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DoulaV Birth Services

Waseca, MN Service range 60 miles If you're not in my area I can help you find someone closer.


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Certifications

  • Childbirth International (CBI) - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 55 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, April 2015
  • Childbirth International, March 2017

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I travel to surrounding hospitals around Southern mn area

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I am open to attending all births at a birth center.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Belly casting
  • Placenta encapsulation

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am an active member of the Deep Valley Birth Collective in Southern Mn. I work with Everyday Miracles (

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Birth Fee includes: Two prenatal visits. I will be available through phone, text and email throughout pregnancy, Will be on call two weeks before "due date" and 2 weeks after. Continuous support for mother and partner during labor and birth. Assistance with breastfeeding positions and latch will be provided. Attendance up to 2 hours after delivery and 2 postpartum visits.

Waseca, MN Service range 60 miles If you're not in my area I can help you find someone closer.

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Client Testimonials for Vanessa Bartosch

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Maurya Torgerson


It was intensely important to me that doula care be a part of my pregnancy journey. Through an organization called Everyday Miracles I was paired with Vanessa! Vanessa's passion for birth, level of attention paid to what it was I specifically wanted for my birth experience and her commitment to care for myself, my partner and my forthcoming baby were ever present. Vanessa went above and beyond our scheduled meetings by keeping in close contact with me as my due date got closer; always listening, always educating, never pushing an agenda or a "this is how I would do it" attitude. Her care made a world of difference in my ability to bring my baby in to this world safely and naturally, on my own terms! 

Ella Robinson


We had a wonderful birth experience with Vanessa. Because this was our first child, it was incredibly valuable to have her as a resource to advise on how to manage contractions while both at home and at the hospital. My husband and I were  grateful to have someone with experience alongside us, and the positivity she brought to the birth was beyond our expectations. In addition to being there with us, she also surprised us with beautiful photos of the labor and birth, which was something we definitely were not thinking of during the birth, but so appreciated having afterward. We would recommend her to anyone hoping to have a calm and peaceful birth experience! 

Cassandra Hammitt


I don't even know where to start. I was on the fence about getting a doula since birth was somewhat a new experience for me. I had done most of my research to support my want of a VBAC, and was urged by many moms to get a doula as well, as they felt like the support helped with their successful VBAC. A friend of mine told me about Doula Match, which is where I found Vanessa. The caring and supportive energy that I felt from our first meeting helped me solidify my decision that Vanessa was the one. With Vanessa's help, I made it a little over halfway through my labor before I opted for some relief. Vanessa also provided that little nudge I needed to be confident in my decisions I made for my baby before his birth, as well as helping my husband and me keep our toddler occupied in the hospital. She is a wealth of knowledge with childbirth, and confidently answered questions for my other family that attended the birth with us. Vanessa offered words of support that empowered me during my labor process (and I'm still feeling that support), along with helping me make sure I could get a good latch for breastfeeding, and I also took advantage of her placenta ecapsulation services. No matter what kind of birth you're looking at, having a doula can help make it a positive experience, and having Vanessa just makes it all the more better, since she is a call or text away with any question that I have, even postpartum. Thank you Vanessa for everything!!!

Rachel Anderson


My experience with Vanessa as my Doula was absolutely awesome!! I could not have had my baby naturally without her support for my boyfriend & I during labor & delivery! I'm also grateful for her mentioning & letting me borrow the book- The guide to child birth by Ina May. The book was exactly what I needed to awaken, inspire, & channel the inner strength I needed to give birth. Before hiring Vanessa I was fearful on how about my second child would enter this world, comparing my first hospital delivery to this unknown experience of natural labor. Vanessa's positivity & empathy was everything I needed to help welcome  this baby into the world. She was very helpful in so many ways, such as assisting with small tasks, helping reduce labor pains by massage, & most importantly assisting my partner in effective ways to help calm me during labor & delivery. If anyone is  wondering if they should get a doula, I absolutely 100% say yes! I honestly would not want to visulaize how my birth experience would have been without Vanessa's support for my boyfriend & I. She was amazing!! 

lilia1 jandt


When I made my birth plan, I kept in mind that things most likely wouldn't go as planned. Child birth is very unpredictable. However, my birth experience couldn't have been closer to the original plan I had made, and a lot of that is because of Vanessa. Throughout my pregnancy, Vanessa educated me with articles, videos, pictures and her own experiences to make me more confident in my choices and myself. Her constant support and ability to answer the hundreds of questions I had provided so much support for me. For the duration of my pregnancy, I did not have a partner. Vanessa's support and affirmations kept me going in darkest of times. When the day finally came for my son to come earth side, Vanessa was patient yet kept encouraging me to keep going and work through each contraction. She had different suggestions for labor positions and made sure to remind me to keep up with fluids. Her calm manner and confidence in both me and herself helped keep me calm and collected. I was able to stay home for majority of my labor. The comfort of being in my own home did wonders. Vanessa was there every step of the way, and made a positive impact on my experience with bringing my son earthside! I would reccomend Vanessa to anyone, as she truly helped me take control of my birth and have the confidence to have the natural birth I wanted! Thank you Vanessa!

Julissa Bow


Having Vanessa as a doula made my birthing experience so much better. She would check in with me weekly leading up to my due date. Every time I had a question about labor she was there to help. We talked about my fears and how she could help. I planned for a med free natural birth. She supported me 100%. During labor, she helped me through each contraction with massage, essential oils, walking, breathing and distracting me. When I wanted to give up she politely reminded me of my birth wishes and gave me other suggestions to try instead of meds. When some unforeseen complications arose, I ended up having an epidural and she continued to support me. She helped my fiance feel included without stepping in his way. During labor she provided towels on my face, as well as verbal and physical support. It was very reassuring to have someone who cared about my needs in the middle of all the chaos. I highly recommend vanessa!!!!!!

Lanae P


As a first time mom, I was both excited and anxious about labor and delivery. I knew I wanted a doula for guidance and support for my husband and I, and we were matched with Vanessa! She met with us a couple times before the birth to get to know each other, talk about the birth and what my goals were, and what my husband and I would find helpful. As my water broke first, I didn't labor at home much at all, so Vanessa just met us at the hospital as we arrived. It was so great to have another familiar face there and someone who has been through it before, both herself and with other women. Especially as my midwife was only checking in here and there for the majority of the time. I was in labor quite a while, and Vanessa was there with me, even while my husband napped! When it got more intense, Vanessa was quick to apply pressure to my back and offer encouraging words. And even though I am sure it was clear to her that I was reaching my max as far as no sleep and the continual contractions of an exhausting, long labor, she never asked me if I wanted the epidural as she knew I was hoping to avoid one. But, I did make the decision myself and she reassured me that that option was okay, too. Also, a VERY special thing Vanessa did for us was take pictures of our daughter's birth. As labor puts you into a weird time-warp and so much is going on, I am beyond thankful to have these precious images. Thank you Vanessa!

Feven Davis


I have always wanted a doula since my first child was born. I finally found a program that made it possible for my fifth child. My doula match was perfect for me. Vanessa has a calming personality that is easy to talk to. She was accommodating and came over to my home for our visits. I had a birth plan that I gave her and she took it to heart to study it and made sure she was my advocate during labor in my weakest and most volunerble moments. My husband, mother, and Vanessa made an amazing support team. It was priceless to have her! Thank you Vanessa. 


khadeejah abubakar


Vanessa was there with me for the birth of my first child. I had a very long labour and Vaness was with me for days. What's more there was a time during labour when I would have made a decision that would have meant I would be deviating from my birth plan, and Vaness was there to remind me of my goals and redirect my attention the the natural progression of labour. She helped me figure out the best position for birthing and she was an anchor I can rely on in labour. I am beyond greatful to Vanessa for the support and wisdom she provided before, during, and after my labour. Most of all I am greatful for the support she gave me when I had difficulty breastfeeding. 

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