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Dorothy Vecchio

Piedmont, SC Service range 35 miles

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

11 years

Postpartum Doula Experience

1 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, March 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 2 to 4 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Childbirth education services
  • Prenatal & postpartum fitness services
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Additional Credentials


Fee Details

My standard fee covers 3 prenatal visits, continous labor support, help establishing breastfeeding, and 1 postpartum visit. I will be available via text, phone, or email before and after birth. Every woman and every pregnancy is different; I work to be flexible to meet each woman's different needs. Contact me about a free consult.

Service Area

Piedmont, SC Service range 35 miles

Client Testimonials for Dorothy Vecchio

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Molly and Dan


Dorothy is amazing! We hired her in November 2021 for our April 2022 baby. From November until April she would check in with us, and served as an invaluable resource during the later stages of pregnancy. While in labor at the hospital Dorothy was able to coach my husband how to best support me, and provided care and attention to make sure I was most comfortable, allowing the medical staff to focus more on the baby. Following birth, my husband and I both agreed that Dorothy should be part of our birth team for any future births! I can't imagine going through the labor and delivery process without her! 

Patty Lenge


Dorothy was our angel as a doula! From the time we first met to after labor, she was sweet, caring, loving and sensitive, making sure we got to know each other and that she would listen and address any concerns my husband and I had about labor and give us recommendations. She was there by our side the entire time, helping me go through each phase of my labor, helping me move, encouraging me and supporting me every step of the way. Even after labor, she stayed with me for hours to give me the emotional support I needed. Despite the covid restrictions she made herself present through facetime in the middle of the night until we finally got my covid test results and she was able to join me in person. Dorothy, I cannot thank you enough for all you've done for us! 

christine watson


Dorothy was absolutely incredible. We met regularly to discuss my pregnancy and what to expect at birth. She educated me on subjects I had no clue about before even having had two babies prior! During labor she was attentive, calm, and reassuring. I highly recommend Dorothy! 



We had a wonderful birth experience with Dorothy's warm support and guidance! As first time parents, we were not sure how we would cope with the ebbs and flows that birth could present. We decided we would benefit from the support of a doula and reached out to Dorothy. From the first phone call, she was warm, attentive, and we felt truly cared for by her. She met with us prenatally to get to know us, to learn what we were hoping for our birth experience, and to answer any questions or doubts that we had. Dorothy always listened attentively, non-judgmentally, and checked-in to make sure she understood us correctly. She gave great suggestions on strategies we may want to consider, always providing resources for us to research further if we would like. 

When it was go-time, it was clearthat Dorothy truly enjoyed teaming up with birth partners to aid the laboring mom. She had a knack for knowing when to suggest a position or strategy to my husband, Mike, to try. When Mike was unsure of the kind of support he could provide me, she was right there to guide him. At the same time, Mike felt heard in his own suggestions for comfort measures.  I ended up laboring overnight, so she was a great teammate, taking turns with Mike to support me. As the laboring mother, Dorothy’s extensive birthing wisdom -both personal and professional- was evident. The positions or massage techniques she suggested alleviated the pressure of contractions. When she highly suggested moving into challenging movements or positions that would help labor progress, she did so in a caring manner, talking me through the unpleasant sensations. When I reached a couple of particularly intense periods and doubted myself, Dorothy listened and acknowledged me in a way that helped me to continue laboring naturally. I am so grateful for Dorothy’s guidance because with her we were able to welcome our little girl in such a positive way!



Susie G


Dorothy had a HUGE impact for my VBAC, I don't know that I could have done it without her. Throughout pregnancy she was attentive and communicative, especially when I went past my due date and had to balance the stress of waiting and considering induction. She talked me through every step and helped me find peace and patience until natural labor started 11 days late, the day before the scheduled induction! During labor she was my rock, a confident and soothing presence both in my home and in the hospital. She engaged me with all my comfort measures, added massage and counterpressure, and offered helpful suggestions at all the right times. I remained unmedicated, and when the feelings were intense enough to make me start to lose it, she always pulled me right back in to focus with her confident reassurance and encouragement. She checked in with me frequently postpartum and helped me feel so cared for, holistically. The fact that she was so compassionate and involved before, during, and after my birth has made the experience go much more smoothly. She has helped me find strength and confidence through all these challenging transitions. I'm so thankful for Dorothy!



Words cannot truly express how amazing Dorothy is! Her positivity and calming nature are exactly what I needed during my labor. My first baby was breech until 39 weeks. We were looking at a c-section, and Dorothy helped me come to terms with it and stay positive, despite me feeling so dissapointed. When my baby finally decided to flip at the last minute, she basically helped me reset my mindset within a week and last-minute prepare for labor and delivery! She helped me and my husband stay calm, positive, and focused throughout. I truly don't think I could have done it without her. Her knowledge and encouragement helped make my son's birth a beautiful experience that my husband and I were able to share together. Thank you Dorothy!




It was a pleasure having Dorothy with me  during my birth.  She was incredibly patient and kind.  I appreciate that she was available to me before and after for questions and Dorothy was always willing to talk through my concerns with me.   I highly recommend her and guarantee you will have a great experience with Dorothy.   

Luciana Mascarenhas Fonseca


Dorothy was an amazing doula, I just have to thank her. 
She is lovely, nurturing and at the same time super competent and a discreet person. It made all the difference in my birth process. I can not even imagine having been through the experience without her support. I highly recommended her. I will be eternally grateful to her.

Lital Abazon


There are no words to describe how thankful we are for Dorothy and her presence at our son's birth -- but since such recommendations require words, I'll give my best shot to try and convey the incredible doula and person Dorothy is.

From our very first conversation I knew we were very lucky to stumble upon her in our quest for birth support. We are non-Americans staying in the US for the sake of our careers and needed someone with whom we would feel comfortable and who would also know the local medical system as we really did not. Dorothy turned out to be just that person and much more - she is marvelously relaxed yet extremely alert and attentive, clearly experienced yet accomidating of every particular family and its peculiar fears and needs. She visited us seversl time before the actual birth, and always made us feel like she had all the time and patience in the world for us. She kept in touch just to see how I and we were doing, and answered every question with detail, offering viable solutions to every problem.

When it was go time, Dorothy found her place perfectly in my support team and navigated impressively between my husband and my mother, who participated in the delivery as well. Everything felt very natural and light, nobody felt overshadowed or left aside, which is a lot for a three-people support team!

I felt deeply at ease knowing Dorothy was at mine and our side as contractions got more intense. She is really someone to lean onto, both mentally and physically. She guided my husband and mither on how to help me deal with the pain, messaged and encouraged me, and all that, I believe, allowed me to have a fearless, natural birth!

I wholeheartedly recommend Dorothy to all expecting moms and families. Having a doula in general makes for a whole different birthing experience; but we were blessed with the best, and are so grateful for it!

Xiomara Bermudez


I had such a wonderful experience with Dorothy, I wish I had her at my other two births. She pushed me to be stronger than I knew I could be. She was my personal cheerleader and I am forever grateful! She really made my experience much better not only for me but for my husband also. She was exactly the support I needed at the most difficult times of my labor. Thank you for being such an awesome doula!

Tara Lesco


One of the best decisions I've made was having Dorothy as my doula. My first beautiful baby was born via cesarean section, and while meeting her for the first time was one of my most beautiful and special moments ever, I felt I was robbed of the birthing experience I had hoped for. I became quite attached to delivering my next sweet baby vaginally. When I met Dorothy, I felt instantly comfortable with her - she is gentle, peaceful and loving in nature. She possesses a wealth of knowledge and confidence in the world of labor and birth. She had a world of advice for me to help my body prepare for the birth I wanted, and even directed me to another practice of midwives, where I received the kind of prenatal and labor care that I believe women deserve.
Dorothy made herself available to me from the time we met, sharing in my excitement and anticipation of my little girl's birth. She was an incredible support throughout my labor for my husband and me, and also for my first little girl (who was a part of my labor at home before heading to the hospital).
Throughout my labor, Dorothy was a constant unwavering symbol of peace and strength to me. She provided an immeasurable amount of support both physically and emotionally, helping me through the pain of contractions, constantly guiding me through my breathing, and gently reminding me I was not alone - as we went for a long walk, hung out at my home, rode to the hospital, and finished laboring at the hospital. She was truly a giant of a gentle coach.
Without a doubt, she is gifted at what she does. I prayed and trusted that God would put everything in place for me to have the birth I dreamed of. Dorothy was, without a doubt, part of that plan - with her help we were able to achieve the unmedicated, stay at home as long as possible, calm and beautiful vbac that was so important to me to have. Forever grateful.

Rebecca Green


This was my second birth but my first time using a Doula. Dorothy was amazing! Between my husband and my Mom I had felt that I already had a great support team. Dorothy brought not only support but a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. I would recommend her to everyone and will be using her for any additional pregnancies.

Sam Kuehlewind


Dorothy has been a constant support from the beginning of my pregnancy all the way through post partum recovery. Her extensive knowledge allows her to be calm and confident as she offers advice. Her loving and gentle personality make her ealisy trusted. She is passionate about helping and supporting women through pregnancy and birth and has a wide base of knowledge that she is constantly seeking to inhance. She helped me to believe in my body's ability to have a natural child birth. Having just had my first baby, I had no idea what to expect. Dorothy was always available to answer questions and ease my concerns. During my labor she continued to give me confidence and kept me positive throughout the tough moments. She used a variety of calming techniques to help ease labor pain and help me to embrace the process. It was also a huge relief for my husband to have her present at the birth. They were able to work together through the afternoon and evening and she gave him confidence that all was going well, also. By the end, when I thought I was too tired to keep pushing, Dorothy's pep talk kept me going and I made it to the end without any medical intervention - which was one of our goals. Probably one of the biggest things I love about Dorothy is how genuine she is. She is honest and straight forward and it's so obvious that she absolutely loves pregnant women, child birth and babies! Helping families welcome their sweet babies into the world is definitely Dorothy's calling! As long as she's willing, she will be a permanent presence in my labor room if we are blessed with more children - I can't imagine doing it without her!

Diana Colella


Absolutely the best! Dorothy kept me calm , relaxed and focused throughout my entire labor. She never left my side ,coaching me and encouraging me in such a calm and soft spoken manner. It was exactly what I needed to achieve the natural birth I was hoping for. My husband is forever grateful for her as well, she allowed him to enjoy the birth process far more than he ever thought he would. I will no doubt have Dorothy by my side for all of my future births.

Amy Sorel


Dorothy Vecchio is an amazing doula. She was my doula for my last two births. I believe because of her support & calm demeanor my labors were easier & so much faster than my first two.  She is caring and compassionate and will help in any way you need her to before, during, and after labor.  I highly recommend Dorothy.

Kathleen M


My husband and I had an excellent experience with Dorothy Vecchio as my doula. She was the first person we called when labor began and was there with me the whole time, even into recovery. Her knowledge and suggestions and her calm demeanor were all invaluable to my birthing experience. No doubt, she will be my doula for future children and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Erika Litevich


Dorothy Vecchio is the best doula in the state of CT...hands down. She is both very knowledgeable and supportive of your prenatal, labor, and postpartum care and experience. She got me through my night long labor and helped me to have the all natural first time birth experience that I had wanted. Dorothy was there from start to finish. She seeks to inform and support mothers and fathers on what's going on and what options you have. She is gentle, caring, and compassionate and will help in any way that is best for the parents and their baby. I love Dorothy Vecchio and highly recommend her to all mothers who want to look back on a positive birth experience!!

Erica Kyne


Dorothy was amazing!  Totally calm the entire time. i couldnt ask for a better person to help in the time of intense labor. She's the best!

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