowered to make my choices. She was very knowledgeable and experienced of the entire birthing process, which made me trust her throughout this journey. At the beginning of my pregnancy, I was very nervous about my birth. By the ed of my 3rd trimeter with Jackie's guidance, I became more comfortable and empowered and was looking forward to the birth of my baby. My husband was also very nervous about the actual delivery, and having Jackie there was a relief for him as we were able to rely on her during stressful times. I went to the hospital preparing for a natural birth, but I also mentally prepared myself for emergency cases. I knew, in any case, Jackie would be my advocate. I'm happy to say that I had a wonderful experience of natural birth.

Posted 11/25/2018

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Marciela DeGrace

We can't say enough good things about Jackie! Jackie provided both birth and postpartum support for us. As a first-time mom, I found the process of preparing for birth daunting, especially since I wanted an unmedicated birth. Jackie's support in sessions before the birth provided me with great resources to prepare for the birth I wanted and made me feel confident. They also helped my husband - she provided us a lot of information on ways he could support me and it made him feel more prepared. Jackie provided excellent support at the hospital and, when things didn't go as we had planned and I had to be induced, helped me remain calm and in control of our birth experience. I have such great memories of our birth process in a large part because of Jackie.

The postpartum support was even more valuable to us than the birth support! Taking home a newborn, figuring out breastfeeding, and trying to know if we were doing things "right" - it was hard! Having Jackie provided lactation consultant support and daytime and overnight support helped us stay sane in those early weeks as we learned how to care for our baby and support each other. I know my husband felt better about his return to work knowing that Jackie would be able to stop in and help me for daytime postpartum shifts. Her tips for getting our baby to nap and sleep well at night are still so helpful. I've gone to a few moms groups since having our child and can see how lucky we were to have such early support from such a knowledgable and supportive person - it really helped us start parenthood out right.

Posted 11/4/2018

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We highly recommend working with Jackie.  We've already recommended her to others.  Jackie is very experienced and was great at striking a balance between professional yet familiar.  She's good listener and was very responsive to our needs, calls, and texts.  We were impressed with her ability to smoothly work with hospital staff at Walter Reed where we had our baby without ruffling feathers but still helping us advocate for our needs and desires.  We had a long birth with unusual circumstances and Jackie made it a much better experience than it otherwise would have been.  We'd be happy to work with Jackie again. 

Posted 10/1/2018

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Kayla Roberts

Working with Jackie was fantastic. She was very knowledgeable and reassuring throughout my pregnancy and labor. From the first meeting, I was confident that we would have a great experience with Jackie - she was able to answer questions and explain things easily to my husband and I. When creating our birth plan, she was able to talk us through our options and was not judgmental at all (for example, I knew I wanted an epidural, and while a lot of Doulas try to discourage it, Jackie had no such reaction; she just made sure I was aware of my options and knew what comfort measures to use until I was ready to ask for one). We were able to text/email her any time with questions and she was quick to respond. When she didn’t have the answer right away, she researched it for me and got back to me quickly.

When I went into labor in the middle of the night, Jackie talked me through laboring at home (according to our plan) for as long as I could. When I finally went to the hospital, she arrived shortly thereafter and immediately sprung into action making sure I had everything I needed, reminding me to eat and drink to keep my energy levels up, and being there for my husband and I as we made decisions along the way (explaining options and talking us through what it all meant without pressuring us in any way). She stayed with us until about an hour after my daughter was born and scheduled our home visit for shortly after we left the hospital. She was also a great resource as I struggled through breastfeeding early on and was always very supportive and responsive. I highly recommend Jackie and could not be happier with my birth experience. (My husband also sings her praises and felt so much more comfortable and confident having her with us; it was huge for him to have the support as well so that he was not stressing about making sure I was being taken care of). 

Posted 9/10/2018

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Beth Miller

Jackie is INCREDIBLE! She was such a great resource during my pregnancy, labor & delivery and postpartum. Jackie made us feel at ease with each meeting and interaction. My husband and I moved to DC 6 weeks before my due date.  Jackie quickly and comfortably helped us get up to speed on our birth plan and comfrotable with the birthing process.  We both felt comfortable asking questions at all hours.  She is very responsive and we never felt judged on our choices.  During the labor process Jakcie supported myself, husband and family members. Everyone had a taks to support me. She worked in tandom with the nurse and doctor to help move the baby down. Without Jackie, I am sure I would had a C/Section and other complications(he was a big baby!). 


We are so happy to have had Jackie by our side during this process.  We are looking forward having her support during our next pregnancy. 

Posted 8/19/2018

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Ainsley Cohen

Jackie was our doula at the birth of our son, our first child. She was an incredible help both to me and my husband through the pregnancy and delivery. In the planning stages she was able to make things seem a bit less scary and was always able to explain what our choices would be without pressuring us one way or another. We both really felt that she listened to us.

I had a 40 hour labour and Jackie was present with us the entire time, first on the phone and then in person when we asked her to join us. Having her with us continuously in the hospital was extremely comforting as the nurses and doctors came and went. While everyone else was asleep she was there to talk to me! 

I credit Jackie with helping me to avoid a cesarian, something I really didn't want and was very safely able to avoid. I was feeling pressured to 'get a move on' and go that way, but Jackie kept suggesting other things that I was able to relay to the doctors, who agreed. 

In the end my son was born very healthy and without a cesarian section. I cannot say enough good things about Jackie -- and my husband gushes about our experience with her!

Posted 8/9/2018

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Laura Kelly

We LOVE Jackie! We had a natural water birth planned at a birth center and we got all those things, but Jackie really made our experience comfortable and comforting! Firstly, she is always available before and after birth for lots of prenatal and post partum questions. She has great tips and her answers are very direct, informative, and gave my husband and I confidence and understanding. She taught us how to swaddle, car seat, and helped me so much with breastfeeding : latching and overall questions while baby and I tried to figure it out. At the birth, Jackie used counter pressure on my back for HOURS. It was physically demanding and she never quit! Every contraction she pressed down hard and made it so much more manageable and gave me comfort (which my husband appreciated bc this allowed him to maintain eye contact with me and hold my hands and face-which I needed emotionally!) It may be a couple of years before we decide to have another baby, but we know we will call her immediately! She is the best and we can’t imagine this experience without her. We’re so grateful to her !

Posted 8/8/2018

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Sydney Schneir

I cannot say enough about Jackie. 

If I'm being honest, I was very skeptical about having a doula during my pregnancy. After meeting Jackie, my opinion changed and I knew I wanted her on my side. She quickly understood me and my husband, and knew how to work with us to help us have the experience we wanted. 

For those of you who are Type A personalities, love science-based information, and appreciate straightforwardness from your team, Jackie is the one for you. As someone who is less "emotional" and more data-driven, Jackie is exactly who I needed. She let me and my husband make our own decisions, but helped us navigate the information we were getting from the nurses and doctors while we were at the hospital. She also stayed with us during an epic labor and delivery (about 36 hours!). 

After our daughter was born, I couldn't thank Jackie enough. Would I have made it through a tough delivery without her? Sure. Would I have wanted to? Absolutely not. Having her by my side every step of the way was invaluable. 

Posted 7/10/2018

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Noel Cooney

Jackie went above and beyond throughout our birthing experience (before and after).  She  gave us peace of mind during every aspect and helped us to make the best decisions to keep baby and mommy safe. Her expertise made tough decisions easy and her techniques helped to take our minds off the scary procedures (Epidural placement and c-section). Jackie was kind, respectful, and fun to work with! We could not have done it without her. We will definitely be using her when we have our next child. 

Posted 6/25/2018

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Catherine Shelley

My husband and I made a last minute (38 weeks) decision to hire a doula for the birth of our second son. We could not have been more pleased with Jackie's confidence and committment to helping our family. She made herself completely available to us despite the short notice. She immediately provided us with reminder tips and tricks in the event I went into labor before scheduling a session to fully discuss our hopes/plans for the birth. Luckily we did get to have that session, which left my husband and I ready for the big day. I appreciated Jackie's approach to discuss what we wanted, but also to review scenarios that were not part of our plan. It gave me a clear sense that whatever happened on my son's birthday, we were prepared.

On the big day, Jackie was the perfect addition to our birth team. During my quick labor, Jackie provided a peace and calmness to the room. She gave my husband ideas of what to do as well as giving my physical support during contractions. I highly recommend Jackie! 

Posted 6/24/2018

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Rita Gonzalez

We had a wonderful experience with Jackie! I instantly felt comfortable with her upon meeting her. Her years of experience and confidence in her abilities made choosing her an easy decision. She offered help and guidance in a nonjudgmental way and was willing to do anything she could to help ease our transition to life with two kids. She was always on time and focused 100% on our family while she was here. She was proactive and took initiative to get things done without me having to ask. It was as if I had cloned myself when she was here - helping pick up around the house, feeding and entertaining my older child, helping me with caring for our new baby. During quiet times in the house she was also a great person to talk to about the daily struggles of motherhood. She is the whole package! Would choose her again in a heartbeat!

Posted 6/11/2018

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Shana Gerber

"She's the one!" That's what my husband and I said to each other after we met with Jackie for the first time.

Jackie was both our Birth and Postpartum Doula. She is an extremely calm and levelheaded person, she provides sound advice and doesn't make things overly complicated. Always supportive, she is extremely knowledgeable and has many resources to share. Jackie is also a certified Lactation Consultant, which was extremely helpful to me. She is everything we could have asked for in a Doula and more!

Posted 5/22/2018

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Erin Blasco

Jackie took incredible care of us during and after the birth of our daughter. She took our preferences and personalities seriously and warmly tailored everything to us--we really felt like individuals, which is important because hospitals sometimes feel very anonymous and cold. 

Jackie was so helpful at the hospital. She had dozens of tricks up her sleeve as far as comfort measures, helped my husband implement new and better ways to support me, assisted in translating some of the confusing moments, liaised exceptionally well with hospital staff, and made the whole thing go much more smoothly than it would have otherwise. She anticipated what we might need before we could and provided it before we'd think to ask. At a time when you're very overwhelmed, that is priceless.

After our daughter was born, Jackie stuck with us. It was HOURS that she stayed by our side. I needed to chat and process what had just happened and she totally got that, keeping me company with her positive-but-realistic attitude. In the recovery room, we only got occasional visits from hospital staff, so we needed to be quick and efficient about making requests, asking for more information, and getting what we needed from them. Jackie helped us strategize how to verbalize all of this in a to-the-point kind of way that the staff could act upon. "Next time she comes back, let's figure out what you want to say to get what you need," she said a few times. She didn't speak FOR us to the staff, which I think is important--she empowered US to be our own advocates, which can be tricky after an exhausting experience like the one we'd just had! So her support was vital. I've spent so little time in hospitals that I would have been totally lost trying to navigate all that on my own.

We had a great experience with Jackie and highly recommend her. 

Posted 5/21/2018

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Paul Voosen

It's hard for my wife and I to imagine a better doula than Jackie! She played such an incredible and invaluable role in the birth of our son; we honestly don't know how we would have done it without her. From our first meeting, Jackie exhibited a calm, empathetic behavior. She listens and engages with your needs and personality. While deeply knowledable and experienced, Jackie never let her own birth experiences shape our birth. She prepared us and helped us think through our desires. She was communicative on phone, email, and text. And when the day came, she was a rock, a calm head who helped us emotionally and intellectually, always there through a long 24 hours of labor. And her visit afterward to guide us in our care was a joy -- and sorely needed!

You can't go wrong with Jackie. She has our full endorsement!

Posted 5/21/2018

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Melissa Ruseler

Jackie is warm, supportive, focused on her clients' needs & wants, and knowledgeable - we are so glad she was our birth doula and highly recommend her!

Jackie was very responsive and supportive of our birth 'philosophy' (aiming for unmedicated birth, with a focus on evidence-based decisions). In the lead up to birth (via home visits + text/email/calls whenever we needed them), working with Jackie gave us the info, tools and most of all confidence to face the birth with excitement. She treated us very much as individuals - giving us advice & info tailored to our needs, desires & circumstances, not based on her agenda or just generic advice (e.g. she prepped me on what to expect for myself & baby after birth given my gestational diabetes; she recommended a great app when she found out I was interested in hypnobirthing etc). On the big day things were more fast-and-furious than expected: with Jackie's coaching (via my husband via phone/text, & in person) we were able to labor calmly & confidently at home despite this, and she also made sure we made it on time to hospital (when Jackie was firm we needed to get moving!). Once at hospital things went "off plan" (surprise breech baby resulting in c-section), but Jackie's support & prep - including helping us think through "what if" scenarios like a c-section - enabled us to ask questions and make decisions quickly & confidently, and advocate for what we wanted (e.g. we successfully lobbied for early skin-to-skin in the OR). After birth, her lactation counselling skills were especially helpful to get a successful first feed, and also in subsequent days (postpartum visit + via text/calls).

Throughout the whole process Jackie was caring, reassuring, positive, interested in us and our baby, and focused on helping us have the best possible birth... Even though the birth didn't go to plan, it was a very positive experience and Jackie was key to helping us acheive that. 

Posted 5/20/2018

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Joan Xie

It was a great experience to have Jackie as our doula.  She is knowledgeable, accountable, and responsive.  On top of that, she has a sweet and nice personality, which makes the communication easy and pleasant.  I had an induced labor with Pitocin.  My contraction started strong and was consistent.  Her massage techniques helped me survive without epidural for seven hours.  After my child was born, she stayed a couple hours to help us situated and got a hand on breastfeeding.  The postpartum visit was extremely helpful, filled with tips about baby caring, from holding, feeding, burping to calming the baby.  I can't say enough about how awesome Jackie is!

Posted 5/18/2018

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Janelle Benitez

Jackie was my doula for my first child born November 2017.  She was great from the start!  She came over to my house and went through what to expect, it was so thorough I regretted signing up for a childbirth prep class because she covered a lot of the information. She was very available to me through email if I had any questions leading up to delivery day.  On the day I got admitted to the hospital things were not going as I planned and Jackie talked me through the options and what to expect.  She was great at giving guidance while not making feel pressured to do anything specifically.  I truly felt that she was most interested in doing whatever is best for me and supporting whatever decision I made.  Finally, where I think Jackie helped me the most was in her postpartum support.  I was so overwhelmed w/breastfeeding, panicked in fact.  I called her and she took the time to talk me through the issues I was having, she even planned to visit the next day.  It really was a lifesaver.  She brought some supplies to help with the issues I was having with breastfeeding and gave me tips.  I can't tell you how relieved I was to have her there to answer questions.  She has so much experience I feel she could handle whatever comes her way calmly and gracefully.   

Posted 5/17/2018

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Stephanie Ciechanowski

We used Jackie for the birth of our first son - simply put, Jackie was wonderful! She met with us several times in advance of the birth, and we learned a lot about preparing, packing our hospital bag, making a birth plan, and different comfort techniques.  She even gave us information on products we needed to have on hand after the baby was here - we definitely felt prepared going into the birth. On the day our son was born, Jackie was responsive to my text inquiries early in the morning when I started having signs of early labor.  She checked in with me regularly, and coached me over the phone on different techniques to help my baby settle into the proper positioning and for my contractions to gradually get longer.  My husband and I both talked with Jackei throughout the early labor stages, and when we asked, she promptly came to our home.  After laboring together at our house, she helped us decide when the best time was to head to the hospital, considering traffic and distance and my labor.  We definitely were more successful in our transition to the hosptial thanks to Jackie! I wanted a natural childbirth experience, and Jackie was great about supporting that. I labored at the hospital for nearly 12 hours before my son was born, and Jackie was present and engaged the entire time.  She was patient, encouraging, helped us into new positions when needed (and understanding when I said I didn't want to move at all!), held my legs when I needed counterpressure - and in the end, helped me achieve the childbirth experience I wanted.  We also used Jackie for her lactation consultant services, and she was a great coach for helping me ensure my son latched early and we had a successful breastfeeding experience.  It was great to have a continued relationship with Jackie after we got home to make sure we made a smooth transition.  I would highly recommend Jackie to anyone who wants an expeirenced, calm, and supportive doula.

Posted 5/17/2018

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Hanna Chouest

My husband and I had the pleasure and luck to have found Jackie and have worked with her for the past year throughout my pregnancy and recent birth of our first daughter.  Jackie supported us as we put together our birth plan and helped us recognize what was important for us during the pregnancy and at the birth, without judgment.  For us this ultimately included a change in providers at 31 weeks, a stressful experience. Jackie was with us the whole way. 

We selected Jackie because of her openness, her nonjudgmental stance on all birthing options, her experience both as a mother herself, as a doula, a lactation consultant, and as a former emergency services provider.  Her experience meant that no question was too out there and she brought with her a sense of calm and assuredness that was so helpful to us as first time parents. She has always been available to us via phone and email for any question or concern that arose. She is very responsive and always had a positive attitude about any of my questions.

At the birth itself, Jackie was a calming influence. She ensured that the hospital providers supported our birth plan and brought with her many tricks and tools to help me get through the physical and mental challenges of a natural birth. She also helped my husband be an active participant in the birth of our daughter.  Her presence and reassurance was so instrumental to my having a positive birth experience.

Since the birth of our daughter, Jackie has checked in routinely and has helped address breastfeeding challenges.  She is wonderful with our daughter and demonstrates care for both me and our daughter on a regular basis. I can't recommend Jackie enough and would absolutely ask her to be present at the birth of our next child.

Posted 5/17/2018

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Amanda Shulak

Jackie was an amazing addition to our birth process. I had a high risk pregnancy and was very nervous about the delivery. Jackie fully prepared us for everything that would happen and helped us make decisions ahead of time, which made me feel more confident. From the moment I went into labor, Jackie was there to support us and answer questions. At the hospital, she helped us follow through the plan that we had made in advance. Also, she was invaluable in helping translate what was going on with the doctors and nurses. After the delivery, Jackie came once a week and helped with everything we needed - breastfeeding, my recovery, caring for a newborn. Anyone would be lucky to have Jackie as part of their birth experience.

Posted 5/17/2018

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Heather Tompkins

My husband was initially skeptical of the cost of hiring a birth doula, so the fact that he leaned over to me to whisper, “worth every penny” as we were walking out the door to the hospital is probably the best endorsement of the support and guidance we received from Jackie.

When we first met Jackie, we were impressed by her calm and matter-of-fact demeanor, and I knew that was the type of presence I wanted around me during my labor and the delivery. When the day came for our daughter to be born, Jackie’s calm attitude gave me reassurance that I was in control and could handle everything to come. Even before she made it to our home, she gave my husband specific instructions on how to help me through the contractions in a way that allowed him to have confidence and be an active participant in the process.

We also greatly appreciated Jackie’s extensive knowledge and responsiveness to our questions before the birth. She facilitated our creation of a birth plan by providing pros and cons of different interventions, educating us on what to expect at the hospital, and helping us to define our priorities and goals for the birth. She did this all with an unbiased and nonjudgmental attitude that was respectful of our preferences.

Most of all, we recommend Jackie as a caring, compassionate advocate for her clients. When our daughter ended up in the NICU a couple days after the birth, Jackie was in touch to provide us with emotional support. The fact that she reached out even though this was outside of her contractual obligations meant the world to us, and we are so grateful.

Posted 4/1/2018

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Alexandra Kane-Weiss

Jackie embraced our family the minute she started as our postpartum doula, days following the birth of our son. She provided invaluable support, whether helping take care of our infant, providing assistance to keep things going and organized in our house, or engaging our toddler. Her compassionate and caring nature, calming influence and ability to anticipate and meet the needs of our family were indispensable. We feel very fortunate that Jackie was our postpartum doula. Any family that has Jackie's support is extremely lucky.

Posted 4/6/2017

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Debbie Parnes

Jackie’s presence was very calming. The moment she arrived at our door, we took a deep breath and felt more at ease. As first-time parents, we questioned every decision we made, and she helped us feel more confident in decisions we made. The same way we felt about the nurses in the hospital, we immediately felt about Jackie – we could trust her to watch our son. When I woke during the night to nurse our son, Jackie sat with me and we talked the entire time. That helped me stay awake and alert during the nursing sessions. She also educated me greatly during these times. I picked her brain about everything and anything. I also felt comfortable sharing how I was feeling in those moments, and I truly feel being able to speak with her overnight about my emotions helped me successfully “cope” with those first days of motherhood in a way that I’m not sure I would have been capable without her. For me, those nursing sessions were the most important part of the support I got from her. For my husband, it was probably the full nights of sleep he got. And for our son, he had someone taking wonderful care of him and helping his parents figure out what to do with him!!

Posted 2/2/2016

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Leona Blustein Binnfeld

After giving birth to my second son about 4 months ago, I was filled with hopelessness, exhaustion, and overall anxiety having to balance a full household with my already active 3 year old son and knowing that I'm going back to work in 6 weeks! After seeking help from others, I was SO lucky to have found Jackie. She has truly been the glue that has kept it all together for us. Initially I felt quite embarrassed that I wasn't able to handle taking care of my newborn, but what I found was that I was making the best decision for the entire family by having Jackie help us during the evening/overnights. I can actually function the following day after she's been with us and can provide quality time for the entire family. Jackie is professional, passionate in what she does, and extremely knowledgeable. I trust her completely with my baby boy and know he is in good hands (literally!)

Posted 2/2/2016

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