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Melissa M. Imperato

Phone: (914) 830-0601

Birth Fee: $1000

Fee Details: My fee includes a prenatal visit. Where we will discuss your birth plans and any other questions you may have. From that point on I will be "on call" for you. Either for questions, concerns or when you go into labor. After the birth the fee includes a post natal visit. At this time reflect on the birth, help with nursing and exchange any pictures I may have taken at the birth, if wanted. I have found in the past that dividing the fee into two payments has been a good option for families. Its done 50% prenatal and 50% post natal. tolls/parking and aromatherapy package not included in the $950 fee above

Birth Doula Experience: 13 years and 75 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Childbirth Education Certifications

  • dona trained and certified 2008

Breastfeeding Certifications

  • Certified Breastfeeding Specialist (Lactation Education Resources)
  • Doña lactation managment course obtained 9/1/09

Other Relevant Certifications

  • Licensed Esthetician, Adult/Pediatric CPR/First Aid and AED Certified

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Single parents
  • Teens
  • Twins
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth
  • Women and Families of Color

Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Belly casting
  • Birth Pool rental
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Satellite Doula (For remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Languages spoken: English

Client Testimonials for Melissa M. Imperato

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Hiring Melissa as our birth doula was the best decision we could have made! After my first conversation with her, I knew she was going to be a good fit to offer support (for both me and my husband!) during the birth of our first child. Melissa was in touch with me after every doctors appointment and provided knowledgable advice and support, especially in the days leading up to me going into labor when I was feeling antsy and impatient. 
When I was laboring at home for as long as I could, Melissa never pushed for me to go to the hospital before I was ready and was in constant contact with me even in the early morning hours before meeting us at the hospital just minutes after we arrived. With Melissa’s support in the delivery room, I was able to have the drug-free delivery I had planned for. She was there offering words of encouragement and hands-on pain relief tactics during my 9 hours of labor, and she offered a level of support and comfort for my husband that was truly priceless. She took amazing photos of our daughter’s birth that I will cherish forever and even cut the umbilical cord! She stayed for the perfect amount of time afterwards and was checking in with us the first week at home before coming to visit for a postpartum visit where we joyfully recapped our experience. 
On top of it all, Melissa’s sense of humor, light heartedness and sunny disposition was always appreciated and gave us a sense of calm we otherwise wouldn’t have had during the birth of our daughter. I would recommend Melissa to anyone!

Posted 10/8/2019

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After our first conversation over the phone, my husband and I knew right away Melissa was the right doula for me and us. Melissa is educated and knowledgeable but treats you like a friend. She was very understanding and accommodating to our unique situation where we weren’t sure if my husband would make it to the birth of our son. Melissa was also very accepting of my birth preferences and didn’t make me feel judged or put pressure on me to change what I wanted.

Melissa checked in with my weekly and before and after my doctor appointments. She was also available to answer any questions and there if I needed to express any concerns.

At 3 weeks early, my son was born via c section to keep him safe and healthy. It was a quick decision by the doctor and Melissa showed up immediately. It was like she tele-transported herself to the hospital. Before Melissa arrived at the hospital, we were in constant communication. Melissa stayed calm and was attentive as I was prepped for the csection. She waited during the csection and then was with us in the recovery room helping with skin to skin and breastfeeding.

In the days after, Melissa checked in to see how we were doing and came to visit. Again, it felt like I had a close friend who really cared and was concerned for our wellbeing.

I highly recommend Melissa! She put my husband and I at ease knowing she would be there regardless if my husband was there or not. Melissa is friendly, calm, kind, and compassionate!

Posted 10/8/2019

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Liz Mulhall Collier

Melissa is an excellent doula! She helped make my birth experience everything I wanted it to be. Her personality and approach to her work matched what I was looking for in a doula. This was my second birth, so I had leftover feelings and fears from my first birth. Melissa stayed in touch throughout my pregnancy and was my cheerleader to help me work through my fears. 

Melissa stayed in close touch throughout my early labor, and she met me and my husband at the hospital, which was what ended up working out the best for me. Before we even got to the maternity floor, she was a rockstar, encouraging positive thoughts when we met and helping me in the bathroom. She had practical ideas that made my labor experience easier and made me more comfortable. She was my advocate and made sure that I was getting what I needed. Melissa was always there for me when I needed her, whether it was hanging back to let my husband be my main support, or taking over when my husband needed a break. I was so "in the zone" during labor that I didn't know she was taking photos, something I'd asked her ahead of time to do. As I delivered my baby, she was holding my hand, by my side encouraging me by anticipating what I needed to hear. 

After my baby was born, Melissa stayed in the delivery room and left when I was comfortable. She stayed in close touch while I was in the hospital and when I went home. I highly recommend Melissa as a doula! Tell her what you're looking for and what your goals are for your birth experience, and she'll do everything she can to help you achieve it! 

Posted 1/8/2018

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Hannah Scholl

I really enjoyed working with Melissa. From my first encounter with her I felt very comfortable and at ease. I knew that she would be a calm and levelheaded presence during my L&D. I wanted to have a natural birth but also felt a lot of fear and anxiety about the birth process, and just the thought of having her with me helped me relax.

I was induced because my water had broken but I wasn't experiencing regular or painful contractions many hours later.  I contacted Melissa when I started feeling enough pain that I was questioning whether I could continue without an epidural.

Melissa was a calming and steady presence throughout my labor, but she primarily helped me in these three ways. 

I was having a really difficult time with the fact that I didn't have freedom of movement because I had to be hooked up to the pitocin, and I was exhausting myself by jumping off the bed and flailing around to alleviate the pain whenever I felt contractions. When Melissa came she helped me find a position on the bed that I could tolerate pain-wise and that also helped me conserve my energy, which made a huge difference.

Later, when I was experiencing intense contraction pains, I asked the doctor  about my pain management options. Melissa encouraged me to try laughing gas before choosing an epidural. Ultimately I was able to make it through with the laughing gas and was really glad that she convinced me to opt for that first.

Last, when I was trying to push but was getting frustrated with my lack of progress Melissa patiently explained to me how to do it, and through repeated instructions and encouragement helped me persist until I got it.

Throughout my stay Melissa advocated on my behalf and  supported my decisions. She was genuinely caring and an invaluable part of my birthing experience.

Melissa even brought me hand me downs from her kids as a gift when she checked up on me postpartum! 

Posted 12/14/2017

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Rosaura Vidal

When pregnant with our 2nd child I immediately knew I wanted/needed a doula, since my first birth did not go as planned & resulted in an "emergency" C-section.This time around we really wanted to have a successful VBAC I knew that a doula was the only way to ensure that outcome.I Googled everything under the sun that was related to VBACs which lead me to a podcast 'The Birth Hour' which lead me here.I immediately began to look at countless profiles reading every review possible.I was instantly drawn to Melissa,not only was she affordable,but she had the years of experience,had done VBACs before & every single one of her reviews was amazing! I called her the next morning & after sharing with her my previous birthing experience & what I envisioned for this one,she reviewed with me her overall services etc-I was in love! Just by a phone call I loved her personality,how she spoke,how we clicked,EVERYTHING!Throughout my pregnancy Melissa was very attentive,always checked in with me before & after my appointments,every time I sent her a text she responded immediately,she would  suggest different things to ensure I stayed active, ate healthy & optimized my chances of a VBAC.Her calm demeanor & encouraging words were a must during my labor,I originally wanted to a NUVBAC however I’ve accepted that I do not do well with pain & there’s no shame in taking the EPI-Melissa passed no judgment when I gave in(thank YOU!)She rubbed me, told me how amazing I was doing(although I thought I was dying & would of taken the C-section)guided my husband on what to do & joked/chatted it up with me once the epi hit. Needless to say the pictures she took during labor are priceless & I cherish them dearly.Above all Melissa empowered me to have the best birthing experience how I wanted it,my labor was perfect!I highly recommend Melissa so much so that I sometimes debate having more children just so that I can hire her again!

Posted 8/9/2017

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Erica Albrecht

When my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our second child, we knew immediately that we wanted Melissa to be a part of our birth experience, as she was with our first. We had an amazing experience with Melissa the previous pregnancy and this time was no different. Melissa was attentive, caring and always offered words of encouragement and positivity throughout my pregnancy. My delivery was more difficult than expected and she supported me every step of the way and were it not for her, I'm not sure I would have ended up with the natural birth that I desired. She was instrumental in keeping my head in the game and reminding me of my strength. Her knowledge about pregnancy, labor, delivery and other topics such as breastfeeding seems to be never-ending and I loved having her to bounce things off of. My husband and I will be forever thankful for Melissa and her support throughout our two pregnancies. I HIGHLY recommend Melissa!!

Posted 6/9/2017

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Stacy Garofalo

Melissa is amazing!! I hired her for both my childrens births and am so thankful to have her be apart of my birth experiences. She is unbelievably knowledgeable, has a very calm demeanor, and helped me have two natural births without any interventions. She was a huge support to both me and my husband and we couldn't have had our children without her! She is affordable, caring, patient and truly amazing at what she does!  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to find a doula to help them have a natural birth experience! 

Posted 5/2/2017

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Jennifer Houde

Melissa was amazing. I'm not sure how I would've done it without her. We hired Melissa only about 4 weeks before my EDD. When searching for a doula, I not only wanted someone that was caring, experienced and qualified but I was also looking for a good sense of humor, someone that could make me laugh when things were getting serious. During our first phone call I knew Melissa fit the bill perfectly. She felt more like a knowledgable friend than someone I had just hired. She met with us before the delivered to make sure we were prepared, helped us pack our hospital bag, then checked in with me after every doctors appointment. Once the time came and I started contractions it was so helpful to have someone to tell me when was the best time to head to the hospital. She even picked us up from our apartment and drove us there. She was such a huge help before during and after the labor. I was so incredibly grateful to have her there. Still to this day she continous to check in with us and provide advice for breastfeeding etc. We will definitely hire her again for our next baby.

Posted 11/17/2016

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Caroline Wexler

I found Melissa online and after reading 19 amazing reviews of her, I knew I had to meet her ASAP. When we met Melissa we knew she'd be the perfect match for us; she was exactly what we wanted in a doula. Someone not only to be our birthing advocate and support but also someone who is personable, knowledgable, reasuring, determined, motivating and most of all hilarious (I knew I'd be nervous the entire time and she was perfect at keeping my mind off the pain and making me laugh). Even though we found Melissa when I was well into my 3rd trimester, we got to know each other well extremely fast. She texted almost every day asking how I was feeling, reminding me to drink lots of water, and always asked how my doctor appointments went. We were in constant contact up to the moment I was in labor. Although she lived far from me, she made two trips into the city to meet with me. Once I was in labor and at the hopsital, her and my husband were in constant communication until she showed up. During my labor Melissa was the perfect mix of advocate and support; she wasn't too pushy, never took charge, but was always there to step in and help when necessary. I am confident that I most likely would have had a C-section if I did not have Melissa by my side motivating me and not letting me give up. Not only did she stay for the entire birth (which included 3.5 hours of pushing) and for a while after my baby was born to help him latch, she also took over 35 pictures of my baby being delivered as well as other personal moments of my husband and I meeting our son for the first time that we will able to cherish forever. Our relationship didn't end once my son was delivered. Melissa came to visit a few weeks after he was born, helped with breastfeeding again and even brought him a gift. My son is now 6 months old and I still consider Melissa a big part of his life. I am so glad we chose to hire Melissa as our doula and could not recommend her more.

Posted 7/13/2016

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Angela Isaac

Melissa is an amazing doula! I wanted a natural, unmedicated birth, and she was totally supportive and encouraging throughout the whole pregnancy and delivery. She gave my husband and I the best advice before, during, and after my baby was born. She checked in with me during every doctor’s appointment, giving helpful advice throughout, and she also came over to my house to help me write out my birth plan. She answered all my questions, and made me feel so comfortable and confident, all things I didn’t get from my doctor. When it came down to my 72 hours of labor, she was the steady-headed person we needed to keep focused, calm, and positive. She helped me through my contractions, she teamed up with my husband and they gave each other breaks massaging, reminding me to breath deeply, suggesting different positions, exercises, giving me ice chips, and she even went to the store to buy me things that I needed at a moment’s notice.

She was so helpful when medical interventions were suggested at the hospital — she told us the pros and cons, and even helped to negotiate with the doctor to give me more time to have my baby naturally. She knew the hospital well, and she asked the nurses for things I didn’t know were available to me. She kept a cheerful atmosphere in the room and amongst the staff despite everyone’s lack of sleep, and my long, strenuous labor. She helped me and my husband so much, I couldn’t be more thankful! She was essential in helping me have the birth that I wanted, and it was amazing. I highly recommend Melissa! She's worth every penny and more.

Posted 10/6/2015

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Erica Albrecht

I am so very grateful that I found Melissa and had her with me throughout my birth experience.  She was a joy to work with; always available via phone, text or email to answer any questions and provide support.  If she didn't hear from me for a period of time, she would reach out with a quick email to see if I needed her assistance in any way.  One of the things I appreciated the most about Melissa was her amazingly positive attitude.  I knew for quite a while that I wanted a natural birth and she helped give me the confidence to believe in myself and my body's ability to achieve that goal.  Her support and devotion to her job was unwavering and gave me a wonderful sense of security.  She has a vast knowledge of pain management techniques which certainly came in handing during labor.  My husband also loved having her there as she was able to perfectly walk the line between being by my side but also respecting the fact that my husband wanted to be involved as well.  Her style of work was absolute perfection.  She even took some amazing pictures of my son's birth; ones that my husband and I will treasure forever.  I highly recommend Melissa to any and all doula-seekers!

Posted 6/28/2015

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Leslie Kumar Posmentier

I highly reccomend Melissa Imperato as a doula. We hired Melissa during my third trimester and she was right along side with me throughout the rest of my pregnancy and during the beautiful birth of our baby girl, Avery (born March 5th in Stamford, CT).

I wanted a natural birth and that's what I got. Everything went according to my birth plan, and I don't think I could have done it without the guidance and support of Melissa. She was wonderful to work with, has a great personality and really knows her stuff! My husband was incredibly greatful to have her our "team" as well. The two of them worked side-by-side to provide me with the encouragment and comfort I needed to birth naturally. 

If you're looking to hire a doula, do not for one second think twice about hiring Melissa to help you through the most important day of your life. 

-Leslie Kumar Posmentier

Posted 3/18/2015

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Amy Gershater

My husband and I are so happy that we chose Melissa to join our our team for the birth of our second baby. Melissa is incredibly personable, laid back yet very professional and organized, and was very supportive of helping me to give birth in a way that would be best for me and baby, not in the way that she thought I should give birth (though she does have plenty of good suggestions as well); this was a quality that was very important to me in a doula.  After we chose to work with Melissa, she was very involved in checking in on me; she wrote down my appointments and would email me to see how they went and whether there had been any new developments.  She also helped me with my birth plan and gave me some really great pointers as to how to format it and what to include.  She was incredibly helpful and supportive during labor and birth (holding my hand, making sure I drank enough, massaging by back, etc.), yet was also very careful to make sure that my husband felt involved.  She took pictures after my son was born (she will take during the birth as well if you want) and stayed with me for about an hour after the birth to make sure that I was able to breastfeed my son.  She also followed up with a visit post-partum and continues to check in with me to see how I'm doing (I had my baby almost three weeks ago).  My husband and I were able to have a meaningful birth experience and it was definitely thanks in large part to Melissa's involvement.  I will definitely recommend her to any friends and would love to have her present at future births as well assuming that we are still in the area. 

Posted 3/8/2015

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Nikita Desai

I had retained Melissa Imperato to be my doula to assist my husband and I with our goals to experience a natural, and unmedicated childbirth for our first child. We would never have been able to acheive this goal without having Melissa as our Doula. She was just amazing. From the first day that we met her, we felt so comfortable with her. She has a very easy going, friendly and fun attitude. Before the birth, she would text me with positive reinforcements, to check on me after my doctors visits and to help me think and talk through any hurdles I was expereincing at the time.  She was really another coach for me prior to my pregnancy.  At the first sign that i was going to go into labor, she was the one I texted at midnight, she wrote back right away. She texted with me to help me track my contractions all night that night and check on me.  She drove to our house at midnight the following day and helped me labor at home with my husband all night. If it wasn't for her, I probably would have gone to the hospital too early.  At the hospital, she would help me focus as the contractions were getting stronger and she would rub and massage my lower back. It was her positive messages and my husband's encouragement that allowed me to have a beautiful delivery and helped me to the very end..holding my beautiful baby boy.  She was there to take amazing photos of my son being born and also capture the moment my husband cut the cord.  She gave me lots of post-partum support by checking in on me and then visiting our home after the birth. I never imagined how important it would be have this kind of support and we are so glad we hired Melissa. Melissa was amazing and we would highly recommend her for anyone seeking support during childbirth and labor.  I plan to use her again if we're blessed with another chance to give birth. Hire her! You will not regret it!



Posted 10/22/2014

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Stacy Garofalo

Being pregnant for the first time, and wanting a natural birth, I immediately knew I needed the assistance of a Doula. Melissa was referred to me by an acquaintance, and upon meeting her I immediately knew we were a great fit. She was calm, supportive and extremely knowledgeable about all things pregnancy & birth related. Melissa helped me achieve the most wonderful birth imaginable (vaginal delivery, with no interventions), and was fully dedicated to me throughout my entire pregnancy. Hiring her was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I could never have made it through labor without her support (and massages!)

Melissa is a talented Doula that I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone seeking a natural birth. The support you will receive from her is invaluable and worth every penny! I know we will definitely be using her again in the future!

Posted 7/1/2014

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Tonia Passwater

Melissa was my doula for the home birth of my first child in early November.  I met her during the summer and immediately knew she was the perfect person to help me and my husband through this process.  From the day of our first meeting, Melissa was in constant contact with me, keeping track of my midwife appointments and calling or texting me to ask if I had any questions.  When I did, she was quick to answer.  Her warm, caring personality made it easy to come to her for advice and her knowledge about the pregnancy and birth processes was indispensable during the months I was lucky enough to know her.  When I thought my labor was beginning, Melissa was the first person I called.  Her excitement when she realized that my son would be coming that day was genuine.  Even before she arrived at our apartment, she had a huge impact on my labor.  Over the phone, she listened to my contractions and how I was dealing with them and she was able to offer advice that instantly improved my ability to handle the discomfort I was experiencing.  When she made it to our apartment soon after that phone call, her calm energy made both me and my husband feel safe and supported.  She always seemed to know exactly what I needed from her.  Many times during the day I felt like I couldn't possibly continue.  Melissa seemed to know when I was having a particularly tough moment and she was always right there with the exact right words of reassurance or sometimes even just eye contact at the right moment.  I don't think I could have made it through the day without her.  She's been great post-partum too - still easy to reach when I have questions about how to handle our newest family member.  I am so glad that I found Melissa and that she was part of my home birth.  I couldn't have asked for a better doula!  I'm looking forward to staying in touch with her and having her at my son's birthday parties!

Posted 12/19/2013

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Jaimee Samson

As a person fairly new to the NY area, I didn't have the luxury of getting doula recommendations from friends. This meant my husband and I were scouring the internet, which can be a very scary prospect.  Melissa set us at ease after our first meeting.   From the moment we met her, we could tell that she was sincerely concerned with us having the best birth experience possible. We were looking for someone to assist us in having a VBAC (which we did!!!). Throughout the whole process, she was completely supportive and was willing to learn about our family and cultural needs.  She was able to help us develop our birth plan, and prepared us for the unexpected.  She is passionate, caring, and knowledgeable.  She was a sensitive ear who was completely positive and reassuring when complications arose in our third trimester.  Overall, I don't think there could be a better Doula out there.  She has truly found her calling and is a selfless individual.  You would be very lucky to have her on your birthing team.     

Posted 12/2/2013

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Denice Szekely

Simply put, Melissa is incredible!  She responded to my first email inquiry about her services within an hour, which was my first hint that she was the one for me.  When we spoke on the phone for the first time it became clear that she and I were on the same page regarding my son's birth. While it took some convincing to get my husband comfortable with the idea of having a "stranger" in the delivery room with us, Melissa quickly won him over during their first meeting.  She has a wonderful sense of humor and is so down to earth, which made all of us feel at ease.  

Throughout my pregnancy, from the time I hired Melissa in March through my delivery at almost 39 weeks at the end of July, she checked in with me frequently.  She always kept track of my doctor's appointments and would text me the morning of each appointment to see how it went.  As we neared my due date she texted me at least daily to see how I was doing.  

I contacted Melissa as soon as I began feeling what I thought were contractions (they were!) and we were in regular contact from then on. When the contractions formed a pattern and got closer together, she came to the house and we walked around the neighborhood to try to get things moving.  When our walk didn't speed up the contractions by 10pm Melissa went home and suggested we all get some sleep.  My water broke in the middle of the night and Melissa was back within 15 minutes of my calling her.  

From the moment she walked through the door that night to the moment she left our new family in the delivery room, Melissa's presence, skills, energy and love were invaluable.  Not to mention what her massages did for my back labor!  I could not imagine having had a better birth experience.  My son arrived naturally in a room full of love, joy, and happy tears, due in large part to Melissa.  I would recommend her without hesitation! 

Posted 9/13/2013

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Julie S.

I am very happy that we found Melissa as our Doula. I successfully made it through almost 19 hours of labor with no drugs. From the time my water broke to about an hour after delivery, Melissa was by our side. Melissa is extremely responsive, friendly and fully participated throughout the entire process. She helped coach us through and was very knowledgeable. She took the most amazing pictures during that we otherwise wouldn’t have captured. I would definitely recommend Melissa and I will absolutely use her again for a future birth.

Posted 7/14/2013

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Cinthia Smith

Melissa was instrumental in the success of my VBAC delivery. After hearing such great things from one of her clients who was an HBAC, I knew I had to request her services. Once we spoke I realized we had made the right choice. She checked in with me to see if I needed anything or had any questions and made sure I was doing everything I needed to do in order to increase my chances of a natural smooth delivery. Once the day finally came, she stayed with me the whole time. We walked up and down hills together, climbed stairs, ate pizza, you name it we did it! She was so full of energy, so positive and honest; she kept me motivated and reassured me constantly even when I felt like the labor was slowing down. her energy and vibe helped us move along and see the finish line. She was right there with me when those horrible contractions kicked in and was breathing right along with me and giving me the encouragement I needed to hang on. She helped my husband help me by teaching him ways to make me feel more comfortable. When it was time to push, she was right there holding my leg up with me telling me what to do. I really don't know if I could have remembered what to do without her being there or if I wouldn't have panicked with all the pain I felt. She was really an amazing guide who was able to help me stay focused in the worst moments. I owe this incredible experience partly to her because she made me feel like I could do anything! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone I know and I am sure that if you choose her you would not be disappointed. She brings too much to the table. Thank you Melissa for empowering me and helping me have this experience. We love you!


Posted 4/22/2013

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Andrea On

 I felt like I bonded with Melissa right away when we met in person.  Then I called a few of her previous clients and was sold from all the glowing reviews.  She's so passionate about being a doula and really pumps you up for it, too.  So much of having a natural childbirth stems from your own self belief and she is the best cheerleader. She is respectful of your wishes and needs. Very attentive and always checks up on you.  You feel like her top priority and she is always contactable. She was over to my home, in the middle of the night, super quick and we headed to the hospital.  Her massage skills saved me during my labor - cannot emphasize that enough! She knew how to involve my husband and keep him included, as well, even though I vastly preferred her massage skills.  She'll make sure you stay hydrated, moving, and motivated! I just can't say enough nice things about her. She's a wonderful person and friend.  I could have not asked for a better birth experience for my second child with her help!

Posted 1/3/2013

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Melissa was great and I appreciate her support. She helped me with my birth plan and vision. I could reach her anytime for questions and guidance. I had a very long labor, she was with my husband and i for the whole duration over 36 hours. I appreciate her calm presence. Mellissa was a great support and we are so glad she was there for us she truly is an asset. I highly recommend her.

Posted 11/25/2012

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Gina DellaDonne

 I don't know what I would have done without Melissa! I hired her very early on in my pregnancy and she was always there to answer every question I had, which was about a million. She was always checking up on me and keeping up with all my appointments and really just being supportive the entire nine months. When it came to the birth of my son we had a very interesting experience! I had a very rapid labor and she coached me through each contraction. She was firm when I needed her to be; I'm not sure I would have left my bathroom floor if she hadn't made me! But she also kept me comfortable and was ready for anything whether I had decided to take a walk or a nap, whatever it may be. On our way to the birth center I had trouble getting into th car, at which point my baby was born onto the front seat! I immediately thought he was going to die but Melissa was cool in a crisis, called 911, helped my husband pull th baby up and kept everything under control. I honesty don't know what we would have done if she hadn't been there and I would hire her again in a heartbeat. She was also a great option for me because my husband works far from home so she was able to labor with me so I wouldn't have to be alone. Not knowing what to expect, this was definitely a comfort. 

Posted 11/13/2012

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Rob Bonfiglio

After agreeing having a doula for my wife's first child birth was a great idea the task of meeting and hiring the right one seemed as though it would be daunting. Melissa came highly recomended by a friend who had given birth recently. When we had our meet and greet with her my wife Amanda and I immidiately felt as ease. She is a very warm and welcoming woman and this was the impression before we even started talking to her. After a cup of coffee and a lot of information, a connection was made and we knew Melissa was our new doula! During Amanda's pregnancy she turned to Melissa for questions and concerns. To me the most wonderful part of that was it all felt as though it were on a friendly level more then a clinical level. If Amanda had a concern late at night that I couldn't help with, Melissa was just a phone call or text away and we never felt like we were putting her out. Speaking for myself Melissa was a savior when my Amanda knew she was in labor. The moment she told me, "I'm in labor," every bit of information I learned or game plans formed went out the window and my mind went blank. Thankfully Melissa was a phone call away. She quickly made her way to us and as soon as she arrived made everything much easier with her expertise. From our home to the hospital she was behind us every step of the way. She was an amazing source of information, and support both mentally and physically for Amanda. She was at Amanda's side for every contraction for over 20 hours. For me personally Melissa was a great help as well throughout the whole labor process. By no means did she tell me to sit in the corner and watch. When I needed intruction she gave it, and she also let me do my duty as a husband and 'about to be' father. After Amanda gave birth we were blessed with a healthy baby boy we named MJ, and a new friend Melissa. We would both recomend her over and over again. 

Posted 10/22/2012

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I can never thank Melissa enough for what she did for us …. Since the beginning of my pregnancy I knew that I wanted to stay away from the drugs and willing to do whatever it takes to have a natural labor and delivery. I just needed someone to support me and have the knowledge and experience in this field. I am so glad that I found Melissa online and the minute I and my husband met her we knew she was the one. After meeting her, I was relieved of stress and anxiety because I knew Melissa was going to be there for me at one call. She called me after my Dr Appts and texted me almost every day when I became full term to see how things were going? The night I went into labor Melissa drove at 2:30 at night to our house and was with me every second until I delivered my baby. She rubbed my back at every contraction, taught me how to take the labor pain by humming not screaming. She even guided my husband throughout the labor how to comfort me during contractions. She was holding my hands and rubbing my back in the car when we were on our way to the hospital. Even in the delivery room she was right by my side making sure I was drinking enough water at every contraction. I remember that I was so tired because of not having any sleep and killing labor of 18 hrs that I started to give up. At one point, my dr wanted to give me pitocin but Thank God Melissa was there to remind me what I wanted. I delivered naturally without drugs and I wouldn’t be able to do that without Melissa. She even cried with me when my baby was here. She was Godsend to us and is now a family to me. She visited us after the delivery and guided me through breastfeeding too. If you are looking for a Doula She is the one. Go for her without having a second thought, you will thank yourself for making her a part of your birth experience…..

Posted 5/22/2012

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What can I say about Melissa.... She was a godsend to my husband and I during our HBAC. I began my journey to a HBAC with the only stipulation that I was only going to the hospital if it was a dire emergency. We conducted lots of interviews of midwives and doulas and were blessed enough to have a wonderful team surrounding us for the birth of our son. Melissa is a firm believer in a woman's ability to birth, she has a wonderful energy and for those reasons we chose to add her to our team. During my birth Melissa kept me focused and using different techniques to help me manage the pain, she stayed by my side the entire night, and her presence allowed my husband to take the break he needed. When the big moment came Melissa took pictures, and once he was born, she stayed until we were all settled. I can honestly say that I could not have had the birth of my dreams without Melissa on our team, her presence was invaluable to my birth experience. I would 100% recommend her to anyone, and would be willing to talk to anyone about her presence at our birth.

Posted 9/9/2011

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Alyssa Perez

From the very first phone conversation with Melissa I knew that she was the perfect one for me. I felt comfortable with her from the beginning, she made me laugh and we really became friends. We fit each other perfectly. I have had two previous c-sections and was determined on having a natural vaginal delivery and Melissa was going to be the one to get me through it. She emailed and text me constantly to check on me, she remembered every appointment and called me if I didn’t call her for an update. My husband was hesitant in meeting her because he really didn’t know the meaning of a doula, after meeting her for the first time I think we were both in love. She is honest, open and very supporting. She even joined me to a monthly ICAN (International Cesarean Awarenedd Network) meeting so that she would be more informed on how important a vaginal delivery was to me. When labor time came, she met me at home and helped me get my other two children dropped off and got us to the hospital. Never once did she let my water bottle get empty, never once did she let me get to the next contraction without drinking some water, and never once did I go through a contraction without her rubbing my back, which I think is what got me through labor without any pains meds. When my husband arrived and wanted to help she showed him how I wanted to be rubbed and helped him help me. She made him a part of the birth! I had told her from day one that I wanted no pain meds and no matter what not to let me have them. No matter how many times I asked she kept reminding me that it wasn’t what I wanted and that I was doing great. I went on to have an unmedicated vaginal delivery after two previous sections. She helped make my wish come true and for that she will always have a piece of my heart and a place in my life. I can say that I grew to love this woman, she is family to me and always will be.

Posted 6/1/2011

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Erika Parys

This was my 2nd birth and first with Melissa. Up until the birth Melissa called me on a regular, consistent basis to see if I needed her or if she could help me in any way. I knew that with the drop of a dime she would be there for me. As I was on my way to the hospital, one phone call to Melissa and she was in the car and on her way over. I have to say compared to my first birth I was much more relaxed with Melissa by my side. My husband was there too and although he would have given me the support that I needed, there is nothing like having another woman who has gone through birthing by your side. Melissa was ready to jump in and give me whatever support I needed. When my husband wanted to be there for me she stepped back and let him have "his moment". She held my hand, brought me my cup of water and held the straw so I could drink easier, took pictures that we normally would not have been able to take on our own (we do not have any pics of our first child's birth!) and cried with us at the end when our beautiful, healthy daughter was born. She allowed me to make my own decisions, gave her expertise advice, but never passed judgment at our overall decision making. I am comforted by the fact that after the birth I can still count on her to guide me through breastfeeding obstacles, and any questions that I may have post-birth. I cant imagine things having gone any different with my experience. It was enjoyable, relaxing and for sure a positive one!

Posted 12/19/2009

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