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San Clemente, CA Service range 40 miles

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

9 years and 95 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, July 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Birth pool rental
  • Military families support
  • Parenting consulting

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

South Coast Midwifery Doula Intern graduate

Fee Details

I am a certified DONA birth doula and I am a South Coast Midwifery doula intern graduate, I am here to be your advocate! It's your birth and your choice, I am here to support you in the way your birth story unfolds. My fee includes a complimentary meet and greet, pre-natal visit, 24 hour on-call support, at or around 38 week visit to go over any final questions or concerns, labor and delivery support, I will remain with you about 2 hours after delivery until you and your family are ready for quiet time and a postpartum follow up visit/phone call to see how you and baby are doing.

Service Area

San Clemente, CA Service range 40 miles

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When I became pregnant with my second baby, I knew I needed to have Tonya as my doula again. She is kind, patient, knowledgeable and an incredible advocate for our birth preferences. When this baby came later than my first and was bringing me anxiety about a possible induction, Tonya offered wonderful emotional support and tips for inducing labor naturally. Tonya also provided physical and emotional support throughout my long labor, including aromatherapy, words of encouragement, and hip squeezes alongside my husband. As things changed throughout labor she was always there to help us slow down and navigate through the options so that we were comfortable making decisions. She checked in with us a few days after delivery too and offered helpful resources while healing. Tonya is an amazing doula and I feel so blessed that she was a part of both of my babies' birth stories. 

Liz Duncan-Guidry


Our experience with Tonya is just what we were looking for.  
There wasn't a ton of interactions before and after, but her presence on the day of our daughter's birth was priceless!  
My first real attempt at a non-medicated birth (our 2nd child) and I truly could not have pulled it off without her (and all her helpful supportive words, labor accessories like the fan) and the help of my Husband.  Thank you, Tonya, for all you did!  We are forever grateful for your assistance in bringing our Little into the world.   

Brianna McKellips


Tonya was an intrigal part of my birth!! I had an unmedicated home birth but I am confident that no matter my birth location she would have been so so valuable. She showed up right when I said I needed her without hesitation and stayed all the way until the baby was born which ended up being close to 24 hours from the time she came over to when he was born!! Tonya was a huge part in my ability to labor unmedicated. She supported me physically and gave my husband a rest so he could be fully there when I needed him most. She brought experience and tools to help me manage my pain and give me confidence that I could do it. Thank you Tonya for all you did!

Alexandra Richey


I can't say enough about my experience with Tonya. She was AMAZING! She was there for me from start to finish. I had so much anxiety built up around the birth of my first son, and she helped me stay calm and at ease for my entire pregnancy.

When I started contracting at home, Tonya came over late at night and helped me until I couldn't take the pain any longer. My husband was new to all this, so she helped direct him so he could be a part of it. She followed us to the hospital when it was time to go. After we checked in, she was there to fan me, get me water, massage, and offer advice and comfort during my intense labor. I ended up having a c-section, but I was sooooo glad Tonya was there to help me through the laboring up to that point. She waited for me in recovery and stayed until I was comfortable on my own. She even checked in on me post pardum. My husband and I were in great hands. I had sooooo much anxiety about labor and she really helped me stay at a calm state of mind. 

If/when we are blessed with another child we want Tonya to be our doula again. She was truly a blessing to our family. 

Thanks Tonya, we love you!

The Richey's 

Cierra Lloyd


Tonya was absolutely amazing from start to finish! 

This is my husband and I first child and Tonya made the experience of being pregnant very relaxing and comfortable. She was very positive and reassuring and had so many tools for me during my labor. Tonya came to our house about 7:30 pm after I had been laboring for a few hours. She was so amazing during labor and even showed my husband some tricks to use in the hospital.

Because of Covid the hospital was not allowing Tonya to come in with my husband and I. We left our house about 11 pm to go to the hospital and Tonya followed us there. She waited with my husband while they admitted me to make sure I was able to go in. After being admitted Tonya stayed in her car at the hospital until around 2:30 am and was on the phone with my husband talking us through the labor. I labored for about 20 hours and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

Tonya was absolutely amazing and made our experience so much better in this weird time. My husband and I highly recommend Tonya for anyone that is in need of a doula. We couldn't have asked for a better doula and such a warm hearted amazing person. We love Tonya and she will definitely be there for the next baby!!



My husband and I can't express enough how amazing Tonya was throughout my entire pregnancy and birth. 

From our first meeting we just knew Tonya was the right fit. She was calm, knowledgeable and reassuring during my endless list of questions. Throughout the pregnancy, she checked in and provided support and was vital after I had a scary fall. And when COVID-19 caused us to question our birth location at 36 weeks, she sat on phone calls with me while I cried over the unknown and stressful possibility of my husband not being permitted to the hospital or switching to an independent birth center so late in my prenatal care. And during labor she came over when I needed her at 4:00am and helped me labor at home as much as possible, to the point where I was 7cm dilated when admitted to the hospital. And even though she could not be the room physically, she stayed on the phone giving affirmations and words of encouragement for hours on end. 

Tonya is the best, we will certainly be using her for any future children we are blessed with-we highly recommend you do the same! 

Emma VM


I first met Tonya at a doula training in 2015.  She was already the most knowledgeable person in the room about birth, postpartum and baby care. She was bright, cheerful, kind, friendly- someone you wanted to be around. And her passion for birth and birthing women was obvious. Back in 2015, I already knew I wanted her to be my doula one day.

Four years later (2019), Tonya helped me welcome my baby boy earthside in the comfort of my own home. Her calm, reassuring presence was exactly what I needed to birth my baby with confidence and strength. All of her advice, suggestions and comfort measures came at exactly the right moments throughout my labor. She worked seamlessly with my husband and midwives to help me achieve the birth of my dreams. It was powerful, but fast, and within hours I was tucked back into bed to rest happily with my family. Doulas are magic, and Tonya is the best there is. 

Russell and Christina Warren


Tonya was amazing while helping us with the birth of our little one. She promptly came to the the hospital at 3:00am in the morning and was very helpful during that time. Her constant encouragement, support and calmness helped us both accomplish our goals of having a 'Natural birth' experience. We hope you will choose her for your future birth experience and we wish Tonya the very best of luck with her future Doula adventures.

Best Regards,

Russell and Christina



Tonya was an incredible support throughout my labor and delivery. She knew what I needed right when I needed it - if not moments before. She’s loving and knowledgeable, graceful and strong, and she feels like your sister yet a professional at the same time. Anyone would be lucky to have her by their side during their labor experience. Especially if it was 72 hours like mine ?? she was amazing through it all!!! 



Tonya was my doula for the birth of both of my sons.  She is such a great partner for your birth experience.  Tonya will advocate for your desires and coach you through your labor in a confident and compassionate manner.  

She has also documented the birth via iPhone (photos) with both births- she’s great at making sure your day is everything you want it to be.  

When we have our third we will work with her again- I highly recommend Tonya!



Hiring Tonya to be our birth Doula was absolutely the best decision we made! Her knowledge and expertise was reassuring during the entire labor. She stuck by our side for 3 days, comforting me and motivating me especially when I thought I had nothing more to give. She was our advocate and never made us feel bad about decisions we made, especially when our birth plan went out the window. There are no words, just feelings. We will definitely be contacting Tonya for next pregnancy!

Heidi Hardt


My husband and I had an amazing experience with Tonya on all fronts. I had a hospital birth. First, she met for a free consultation where I had the chance to ask lots of questions. Right away, it felt like a great fit. She was very straight-forward and offered tons of information. Second, we met twice with her - once at a Starbucks and once in our home - to discuss and help us make our birth plan. Before the birth, I had some questions and ended up texting and calling her several times. Again, super helpful. The birth ended up being an induction as baby came 10 days late. Baby was very, very big. (Both my husband and I are over 6 foot tall). Along with all the other things that she had, Tonya brought a birth ball, honey sticks, and lavender scent - all of which we used during the birth. It ended up being a 2.5 day long labor - a very long process. Tonya came half-way through the second day since that's when it was finally active labor. She also helped my husband with giving massage. In the end, things were quite dramatic - we came very, very close to a C-section since baby's head was so big, but thanks to the support of my Tonya, my husband and a fantastic set of nurses and doctors, I was able to deliver vaginally (with some complications). The pushing was very, very long and Tonya - along with one of the amazing nurses - gave great advice and help for focusing to make sure baby came out. Thanks to Tonya, I felt good throughout the process - even when it was extremely painful and horrible at the end - because I knew I had a great team with me. If and when we have another baby, Tonya will be the first person I call. I want her by my side! I highly recommend her services as a doula.

Tara Cunniff


Tonya was amazing throughout my whole pregnancy. She answered any questions or concerns I had in a timely manner. As my due date was approaching she kept in contact with me following up after all my weekly doctor appointments. As soon as I needed her at the hospital, she showed right up. Even after birth she has remained in contact with me, checking in on baby and I. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Stephanie Dalle Molle Rosen


Using Tonya  was one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy. She is kind, intuitive, down to earth, and really good at what she does.

in The months leading up to my delivery, she checked in, offered suggestions and tips, and helped ease some of my Anxieties about labor.

On the day of my induction, she was invaluable. She was able to anticipate my needs to help make my birthing experience as comfortable as possible. Whether it was making sure I was Comfortable with who was in the room, to making sure the lighting and music was just right.

She was always ready with some water or a fan to cool me down, and her touch and masssge techniques got me through some of the most challenging contractions more easily.

when it came time to push, she was also such an incredible cheerleader.

I felt empowered and taken care of with Tonya by my side, and had a truly positive Birthing experience.

postpartum, Tonya made a follow Up visit to our home and has since checked in with me several times to see how we’ve been doing.

I am so grateful for Tonya, and if a second baby is in the stars for me, I know exactly who to call.

Courtney Ellis


This was our second birth with Tonya and she was completely amazing once again. We had a birth center water birth with our daughter, and throughout the experience, Tonya was attentive, kind, and incredibly intuitive. In labor I have trouble talking and communicating my needs, but Tonya continually knew what I needed--a sip of water, a lower back massage, a fan to cool me down, some juice for calorie intake--without me saying a word.

Before birth, Tonya is a wonderful support regularly checking in and offering words of encouragement. She was a partner with my husband as he supported me and worked seamlessly with our midwife, birth assistants, and entire birth team.

The only thing that makes me sad about writing this testimonial is that this is likely our last baby, so we won't be able to have Tonya as our doula again in the future! I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is a gem, and your birth experience will be far and away a better one with her at your side, whether you choose to deliver in a hospital, at home, or in a birth center.

Allison Abraham


Although we had already gone through the birth process (with the support of a doula) once with our first son, I knew that I wanted the same support from a doula in order to achieve the type of birth that I wanted. As soon as I met with Tonya, I know she would be the person I wanted in the birth room with me (besides my husband). At our first meeting I found Tonya to be calm, confident and knowledgable about all things pertaining to birth. She was also passionate about providing the right kind of support that matched what I wanted when I was in labor.

Fast forward to the actual delivery day and Tonya lived up to what I first percieved her to be. She was calm, supportive and did everything she could to make my experience as comfortable as possible. I think my favorite part was the little fan she had to cool me down while I was pushing! My husband and I cannot say enough about how awesome Tonya is. I firmly believe that I could not go through with a no-drug birth without the support of Tonya. I gave birth to a healthy and big baby boy! Thank you Tonya!!!

Al Robles


Pregnancy is one of those life changing events with many emotions running for both parents.  Being our first baby, my wife and I felt nervous, excited, a bit scared all not knowing really what labor would be all about.  Because of this we felt a doula would help ease us through the process and have someone that does it for a living keep us calm and composed during birth.  We had done some research and like anything theres many people offering doula services.  To help us pick someone we got a real good reference from my wife's coworker and it turned out to be Tonya!

As soon as we met with her and talked with her my wife and I felt so at ease with her.   She was always working with our birth plan and was very supportive of whatever we wanted to do.  She would meet with us in person, at our home, and kept in contact with us throughout.

My wife's water broke at 3am on a Friday and she had everything ready to go and met us at the hospital within a couple hours ready to coach and supoprt us.  Mind you she has children and her family and things to do but she is so organized and well planned that nothing interrupted her from coming which was great!

She took notes throughout the labor and got to take pics of some moments of our son's birth that wouldn't have been captured without her there.  She stayed a long time after the baby was born with us and just made us feel very at peace and her words were very encouraging to my wife and I.

Anyone going through birth, especially their first child, we would highly recommend hiring a doula and you have to look no further than Tonya.  She is very professional and easy to be comfortable around and like you have known her for a long time.  Her prices are very fair and is with you throughout the whole labor no matter how long it is.

Katilyn Petreszyn


From the first time my husband and I met Tonya, we knew we needed her along for our childbirth journey. She has such a sweet and reassuring way about her. She also possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience that we valued so much with this being my first pregnancy. I got so many great tips and tricks from Tonya that made my pregnancy/postpartum experience a lot easier.

When I went into labor Tonya was there to explain what was happening and provide comfort. I don't know how I could have endured the contractions without her positivity and acupressure techniques. Seriously amazing! She came to the hospital with us and continued to provide support for over 12 hours.

I am also so thankful that Tonya was there to take pictures of my family right after I gave birth. They are moments that we will cherish forever, and it is so nice to be able to see photos with such raw emotion.

We were lucky to come across Tonya in our search for a birth doula, and I would recommend her to others without hesitation!

Matthew Morgan


From my father‘s perspective: my wife and I took the Bradley method course with a goal of natural delivery; we learned a lot of great info during the classes but the idea of trying to putting it all into practice for the first time by myself was a daunting task to consider. A doula was the best option for us to accomplish our goal.

We found Tonya through a friend recommendation and she was great from the get-go. She made time to meet with us couple of times before the birth and also followup us afterwards. We had a hospital birth and so one thing we really appreciated about Tonya was how well she worked WITH staff and didn’t butt heads with them. Even later, staff told us, “You got a good one,” that how great she was, and how doulas are not always that easy and great to work with.

And as for us, she was so helpful. She knew how to navigate the hospital room and was resourcing things I never knew I could as a patient - it was so great. For the labor, she very hands on with all her tools, and didn’t miss a beat the whole 17 hours she was with us during my wife’s 23 hour labor.

We loved having her as our doula and recommend her to any mom considering natural birth (home or hospital) and even those who are considering epidural. We never felt judged for having an epidural on our list of options, even though we ended up going unmedicated and delivering a beautiful, alert and healthy baby girl!  Thanks again, Tonya ????

Ashlee Relyea


Tonya was my doula for my 1st birth and I could not have done a natural birth without her! I delivered at Kaiser, after 23 hours of labor. Tonya helped me labor at home for 4 hours and the remaining time at the hospital. She was a very calm and reassuring presence during all of it. She really facilitated my husband supporting me and offered suggestions for different positions and pressure points/massages that he could do. She massaged my lower back with tennis balls which helped a lot!

Multiple nurses and midwives at the hospital had really positive things to say about Tonya! They said, “We got a good one!” She worked as a team with the hospital staff, which we really appreciated.

We would totally recommend Tonya to any expecting couple! We were very glad we spent the extra money to have a doula and she surpassed our expectations.

Katy Helen Stockinger


I cannot say enough about our wonderful experience with Tonya during the recent birth of our first baby (but I'll try).

Tonya is the perfect compbination of strength and softness. Her knowledge and confidence are evident as soon as you meet her but she is also a great listener and helps you feel empowered navigate your own ship through your experience. She's easy to connect with & in general, just a cool person. She is also easy to trust and lean on (literally) - I'm typically not the most touchy feely person but I'll never forget holding Tonya's hand and leaning my head on her shoulder for strength and comfort through difficult contractions when my husband needed to step away for a spell.

My husband and I had done a lot to prepare ourselves for labor - books, classes, etc. but when the moment arrived there was nothing like having the support of someone as experienced and calm as Tonya. She provided an array of different coping techniques, emotional and physical support, and helped us evaluate decisions as they arose in the hospital.

In the end, after a long labor, Tonya was there to take pictures (as requested) as we welcomed our sweet baby girl. I wouldn't change a thing about our birth or our experience with Tonya. I highly recommend her!

Kiersten Crivello


I had so much anxiety of the unknown leading up to the birth of my daughter, but after meeting with Tonya for the first time I felt at ease knowing she would be there supporting my husband and I. Tonya has 4 children of her own and offers so much knowledge, understanding and compassion.

She was available not only before the birth to answer my numerous questions but stayed with me the entire 4 days I was in labor. She brought a sense of calm and order helping me through the first few days, and as I got closer to giving birth provided the strength and  encouragement I needed.

She assisted not only me but my husband as well, helping to keep his spirits up.

I don’t think we could have managed the challenging circumstances of my labor and delivery without her. We’re so grateful and would highly recommend Tonya to any parents Looking for a Doula. ??

Cheryl Anne


Tonya was our doula for my second child. (July 2017) So glad we hired her earrly on. Her experience with her own 4 different births and constant reassuance, aid in strategic planning, talkjng through all of our plan optilns, really put my mind at ease.

she was available anytime for questions And i never felt that any question was a dumb question.

she was an intrigal part of assisting with labor techniques and logistics of getting to our hospital birth. she always was the perfect addition to our birth plan and really added the peace of mind we needed. Thank you Tonya ????

Monika Kirkland


We had such a wonderful experience with Tonya as our doula! We used her for the birth of both of our daughters, and she was such a great coach and support!  As some things didn't quite go as planned, it was really comforting to have someone there to encourage us and be our advocate. She went above and beyond to support me through my LONG labor. Love her and would highly recommend her to any expecting mothers!

amanda pace


We were so happy to find Tonya to be our doula for the birth of our first child! we had our initial meeting with her, and right away I knew she was The right doula for us! We had planned a birth center birth, however we then found out our baby was breech. Despite trying everything, he Did not turn head down. I was so discouraged when we found out we would be doing a C-section. Tonya was always so positive and encouraging, she truly helped us to feel at peace with our new birth plan! She was with us every step of the way! We couldn’t have had a more positive experience, and we owe that to her! Following the surgery, she was able to join us in recovery and assist with breastfeeding and settling in with our son. we look forward to working with her again for future births, and are so grateful she was a part of such a special time in our lives!

Cheryl Anne


Tonya was our doula for my second child. (July 2017) So glad we hired her earrly on. Her experience with her own 4 different births and constant reassuance, aid in strategic planning, talkjng through all of our plan optilns, really put my mind at ease.

she was available anytime for questions And i never felt that any question was a dumb question.

she was an intrigal part of assisting with labor techniques and logistics of getting to our hospital birth. she always was the perfect addition to our birth plan and really added the peace of mind we needed. Thank you Tonya ????

Rachel Page


Tonya is incredibly sweet and nurturing.  From the moment we met her we knew she was the doula for us.  She has four kiddos herself and has been assisting births for years.  Upon meeting Tonya, I felt at ease in front of her immediately.  I'm fairly modest and she assured me that during birth all of that would go out the window.  She was right!  From the time my water broke I was in such bad pain, I couldn't wait to get into the shower.  She showed up at our house and massaged my back between contractions, reminding me to use my breathing.

Tonya is the exact energy you want by your side during the birth.  She also took a lot of beautiful photos on our phones to document the birth.  I was going to be transferred to the hospital from the birthing center due to lack of progression, and Tonya pushed me to put in the work and use the birthing positions to get things moving along.  Thankfully it worked!

I would highly recommend working with Tonya!

Joan McCarthy


From the moment I met Tonya I knew she was the perosn I wanted with me when the crazy hit the wall!!! She is calm, sincere and professional. Her background told me that she's been there, done that and I appreicated all the experience she had not only with her doula experience but in her own personal births. I loved my midwife, but she was uber picky with who she liked to work with. She had never worked with Tonya before but after my birth, my midwife told me how impressed she was with Tonya's overall presence during that time. Its nice to have someone who is fully there but you hardly notice them because they are just doing everything before you even have to ask.

Tonya came to my pre-birth meeting and was always super responsive with any questions. She reached out to me several times through out my pregnancy to see how things were going and if I had any questions or concerns. 
The night of my birth she was amazing. She came with a bag full of "tricks' to help the birth go smoothly even if I never needed them. She was the silent helper who wispered over and over into my ear that I could do it! Im beyond grateful she was my doula and would hire her again in a heartbeat if I ever got pregnant again.

Jason Carey


Tonya was awesome!  She worked with my wife and I leading up to the birth of our first child.  Nobody can really prepare you for childbirth and watching the one you love go through such an experience can really stun you.  We were incredibly thankful to have Tonya in the room with us, I would’ve been lost without her!

Katiann Carey


Tonya came highly recommend by friend and lived up to every expectation! She provided a steady peaceful presence with her coaching and support and was available anytime via phone/text or email leading up to our birth. Giving birth at a hospital can be so overwhelming, and decisions are made so fast... it's incredibly comforting to have somebody by your side who's seen it all and knows how to navigate the system. She was realistic and supportive that the delivery could happen a number of ways- all which would be successful. Without her massage techniques and her constant encouragement I don’t think I could’ve got through my contractions and labor. It was a great comfort to me that she is also a mother and could relate directly to the experience of birthing and the post-partum process. My husband repeatedly commented on how grateful he was for Tonya’s presence and how we couldn’t have done it without her!

Samantha Davis


I absolutly loved my experience with Tonya as my birth doula! She was the only doula that would come to my home (whichwas pretty far away) and be with me during my labor before heading to the birth center.  My husband and I felt like we needed someone with us to help us navigate labor before actually being in the hands of medical professionals, especially since this was our first baby.  She was extremyl hands on, and showed my husband how to support me through labor as well.  She was right by my side the entire time, I would call her name everytime I was having a contraction and she was immediately right next to me doing my favorite back massage or hip squeeze. She also took some amazing birth photos that I will cherish for the rest of my life! Thank you Tonya, you are a gift to the birthing community!

Nalia Brewster


Getting to know Tonya over the last few years she inspired my curiosity of having a home birth. She has personally experienced 4 different births and has a true passion for being a Doula. As my due date became closer every question I had Tonya was right there to answer. She was very positive and had no doubts that I would be able to get through a home birth without medication. She eased all of my worries and guided me through my birth! Once my water broke she was right there to be at my side. Tonya is amazing and I am lucky to call her a friend. She is a wonderful mom, and I highly recommend her as your Doula.

jeni kay


Tonya was an amazing doula. I have nothing but great things to say about her. She is a great person inside and out. She stood by me the whole time during my labor and knew what to do and say to ease my mind while going through hard labor. I couldn't of done it without her!  Thanks again Tonya!  :)

Victoria Ricci


We couldn't be more happy with our experience having Tonya as our birth doula. From our first meeting both my husband and I felt comfortable with her expert knowledge in natural birthing and we knew that she would be the right fit for us. She checked in with me consistently throughout my pregnancy and when my labor began, she immediately starting helping me from the moment she arrived at our home. I ended up sticking with my birth plan and had my beautiful baby girl naturally at our hospital's birth center but there is no way I could have done it without Tonya. She was always right there the second I needed her during labor and she and my husband were the perfect tag team. From massaging my back, using essential oils, reminding me so slow down my breathing, holding my leg while I pushed (for 3 1/2 hours!) and her constant reassurance, support and encouraging words, I really cannot say enough good things about her. If we have more children we will for sure be asking her to once again be our doula! Thank you again for everything Tonya! :)

Michelle Mattera


Tonya was amazing from the start! It was my first birth and she immediately responded and started helping me right away. I was one of those lucky people whop's water breaks first before any contractions and called her about 8 pm like OMG what I do now. She arrived at my house quickly and steppped into action. I began back labor with every contraction and she was right there to help ease the pain and comfort me. All the way through my labor she was there when I needed her. Her knowledge and assistance was well worth it. Tonya was comforting and always looking out what was best for me to ease pain or any discomofort. I am SO appreciatve that she was there for my sons birth and helped me throughout the entire process. Forever gratedul for your assistance. THank you so much!

Greta Tucker


Tonya was AMAZING!  My VBAC water birth at South Coast Midwifery (from which I obtained Tonya's contact information) was perfect and I attribute much of that to Tonya being by my side.

Having never used the services of a doubla before, and being in the midst of antepartum depression when I contacted her, I didn't know what to expect, particularly, how someone who would be little more than a stranger at the time of the birth would be able to help me.  From the initial phone call, meeting, and even attending what ended up being my last prenatal appointment the day before I went into labor and comforting me when I was told that some additional measures may be needed since I wasn't progressing as much as I had hoped, Tonya was there to support me and I'm convinced that her calming nature helped reduce my stress so that my body could invite labor to begin the next day.

Tonya had amazing intuition regarding how to alleviate the pain through my contractions.  I called her at 7am (after realizing that I had been in early labor all night).  She arrived shortly thereafter and stayed with me until we packed up to leave the birth center at 3am the next day.  Tonya kept my husband informed at work, checked in regularly with the midwife, took me to lunch / shopping as a distraction (pulling out her tennis balls to massage my lower back as I leaned against walls during contractions - I'm sure it was quite amusing / concerning for passers by, but she was calm, cool, and collected), and even helped me with the final touches of preparing the baby's area in our room.

She thoroughly convinced me of the value a doula provides.  I highly recommend Tonya Pearson without any reservations. She's wonderful!!

Tamara L


Tonya is an incredible birth doula!

We met with her a few times before labor, and she was always very personable, professional, and prepared. She had great insight from her experience that helped us prepare for labor, delivery, and postpartum. She was always very easy to get a hold of.

My early labor lasted for a few days, and we were in constant communication the whole time. She was available at any time to meet us. Once my contractions became 5 minutes apart for 1 hour, I was ready to have her meet us! We let her know we were going to the hospital and she met us there immediately. (It was midnight on a holiday weekend.)

Having Tonya there for emotional support, for both my husband and I, was essential. She so encouraging, calming, and knew how to help me relax as much as I possibly could. There is no way I would have made it through the contractions without her coaching & constant support.

My active labor lasted for 14.5 hours, and Tonya stayed by our side until the very end. None of us slept that night, but she powered through it all without a problem, and was truly an all star. She remained cheerful and empathetic, and was so patient and warm with me always. She was the one who guided me best when it came time to push.

Tonya is very knowledgeable, and was helpful in explaining to us what is normal during the labor. She helped my husband and I to make good decisions for my care.  We couldn’t have got through labor and delivery without her, and would definitely use her again!

No matter what your birth plan is, we would highly recommend having Tonya there as your birth doula!

Viri Pedroza


There are not enough great things to say about Tonya, I met her through South Coast Midwifery where I was planning on delivering my baby girl; from the moment I met her I felt an instant connection with her and I knew she would be perfect to have on our journey. Any concern I had along the way she was there being supportive and encouraging, the night I went into labor I was progressing really fast and Tonya was the calm in the room and the clear voice for my husband and I, she talked me through my contractions and constantly motivated me. When we arrived at the birth center and was told my baby was breached and had to be taken to the hospital for an emergency c-section Tonya talked me through and was so encouraging and never left my sight until she had to, she remained calm and collected and that helped so much. Tonya stayed at the hospital until I was taken out of recovery and into my room, it was the best feeling to see her, she didn't have to stay but she did to make sure I was ok to meet my little girl and to offer support in any way possible to my husband. It meant So much to me to see her there, Tonya will definitely be the official Pedroza doula for our future little ones, I wouldn't want it any other way.

Katie Pruitt


Katie Pruitt


To the Moma’s it may concern:

I had the privilege of meeting Tonya Pearson in my search for a Birth Doula in January 2016. I was planning a natural birth at South Coast Midwifery and I knew my husband and I needed the extra support that only a Doula could provide. She was open, honest, kind, and passionate about birth and children. She checked up on me regularly and as I got closer to my due date she made sure she was available for me to ask questions and express concerns. I let her know I was in labor around midnight on May 5th, and asked her to come over around 3am. She showed up with a bag of tricks and a smile, I don’t think I could have been happier to see anyone at that moment. I had a very challenging labor & back labor that lasted 26 hours. She was there for all of it and supported me through every single contraction, physically and emotionally. Every single word and facial expression was positive & reassuring, it was exactly the support I needed. She also was a huge support to my husband, reminding him that I was ok, making sure he was eating and resting. Because of her I was able to have the natural water birth I wanted. She was truly a huge part of this journey for our family and we couldn’t be more grateful.

I wish you so much love & support on your journey.

Katie Pruitt

Courtney Ellis


Tonya was an incredible help to us at the birth of our second son. Throughout my pregnancy she was available for in-person meetings and phone and text conversations, and her positive attitude and can-do spirit encouraged my husband and me tremendously. When I was in active labor, she joined us first at our house and then at the birth center where she used acupressure, a tennis ball on my lower back, sips of juice and water, and constant verbal encouragement to help us achieve the natural birth we wanted. Tonya is a gift - she respected our hopes, wishes, and plans throughout, and helped us bring our son into the world in a loving, peaceful, and joyful way. If we get pregnant again someday, Tonya will be our first doula call!

She was and is amazing, and you'd be lucky to have her at your birth! :)

avalon melody


Tonya was absolutely phenomenal. I can't imagine getting through a natural birth without her. She helped coach and motivate me from the very beginning before labor even began. From the first signs of early labor she was by my side. My labor progressed really fast and she didn't skip a beat. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone. She was extremely knowledgable of every stage of labor, including the emotional needs through the entire process. She had many helpful tricks for pain, as well as accessing what should be done to best help me and what I desired.

Scott Stevenson


What can I say about Tonya? She's an awesome woman and mother. You'll be in great hands! Tonya made me feel so at ease. She explained everything as it was happening and answered all my questions. She was a great coach and support system through our 27 hours of labor. I will definitely ask Tonya to be our doula when my wife and I have our second child and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to hire a doula.

Sabreen White


On May 6, 2010, I had a doctor’s appointment and the nurse practitioner told me I was 8 cm dilated as my husband drove me to the hospital at around 12noon I called Tonya to meet us. She got there just as quickly as we did. She was always very attentive, would ask how I was feeling and would encourage and motivate me to stay focused on trusting my body to do what it was made to do without depending on pain medication. What I remember the most in the delivery room was when Tonya said to me, “you are one breath closer to meeting your baby” I will never forget those words. That really helped me to relax and know that my baby girl named Scarlett was on her way and shorty after 2pm Scarlett was born. The relationship that Tonya, Scarlett and I share is very special.

Over the time that I have known Tonya, she remains a consistent committed, seasoned and inquisitive natural care giver. Her ability to talk to people and provide much needed assistance and support during an emotional time demonstrates her exceptional communication skills. It is apparent that she is highly skilled and clearly her experience level is beyond her years.

Tristan Stevenson


Tonya never left my side during labor. She coached and motivated me through every painful contraction. She encouraged me to get out of bed and walk. She was the voice of reason when I was exhausted and ready to give up. She cheered me on as I pushed for 2 1/2 hours. Thank goodness she had also prepared us for a cesarean, because after 27 hours of labor, I ended up needing an emergency cesarean. Scott and I can't imagine reliving our first birthing experience without Tonya. We will definitely have Tonya as our doula again in the near future for baby #2.

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