Noleen Thurman CD(DONA) & Birth Photographer Photo

Noleen Thurman CD(DONA) & Birth Photographer

Doula Noleen

Phoenix, AZ Service range 55 miles


Birth Fee

$800 to $1500

Birth Fee

$800 to $1500

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 67 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, February 2016

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 2 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I live in the central Phoenix, and only minutes from most of the major freeways making it easy to get around the valley. I can assist you and your partner by helping you understand your choices, but still respecting the staff. It is possible to have the birth experience you desire in a hospital!

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Birth centers are a great way to experience your birth in a home-like setting. Even at a birth center, it is so important to have a trained doula; my purpose is to meet your physical and emotional needs and provide continuous labor support.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I would be honored to be invited into your home for your birth. Typically, there is less of a need for focus on medical interventions at a home birth, which gives me more of the ability to focus my attention on you, the birthing woman. I am happy to prepare food and drinks for you and your partner during and after labor, help siblings integrate (if necessary) and assist with cleanup after the birth. This allows you to relax and enjoy your new little one and not stress about what needs to be done.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Belly casting
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Military families support
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I have volunteered my services for teen moms through Parenting por Vida at Neighborhood Ministries.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

I am passionate about what I do! I’d love to meet with you. I offer a free consultation to meet one another and give you the chance to ask questions. I do an in home prenatal meeting, provide ongoing support throughout your pregnancy and continuous doula support during labor, birth, and immediate postpartum care. I call within 48hrs postpartum to check in and a postpartum home visit. I am also a professional photographer and LOVE to capture the story through images that I know you will treasure for a lifetime. *Basic Package $800 doula services *Deluxe Package $1300 includes approximately 75 high resolution edited images, hard copy and digital, along with a video slideshow of your photographs set to music, and a birth story. *Premium Package $1500: includes all of the above and a newborn session. Thank you for considering giving me the honor of partaking in this sacred and intimate experience called birth! I look forward to hearing from you. Follow me on IG @doulanoleen

Phoenix, AZ Service range 55 miles

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Client Testimonials for Noleen Thurman CD(DONA) & Birth Photographer

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Justyna Galaz


If you’re looking for a doula, look no further. Noleen was amazing during labor. She knew just what to do and say to encourage me along the way. After our first birth & postpartum experience we wanted to experience something completely different. With Noleen we were able to have the successful VBAC that we longed for! Noleen helped me in so many ways, gave me resources & supported me in my decisions. Although due to COVID-19 restrictions she wasn’t able to be there for the last 30 minutes while pushing the baby out, she was able to be there for some of it and helped me labor at home. I’d highly recommend her if you’re on a doula hunt!

Dad review:
This review is from the dad to other dads on the fence. I was not for a doula kinda thought it was a waste of money and unnecessary. If that’s you don’t let that stop your decision to get a doula. It was a game changer having Noleen at the birth. For all our next children we will always have a doula. Definitely worth every penny and more. I would recommend to everyone (especially dads) to get a doula, especially Noleen and it will forever change your mind.

Tiffany Whitaker


My birth was a wonderful experience with the help of Noleen as my doula! She ended coming in the middle of a storm when my original planned doula was busy with another mother on the opposite side of town. Noleen advocated for my wishes for a natural birth and helped to keep focus on those wishes when times got really rough and I thought I couldn't go on. She motivated me through her words and suggested and helped me to find positions of comfort as my baby boy was in the occipital posterior position! My husband wasn't fond of the idea of a doula to begin with, but he's a total believer now. He was glad that he someone with experience to support him in supporting me! After my baby was born she stayed with me and helped me to get our first latch and tell me that I did a good job. And oh man, the photos that she got were amazing and my family enjoyed the slideshow she put together. It made them "feel like I was there" minus some of the more intimate photos that she captured as well! If we remain in town for my next child, we for sure will request Noleen's services again! 

Sophia R


Noleen was a wonderful support person for both my husband and I. Delivering our first child during the COVID-19 pandemic presented some unique challenges in which Noleen was unable to be present with us at the hospital and attend the actual birth. However, she labored with us for two days at our home prior to our hospital admission and continually kept in contact with us during our hospital stay. She coached me through each contraction, encouraged me to continue on when I said I couldn't, and helped coach my husband as he helped me through some exercises to get baby in a more optimal birthing position. Her genuine care for each of us provided a huge amount of comfort during one of the biggest transitions of our lives. We'd have her join our birth team in a heartbeat. 

From my husband: Noleen was a great supporter. Was worth having her there. 

Jamie Hallett


We are so grateful that God led us to Noleen. I had been planning on a hospital birth even thoigg I felt very uncomfortable about it. I decided I would look for a doula to help me stick to my birthing plan in the hospital and just support me in general. I found Noleen and she was so incredibly helpful in every aspect. She led me to an amazing birthing class which was wonderful. And she led me to my midwife who ended up delivering my son at home. Noleen encouraged me to follow my desire and dream of a home birth and introduced me to an incredible midwife Jetta Anderson, who could not have been more of a perfect match for our family. I am so grateful I had this support right when I needed it otherwise I would have ended up not following my hearts desire to have a home birth. Noleen was very calming and confident. She was very encouraging and ultimately helped me to give birth to my beautiful, healthy son. Noleen is a God-send and I can't recommend her enough to someone who needs some strong, calming and loving guidance through a birth. Thanks Noleen! 



Noleen was our doula for our fourth child and came on the recommendation of a friend. She was a perfect fit for our family - laid back but still ready with suggestions or counter pressure, etc. She helped me to keep my own birth goals in mind and encouraged me in my faith as well, which was very important to me. I am grateful she was our doula!!  



Noleen is a beautiful woman of God who is a very caring doula, and a talented birth photographer. My pregnancy was difficult and Noleen was quick to offer emotional  presence and support, regardless of being out of the country on a mission trip. I'm so grateful she was at our birth. I will forever treasure the intimate and spectacular photos that she captured on one of our most special days! 



My husband and I were so thankful we chose Noleen to be our doula and birth photographer for our son. I researched and found out the many benefits of hiring a doula and was convinced I wanted to go this route.  When we met with Noleen for the first time, we instantly loved her. 

Noleen would check in after my appointments to make sure everything went well. In the weeks leading up to our son’s birth, we read the evidenced based birth research Noleen gave us and we created our birth preferences.  I absolutely loved learning about the various labor and delivery topics like skin-to-skin, delayed cord clamping, comfort measures, Vitamin K, and more. Noleen truly empowered us to be our own birth advocates. The best part of reading all of the resources she gave us was that my fear about labor and delivery was melting away! 

When labor started, it started slow, days. Noleen gave suggestions for help get our baby more engaged and hopefully bring stronger and more regular contractions. I did the circuit right away and within a few hours later my contractions picked up and I was so encouraged. She came and labored with us in our home and helped me change positions frequently to help things progress. When we arrived at the hospital and I was already 7-8 cm and 90% effaced...thanks to Noleen’s help! Noleen helped me relax so much and I had so much peace of mind during the labor and birth. 

Not only was Noleen supporting my husband and me, she was also capturing beautiful pictures of our entire labor, birth and golden hour.  Her pictures are breathtaking and we will treasure them for a lifetime! I would HIGHLY recommend getting her Deluxe or Premium package so you can have these incredible pictures as well. 

We are so grateful that we hired Noleen as our doula and birth photographer! She helped us achieve our dream natural birth.  And now, she is not only our doula but our friend for life.

Nicole & James Harrington


As fate would have it, our baby girl Arabella decided to come into our lives two weeks early.  This meant that our Doula - Diane - would only be available for a few hours due to a previous travel commitment.  When we discovered this, we were a bit nervous about how things would shake out but Diane promised us she had an equally proficient Doula to see us through the rest of the way.  

Thankfully, Diane had thought this situation through and had Noleen Thurman available as our back up.  

Nicole was just going into active labor when Noleen arrived.  This would not be ideal timing for an introduction under the circumstances but Noleen's precense was assured and her hand was delicate.  She immediately put Nicole at ease as she went to work helping her work through all of the challenges associated with labor.  In the end, Nooleen kept Nicole mentally strong and ultimately helped her reach her goal of having a natural birth without an epidural.  

It is quite possible that the experience could have been awkward and overwhelming under anyone else's guidance so we are very grateful for the way ours turned out.  It is very evident Noleen genuinely cares about her work and the people she serves.  Having birthed four of her own, Noleen loves her role in the miracle of childbirth and we know that extends to everyone she works with.  Quite simply, she was extraordinary!  

And aside from all of this, she has a great eye for photography and captured many moments that we will cherish for the rest of our days.  She personally shared those amazing pictures with us two weeks later on a follow up visit.  Childbirth is an emotional experience and we are so fortunate to have had Noleen with us.  

We strongly recommend Noleen as your Doula.

Hannah F.


I am very thankful we had Noleen to help guide us through this new experience. She was always checking in with us, offering her guidance, resources and continuous support. She really made us feel comforted and truly cared about. Altough our birth story turned out differently than we had thought, Noleen still offered countless support and even surprised us with some beautiful post birth pictures to be kind. She is professional yet calming and compassionate, and truly listens to you and your partner. Thank you Noleen!

Mary Kaech


Noleen Thurman was our doula for both of our daughters' births. Prior to the births, she patiently listened to all my questions and provided a wealth of informed responses and information. I felt ready to venture into unknown territory and was comforted to know that she'd be there even if things didn't go as expected. Neither of my daughters' births went as expected! But Noleen was there when we needed her, and she was a huge help to both my husband and me. She provided support he couldn't provide and assured him when he became concerned. My husband and I both had more confidence and peace because of her presence. After the births, Noleen followed up (just enough, not too much) and visited us at home, staying as long as we wanted and presenting us with the special gifts of beautiful birth photos and birth stories written from her perspective. These are treasures we will keep forever. I'd recommend Noleen to anyone seeking a doula who is highly knowledgeable, empowering, encouraging, and calm under pressure but also assertive when necessary.

Paula Walling


Noleen was such a blessing throughout my pregnancy and labor/delivery. She was very knowledgeable and offered great advice. My pregnancy had a few complications and she always responded promptly to my concerns. When my midwife decided to induce me three weeks early, Noleen rolled with the punches. She was a calming presence in the labor/delivery room. With her assistance I was able to deliver a healthy baby boy despite several risk factors including high blood pressure. The birth story she wrote for us was beautiful and so heartwarming. I was so greatful that someone was there to document everything that was happening around me. Now my son has a memento he can read some day. Her assistance means so much to me...she helped us to bring our miracle baby into this world.

Natalie Griffin


Noleen was a knowledgeable and reliable support during my pregnancy. After interviewing several doulas, I chose Noleen because of her passion for birth, calm and confident demeanor, and active approach. I knew she would be a good balance with my midwife, who highly recommend her. I also felt like she could handle the variety of situations and environments that can arise during birth, and was respectful of our birth plan. Unfortunately, due to a very fast labor, she arrived just after our baby was born, though not for a lack of trying to get there on her part. Even so, she was able to capture beautiful photos of our baby’s first moments and took wonderful care of us in the hours after birth. Noleen generously offered to do a newborn shoot for us to make up for not being able to be present at the birth and I’ll always treasure both these photos. She was also a great support after our birth. There are a lot of great doulas to choose from, but I highly recommend Noleen!

Jennifer Campbell


Noleen was such a kind and knowledgeable support during what was the most traumatic and tough birth. Her compassion and support meant the world and our discussions on faith really meant a lot. Her photos turned out beautiful! I am incredibly thankful for her! 

Anne Jones


Noleen is a reassuring, calming, and supportive presence throughout pregnancy, birth, and post-partum. She was present at the birth of my third son, and I have worked with three different doulas. Noleen balanced respect for our prior experience with new ideas and unexpected turns. I was impressed with her knowledge, experience and demeanor. As others have written, she has a calming influence that was appreciated by both me and my partner. She is also easy to communicate with and readily available, even when things go on over days or weeks. She was proactive in checking in with me, offering the right amount of support without being asked. Most importantly to me, she is supportive without being overbearing. She is always willing to offer when asked or even gently suggest things we didn’t think of, but neither I nor my partner ever felt that she was driving things or pushing anything. We were in charge, and she was available to support us as needed. The result was a beautiful birth with unexpected twists in which all players had essential roles. If we have a fourth son in AZ, we will definitely call Noleen again.

Patricia Gortari


I met Noleen for the first time while in labor. The doula I had hired to work with me was unavailable that day, and so she sent Noleen as her backup. Despite not having met her prior, I instantly connected with Noleen. I felt so calm and peaceful with her around, despite the physcial and mental challenges of a natural labor. Noleen was with me while I labored at home and helped my husband find ways to soothe and support me. She let us know when we should go to the birthing center and stayed by my side throughout my 22 hour labor, assisting me with exercises to reposition the baby and move labor along. During the most challenging moments of my labor, Noleen was always a calm and peaceful presence that made me feel safe and encouraged me to keep on. She gently guided me to breathe through and let go of each contraction. I am so grateful that she was there to support me and my husband through our baby's birth. We couldn't have asked for a better partner or experience!

Krista Sitek


Noleen was amazing to work with throughout the whole process from pregnancy through our crazy induction process to postpartum. She always had a positive outlook on everything and even though she had to come back for us to the hospital 3 different times due to my body not being cooperative, she never complained. It was amazing to have her there! She also went the extra mile to seek out information on areas she was not as familiar with like my Type 1 Diabetes and pregnancy. We also used her fto capture birth photography and being photographers ourselves, she did a great job. We were very impressed with that. We highly recommend Noleen for doula and photography services! 

Sara Redman


We met Noleen when I was already in active labor—she was standing in as a backup for our doula who was unavailable. This sounds like a potentially distressing situation to a woman in such a vulnerable state, but Noleen’s calm and warm demeanor put me at ease immediately. Her expertise made us feel confident in decision-making. She was incredibly sensitive in supporting me with her words of encouragement and ideas for symptom management strategies, without stepping on anyone’s toes or being overbearing in the slightest. She captured precious images of our birth, and wrote a beautiful birth story, putting the miracle we experienced into words. In short, her graceful presence was an incredible blessing to our birth experience, and I couldn’t be more grateful!

Wayne Klug


Noleen Thurman was our doula for the birth of both of our two children (Emily, now 2 1/2 years old and Logan, 2 weeks old). Noleen is incredible. She starts by really helping us think through our birth preferences and plan. In the months and weeks leading up to labor and delivery, she guided us through thinking about concerns that we did not even know to think about. The preparation and planning she helped us with made decision-making during labor much easier and more effective. 

Noleen made herself available day and night by phone call or text message and provided excellent guidance and support when labor started at home. When it was time to go in to the hospital, Noleen met us at triage and stayed with us all the way through delivery. As may be expected, things didn't go quite as planned. Noleen helped us think through options provided by the medical professionals against our birth preferences. When labor stalled out, Noleen was able to help get it back on track with different movements, stretches, and sifting - without which may have required medical intervention. In both of our deliveries, Baby and Momma both ended up healthy and happy. 

Following delivery, Noleen continues to check in and make sure feeding is going well and that we are coping with our new reality. A week or two after delivery, we had a post-partum visit in which Noleen shared a very heart-felt birth story and photographs of the first moments we had with our sweet baby. This is an emotional experience, to be sure. Noleen does a great job at capturing this important time in our lives in a very succinct narrative.

Although we are not planning to have any more children, if we were we would absolutely hire Noleen again. She is an incrediblly caring individual and made a big difference in easing our concerns and guiding us through the birth of our two children. 

Elise Miller


Working with Noleen was an absolute joy! She was easy to communicate with and was so helpful in answering all the questions my husband and I had for her. We were first time parents and Noleen informed us of resources and information to support us along the way. Noleen helped make our birth journey very special by capturing amazing photos and putting our birth story into words. She became a fast friend! During labor Noleen was an incredibly strong support for my husband and I. She jumped in to support me directly when needed, but she really helped to encourage and empower my husband to be my number one teammate. We are so grateful for her! 

Alison Easter


Noleen attended the birth of our third child, she came highly recommended by a friend. This was our third homebirth, and I knew I would love to have some pictures to remember welcoming our newest member to the family, the photos from our previous births I also treasure. Noleen exceeded my expectations on all fronts, she came with a Mary Poppins bag of doula magic, the perfect neck towel to keep me cool when I felt hot (which happened a few times), essential oils, bendy straws, and most of all she shared with us her full presence. She was able to support my husband and I (while our two children slept) and at the same time managed to take a beautiful collection of photographs - moving seamlessly between doula and photographer, a pro at both! She was so attentive and supportive from the time I hired her until after the baby was born. Labor didn't progress as I had experienced the first few times, and Noleen was there offering support and ideas on how to move things along as well as much needed encouragement and care. When my children finally were awake to see their new brother being born and in the time after the birth, Noleen was thoughtful and kind, also in a way being a doula to them through this transition. Following the birth she deliviered more photos than we had expected, and they are fantastic, one friend commented that every pixel was like magic. Her birth story was also so special, she remembered small moments that might have been forgotten and included them, it was truly touching to hear the birth through her experience and to have in writing details that might otherwise be lost.

Although more babies are not in the plan for our family, if that plan changed I would call Noleen right away and invite her to be part of it; similarly, I highly recommend her to others. My husband very simply describes Noleen as "a real pro" and she is. If you are looking for a doula, birth photogrpaher, or both, call Noleen!

Hannah Pearl


Working with Noleen was such a blessing, she has a beautiful grounding energy about her that was so extremely helpful during labor. She helped me not only during labor but was a true support during the whole process of pregnancy and beyond. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to walk on this journey with. Noleen was able to capture some beautiful pictures for my family, some memories that we will treasure for the rest of our lives and she wrote us a birth story from her persepctive which I can’t even begin to explain how cool that is to have. I am beyond grateful for everything Noleen has done for us and if I have any more children I will definitely be calling her again. Thank you again, Noleen for doing what you do, you are amazing!!

Jessica Jamieson


Noleen was wonderful to have on my side during the birth of our second son. She had so much knowledge to help get my labor moving along more quickly than my first. She was also a great advocate for me during the delivery. I'm so glad we made the decision to use her. I addition, we used her photography services for our sons first pictures. These pictures are irreplaceable as we'll never be able to repeat that day. I highly recommend all future clients take full advantage of this added bonus! I have full confidence in Noleen and I know anyone who decides to hire her will be completely satisfied.

Andrea Pulsifer


My husband and I really enjoyed having Noleen as our Doula. She was flexible to find a place, day, and time to consult with my husband and I to determine if she was the right fit for us.  We were having a home birth and knew that having a doula there would help everything and everyone run more smoothly. When we asked her what her "style" was, which several people had advised was important to ask, she said she was adaptable to what I needed. If I needed her to be more vigilant, she could be. If I needed her to be laid back, she could do that too. Knowing my midwife was very low key and calm, I felt like Noleen would be a good complement to her. 

During labor, Noleen walked in the door as I was laying across my bed loudly groaning, or as she says, "singing my birth song." I remember thinking, "Great, she's here to help me figure out how to work through these contractions!" She helped me consider different positions, helped make sure the birthing pool was ready and the labor drinks were done. She knew my midwife, so she communicated with her about the progress I was making. When I started to feel and act out of control, Noleen helped me go back to center. I have very distinct memories of being in contractions and starting to freak out, and Noleen telling me "You've got this."  I honestly don't think I would have stayed as calm and on top of my contractions as I did if it hadn't been for Noleen there every moment. She gently and kindly put the straw to my lips and reminded me to drink labor drink to help keep me going. She was integral and a willing aid to the midwife since the midwife's assistant didn't have time to get there.

Noleen took beautiful pictures and wrote out my birth story and it is beautiful. I am so thankful to have those memories to pass on to my son and remember those precious hours of laboring and giving him birth. I am so thankful for Noleen and how she came alongside me to bring my son into the world.

Crysta Hailes


I am of advanced maternal age and was very confused trying to navigate my way through  conventional medicine general practices. At the recommendation of a friend, I researched doulas. When I spoke to Noleen, I knew hiring her specifically would be the best decision of my pregnancy! It proved to be so true in so many ways.

From the beginning, Noleen listened to my concerns, desires and questions and always provided suggestions to suit MY needs and never made me feel she was pushing her beliefs upon me. She proved to not only be well connected and versed in local resources, but also made excellent suggestions for websites and ways to connect with resources by subject matter experts. Through Noleen’s suggestions, I left a provider I was really unhappy with to a practice more suited to my needs, found a chiropractor for me and baby, learned of classes and support groups and other specialized consultants, and found resources to draft a birth plan I felt comfortable with.

As my due date came and went and my husband and I found ourselves faced with many difficult decisions, Noleen was there to provide pressure-free and well-versed suggestions, and simply to cheer me on. In the end, all of the things I hoped to achieve per my birth plan were out the window, but she was there every step of the way supporting and encouraging as we worked to simply bring a healthy baby into the world. Her reassuring words, calm manner and attention to helping me calmly understand what was happening around me were simply priceless.

THEN...a few days after delivery, the photos arrived! Words can’t express the additional God given talent Noleen has for not only helping to navigate through bringing a child into the world, but also the magic she brings when behind a camera! Once again, priceless!

Other than my beautiful baby girl, Noleen was the best thing to happen for me and my family during my pregnancy!

Aminda P


Noleen deftly transotions between a personal and professional role. I felt very cared for by Noleen, but she is also very knowledgeable about her practice and extremely fast with communication.
My labor and delivery was very short, which almost made her contribution more valuable. By time I got to the hospital in active labor, it was getting difficult for me to focus on anything other than birth. My husband and I were both grateful when Noleen arrived at the hospital and immediately started communicating with the hospital staff  - getting things done to improve my experience. Under her care, the hospital staff gave me space to labor independently. This was a difficult labor for me and my husband was thankful to have someone with whom to share the coaching responsibilty as much as I appreciated having Noleen's confidence and encouragement by my side.

Amber Hunter Jesse


We had an amazing experience with Noleen! She is so passionate and skilled as a Doula, and has the most beautiful and caring heart. I felt so supported by her through my pregnancy and delivery. When my husband and I discovered we were expecting twins, I hoped and planned to delivery med-free, or at least vaginally, but knew that there were a lot of variables with twins and we'd have to remain flexible. Noleen was so supportive of me and helped me prepare a birth plan that took these variables into consideration. At about 37 weeks, Baby A was growth restricted (IUGR), and Baby B was breech and 2lb heavier. I also had started developing pre-eclampsia. All things considered, my husband and I decided to welcome our girls via cesarian section.

Noleen made it clear that she would still be there to support us in any way she could. Thankfully, she was allowed access into the O.R. Although this is not often allowed at this particular hospital, the medical team ended up feeling very comfortable with her and really appreciated her presence with me. She ended up taking the most breathtaking photos of our babies coming into the world! 

When my husband went to greet our daughters as the nurses did their evaluations, Noleen was right there to comfort me. The only other person on my side of the curtain was the anesthesiologist. She was, of course, preoccupied with my physical care. I'm so, so thankful Noleen was there! Her presence with us helped make our c-section a beautiful experience.

She came to the recovery room to lend a hand with breastfeeding, and we also had a postpartum visit where she delivered our beautiful photos. She also helped connect me to person who was able to give us some donor milk. 

Noleen is wonderful! 

Emma Zimmerman


My best friend told me I had to have a doula at my birth. I wasn't exactly sure what a doula was, but I was so glad I took her advice and even happier that we picked Noleen to be there for the birth of both our children! She was there for me and my husband through every contraction and medical decision. She was a source of peace and strength throughout labor. And she had this amazing gift of saying just the right word of encouragement at the exact moment I needed to hear it. In short, I'm not sure I could have done it without her by our side! Her presence and support made the births of both our children beautiful and empowering experiences. Not to mention, she captured the precious moments of labor and our baby's birth on camera. Photos that we will treasure for ever. 

Hilary Cutright


First let me say I adore Noleen! My most recent birth was my fourth child, Noleen was my Doula for my third and fourth birth and I wish I’d had her with me for the first two. Our fourth baby was a big surprise and I think Noleen was the second person I told at 4 weeks pregnant because I didn’t want to do it without her. Even though this was my fourth baby you forget things, Noleen always answered my silly questions and talked me through everything I asked. She checked in to see how I was feeling and how my appointments were going. I had a complicated pregnancy and my delivery was up in the air. She was reassuring and informative the entire time. Aside from my husband I did not have a good support system but noleen was there for me from the beginning. She helped my find my voice to advocate for the natural birth I wanted. When I had my induction she was there at the exact moment I needed her. She was calming and supportive to me and my husband. Because of some odd circumstances nobody knew I was in active labor and ready to birth, so we were going about our laboring When I went to use the restroom with the amazing help of Noleen and my baby decided to come in the bathroom. Truly my biggest regret is that we didn’t just shut the bathroom door and deliver him together, just me and Noleen. Alas the nurses and drs came in to deliver him, but I knew Noleen was there supporting me and advocating for me. Afterwards she took beautiful photos that I cherish, especially ones of my husband and our baby because I had to go into surgery. My true testament is that knowing I needed surgery and how strongly I felt against giving my baby formula, Noleen helped me hand express colostrum into a plastic sooon and she helped my husband to syringe feed our baby while I was in surgery. She was supportive to me and my husband and our children. I’m so sad this was my last baby because I don’t get to work with Noleen again. Thank you Noleen! 

Hilary Cutright


First let me say I adore Noleen! My most recent birth was my fourth child, Noleen was my Doula for my third and fourth birth and I wish I’d had her with me for the first two. Our fourth baby was a big surprise and I think Noleen was the second person I told at 4 weeks pregnant because I didn’t want to do it without her. Even though this was my fourth baby you forget things, Noleen always answered my silly questions and talked me through everything I asked. She checked in to see how I was feeling and how my appointments were going. I had a complicated pregnancy and my delivery was up in the air. She was reassuring and informative the entire time. Aside from my husband I did not have a good support system but noleen was there for me from the beginning. She helped my find my voice to advocate for the natural birth I wanted. When I had my induction she was there at the exact moment I needed her. She was calming and supportive to me and my husband. Because of some odd circumstances nobody knew I was in active labor and ready to birth, so we were going about our laboring When I went to use the restroom with the amazing help of Noleen and my baby decided to come in the bathroom. Truly my biggest regret is that we didn’t just shut the bathroom door and deliver him together, just me and Noleen. Alas the nurses and drs came in to deliver him, but I knew Noleen was there supporting me and advocating for me. Afterwards she took beautiful photos that I cherish, especially ones of my husband and our baby because I had to go into surgery. My true testament is that knowing I needed surgery and how strongly I felt against giving my baby formula, Noleen helped me hand express colostrum into a plastic sooon and she helped my husband to syringe feed our baby while I was in surgery. She was supportive to me and my husband and our children. I’m so sad this was my last baby because I don’t get to work with Noleen again. Thank you Noleen! 

Maya Duebler


When I look back on the day I gave birth, Noleen is an integral part of my birth story. She coached us through the beginning parts of my at home labor and let us know when we should head to the hospital. Having this support eased our minds and made the experience at home more relaxed. At the hospital, Noleen was very professional and worked so well with the staff. I actually felt like she was the one running the whole operation at the hospital. It was so great to have her on our team. I never felt alone or out of control with her there motivating and empowering me through every step. Noleen also encouraged my husband to be actively involved throughout the whole process. The nurse on duty even made comments about how well we all worked together and how beautiful the labor was to watch. An added bonus was she was able to capture our special experience with pictures that tell the story. Everything became a blur so I am very grateful to have these moments documented to look back on. Without Noleen I’m not sure how the day would have unfolded. Her presence that day was invaluable. With the help of Noleen, I was able to stick to my birth plan and deliver my beautiful Olivia completely natural. It’s hard to fully describe all she did for me that day. We are so grateful Noleen was our doula. From the day we hired her, I felt more confident knowing I had her as part of my support system. She was always so responsive and extremely helpful during every stage of my pregnancy and labor. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a doula. 

Marina Buelna


I had originally hired another birth photographer to document my birthing experience, Noleen got called in to take  over because of a small timing conflict. I met her during contractions and it felt like she was an old friend.i instantly felt comfortable with her there and just knew that everything was going to turn out perfect. She went above and beyond what we expected. From driving and praying with my husband to our unexpected transfer to the hospital, to staying throughout the whole time of my emergency surgery to make sure everything was ok ...and to get more photos of my new little family, of course :) 

Once she started the editing process, she sent us some sneak peeks of the progress. I couldn' have been more excited for the final photos. When the photos were done, she even drove a nice distance to deliver them to me and talk to me about my birthing experience. When my husband and I looked through the photos, we both shed tears and relived the whole labor. She really captured the "realness" of what we went through, that takes real genuine talent.

Noleen gave us 100% of her time, love, and support.  I couldn't thank her enough. <3 

Jenna Sander


Noleen was a backup photographer for our birth photographer. She was easy to get a hold of when I went into labor. Even though we had not met before, she did a great job stepping in. I felt very comfortable with her in my labor room and she was able to provide some labor support as well, which can be challenging when you’ve never met before. Noleen has a calming nature and is a great choice for a doula and a photographer. 

Sarolta Gulyas


We just moved into town  so I knew I needed to have a doula to help during labor so we hired Noleen. She had not only provided doula services but also offered birth photography. When my water broke I texted her and then called her to let her know that I was going to give birth on that day. She was very confident, calming and knowledgeable about anything I was asking. Plus, she was kind, self confident and determinate how and what to say in order to help me get through some of the worst contractions. Noleen stayed with us long after our son was born showing me how well she was committed to our son's birth.

A week later on the postpartum visit the beautiful photos about the birth of our son were given to us by her.

We had an amazing labor experience because of Noleen was with us.

I'd highly recommend her!! Thanks for being available when we really needed you!


Courtney Cornelius


My wife and I are so thankful Noleen was part of our support team. She is calm and very knowledgeable. She made sure we knew our options and helped guide us when the decisions got hard. My birth wasn’t what we had planned, but she walked through the entire process with us and made sure we understood what was going on. Her presence during labor is perfect. Peaceful and reassuring but not overbearing. We couldn’t be happier with Noleen and even gained a bonus with her birth photography. She will be our first call when baby #2 comes along. Thank you Noleen! We love and appreciate the place you had in our birth story.

Kelly Ezell


I was very excited that I hired Noleen to be apart of my birth team. With our first meeting we connected immediately. While I had a broad idea of my home birth plan, she helped me improve and fill in the fine details of a great plan. When my home birth did not work out, Noleen was able to be extremely flexible for a hospital birth. While at the hospital she helped guide my husband theough the complicated support process of a first time birth.  I really enjoyed how we were able  use her as a sounding board for advice on how to advocate for ourselves in the hospital. She was also really great at helping me relax with massages and showing me excellent techniques in breathing and birth ball during labor. Throughout time in the hospital I really felt like Noleen cared and always was looking out for my best interest. On top of all the help that she gave, Noleen was also a wonderful photographer. She captured my time in the hospital beautifully. If you want somone that cares, will go the extra mile, and has a wonderful eye for photographs I recommend hiring Noleen as your doula. 

Amanda Lauck Bryant


As a first time mom with a Type A Personality I wanted to be well prepared for childbirth. In addition to childbirth classes hiring a doula seemed like a good idea, but I felt conflicted about making the decision to hire one. Both my husband and I wanted to be sure it was worth the expense and that the person we hired would truly be supportive of our wishes. I was also concerned a doula might be too "hippy-dippy." After speaking with Noleen, I was impressed by her knowledge and felt that the information and support she provided was evidence-based. So we decided to hire her. Around 34 weeks our baby fell behind in growth. This wasn't too concerning for me, since I am small myself. But when it happened again in week 39, I was concerned and felt it was probably best to agree to an induction. This was something I had been dreading and praying would not happen. With less than 48 hours to a scheduled induction I informed Noleen of what was going on and she provided me with information about my options. She recommended trying a natural remedy to start labor. The next morning I tried it in a last ditch effort to avoid an induction the following day. In four hours labor began and our baby arrived just three hours later. With things moving so quickly it was comforting to have someone to speak to when I wasn't completely certain of what was going on. While Noleen was not present for the birth due to our babies swift arrival, I was glad to have Noleen reassuring me when labor started. Noleen met us at the hospital and took beautiful photographs. In retrospect, I can say that I am relieved and happy I hired Noleen. Without her recommendation I could have ended up with a medical induction and other unnecessary interventions. 

Jennifer Sweeten


Noleen is truly a sweet soul and wonderful advocate for the birth of your little one! I highly recommend using Noleen as your birth Doula and photographer.

I had a very difficult road with the birth of my daughter, Paisley, requiring  an unwanted C-section. I endured threats and bullying by my OB and  hospital in areas of the hospital Noleen was prohibited by the facility from accessing. Noleen helped talk my husband and I through what to expect prior to  my C-section, hugged me when I needed it and held my hand when I received information that I had difficulty processing. 

When we arrived in our postpartum room with our gorgeous little girl; Noleen captured beautiful pictures of Paisley and our family. After our family left she helped my husband and I process the difficult day we had, assisted me with breastfeeding and helped us celebrate being new parents. The time we had with Noleen was priceless!

Noleen kept in contact with us via phone and text. She provided us with many ah-mazing resources before and after the birth! The most valuable resources we received were: to a Pediatric Certified Chiropractor and lactation consultant. The chiropractor helped fix some skeletal issues with our baby. The lactation consultant came to our house and was  incredibly knowledgable.

Noleen came to our house a few days after we were settled back at home. She helped us again process the birth of my daughter, let me discuss my  disappointments in the hospital and with my OB, helped us celebrate our gorgeous baby, provided us with additional resources and our ah-mazing birth photos. Being able to process my dissapointments allowed me thr ability to move forward and enjoy my beautiful baby girl. 

I highly recommend using Noleen as your birth Doula and photographer. Her knowlege and compassion are priceless! Best of luck with the birth of your precious new baby!


Yana Rudnev


So glad I was able to have Noleen as my doula for my first birth. There are just so many things you have no idea about, going into your first labor and delivery, that having someone who is extremely familiar with what to expect and that's "natural" minded, is incredibly reassuring and calming for a new mama-to-be like me.

Although I didn't get to labor at home with Noleen like I had hoped to with my birth plan (my water broke right away and I was GBS positive), I was glad I could have Noleen there for when I did finally reach active labor and needed someone there to ground me and help me focus on breathing and staying calm and making sure my birth plan was being followed.. The lower back massage was extremely helpful too! And having her there to bounce ideas with (knowing she has been to many L&D's) helped me a lot when it came to making decisions on how I want to move forward (when my labor stalled)

In the end I had to get pitocin followed by epidural followed by a very fast dilation and delivery and it was just so great to have Noleen there leading up to that point for support and capturing crazy amazing moments from there on out. 

Noleen was a perfect doula and I'm so glad I hired her, last minute and all. Totally worth it. Made my birth experience that much more special and the fear of the unknown that much less intense (and I was a complete scaredy cat!).

Thanks a million, Noleen!

Amanda Bennett


I had the amazing and unexpected privilege of having Noleen as my doula! She stepped in for my doula during the final hours of my labor - when I was feeling spent and afraid. She met my husband and I at the hospital and instantly became the reassuring, peaceful, joy-filled, and hope-filled presence that I needed. Noleen coached me through each contraction, all the while encouraging me with affirmations of strength and reassuring me that the end was in sight! When it came time to have my water broken, Noleen gave gentle suggestions and allowed my husband and I time to contemplate our options. When it came time to push, Noleen continued to be an encouragment as I squeezed her hand with each push. I will forever cherish the pictures Noleen captured following the birth! We are so incredibly thankful for Noleen's support! I can't imagine our birth experience any other way! 

Jessica Gunnoe


The first time I brought up hiring a doula my husband was completely opposed.  He said it might have made sense to do for our first or second births, but this was our 5th baby and he thought he would feel totally uncomfortable having a stranger present.  Until he met Noleen. She was calm, logical, gently assertive and relatable.  Any time I had a question that she didn't know she quickly reached out and found not one, but several possible options to provide me with ample resources to make my own decisions. The most treasured part of my experience with Noleen were the beautiful pictures she captured.  The last part of the birth went from managable to completely out of control and fast and furious, so I was in daze of shock, love and joy immediately after. Noleen swiftly and silently wandered around completely unnoticed snapping the most precious moments of our family. It wasn't until our post-partum visit after that I even realized she had done it!  And it certainly wasn't until she presented me with the images that I realized how gifted she was with photography too. Noleen will be a blessing to your birth!

Emma Zimmerman


As a first time parents, it's hard to imagine what kind of help you will need during labor. We thought a few birth classes and a book or two were all we needed. However, after the birth of our son, my husband and I keep wondering what would we have done without our amazing doula Noleen! 

Noleen helped me achieve my dream of a natural birth by helping me tap into a strength I didn't know I had. Her coaching style was gentle and firm, giving me just what I needed to get through each contraction. Whether it was a positive mantra or a massage technique or suggesting a new laboring position- she kept me calm and in the zone.

Noleen is also an incredible photographer and having photos from our baby's birth is so beautiful. 

We would hire Noleen for future births without a second thought! 

Kelly Dever


I cannot say enough about how priceless Noleen has been to me! I am so thankful that I have had her in my corner.. She is so professional & knowledgeable, but also incredibly kind & supportive, & she sincerely cares for the well being of you & your baby.

Noleen really was there for me whenever I needed her, & even now, 2 weeks after birth she is still checking in with me & making sure that baby & I are doing well. There were a lot of last minute stressors for me due to certain circumstances that popped up, & she was so wonderful every time about calming my anxiety & immediately putting me in touch with the right people, & helping me get everything in order for the birth that I hoped for! Noleen was so great about understanding the things that were important to me & doing everything in her power to make it happen. There was such a sense of security knowing that when I was overwhelmed, Noleen was there for me - & it is such a comfort knowing that she still is, as I find my way as a new mommy in these first few weeks.

I just could not be more grateful to her! I can't wait for the time when I'm ready for baby number 2, & you can bet that Noleen will be one of the first people I call! I can't imagine doing this without her. Noleen really is the ideal doula, not to mention the perfect birth photographer (I cherish the beautiful photos she took of our new little family right after birth), & just an amazing woman all around. Anyone wanting to have the support of a doula would be so lucky to have Noleen! :)

Mary Kaech


As a first-time mom, the help I received from Noleen before, during and after my baby's birth was invaluable to me. During pregnancy, she connected me with helpful resources so I could inform myself and feel confident in the choices my husband and I were making for our daughter and ourselves. During the labor and birth, her calm, stable presence as someone who has been there and whose expertise I trusted made my experience so much better. I was surprised to find her assistance more comforting than my husband's (he tried, but I could hear the fear in his voice--Noleen didn't have that fear). She provided great comfort to him, too, when he became worried about how the birth was going (we had some complications at the end but Noleen's reassurance that it was OK really helped my husband). A few days after the birth, Noleen visited us at home to see how we were doing and offer more resources and advice--so helpful. She also gave us some photos she had taken of our baby's first minutes outside the womb, as well as a write-up of the birth story. I don't want to imagine this journey without Noleen and highly recommend her to every pregnant woman! 

Wayne Klug


We searched for a doula and found Noleen on In our initial meeting with her we were very impressed with her knowledge, organization and professionalism. We assessed that she would be of great valuable help to us in our labor and delivery and we promptly hired her. Prior to delivery, she met with us to help us think through our birth preferences and contingency plan for anything that might not go as planned. She was also readily available by phone or text and offered prompt, useful help in the days leading up to delivery.


When it was time to go in to the hospital Noleen immediately met us. We were admitted to the hospital shortly thereafter and she stayed with us through the entire delivery. Through the exhaustion and pain she offered excellent advice and coaching on breathing, visualization, laboring positions, and emotional support for both Mom & Dad. She also suggested that we use a TENS unit to help with pain which we found to be effective in early labor.


Our birth preferences were unable to fully be met; at the advice of the doctors we had to make a few changes. Noleen helped us pragmatically think through our options instead of making decisions based on our emotions in the moment. 


Following delivery she helped with the intial breast feeding. She also took a number of priceless photos of baby Emily, Mom & Dad. She met with us a few days after delivery to ensure that Mom and baby were were doing well with recovery and with breast feeding. At this time she also read to us the birth story she wrote and shared the photos she took. This experience brought us to tears - she captured every important moment of the labor and delivery - in ways that we were too exhausted and distracted to fully appreciate. 

If you are looking for a great, knowledgeable, professional and caring doula, we wholeheartedly recommend Noleen Thurman.

Kelly Stewart


Having Noleen by my side for the birth of my second son was helpful in so many ways. My birth was fast and she arrived within a half hour of being notified. She wasted no time, and with the first contraction was speaking in a calming voice reminding me to relax and applying counter pressure to my back. She allowed me to labor in whatever position was most comfortable and made sure I was making low sounds through each contraction. Her photos of my birth turned out beautiful, even with low lighting as my birth was at night. She knows how to shoot from different angles to maximize what lighting she has available. The birth story she provided is the perfect reminder of the timeline of the birth written from her perspective.  I am so grateful for the role she played in the birth of my son and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a birth photographer and doula.

Sara Kreis


We met Noleen a number of hours into labor as our doula had 2 women go into labor at the same time. She arrived quickly- even on short notice - and was well prepared (side note: the peppermint oil especially was great for nausea). In addition to supporting me, she made sure my husband had opportunities to rest or eat so he could be alert and involved when the baby was born. She also gave some helpful pointers on breastfeeding and took some pictures for us as well.

Of all the decisions regarding giving birth, whether or not to hire a doula (and, if so, which one) is one of the most influential in the overall tone of the experience. I would strongly recommend hiring a doula if at all possible and would have no reservations in recommending Noleen.

Liz Smith


Our experience with Noleen was truly amazing! At the beginning of our birth journey, we didn't know how valuable a doula was and we are so glad we hired Noleen! She was there every step of the way up until our birth and after.  She was a huge support to us, including my husband because he was able to focus on me through every contraction as well.  Noleen's presence there was peaceful and calming, she encouraged me the entire process of labor and supported me in every way.  When she came for the post partum visit, she captured our birth story with a beautifully written story and wonderful photos.  I highly recommend Noleen!! 

Allison Nagle Williams


For our second birth we were confident we wanted to have a doula a second time because we had such a great experience with our first son.  Noleen has a calming, yet strong presence.  She was available by text and phone to answer lots of pregnancy and postpartum questions even weeks after my delivery.  She was a great support to my husband and I in the hospital and advocated our wishes to hospital nurses when we were focused on the delivery.  While she was so present with us, she was not too much of a presence...she allowed the bonding to be between my husband and I, but was there at the right moments when we needed her most during our awesome laboring at home and delivery at the hospital.  She has great raport with hospital staff and I would recommend her in any setting.  Thank you Noleen!  

Hilary Cutright


I do not have enough words to express how amazing it was having Noleen as my doula! This was my third baby and first doula experience. I had severe Hyperemesis Gravidarum the entire pregnancy and was on home IVs 3x a day. I was hospitalized multiple times and only had perinatologists. I knew I wouldn't know who was delivering me and I needed the stability and support from a doula. Also my husband had been less than helpful in my previous births so I needed someone for me. My goal was another unmedicated birth and Noleen helped make that possible. She texted me often and with my bed rest she even offered to help with my kids or run errands. The kindness and support above and beyond was amazing. During my long labor and scary birth she was encouraging, supportive and amazing. She gave me strength and courage and also helped my husband. he seemed to use her as a guide on good ways to support me so he ended up more helpful. I had an emergency after birth with a hemorrhage and placenta accreta, my husband took the baby and Noleen went all the way down to the OR with me. She waited for my surgery to be done and kept in contact with my husband in the nursery, that reassurance was priceless to him. Once I was out she went up to the nursery and gave my husband a potty break and remained with him until I was in a room. I was hospitalized for a long time and she checked on me often. I wish I'd had her at my previous births! Even though I had some crazy circumstances she made it all easier on me and my husband and put us both at ease. She was also very helpful with being available for questions and concerns. I recommend her to anyone! Her personality fit with us so well, very calm and comforting. My husband couldn't have handled a 'spirited' doula haha. If I can guide anyone else in their choice of Noleen I would happily do so! If I have another baby she will be one of my first calls. Thank you Noleen for being my doula!!!. 

April Lam


Noleen was an incredible asset to my birth, she met with me prior to ask important questions as well as to support my preferences for my birth plan. She is highly knowledgable and very "non-judgemental" when it comes to prefrences and decisions made in regards to the birth plan/labor.

This was my second birth with Noleen. Both of my labors were very hard, I had some complications and required c-section deliveries, she made all the difference in supporting myself and my husband both physically and emotionally during the laboring process and as well as processing the births afterward.

I appreciate the gentle and confident presence Noleen offers as a doula. I would reccomend her support for any birth, in any venue, whether it is a home birth, birth center, hospital, VBAC. My husband always says how grateful he was to have her support during my labors, and he advocates for the use of doulas in the labor/birthing process because he experienced the advantages and support of having Noleen as our doula. I say this also as a RN and former doula myself, so I know my expectations were high going in and she exceeded them.


Thank you Noleen!

E. A.


I knew I liked Noleen right from the start. Her passion and enthusiasm for all that is birth was apparent right away. She has such respect and appreciation for the birthing process that it made it so easy to be comfortable around her during such a vulnerable time.
Noleen was right on top of setting aside time during my pregnancy to answer all my questions, provide resources, and to cover everything I envisioned for my upcoming experience. She was always quick to respond to any texts I sent her way as I prepped for my upcoming labor.
As my contractions started up, I was so worried about jumping the gun though and having my birth team show up for it to be false labor that I was very hesitant to have Noleen come over until I was positive it was the real deal. She patiently put up with my texts throughout the late hours until at about 4am when I finally agreed that I was indeed in labor and that she could come on over. She immediately replied and was on her way.
She set right to work in providing counter pressure as my contractions continued. From that first contraction with her on, everything became much more manageable. I knew I could leave everything else up to her and focus solely on birthing my baby. She was there to offer suggestions on positions as needed and to ensure I was taking care of my basic needs as well. She offered great suggestions and was also very willing to listen to me and respected anything I did or did not want. Even amidst the unexpected tension of my baby’s heart rate dropping faster than I could get her out, Noleen remained calm, supportive and focused through it all.
For anyone considering a doula, I would highly recommend Noleen. She is very professional, knowledgeable, punctual, consistent, down to earth, a great listener, and such a positive energy. I wouldn’t hesitate to have her at my next birth, and I would highly recommend her to anyone else looking for a doula.

Luba Ranski


Noleen was amazing throughout the whole labor (36 hours). she stood by my side, gave me a lot of support and never let go. She always gave me kind words, massages, she made the room smell good, gave me peppermint to smell, walked with me ,etc. I would have never believe she would carry all of those things with her or have the energy to stand by side all that tim. Noleen was amazing. I would recommend her to everyone.

Nikki Villegas


From day one, Noleen has been a calming, supportive, and loving presence for both my husband and I. Her confidence, knowledge, kindness, and think of everthinh personality is just what we needed. We we 2 hours out of town on our honeymoon and just 33 weeks into our pregnancy when I went into labor. My placenta was detaching and they had to do an emergency c-section. My baby boy was helicopter to Saint Joe's hospital in Phoenix and my husband trove down immediately to be with my baby. Noline drove through a huge storm in Phoenix two hours to get to me at the hospital so I wasn't alone first night. I'm not sure what I would've done without her. She was such a loving and calm presence during the scariest event of my life. She immediately help me start pumpin, engaging with my nurses, and helping me not only process but set up a schedule. She was always one step ahead of the nurses with what I needed from a toothbrush after I threw up to a personal fan and cooling towel around my neck to deodorant. She was there. The most important thing she did for my family was deliver my first pump of colostrum to my newly born miracle just in time. We are forever grateful to know that even though we were separated at birth my son has only ever had my breastmilk. Thank you for loving and serving us so well Noleen.

Neil Sweeney


Amazing Doula! Supportive through the the entire process. She is very dedicated and encouraging to help you reach your goals, even when they change mid-labor. I could not imagine going through this without her! Thank you Noleen, we love you!

Simone Rogers


I knew the moment that I met Noleen that she would be my doula for the birth of my daughter in June. She was friendly, compassionate and assertive. I needed someone with those qualities as my doula because I needed the gentle care yet the assertive nature to be quick minded in case of emergency or able to articulate my needs to others.

Noleen's competent and confident demeanor is important in a situation where as a mom you can at times feel helpless and out of control. She is able to calm you and focus you. I would hire her again with my next baby!

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