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Janet Gordon, CD/PCD(DONA), CLC, LCCE

Brewster Doula

Brewster, NY Service range 45 miles


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Availability Remarks: No overnights Postpartum care includes light housekeeping, meal preparation, breastfeeding support, informational support, errands, and community referrals.

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

11 years and 118 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

11 years and 98 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula
  • Hypnobabies - Certified Hypno-Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, February 2013

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 births and 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: * Will provide referrals if overnights are needed/desired.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I will attend a home birth that is supported by a midwife or MD. I regret that I cannot attend an unassisted home birth.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • ASL (American Sign Language)
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

League Mother for La Leche League of Yorktown

Fee Details

Birth package includes 3 pre-natal visits, unlimited phone/text/e-mail support, attendance at birth, and one post-natal follow-up visit. If finances are a concern, I work on a staggered payment plan; I am willing to discuss payment options with you.

Service Area

Brewster, NY Service range 45 miles

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Client Testimonials for Janet Gordon, CD/PCD(DONA), CLC, LCCE

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Eshba Montagnino


When I was pregnant with my first baby, we were immediately drawn to Janet’s gentle and nurturing demeanor. I was overwhelmed with the options available to me thinking about my birth preferences and I knew I could put my trust in Janet to guide me in finding a path that felt right for me and my baby. I felt so prepared with the information she provided us. I had called her several times after every appointment and she would guide me what questions to ask. My doctor said I will need to be induced at the last minute and I’m so glad I had Janet with me as I would be so lost and panicked without her. Coincidentally, I went into labor the same day I was scheduled for induction and Janet immediately arrived at the hospital and she was there until my baby was born. I didn’t meet with any other doula besides her when I hired her. I only spoke to her and I knew I wanted her. My family is not in this country and I didn’t have any support and Janet filled my mother’s role and I really mean that. I highly recommend Janet for anyone looking for birth support.
Thank you Janet for being there for us in the most tender moments of our lives and helping to make them so special.

Audrye Wong


Janet is incredible! TLDR: she is a compassionate, well-trained, consummate professional, and fun to boot.

Our family has had the pleasure of working with Janet in each of her many capacities – as a birth doula (including lots of helpful childbirth ed), as well as a postpartum doula, and in providing transitional care for our baby. She was beyond helpful in each of these dimensions. Before our baby was born, she visited us, went over the important things to know to have the kind of childbirth experience we wanted, and built a strong connection. Her professionalism really shone through at our birth – what could have been a stressful experience or one outside of our control turned into exactly the kind of (physiological) birth experience we wanted. Janet was cool-headed, supporting us physically and mentally throughout the labor process. She melded seamlessly with the birth-partner (husband in our case)  acting as a true support and partner to him and facilitating the exact amount of involvement and support that we wanted. After our baby was born, Janet provided invaluable postpartum support to all of us – from psychological support to exhausted parents, to bridging us to her network of professionals as needed, to helping with logistics, to taking care of our baby while we rested/ate/lived. As we transitioned out of the newborn phase, Janet continued to be an invaluable source of advice and support for us, and fun and professional care for our baby.

In sum, Janet is an incredible doula in every way – informed and knowledgeable and yet always putting her clients wishes first. To top her experience and knowledge off, Janet is just an all around great person – funny and kind, always responsible and communicative, and beloved by babies and parents alike. We recommend Janet enthusiastically. We hope that we will be fortunate enough to have her care and help with more babies in the future!

Katie J.


Janet is an amazing human and I can't recommed her enough to expecting parents. From our first conversation, she was extremely warm and welcoming, especially for us as first time parents navigating all the changes that come with pregnancy. We used her for her childbirth classes and feel extremely well-equipped for upcoming labor and delivery. She made our sessions amusing, fun, and informative all the while with a smile. Her resources are incredibly helpful as well and so appreciated as we head toward meeting our son. I'm so happy that I found her and was able to use her services for my childbirth education. Her warm personality put us at ease, and her professionalism and knowledge gave us confidence. Thank you, Janet!



I cannot say enough good things about Janet from my experience taking her birth education course. From the get-go, she put me and my husband’s hopes and fears at the center of the conversation and tailored her teaching to ensure that we left our conversations feeling empowered and knowledgeable about our choices during childbirth. We gained a ton of information on how labor is likely to progress, helpful positions/breathing techniques to manage pain, the pluses and minuses of epidurals/inductions/c-sections, and a crash course in newborn care and lactation. Throughout it all, we felt supported rather than judged for our preferences (e.g. our intention to have an epidural) and now feel really excited about the birth of our baby – rather than terrified. A game-changing course from a fantastic doula. 

Brenda genovese


Janet was a wonderful help after coming home from the hospital! As a mom of 2, she helped me ease into the first week at home. Not only did she help around the house, but she helped with breastfeeding and was great with my toddler. Absolutely recommend her help! 



My husband and I decided to work with Janet for our first baby, born February 2022. She immediately made us feel at ease, had a sense of humor, and talked us through what our experience working together would be like. Working with her was so easy. She was informative while ensuring that we, as first time partens, felt comfortable asking any and all questions. Unfortunately, in January 2022 our hospital changed restrictions around who could be in the room during delivery, so she was unable to join us during my actual delivery.
She was so flexible about solutioning around this; she came over at 11pm when I was in early labor to labor with me until it was time to go to the hospital. Once at the hospital, she zoomed with my husband and I for 3-4 hours while in active labor, walking us through positions to try etc. She stayed on with us until we stopped to rest for a couple of hours and immediately checked in with us in the morning. She was available for weeks post labor to chat and answer questions. 
I would highly recommend her to any families who needs a knowledgeable doula that is light hearted and easy to work with. 
Thank you Janet!

Cathy B


Janet is one of the most incredible people I had the pleasure of interacting with - especially when it came to preparing for the birth experience.

She is full of so much knowledge as well as having a personality that is so easy to warm up to that it made it easier  to become more comfortable with birth each day. 

She was always a phone call or text away and she was always keeping in touch asking for updates and supplying an endless means of support through other research and personal experience

Janet is an invaluable addition to the birthing experience and she would be a welcome addition to anyone preparing for their little one to enter the world 

Lauren R


Janet is kind, trustworthy and very relaxing to be around Post-partum. She has a great attitude and is very positive. She suggested other resources for education and instilled confidence in our capabilities as parents. I definitely learned a few very important tips that really made our transition as new parents better. This was our first child and I could only imagine the benefits expounding even more substantially with multiple children. Thanks Janet!

Bianca and Danilo


Wow, no words can truly describe how AMAZING Janet was and is during my whole pregnancy. She was very informative during our prenatal visits, with visuals and descriptions. She answered all and every question we had and also included so many informative links and articles that we found so helpful. Due to COVID and the hospital policy Janet was unable to physically attend our birth, however, she did her very best to help my husband and I feel supported the whole 18 hours of labor. Janet connected with us via video and provided guidance the whole time. Janet's post-natal visit was EVERYTHING I ever needed and more. My husband and I do not have family nearby and her visit was very helpful. From washing dishes to cooking to watching my baby as I moved around the house and even rested it was such a big relief. As a first-time mom, I had lots of questions and concerns and she was able to provide information and never made us feel like we were a bother. Honestly, it felt as though Janet was that second mom for us during the process and we couldn't ask for a better experience.

Lauren Reinhart


Janet was a wonderful support during the birth of our first child. She prepared us with helpful info leading up to the birth. When the time came she was a calm and reassuring presence who helped us make decisions like when to go to the birth center and eventually the hospital. Because of her support I felt comfortable asking questions about interventions and felt the right decisions were made as a result. You can trust Janet to show up for you... My baby decided to start her entrance into the world on Thanksgiving and Janet spent her holiday with us during my labor!

Stephanie Yudowitch


I would highly recommend Janet Gordon for postpartum support. She is very trustworthy, professional and flexible to meet your family needs whether it's taking out the trash, to cooking a meal, to really anything you ask her. She genuinely does what she can to help you and get you rest.  She has a great temperment and plenty of experience required to care for a new baby.  From bathing, to reading, to feeding she's always talking and engaging with them.  We will miss her; I felt she was a friend during the hard transitional time every new Mom goes through after birth. 



I can't say enough good things about Janet. She's like the grandmother for our kids we wished we had!

Sure, she was game for taking care of our twins -- holding, feeding, burping, changing diapers, and so on. And yes, she helped us wash, dry and fold our laundry, and cooked for us, and wash dishes, and bought groceries. Helped my wife out with breastfeeding, and with her talks with lactation consultants. All that was great, no doubt. Freed our hands up to take care of other chores, or for me to work from home, or to go have a coffee with my wife, or to take a much needed nap.

But what was best about Janet was how she was just such a bright soul. Always cheering us up and cheering us on. Always a smile and a laugh and a kind word. Always asking if she could do more for us, looking for times in which she could come by and help out.

People go to postpartum doulas when, for whatever reason, they can't get enough help from friends and family. And Janet really did a great job buoying us up when we really needed help. Can't recommend her enough.

Sarah and Charles


We're first time parents, so taking care of newborn twins without any family nearby has been HARD. But Janet came to help and immediately felt like a member of the family. Better, even, because she doesn't argue with you or tell you how you should do things. She helped us keep our lives together for the first 5 weeks or so, helping out with cooking and cleaning, providing support on breastfeeding issues, and watching the kids so that we could nap or grab a coffee and chat together like regular humans. She also showed us helpful tips on caring for newborns -- like how to get them to sleep when they're overtired -- and was supportive and kind throughout. We don't know how we would have survived the first few weeks without her!

Kate Poltrack


Janet was a total lifesaver! It was like renting a super helpful, non judgmental mom to help with your newborn. She cleaned the kitchen, was amazing with the baby, offered helpful advice and even cooked dinner. Truly invaluable. I would recommend her to anyone!!!!


J + K


If we could give Janet ten stars, we would. She is warm, professional, and has a multitude of tools and suggestions that helped us achieve the birth experience we wanted.

We were hoping for an unmedicated hospital birth, and with her help we were able to have that experience, even though it was not typical at our hospital. During labor, she did a great job collaborating with our medical providers, making suggestions that aligned with our birth plan without becoming strident or confrontational.

She also provided exceptional one-on-one support and labor coaching. We used Hypnobabies to prepare for our baby’s birth, and Janet was able to translate her extensive experience with Hypnobirthing (a different hypnosis-based birthing program) into highly effective Hypnobabies support.

Janet describes herself as “the support boat navigating alongside you as you swim the English Channel”, and she delivered on that promise. She took care to avoid imposing her own opinions on us, and she always put our needs front and center. We were so grateful to have Janet’s support at our birth and we highly recommend you choose her for yours.



I was so glad to have Janet as my doula for my birth. As someone who was questioning myself (Is it too early to go to the hospital, to have Janet come over, etc.), I really appreciated Janet's ability to give me the nudges I desperately needed while keeping me feel like I was in control/not like someone else was making my decisions for me.

Overall, she had a calm presence that made me feel like everything was under control and we could handle this. She helped me through my labor with different activities and positions. I didn't feel judged for getting an epidural. My husband, who isn't the cheerleader type, was grateful for her suggestions in the delivery room about how he could be involved and assist me.

I had an extremely positive birth experience and would definitely recommend Janet!


Jill Simon


Janet was so wonderful I wish I could have had her longer! As a first time mother with no family close by, Janet was a true comfort. She is a skilled Doula, showing me quite a few things I wouldn't have known otherwise. Janet also had no problem helping me with my messy kitchen or laundry room. She also loves pets! Don't hesitate, hire her ASAP! 



Janet has supported me throughout my postpartum journey and helped me to reach my breastfeeding and pumping goals. She is very caring and attentive to all in the home. My 4.5 year old son loves her and she is great with pets. It is clear that helping mothers through every stage of their pregnancy journey is her passion! Highly recommend her to anyone looking for the support of a Doula in their pregnancy journey. 

Julia Gartner


From the moment that my husband and I met with Janet, we just knew she would be a great fit for our family! As first time parents, and a doula myself, I was not going to allow just anyone into our home. I know the value a great doula brings and Janet did not disappoint. Even before I gave birth she would check in to make sure I knew I was supported in any way that I may have needed. Then once our beautiful baby was home, she was ready to immediately help us. Janet was such a breath of fresh air! Due to Covid, and my own personal postpartum wishes, we REALLY limited visitors. Our minds were at ease with all the safety protocols she electively put in place for herself. She came in and quietly took care of us (and loved on our pups!) so wonderfully. She allowed us time to rest, bond and recover, all while making sure we were fed and the house wasn’t upside down! She answered all questions that we had, because let's face it, even though I am in the field, being a first time mom is no joke and I am still learning! We are forever grateful that we hired her and would do so again in a heartbeat. Thank you Janet. We will forever appreciate you!!!

Ranjana Godse


Getting to know Janet is the best thing that happened to us in 2020 (off course apart from having the baby). We chose Janet for both labour and postpartum. Janet is very caring, helpful person with a good sense of humour which comes handy during tensed situation. She really likes being a doula and is up to date with the latest information. She provided me with a lot of material to read pre and post partum, exercise to focus on during labour and also connected me with Chiropractor, and lactation support group. She always checked with me after my visit to ob/ pediatrician. Her strong mental support helped me achieve unmedicated normal delivery.

She also had a lot of tips for the support person and helped my husband understand how can he support me to alleviate labour pain.

We are also glad that Janet followed all the necessary precautions asked by our hospital during COVID time. We are really thankful for having her around in the times like this.

Kim Yarnell


Janet was such an enormous help to me during my postpartum period. Given the pandemic, I was concerned about bringing in someone to give me assistance and coaching. But I felt very comfortable and confident that Janet was taking the appropriate precautions during COVID. She wore a mask, changed shoes, and did not hold my son; she also made sure I was comfortable before she touched anything in my home. Janet and I definitely "clicked" - I felt like she not only helped me with physical tasks and with coaching, but she also took an emotional weight off my shoulders during this difficult and sometimes scary transition to motherhood. I felt that she truly cared about me and my wellbeing, and would do everything she could to help me build my confidence as a new mom. I also appreciated how honest and straightforward she was - she will not tell you what to do, but she'll tell you what she's observed working through her extensive experience as a doula to help guide your choices - as there's no one right way to be a mom. I found this refreshing and helpful. Janet was also a listening ear to me as I shared my thoughts, struggles, and concerns, which was such a relief to me. Janet also helped with light housework, which was a godsend when I didn't have time or energy to handle these tasks, and getting them done helped put me at ease. I highly recommend working with Janet. 



I used Janet as my doula for my second baby. I immediately found I was able to connect with her. She was calming, reassuring, realistic, and encouraging. When discussing my desires for my ideal birth I never felt judged for certain decisions.
Janet was always available to answer my texts or emails. I'd send her updates after my appointments and she would help navigate what to do next, or if I was feeling ok she was there to cheer me on. She empowered me! She gave me confidence. With Janet's help, she guided me as to what questions I should be asking, and mainly to not be afraid to ask my doctors WHY?! It wasn't medical advice she gave, it was decision guidance! Day of, She was super flexible with meeting us either at our house, the hospital, or both. I never felt like a burden to her.
During labor she was a quiet enforcer. She breathed with my labor moans, Hearing her kept me focused on my own breath. She helped with counter pressure on my back, and acupressure points on my shoulder. She helped keep me hydrated, she would gently suggest new movements or to labor on the toilet or in the shower. A few times the contractions got very overwhelming and she would barely raise her voice, but she told me to stay in control! It was a good reminder to hear that. She praised me during labor (it truely is helpful to hear you're doing a good job, because it can feel like you really aren't at times). When it was time for baby to make her way earth side, baby did so very quickly. Janet stayed calm the entire time.
She held my hand during the after birth part. She felt more like my mom at that point rather than my doula. She stuck around until we said we were good.
I have absolutely no regrets hiring Janet as our doula. She was absolutely amazing from the moment we met, thru and beyond delivery. She was my ultimate support system, my cheerleader, my coach, and my friend during my birth. I am deeply grateful for everything she has done for me.

Emma Alles


My husband and I chose Janet to be with us as our doula for the birth of our first child, and it was one of the best decisions we made during the pregnancy. Janet is warm, friendly, funny, and professional. During our first phone call and subsequent meet-up prior to hiring her, I never felt pressured to choose her. What I did feel was confidence - confidence that she was the absolute right support person to have with me (and my husband) the day I would give birth. Her calming presence, sense of humor, and insightfulness were indispensable during our pre- and post-natal meetings, and most importantly during my labor and delivery. Janet's care and concern for her clients is palpable, and she comes prepared and ready for anything (I will be eternally grateful for the peppermint oil and breathmint she offered me during and after labor!). Perhaps my only "regret" is that my labor was so short that I didn't get enough time to work with her on the big day! (Of course, the short labor was a godsend and I wouldn't change anything about that, but I think readers here will understand what I am saying!) I have nothing but the highest praise for Janet and her abilities as a doula, and I most enthusiastically recommend her to others seeking a doula for their birth experience.  

Maeve Santos


Janet was my birth doula and my husband and I couldn't be happier with our decision. Janet is patient, kind and welcomed all of our questions. She is an incredible listener and took everything we said very seriously, which made us feel validated and secure. Choosing a doula is not an easy task, but you can't go wrong with Janet. I started feeling contractions very early in the morning on a Sunday. When I called, she promptly picked up the phone and arrived at my house by 7am. I labored at home until 2pm and during all this time, Janet guided me through different exercises and positions, which was exactly what I wanted. She was very supportive, even when my labor stalled. Once we got to the hospital, she continue to be very hands on, and made sure I was comfortable despite all the changes that occured next. I ended up having an emergency c-section, which was definitely not part of my birth plan. Janet waited until 4am for me to come back from the operating room before going home. Not a lot of people would do that - especially with a smile on her face. Janet's professionalism is outstanding, therefore I recommend her services to anyone who wants to feel supported during such an special time in their lives.  

Mary Anne Dempsey


We found Janet on Doula Match while searching for a doula to assist with the birth of our first child. After meeting with Janet, we knew immediately that we wanted her to be a part of our journey. She answered all of our questions and prepared us prior to the birth. She was with us throughout the entire process and was exactly what my partner and I needed. She was reassuring and comforting and was our liaison with the doctors. We are so thankful for Janet!! 

Erin P.


Janet was absolutely terrific from our first meeting through delivery and beyond! She is extremely passionate about being a doula and facilitating the best possible birthing experience for her clients. She was very knowledgeable about our chosen birthing style (Hypnobirthing) and was great at coaching us through the various techniques we learned in our Hypnobirthing class. She also provided us with additional techniques that we had not learned, which we found to be very helpful.
Janet has a calming presence which was very comforting and reduced our stress levels throughout labor and birth. At times, I became overwhelmed and lost focus on the birthing methods we wanted to use and she helped remind me of my goals and assisted me to regain my focus. My husband wanted to be as involved as possible. Janet was great at coaching him and making suggestions to ensure he had the tools he needed to help me through this process. Our postpartum visit was great and it was very beneficial to review everything we experienced and get some additional advice from her as new parents. We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Janet and would recommend her to anyone!

Jennifer McClellan


Janet has been an asset to our family since the birth of our third son. She has been nothing but supportive of both my needs postpartum, as well as the needs of our new baby and of our family as a whole. Janet is such a warm, caring person and makes us feel so at ease, that it feels like she’s another member of our family. When she comes over she gets right to work and helps us prioritize our needs. Within hours, our laundry is done, dishes cleaned, house tidied, and dinner is on the table before she leaves for the evening. In addition, she’s been incredibly supportive helping me with nursing issues, quieting a colicky baby, and entertaining my other two children while I rest. She’s even made grocery trips for us! We are so grateful for her service; we could not have gotten through this hectic time without her! 

Hannah Rivera


If your thinking about getting a doula, ask yourself, how important is the birth of your baby to you? To me, it was incredibly important. And I knew I wanted to be informed and have the best birth and start to my first childs life I possibly could. 

Janet was a miracle. If Janet wasn’t my doula I would have had a unnecessary c-section - which was convenient for my old obgyn. Thanks to Janet, I was informed enough to know I needed a new Dr! Once Janet was hired, I knew I was in the right hands! I was determined to have a natural, unmedicated birth. Things changed quickly when I went past my due date and my OB was pressuring induction early on. Janet taught me how to be informed, what to ask and how to ask it. I am a pretty assertive person but believe me, you need someone to help you advocate in a time like this! She stood by my side every step of the way. It was not easy feeling the pressure of being induced and I pushed back until I was ready to be induced! As I said, my birth plan changed but I was still able to have the most natural, vaginal birth as I could with being induced! She was right by my side with every move in the hospital and I turned to her for guidence the entire way. I will always be thankful and know that she was worth every penny because I know that if it wasn’t for her I would have had a different outcome. I am over the moon with my birth experience, it was amazing and I am 1 week postpardum and feel awesome! 

Thank you Janet, I am forever grateful! 



We are so lucky to have found Janet to help our new family! Janet has been an excellent postpartum support for us. She has cooked, cleaned, and even walked our dog. She provided a warm caring ear when I needed it, and sweetly taught me how to bathe my baby and helped with breastfeeding. 

Jessica and Alex


Janet was incredible. I had a very hard labor (38 hours!) and she was actually the supporting doula for our original dould who had a family emergency a day before I went into labor. She was extremely flexible and available for us. She was able to guide and help me through the beginning stages and came with us to the hospital. She had a calming and supportive precense, which for new parents, was crucial to our experience. She stayed with us the entire time! We are so thankful that she was there for us and could not have done it without her. Would recommend her 100%!

laura marchetti


Janet is a wonderful doula! She's responsive, knowledgeable, and most importantly she makes you feel as comfortable as you need to feel during the process. She's a wealth of information, but she doesnt burden with extra clutter unless it's useful.

She was an invaluable support for both me and my husband.

I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Agustina Lopez Novillo


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Janet is one of the most caring and thoughtful people I have ever met. During my prengancy she went above and beyond to make my husband an I comfortable and confident that everything would be ok, even though we were both nervous and a little anxoius. Janet is very knowlegeable and provided us with all the information we needed. Janet met with us several times before the delivery, she came to our home, and the day of the delivery she was there to support as even before I was admnitted for labor. Thanks to Janet I had the devlivery I had wished for. Janet was at my side the entire time I was in labor and even stayed after the baby was born. I would definitely recommend Janet as a doula. My husband and I are eternally gratefull to you.


Erika Kirschner


I cannot even begin to explain how having a doula enhanced my birth experience. Janet was not only knowledgeable, but kind as well. She was able to keep us informed throughout the entire 35 (!) hours with several surprises thrown in throughout. As a first time mom, it was absolutely essential to have her by our side.  I could not say enough wonderful things about her!! Highly recommend!!

Elyssa Szoke


Let me first just say I could not have given birth without my doula, Janet! She kept me (and my husband) calm during my 24 hour labor. She was there all day and night by my side helping with pain managment, and overall encouragement, calming and helpful during the delivery of my baby. She was there during all my contractions, both pre and post epidural, trying different positions, walking with me, massage, getting me (and feeding me) ice chips, and ice packs when i had a fever, etc. She went above and beyond for me and my family during my labor and delivery. She also met with me and my husband prior to birth to go over birth plan and help me go over all my options in preparation for that day. Additionally she came over post-partum to go over how everything went and to see how I was doing. Labor/delivery was tough, but Janet really got me and my husband through it. I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend using her, she's the best!

Sara Heydt Pyne


We loved working with Janet. She was wonderful. Very helpful, attentive and knowledgeable. A real pro!

Once my contractions started, Janet was with us from the very beginning and coached me every step of the way - met us at our apartment, traveled to the hospital with us and spent 36 hours with us in the hospital throughout the labor. She was a calming / soothing force that really helped me get to the finish line! She guided me with good breathing techniques, had different tools she used to help calm me / keep me focused and was just by my side the entire time, doing everything she could to help me successfully manage.

I cannot say enough how grateful we are to Janet. Highly recommend her!

Sarah Marie


Janet was my post-partum doula in 2012, subsequent to the birth of my daughter. This was my first experience with a doula, and Janet made me a life-long believer.

I was especially appreciative of her services as my daughter's birth was (physically) traumatic- I had a uterine rupture and ended up needing a partial hysterectomy. In addition to my physical fragility, I was emotionally stressed due to my previous pregnancy ending in a full-term loss. Janet's innate understanding of my hesitation in being separated from my daughter for even a second, and her willingness to adapt to my peculiar situation (of course within the bounds of her professional calling), made our experience with her an immensely positive one.

I would recommend working with Janet to anyone I knew who was expecting a child, with no hesitation. I am so grateful for her support, and her companionship which made my post-partum recovery so much easier.

Jessica Yablow


Janet was the most amazing and inspirational person during my labor. I wanted to try a vbac and although my obgyns weren't very keen to it, they soon too realized how Janet was going to help me make this a successful vbac. Her knowledge, calm demeanor, helpfulness and overall skills were unparallel and resulted in a healthy vbac childbirth with my son. I cannot speak high enough about Janet and hope other women utilize her services. She was there for me before, during and after (coming to my house before and after to check on the baby and me). If shes available, mom's to be, hire this wonderful woman!!!

Laurie Sandler


I am a very strong independent woman and I chose, due to my age, to have my daughter on my own. My beautiful daughter is now 10 months old and I still am in contact with Janet. She is such a caring person and I loved having her as my doula.
I think the birth of a child is very intimate and at the time I felt that I had done all of the challenging steps to bring my baby into this world on my own, that I didn't need or want to have anyone else in the delivery room with me. When I met Janet, I just knew she was what I needed! She spent time going over my birth plan and asked me questions that I never even thought to consider. She was prepared and therefore, made me prepared for an experience you can never fully prepare for. I also really liked how Janet was flexible with her role. I knew I wanted her to only assist me in the hospital and she was open to whatever I wanted and needed. She was such a calming and nurturing soul during the many hours of labor. She supported and guided me through decisions that had to be made. She also communicated with my family about what was occurring to alleviate that stressor on me. She even asked to take pictures of my newly born daughter and me which I still look at often and cry happy tears. She was there for such an amazing miracle and I'll be forever grateful!

Meredith Benz


Janet came recommended by my OBGYN and my husband and I couldn't have been more pleased with our experience working with Janet.

Janet immediately put us at ease in that she was honestly interested in knowing what we wanted our birth experience to be and aimed to help facilitate our wishes, while simultaneously providing us with tons of useful information and suggestions.

During the birth, Janet was extremely attentive and helped me stay focused and work through the contractions. She used many of her techniques that we had practiced at our second meeting such as the birthing ball, breathing strategies, aromatherapy, massages, etc. At times, when I was feeling overwhelmed, she was able to be a calming presence and to help remind me of some of the things that were on my birth plan, which was fantastic.

Our postpartum visit was perfectly timed -- it was enough time for us to get settled with our new baby so that by the time we met she was able to answer many of our questions. Janet was able to help me with my feelings of anxiety about all of the changes and made me feel even more supported with her resources and professional connections.

I really believe she made labor an experience I can look back on favorably and I would highly recommend her.

Jaleene Rodriguez


Janet was my doula on July 1st. Which was also the day I met her. Our meeting was magical, we instantly clicked. Janet is sweet, kind, caring, and knowledgeable. I was in labor with my 2nd baby attempting a VBAC at home. Honestly Janet helped us so much, and supported my husband and I through our journey. We had a successful VBAC, I highly recommend Janet, best doula!

Joselyn Gacia


I would definitely recommend Janet. She is amazing. She gave me a great birth experience. I don't think I could have done it without her.

Cordelia Gomez


Working with Janet was indeed a joy and a blessing. She was both my birth and postpartum doula. Janet was so warm, caring,  and intuitive. She truly was concerned about me, not just as her client, but as a whole person; as a mother, wife and friend. I gave birth in the middle of the major snow storm of 2014. Our birth plan took on a life of its own, as the roads were closed and we could not travel or reach my midwife on the phone. Janet trudged through the snow, rode with me in the ambulance and made sure the doctors and nurses were aware of wishes, making my delivery as comfortable as possible. She had my bag, my medical records and snacks already prepared. It was a fast birth, about 2 hours, but I would not have been able to cope with such sudden and drastic changes had Janet not been there as a support and voice for my son and I.

As a postpartum doula, Janet was amazing! Having a newborn with 3 toddlers was no small feat! Janet was there for me, helping me rest so I can heal. Whatever I needed, there was never a question of whether it would be done. She offered suggestions about adjusting to this new life, many times just jumping in and doing what she saw was necessary to help our days go smoother during those delicate first few weeks. Her check ins, phone calls and texts let me know that she genuinely cared. Janet truly embodies the definition of a doula with her support, assistance, gentle guidance and listening ear. I will forever be grateful for the experience and having Janet as a part of my birth experience.

Del Kroemer


I had the pleasure of having Janet as my first doula for my first natural birth experience. Although it was my 4th birth, I had never birthed without medication and outside of a hospital, but my dream was a birth center water birth (and it came true!). I knew I needed support and encouragement from a mother figure. I felt a connection with Janet immediately. She was resourceful and knowledgeable, providing me with information to better prepare for birth and breastfeeding and general decision making (she was also very support of my decisions and empowered me); she was someone to share my heart with (all of the excitements and concerns that come with pregnancy and the postpartum stage/mothering newborns) and she was genuinely caring, encouraging and very attentive. Her presence alone calmed me during labor and she was supportive not only of myself, but of my husband, empowering him to be a useful birth partner, sharing comfort techniques with him and making sure we were both okay. She always communicated with me to be sure what she was doing was helpful to me, her words of encouragement during contractions were welcome, her voice soothed me! When we got pregnant again we knew we wanted her by our side for this birth also. Our eldest daughter (9) attended the birth and Janet was a great support to her too! She made it another wonderful memory for us and a good experience with childbirth for our daughter. She kept her company while I labored intimately with my husband by my side and kept her informed as to what was occurring at the different stages of labor. Janet did such an awesome job making sure we were all taken care of during that time! My family has received so much love and support during and after our pregnancies/births from her and we know she would provide that same attention, love, care and knowledge to anyone who invites her to come alongside them during such a special season of life. We truly treasure her and you will too!

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