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Kira Hendricksen

Expecting Joy

Seattle, WA Service range 20 miles No ferries

Birth Fee

$2250 to $2500

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $40

Availability Remarks: I am a full-time doula! Let's connect to find out what works best!

Birth Fee

$2250 to $2500

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $40

Birth Doula Experience

8 years and 218 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

8 years and 75 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, November 2015

Type of practice: Independent contractor with a doula agency

Clients per month: 0 to 3 births and 0 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: I do NOT provide overnight postpartum doula service; my PP Doula work hours are from 9am-9pm, usually in 4 to 6 hour shifts.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I don't usually serve at UW Montlake Medical Center for labors and births. I love working at UW NorthWest Hospital!

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

DONA Certified Member; supporter of WINGS Guatemala (Maternal and Reproductive Healthcare and Education); Senior Doula at Expecting Joy Doula Company

Languages Spoken

  • Spanish

Fee Details

I am a DONA trained and certified Birth and Postpartum Doula with Expecting Joy Doulas. I would be honored to go through the process of birth with you, helping in many ways (information, comfort and pain management, emotional support) through this exciting time. I charge on a sliding scale that works for your family and needs, but is based on my experience and knowledge. I also love helping new families with their newborns to help make this transition as smooth as possible and to instill confidence in your parenting skills - I look forward to meeting you!

Service Area

Seattle, WA Service range 20 miles No ferries

Client Testimonials for Kira Hendricksen

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Kira's presence during my pregnancy, labor, and delivery were key to my VBAC success, though I'm certain she wouldn't let me give her that much credit. In 2019 I had an unplanned c-section after 2+ days of labor, and while my partner was a rockstar, it's clear now that hours of research do not replace the guidance a doula provides. And it certainly doesn't replace the love, humor, and strength Kira brought to my second birth. With my second baby came another long labor, but both my partner and I had "ground control" in the form Kira. Kira helped me advocate for myself through exhaustion, she anticipated my needs, she helped me strategize the next step, and when it seemed my labor was headed toward another c-section, she pulled out all the stops and maintained hope that I could get the birth I had worked for. My birth was so hard, but with Kira's expertise the feeling of inadequacy and defeat I was left with after my first birth morphed into a sense of peace. I realized my body and mind were capable and strong all along, regardless of my birth outcome. Every year on my daughter's birthday I am certain I will fondly remember Kira helping us bring our baby earthside.

Ruth Austin


Kira was a wonderful emotional support to me and my partner during the arrival of our baby girl. Throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum she brought empathy, good humor, and insight. She was a wonderful presence in the labor & delivery room and ensured that many of my requests were honored (including being able to touch my child's head as she was crowning) all while building a positive relationship with our providers. I ended up with a more medicalized (and more rapid!) birth than I had wanted or expected. Kira was instrumental in helping me deal with it beforehand and then put together and emotionally process my birth story afterwards. I recommend her wholeheartedly. 

Adrienne Mayo


We made a last minute choice to hire a doula at 37 weeks pregnant and thank goodness we did! Even better that it was Kira. I had done all the research and body prep to try for a natural birth at Swedish First Hill. Kira was fully supportive of all our choices (including my request to be a part of the Swedish Bloodless Program)she helped facilitate my mental and physical prep over the next few weeks. She was also a helpful aid to my husband and offered ways he could be of support to me during the process. 
The big day to meet our boy finally came, and it went absolutely nothing like I had imagined. Unfortunately nothing was working in my favor during labor and we had loads of disappointing news- seriously so grateful Kira was there for all of it! She was right by my side for every physical challenge, discomfort and disappointment. And was so supportive with suggestions, encouraging words and simply her presence. In the end I needed an emergency c section. Before this day I thought I would have been disappointed to have hired a doula and ended with a cesarean. But once again, thank goodness Kira was by our side! The toughest day of both mine and my husbands life probably, and we are so grateful Kira was there to help us thru it every step of the way. Her assertiveness, calm demeanor, and loving care stuck loyally by us throughout the rollercoaster. I hate to imagine what the day would have looked like without her there! I would love her by our side again with future births and I would recommend her to any friend or acquaintance! Hire the doula! Hire Kira! She is worth every penny and then some. 
Thank you Kira. We don't have the proper words for our appreciation! Your skills and care left us with no doubt that we made the best decision to have you as our support!!

Heather Bush


Kira was our doula for both of our kids. She is competent, kind, strong, and incredibly knowledgeable about the birth experience and newborns. She continued to surprise me with her empathy and insight during the birth, including walking me through pushing (it had been 3.5 years!) when it came time to push, supporting my birth partner with humor and good energy, and anticipting my needs even before I realized that I needed something. We love her so much, we would unhesitatingly reach out to her again. She is one of the best decisions we've made and our entire family is grateful for her.

It was beautiful to watch her play with our oldest (whom she also brought into this world) and our newborn at the post partum visit. She is easy to work with and I couldnt recommend her enough. I hope you are lucky enough to work together! 

Ahri Aho


Kira, thank you for helping me deliver our baby earth side! We are forever grateful! 

Kira was actually our sub doula as i went into labor as our hired doula was on a planned vacation. I guess it was just meant to be because we had an incredible experience with her. She was my rock during the most difficult time in my life, giving birth to our baby! I tell anyone who will listen if it wasn't for her, i don't think i would have had the strength to deliver unmedicated. Anytime i thought it was time to give up, she was right there changing things up and endlessly encouraging me. Her spinning babies knowledge had a big impact and her overall knowledge on birth was vital as she advocated for me for things i didn't know i needed. We had to deliver in the hospital (unplanned) without my family our chosen midwives due to Covid and i was terrified once my birth plan began to unravel. But Kira's presence was such a relief. She took charge the moment she got there which gave me a sense of peace because i immediately felt i was in good hands. She also did magical things like draw me a essential oil bath with fake candles, help me pee, ensure i was hydrated, instruct my partner as necessary, keep me cool, express my wishes to the doctors and nurses whom i didn't know, wrote down my birth plan for all to read in the room, and even give the doctor a piece of her mind when he was too rough when stitching me (long, terrible story). Mind you, i had never met this woman until we were already in the thick of it! A stranger who immediately felt like my best friend who cared for me and loved me. If that isn't the most incredible ability, to make someone feel this safe within such a short period of time of knowing them (although it feels like a lifetime in the midst of it)! This was Kira in a nutshell. If i ever have another baby, she will be the doula of my choice, hands down! 

Jen Rand


While our little would have found her way into this world one way or another, we're thankful the path included a guide like Kira. Giving birth in a pandemic was potentially anxiety producing enough, but then our little decided she wanted to come we were facing a preterm labor during a pandemic. As all of our plans we're striped away again and again, Kira helped guide us with calm and experience. It was quite the saga and Kira was a constant source of peace in the storm. I can not recommend Kira enough. She was amazing and I can't imagine having had to go through it without her.

Marguerite (Meg) Tupou


Hiring Kira as our doula was one of the best things we did while preparing for the birth of our second child. After a difficult labor and delivery that resulted in a c-section with our first child, I was very driven to have a VBAC this time around. Kira was so helpful from the beginning by making recommendations of ways I could best prepare my body and mind for a successful VBAC, she taught me so much. She not only has extensive knowledge but her passion for birth and empowering birthing women is incredible. She partnered with my husband and I, we talked at length about my goals for this labor/delivery. I was especially emotional as I recently lost my parents. I knew that my emotions would be at an all time high during labor and delivery. When the big day came, Kira's presence brought a sense of calm. When I went into labor, Kira was at the hospital with another client. Kira was more than prepared and sent her back-up doula to support us during early labor and Kira would get some sleep and join us later in the day. It is important in the business of birth, to be flexible and understand that things are unpredictable. If you're reading this testimony and considering Kira, take heart in knowing that if something kept Kira from being at your birth, she only allows the best for her clients. When Kira arrived at the hospital, she was ready to have a birthday party. As I neared pushing, I was in disbelief that I was going to get my VBAC but I was also terrified. I had never pushed before and I had shared how scary that was for me. Kira coached me through the whole thing. When I felt my breath getting out of control, Kira calmly brought me back. The atmosphere my daughter was born into was perfect. Not many people can say their labor and delivery was magical...but mine was magical. Kira helped to make that possible. She was so in sync with me and my husband. I don't think I could have another baby without knowing Kira will be by my side. 

Maria and Jeremy


This was our first child and we really weren't sure what it would be like to have someone else (besides the hosipital staff) in the delivery room with us. However, it was easy to feel very comfortable around Kira from our first meeting. She's generally fun to be around, but also extremely knowledgeable about pregnancy, labor, and all post-partum milestones and transitions. She answered all of our questions (that I'm sure she's heard 1000 times) with interest and empathy.

Our first daughter decided to make an earlier-than-expected arrival to the world (about a month before her due-date). She was born healthy and natural, and Kira was both a support for myself - before, during, and after labor - but also a great support for my husband to have someone to talk to and laugh at his terrible jokes.

She was also a consult for us about some of the major decisions we needed to make leading up to our labor. We ended up making a decision that was supported by the hospital, but did not align precisely with their policy guidelines for induction vs. "expectant management". In our particular instance, it was so nice to have someone to talk to that has experienced a number of unique pregnancies and births that could relate to us, but also wasn't the hospital staff that ultimately had a policy. Kira didn't provide any medical advice, but absolutely provided us with the confidence and the empowerment to make the decision for ourselves with the doctors. "Every birth is different and everyone's birth story is different" (which you'll hear 1M times over the course of your pregnancy), but Kira was able to take her prior experience and support our particular family through the decision that we faced.

Kira was great to work with in many different regards and we would highly recommend her for anyone considering a doula.

Nicole Strachan


Kira is extremely professional, knowledgeable and kind. Her enthusiasm for childbirth and newborn care is contagious. She was extremely dedicated during a long labor. We definitely could not have had such a positive outcome without her efforts and presence. I highly recommend her! She is always right there when needed, doing exactly what is best.

Brittany Maison


Before I became pregnant, I knew that having a doula present for our birth was a non-negotiable, and as soon as I met Kira, I knew she was the one. My husband and I cannot say enough great things about Kira and we are so incredibly thankful she was at the birth of our daughter.

I intended to labor and deliver unmedicated, and Kira provided amazing physical, emotional, and mental support throughout my labor. She had great coping techniques and her calm presence helped keep me grounded through each contraction. She also showed my husband how to provide pressure on my hips, and he was able to provide physical support for me as well. Kira was great at being as hands-on or hands-off as we needed/wanted.

When my labor wasnt progressing after 36 hours, and I ended up needing an epidural and eventually an emergency C-section, which was very traumatic for me, Kira was the one constant piece throughout the whole ordeal. Everytime the doctor came to talk to us about next steps, Kira talked us through all the posibilities and pros/cons. She is incredibly knowledgable and was able to give us perspective that the doctor's and nurses may not have had time to give. What would have been a very overwhelming situation for my husband and I was made much less so with Kira's presence.

Kira came to our house a few days after our daughter's birth, and worked with us on breastfeeding and babywearingK, and also took some time to debrief our birth, which I so appreciated.  Her knowledge, professionalism, and calm spirit make her worth every single penny, and we will definitely be using her for the birth of our future kids!

Chelsea Olson


I cannot say enough good things about Kira as my doula. She helped us bring our son into the world and I would not have be able to do it without her. From first meeting her, she was professional, warm, and kind--definitely someone we wanted with us. She is outgoing and cheerful, which we really appreciated as both my husband and myself are more introverted so having someone a little more outgoing than us was so helpful in that Kira was able to read our body language and anticipate our needs without us having to speak up. She was so helpful in creating our birth plan. I was very anxious able having a baby, so she helped us talk through every possibility for birth, good to bad, which helped relieve my anxiety. For the birth itself, Kira met us at the hospital as my water broke. She was so helpful as my contractions got more intense and painful, helping me in and out of the shower, in and out of the tub, and advocating for pain relief with my nurses, which allowed my husband to focus on comforting and being with me. As no birth plan survives the actual birth, Kira helped me with the decision to get an epidural, which allowed me to rest and gather energy to continue labor. When I needed a second epidural, naturally the doctor came while my husband was getting something to eat, but I had Kira with me so it was okay. She supported not only me, but my husband, helping him see how to comfort me, and allowing him to replenish his energy so he could take care of me. The best part though of having a doula was the post partum visit. The hospital stay was a whirlwind, so having a followup after we had caught our breath again was wonderful. She was a wealth of practical knowledge on how to live with a newborn baby. She showed us how to use our Moby wrap, how to swaddle better, which white noise app to install on our phones. All in all, I cannot recommend Kira enough as a kind generous lovely doula.

Lauren Kron


My husband and I both agree -- hiring Kira was pretty much the best decision we made regarding our birth. I truly believe because of her I was able to have the vaginal birth I had hoped for, instead of intervention/ a c-section due to her knowledge and skills (my labor had stalled and Kira suggested trying some different techniques to shift the baby's head into correct placement -- the next time we checked my cervix (which had been at 5 cm for he past 8 hours)  had progressed to 7 cm, then soon thereafter 10!).

She's also just so easy to work with, and exactly the type of person I needed to have with me in the delivery room (warm, friendly, funny, soothing and knowledgeable). While my contractions were no joke, she was able to alleviate some of the pain with her tools, including massage and pressure on my lower back. She also came to visit us postpartum which was incredibly helpful -- there are so many new things to learn as a parent and she gave us useful information without making us feel overwhelmed.

I'm so grateful to have her as a part of my birth story and couldn't recommend her enough!

Bonnie Froelich


When we met with Kira for the first time, we knew she was the doula for us. We didn't even meet with anyone else because we had such a good vibe. Before our little one arrived, Kira made sure we had all kinds of great info on natural induction, massage, baby positioning, etc. She was quick to check in and super helpful with little questions. She helped us put together a birth plan - we were planning an unmedicated hypnobirth, which Kira was fully prepared to assist us with, but she also gave us a chance to talk through options in case our plans needed to change.

Once the big day arrived, we had Kira's full attention. She met us at the childbirth center armed with apps, essential oils, heat pads, books, diagrams, and a fantastic, positive attitude. Kira served as a great liason between medical staff and us, especially when we needed to make choices that weren't our preference according to our plan.

I never really thought about how much "down time" you might have in a labor. Sixty second long contractions every 8-10 minutes leaves quite a bit of an hour to fill up. In working with Kira, we got to fill that time with jokes, smiles, and plenty of laughter. I'm very outgoing and people-oriented, so having that kind of fun atmosphere kept things light and easy for the majority of the time. Once things got more intense for me, Kira facilitated a space that my husband and I could be together practicing our hypnobirth techniques alone, but stayed close to support me.

Once the time came to bring our baby into the world, Kira really kept me grounded, even as the inevitable panic started to set in. Kira reminded me that I was in control and that the most intense part was nearly over. I calmly had my little girl an hour later.

Choosing Kira to be our doula was one of the best choices we made when planning our ideal birth. I am thrilled to have shared the experience with her and I encourage anyone else to make the same choice!

Kathleen Newhouse


I really wasn’t sure what a doula was when several coworkers recommended looking into one. Once I read that several studies support that using a doula increases the chances of having a vaginal birth, I was in. After taking several childbirth classes, and feeling overwhelmed with how unprepared my partner and I felt, I was even more convinced. We interviewed a few doulas, but we felt immediately relieved when we met with Kira. She has such a relaxed and loving personality, but what drove it home was that she was so knowledgeable about everything we asked her about. It ended up being a very long labor (48 hours) involving 4+ hours of pushing and an eventual C-section. There are so many variables during a birth (especially a long slow one). The nurses at Swedish were excellent, but I knew they didn’t have time to thoroughly discuss all possible scenarios with me as they take my vitals, administer meds, chart, etc. Kira suggested several techniques that made me and my partner so much more comfortable (hint, ask about "therapeutic rest"). Having her by our side really made everything less scary (like the epidural). Kira really has a lot of tools in her tool belt, and I feel like we pretty much used them all. Although I ended up having a c-section, I am confident that we tried everything and that ultimately it was the only safe way our baby was getting out (pretty understandable once we saw the baby's stats: over 9lbs and head in the 99th percentile!).Kira was also amazing postpartum. Hashing out what happened at the birth was really helpful for me and helped dispel some negative emotions I was holding on to. I had so many questions about the birth and about how to take care of this new little person. In the words of my partner, we went from "OMG how are we going to do this!" To "OK, we got this." She somehow manages to instill confidence and a sense of calm. I wholeheartedly recommend Kira to anyone having a baby.

Kathleen Waite


Kira was an amazing support for us! She made herself available to answer questions for us in the weeks leading up to my due date. We had such a good time in our prenatal visit with her - she is a wealth of knowledge! We were so impressed with how much she knew about birth and babies. And her passion for her work is contagious! It's clear that she loves what she does. She responded to texts and calls immediately and when I went into labor in the middle of the night, she jumped into action even though she'd JUST finished with a client who'd had her baby just a couple of hours before! As soon as Kira arrived I instantly felt calmer and more confident. With her support, my husband and I both had a really good labor experience. She gave me strategies to get through contractions, gave Andrew ways to support me, and she stepped in to help when the nurse was busy (which was often!) She even got some photos of the labor and us with our baby right after she was born. Overall we had a great experience with Kira and I'd highly recommend her!

Christine Meyer


Kira first helped me through the birth of my second child in early 2016 and again with my third child in September 2017. My first child was a C-section and I had a fair amount of fear facing my first Trial of Labor After C-Section (TOLAC). Kira was helpful formulating a birth plan and going over possible scenarios for a TOLAC. Kira was a great help during labor, responding promptly and kindly to all my requests. There was not a single contraction in which Kira was not on point and ensuring I was on top of the pain. When I was in transition, Kira advocated strongly for me and was the difference between a calm start to pushing and what could have been an unprepared nurse catching a baby.

When I discovered I was pregnant again, there was no question in my mind as to whether or not to call Kira. We reviewed my birth plan and made some changes based on my experience with the first Vaginal Birth After C-Section (VBAC). My labor with the third child was about half as long and slightly more intense. Kira worked very well on a team with my nurse and husband and helped me find new ways to cope with pain of the contractions.

After each birth, Kira came to my home for a postpartum visit, reviewing the birth and helping with whatever was needed. She also took pictures after the births and during her postpartum visits, which documented time I had with my husband and children that would not otherwise have been captured.

I cannot thank Kira enough for her hard work and kindness. I strongly recommend her services to anyone looking for a doula or unsure about whether or not they need a doula.

Sierra Howlett Browne


I started out thinking I wanted to hire a doula to support my husband during the birth of our daughter. I wanted someone (not me) who could direct him, and help him, help me through the process. What I didn’t know was how much I needed a doula for myself, to help me through the unmedicated birth that I wanted, and to give me the birth experience that I hoped for.

I’m not sure how we would have gotten through our birth without Kira and her support! From the beginning, when I first reached out to Kira, she was super communicative and responsive. After meeting her in person, I knew I wanted to hire her. She has such a warm and calming presence, and her confidence about the birthing process was extremely reassuring for a first-time mom.

Leading up to my birth, I had lots of questions that Kira was gracious enough to answer and support though my many text messages. And, when I actually began labor, she was over at our house in the middle of the night – ready to go! My birth progressed quicker than I thought it would, and Kira was right next to me, helping me breath, advocating for me, and was great at reading what I needed (even when I didn’t know what I needed). Kira was amazing at keeping me present and focused throughout my contractions to help with pain and focus. She was also great at helping find roles for my husband to support me, and helped him grow his own confidence as a new dad in the process.

I hope that all birthing mama’s have the opportunity to have the kind of support Kira provided my family. It was really a blessing to have.

We also hired Kira on to be a post-partum doula after our birth, as my husband did not get to take any time off, and we don’t have family in the area. Having her around in those first few weeks were invaluable in helping me grow my own confidence as a new mom, and made me feel less alone in the process. Thank you, Kira!

Candice Teague


Kira was amazing!!! I was unsure if a doula was necessary as I was planning for my birth, but I'm so glad I utilized Kira's services. She was so supportive, upbeat, compassionate, and calm throughout the birth. She was my anchor to reality and my identity during a very trying event in my life. I have a very warm place in my heart for Kira, and would recommend her to anyone having a baby.

Kristin Gettinger


All I can say is Kira was a godsend. She was exactly what I needed. She took charge and handled bevy needs as well as mine.  She cleaned, even  organized our pantry.  I really cant say enough about what service she provided!

Beth Reite


Kira was an incredible doula and here are a few words to describe her from my husband:

"Caring, professional, couldn't ask for more in a doula"

As a first time mother that ended up having a long and difficult labor, I was amazed at how well she helped us hold up despite the challenges we faced.  She is a great advocate and helped us navigate the different stages and decisions along the way.  In addition to being personally wowed by her calming and kind energy, she was also super great with the hospital staff and they were greatly impressed by her knowledge, energy and skills.

Thanks for making this process as good as it can get!

~Beth and James

Katie Chang


I cannot say enough good things about Kira. She was friendly and professional at the same time. She made the entire process seamless, coming to our house to meet us and answering texts when questions would arise. During labor she knew just what to do help me through contractions. I could not have imagined getting through labor without her! A few days after coming home from the hospital she followed up with us, coming to our house and debriefing with us. It was so calming to have her come to the house and give us tips and tricks for how to take care of our precious newborn. Kira is an amazing doula and I highly recommend her whether this is your first or fifth child!

Anna Van Windekens


Kira was our doula for the birth of our second child, a baby girl, on Mother's Day.  From our first meeting with Kira, we were impressed by her enthusiasm and passion for birth, as well as her deep knowledge of the subject and ability to clearly communicate and answer our questions.  We felt like it was a no-brainer to go with Kira, so we booked her and are very happy we did.  We also really liked that we could easily pay for her services online with our HSA account--that was a nice plus.

My water broke around 8:30 PM and I was at the hospital by 9:00 PM.  Kira was a ferry-ride away visiting family for the Mother's Day weekend, but she returned to Seattle as quickly as she could once I got in touch with her.  She arrived right as my epidural was about to be placed (getting an epidural was always my plan).  She provided a reassuring voice and presence to a labor that ending up being longer than I expected and involved a little bit of Pitocin to get the contractions in full swing.  Kira quickly developed a rapport with our nurses, especially our main nurse, and it was clear that they respected her and that she was part of the birthing team.

We especially appreciated the in-depth debrief with her of our birthing experience a couple of days after delivery.  It made us feel like we had some closure to our experience.

Overall, I had the exact birthing experience I wanted.  Kira was a wonderful advocate and supporter of me and we would hire her again if the need arises.

Chelsie Gray


While I did not get to use Kira as my birth doula, she has been incredible help to me and my family postpartum.  It feels like an enormous weight is lifted when she walks through our front door and I am so thankful to have found her. She is amazing with both my children. My 2 year old looks out the front window and asks where "Kira is?" and my 2 month old lights up with a big smile when he sees her.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for experienced and caring postpartum help!

Stacy Booth


My husband and I were referred to Kira from another mom. When we found out I had to have our baby in a hospital because of a medical issue, I knew I wanted a doula there to support me and my husband. Kira was amazing. In the end, I had a C-section, and Kira was a huge help through it all. She helped us prepare a clear birth plan for my C-section, walking us through all the options we could control (many of which I had no idea were options).

When the day came (it ended up being an unscheduled C-section as my water broke early), Kira met us at the hospital and was fully prepared despite the extremely early hour. She walked us through what was going to happen, easing worries for both my husband and myself. She made sure the nurses and doctors read through our birth plan and helped me stay comfortable for the couple hours we waited before surgery.

Kira was in the OR with us, making sure my husband and I were ok. When our baby was born, Kira took photos while we met our little girl. Having her there, first to wait with my husband outside the OR while I was prepped for surgery, and then in the OR with us, was incredibly valuable. Without her, I think we both would have been far more nervous (neither of us had ever had surgery before) and we wouldn't have photos of those first moments of our daughter's life.

Kira has a calm, loving demeanor and is incredibly knowledgeable about the birth process. She truly loves what she does and I couldn't have found a better person for extra support. After the birth, Kira follows up and makes sure the transition with a newborn is going ok--she's willing to help out with whatever might be needed.

I can't say enough good things about Kira. She's kind and lighthearted, willing to work hard to keep everyone comfortable and do what needs to be done to give her clients a fabulous birth experience, no matter how the baby comes into the world.

Lindsay Philley


Kira was an amazing doula! She knew exactly what I needed during labor and when. She is so friendly and encouraging - and she was such a positive light throughout my pregnancy. She was present for nearly my entire 12 hour labor and coached/massaged me through almost EVERY single contraction while showing my husband ways he could support me as well, which kept us very connected. I wouldn't have had such a beautiful birth experience if it wasn't for Kira and her guidance. I recommend her to anyone looking for a wonderful, knowledgable doula!!

Leif Hendricksen


Full disclosure, Kira is my sister. For a bit of backround, my wife is newly immigrated and was hesitant to have her new sister-in-law in the birthing room. When it came time to deliver our daughter Kira was exactly what we needed. I can't imagine going through a birth without her.

Our daughter was 2 weeks late before we started to induce labor, we would find out later that it was because she was sunnyside-up. We started our induction process and Kira was there within a few hours, just in time for the more painful contractions to start. Kira was able to place my wife at ease and help her realize that the contractions were benificial and not something to be scared of. As the evening progressed Kira was able to work with the nurses to ensure my wife was able to understand all her options for helping her get some rest. The next morning we had found that the miso and the foley cathiter had both helped but not kicked anything into a lasting labor. We decided to administer pitocin. At that time my wife really felt her back labor pains. Kira was able to massage in just the right places, jumping up every few minutes as needed, and teaching me how to help as well. She was also able to get my wife in the tub, move her around and keep her mentally strong trough the whole process. Eventually we needed an epidural, my wife was just too exausted to deal with the pain by that point, and Kira was helpful in getting me to realize that it waould be helpful despite our earlier hesitation to its use. When it came time to push Kira let me step in and was just in the background patiently waiting to help.

Throughout our 42 hours of labor, Kira was able to be there for my wife, calmly helping her and teaching her and encouraging her. She was also there for me the husband, teaching me, allowing me to step out for food and a quick break. Again, I couldn't imagine going through that again without her.

Michelle Jones


I. LOVE. KIRA. I knew she was the doula for me when we first met. I interviewed 4 other doulas. When I met her, I was about 22 weeks along. She was spunky, kind, loving, caring and interested in me. All the other doulas were more interested in my midwife or birthing place. However, from the very beginning of our relationship, she cared about how I was doing.

From the time I hired her to about 40 weeks, she checked in on me regularly. After 40 weeks, she checked in on me almost daily. It meant a lot as I was a first time mom.

I was in labor for two days before my sweet baby boy was born. But she came to assist the first day I was in labor. She really helped equip and encourage my mom and husband to be there for me during labor. I felt comfortable enough to tell her what I needed and wanted. Friday was when stuff really got going and she came over right away. She gave such wonderful support. She gave me different positions to try as well as pain management help. She stayed all day and when we had to do a hospital transfer, she came with us. She stayed through it all.

She also came to visit me twice after birth. The first time, we talked through the birth; what I liked, what I didn't like, what I would like to do differently, etc. The second time, she came to go for a walk with my newborn. It was nice to have some alone time.

Kira was beyond caring, loving and attentive to me before, during and after my birth. When it comes to have more kids later on, I will definitely be talking to Kira again.

Mekhala Koshy


We hired Kira for the delivery of my son and third baby.  With the support of my husband I had been able to deliver naturally with my first two babies so I was uncertain a doula was necessary for my third delivery.  As my due date drew nearer I started to feel anxious about delivery and recalled many mixed emotions that had come up during the delivery of my second daughter, who was born preterm.  During my second daugter's birth there was a sense of urgency and I felt out of control about how things were progressing.  Hiring Kira was the best choice I could have made for the birth of my son to repair the lack of control I had previously experienced.  During my first meeting with Kira she really listened to my concerns about potentially having another preterm baby, my desire to want to deliver him naturally but being open to letting that change, and how I wanted to have my third delivery go well.  I was initially hesitant about hiring Kira because she is newer to the field but my experience with her erased all that concern and I would recommend her without hesitation. Kira worked really well as a part of my birth team with my husband and my midwife.  She arrived really promptly (which was essential as I started labor and delivered within two hours).  She held my hand, massaged my back and provided the perfect amount of reassurance I needed to stay calm and in control of my delivery.  She advocated for me in the delivery room about positioning and about avoiding an IV that I knew would impinge on my comfort during labor and delivery.  My birth experience was just as I needed it to be and Kira played a key role in that.  I can't thank her enough!

Brittany Clements


I am so thankful to have had Kira as my doula. This was my first baby and it was an extremely long, exhausting labor. I could not have made it through as I did without Kira. Physically, she made me feel so much more comfortable with massage and essential oils. Emotionally, she was a constant source of encouragement and affirmation. Her selflessness and stamina were an incredible support for my husband and I! She helped to make this challenging experience so beautiful and joyful.

Beata Kulaga


Deciding to hire doula in general, Kira in particular, was the best decision we’ve made as first time parents. Kira was fantastic – truly supportive, knowledgeable and thoughtful. She is a delight to be around and so easy going. She took care not only of our baby, but also helped around the house and we couldn’t be happier! We felt fortunate to have Kira as our post-partum doula and we can honestly give Kira the highest recommendations.

Katharine Wear


My experience with Kira made me convinced that no woman should go without a doula no matter how great their partner is. She was not only an asset but to me seemed like a necessity. So incredible. She was calm, positive, supportive, knowledgeable and listened to my wants, needs and questions. She was 100% dedicated to me. After getting to know each other, she was able to help guide me to make decisions through out labor and delivery that were right for me. I also had Kira for a month for my post partum doula. She was dedicaded to my emotional well-being and that of my baby. She helped me around the house with so many things that are hard to do right after giving birth, giving me time to rest or take care of other needs! Kira was an integral part of what made my birth experience a wonderful one. :) Thanks Kira!!

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