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Kerry Reynolds, CD(DONA), CHCE

Birth In Bloom

Fairfax, VA Service range 25 miles

Birth Fee

$2000 to $3000

Postpartum Rate

$50 to $55

Birth Fee

$2000 to $3000

Postpartum Rate

$50 to $55

Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

15 years and 875 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

8 years and 150 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, January 2008
  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, January 2023
  • Hypnobabies, May 2024

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 3 to 4 births and 0 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • Infant massage education
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Photography - Birth
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Doula Mentor and Director of Birth Services, DC/NOVA

Fee Details

Daytime support is $50 per hour with a 4 hour minimum, Overnight support is $55 with an 8 hour minimum.

Service Area

Fairfax, VA Service range 25 miles

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Client Testimonials for Kerry Reynolds, CD(DONA), CHCE

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We absolutely loved working with Kerry! She was amazing during our whole pregnancy whenever we had questions, and was invaluable during our birth experience. Using super simple positions (but ones we never would have known) that helped our baby move down into the birth canal, as well as helping us advocate for what we wanted and needed (and as things changed), we had a wonderful delivery experience. My partner and I would recommend Kerry to anyone who asks; she's truly a gem and her experience was so helpful for us, particularly as first time parents (though I can't imagine not having her there for future kids as well)!



Kerry is absolutely fabulous! I had a really mediocre experience with the doula for my first daughter and was hesitant about using one again but I’m so glad we did!! Kerry was absolutely amazing. I am convinced that without Kerry my labor would have been much longer and probably resulted in medical interventions. I also really wanted to have a natural birth without an epidural and she helped me make that happen. 

Kerry is kind and compassionate, but also really knows her stuff. Can’t recommend enough. Thank you, Kerry!



Kerry was an incredible support before during and after my labor. My partner and I were unsure if we wanted a doula at first but as soon as we met Kerry we knew there was no doubt she would provide exactly the support we needed. I never once felt judged or pressured to do any one thing. At the hospital she was in constant motion keeping me comfortable and hañping me move. She knew where everything was in the room and kept us updated on what was happening warning us of what to expect when. She kept silence when that was necessary and was a great conversationalist when I needed distraction. I can't say enough great things about Kerry. With her level of experience I felt like I barely needed a doctor. I can't imagine going through this experience without her. 



Kerry Reynolds is an outstanding doula and professional! She provided us invaluable support before, during, and after the birth of our first child.

Professionalism: Kerry is an accomplished, doula and well-trained professional that was an indispensable resource and advocate for our family.

Experience: Kerry has supported hundreds of births in a variety of environments and was well-suited to support our unique needs and preferences.

Knowledge: Kerry has tremendous knowledge and diverse expertise. We could ask her almost anything and get helpful info quickly. We reduced our Google searching/mental load significantly because we could just ask Kerry instead!

Communication: Kerry was an excellent listener, proactive communicator, and very responsive via phone, text, and email throughout our partnership. She was also extremely kind, patient, and approachable which was very helpful during the inevitable stresses of pregnancy/birth.

Compassion: Kerry was always patient-centered, caring, and understanding with any questions, concerns, or requests we had. We knew we could count on her.

Sincerity: Kerry is very authentic and down to earth, which helped us approach everything with greater ease and confidence.

Commitment: Kerry was consistently dedicated to us throughout our pregnancy and was a steadfast advocate and helper for us at the hospital during our labor/delivery. She brought several nice touches to the hospital as well.

Energy: Kerry had great energy, a fun sense of humor, and a calming presence to keep things upbeat and make our labor and delivery process as smooth as possible. She really helped us feel more prepared and comfortable so we could enjoy the journey throughout. We can’t thank her enough for helping bring our beautiful daughter into the world!



I was lucky enough to find Kerry through a close friend who had worked with her to welcome her two sons. From my first conversation with Kerry, it was clear that she was the most experienced of the doulas I interviewed. She had seen every outcome I could imagine, which was particularly reassuring as a 40-something attempting a VBAC! 

Throughout the process, Kerry gave me concrete things I could do to prepare for birth and avoid unnecessary interventions (I also recommend her separate birthing classes to feel even more prepared). When the time finally came, I found that she was as nurturing as she is knowledgeable. She supported me through the beautiful birth experience I had been hoping for and I honestly don't think I could have done it without her. 




Kerry's experience and expertise during labor and delivery in the DMV area were beyond helpful during our birth.

First, her knowledge about the DMV area hospital systems (knowledge about different hospital's policies and procedures, particularly during COVID) were invaluable for preparing and helping us manage expectations. For example, she was able to share more information with us about what to expect during triage and the birth experience than our OB care provider who worked for the hospital system.

Her attention to detail during labor and delivery were also exceptional - she truly met us where we wanted to be met with pain management and feeling respected and helped us have a really positive experience. Her support in preparation for managing expectations for the postpartum stay in the hospital (policy, practice, challenges to expect) were also incredibly invaluable for helping us feel confident advocating for ourselves when engaging with postpartum care teams. 

While some other doulas in the area have a fixed rate for a fixed number of hours, with each additional hour costing more money, wIth Kerry, you receive as many hours of support during labor and delivery as are necessary for a fixed rate. This means that we did not feel any additional pressure to complete the birth experience faster than was natural or what we wanted to do.

Kerry was also very helpful with engaging and supporting my husband to be part of the maternity experience, from prenatal support, to labor and delivery, to preparing for postpartum. 




Kerry was our first call when we were expecting our second child. After having her support for our first child, we couldn't imagine doing it without her! Both births were full of their own challenges and surprises but Kerry helped us navigate them and support our approach while bringing so much experience and knowledge. Kerry brings calm and comfort to even the most challenging moments. I'm so thankful we found her!



I can not recommend Kerry enough! She was essential during the birth of our daughter and I knew we had to have her with us with our son. Unfortunately, due to COVID 19, the hospital limited support people to one, so Kerry was unable to attend. However, she was instrumental pre labor with very helpful tips and facetimes and was always very responsive. She also provided invaluable advice when I was laboring at home and knew exactly when I should head to the hospital. Kerry also provided materials for nursing and other helpful post partum advice.  In short, while Kerry was not able to attend in person, her virtual support was so helpful in making me as prepared as possible in these uncertain times! Her calming personality and extensive knowledge is the perfect combination and any family would be lucky to have her support.

Katelynn Rieling


I absolutely loved working with Kerry as my birth doula.  I truly can't imagine my birth story without her.  She was professional, compassionate, kind and confident.  Her support and knowledge extended beyond just birth; she was extremely comforting and helpful pre and postpartum.  Kerry is talented and passionate.  It is clear she has a lot of experience and works with her mothers to help them achieve the birth that they envision.  Anyone would be very lucky to have her help bring their little one into this world!

Nancy McInerney


I'm so glad that I hired Kerry to guide me through my second baby's birth. I was very anxious about my second birth, because so much went wrong with my first. Her calm presence, and entensive knowledge on what's normal and what's not, helped me make good, timely decisions during labor. Her postpartum visit was so helpful as well. She reminded me to take care of myself, and make sure that I was asking for help. My extended family doesn't live near by, so Kerry was like family to me during that time. 

Marybel & John


Hiring Kerry was by far the best decision John and I made for the birth of our first baby AND postpartum support. The weeks leading into labor—Kerry was very responsive to my emails and texts, punctual for our appointments, very resourceful and knowledgable about all things related to MY birth plan and always made us feel at ease with the process. But the real highlight for me personally, was having Kerry by my side the day of delivery. As expected, NOT everything went accodrding to plan. But Kerry's knowledge of the hospital, staff and her years of experience as a doula, certainly made everything much easier to deal with. She knew exactly how to put me at ease when things got a little tough and worked along side my partner John to help bring about a sense of calm, support and even humor at times : ) Having never experienced labor before—there were definitely some scary AND painful moments (I opted out of an epidural). But Kerry knew EXACTLY what I was feeling (physically & emotionally) and helped me get past my fears and to the finish line! When it was all said and done, she was by my side holding my hand while the docor and nurses wrapped things up. We certainly established a level of trust with her that allowed us to continue working together into postpartum and with our baby. Her postpartum support was crucial to our survival. Not only did she help us with our baby, but also made sure that I was doing "all the things" to take care of MYSELF. We absolutely LOVE having her in our lives and can't imagine getting through "the 4th trimester" without her. 



Kerry is absolutely amazing!  We worked with Kerry for our second child’s delivery.  Our first was a preemie and an emergency C-Section. We wanted to try for a non medicated VBAC so we thought a doula would give us the best opportunity for that happen.  In addition, because our first was a preemie we didn’t have any sort of child birthing class.  Kerry exceeded our expectations on every front. Starting with the prenatal sessions, she was incredibly knowledgeable which empowered and gave me the confidence needed for the delivery. I also believe the tidbits of prenatal direction helped for a smooth delivery (raspberry tea, acupuncture, dates, certain excercises). 

During the delivery, she knew exactly what to say to keep me energized, positions that would make me feel best and massaged the right places when needed.  She gave gentle suggestions to the hospital nurses that made all the difference and moved the delivery along quickly. I honestly don’t know how I would have delivered without her! 



My husband and I decided to hire Kerry to help us 1) have a natural birth 2) no pain medication 3) and keep my husband engaged and involved during labor and delivery (he chokes up easily). I labored for 36 hours. My husband was in touch with Kerry via text, but she repeatedly advised that it wasn't time for her to come in yet. It wasn't until during a routine doctor checkup in the middle of the night when the doctor exclaimed, "why isn't your doula here?" I replied that my doula said she would come when I reached active labor. The doctor said I had been in active labor all day. At that point, my husband relayed the doctor's message to Kerry. Kerry came later in the morning. I had a c-section, pain meds (which actually didn't work so the c-section was traumatic), my husband felt isolated, scared and at a loss for what to do the entire two days. The entire experience still bothers me. The follow-up visit was 4 weeks after baby was born. Kerry canceled three times - for acceptable reasons - a delivery, icy roads, and a family emergency. However, it took another week to reschedule each time she canceled. And, the last time, she never followed up with me to reschedule, then later told me she was waiting for me to follow up. The home visit was her showing me how to use the Moby wrap - nothing more. I never felt support steering me and my husband toward our goals. Kerry has a pleasant disposition. This may have been a fluke for her. But I feel regretful for hiring her, missing out on critical moments of connection with my husband, and experiencing a traumatic delivery that had me feeling very detached from my baby for a long time. I felt robbed of my money and the experience we could have had because we trusted the wrong person to guide us. I feel sad for writing a negative review. I waited 10 months before writing it. But the experience still plagues me and I wish I had the opportunity to communicate this with Kerry.



My husband and I had Kerry join us for the birth of our daughter in January. Kerry was wonderful. She was very supportive throughout the entire process and helped me have a very positive labor experience even though I ended up having many interventions and things did not go as smoothly as we were expecting. I would absolutely recommend Kerry as a doula, support, and advocate for your journey.

Victoria Reuter


Working with Kerry was a real pleasure.  My husband and I knew we wanted to hire a doula for the birth of our first child and could not have picked a better one than Kerry.  Before the birth we had an initial phone call and in-person meeting with Kerry where we got to know each other and dove deeper into our wants/hopes for the birth and development of a birthing plan.  But the real magic was Kerry's expertise when it came to early labor.  She had endless suggestions for what we could do to get our contractions to the desired 3:1:1 so we could head to the hospital.  She was available for questions/suggestions throughout my entire early labor...and her suggestions meant we were already 8cm dilated & 100 percent effaced when we arrived at the hospital.  During the birth it was great to have a calming force who had done it all before.  No pressure to do anything we didn't want.  Post birth we had a follow-up visit/check-in.  It was such a relief to spend our early labor in the comfort of our own home with Kerry's expertise just a phonecall or text away.  I can't imagine what it would've been like without her.  We'll definitely use Kerry again if/when we have a second baby and whole-heartedly recommend her services to expecting moms & dads.  She's worth every penny!



I cannot rave about Kerry enough!  I would not have survived my labor without her!  This was my first baby and I was planning on a natural birth, but was open to intervention if needed.  In the end, I was in labor for 36 hours, much of which was unmedicated thanks to Kerry.  I wouldn't have been able to get as far as I did without her calm and supportive energy throughout.  She helped me through every labor pain, made recommendations, helped out my husband, and welcomed my close friend (who is a novice doula) to be a part of the labor as well.  In the end, she also helped me make an informed decision on whether or not to get an epidural when I was so exausted that I felt like I could not go on any longer.  When the epidural gave me some time to rest, she even made up my husband's bed so he could rest too.  She also answered all of my mother's anxiety-driven questions (as well as some of my own).  When it was time to push, there happened to be a shift change of the nurses/midwives attending to me.  I told Kerry that I could not stop myself from pushing, and she helped me push while the attending nurses/midwives got their act together.  It was these small supportive gestures and comforts provided by Kerry throughout my labor that allowed me to focus on having a postive birth experience.  Labor was quite a bonding experience, so my post-natal consultation afterwards was like talking to an old friend about the excitement of deivery and my concerns about being a new mom.  Overall, I highly recommend Kerry (and getting a doula in general)!

Monica Suber


I was one of those moms-to-Be who adamantly wanted her Birth Plan to be honored: I especially did not want a c-section or drugs! Yet I learned from my wedding day that not everything would go as planned so I’d best learn to let go and live in the moment, accepting things outside of my control.

Upon meeting Kerry in person, we knew she would be great! She rolled with all of our questions with patience, and she had a tattoo in Sanskrit meaning we connected on a spiritual level both being yoginis.

Yet my husband and I could not have anticipated just how awesome Kerry is as a doula until labor got real at the hospital! I had a complex labor lasting nearly 48 hours. She arrived 20 before active labor and thus stayed awake the entire time.

She was calm throughout and answered questions about the labor process that couldn’t be answered in the labor papers she or the hospital had given us-even the “dirty/gross woman” stuff!

When labor advanced, she helped my husband and I make informed decisions when the midwives and doctors came into my room to give me news (more than once) that I did not want to hear (hint: things that needed to be considered that were not in my Birth Plan).

Because the labor was so long and I had not slept, I opted for the epidural after 36 hours of labor so I could sleep through contractions and have the energy to push. She never judged me for this and instead supported that decision which was not on my Birth Plan to get me through the labor to delivery.

She also gave me the best massages in my lower back so I didn’t feel the back labor contractions (they were very uncomfortable without her massages!) She did this often like a champ without complaint and little sleep.

She was a coach too encouraging me throughout it all, reminding me of all the positive to keep my energy levels up and believe in myself.

Stephanie Brown


My husband and I had trouble deciding if hiring a doula was the right choice for us financially. Looking back, we are so grateful that we did. I firmly believe that having Kerry as our doula made the difference between a natural birth and one with interventions. After laboring at home for two days, I was ready to ask for an epidural when we arrived at the hospital. Then Kerry arrived and immediately my anxiety and pain level decreased as she was able to suggest positions and strategies that helped me breathe (and even rest) through the remaining hours of labor and delivery. Kerry's calming yet competent presence helped both my husband and me relax and she managed to delicately balance a helpful yet assertive relationship with the nurses and doctor who commented more than once on what a fantastic doula she was. It felt as though they-- Kerry and the hospital staff were a harmonious team committed to my and our baby’s wellbeing, which I so appreciated. Kerry enabled me to have a birth that exceeded all of our “birth plan” hopes and we are unspeakably grateful.

Maria Cruickshank


Hiring Kerry and Cara was the best decision of my entire pregnancy. We took a birth class with Cara and ultimately Kerry attended the birth of our baby boy. They were both immensely helpful and responsive, especially towards the end of my pregnancy when induction options came up. Kerry is a rock star and will always be my hero for getting us through such a trying and overwhelmingly massive day. She knew the ins and outs of the hospital (GW) and together with my husband really made me feel like I REALLY had a team on my side. In the dark moments when I thought I couldn’t carry on, Kerry’s calming presence, incredible experience and knowledge, kindness, and initiative allowed me to find the strength to keep going. She was a major part of our experience and we couldn’t have done this without her.  We’ll call her again for our second without a doubt.



Without Kerry in the delivery room with my husband and me, I'm not sure who would've held my other leg. That's how vital she was!


I very much attribute the success of my VBAC to Kerry and Cara's wisdom, guidance, and support. The two were incredibly helpful and accessible and simply a call or text away at all times. They helped educate us and allowed us to be advocates for ourselves in the delivery room and in preparing our list of birth wishes.


When Kerry walked in the door during my labor, I was immediately at ease. She stuck by us the whole time, helping me communicate with the doctor and nurses, coaching me on how to push, and making me more comfortable. My husband and I both can't say enough about how reassuring her presence was, both before and during the birth. 


I hadn't had a doula for my first child's birth and wasn't planning on contracting one for my second, but now I can't imagine doing it any other way or with any other doula team.

Kate Gillespie


We hired Kerry and Cara on the recommendation of a good friend. I am so glad that we did! I had two prior natural births with the support of doulas, and I knew with certainty that I would want the support of a doula for the delivery of my third child as well. My husband and I met Kerry and Cara once during my 3rd trimester and talked through my prior deliveries as well as our hopes for my upcoming delivery. They were both absolutely lovely in person and we left the meeting feeling confident and ready. After my due date came and went, I began communicating regularly via email and text with both Kerry and Cara. They offered encouragement and ideas for natural induction. I opted to forego the medical induction that had been scheduled for me 14 days post-due. I had some anxiety about whether or not that was the right decision for me and the baby, but Kerry, Cara, and the midwives were all supportive. When labor finally began on its own in earnest, Kerry's presence and support made the very challenging task of childbirth that much easier. She had a great rapport with team at the hospital. She supported us in big ways (ensuring that the tub was filled) and little ways (bringing me juice during and after labor) and was calm and steady throughout. We felt very grateful to have had Kerry’s undivided attention! We got to see Kerry again a few days later when she stopped by to see how we were doing and to deliver the encapsulated placenta. She also brought an awesome wrap carrier and more of her amazing homemade nipple butter. My recovery has been smoother and nursing has been much better this time around. My husband and I agree that Kerry’s services were well worth the cost!

Meghan Bodnar


Kerry and Cara both provided fantastic birth support before, during, and after delivery. Prenatal support by both ladies was great, from the prenatal workshop to the email updates. Kerry's post-delivery visit at home was also welcome as a way to close out my birth experience emotionally and touch base one more time. The crucial piece of their service was the labor support, of course, and that is truly where I feel like Kerry contributed invaluable support to make my birth experience a success.

My first son was born via emergency C-section and the experience left much to be desired, so this time, I wanted to try for a VBAC and was determined to set myself up for success where at all possible. This included hiring a doula. I felt a connection with Kerry and Cara and could picture either one being a participant in my birth experience, which is why we went with them. I didn't end up laboring at home due to unexpectedly high blood pressure, but Kerry was on call that day and met us at the hospital. She made the room comfy with essential oils and provided sound advice at every decision point along the way, and provided support to my husband as he helped me. When our son was born, he ended up needing a quick trip to the NICU (he was fine and came back soon after), but my husband went with him, and Kerry stayed with me. Truly, she fulfilled every reason we had hired a doula- support for me, support for my husband, impartial third party advice to help us stick to our birth plan, and cheering squad. At the end of the day I got the VBAC I desired, and the experience really was what I had wanted, bringing closure to my prior birth experience. I also think hiring a doula made the hospital staff take my desire for a VBAC more seriously, and they stuck to my birth plan impressively. Would highly recommend Kerry and Cara for anyone wanting a doula's support in their birth, especially those aiming for a VBAC.

Amanda Lukoff


You should do yourself a favor and hire Kerry Shultz as your doula! After meeting Kerry, you immediately get the feeling that you've known her forever. Her warmth, compassion, and down-to-earth personality are combined with her knowledge, experience, curiosity and straightforwardness - you know that she is someone you can feel completely comfortable and vulnerable with, as well as depend on the most important day of your life. Our delivery did not go as planned but Kerry was there with us every step of the way. Kerry has become our friend and we continue to be proud of the integrity and intelligence she brings to her work.

Ashley Rephlo


Kerry was the doula for the birth of my second daughter and she provided amazing support for achieving the natural childbirth that I desired!! She was just what I needed -- her demeanor, physical touch during contractions, and verbal affirmation helped me feel relaxed, calm, and reassured (especially at the end which was very fast and dramatic). I had a different doula for my first baby who just did not pan out; I was so happy to have Kerry there this time around during one of the most memorable and sacred events you can have in life. Additionally, my husband is also a willing and wonderful support during labor and she made sure to incorporate him into the birth process by giving him additional ideas and tips as she could tell having him by my side really helped. Kerry also took amazing photos after the birth of my husband, daughter, and I that we received tons of compliments on. She has an amazing eye for framing, even in a hospital with less than ideal backgrounds. We will treasure them always!

Kerry was very responsive to emails and questions throughout my pregnancy. I highly recommend Kerry!

Joan Merle Schaefer


From start to finish, Kerry & Cara have been incredible doulas to me and my family. They are true professionals through and through and I couldn't recommend them highly enough. They provided my husband and I with excellent informational, physical and emotional support throughout the pre and postnatal periods. My husband and I were really hoping to have doulas who were experts in fetal positioning and we were so glad to have Kerry and Cara, who know so much about this issue, be our doulas. They not only utilized their own knowledge on fetal positioning during birth, but they also taught us how to better prepare for optimal fetal positioning in an included and very helpful workshop.

Kerry and Cara are incredibly knowledgeable about all things birth-related. They are also very responsive and make themselves available to answer any and all questions, which made me feel safe and comfortable as we entered the birth process together. During labor, Cara was totally tuned in to my every need. She was attentive in a way that made me feel totally supported and cared for throughout my labor. She also provided me with exactly the things I had asked for in our prenatal meeting, making me feel like she really was thinking of me as an individual and taking my unique needs into account.

Both Kerry and Cara are not only professionals, but also have wonderfully peaceful auras that they brought to every meeting and to the birth itself. Their calm strength really set the tone for me and my pregnancy as well as my birth. I felt really empowered by their support and am so grateful to them for everything they gave us as we welcomed our son into the world.

Aileen Nowlan


There may come a time when your legs are giving out, your body shuts down, and you are too tired to see.  Kerry guided us through the exhaustion and confusion to a safe, successful labor. At times Kerry gave a specific recommendation, and at others her calm presence reminded us that everything was as it should be. She was with us via text and phone for twelve hours of back labor at home, then another sixteen hours of labor at the hospital. She also helped us prepare beforehand and visited us at home to check on our newborn and teach baby wearing. Much of Kerry’s assistance we couldn’t have predicted in advance we would need.  Nothing important is accomplished on your own; in the end, we put one foot in front of the other to follow Kerry to a healthy, unmedicated birth.

A few examples:
- Wellness advice before labor, and visualizations and meditations. Some of this was helpful during labor and some—especially the meditations--turned out to be more helpful in the manic early weeks with a newborn.
- Text and phone assistance for twelve hours of back labor at home.
- Advice on positions and, even more importantly, the order of adjustments. Kerry would suggest one position, then twenty minutes later another, then another, then a shower, and so forth. Every change would provoke a progression in labor. Knowing positions is one thing, but remembering them in the moment may be impossible. There was no way we would have had the judgment or presence of mind to create the circuit that Kerry designed.
- Navigating the hospital. Kerry knew where all the supplies and equipment where, how to use them, and how to get more. She involved the nurses and midwives at appropriate points but helped us remain in the room, making progress.

We would highly recommend Kerry to anyone approaching birth. Without her, it is quite likely we would have ended up with an emergency c-section because labor failed to progress.

Valerie Ward


Kerry was a great support and made our birth experience a wonderful one. Just when I thought I wouldn't be able to deliver naturally, she arrived and provided the much needed support and reassurance I needed. She quickly took over the room and provided a strong, yet calm energy, and was able to persuade the nurses to allow me to stand, move about, and try different positions including using a pull bar. She took pictures for us, guided me in getting our daughter to latch, and gave me wonderful "post-delivery feedback." :) Thank you Kerry so much for everything!!!

Cosabeth Bullock


I had a great experience with Kerry and would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. I thought she had a great, calm but knowledgable demeanour throughout all of our encounters.

The morning I went into labor, Kerry was regularly in touch with my husband via phone and text while we labored at home and waited to go to the hospital. Once we told her we were headed in, she met us there and arrived about 30 minutes after we did. The hospital was short-staffed that day because it was a holiday, but she was great about flagging down nurses and doctors to move along the intake process. I was really comforted by the fact that doctors/midwives/RNs at GW knew her immediately and she knew her way around the unit. She was also good about reassuring my husband and taking charge for him when it felt like doctors weren't coming in to check on us as quickly as they should, given that he had no idea what he should be doing.

Once I was admitted into a room, the RNs initially thought it would be a few hours before I went into active labor, but I transitioned almost immediately. Even though it was just us and Kerry in the room, she recognized the signs/sounds and flagged down the midwives to come and check again, and I was ready to start pushing.

Throughout delivery, between Kerry and the great GW midwifery team, I felt really supported. Everyone was very calm and encouraging, while giving me clear instructions on what I should be doing. Immediately after, Kerry went and got me liquids, blankets, etc and helped me figure out our baby's first latch.

My labor was complication-free but I still really valued her expertise day-of and plan to hire her again if I have a second child.

Kaitlin Forster


Kerry was amazing and I do not think I could have possibly had a natural delivery without her.  She was available during the days when I was having false labor, and was with us during the intense delivery at the hospital.  At no point did I feel like I couldn't keep going.  She was fully supportive and let my husband give his full support to me as well in the form of encouragement.  Our son was over 9 pounds, and I honestly don't know how I did it, but I know that Kerry was a huge part of it.  As a first time mom, a doula like Kerry is essential, but I would honestly have a doula like Kerry present at every future birth.

Ilyse Hogue


I simply cannot say enough about our experience with Kerry as our doula. We loved her immediately upon meeting her. She exudes competence and warmth and made us feel like we were in great hands in the lead up to our birth. I knew there was a good chance that we would have a cesarian birth because I was carrying twins and my presenting twin would just never move into position. My biggest concern was that having a c-section would negate the need for a doula and we would have spent money for nothing. I couldn't have been more wrong. There's no way to know, but I think Kerry was equally if not more crucial to a positive birth experience given the surgery. She knew the ropes; she calmed me down; and she gentlty intervened to make certain that having a c-section did not unnecessarily rob us of the best birthing experience possible. We will forever feel grateful  to her. She visited us after the birth and it was like greeting an old friend. I cannot say enough about Kerry; she will always be part of our family.

Martha Borrayo


Kerry is a wealth of knowledge and such a comforting supportive person. My husband and I felt so comfortable with her from the first time we met. As first time parents, we were nervous about the whole experience so having her there proved to be paramount. The second she walked into the hospital room everything calmed down, even my baby’s erratic heartbeat settled down! The simple fact that she had attended so many births and was there exclusively for us, was calming in and of itself. It was so reassuring to have her there as she understood the birthing process as well as the ins and outs of the hospital. Kerry was also there to assist me with the initial stages of breastfeeding. She ensured my little one latched on immediately after birth which studies have shown is imperative for mother’s who wish to breastfeed and for initial bonding.
Kerry did and amazing job prepping us for the birth and educating us on natural birthing techniques, relaxation and even nutrition! It was refreshing to know that she was always just an email or a text message away. She maintained excellent communication with us and was not only helpful and supportive during pregnancy and labor, but she was also there for us postpartum.
Although our dream of a natural birth was not ultimately realized, having Kerry there created a positive, warm environment. She was very helpful in helping us make decisions during labor and letting us know what the midwives and Dr.’s were recommending. This made us feel a whole lot better while making some important decisions. If and when we go for number 2, Kerry will be my first choice!

Melissa Holo


I could not have gotten through my delivery without Kerry! She was with us for the birth of our first baby. I had wanted to have a natural delivery (no epidural, no pain meds, and no C-section) but wasn't sure if I'd be able to do it.  However, with Kerry's support, I was able to accomplish this major feat! Kerry was calm and positive throughout the labor and delivery. We labored at home during the first few hours.  During this phase, we spoke on the phone several times and Kerry gave us advice for how to stay relaxed and manage early contractions. Kerry arrived at the hospital shortly after we did (which was late in the evening on a Sunday) and was by my side for the next 10 hours. Her encouraging words, calm demeanor, and guidance was a life-saver. As labor progressed she would suggest new positions and tactics to help me deal with the pain. At times when I didn't think I could go on, Kerry's confidence, positive energy, and super soft hands :) were SO helpful! I recommend Kerry 100% for her doula services and hope to have her present for our next little bundle of joy someday.

Ashley Solomon


Kerry was absolutely essential during the delivery of my first child. She and her partner Cara were always available during my pregnancy to answer any questions and her suggestions were extremely helpful. I followed all of their suggestions and had very little negative side effects during my pregnancy - I even managed to avoid Group B! Once I went into labor, she was instantly available and calming during my early and active labor. She arrived at the hospital shortly after I did and stayed the whole 24 hours until I delivered, staying awake with me through all of it. Her presence was reassuring and empowering to both me and my husband. She really enabled my husband to be an active labor partner and offered suggestions rather than giving us orders. I could tell she had attended many births as her recommendations and attitude were really helpful. She was actively engaged in my delivery without being imposing or in the way. I'm convinced that I would not have been strong enough, educated enough or empowered enough to deliver naturally without Kerry's guidance. She stayed with me for 2 hours after delivery to make sure that I was OK and that I had started my breastfeeding relationship. She came to see me again a week after I delivered to show me how to wear the baby using a Moby wrap and to provide me with my encapsulated placenta. Seeing her again after delivery was great - she had the same positive, soothing effect she did during labor. I will forever be grateful to Kerry for being there during one of the most incredible experiences of my life. If she lived closer, I would totally hang out with her as a friend! I will ABSOLUTELY use her as a doula again if and when I have more children. I can't recommend her highly enough. THANK YOU KERRY!!

Katie Lipp


I selected Kerry as my Doula after interviewing about four different doulas. Kerry stood out because she was very warm, compassionate, calm and was accepting of my decision to use an epidural for pain relief during labor. The other Doulas that I interviewed were judgmental about this choice. Kerry was a great support leading up to the birth, we had two prenatal visits. She was a great wealth of information for my husband and I as first-time parents. We put together my birth wishes and she helped me with different relaxation techniques and exercises that I could do leading up to the birth of my child. One point in which Kerry was extremely vital as a resource was when my doctors were pressuring me to have an induction. I felt like I made the choice to be induced with a great deal of information all thanks to Kerry. She was very attentive at the birth, both for my husband and me. All the focus is on the baby after the birth, but Kerry looked after my needs. I would use Kerry again in a heartbeat and would recommend her to any of my friends venturing on their birth journey. She also visited me at for postpartum visit and was very helpful with different pieces of advice about caring for my child and for myself. I am very happy with using Kerry as a Doula.

Jordan DiPietro


My wife and I were very happy with Kerry as our doula. We met with her twice I believe before our birth, and in the weeks leading up to our birth we texted and chatted a few times on the phone. She was helpful with materials and giving my wife things to read. When we went into labor, Kerry was very responsive via text and phone, and reinforced what we needed to hear to get us through the first 6 hours of labor. When we finally asked her to come to the house she of course said "yes" and made her way over immediately. She was very calming, very nurturing, and did a great job of listening to both my wife and myself. We both simultaneously game planned and were on the same page throughout early labor. Kerry was great -- got us to the hospital in time, helped us to our room -- and just again, was another figure or person in our corner. I -- as a husband -- probably would have gotten flustered a few times had it not been for Kerry's presence. All in all -- during labor, delivery, and post -- Kerry was fantastic. She's been to our house twice after the birth to help with breastfeeding and just general questions. I feel that she genuinely cares about us and her job and I would feel absolutely comfortable referring her to anyone else.

andrea bleistein


My overall experience with Kerry Reynolds was a positive one. There were a few factors which did impact my full expectations of having a doula as part of my birth experience. One factor is that another client of Kerry's went into early labor at the same time which I did and so Kerry was not able to physically support me in my at-home labor before going to the hospital. This was one of the key services for which Kerry did provide her back-up to communicate with myself and my husband but we had not met this person and she was also not available to physically assist me labor at home either before going to the hospital. Kerry was fortunately able to meet me and my husband at the hospital just as I had checked in and she was able to support me throughout my labor there and early delivery experience. Kerry assisted me throughout my contractions and provided emotional support to both me and my husband as I labored. Unfortunately my labor did not progress as I would have desired and I ended up having a c-section to deliver my son. Kerry was unable to be present in the OR for the delivery (per hospital protocol) and so the additional option we asked to have Kerry take photos of the delivery did not happen in the hospital. Luckily though, Kerry was able to visit me in the hospital the day after our son was born and she was very helpful in providing some of her book resources, specifically on breastfeeding, which was a great help to me. In addition, Kerry visited my home the following week to take family photos and solo photos of our son.

Joannah Pickett


I originally sought out Kerry as the birth of my first child was during a time my husband was to be deployed. Kerry's presence was calming and positive, exactly what I wanted and needed before the birth of our Jack. My husband was not deployed, so our birth plan changed and Kerry was wonderful in her flexibility and she just went with it. I went in to labor 10 days early and called Kerry the evening that my contractions began. She was supportive and directive. The next day we called her when I decided to go to the hospital. Kerry met us there, I labored until I was 8 cm without drugs during which time Kerry was supportive and helped with focus, breathing and keeping me comfortable. Throughout the labor time she was enouraging and helpful. I had an uncomplicated birth which was wonderful, a healthy baby boy. Kerry's support continued as she immediately got to work feeding me and ensuring that I built up my strength for breastfeeding and the nights ahead. The nurses commented how helpful she was and how thoughtful in all the ways that she assisted me with ice, water, food, etc... It was so comforting to me that when the baby was born and everyone is focused on the babe, Kerry was focused on me the mom and ensuring that everthing with me was ok. It was wonderful to have her there and I can't recommend her enough. We'll be calling her when we want baby #2!

Galina K.


I was wishing for a hyponobirthing birth and decided to go with a doula. We liked Kerry the first time we met her. She was very friendly and nice, optimistic and knowledgeable. When Lucas was overdue, I talked to Kerry several times on the phone, panicing. She managed to find the right words to reassure me everything would be ok. Finally, 8 days overdue, my first contractions started at night. I spoke to Kerry several times that night, again, finding her words very reassuring. Kerry arrived to the hospital a few minutes after us, and stayed with me throughout the whole 30+hours journey. When she found out that my labor is progressing, but slowely, she encouraged me to walk. We walked several miles that day. There is no chance I would have done it without Kerry. She even climbed steps with me to promote the dialation. When I wanted to rest, she let me do that. When I wanted to be alone wtih my partner, she always left without me even asking her. When I needed her there, she was always there, encouraging me to work through my not-so-easy labor (my baby was face up). She never pushed me, but she always gave me suggestions, information, advice - and that is what I needed. When I finally (after 3 hours of pitocin) decided to get an epidural, she was on my side, while my partner needed some convincing.  Kerry, with her wise words, managed to convince him that it was for the best. And it indeed was - may baby was born after I was able to sleep with the help of epidural. I pushed for long 3 hours, and again - Kerry was there, putting cold washcloth over my forehead, holding my arms/legs and counting to help me push. Kerry, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We would have never been able to do it without you. You are an amasing person, and I am glad that you had a call to become a doula.

 Galina and Daniel

Kristi Donovan


Kerry was our doula for a VBAC in December 2010.   I could not be happier with the service that Kerry provided during our time together, and the resulting outcome.  Kerry provided the emotional support I needed to manage the challenges of labor productively.  She was neutral and nonjudgmental in her approach and provided the balanced perspective that my husband and I were seeking.  She was a cheerleader for me when I needed it most and constantly reassured me that I was making good choices and that I was progressing in a normal way.  Kerry promptly responded to our inquiries and always provided useful suggestions both prior to and during labor.  It was a relief to have her stay with me while my husband went with our child to be examined in the nursery after birth.  I would encourage anyone considering Kerry to give her a call - her help was worth every last penny to us and more!  Thanks Kerry!

Jana Rhone


 We we so lucky to find Kerry to be our doula for the birth of our daughter in July of 09.  She was very understanding, compassionate, and organized!  She says that she supports the partner/husband so that they can support the mom and it's quite true.  Her guidance allowed my husband to support me during birth and meant that he didn't have to "problem solve" right on the spot.  I truly believe that Kerry's guidance kept my daughter's birth intervention-free.  I only wish I had found her sooner during my pregnancy!

An aside - I should have sprung for her photo package!  My husband took pictures, but there's so much to do after the baby is born that, in retrospect, it would have been nice to have another set of eyes.

Ellie Robinson


We are so grateful that we found Kerry to assist with the birth of our first son.   From the first time I met Kerry,  our relationship felt immediately close, like old friends.  Kerry has a generous, loving spirit.  She is always very positive and upbeat and has tremendous energy.

As first time parents, my husband and I took a lot of comfort in her experience and knowledge. She inspired confidence in me, put me at ease, and quelled fear during the most difficult times. All of her advice and suggestions before, during, and after his birth have been extremely helpful.

Kerry was extremely supportive of my desire to have a natural childbirth and did everything she could to help me have the experience I wanted.  But, when it turned out that I had to have a c-section, she was especially adept at supporting me through the change in our birth plan.  Even a week after the birth, when I expressed a few doubts about the c-section and questioned if there were other things we could have tried, Kerry was very reassuring and helped me to put those doubts aside.

Kerry was right by my side the entire time: through 12 hours of labor, through the decision to move forward with a c-section, in the operating room during the surgery, and afterwards in the recovery room to assist with initial breast feeding.  I can't imagine what my childbirth experience would have been like without her.  She was my anchor and she consistently supported me exactly the way I needed to be supported.  My husband was a wonderful birth partner as well, but he couldn't have given me what Kerry was able to give.

For my next child, I absolutely want Kerry by my side, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for support during their childbirth.

Kim Bailey


After interviewing a number of doulas, my husband and I chose Kerry because of her calm, caring presence and the fact that she put us completely at ease. We couldn’t be happier with our choice. I honestly don’t think we would have made it through without her, especially when things got a bit more complicated than anticipated!

From our first meeting, Kerry answered all of our questions (even silly first-time parent concerns) articulately and without judgment. She referred us to helpful resources when appropriate, and acted as a sounding board when we simply needed to run things by someone far more knowledgeable than us.

While we’d planned to have a natural birth, a different outcome was in the cards. At my 40 week appointment, I had high blood pressure and a number of other symptoms indicating preeclampsia and was admitted to the hospital for an induction. Things progressed rapidly and in a direction that wasn’t desirable. Through it all, Kerry’s constant support and soothing influence helped both my husband and I remain relaxed and calm. In addition, she worked well as a team with my midwife and labor and delivery nurses. It was clear that they trusted and respected her.

We simply can’t thank Kerry enough for the part that she played in bringing our daughter into the world, and recommend her highly to others looking for a kind, warm person to help guide them through pregnancy and childbirth. She’s a gem!

Jennifer Moser


We were looking for a doula to help us with our desire for a non-medicated Hypnobirth.  Our Hypnobirthing instructor recommended Kerry, and as soon as we met her, we were instantly comfortable with her and confident in her abilities.   Our meetings with her were relaxed and informative.  She was able to answer all of our 'first-timer' questions, and she really put us at ease.  

During early labor, Kerry was a calming influence, and was full of great suggestions to help Josh and I manage labor.  She made sure that I was hydrated and was eating snacks, all the while keeping an eye on my contractions.  When we went to the hospital and in active labor she was a huge help. She suggested laboring positions that were very helpful; got me to move around and get to the restroom regularly.  She was full of encouragement and affirmation, which was hugely needed, as I was on a pitocin drip due to stalled labor.    

After delivery, Kerry was a huge help in established breastfeeding, and I'm happy to say that it is still going well :)

Kerry was an incredible help to Josh and I during the long labor and delivery!  I don't think we could have done it pain-med free without her. She was an amazing member of a team that included my husband, my mom, and little Nora!  We all worked together to have a successful birth.   It was such a wonderful experience, and I can't recommend Kerry highly enough.

Juanita Spence


We couldn't have asked for better support during my pregnancy or the birth of our daughter.  Towards the end of my pregnancy, I would email her after each of my OB appointments to update her on my progress and it was helpful to have someone objective to vent to and to receive her encouraging responses was invaluable.  She showed me how to turn the baby from her 'sunny side up' position into the preferred facedown presentation - and celebrated with us when the ultrasound showed her techniques had worked!

Our stubborn little girl decided she was far too comfortable to come into the world on her own and I was induced about 10 days past my due date.  Kerry was with us from the beginning - always giving us confidence and calm.  Helping us to articulate the questions we needed answers for and explaining to us what was happening with me and the baby as labor progresses. 

Most importantly, she was there for my husband and she showed HIM how to support me.  How to hold me and encourage me and help bring his little girl into the world.  It was comforting to me knowing that she was taking care of him too.

Christine Baerwald


 My husband being the military we are far away from family and thought we could handle our birth experience on our own.  But, the closer to the due date the more concerned I became that we needed the extra support to have a natural childbirth and someone to look after our best interest at the hospital.  So, I started looking for a doula and I was so blessed to meet Kerry.  She came over to our house to talk with us about our birth plan and right away my husband and I knew that she would fit right in with our family.  The day of the birth, 27 Oct 2009, Kerry was there to support us 100%.  Eighteen hours of active labor at the hospital and many more hours before that at home my husband welcomed the break to get something to eat while Kerry helped me through contractions.  Life happens, we didn't have the natural childbirth we expected but it was such a blessing to have Kerry there to explain the pluses and the minuses of each procedure and in the end a c-section.  She looked after everything while they wheeled me away she packed up our room and moved our belongings to the room I would recover in allowing my husband to be with me as long as possible.  When I came out she was a welcoming face.  Right away helping learn to breast feed my new baby boy.  Kerry will always be apart of our family.  She has such a gift.  

Christine Sentner Brooks


After interviewing a dozen Doulas, I decided Kerry was the best fit to support my husband and I during labor and birth. Our decision to have Kerry by our side was among the smartest choices of our pregnancy. With our beautiful daughter now 11 days old, we are still singing Kerry's praises, often commenting "we could not have fulfilled the natural birth we did without Kerry." Even with a few uncontrollable circumstances (being induced with pitocin), Kerry was a PARAMOUNT aspect of birthing our daughter with a truly beautiful birth. When self doubt surprised me by showing up in active labor, it was Kerry's reassurance to me and my husband that we were in fact doing this - - - not that "I couldn't do it" as I began to fear. My husband and I agree whole-heartedly, Kerry is the best investment we made as parents prior to birth. We recommend Kerry to any expecting parents without hesitation. We cannot imagine expanding our future family without her support. Thank you, Kerry!

Jennifer Hoffman


Kerry was our wonderful doula for the birth of our daughter. She did an outstanding job of getting to know us and our birth wishes before the big day.  Although things didn't go exactly as planned (our daughter was breech and we had a cesarean birth), Kerry's sweet and supportive spirit was right there encouraging us.  She helped us focus on those birth wishes we could still have!  When my husband went with our daughter to the nursery, Kerry stayed with me in recovery.  She also helped us have an amazing start to breastfeeding. I will use Kerry for as many births as I can convince my husband to have! 

Sarah Curtis


Kerry was our doula for our son's birth in April 2009.  She was wonderful to work with and met with us in our home several times before the birth.  Our son was breech, so she worked with us on optimal fetal positioning and ways to get him to turn, such as recommending we go to an accupuncturist and chiropractor.  She was very positive and supportive.  He did not turn, so my husband and I decided to have our OB try a version, which did not work and resulted in a c-section.  Because of our preparation with Kerry in developing a Wish List for Birth, the nurses and doctors were able to know and honor those of our wishes that were still feasible with a c-section (dad announcing the sex of the baby, keeping the baby with us in the OR instead of sending dad and baby to the nursery, breastfeeding with Kerry's help immediately afterwards in the recovery room, etc).  Kerry's knowledge and expertise also helped us to remain calm as I was being prepped for surgery.  She explained what procedures were going to happen and was a very calm presence for us.  She is a great doula.  We were looking forward to working with her for a natural birth, but when that didn't happen, we were grateful to have her be there and support us in making our c-section birth as family-centered as possible.  She also took beautiful pictures of us and our son bonding in the recovery room, pictures that we would not have had without her!

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