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Ana Hernandez

Ananda Doula Care

Capitola, CA Service range 38 miles I service Silicon Valley area, San Jose, Santa Clara County, Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties

Birth Fee

$2400 to $3250

Postpartum Rate

$45 to $65

Availability Remarks: Day and evening availability for postpartum doula services (hourly rate) and physiologic traditional mother care (3 hr sessions)

Birth Fee

$2400 to $3250

Postpartum Rate

$45 to $65

Birth Doula Experience

9 years and 182 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

9 years and 169 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Cornerstone Doula Trainings - Certified Labor Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Cornerstone Doula Trainings - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, January 2015
  • Cornerstone Doula Trainings, August 2015
  • The Matrona, February 2016

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I will attend births in the Central Coast area from Monterrey to Redwood City, preferring Certified Baby and Mother Friendly Hospitals and those offering midwife led labor/birth services.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Offering in person support and family birth discount.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Offering home birth and out of hospital birth discounts

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Belly binding
  • Belly casting
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Infant massage education
  • Military families support
  • Mother roasting
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Vaginal steam/peristeam services
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am a member of BABI, Blossom Birth, Birth Network of Monterrey and Santa Cruz Birth Network. I am very passionate about health education and advancing maternal health and wellness advocacy, physiologic birth, food as medicine and the global traditions of physiologic postpartum care. I have volunteered birth and postpartum services for Siena House Maternity Home, actively participated in the Santa Cruz Organic Birth Collective Community Doula Project, and have provided/created complimentary birth support and postpartum care teams for birthing people with exceptional financial need.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Spanish

Fee Details

I'm very committed to supporting women with holistic birth services, physiologic postpartum mother-care and postpartum doula services in ALL financial situations. I offer payment plans, sliding scale based on financial need, and home birth/birth center discounts. See website for details about Deluxe Labor & Birth support packages and the Deluxe Labor & Birth plus Postpartum Mother-Care support packages.

Service Area

Capitola, CA Service range 38 miles I service Silicon Valley area, San Jose, Santa Clara County, Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties

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Client Testimonials for Ana Hernandez

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Kelly L


We decided fairly late into pregnancy that we wanted a doula. Ana was very accommodating, working with our compressed schedule to get us the information we needed in order to have our child our way.

Ana is very knowledgeable; she helped us to understand our options. She also was very helpful when unexpected issues arose (such as our baby being breech!), giving us the best natural methods to encourage our baby to flip so that we could have a natural birth (and they worked: I gave birth naturally and without pain medication, just as I had wanted!).

She has a calming presence, helping to bring a peacefulness and acceptance to the birth itself.

Ana’s postpartum care is hugely helpful. To give two examples, we were getting very little sleep because we had to trade off our newborn, swapping who slept and who stayed up with her. Ana showed us some sleeping techniques – simple but very effective – and now we can both sleep most of the night! Another example was burping technique: more gentle and effective than the standard “hit the baby on the back”. Her food is delicious and nutritious too!

Jas Mack


I was recommended Ana by a friend who had post partum belly binding done. I was looking for someone who would keep me grounded and in touch with my cultural background as many of her practices include traditional mexican midwifery traditions- along with traditions from around the world. The care I recieved with Ana was beyond what I expected, and beyond what my husband expected. There wasn't a time that I felt like just a "client," with Ana, I felt like I was under her care, like a close friend or family. She kept our interests in mind, and made the focus on me and welcoming my baby. One of the sweetest things she did was an alter welcoming baby the first night of labor in the hospital. She also is knowledgable in accupressure and massage techniques. Without her, I would have had an epidural early in labor. I was able to focus my breathing using techniques she taught or recommended and she has SO many resources! She provided support and care for my husband as well as me. I wish we would have had a doula for our first child- the birth was traumatic and I felt anxiety about birth this time. Having Ana on my team was absolutely necessary for my mental and emotional health. Everyone who sees me postpartum (I'm about 2 weeks postpartum) asks me, "how are you doing this?" or "you look GREAT" or " I was never this bouncy and adjusted after a baby" or "you're absolutely glowing". The answer?  A strong pregnancy and postpartum team with Ana is the reason I'm so "together" after this birth. Her binding technique and knowledge of massage is absolutely a key part of my healing and if I didnt have these techniques *that she often SHARES and teaches you* I would be bedridden. Viva la doula!

Carolyn O.


After hearing Ana speak about Innate Postpartum Care, and hearing her interviewed on The Moms I Know Podcast, I consulted with Ana about the postpartum period I'm about to experience with my second child.  She was an incredible resource for planning and preparation.  She helped me and my family establish our support team and was able to lend us many books to help us with the postpartum period.  I learned so much from her about caring for your body's needs after baby arrives and all the physiological changes that happen in mom and baby and how to best support my healing process (especially in ways that I didn't know were important after having my first child).  I'm so grateful for all the knowledge and wisdom that she shared with me in our consult.  I highly recommend her to anyone planning for the arrival of a new baby.

Kathy Abma


Ana's passion is to help families know the joy of bringing a new child in to the world with a great birth experience. Her focus is on the mother and her needs both before and after birthing but she understands the partner and family are very important support team in having a joyful birth.

Kathy Abma


Ana's passion is to help families know the joy of bringing a new child in to the world with a great birth experience. Her focus is on the mother and her needs both before and after birthing but she understands the partner and family are very important support team in having a joyful birth.

Jenny Call


Ana is everything I would want in a doula and more.  When my daughters were born I had plenty of support during the labor and birth process, however once they were born the support for me dwindled off as the attention was focused on the babies.  Ana’s mantra of mothering the mother during the postpartum period in my opinion is exactly what most mothers to be don’t know that they absolutely need someone like her to support them.  Taking care of the mother allows her to rest and recover both physically and mentally from the transition from pregnancy to the new (and often overwhelming) demands and expectations of motherhood. Ana not only supports the mother, she supports the entire family unit through all of the stages from pregnancy and birth to postpartum support.  

Julz Mazi


Ana is an incredible pre and post partum Doula.  She nurtures the mother and the family through the entire process and provides the "village" that it takes to bring another being into the world.  Through her support, families learn how to support the baby and the mother through the pregnancy, delivery and recovery.  When moms learn how to receive more nurturing, they can be more nurturing to their new babies.  Ana is truly an angel and I would highly suggest anyone considering pregnancy, already pregnant, soon to deliver, or even recently given birth consider her services.

Cindie Ambar


While I am not in the right age group to need Ana's services, I would recommend her highly.  As a member of her women's group, her vast knowledge, compassion for her clients and capacity to advocate for them have amazed me.  I also appreciate the spiritual (vs. religious) side that she brings to the process.  When I hear her talk about new mothers getting a download from the Universe right after birth, it gives me goosebumps.  Ana also provides postpartum support for mothers and families, available for the full continuum of care.  She is warm, kind and has a beautiful energy about her as well.

Cindie Ambar, Aptos, CA

Joy Nguyen


Ana was my birth and postpartum doula. Her services were very helpful and awesome.

For Prenatal, we had a few appointments, which were always very informative. Ana taught my husband and I some Spinning Babies techniques on our bed that we can use for both comfort and optimal fetal positioning. She was always prepared with tools and techniques to help us plan my birth and postpartum experiences, such as offering books for us to read, Pregnancy tea, Nesting workbook, etc.

When it came time for my birth, which I had to be induced due to Preeclempsia Hypertension, Ana helped my husband and I work out and discuss any medical interventions the doctors were throwing our way. During active labor, she helped to remind me of positions, movements and breathing techniques to cope with the contractions.

I remember Ana telling me to “listen to your body” when I was fully dilated and felt the urge to push but no doctors were around. I continued to push a more couple times, then when Ana saw my baby’s head crowning, she informed the L&D nurse who urgently called the doctor. After a few more pushes my baby’s entire head and body slipped out and the doctor caught her just in time.

Ana‘s Postpartum services were awesome and the main reason why I hired her, because that’s her “bread and butter”. Each visit she brought goodies like soup, teas to help with lactation and oils for massage. The bodywork, belly wraps and vaginal steam were the main aspects in each visit and well worth it. It was nice to be pampered with each of Ana’s postpartum visits.

Overall, my experience with Ana’s birth and postpartum services were excellent. If really exceeded our expectations, made my husband and I feel supporter and helped me recover very well. I would highly recommend her to any of my family or friends that are or will be expecting a baby in the future.

Kristie Karlof


Ana helped us as a postpartum doula a few weeks after our daughter’s birth while my husband made it through his final exams. I can’t imagine how I could have made it through those few weeks without Ana’s help. She held the baby so I could try to get some much needed sleep and shower. She helped to make sure I was well nourished. It was a relief and a comfort to have Ana’s support while I was healing and adjusting to caring for our little one. I appreciated her enthusiasm and her words of encouragement. Thank you, Ana!

Sonali Shah


I'm a practicing Ob/Gyn and can truly say that Ana is wonderful.  Although I did not have Ana as my doula for my own birth, she did help me immensely postpartum when I really needed it at the last minute.  She is honest and dependable.  She works really hard, and it is not just another job for her.  This is her passion and she puts her all into it. She has been helping me take care of my baby since I'm a single mom and helped me with breast feeding since I did not have a good milk supply.  She got me herbs and teas to help me with the milk supply and also helped me with my nutritional needs postparum.  She even does well collaborating with my mother who is with me temporarily.  I wish I had had Ana for my last pregnancy as my birth doula.  I plan to book her for my next pregnancy to help me during the birthing process as well.

Kristy Fernandes


Ana Hernandez served as my doula for a sliding scale price with the scholarship program that she and Organic birth Santa Cruz wonderfully provide for women and families who are in need of a doula but are unable to pay full prices.

Ana is a wonderful doula and person who is very caring, calm, knowledgeable, easy going and very helpful.  She provided post natal services and education, which she came over to our residence and gave us lots of knowledge about natural birth, including lending us books and dvds, and even showed us and helped us with positioning and exercises on several occasions.  She gave me contacts for other helpful resources, such as chiropractic work.  She gave us lots of tools to work with and helped me along with my birth plan.  She also came to 2 prenatal appointments with me.

She stayed long hours at the maternity center before and while I was in labor.  She was very helpful and gave full and complete support. She came with essential oils, lights, and other tools to aid in my birth.  She gave me massages, helped with my positioning, advocated to the staff my needs and wishes, and was just very helpful in general.

She also came came over for a couple postpartum visits to help out and gave some postpartum exercises, tips, and herbs.

I highly recommend her as a doula and am very grateful for the wonderful care I received from her.


Chelsea Panzarello


I met Ana through the Birth Collective. From the start, I knew I wanted her as my doula. She was gentle and kind, but very knowledgable in pregnancy and birth. I didn't think I'd be able to have a doula for my pregnancy due to financial situations, but Ana worked with us. I didn't meet her until I was 8 months pregnant and she gave me a book to read about labor and birth. She has many books and DVDs you can borrow to become educated in the birthing process. I felt so much more comfortable about labor and birth after talking with Ana and watching a movie on Netflix she recommended. My water broke and we decided to head over to Sutter Birthing Center. SInce my water had broken, Drs and nurses were worried about infection and wanted a baby close to 24 hours later. I didn't want to be induced. After 15 hours of no contractions, Ana asked if I wanted an accupuncturist to come and try to get the contractions started. Within an hour, the accupuncturist got my contractions started and regular. By this time it was midnight and my husband went to sleep to get some rest. Ana stayed up with me making sure I was drinking my water and tending to my needs. The contractions started getting strong so she helped me in the tub and was there for me while my husband was sleeping. It was a long night and by noon the next day I was finally checked and was stuck at a 5 with the contractions getting farther apart and eventually stopped. I had to be induced, something I didn't want, but Ana was by my side helping me and telling me everything would be okay. Once the baby came out, Ana took pictures for my husband and I something that I love looking back on and be in that moment again. Ana has checked on me after birth with breastfeeding and the art of infant massage. At first my husband wasn't on board with having a doula and now after he says he doesn't know what he would have done without her! I highly recommend her.

Hannah Cho


Ana has been a great support since the day we decided to hire a doula. Ana was kind enough to meet with us for more than once for our prenatal meetings. At prenatal meetings, Ana had me and my husband try various relaxation techniques and go over what my birth plans are. I had to go to hospital because I found out my water was leaking during my appointment with doctor. When I was admitted, Ana was able to help me start my labor by trying acupressure points, so I didn't need to use Pitocin which was ordered by my doctor. During labor, Ana was very supportive to both me and my husband. Personally, applyinf counterpressure helped me the most during contractions. It required a lot of muscle strength, but Ana was very good at applying pressure the whole time I had contractions. Ana helped me focus on breathing techniques as well as trying other relaxation techniques. The ones that I didn't feel comfortable doing, she didn't force but was very agreeable to whatever I felt most comfortable. After birth, Ana came to our house to check on how the baby and I was doing. She was very informative about breastfeeding and had good resources for me if I needed or had questions about breastfeeding. She even made phone calls after the visit to check on how I was recovering. Overall, Ana's presence during the birth has made my birth experience exceptional and unforgettable. Most importantly, Ana has helped me and my husband make our own decisions to follow our birth plan.

Dara Alleyne-Levy


Ana is a caring and compassionate person who is truly dedicated to supporting new mothers.  During her visits as a postpartum doula, she helped me bathe the baby and taught me some massage techniques.  She picked up groceries for me, helped prepare meals, and tidied up the house while the baby and I napped.  If the baby was awake, Ana held her, rocked her, and soothed her while I napped or took a shower.  Not only did she help out with tasks, she provided emotional support during the first couple months of my daughter's life.

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